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Qatar Airways Suspends Flight to Asmara

Amid fanfare and propaganda, in August, 2014, Qatar Airways announced it will launch a twice weekly flight to Asmara starting December 5, of the same year.

The launching of the flight was considered a concession to appease Isaias Afwerki the ruler of Eritrea who continually frustrated Qatar’s mediation effort to resolve the border issue between Eritrea and Djibouti.

In March 2014, Qatar Airways had announced the launch of its flight to Djibouti and the Eritrean regime immediately demanded the airline include Asmara on its schedule to prove Qatar was not favoring Djibouti in its mediation efforts.

To add pressure to its demand, in August 2014, the Isaias regime arrested a Djiboutian officer, Master Corporal Ahmed Kamil, who was accompanying Qatari officers who were monitoring the border as part of the Qatar brokered Eritrea-Djibouti mediation efforts. It accused the officer of being a CIA spy who penetrated the Qatari forces.

Soon, Qatar yielded to Isaias’ demand. A few days after the arrest of the Djiboutian officer, Qatar Airways announced its scheduled flights to Asmara in an announcement that had a striking resemblance to the one it issued on March 23, 2014 when it announced plans to fly to Djibouti.

To normalize relations between the two clashing countries, Qatar had embarked on a high-profile mediation. But its efforts have achieved little since the three-day border clash of June, 2008. Eight years after the clash, and years of serious mediation efforts by Qatar, has not resulted in completely ending the border issue between the two countries.

Yesterday, the state-owned Qatar Airways announced it will suspend its flights to Asmara exactly two years after it was launched, and flight QR1443 that was supposed to fly to Asmara out of Doha on December 4, will not operate.

Since the independence of Eritrea in 1991, the Isaias regime has failed to establish a stable airline to efficiently connect the country with the outside world. Many startup airline businesses had closed shop shortly after starting due to interference by the ruling party’s business arm which monopolizes the economy of the country.

All previous attempts of the Eritrean regime to have a national carrier have failed due to mismanagement. Several entrepreneurs who attempted to fill the void also failed due to interference and lack of efficient administration by the government. Pilots and other professional in the airline industry have left the country in frustration.

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  • Yoty Topy

    Greetings Awate readers,
    These are indeed strange times. What is it that we are hearing? The billion year president and cure maker for HIV, H.E Yahya Abdul-Aziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh has lost a genuine multi-party election contest? Can this year get any more weirder? I for one find this story the most puzzling one of all the strangest news that we have come accustomed to this year. I would love to hear any input what REALLY happened.

    • saay7

      Hi Yoty Topy:

      I have a theory, an intriguing one. But I can’t tell the story without providing links, and that is only permitted on weekends, so wait until tomorrow.

      Hint: Senegal, gigolo industry.


      • Yoty Topy

        Hi Saay,

        ‘Gigolo?’ Now, we are cooking! I am the last person to entertain any conspiracy theories but in this case, I am wide open for influence. I combed google for any but to no avail.

        No one gets up and says ‘I have had enough of power.’

        The weirder, the better! I look forward to it.

        • saay7

          Selam Yoty and all:

          Happy Saturday, a day when links are liberated at awate forum, and music and random topics fill the air. In response to your surprise that The Gambia’s Jammeh had conceded defeat in an election, a surprise share by many of us Strong African Leader observers, I had pulled an Ed McMahon and thrown a few random words: Senegal, Herman Cohen, gigolo industry, Devout Muslim. Now, it is time to pull a Carnac The Magnificent and link all the words into something resembling coherence.

          But, before I do that, for those of you who are thinking just because BBC reported Jammeh conceded defeat doesn’t mean he did: I will believe it when I see/hear it first hand, well here is President Long Title Long Name live on Gambian TV calling the president elect Barrow and congratulating him: (the video has 33 views and 15 of them were me watching it over and over:)


          Now the dots:

          1. Senegal: There are some few small countries in the world, neighbored by giants, who always want to have a say on what they do. Taiwan by China. Djibouti/Eritrea by Ethiopia. Gambia by Senegal. Of all the countries that emerged post-colonialism in Africa, Gambias is…well, look at its map: it is entirely surrounded by Senegal. So Senegal had always had a say on who governs Gambia.

