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Division In The Name Of God!

I was born and raised in Eritrea until I was in my teen years. Since then, I have been living outside of my country for about four decades. My late father was a government official so I had the opportunity to live in Asmara, Massawa, Aseb, and Dekamhare (Akele Guzay).

In Dekamhare, I remember my family was one of the few Muslim families living in a midst of many Christian families. All my classmates, friends, and soccer teammates were Christians. I do not recall having any open religious animosity in my neighborhood.  As neighbors, we all played, laughed, joked, and supported each other while respecting each other’s religion. My Christian friends used, on a religious holidays, to invite me to their homes and I did the same. For the most part, I believe the Christian-Muslim relations in Eritrea have characterized by constructive living together.

However, nowadays some Eritreans want to divide theMuslim-Christian relationship by spreading venomous comments and divisive messages on a social media. They try to emphasize some difference and minor conflicts of the past to overshadow the long peaceful experiences of our co-existence as Muslims and Christians. They want to succeed by creating a wide gap among Muslims and Christians so we can lose focus in building our country and fail to engage in frank and honest interchange. In my opinion, if we give chance to listen and follow to any messages of religious divisiveness, we can quickly build up new attitudes of distrust and hostility among Eritreans. Therefore, it is incumbent upon each of us, Muslims and Christians, to make concerted efforts towards a new understanding in scholarship and dialogue under the current developments, political and otherwise.

My humble message is, therefore, the need of a new urgency in our consideration of Christian-Muslim relations and of our priority in dialogue and cooperation. Our response should build on much of what we have learned from our history of mutual and peaceful co-existence. Those of us who are justice, freedom and peace-lovers know that our future Eritrea will not survive without the bond of brotherhood/sisterhood among all Eritrean Christians andMuslim.

Definitely, the future of Eritrea, that we all dream of,  will not be beautified and glorified without respecting each other’s faith and full participation of allMuslims and Christians. As we all know, one of the distinguishing characteristics of modem society is its pluralistic nature. No society in the world today, whether traditional or technologically advanced, is homogeneous. In Eritrea, like anywhere else there are social groups made up of people of different backgrounds, in terms of language, culture, ethnic origin, socio-economic class, race and religion. Thus, we should be very careful and be vigilant not to fall into division based on religion because our division can create chaos and will potentially become deleterious to our society.

In conclusion, in Eritrea, in the face of threats that today confront us,Muslims and Christians, there is an important contribution which all of us can make that is, all of us, to be members of construction NOT destruction. There are enormous possibilities for collaboration between Muslims and Christians to work together for social and racial justice, for the defense of human rights and people’s rights, for safeguarding and promoting religious freedom, for resolving conflicts peacefully, for addressing the plight of refugees and displaced people.

Siraj Abdurahman

Chandler, Arizona

About Siraj Abdurahman

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  • Dawit

    Selam Siraj,

    I like your Article very much. Our culture is very tolerant. However, I believe, the problem arises when some people bring other ideologies and beliefs into the society, and try to instill/enforce foreign ways into the society.

    There is one thing that I would like to correct in this article. The author keep saying Eritrean Christians and Eritrean Muslim. This article makes it seem as if religion is an identity. The author of this article should have said, Eritreans that follow christian or Muslim faith. It is funny, but it makes a lots difference when one says that “I am a Christian” instead of saying “I follow the Christian faith”. I think, in our culture our forefathers looked at religion as faith to follow, but religion has never been seen as identity in our culture.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Awatawian,

    Happy thanksgiving day for all those who lives in the United State – the land of freedom and opportunity. It makes it the best holiday, b/c it bring families and relatives get together to celebrate.


  • mokie berhe

    Salam all. Some years ago, EHREA (Eritrean Human Rights Electronic Archive) had stated that ‘The Eritrean jihad movements are highly active online, promoting their message, providing extensive news coverage of developments and information condemning the Eritrean regime in three languages. Websites connected to or maintained by Eritrean Islamic Jihad include: (the now defunct), (the Eritrean Islamic Salvation Movement, renamed the Eritrean Islamic Party for Justice and Development), (the Eritrean Islamic Reform Movement), and the more moderate news portal’ Fact is that many here have before paid homage to the EIJM (and variants) and its leadership (i.e. Hassan Salman). Add on constant attempts to divide Eritrea by lowland-vs-highland, and you get suspicion and mistrust. Better raise Enver Hoxha from the dead to lead the Eritrean opposition movement for a few years, so that he can totally neutralize religion, and enable an atmosphere of trust to prevail.

