Mr. Sied Mohammed Ali Awarded the 2016 Hummed Neberai Scholarship


Friday, December 30, 2016

Contact: Norai M. Ibrahim, Spokesperson and PR Officer Neberai Foundation, Hummed Neberai Scholarships (HNS)

Mr. Sied Mohammed Ali Awarded the 2016 Hummed Neberai Scholarship

The Neberai Foundation, administrator of the Hummed Neberai Scholarships (HNS), is pleased to announce that Mr. Sied Mohammed Ali of Ala-Bolsoto, Eritrea has won the first Hummed Neberai Scholarship award of cash amount 5,000 US Dollars ($5,000).

Mr. Sied competed with 32 highly qualified applicants from Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Ethiopia and South Africa to win the 2016 HNS scholarship. Mr. Sied is a second year student in the Tibilisi Medical Teaching University in Tiblisi, Georgia.

Brief biography: Mr. Sied Mohammed Ali was born in the village of Ala-Bolosto, near Dekemhare in Eritrea. His elementary schooling was at Ala. He left his hometown and family to continue his education at the Dekemhare Comprehensive Junior and Secondary School. He completed twelfth grade in 2007 at the Warsay Ykealo Secondary School, in Sawa.

Mr. Sied passed the 2007 ESLE (Eritrean national secondary school leaving examination) with distinction scoring 3.8/4.0 and went on to join the Orotta School of Medicine in Asmara, Eritrea. He is currently enrolled in the Tbilisi Medical Teaching University, in Tibilisi, Georgia.

The Hummed Neberai Scholarship was launched in July 2016 as a perpetual charitable fund in commemoration of the life and legacy of the late Hajj Hummed Ibrahim Neberai of Keren, Eritrea.

HNS is fully and exclusively funded by the children and grandchildren of Hajj Hummed and aims to foster academic excellence and leadership development among Eritrean youth and students.

HNS is administered by the Neberai Foundation Inc., a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Illinois, USA. Further information about HNS and the Neberai Foundation can be found at the websites:,  or


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