          2. Herman Cohen: This desire of Senegal was not just geographic but political, encouraged by, among others the United States. In his book, The Mind of the African Strongman, Herman Cohen confesses that he had encouraged Senegal to annex Gambia. Senegal’s president said, ummm, I think that violates international law.

          3. Gigolo Industry: Gambia gets a lot of tourists a year from Europe because it is the, ummm, New Orleans of West Africa. I didn’t want to use the phrase “sex tourism”–because that only implies men seeking women when there appears to be a lot of middle aged women going to Gambia in search of muscular dreadlocked men. Well, let’s have the British paper The Guardian explain it all to us here:


          You had a country here that was, just last year, making the break from the EU (over their insistence on human rights, gay rights, etc) to the Arab Gulf by declaring itself an “Islamic Republic” in a country where “Islamic Republic” meant asking female government employees to cover their hair and when they said, nah, we don’t want to, the proclamation is rescinded.

          Senegal, lonely middle-aged women from Europe, and the EU are alarmed by the Gambia moving to a different orbit and the funding pours to his opposing candidate

          4. Devout Muslim – Jammeh has been winning presidential elections every 5 years in landslides that would make EPRDF jealous. In this recent campaign, he was asked would he accept the will of the people if he lost. He, waving the Quran and citing verses, said that as a Muslim his word is his bond and he gave his word and can’t break it. I am sure when he said all that he had not the faintest clue that the impossible would happen: how could it: he had a massive intelligence arm that snuffed out any sign of dissent*. But he had trapped himself (the way Hillary trapped herself about not challenging elections results) and he had no choice but to accept the results, take a temporary hiatus, and come back in 5 years to resume his pledge of a “billion year rule.”

          Of course, this means that in the next 5 years, Jammeh will be more Islamacized, get even closer to radical Islam..

          Over the last decade, Jammeh was (a) credited with building the infrastructure of Gambia and providing social services to all and (b) blamed for the massive migration of Gambian youth, one of the largest, per capita, in the world.

          Sound familiar?

          Meanwhile, Gambia is now safe for the lonely European women to visit.


          * In his call to Barrow, Jammeh says that you can get nothing done in Africa unless you have peace and stability. And that’s how the Strongmen justify their murder squads: to guarantee peace and stability

          • Nitricc

            Hey SAAY;speaking liberating the link in awate forum; today internet is back in Ethiopia after the USA ordered The Ethiopian government yesterday. lol How do you lead a country by the order of others?
            by the way what is the reason behind the weekend only link policy? i mean is there any reason for it?

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Salam Nitricc,

            Really, this is the kind of a question expected to be asked by a loiter who is paid by th mafia in Asmara. The majority here are responsible people who sweat to make the two ends meet. At weekends, they have time to visit links, but for working days loading a link will be useless. This could be understood even by kids at kindergarten. I hope I have answered your question.


          • Yoty Topy

            Hi Saay,
            Thank you so much for your take.

            I must say when you hinted ‘gigolo’ my mind raced somewhere:) Cuz’, once, I had read that Muammar Gaddafi used to import male-escorts and Yaya being the carbon copy of Muammar Gaddafi may be there was something there as well.I guess not.

            Before I proceed on to the meat portion [ my motto is always skip the salad bar] let me ask you if you still stand by your characterization of Eritrea as ‘tiny’ state:) Not after those sharp tongue-lashes the BBC received from Eritreans worldwide , for referring their state as ‘tiny'( I am not sure if this was two or three years ago.] And certainly not an apt description of a state that deploys arms to regions as if they are the Cuban medical teams.:) But, I digress.

            It is said that western democracies are run by middle aged whitewomen which I tend to agree . So there might be something there. You also serve us a cautionary tale of what happens when you have retired diplomats lacking secure retirement plans running loose: They go around dispensing ill advices about annexation and my favorite one;-‘Bring it out of the Cold’:)

            You think ‘giving your word’ mean anything to leaders like Yaya ? I doubt it it carries any more weight than the mic they used to tell their lies. He could have said that he saw a dream and that would be the end of it . It would be deemed as another of his eccentricities and period.

            I know ,sometimes authoritarian regimes tell lies repeatedly for so long , even themselves begin to drink their only kool-aid . I am convinced that EPRDF was beginning to truly believe that it is a democratic government . Could this be what has befallen the billion year president?

