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Nsu nHna, nHna nsu: We Are One And The Same

Several studies conducted on dictatorships of the last century indicate that there is a method to how dictators stay in power and how they ultimately fall[i]. Dictators stay in power by keeping the balance of what Sergei Guriev and Daniel Treisman call, “the dictatorship equilibrium[ii].” In some of these studies the most common types of dictatorships referred to were interchangeably old-fashioned and modern or harsh and soft.

Although both types of dictatorships use similar techniques, there is a significant difference on how ferociously their dictatorial techniques are applied. For instance, in the old-fashioned type, repression is harsher, independent sources of information are forbidden, citizens get arrested for no specified reason, and independent political institutions or civic liberties are not allowed. No constitution, no concrete national agendas, and/or no fiscal plans exist.

Even by the strictest definition of dictatorships Eritrea is indeed run by an old-fashioned and harsh dictatorial rule.

Regardless of the obviousness of the Peoples’ Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ)’s dictatorial nature, many Eritrean intellectuals try to absolve the leadership from responsibilities by fabricating facts or supplying it with rationale. For instance, Professor Redie Bereketeab, Senior Researcher and Associate Professor at the Nordic Africa Institute, exalts the dictator’s raison d’être and masks the real reason for its brutality with the likes of following statements.

“Ethiopia’s rejection of the [Badime] ruling, its constant threats to overthrow the Eritrean government and its concerted efforts to isolate Eritrea heightened the country’s state of insecurity and stoked constant fears of war. This in turn led to tight control of citizens, intolerance of de­viant views, closing of private media, etc. The divisions within the leadership in 2001 were also harshly dealt with. Everything was geared towards safeguarding the nation. Under the circumstance, the youth have cho­sen to leave the country in growing numbers[iii].”

In addition to the thousands of Eritrean lives lost in the last 16 years alone, if the current trend of systematic harassment of the people and refugee exodus continue for additional 2-5 years, there will be little or no reason left to “secure” and “develop” the nation for them. The purpose of defending a nation ought to be defending the people from death and humiliation. How then can “it is all for the defense of the country” be justified while the very people supposed to be defended are denied of their basic dignity and God-given right to exist?

Internal or external threat as a legitimating tool for dictatorial control is not original to PFDJ. Hitler had his Jews, Mussolini his Russia, Stalin his German, Pol Pot his Vietnam, Saddam his Iran, Kim Il-sung his South Korea, and many more examples with textbook similarities with what PFDJ claims is its main reason for turning the nation into one giant prison. PFDJ is dictatorial, and it is consuming the nation. If you must continue supporting PFDJ for whatever reason, at least consider the following and decide whether it is worth it to you or your country.

There was a comparative statistic posted on by Sal Younis[iv] not long ago. In that report Eritrea fared very much at the bottom in almost all indexes. In addition to those well-known indexes I urge you to also consider the following:

–  The Eritrean refugees of the mid 60s still lingering in refugee camps.
–  The alarming rate of refugee exodus including children and young adults.
–  Military training camps turning into torture chambers of forced recruits.
–  Antagonized neighbors resulting in national isolation.
–  Most, if not all, scorned or defied world powers resulting in a sanctioned state.
–  Failed to strengthen national unity on several occasions.
–  Deteriorating quality and quantity of the education system.
–  Fearful and depressed society, be it from the so called “threats” or from the government itself.
–  No tangible economic activity except to dig for natural resources with, some suspect, forced labor.

It is a long list of negatives, but the most ridiculous of all is this: farmers are being paid with a check for their hen worth only 3.50 Nakfa!

Many Eritreans, at least those I know, seem to realize this government needs to change or be changed, but the difficulty most of them express and what I have gathered from the discussion forum at is, to “replace it with what?”

Dear opposition: Are you really the squabbling old men we sometimes imagine you to be?

In the normal state of affairs dictatorship precedes opposition and there is no confusion identifying which is which. Citizens get frustrated, organize, and eventually become “the opposition” and challenge the authority until it is reformed or replaced.