  • ሓላው ስጡሕ

    Hello Awatians
    ክቡር ደራሲ
    ክርስትያንን ኣስላምን ክሰምሩን ክሳማምዑን ምምሕጻንካ ኣንጻር መምርሒ እስልምና ኢኻ ትጽሕፍ ዘለኻ eg. (ክርስትያን ይኹኑ ኣይሁዳውያን ከም ኣዕሩኽካ/መሓዙትካ ኣይትሓዞም፠.. ነቶም ዘይኣመንቲ (ክርስትያን,ኣይሁድ,ዘይሃይማኖታውያን) መጀመርያ ናብ እስልምና ክቕየሩ ዕድል ሃቦም እንተኣብዮም ግን ሳላጣ ግበሮም) እዩ ዝብል ቁርኣንን ሓዲትን፠
    …ኣብ ኤርትራ ሓቀኛታት ኣስላም ጀበርቲ ጥራይ እዮም .ኣብ ኣርብዓታት ሱዳናውያን ወትሃደራት እንግሊዝ ምስ ኣተዉ ኣስላም በዚሕና ኢሎም ስለ ዝሓሰቡ ካብ ክዳውንቲ ምስፋይ ዕረፍቲ ወሲዶም 48 ክርስትያናት ኣብ እግሪ ኣባሻውል ሓሪዶም፠ምንም እኳ እቲ ጉዳይ እንተጉሃየኒ ጀበርቲ ናይ ብሓቂ እምነት ምስልምና ፈጺሞም ፠ ቅድሚኡ ኣልሓምዱሊላህ ኣስላምና ክርስትያንና ኣሕዋት ኢና ዝበሉ “ታቒያ” እዮም ዝፍጽሙ ኔሮም (ማለት ሸቶኻ ክሳዕ ትወቅዕ ምሕሳው/ምትላል ፍቑድ እዩ፠ እቲ ኻልእ ኣስላማይ ምስ ክርስትያን ይበልዕ ይማራዖ ,ቋንቁኡ ንዒቑ ዓረብይና ኣይደሊ፠ እዞም ካብ ውቕሮን ሽረን ኣኽሱምን deported ምስ ኮኑ ኤርትራ ዝኣተዉ ግን ናይ ሓቂ ኣስላም (ኣይሲስ) እዮም፠ኣብ ትግራይ ዓዶም ከለዉ እውን ሃጸይ ዮውሃንስ “ዕጠቑ ንደርቡሽ ክንዋግኦም” እንተበሎም “ዋይ ዋይ ኣስላማይ ንጉስ እንትመጽእ እማ እላተቖጻጸና ኢና ንቕበሎ እምበይ ልምንታይ ንዋግኦ” ኢሎም እዮም ዝተሶጎጉ፠ ሓቀኛ ቁርኣን ተኸቲሎም ሃይማኖቶም ዝፍጽሞ ምግባሮም ግን ክምስገኑ ይግብኦም፠ ካሊፋ ዝጽበዩን ሓድሽ መሪሕነት ዓለም ዝጽበዩን ኣይጽምበሩን ፠

    • Haile S.

      ሰላም ሓላው ስጡሕ፡


      ‘ተ’ዝነቅጽ እቲ ዝተሰጥሐ
      ‘ተ’ዝስፈ እቲ ዝተጠብሐ

      …. ሰዊት ኣይከውንን እቲ ዝተቖርጸ
      …. ዒልቦ ኣይከውንን ሕጂ ክግሃጸ
      እንተዝቑርጠም እቲ ዝነቐጸ
      ወይ ኣብ መዲድ እንተዝጽጸ
      ቲዕ ዝበለ ሽሮ ወይ ‘ተ’በጽበጸ
      መርወዪ ሓድነት፡ መኣዲ ምሃነጸ
      ሴፍ ይትረፍ ኣምጽእ ምግሳጸ
      ኬን ንበሎ ንደርብዮ ነናህና ዝመረተ መላጸ

  • sara

    selam all awtistas,
    this is a call and challenge to all of you ….. specially those who claim to know us .
    what are you doing? or what have you done in this regard? i remember once amna
    saleh asked you to check you phone log book. is it still… the same-same names and
    numbers ?