          • saay7

            Selamat Yoty:

            Whatcha talkin’ ’bout Willis: I didn’t call Eritrea ‘tiny’ but ‘small’ so I am safe. Yemane Gebreab’s favorite line that ‘splains everything is “Eritrea is a small but very diverse” so we are safe. I wouldn’t say ‘tiny’ because Eritreans are sensitive: even SGJ wrote an article lashing at those who note our size. I think the argument of the two sides is: do you emphasize land (Eritrea is bigger than Great Britain) or people (Eritrea’s population is barely 4 million)?

            Let’s call it the people vs land contrast the Canadian Paradox because it’s fun to make fun of Canada for no reason.

            If Herman Cohen gave this advice when he was shopping for retirement homes, it would be forgivable. He gave the advice for Senegal to annex Gabon when he was an ambassador: an American official. As for his “Bring Eritrea out of the cold” which he authored in 2012, my bff Bronwyn Bruton who had no clue what Eritrea is getting ready to host an Eritrea-centric symposium in the Atlantic Council and her paper is entitled “Eritrea: Coming from the Cold.” The event was orginially scheduled for October and Yemane G was going to be a presenter but now that you opposition types made that difficult by denying him a visa, your punishment is the Atlantic Council meeting will not have a single Eritrean. Hope you’ve learned your lesson.

            Agreed: Jammeh could have come up with a number of reasons including the ever-convenient externalizing the issue and that he didn’t is why it is a shocker. He figured: I am only 50 and I will come back rested in 5 years.

            Your turn now: speculate away why the Marxist-revolutionary-turned-kleptocrat dude in Angola call it quits. He made his daughter the Oil Minister, she became extremely rich, and the two events–being Oil Minister and being super-rich–are unrelated of course.


          • Yoty Topy

            Hi Saay,

            The mind wants to read what it wants to read hence the source of many biases. I saw ‘tiny’ instead of ‘small.’ 🙂 Glad you clarified that.

            I am just finding out this from you and I guess this will be another addition to the shocking events that have culminated during this god-forsaken year of 2016 , which by the way the British born American satirist , John Oliver, somberly summarized what an awful year it has been in the video here. https://youtu.be/-rSDUsMwakI.

            But I am not really as shocked as I am with Dos Santos’ announcement to bequeath power as I was with Yaya’s news for these reasons:

            A) He has broken his promises before (2001 and in March of this year.) So we will hold on to our patience a lil bit longer on that before we say ‘Waaw!’ They say third time is a charm and may be he fulfills his promise this time.

            B) I am okay with autocratic leaders announcing their departure in advance and there is actually precedence for this in the form of Daniel Arap Moi in 2001 which is incidentally the first time Dos Santos began promises of handing over power and it was yesterday that he announced his retirement again after the news of Yaya’s loss?Me thinks there is a pattern here:)

            C)I can see how it would benefit his daughter’s future if groomed a replacement in his like and then pull strings from behind the scene. You know the way Castro did with his brother. There is merit in accustoming Angolans to life after he is gone ( I wonder if there is any connection between Cuba and Angola;)

            For all his ills , Dos Santos is no Yaya. He is actually one of the most skilled politicians in the continent. Very few African leaders survived the onslaught of the early 70s and 80s civil wars. He was able to bring the Angola civil war to a conclusion and lived to lead his country. So I see a strategy here.

            Sorry to let you down there 🙂 I get only one conspiracy life line and I intend to use it on YAYA!

