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Recognizing Individuals: A Step Towards Transparency

Let’s pause and consider ourselves and identify “who is who” among those who are making history, by being in the foremost list of activist leaders, in the quest of justice for Eritrea. In today’s Eritrean political mindset, many may feel discomfort when individual dissidents are picked from the crowds of justice seekers pool. Though these negative feelings have deep historical roots, justice seeking Eritrean must know who is who among them.

The struggle for independence has left a strong mark of purposely buried talents, creativeness and leadership. Promoting individual talent is considered nurturing individualism though from the outset, the revolution was designed to be a collective work. Every achievement was registered as a collective work, even when done by an identifiable individual; it is almost a taboo to credit individuals for what they do. Except for the supreme leader, an individual’s recognition for heroism, intelligence, talent, leadership quality etc., are often followed by an increased political suspicion. Soon, directly or indirectly, the individual becomes a victim of political silencing, fabricated labeling, and is often accused of treason. The fate that awaits  is either going to prison or getting killed systematically. To this day, hundreds of brilliant freedom fighters live unrecognized for that reason.

Organizations that do not appreciate the contribution of individuals systematically suppress anyone who is pragmatic and competent enough to bring a change within the existing system. And as the many talented individuals are silenced, institution fall prey to the whims of a dictator.  In addition, homogeneous thinking develops and hampers acceptance of diversified ideas. The result is a one-man rule, an authoritative or totalitarian system. In time, all powers are concentrated in the hands of one person in a manner that resemble a monarchy, as Saleh Younis elaborated in his article titled, The Eritrean “System” is a Monarchy (1).

Looking deep into the mindset of Eritreans, the society seems unable to reconcile its inability to accept talents. The doctrine of ‘the masses’ is still alive, within those who support or oppose the current Eritrean system. Individuals who become prominent because of their works are continuously targeted with harsh criticism and defamation. Worse, though such silencing campaigns are usually initiated by PFDJ security agents, some members of the justice seeking camp also apply the same style and disown individuals with outstanding performances. Thus, the justice seekers camp is under constant scrutiny.

Besides its psychological effect on individuals, failure to give due recognition is an impediment to identifying “who is who” within the pool of justice seekers camp. In parallel, it can hamper the establishment of transparent and responsible leadership. To avoid this shortcoming, it is wise to appreciate individual contribution so that it can have a motivational effect. Secondly, when the struggle succeeds, known figures could be good candidates to hold public positions that the society can entrust  them with. The case of Eritrea under the EPLF, and now the PFDJ, is a typical example: during the struggle era, everything was opaque; after independence, all public positions were occupied by unknown people. And that resulted in confusion, inefficiency, secrecy and corruption.

However, with the political shakeups and openness to democratic values, the Eritrean opposition camp is experiencing a new reality. Unlike before, individuals are being recognized and scrutinized more than any time before, and those who pass the political litmus test are coming to the surface as the creme. The contribution of some individuals is big enough that it cannot be simply ignored. Eritreans like Saleh Johar, Saleh Younis, Amanuel Hidrat, Amanuel Eyassu, Khalid Abdu, Amanuel Sahle, Selam Kidane, Meron Estifanos, Dr. Sara Okbay, Woldesus Ammar, Abba Musie Zerai, Gezae Hagos, and others are among the pools of those formidable individuals who are playing a great role in shaping our struggle for justice. If I had the necessary penmanship, I could not miss this opportunity to write about every individual and give them due recognition hoping the public add to it. If time permits, I will write about Amanuel Hidrat*, the unheard thinker who is continuously shaping our approach to struggle for democracy.