    • Peace!

      Hi Sara,

      “what are you doing?” Good one, and the answer is read recent comments, cheering dictators, playing religion card when fail, and the next day, give lecture about democracy and Westerners. It is the hypocrisy stupid, not lack of Education. Rwanda is now a totally different and hopeful country not because of overnight education rather the willing to admit, heal, and forgive have contributed to what it is now.


  • Selam Siraj A.,

    Our people, both in eritrea and ethiopia, used to live with tolerance and in harmony. Religious conflicts were extremely rare, and almost unknown. In ethiopia, after the state and religion were separated, the harmony between the two religions was even better.

    All of us grew up in religiously mixed societies, and religion was tolerated from both sides, and for children in their innocence, religion did not play any role. In those days even adults were innocent as much as religion was concerned, until the barbarians came to the seen, i.e. today’s politicians. They trade in religion and identity (ethnicity) politics, because they have nothing to show to attract people’s attention.

    Religion is an important factor in human society, nevertheless, religious fundamentalism wherever it comes from has no place in modern society. In ethiopia, it started with burning churches and killing priests and sometimes mosques were burnt as a reaction to the above.

    Religious and identity politics is a bankrupt politics that has shown its evil face in ethiopia recently. Ethiopians are fed up of its toxic nature, and they are imploring the government to take tough measures. This is when people come to accept authoritarian leaders whenever they face danger.
    With time and education, there will come a day when religion becomes a personal and not a group issue. The same holds true for ethnic identity. As human beings feel more free and safe in the society they live, group politics will have no more importance, and their humanity will be the only bond that ties them together with everybody far and near.

    The old and conservative section of the western society has risen up by voting for the far right because they believe that these political parties will defend their way of life and their interests. The young and the not so well educated, are in arms because they feel that their economic well being is threatened by refugees and immigrants. That is why few days ago a human beast in australia attacked a pregnant muslim women wearing a headscarf, as she was sitting in a coffee shop.

    Western societies say nothing about the displacement of people from their homes in the middle east and other places due to the war waged by their governments, and the support they give to dictators and killers of the region. They go into a country without a plan B for the day after, and after destabilizing the region, they come out even at the cost of betraying, as trump did, those who cooperated with the americans and shade their blood, the kurds.

    • Peace!

      Hi Horizon,

      Just curious when you said “Religious and identity politics is a bankrupt politics that has shown its evil face in ethiopia recently” Are you saying Minilik, Haile Selassie, and other emperors were secular and never accused of genocide and expansion in the name of religion?


    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Horizon,

      I will comment on the following issues from your remark in brief. You have said:

      (a) “With time and education, there will come a day when religion becomes a personal and not a group issue. The same holds true for ethnic identity.” Religion and identity are both “personal” and “group” issues. Personal issue in respect to spiritual relationship. Group issue in terms to standing for their religious rights and their group identity rights (Fact-1).

      (b) “As human beings feel more free and safe in the society they live, group politics will have no more importance, and their humanity will be the only bond that ties them together with everybody far and near.” Horizon, We are not living in a world where human beings are allowed to “feel more free and safe” as you alluded. We always fight for our freedom and our safety as part of our survival. By its nature politics function by organizing in groups with the same ideology, philosophical intake (that include religion), and nature of grievances. Second human being are not only bonded in humanity. They are bonded in a various issues to keep their interest as individual or as a group. Fact-2

      (c) “ This is when people come to accept authoritarian leaders whenever they face danger.” If you are one of them, you don’t have to accept “Authoritarianism” to fight against “religious rebellion” and “group identity.” What you have to do is to fight in addressing their grievances by understanding the causes of all the frictions. Fact-3.

      • Selam Amanuel H.,

        I was talking about the future trend in human development. Your points holds true as much as the present and the immediate future situations are concerned. But, human beings are not going to remain with their present day mentality. Human development is going to give a more human face to religion and identity, or they will get rid of them all together, with unknown consequences, as much as religion is concerned, because religion gives moral values to human beings, which makes them different from other animals.

        Religion and identity will stop being used as political and ideological instruments. I think that human beings can’t do otherwise, if they want the future to belong to them. If not, they may as well annihilate each other for the sake of religion and identity, as they have already started to do so.