          • MS

            Selam Yoty Topy
            Good points. Actually, there is a strong connection between Angola (Do Santos) and Cuba (Castro). Right after Angola’s independence a civil war ensued, between the factions that had led the rally for independence. Dos Santos MPLA, which was supported by the East Bloc, controlled power by pushing away parties such as UNITA and FNLA, which were supported by the West. South Africa was another aggressor on Angola. It was saved by Castro 25,000 strong troops (1975).
            On Yahya Jemmeh, he is seen in almost all public appearances holding the Qoran and kissing it. That’s a behavior that you don’t really see in everyday life of Muslims. I have a Gambian friend who calls Jammeh “the phony prophet”.
            Jammeh worked so hard to elevate himself to a mystical level, mixing religion and shamanism, drawing arts of “healers” from the rich West African culture of “medicine men” or witchcrafts. Before the election, he said that governing was between him and God Almighty, not between him and the people he governs. SAAY brought excellent points, and we all have agreed that his acceptance could in fact be another counsel from his whisperer. I predict he will be back unless Mr, Adama Barrow quickly solidifies his power, institute a truth and reconciliation tribunes, and send criminals including Yahya to prison for good. Yaha bled Gambia for decades, many opponents and innocent people were purged; he tarnished the image of the country.
            Dictators draw their legitimacy from different sources. Some, they get it from tribal allegiance, some from racial profiles, some from ideological leanings, others from superpowers- myth and religion. When the Iran-Iraq war reached a breaking point and went the tide reversed in favor of Iran, Saddam Hussein was suddenly seen praying in public and quoting verses from the Qoran. Mind you this was a secular Bathist thug who purged his comrades.
            Gaddafi, from tribal and his parallel interpretations of Islam through his Green Book. The point: since dictators lack the legitimacy that a ruler must draw from the governed, they look for other source. Those sources must be so mystical that they will create a wall of defense for the ruler by convincing some oblivious powerbase.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Saay,

            Few comments above, when you told Yoty Topy, that you will come with your intriguing theory, I just jumped Yesterday to the hint you gave him “Senegal, Gigolo industry”. I did not know what Gigolo industry mean, and start to Google it, which I found it to be sex tourism. What I was wondering about after reading it, was what your intriguing theory will do with Gigolo industry and president Jammeh of Gambia. You are amazing in relating things with familiar issues and of course your avid reading helps you a lot.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Saay,

            I don’t know much about Gambia and the president Jama, other than he was in power for long time.

            What you explained may make sense but looking from outside I doubt it’s the reason he lost.

            People of Gambia like all other people on the world are capable of making decision if they were givin the opportunity to choose freely.

            Two things that actually impressed me about the president:

            1) looks like he believed in free and fair election

            2) the opposition are given the platform to run campaign where they have a chance to do it freely

            Given this opportunity, I think people may JUST want change. What ever other reason, US, Senegal or EU women, have little or nothing to do with it.

            The reason I say this, I lived in Canada and there is always one type election almost every year. Federal election, provincial election, municipal election (I think all of the have terms close to four years) but they happen at different times. And this is in the province of Ontario that I live, and there is similar in other provinces.

            It’s just business as usual, the poles say this or that but for the most part there is always change that seems consistent with voter sentiment. In my experience over the last 20 years, the Canadian people seem collectively to decide (two term is two long) and they always vote for change if a party /leader is there longer than that.

            And I think that would be the case in Africa and other places if the people are given the chance.


          • saay7

            Selamat Berhe Y:

            Our friend Yoty asked for a conspiracy theory and I gave him one: don’t ruin everything 🙂

            I don’t want to embolden all the Hairy Calf Eritreans (like Nitricc*) who see Western conspiracy everywhere but I was once talking to a Senegalese and to make the point that France has total control of Senegal he told me that if he were to send a FedEx from DC to Senegal, the mail will always transit via Paris, Senegals main post office.

            The point being nothing happens in West Africa without Frances say so, and nothing happens in Gambia without Senegals say so. The reason the whole thing with Yaya is a shocker is because he was that Steongman who pledged to rule for “a billion years” and openly threatened his citizens with extermination (“the white man won’t save you!” he said) if you start talking about your rights.

            One thing I failed to emphasize is the migration rate of Gambia: the guy chases his youth out of the country almost as fast and same magnitude as Isaias.

            I agree that there is a yearning for change especially during financially distressing times. Did you hear that Italy is voting on bailing out of EU?


            * Nitrric, formerly Truth-Teller has been demoted to a very comventional YPFDJ conformist, based on his last post about Selam, Meron, Elsa. In the words of Trump, “sad!”

          • iSem

            Hi Sal and to that line of demotion from Truth teller to a run of the mill YPFDJ, I would like to quote Sheik Sale Abu Dunya Al Asmarani, who once said of a former reformist turned to very basic PFDJ support: “Regression to the Mean and By Mean I mean both average and……” 🙂
            How I that of memory, 1 to 10, 10 being the lowest:-)

          • Yoty Topy

            Hi Berhe Y,

            Yaya isn’t your run of the mill African tin-pot dictator. Yea, he has been in power for so long with little room for dissent but what makes him stand out amongst his fellow despot African leaders is the kind of concocted ideology he espoused which is an amalgamation of Islam, traditional spiritualism and strong anti-colonial sentiments. Whether his alleged discovery of cure for HIV and infertility or the fact that he claimed that his mandate to lead his people was ordained by Allah to rule them for a billion year or his impetuous decision to pull his nation from the Common Wealth are driven by his weird ideology.