Some initiatives are recognizing individuals on different occasions. My take is to build on what is already done and add my testimonies. From what I referred so far, I found some information on this subject, for example:

  1. In 2015, Bologna Forum recognized Professor Bereket Habteselassie for his long service to the case of Eritrea freedom, democracy and rule of law (2).
  2. Elyzabeth Chyrum, a human rights activist and advocate for Eritrean refugees all over the world, was recognized for her commendable work in 2009 (3) and 2012 (4).
  3. A conference held by Lead Eritrea in San Francisco University (USA) on September 24, 2016 recognized Dr. Alganesh Fesseha for her courageous role she played in saving Eritrean lives and gave her a Humanitarian award(5).

The recognitions are just a start.  To build transparency, every Eritrean citizen should delve in deeper and research the individual’s contribution. There is no easy answer for such curious questions unless we have a whole picture of the activities accomplished by Eritreans across all sectors of the struggle. What we need to be cautious about is that the mechanism that every fighter uses is different and we need to give credit accordingly. Individuals may be human rights activists, political activists, politicians, analysist, dissidents, thinkers, philosophers, strategists, propagandists etc. Each role is different therefore, it is wise to know each of the activities. It is much easier to categorize Eritreans and recognize what they do based on their activities. I tried to make a tentative list of people who fall under each category and I observed different individuals in current struggle. Nevertheless, I preferred to choose one individual for further discussion: I have chosen Elyzabeth Chyrum.

Elyzabeth Chyrum: the indomitable Human Rights Activist

It is imperative to define what human right is before dealing with a ‘human rights activist.  Human Rights is defined as: “The basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled, often held to include the rights to life, liberty, equality, and a fair trial, freedom from slavery and torture, and freedom of thought and expression.” And any person or organization that works to that end is a human rights activist. In this category, Elizabeth Chyrum comes in the forefront. Without doubt, this indomitable woman has worked relentlessly on advocating human rights issues for the last two decades.

Elyzabeth Chyrum, who is commonly known as Elsa, is a prominent figure in the justice seeking camp. Horizontally, Elsa extends has a kind heart and she provides unreserved help to people who need it. And vertically, she knocks doors to urge every concerned institution, government and organization to hear the voice of the voiceless Eritreans. Her notable works  are enormous. For instance, her hunger strike outside the Djiboutian Mission to the United Nations in Geneva in support of 267 Eritrean refugees detained in Djibouti was a remarkable and unforgettable act (6).  An article published at Asmarino.com on 2009 has registered more than twenty achievements and gave credit to her role (7). Since then, she is continuing to add remarkable achievements. Her pledge to the United States to form a commission that investigates the human rights crimes committed by the PFDJ regime that were later described as “crimes against humanity” is her latest internationally recognized achievement. Elsa is the director of Human Rights Concern Eritrea (HRCE), a UK based nonprofit organization.

Though Elsa is doing a marvelous work, she is a target of criticism, defamation, insults and personal threats. It is obvious when PFDJ goes after her and her organization to try to silence her. What is worrisome is when forces that are considered part of the justice seekers go against her. I remember a harsh attack that was initiated by members of a political movement (now mostly members of Eritrean Solidarity Movement for National Salvation (ESMNS)) targeting her when she helped an Eritrean who was in danger when he personally contacted her. Though I believe that most of the slander targeting Elsa are on unfounded, and I believe she is not, as many might think, just against PFDJ, but I believe she is for humanity; she is for justice, dignity, mutual respect, rule of law, and accountability. That is why when she see a violation of human rights, she stands right to defend it. She is a jewel of justice where injustice is prevailing. Many will continue to misunderstand her noble work until justice and respecting human rights becomes the norms of our daily life. Until then, I doubt if Elsa will ever be saved from similar attacks. Sadly, today, individuals, institutions, organizations and governments are constantly violating human rights. Unless we are blessed with very rare individuals like Elizabeth Chyrum, human dignity will be tramples upon and atrocities will become the norm.

On this occasion, I salute Elsa. Bravo Elsa, vraiment super.  

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*Since 2009 (information available in his column Tebeges at awate.com, Amanuel Hidrat has written more than 40 Articles. Each article is a reference for scientific analysis. If we spent sometimes on his thinking for sure we will get a light on our path to democracy and governance.