However, in the Eritrean context what we have is unique. Depending on one’s definition of what a political entity is, it is estimated that there are over 15 political organizations, parties, groups, and alliances actively opposing the Eritrean dictatorship[v].

One of the major sources of confusion among the so-called “silent majority” and some supporters of PFDJ is based on lack of understanding or knowledge of these oppositions’ identities and what they represent. Most of them are wondering whether these oppositions are opposing the dictatorship on appraisal or jockeying for revenge.

Ethiopia, with reference to Eritrea, being the most natural and strategic location where a resistance could be organized, became necessary for the opposition to camp in and solicit support from. Unfortunately, this camping in Ethiopia has become a liability for the opposition and a reason for uncertainty for many Eritreans. Among those uncertainties is the ever present suspicion of Ethiopia trying to annex Eritrea or Asab, the relatively recent deportation of thousands of Eritreans from Ethiopia, the Badime war, and Ethiopia’s refusal to abide by the EEBC ruling.

Farther complicating matters for the opposition parties is also lack of unity among them. For developing a healthy and vibrant political establishment a certain amount of divergence may be useful, but the opposition needs to make extra effort to build the citizens’ confidence that it will be or it is a united front, at least on major national issues.

However, with all the hurdles piled up against it, the opposition has nonetheless registered some victories with its continued creation of awareness about Eritrean people’s predicament. To score more victories, the opposition should present itself in such a way that the average Eritrean can understand and relate, be inclusive, show intent to forgive instead of to seek retribution, be open and inviting, and clear any ambiguity about deals with Ethiopia or anyone else in Eritrea’s behalf.

The recent agitated confrontation with Mr. Mesfin Hagos in the UK[vi] is one bad example which should be avoided in the future. The opposition should understand that it is not the de-facto court of Eritrea who can sentence whomever it suspect is guilty of a crime. The primary task of all opposition parties should be to unite all Eritreans and convince the Eritrean people that their aspirations are beyond the idea of one side coming out the winner and the other the loser. There will be a law and a court of law someday in Eritrea. There will be victims and their families who will demand justice, and they should be granted that justice that day. However, the opposition does not have that mandate until such time a that it is the elected Eritrean government.

Our Opposition in the House

Although opinions of individuals on the forum are not necessarily representative of their respective groups, when someone assumed to be “an opposition” labels those presumed supporters of PFDJ as “heartless, brainless, evil, unfeeling, equally responsible as those pulling the trigger, and they will pay the price,” not only infuriates and entices PFDJ supporters to respond in an equally useless manner, but also it feeds into the fear of the “revenge minded ELFites” that has been quoted several times in the same website.

Does the opposition want all PFDJ supporters to continuously behave defensively or present them with the “better alternative” and expedite the removal of tyranny that is wreaking havoc in Eritrea today? The agonizingly slow or no reception of the opposition by those who, at least, understand the current government has lost its zeal, is mostly based on these and similar uncertainties. This is not meant to point a finger at any group or individuals, but those in the opposition are naturally obligated to explain how the opposition or the alternative to the current political system and leadership is the better alternative. That is an enormous responsibility, and it should be carried out without willy-nilly emotional outbursts.

How did you become an opposition member? How and why did you join your respective organizations or parties? Was it because someone insulted, threatened, or disrespected you badly enough? The most likely scenarios are either you were impressed by the idea that party advanced, or you met a member of that party who convinced you of their conviction, or a close family or a friend joined ahead of you and you followed suit, or a combination of these and similar factors.

No one is born with their ideas and convictions pre-formed. No one is superior or inferior for believing this instead of that. There was a continuous process that led you to where you are today, and that process will change you yet farther beyond. Except, perhaps, for a very few who are at discussion forums for personal vendetta, most discuss issues for some common basic reason: the wellbeing of Eritrea and its people. With that framework, why not respect one another while discussing an issue of such importance?