        Why did human beings organize themselves in groups throughout their history? There security was the main reason. A strong man within the group was accepted as the guarantor of this security. It is known that human beings are ready to sacrifice part of their freedom for the sake of their security. That is the main reason authoritarian governments and far right parties flourish today even in developed european and western societies in general, let alone in the rest of the world.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Horizon,

          Human being can not be free from being identified by their religions and group identities. It is one of the layers of identity. Be realistic. The problem is not of being identified by their religions and their group identities. The problem is when societies or states failed to address the grievances of religious group and the grievances of the social group. Focus on how to address them than cursing their existence. They will persist to exist until we address them properly.

          • Selam Amanuel H.,

            Religion and identity should not be used to serve a political purpose. If the individual is left alone to exercise his/her religion and cherishes his/her identity, and not coerced to use them against other groups, it doesn’t mean the end of religion nor the disappearance of ethnic identity. Simply these will not be used for unholy purposes by politicians and some religious and group leaders.

            For example, there is religious and ethnic freedom and equality in ethiopia, at least when compared with the past. Nevertheless, why is that there are religious and ethnic conflicts in ethiopia? Is it because there is religious and identity grievances that have not been addressed, or are there people who are exploiting religion and identity for their political purposes?

          • Admassie

            Selam Horizon,

            I agree with your early note addressed to Amanuel Hidrat which says ” Your points holds true as much as the present and the immediate future situations are concerned. But, human beings are not going to remain with their present day mentality. Human development is going to give a more human face to religion and identity…”

            The quest of human beings and societies are dinamics. The human being in a hundred years may not care about religion and identity. The quest could be different from what we know now.

            Unfortunately we are not there yet. Religion and identity are our everyday reality. It would be a wishfull thinking to deny or ignor them, especially the issue of group identity. I agree with Amanuel Hdrat’s ” They will persist to exist until we address them properly.” conclusion.

            True, politicians should not use religion and ethnic identity for unholy purposes. We have to fight against them. They are the ones who galvanize emotions and send unsuspected souls to die. But again, this should not warrant us to sideline the issues of the rights the ethnic groups entitled to. Because, in any way we can not eliminate unholy deeds from happening like any unholy practices politicians or for that matter any human beings exercise.

            In our case, as you have noted somewhere in your earlier comment on this tread, education and behavioural change is much needed. But, unfortunately እኔ እምሞት ዛሬ ማታ፣ እህል እሚደርስ ለፍልሰታ። እንዲሉ the current chalenges on our hand do not have the luxury of time. (I am not saying it is not important. Quite the contrary. If I am accusing EPRDF, the number one issue for me is it did not work to bring behavioral change in society.)

            Divisive is not when some one feels his/her ethnic identity and demands his/her right. Divisive is when one denies the existing of others as well as denying the rights of others.

            On the other hand, as much as we advocate for ethnic right recognition, we should also acknowledge the group who do not categorize themselves as certain ethnicity (who take thier nationality for identity ኢትዮጵያዊ ነኝ). Both identities should not be mutually exclusive. Our politicians need to work how to put both identities on a balance.

            Again, unity is everyone’s agenda. The challenge is, how should we make it work so that every one feels home under the big umbrella of Ethiopia.

          • Selam Admassie,

            Thanks for your participation. As you said, behavioral change of citizens for the better is very important, even if the country is to exist in the future. As much as eprdf is concerned, in my opinion, it is not that eprdf did not bring behavioral change in the ethiopian society, but on the contrary, it brought out the worst part of their behavior. It is not only that government officials were corrupt and unethical, but part of the ethiopian society, has become exactly the same. I am scared by the number of people who are ready to sell food items tampered with in such a way they are putting in danger the health of citizens, children included, the barbaric way some kill other ethiopians for the sake of religion and ethnicity, and how easily they have dumped their common identity ‘ethiopiawinet’, and replaced it with their sectarian ethnic identity. The two identities could have become the two sides of the same coin, without any problem whatsoever. Fortunately, lately, it seems that ethiopian national unity is in the air, and this is what gives hope to those who believe in the unity and integrity of the country.

          • Admassie

            Selam Horizon,

            “It is not only that government officials were corrupt and unethical, but part of the ethiopian society, has become exactly the same.”
            You have summarized the corrupt trend of the country well. This cultural bankruptcy has been spread in every aspect of our urban society. What we talk and what we do is diametrically opposite. There is no guarantee if words or agreements will be kept. No one cares if one’s action affects others badly or unfairly as long as one feels benefiting. Confrontation is part of our daily life. One can not feel at peace. You notice the contrast more, when you get out of your country.