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  • Solomon

    Hi all,

    Elsa Chyrum is a person who is inept at working with any team in whatsoever constellation.
    Individual heroism is tantamount to nothing. In fact, most times individual heroism is an impediment. Take the history of Isaias Afewerki as an example.

    • A.Osman

      Hi Sele,

      Try constructive criticism, the devil’s advocate approach says more about you than the person you trying to criticise. It feel you have so much in store and you have been looking for an opportunity to let it out.

      That’s my friendly fire.


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        Welcome back. Whule at it, I would really like to know if you have any contact with Kokeb Selam. If you do, I would kindly ask you to tell us if he is doing fine.

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          PS. You may have missed it, Peace did give an update yesterday or the day before.

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            Nice to see Kokhob.

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            Very nice of you to reply, wish you a speedy recuperation. Until then this appearance should be reassuring enough for all of us; take care.

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            Glad to hear from you. Wish you fast complete recovery. You are missed dearly brother.

            Amanuel Hidrat

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            Happy New Year


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            Happy new year.
            Mr. K.H

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            Anti kokhob tsibbaH
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            Don’t translate this to Amharic for your buddy Abi. It’s his fault that he doesn’t make any effort to understand Tigrinya.

            Get well and come back so you can tell everyone “I love you” for no good reason at all 🙂


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            Please witness how I live:
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            – god, we are exhausting him
            – I decided to up-vote every fool who says hi to him instead

            then you showed up with your stars, and I am completely confused.

          • saay7

            Well His Fantiness

            You are what the Addis Edme (new age) nechoch call a beautiful soul. For works are by intentions, we Muslims say. You intentions are pure: all of it is directed at “what’s good for kokhob selam”. And what’s good for him is exactly what u did and u will understand when u recognize this: humans are social animals and they crave social connection. Even if he can’t write or speak there is someone in the hospital, care unit or home telling him that his true loves, Ethiopians and Ethiophile Eritreans, miss him. Somebody read to him what you and abi wrote and he smiled.

            For Kokhob is that special breed: a wenbede, a gojjam eritrean wenbede. Even grumpy Abi and awet nhafash Nitrric love him. If he hears from his true love, his Internet wife, Hayat, he will have spontaneous recovery.

            Still confused?


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          • Dear Kokhob Selam,
            What a wonderful day, to hear from you again. Our hearts and minds have always been with you. Get strong as soon as possible, and let the star of peace shine again at awate.Com. We missed you a lot. Remember, Abi is waiting for his duet on Qinee, the Eritrean Gojjame. The big news; Abi has adopted Geez at last. Don’t you think it is wonderful?

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            So wonderful!..personally, never was a sweeter news in 2016 than hearing the well-being of our KS.

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            Kokhob & Selam kem shimu! Great to hear you are doing well!
            Sal forgot one more song ” Kokobey KoKob Idley..”( Fitzum Yohannes):)

          • Ismail AA

            Selam Kokhob Selam,
            What a great day to hear again from you, brother.
            Welcome back and I pray for you for even more speedier recovery. We really missed your presence and contributions.. I thank the brothers such as A. Osman, Sal Johar and peace who often provided us with news about your condition.
            Very happy New Year to you and your loving family and friends, Khokob.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Selam Kokhobay,

            እዞም ሃሳሳት ስዒሮምኒ! ቀልጢፍካ ምጻእ በጃኻ፤፤

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            So wonderful to hear from you. Great way to cap the year.

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          • Abi


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            ውስጥህ ሰላም ነው?
            እዚህ አሸወይና ነው!!
            አዲሱ አመት አማን ይሁንልህ::

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Kokheb,

            Glad to hear from you and wish you speedy recovery.

            It’s a wonderful start for the new year.


          • Haile Zeru

            Selam Kokeb,
            It is wonderful to hear from you again. The best news of the year.