            There is no mistake that this man has not been good to his countrymen . The country is in a much dilapidated shape than he found it . As Saay noted it is one of the biggest exporter of migrants into Europe and if you know the perilous journey these migrants encounter it speaks volume the nature of the harsh conditions that this men have at home.

            We are definitely delighted for the Ghambian people that finally they will get a chance to improve their lives. But the question is not whether it should it have happened but more of why? Cuz it defines all conventional wisdom about despots tendency to cling on to power until they could no longer walk in the case of Mugabe.

            BTW, the quote Saay shared regarding a dictator forgetting to rig his election is hilarious. I am of the belief that he willingly unrigged the election in order to loose. It is either this or he indeed became too lazy to rig the election.

          • saay7

            Hey Yoty:

            Here’s how Yahya Jammeh wants you to remember him:



          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hello Saay,

            There is always something to take home even if the individual is considered to be despicable. From the link page you provided us about Yahya Jammeh and his quotations, I can agree on two things (a) You can not be in your office every day doing nothing and at the end of the day you expect to be paid (b) Any one who wants to live in peace and freedom will be to live by toil, demonstrations of high levels of discipline, and tolerance to one another.

            One to maintain and guard his peace and freedom s/he has to work incessantly with discipline and tolerance, if I am allowed to reframe it for our use to our reality.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Aman, saay and yoty,

            Like I said I don’t know much about him but based on Wikipedia, at least he was given the mandate by the people to rule (elected).

            I find a lot of what he said make sense and even agree with. Even I will rule for billion years, seems to me out of context but I think it means to me, if Allah gives me the ability I will rule for a long time, which sound reasonable to me.

            Even what he said he will cure AIDS, I don’t find it out of this world comment (may be out of reality), but who is to say it’s impossible. During FDR they found a cure for Polio.


          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Berhe Y,
            Until I read your comment, I felt I was in the minority. Everybody repeating what the Muzungus say, even his bane Yahya is spelled ala Muzungu, Yaya! The Muzungus can use figure if speech and parables, but Yahya, I mean Yaya, is not allowed to. His beamed a source of derision. When we describe a crowd of 150 people in a meeting (if it is an opposition meeting) we are allowed to say kndi tsigri r’esi yekhonu. Then the remark: he thinks an Afro hair has 100 hairs. Ufff. Thank you Berhe 🙂

          • Berhe Y

            Dear SJ,

            I am guilty of repeating his name Yaya, since that’s what Yoty was writing.

            I could have checked, before I read your comment I realized that saay was writing Yahya, which is a common name in Eritrea and I happen to have had a friend named Yahya long time when I come to Canada that we lost touch.

            What surprised me even the most is, he is only 51 years old..I mean in the age of dictators….(Mugabe, Castro, Isayas, Al Bashir, Musevini) he is just a baby,…he can have another 40 years of rule…..

            I hope this will be the begining of the end for the people of Gambia to have peaceful transition of power and government. Once they break thic cycle..they will never go back again….democracy will set root in the country…


          • saay7

            Hey Emma

            My favorite Yahyaism

            you can’t be a witch doctor. You can be a witch. Or you can be a doctor.

            Anyway. There were 10 long-dictating dictators in Africa and now one is gone (Gambia) and another has promised to go (Angola). Let’s hope the good lord helps us with the other 8. Beginning with Mugab who actually can’t walk now and everything about him screams dementia and senility.


      • Solomon

        Captain Saay7.

        How come no homage to THE American v”gigolo” Richard
        Gear? He passed last week.

        An Officer and Gentleman that you are, your focus is on the Gambin gigolos.