Recently, a certain Awatista, Nitricc[vii], presented some tidbits directed at “the opposition,” and he never received any answers but the usual pejorative remarks instead. What he said was his reasons for not jumping wagon “to the other side” were of the following nature:

What alternative government do you have in mind?
What programs do you have in place so far before changing the government?
Who is doing the changing (who are you)?
What price do you expect Eritrea will pay for this change?
Are you an ELFite seeking revenge?
Will you go after the current governing body for retribution?
How foreign influenced are you?

Another commenter who goes by the name Saba[viii], as a continuation to her repeated appeal to find some information about the opposition’s identity, progress, and intent by asking several simple questions at different times, had the following fill-in-the-blank study guide like questionnaire recently.

  1. Party of the opposition I belong to…………………
  2. Post-Isayas vision of my party is……………….
  3. My personal post-IA vision is…………………….

Neither Nitricc’s nor Saba’s questions are derogatory, rejectionist, spiteful or evil intent in any shape or form. These are valid questions and opinions of many Eritreans. If you consider yourself an opposition, then these are exactly the kind of questions you want Eritreans to ask.

To be fair people grow too familiar with each other’s opinions and inclinations, and they usually address each other according to what each one believes is the other’s “all-time position,” but moments like these ought to be the reason for the passionate discussion. Nitricc, one of the most notorious supporters of PFDJ, started a comment with “I don’t mind change, but…” and you missed it! Most of your questions to one another don’t seem too difficult to answer, please answer them honestly and politely regardless of who is asking or why.


Supporters of PFDJ and the “silent majority” need to make a genuine appraisal of the opposition and understand the forces it has to deal with. Camping in Ethiopia is a necessity. They have neither the power nor the authority to make any national deals with anyone. The fear that Ethiopia is trying to install a puppet government should not be taken out of proportion. Any every country would like to have a neighboring government that is sympathetic with its interests. That by itself shouldn’t be treated as an evil intent and allow it become the reason for self-destruction.

It is possible that the opposition may feel it needs to keep some details of its strategy confidential, but it must unite and draft a constitution based on the elements already agreed upon leaving points of contention for public discussion and resolution at a later time.

If the opposition is determined to heal the nation and bring an end to the vicious cycle of mutual mistrust and suspicion it must also consider extensive reform as one of the potential solutions. By refusing to entertain the idea of reform, not only does it feed into the “revenge seekers” psychological threat, but also it will be making the grave mistake of wasting an opportunity to unite all Eritreans once and for all. PFDJ may have changed a great deal from what EPLF used to be, but EPLF’s legacy is every Eritrean’s legacy. Its dignity and rightful place in the history of the struggle for independence must be preserved.

What supporters of PFDJ should realize on the other hand is that time and again every incident of atrocity by the dictatorship is being rationalized with “it is against the Ethiopian threat.” In the meantime, its propaganda outlets are labeling those trying to expose its dictatorial nature as “Weyane,” “sellout,” and “unpatriotic.” That is neither true nor fair, and you don’t have to be part of it. Not just only PFDJ but in any and all dictatorships of the world this type of real or imagined threat is one of the methods dictators use to stay in power. There are many Eritreans being wronged by this government as you read this, and those who were lucky enough to have a chance to speak out are speaking to you through the COIE report,, and many other outlets. They may not be skilled diplomats or gifted orators, but they are your other half and I hope you listen and begin to find a better way together.

It is up to you, supporters and oppositions alike, to come up with ideas that will unite and harmonize the people. “United we are stronger” is not a cliché; it is a fact. How great Eritrea will become is not dependent on what kind of political ideology it adapts, but on the successful establishment of a united, peaceful Eritrea and free Eritrean people.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”.  Confucius, mid 500 B.C.

Fanti Ghana.


[i] Why dictatorships survive – and what destabilizes them; an abstract.