            We do not get government services fairly. Just an example: Where the area I live, we get water a maximum of two days a month. Let me explain. We get water once a week starting around 12 pm (mid night) till 6 am in the morning. If our servicemen are generous enough or may be if they are in a good mood, they will let us have it twice a week. If they want to be mean or if there is a power interruption, we may not get it for ten to fifteen days. Or the pressure could be lousy and it may take a day to fill a bucket.This is happening for the last three years. One may think that there could be a severe water shortage in Addis. Yes, there is water shortage. But not so sever. There are places, not far from us, which gets 24/7. Even one can see a couple of car wash services around. We have taken our complaints to the manager of our sub city repeatedly. He will give falls promises and usually we get water on the same day we have complained. The next day the servicemen (usually 4 or 5) will visit our area. They will knock each house and ask proudly like a hero whether we have got water last night and in a way it is obvious to sense that they are expecting some type of reward!! So much is how low our ethics and moral has got. Similarly it happens elsewhere in the city.

            The last time we tried was two months ago. No solution is in sight so far except the usual promise. Now we are tired and one has to let it go, if one wants to stay sane.

            That is why, sometimes, the rhetoric of democracy seems foreign and luxury and this all is with out mentioning our political and social crisis.

          • Teodros Alem

            selam admassie
            In a country where the government consider lying, false reports, deception, as a normal methods of communication.
            In a country where all gov medias lie 24/7, in a country where the gov officials lie in front of the. Camera and in front of the parliament with out a blink of an eye and got away with it wealth. what do u expect from the people??
            corruption started from corrupted minds , from a mind set of liars, deceptive, manipulative, greeddy mindsets.
            what i don’t understand is why u guys supported the gov for the last 27 years? i know u guys r corrupted minds and i know u don’t shame, u probably will say, it is all started after 3A came to power.

  • Brhan

    Salam Alikum Siraj
    Thank you for your article.

    Such articles are not only good to remind us about our tolerance but also they enrich our knowledge of this tolerance through persons like you who come with anecdotes and experiences. I remember Sheikh Ismail Al-Mukhtar had come also with similar article months ago.

    Your article and his article prove two important facts, one is that our tolerance is rich and the second one, it is rich because we are diverse who we are able to live in harmony.

    A good example you mentioned is the mutual religious holidays invitation.

    So Siraj one way to keep our good Eritrea is this culture. It looks a simple gesture but it symbolizes great value. To do the opposite is not only non-national but also non religious.

    Thanks again!

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ሱሌማን መሲሉኒ ፍሽክ በልኩ ተራኣኹስ ሰለሙን
    ዘይኩላትኩም ሓደ ትፈደል ነዛ ቡን