          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam Kokhob Selam

            Good to hear from you Kokhobay. I’m glad you’re still alive and kicking. Don’t scare me now – you know we are on the same age group 🙂

            I hope all these kind words and warm wishes from your Awate family is putting a smile on your face.

            Wish you a speedy recovery.

            Semere Tesfai

          • sara

            kokob, alf selama!
            i wish you a quick recovery and hope to see you as before grace us with your beautiful poems.

      • Nitricc

        Hey Osman: where the hack have you been? I hope all is fine. Although; when people are absent for that extended time, one hopes, they will grow some Just-tooth; you know the justice that everyone cries for?
        now, after all that time you have been away, your first action of duty is to defend Eritrean human traffickers while innocent African diplomat are attacked, and their character was assassinated not only with out a shared of evidence but with great miscarriage of justice. if anyone going to ask for evidence about the greedy human-traffickers; why not ask the same evidence when innocent diplomat are attacked?
        anyway; what i was trying to say is, nice to see you back and i am hoping for you to join the real justice seekers while rejecting the comp of revenge seekers!

  • Solomon

    Greetings all,

    Elsa Chyrum is a person who is inept at working with any team in whatsoever constellation.
    Individual heroism is tantamount to nothing. In fact, most times individual heroism is an impediment. Take the history of Isaias Afewerki as an example.

  • Solomon

    Elsa Chyrum is a person who is inept at working with any team in whatsoever constellation.
    Individual heroism is tantamount to nothing. In fact, most times individual heroism is an impediment.
    Take the history of Isaias Afewerki as an example.

    • tes

      Dear Solomon,

      There are many folks who disagree with Elsa’s activities. However, her works are visible and no one can ignore her hard works. I believe that she is honest to her own work. My admire to her is without any hesitation, 100%.


  • tes

    Selam Nitricc,

    Every time you try to confront me, you fail terribly. It is me who can make you mad and I know it perfectly. You see, just within two comments you got more than six warnings. This warning comes when you can’t control your temperament. Could you just exchange with those who have you mindset?


  • Haile Zeru

    Hi all,

    Elsa Chirum is the greatest Eritrean I have ever known, acting dependently, on her own will for justice and on her own initiative . Bravo Tes.

    • Haile Zeru

      Hi all
      Correction …..”acting dependently” is a typo i mean to say “acting independently”.

      By the way if memory serves me well Elsa was Hafash Wudubat during the independence. And when she saw PFDJ behave the way they did and still do she did not remain brainwashed like some people in this forum. She managed to analyze the reality hereself and she is charting here own plan and acting on it.
      Shame on Nitric. I wonder if he knows what shame is.

  • Solomon

    Selamat tes,

    The idea of bringing to prominence select individuals through recognition of their outstanding works is commebdable. And the reasons for it being the dividends it would pay to rally a very scattered attention of the Eritreans. I am tempted to play devil’s advocate and have this forum and any Eritrean gathering buzzing from now to the Chump Champ Trump’s Presidential election. Only, If only I had not commited my self to a couple of projects currently.

    As a respectable as many if not all of the individuals you mentioned are, the only way to excite your intended audience in the conversation would be to roast them all. That is to scrutinize these individuals shortcomings blunders and failiurs with regards to advancing Eritrea’s cause. ባዕልኽን መምጽኢ ደርፊ፡ ባዕልኽን መጥፍኢ ጸርፊ።( Some one correct the proverb) ከይከውን አቲ ነገር ከይከውን ግን።

    (Thoughts to self: Boy this is a tempting devil’s advocate role I sooooo want to play now. I can get all my anger out…. hmmmm maybe,I will find time?)

    Here is on for starters:
    1. Rather than a lisy of less than a human’s digits, by now we should have had volumes of achievements of a list containing 2017 Eritreans.

    2. How many leaders have these individuals inspired and developed in the past two plus decades?

    3. How do they compare with their adversary’s development of Eritrean’s individual capacity? (Cycling and marathon Eritrean achievements for example and all other fields.)