    • MS

      Hi Yoty Topy
      I also read that president Jammeh, the curer of AIDS,the founder of the Islamic Republic of the Gamia, with fightening titles, AlJaji Professor Dr. President, conceded defeat, and true to his nature of finding cures of obscure ailments such as homosexuals, AIDS, he found a cure, or at least that’s what his concession speech tells us, for the ailment that has struck African leaders, i.e., the determination to cling firmly in power until the almighty claims you while in office.
      Although not presidents, we have some of our own Awatistas who resigned magnanimously just to return to their throne within days. Therefore, let’s watch how Alhaji, Dr., prof., president Yahya Jammeh plays it out. The following are Awatistas who resigned* from their prestige position just to reappear within days to months.
      1. SAAY
      2. Emma
      3. Hayat
      4. Nitrickay
      5. KS (wish you well)
      These are the notable awatistas. If we are to list those who threatened us of quitting, I guess we will need more space.
      Here people come back (nab lbom ymlesu-wede lbachew ymelesalu), but Gambia may be all together different. Who knows he might have decided that it would be more palatable to come back to “rescue” the nation, than to appear as power hungry, because of lately his prestige has been concentrated on the “healer” brand and not on the “political leadership” of the presidency for Gambia has been isolated and impoverished more than any time in its existence.

      • saay7


        Did I retire from awate team or from awate forum? I forgot

        Just heard Jammehs concession speech, televised live, and I am supremely impressed. He surpassed the US in transparency: losers in the US make private calls and then the winners tell us “I just got a gracious call from so and so.” Well, Jammeh, always unique televised his concession phone call LIVE on Gambian TV.

        Phew. I am impressed.

        Third clue, Yoty, Jammeh is a devout Muslim. Fourth clue: Herman Cohen. Will try to connect the dots tomorrow with links.


      • Yoty Topy

        Hi MS,
        Yes, recently, I have noticed few contributors whom I am not familiar with but seem past frequenters of the forum. I think that is awesome and hope those who have drifted would see the light again.

        The Ghambia has to be the only country that doesn’t have diaspora desidents voices . Not even a single material on the web. I guess when you are the size of under 2m people , there isn’t much spared for anything else.

        I had west African classmates when these cretins were starting to paint West African map with camouflage and I remember how the young students from those nations , Valentine Strasser of Sierra Leone was another one, were so giddy and smitten by their military fatigue and how young the leaders were. They truly believed , from what I observed that they were going to pull them out of poverty. You could see the glimpse of hope in their eyes and here we are after two decades of deferred dreams I wonder the kind of betrayal they feel now.

        My guess is along your line, that may be his fortunetellers warned him of danger to his life if he stayed any longer. Witchcraft the way it is in that part of the continent , and the fact that he places huge importance on spiritual powers , it is not far fetched. Let’s also wait for the educated guess from Saay. 😉

        Anyway, good riddance ! Like you said, it is a unique case and there doesn’t seem to be any lesson than can be drawn from for the rest of us.

        • Hameed Al-Arabi

          Salam Yoty topy,

          It is very sad to read people turn things they see and hear live to witchcraft. I didn’t hear in my life witches and devil advise leaders to step down. According to the logic I read above witches are good people they protect you from evil. What a cock-and-bull story is this?

          • Yoty Topy

            Hi Hameed Al-Arabi,

            Let’s just say that you are glad you did not live in West Africa. The things people believe will leave you speechless. In fact some of them even incorporate it in their textbooks. For the instance one of the founders of modern Ghana is believed to have used Juju to unite his people.

            Indeed, Egzio!

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Salam Yoty Topy,

            You speak about “Ghana is believed to have used Juju to unite his people” contrary to practices and facts you hear. Secondly, witchcraft is all over the world even in USA, but the percentage may differ. Do you believe Isaias is free from witchcraft.


          • Yoty Topy

            Hi Hameed AI- Arabi,

            Isaias is many things but indicting him of witchcraft is probably stretching it. Some records show him attending Chinese military academy dating back as far as 1967( lord ! How old is he ?) and that’s more than four decades of agnosticism/atheism , which tells me he doesn’t-but really , my guess is as good as yours:)

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Salam yoty Topy,

            Dear Topy, if Isaias was/is a socialist guy his policies would have been different, his mindset would have been that of a leader of all Eritreans. Isaias is a leader of a group of his village men, contrary to any open ideology. He feigned to be a socialist guy to bluff his Muslim colleagues in EPLF, and conceal himself from severe offensive from Jabha and Eritrean Muslims at the beginning of his destructive project.