    ኢብራሂም ምስ ጸዋዕኩ ግምጥል በለ ኣብርሃም
    ሽሞም ሓደ ኮይኑ ስኢነ ምፍላዮም

    ዮናስ ‘ንተበልኩስ ረኸብኩ ንዮኑስ
    ጸገም የለን! ጀመርና ቁሩቁስ
    ስጋብ ረሓጽና ዝፍስስ

    ሙሴ ‘ንተበልኩ ቁልሕ በለ ሙሳ
    ‘ቲ ሓደ ነብሪ ‘ቲ ሓደ ኣንበሳ
    ደቂ ገዛውትና ዘይነበሮም መለሳ

    ዑመረዲን መሲሉኒ ዓው ኢለ ተዳህየ
    ተኽለ ሃይማኖት መጸኒ ‘ንዳጎየየ

    ፊስካ ምስ ነፋሕኩ ናብ ዓንቱራ ስዒድ
    ህውኽ ኢሉ ክሓልፍ ብጥቓ ዓቢ መስጊድ
    ግምጥል ንተበለስ ባህታ ወዲ ቦኻ ሰጊድ

    ፍልልይ ነይብልና
    ኣምብሬዛ ዓዲ-ሃሎ ምስ ጠፈአልና

    መሬት ከም ቀደማ ክትምልስ
    ፍልልይ ይጠፍእ ድሕሪ ግዝኣት-ኢሳያስ
    እዚ C.E.O. ናይ ብላሽ

  • said

    Siraj Abdurahman thank you for your article. I fully agree with your testament. You can not sperate Eritrea history from Ethiopia in many aspect. Our people are not freer and not yet more tolerant societies. The point is structural injustices far more than by any individual suffering. that depends on all of us, We can’t passively wait for things to go right by it self . We have to act on our value principles, even when the situation appears doomed and hopeless. We have reached the final limits of tolerance of decades-long deterioration in the basic human rights and living conditions of the Eritrean average household – mostly the result of wide spread corruption and abuse of power – and an archaic Tribal Political Structure thriving on false religious and sectarian divides, beside the costly consequences of the increasingly corrupt Tribal political System that are seeping deeply into the mindset of the average citizenry right across all the fault lines . However, with the increasing exposure of the Eritrean youth to modern life as the Eritrean youth are considered and among the better educated and culturally exposed people of the entire horn region, a common youth culture is evolving in Eritrea that is increasingly in congruence with the youth culture of a fast emerging world of the digital and internet culture. The confluence of worsening living conditions and the stifling consequences of an archaic corrupt Tribal Political System hugely played as eye opener, hugely contributing to heightened conscious awareness among Eritrean across all the religious and sectarian divides of the origin of their endemic socioeconomic and sociopolitical ills; as well as of the ultimate defeatism of the sustenance of Eritrean’s century-old Tribal Political System. A New Eritrea of a just, a truly democratic modern state would act as the true ultimate guarantee for the long-term territorial security for all Eritrean .the Eritrea people will rise as one people or one man demanding the End of IA Tribal Politics simultaneous with the Transformation of Eritrea into a true monolithic society operating on the principles of consensual modern democratic civil code.
    Coming to Ethiopia . Sadly ignorant, chauvinistic and opportunistic Eritrean unionist sided with mother Ethiopia against Eritrean independence .Sometimes you need to call a spade a spade .The Ethiopia owes an enormous debt of gratitude to heroic rulers of great kingdom of Abyssinia glorious Christian nations. Not only are they hard at work making their past , the Emperors of Ethiopia, from the founding of the Zagwe dynasty in the 9th/10th century until long lasting 1974, when the last Emperor King Haile Selassie from so called claim of the Solomonic dynasty was horribly deposed by Derg Marxist regime . The red Derg mottos to make Ethiopia first , Eritrean Having lived through both reactionary backward feudal king and Derg fascist and communist regimes Ethiopian are the least progressive politicians , Dictators , go too far, because there are no checks and balances to stop them . the new arrival of TPLF and its cohort collation Ethiopia EPRDF, with extensive abuse of power to make Ethiopia great again, a failed state and cesspool of corruption, its rulers, petty potentates and corrupt politicians , poor country , a recipient of vast US and western military and economic aid – identify Ethiopia for what it actually is: today transition. Namely, a kleptocratic state sitting atop young population and fourth -rate economy with virtually zero capacity to project 21st century , zero chance to make an offensive military power beyond its own interior. If their history proves anything, Ethiopian are not a nation of pacifists , After all, how could it be? The GDP of $ 80 billions and Ethiopia’s Debt of $52 Billion. And its economy has been heading sharply south in dollar purchasing terms for several years running.
    what did they provided , the people of Ethiopia, with a choice between three opportunities for mass death and destruction and confiscation of wealth . not too long ago EPRDF it has used a web of lies, spun by fake news and viral messaging, to divide Ethiopian societies by exploiting the rhetoric of reaction to encourage polarisation and confrontation that brought the end control of Ethiopia by TPLF. One hope Ethiopia learned anything from Ethiopia’s painful and bloody history.
    Prime minister Abiy Ahmed of increasing “authoritarianism” and was awarded a Noble Peace Prize for his efforts to build stability Elected in 2018, the country’s first Oromo leader in more than thousand years. Mr. Abiy has been celebrated for a peace deal with neighbouring Eritrea and sweeping domestic reforms enacted during his first months in office. But a year later Ethiopia , those reforms have been followed by an increase in intercommunity violence across the country, provoking strong criticisms of his leadership mainly by Amhara . The old parity of Mr Abiy’s Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front and its allies control all 547 seats in the national parliament. Designed as a coalition of four parties from Ethiopia’s most powerful regions, the EPRDF is supposed to allow power-sharing between different ethnic groups but sadly it has became a mechanism for some regions to dominate others which is no different than past regime of MZ . Ethiopia’s main nine ethnic regions, and how best to democratise the country of over 100m people after decades of iron feast authoritarian rule. The EPRDF also came up with a power-sharing arrangement with the country’s 80 ethnic groups. A new constitution, enacted in 1995. Oromo historical narrative that Amahar were oppressors and subjected Oromo people who, under Emperor Menelik II in the 19th century, brutally conquered vast Oromo territory.
    Today, however, Ethiopia is associated with a profound crisis, there are open wounds, suffering , pain and frustration .Abiy Government has promoted the expansion of rights and liberties and PM AAA should would never agree to even the smallest restriction of freedom of expression that give hope to millions of Ethiopian , citizens who have peacefully exercised fundamental rights to protest and to strike against the ruling and everyone may express their opinions as they wish, provided that they do not promote and encourage clear criminal acts. At this moment, restraint, moderation and accommodation are imperative to keep peace.
    Throughout the broad sweep of Ethiopia history, Emperors of Ethiopia and its leaders of competing territories and eventually nations labored at fostering human annihilation, but, given the rudimentary state of their basic tools, were only partially successful. Yet, Emperors of Ethiopia they did manage to slaughter vast numbers of people through repeated massacres and constant wars and that is still the country at edge of civil war .
    That will resulted in tens of thousands of casualties, a substantial portion of Ethiopia population will suffer . In the past, supplemented by a hearty dose of genocide along the way, did a remarkably good job of ravaging its populations, crippling tens of thousands and millions survivors, and 30 year of blasting much of Eritrea civilization to rubble. large numbers of people somehow survived.
    Eritrea aspiration above all, is about freedom, peace and progress. Eritrea must move forward with these values and make it the leading model of integration and social justice, one that protects its citizens. The Eritrea that we aspire to, the Eritrea that we need, the Eritrea we are building is based on democratic stability within our state. Eritrean want to escape the long and dark shadow of IA dictatorship.
    I decided as a beleaguered Eritrean in a desperate attempt to direct my future discourse, rather desperate appeal, my final straw as a humanist.
    To the Ethiopian in the very broad definition of the expression. This, as the greatest majority of the Ethiopian often unconditional support to an claimed “ Ethiopian State” that is gone awry, can redeem my lost humanity as an aggressed and most unjustly deprived Eritrean.
    As many Eritrean human rights activist, in recent past prior to independence of Eritrea . Eritrean in diaspora have long given up on the western and American polity, the American government in its broad definition: The Executive Branch; the Legislative Branch, and even the Judiciary of ever playing the fair honest broker role to redeem Eritrean rights. This, especially as the United States of America remains the near singular force beside the great many of misguided Ethiopian rulers that prolonged Eritrean plight as a beleaguered Eritrean with their continuing unconditional support to Ethiopian State, often in violation of the laws and human conventions.
    The dictators IA ,he is in violation of the International Law, the Geneva Conventions and Universal Declarations of Human Rights.