Additional Readings:
How do dictatorships survive?
Dictatorships Often Survive with Local Support
The Mind of a Dictator,” Exploring the minds of psychopaths and dictators.”

[ii]How Modern Dictators Survive,” Sergei Guriev, Professor of Economics, Sciences Po (Paris) and Daniel Treisman, Professor of Political Science, UCLA. February 2015

[iii]Eritrea’s Refugee Crisis And The Role Of The International Community,” Professor Redie Bereketeab

[iv]Eritrea 2015: Feels Like Eritrea 2002

[v]The Smashed Eritrean Wristwatch

[vi]Eritrean Victims And An Illusive Justice

[vii]  Nitricc ‘s omment

[viii] Saba’s comment

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  • Lamek

    Fanti, I thought it was Nhna nisu, nisu nhna? It makes a big difference.

    • Fanti Ghana

      Dearest Lamek,

      wecho entegelbeTkayo wecho!

      I wonder if you know what wecho is. It is a very thick, very cheap, and unappealing blanket made of completely black material. It has no clear cut upside or downside to it. It used to be common in windy and cold highland places of our region. I fear that it is disappearing or disappeared already and that excellent metaphor with it.

      • Saleh Johar

        Hello Fanti,
        Last week I was in a friends store and he rents U-Haul trucks. In his backroom shelves I saw “Wecho” which he said are standard U-Haul furniture wrappers that they rent to those who want to protect their furniture from damage when moving. They are just not as thick as the blanket Wecho. If you pass by a U-Haul store ask them to show you a furniture wrapper and you will find our national household icon has changed occupation. Talk about treason 🙂

        • Fanti Ghana

          Hello Memhir,

          I am so glad there is one other human being besides me who still remembers what Wecho is.

          I will definitely check out H-Haul. I wonder whether there was/is some link with the naming or a pure coincidence (which would be hard to believe).

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Fanti,
            I remember Wecho very well. A few years ago I had trouble with some people when I coined, “Wecho entegelbeTkayo Wuchu.”
            lots for using the word differently 🙂

          • Fanti Ghana

            Selam Memhir,

            Oh wow! You mean I barely escaped from violating your copyrighted material only by ‘u’?


          • Solomon Haile

            Fanti says: “u”

            I know of the saying as well but I always thought it was sime sort of Melelikh or Minelik… You know the drinking device for sWa tSrai or Guiness…
            Wecho tegelbeTkayo Wecho..
            And/Or like Ha Be (“u”/”n”)
            I can surely use a h
            A Menelik full.of Hot Chockolate… Like a Wocho it will warm you up indeed!
            Inie Tkur sew in this concrete jungle tezebareQegn!

  • Abi

    Sem never reads his bible that he keeps next to his bed. Otherwise , how come he missed Tinbite dawit where it clearly says that Tegadalay Isayas will become Qidus Isayas?
    How about Qidus Isayas Church on Qidus Isayas Godana?
    BTW, Qidus Isayas doesn’t need to go to heaven. He is making Eritrea an earthly heaven where people don’t need to go to where the water is. He will provide peace where Sem and General Nitricc become friends. Eritrea will be a place where red wine is available everywhere so that Prof Tes will stay home and arrange cafeteria chairs instead of leaving his country. He will be called ” Jandereba Tesfabrhan”, he is responsible for the supply and quality of red wine in Qidus Isayas kingdom.
    Ted and Vet Mahmud will be jointly responsible for the wellbeing of cows and camels.
    Other job descriptions upon request.
    Qidus Isayas yiTebqih!
    Let there be no Abiyot in that kingdom.

    • iSem

      You forget the angel kurebel Nitricc will guard the paradise called Sawa

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear isem,

        Adi Abeyto? the containers of G15? lot of positions, but most supporters are over qualified and can only do jobs outside the nation..Lol now someone will come to tell us opposition’s open jobs in diaspora including in Ma Ma Ethiopia.