    I am finaሊ leaning towards the line of thinking ዛት ኢዝ፡ ዲsmantሊንግ the entire Eritrean’s system from the root. The above is only a convetsation starter and definetly not for the faint hearted ይብል በ-ምለስ ኣቶ ዓሊ ሳሊም።
    ዓሊ ን ህዝቢ በጃ-ስታን!


  • Nitricc

    Hey Tes, Since you have absent for such a long time, i was hoping to read some toothless article. I woudn’t bother you to say anythng but when you name the names; i couldn’t pass it. you said…
    “The contribution of some individuals is big enough that it cannot be simply ignored. Eritreans like Saleh Johar, Saleh Younis, Amanuel Hidrat, Amanuel Eyassu, Khalid Abdu, Amanuel Sahle, Selam Kidane, Meron Estifanos, Dr. Sara Okbay, Woldesus Ammar, Abba Musie Zerai, Gezae Hagos, and others are among the pools of those formidable individuals who are playing a great role in shaping our struggle for justice.”
    Elsa is known for her legal human trafficker business; she confirmed it when she said she knew many of the victims and had contacts while they were in Eritrea who died in lampedusa. this is crime. if she helps them once they are out, it is one thing but to recruit while they are in the country; it is human trafficking and punishable by rule of law. All she is doing is getting rich at the expense of the Eritrean youth. so, your article is nonsense and irresponsible.
    let see the rest of the people you have mentioned undeservedly
    SJ well——– is in California studying toothless Spanish.
    SAAY ——–is in California wondering why he spend all the energy and time arguing with YG.
    Amanuel H ——–is somewhere in Jersey mourning about the death of the “moral leader”, Melles Zenawi.
    Amanuel Eyassu ——is somewhere in London faking the death of PIA. falsifying news that killed your so called opposition?
    Khalid Abdu ——-is somewhere in Sweden trying to cover for dodging Military service and trying to earn a pay check from the Weyane.
    Amanuel Sahle——- is somewhere in Mekelle hoping for the Weyane tanks to head to Asmara.

    Selam Kidane ——is somewhere in London trying to out do Elsa and Meron in human trafficking business.
    Meron Estifanos —–somewhere in Sweden trying hard to out done Elsa and Selam in the lucritive busness at the expense of poor Eritreans.
    Dr. Sara Okbay —-I have no known data to say anything. but i know she in sweden and living her peaceful life.
    Woldesus Ammar—- he was obsessed with PIA and he coudn’t cut it, he gave up.
    Abba Musie Zerai—The religious human trafficker who every immigrant possesses his telephone number. don’t ask me why.
    Gezae Hagos —–is busy protecting his country from Eritreans entering to Canada and he is putting up a hall of a fight.
    Now, my question to you is how are those people you mentioned helping you in fighting for justice and in leading “individuals who are playing a great role in shaping our strugle? how???
    on that case why do you leave out the half dedebit Semere Andom? hmmmmmmmmm

    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      Salam Nitricc,

      I wonder how your security aides failed to stuff you with information about Dr. Sara Okbay. It appears your security guys bored from your uncles Stone Age methods of administration. Dig by your hands the ground and carry rocks on your shoulder, Mr. Nitricc. Where is the world, and where are you? Continue, Mr. Nitricc, picking stones for the graves of your uncles.

      Elsa Chyrum is a great person that stood lofty to help her country youth, and doesn’t tilt her head for criminals and robbers. In front of Elsa and her colleagues your uncles are carcass that contaminated the world. They are struggling to get rid of this awful smell from Eritrea and the world.


    • tes

      Selam Nitricc,

      It is good that you narrate the PFDJ narration. As usual, you are very loyal to your office. These days you have mastered writing more than one paragraph at a time. Congratulations. This indicates you are shifting from x-communicating to communicating, a very unusaul U-Turn of PFDJ hardcore members.

      I hope I will read more from you.


    • Peace!