    This drops any reservations or excuses for not calling things by their true real name: “Eritrea is a Rogue State run by dictator Robbers, very simple as that, and without minced words. One, in virtual reality, is dealing with a bunch of gangster thugs currently residing in Azamara . In view of that alarming realization, I find me, as a beleaguered Eritrea, directing my discourse, my desperate appeal to the omnipotent outreaching human right activist World wide in the very wide and loose definition of the expression to enlist their good judgment and good will to restrain, Eritrean regime gone aggressively wild and to redeem the rights of long estranged and Eritrean refugee the indigenous inhabitants of Eritrean people sadly turned into stateless refugees. Living in Sudan refugee comp and beyond

    To remove any potential stigma of my very just appeal above of the of accusation of being interpreted as Anti-Ethiopian , an often – brandished Damocles Sword risking being leveled on even valid objective discourse, I, as a precaution, have written a short definition below of “Who Truly I am”: “Explaining Who I Am in the Scale of the Grander Designs…..As I tend lately to talk frankly, pointedly without Minced Words Addressing Ethiopian at Large to Assume their Moral Responsibilities vis-à-vis Eritrea – a “Ethiopian State” PM AAA representing and speaking on behalf of the Ethiopian people not to support IA and regime , the continuing Gross violations of the basic human rights of the Eritrea people; my true motivations and who truly I am addressing the Ethiopian to assume their incumbent Moral Responsibilities: individuals, representative organizations, communities and disparate political factions to stop supporting IA and regime .
    Embarking on this endeavor at the twilight of age, as a profound student randomly reading of history, I am motivated by the Grander Design: “Grander & Universal Principles of ‘Justice’ and the ‘Upholding of Human Dignity’ as we all mortals are the Divinity’s Vicegerents on this Tiny Planet Earth.