  • stewie

    Dear Readers
    In onther news…..Qatar Airways announces flights to Canberra( Australia) with its list of new18 destination…

    We can make an educated guess, this its NOT financial or technical difficulties since they are almost always full and they haven’t had any technical problem we know off.

    My hunch, its political and it has to do with the current clash between the saudis and egyptians over syria and yemen. That is why the saudis invited ethiopian Prime minister and egyptians invented Issaias to cairo.

    Isaias afewerki is walking eritrea right into this arab mess (that is going to last for the forcible future)… In a way Isaias afewerki is a very unique kind of leader in that he is constantly wrong about everything.

    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      Salam stewie,

      Isaias is in a business mission. He will sell for those who pay him higher price. May be Egypt is a broker between Isaias and Iran. Specially, after Iran declared that she will build naval bases at Bab-Almandab and she will be the leading Islamic Nation in the world.

      • stewie

        Salam Hameed,

        That is exactly what I am scared of, Isaias alway make short term tactical decisions, confusing it for long term strategic interest. He doesn’t think about the long term consequences of his decisions…
        He is bad tactician and even worse strategist…

        In this case, he is allowing himself and eritrea be a pawn in a very dangerous game, disregarding how many powerful countries he will piss off.

        It makes you wonder how did he survive this long and how did he lead eritrea to its independence?

        • Thomas

          Hi stewie,

          I like you when you hate Issayas like you hate your mother @ your TV show Family Guy:) mami mami mama mami mami…………………

      • Kim Hanna

        Selam Hameed Al-Arabi,
        Just an observation, I think I read somewhere that it was the Gulf Arab states that are building the Naval and/or Air basis in Eritrea. That was a done deal.
        In the logic of today, maybe you are alluding to the possibility that the Gulf Arabs would sub-lease it to Iran.
        Mr. K.H

        • Hameed Al-Arabi

          Salam Hanna,

          Iran intends to build naval bases in the Red Sea near Bab Al-Mindab and other strategical zones. She mentioned Seas, Oceans, Yemen, Syria, Bab Al-Mendab, etc. but where exactly they didn’t mention. Exact locations will be left for deals with concerned parties.

  • blink

    Dear Readers
    HGDEF does not care about Qatar air line or what so ever , what they care is their own small ganage ring. That is it , nothing matters to them and it does not surprise me at all.

  • sara

    Dear Awtistas,
    Qatar airways was good and it did serve Diasporas well for some time,bad it is stoping…
    but i have news for you ,i just heard few days ago Saudia …Saudi Arabian Air lines is going to start soon, no date given yet but the Saudis are going to replace the Qataris in this good will services to Eritrea.

    • Saleh Johar

      That are many such possibilities as well. However, airline business should be managed as a business and not as politics. Any airline could fly in based on a political gesture, but Eritrea will never have a stable connection that helps promote tourism, business or trade. The service will be beholden to whims. And in countries like Eritrea, an airline business not based on profit and loss doesn’t bode well for the economy.

      • sara

        Dear Amee saleh
        totally agree with you, the business aspect of airlines shouldn’t be at whims of who ever it is, though
        that is the going factor in most of the developing countries.The reason i brought up that SAUDIA is
        going to start is to give hope to our people at home the way to the holy land is not going to be difficult
        to reach. you know sometimes people going for UMRA and Hajj have to travel via Dubai/Cairo/Doha to reach jeddah.

        • Joseph

          lousy, that is not a top priority for the people of Eritrea … who cares about edicts by propel from the from the medieval era (whatever the heck their religion is) who believed the Earth was flat?

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Salam Joseph,

            Ato Joseph, don’t forget that you were wearing a goat skin before less than a century. This is just to remind you your very near history.

          • Joseph

            I may be wearing a goat skin, but I do not pretend to understand all secrete and knowledge of “kingdom of God” and pass idiotic edicts on how to inherit it.

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Salam Joseph,

            To inherit goat skin is enough for you, that is the legacy you have. Edicts are beyond your intellect, just scratch your skin very well.

          • Joseph

            In fact, you have to be of low intellectual and emotional intelligence to be a religious zealot. All religions are based on blind trust, do not encourage critical thinking.

          • Joseph

            Dear Awate,
            I wasn’t aware of your salutation requirements, nor did I get a warning about it.


  • Ahmed Idris

    Eritrea is not a poor country but it’s poorly managed. .