  • dawit

    Hi iSem,
    Incase you have not heard it, Eritrea is busy preparing for its 50th. Golden Independence Celebration for 2041, with dozens of Gold and Potash mines! I just wanted to alert you what is coming under PFDJ leadership.

    • iSem

      I know that cousin dawit, and in 2041,the 70 year IA and the 63 year dawit will be around to carry the torch around

  • Yoty Topy

    Hi Fanti Ghana,

    Great job on this article, which I enjoyed reading it.
    I wanted to pick your brain on this statement:
    “No one is born with their ideas and convictions pre-formed.”
    There is a theory that , yes, we come to this world with blank slates, but our orientations are actually cemented/formed/completed as early as when we reach between 7 to 9 years old. After that, we are just constantly looking for issues that validate our worldviews.

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Yoty Topy,

      Thank you.

      Neuroscience say that the first three years (especially the first one) are crucial in our development.
      My home made visual aid about our brains is an irrigation farming!

      First, the sizes and quantity of canals has to be designed according to how much water we want to go to a which area. Once we have that designed, we open the water source, cross our fingers, and observe.

      How successful our irrigation will be will depend on the quality and quantity of the soil, the water, and the environment.

      To apply this scenario to our brains then, how well the first few years will turn out to be for us is dependent on our parents’ parenting skill, their means, and the environment which we have no control over any of it. That is the equivalence to the waiting period of our farm until the canals are prepared.

      The period until we are adults is the period it takes for our farm before first harvest. If the soil was rich in minerals enough, the water was not interrupted on a crucial time, and the environment cooperates our harvest is bound to be plenty. We can visualize that as the time it takes us to finish school and get employment.

      Using the above memory aid, I conclude that the quality of the brain is equivalent to the quality of the harvest. In other words, garbage in garbage out! In other, other words: “mis adgiya ziweAles….”

      • Kim Hanna

        Selam Fanti Ghana,
        Your irrigation farming analogy to our brain development is interesting and excellent.
        It never ceases to amaze me when I see an Ethiopian or An Eritrean, who grew up herding goats and sheep rises to the position of physical science professor at Harvard or Ivey league university.
        I see so many that I have to control myself NOT to generalize and brag.
        Mr. K.H

        • Fanti Ghana

          Hello Brother Kim,
          Very important observation! How the goat herder becomes a professor is a testimony to what children really need especially early in life: LOVE. It is not the amount of toys or cakes, but the unwavering love of their parents is what benefit them the most in their development and later adjustments in life. Without necessarily understanding it children seem to know or sense when they are loved and cared for.
          By the way, you are not bragging at all. sometime in the 90s, I remember reading on San Francisco news paper that stated most educated foreigners in the US were not who you think but Ethiopians! That of course included Eritrea too, but I was some what surprised. In California, where there are so many Asian communities and always striving for better education, one would think it would be them. So, pound for pound, I think we can stand our ground on that score.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Fanitno,

        I love this one very much “mis adgiya ziweAles….” but it is “ZiweAles” means there is a possibility of other chances as per the proverb. the fine and very far from out material world question is how nature or God put some with donkeys … I mean why that happens to some while not to others ! again why is that some were able to jump the fence while others didn’t! Oh, I am not blaming the creator but just wondering. Lol.

        there is something hidden secrete from human beings, may it be the cause and effect that ancient doctrine call it Karmic law ! just curious ! while the question is pending, yet I think it is man’s duty to find the truth even if he grow up between donkeys while enjoying the “…,,” thing.

        But then creator should be perfect and is perfect and there is no such thing we should born in different circumstances unless there are patterns which were accumulated in other form somewhere in the past the same soul has to face. don’t you think the heredity and acquired characteristic comes here ! Ha ha ha.

      • Yoty Topy

        Hi Fanti Ghana,
        That’s a great analogy and with your permission , I would like to quote you:) Apparently, sound irrigation is good for both ends of the human body:)

  • Ted

    Hi isem, if stupidity is your forte, there is a thing or two you can learn from a pathetic man named Semere Andom.