    “As Charity Starts at Home, I found me vocal in defending the Oppressed Eritrean Rights never motivated by narrow Nationalist or so called Patriotic reasons.

    For me, as a widely exposed, “Addi” “La Patrie,” “Al-Wattan,” “The Nation,” is never that piece of land or any material possession, ephemeral life and mortals’ on our short passing existence in this tiny planet Earth….To me, the “Nation,” is the person, the Individual, the human being wherever found on this negligible Planet Earth, irrespective of Race, Color, Religion, Sect, Social Status or Ethnicity. My measure is One and the Same.

    As I address the Ethiopian to assume their moral responsibility vis-à-vis the Plight of the Eritrean People that is very long enduring, I address the Ethiopian with the courage and boldness of a detached human rights’ activist who perceives all tribal divisions as the anomaly of historic aberrations, pitted intellectual limitations and way out of the deficient evolution of mortals’ cognitive prowess.

    This is Eritrean motto is the “Redeemed Human being” to a mortal’s deserving value and place in the Wider Scheme of Things, in this Wider Universe right at the epicenter of the World.” In Pure Spirituality, Eritrea State, defies in its continuing infringement on Human Rights, what very much amount to act of crimes .
    This remarkably small and beautiful country filled with extraordinary people of all sorts has long been a victim of its history making and recurring precarious state of affairs need not be Eritrea ‘s fate. If we care to listen to Eritrean ‘s people, it is possible to imagine a very different country, than what it is today , based on a common identity and sense of purpose. Eritrean people have a great deal to say – and deserve to be respected and heard.
    Eritrean need to focus on the issues and policies that could bring most Eritrean together, not those that divide us. Eritrean agree that national unity is a must for the country. And Eritrean reject the notion that present ethnic group should dominate over the others and with its dysfunctional system that brought it on themselves. Repressive regime will fall And that their time is up , Eritrean needs a real democratic transformation and give Eritrea an elected government that puts Eritrea and all of its people first and make the world a better place to live. The momentum seemed to be with Eritrean people ,who wanted more open and tolerant societies and ultimate truth to which the population must submit; and open societies, which allow and even demand that citizens make their own free choices ,a free and fair election. Eritrean stand for opposite views of the world from the dictator regime and structural injustices and closed societies . IA Dictator , the founder and creator of a mafia state. so far have being very successful, It’s the fulfilment of his dream of (Neh Nan Alamana) a narrow sectarian ideology , and that’s what carries him forward. who has succeeded beyond his own expectations and Yet, however preposterously, in our present moment of considerable crisis, he has succeeded Yet somehow IA has concluded that our existing course has Eritrea headed toward the dead end . he went way too far in oppressing Eritrean, simply there are no checks and balances to stop him.

  • Haile S.

    Selam Siraj,

    Thank you for this very important reminder and your vivid testimony. Our people are very descent people who don’t dwell on differences, but on their brotherhood and their mutual aid.
    Your story is a story of many of us who at one time of our life lived in a borough with a different religious majority. It was mine in my early childhood in aKriya. As children we never saw anything that differentiated us except the names and the wooden slab that our moslem friends were white washing regularly and their repetition of alif ba’e ta’e. When I was going to my father’s village, I never addressed anyone except as aya Abdu (ኣያ ዓብዱ)፡ sanda’y nasra (ሳንዳይ ናስራ)፡ aboy Abi shfa (ኣቦይ ዓቢ ሽፋ)። Their religion never came to my thoughts. They were not different than ኣቦይ ዓቢ ዘርኣ-ሓንስ፡ ኣያ ዘርኣይ or ኣደይ ንእሽቲ በለጸት። By saying this I am talking for many people who were in the same spirit. Siraj, you message is spot on. We better concentrate on what brings us together than dwelling on undesirable things that happened in the past.

  • Selamat Siraj,