      Dear Nitric,

      Almost all of the the people you mentioned are noble and we should be grateful for their hard work and dedication; however, that doesn’t mean there are no opportunistic people with identity crises serving TPLF for money/property. The evidences are out there for anyone who understand Kickback is a conspiracy and doesn’t come with receipts, closing statements, or finger prints.


    • blink

      Dear Nitricc
      I hope you take my points slightly to the main idea of being fair .
      Here awate.com is an opposition website and that only should be a step for any one to assume , this website can not and must not have PFDJ based points. PFDJ has all in their pockets like , ERI TV , …….. media richness , They have far better effective mechansim . Second You have been here for almost 16 years , You know both saleh , and others . You , saleh and others have been talking each other for years , I am sure ,you remain on your own as any one . awate.com forum is just for a very very few people, now a days most people find their gossip on paltalk , facebook , youtube but if you want the truth you have to come here . I always salute awate editorials for not being like our brothers webistes from south which are full of fake news especially when it comes about Eritrea, Here writers write based on contents that can be debated and understood . You may not like it but the guidelines of this website can be some times touchy to some and ok to others and we all must respect that.

      Most of the time i do not like things that being said by some of our southern brothers ,all of them the insults , the generalization and all .awate.com is a window for some hatefull people and also nice people we all has a stake in Eritrea be it PFDJ cronies or justice seekers . Look at some of the debates , some times i ask my self why do i need to debate with the same people for 16 years , what is the point of talking to a stone , none yet we come back and debate. Most of the time i see ISem , Amanuel H, Horizon , and others as none Eritreans but who am i to say it loud ? They are Eritreans or may be not but yet we debate. some times i ask myself why do the Moderators even spend a fraction of their time over none sense comments like mine , what is the reason ? for what do they do such things day in day out ? it really has no points if the debate is not insults or beyond , i just do not see it the value of guarding Blink’s comments . The world is changing and so do we . I come here just to read the posts and also comments made by MS, Saay , Geteb , semere Tesfai , Amde , Haile ,peace and other some from south unless i do not even look to most other forumers , i have even never spend a second unless i am having free time to spare and make fun of myself by looking at the insults made on me or on other . Unless the forume needs a great amount of time to attract people from all corners of life especially Eritreans . what is the point having debate between you and hayat for 16 minutes if one of you could not learn some thing .To tell you the truth Eritrea will be shaped by things that happen inside not out side. All these out side are just a desperate , frustrated people by the system we have back home , ESLa om , Salehom , Dr. PHD dom all of them are making their voice heard to people that is what they are doing ,ask your self there were an opposition figuers in 1991 , imagine the time they have spent talking , travelling and doing every thing on their power just for the betterment of Eritreans or some just for their own interest. At the end it matters nothing , I tell you the dictator we have at home cares nothing and even does not recognize what we all do here , the same is also with the general public . So stay and give chance to people to show their frustration .

  • said

    Great article .
    Eritrean have given up on repressive and brutal government, a lack of democracy. Many Eritrea admire the work and effort of Elyzabeth Chyrum, a human rights activist and advocate for Eritrean refugees .Action oriented .She strongly connected to our people in which she manifest human brotherhood and sisterhood and She underlying grievances in Four dimensions: the need for democratisation, freedom ,reforms, rule of law and justice. She embody illumination , vision and future. Eritrean People who want total change. This means the nation has to hold a free and fair election and inclusive representation . she is an example of how we can live together, individually and collectively .she understand ,How the power elite control every aspect of our life ,we must reform and dismantle the three hierarchies of power of PFDJ – political, military and economic.

  • Hameed Al-Arabi

    Salam Tesfabirhan Weldegabir Redie,

    Really, it is a great article, thank you. You are right, we should give credit to those who deserve them as far as they continue in the same line. We should also remember not to make them taboos immune from criticism when deviate from line they deserved credit from us.

    Please, Mr. Tesfabirhan try to look beyond your village.