    • iSem

      Ted: just for change say something truthful, hint hint, one truth you can repeat after me is that PFDJ kills

  • Nitricc

    Hi All; how about I treat you with this nice music before I get in to the real business. you know i am about to unload, so, before i shake your soul; i will give you the chance to shake your senses with this music. if is this music doesn’t shake you nothing will lol. I hope Semere Andom doesn’t come with any kind of sexual connotations which he is addicted to.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Aman,
    No Aman! what I talking is higher than that. you still remain in the ego of we and them. Wait, let us be responsible.. parties are results. one might be better than the other but never expect perfection .. as the bible said it “ነቲ ሰናይ ስዓቦ” we should know there is better one to follow yet, perfection is only to be found when we are in peace within to start thinking our of the selfish ego is what I am saying. We the people are equally wrong and responsible. We need to reach to the level where we accept our mistakes and start to see things from free and clean mind – then only we will have one form that represents everyone and go to the formless peace.

  • Solomon Haile

    Dear AT,
    I am experiencing a serious case of gnome attacks. Is it a case of a”full cup can not be filled?” or “no April FOOLING in the month of May?”
    Any how, I will listen to Steve Wonder’s song: “No Holidays..I just called to say I Love you.. Da dadm dam dam dam.. No new years day.. …” I need an agent.
    What is Awet n Hafash?
    “Ahgurawi beAl sheQalo Awet nHafash iyu. TensuoU chiQunatt Hzbi Alem…”
    Happy tnSaEie
    Happy May Day..
    I know what you are thinking?
    “Why oh why did I nor choose the blue pill?” Oh brother where arw thou? Where is Morpheous…Trinity…
    inie inja TezebareQgne ylall Asefa Jembede.
    EnQuann Aderesatchu!

  • dawit

    Dear AT Photoshop Artist.

    By Dressing PIA in such silly military attire, who are you trying to fool? PIA never wear a military hat, only a baseball hut. PIA never wear military Uniform! Wear always ordinary shirt PIA never lift his left or right hand addressing the public. When addressing a public gathering like Independence Day Celebration he reads from a carefully written for note for its contents and clarity. Never Emotional or shout on the microphone, always calm and reserved. PIA now wears reading glasses. The Photoshop artist must have been dreaming of Mengistu Haile Mariam. Anyway such false image cannot replace, the young
    Tegadali, armed with AK-47 Kalashnikov, or the leader who mixes with the people, walk in the streets of Asmara, visit Asmara Coffee Shop, Dance with the public carrying and hugging a little girl, Dancing with high school Sawa graduation. The Fatherly figure who drove early morning to the Bus station to bid farewell to his daughter sending her to Sawa, or the leader who share meal with farm laborers. No matter how hard you try to dress PIA or compare him with some miscreants other than what the people accustomed or used to seeing him every day, you just fulling yourselves. The only other people you can full may be some dumb Ferenji (Muzungu) or some align from another planet. You will never impress the Hafash with this doctored Photoshop images.

    • iSem

      Do not tell untruth, for once tell truth, so in few years when you constantly wakeup in the wee hours to use the washroom and soon after join Meles Zenawi and Naizghi your off springs will proud of you for telling truth. No father drives his daughter to go to Sawa, that is a lie, PFDJ and IA kidnap girls to take them to Sawa. If you are talking about IA driving his daughter that is a also a lie, PIA plays with your small brains with pho opps. How come you do not drive your daughters to the bus station to go to Sawa instead of driving them to Standford

