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Despite the Virus, Happy Birthday Ciham

The scientists baptized it Covid 19, but humanity couldn’t forget the original name with which the virus introduced itself: Corona. Let’s consider Covid 19 its nickname. Sometimes humanity is exposed to calamities that overshadow the previous one, or ones. The corona virus has paralyzed the social life of all people. It triggered a serious …

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#Yiakl #Enough #Kifaya

[This the source script for Negarit 74—it’s written in a simple spoken words style for casual delivery.] ALL PEOPLE deserve stability, and Eritreans have struggled the longest time in pursuit of that.  It has suffered for centuries to attain freedom and stability. However, when the Eritreans finally achieved independence, the country …

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Division In The Name Of God!

I was born and raised in Eritrea until I was in my teen years. Since then, I have been living outside of my country for about four decades. My late father was a government official so I had the opportunity to live in Asmara, Massawa, Aseb, and Dekamhare (Akele Guzay). …

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#Yiakl With Disunity

Ten people lived in a room with a leaking roof. The rain wouldn’t stop, and the floor became wet and slippery. On several places the water accumulated and formed ponds. The small room became uncomfortable. The people used cups and spoons to scoop the water and managed to clear the …

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Eritrean #Enough Movement Concludes Its Meetings

After a long period of clustered preparation in many US cities, the Eritreans activists’ campaign culminated in a large meeting in Washington DC between May 23 until May 25. The Eritrean movement was initially inspired by the Arab Spring in 2012. In late 2010 Mohammed Bouazizi, a frustrated young street …

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Sudan: Dress Rehearsal for Change in Eritrea

The Horn of Africa is still in turmoil and the earth is moving under the feet of the incompetent regimes of the region. Alas, the rulers seem to be in a race to outdo each other on how fast they can turn their countries into rubble and sit on the …

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