    • Solomon Haile

      Selamat dawit.
      How does one full or fill one self. It is May Day and Fanti says: “dem bell full but we hungry… Chase those crazy bump ‘eads out of town.. Chase those crazy bald heads…” Sorry got a case of April FOOLS hangover… Yeah I am realy FOoled by IA_tler’s immage. i thinketh you too may be Fooled and full of Fasika’s Tej or is it a mess?
      i am anticipating a gladiator’s style duel with Seif in litle Roma pitting the undefeated IA(D) and the General Aman… Special effects will be pitching cake to the spectators in the stadium because Fanti says:”If dem belly nor full and we ‘ungry without bread then why don’t them eat cake.”
      Heneral: Donde estas la menFitLTer?
      AmEritrean GitSatSe
      Happy May Day

      • dawit

        Selam my son Solo,
        Your father is getting old, he uses this voice recognition machine to write, and the machine some time get crazy with the stupid English languages, which uses same sound to mean different things! I always wondered why the illogical and confusing the English language that modern world is forced to adopt as an international language. You see or sea, the language is full or fool of such rubbish and crazy wards or words. I wish you may have a Happy May Flower or Flour Fool full Day, I am planning to send you a bag of flowers or dozen cut flours or do you prefer to send some sweet date to celebrate the important day…

    • josef

      You got this one right.. I don’t understand these pictures because they are an insult Mussolini or Hitler.
      Eritreans are strange people in that they use narrative and image for societies that are in no way close to who they are…
      For example, Germany during hitler time was one of the most advance nations in world.. even got close to world conquest with Nobel winning scientist, writers, philosopher… What exactly is Eritrea?
      For all practical purpose the place we call modern is asmara which mainly an Italian city which has nothing to do native culture or civilization outside the physical labor.
      Most construction of Modern buildings are largely done by Foreigner or companies with mix of Eritrean Labor..
      With exception of Pol Pot most of the other leaders mention, don’t even come close to what we have in Eritrea…
      I think all this talk of dictator, authoritarian, etc.. reflection of modern society? Is Eritrea is really part of modern world in terms of mentality and culture? I think we are closer to Cambodian where the modern world hasn’t penetrated.. Yes we are not using swords and spears.. but Guns and tanks are not an indication of modern society especially when you don’t make them..

      I mean if you look at the actions of Wedi Dejazmatch Abraha… he used his Eritrean cannon fodders for battles with Sudan, Djibouti, Yemen, and his fellow other world lords in Ethiopia. He has turned the country into his personal army indefinitely… give me an example of European leader that has done that.. he shipping Eritrean soldiers to middle east..
      Are we dealing with someone who someone close an Abyssinian warlord…

      I mean Issias father was Dejamatch in Tigray and presidential adviser and political affairs was born in Maekel and some Eritrean say Yemane Gebreab is Eritrean? Well is he? A nation called Eritrea has only existed less than 25 years and foreign born person could only be Eritrean if he has lived in Eritrea for 40 years..

      So, let’s see the guy running Eritrea to ground is son of Ethiopian Dejamatch whose types historical gave highland Eritrean and lowlanders hell and the presidential adviser is technically Ethiopian… how can people like this be doing things for interest of Eritrean people.. When border wars were starting he was saying on “coke-cola” generation have to know what it is about? when Eritrean young adults sick indefinite service are organ donors he says “they have gone picnic”. Does he sounds like he loves his Eritrean people or gives a shit about them… except the propaganda machine.. If this Wedi Dejamatch didn’t finish university with exception of a few maoist lessons, where do you think he got his education on how treat his people? Yes.. the father the Dejamatch Abraha.. that is probably his best source.. a feudal… I hear people says Issias is bully, etc.. no he is not that is just mentality of son Dejamatch…Remember in Feudal order the simple folks are nothing but fodders.. As Eritrean were clapping he eliminated and undermined all the Eritrean Heros.. his real conniving started in the late 1980s.. If you read any history books about Feudal order in Ethiopia, it was all about sabotage, poisoning, etc..

      What is going on thinking Eritrean?

      What was 30 years battle about for Gedli generation? Out of 5 millions, one Eritrean can’t lead us? Why can’t presidential adviser be Eritrean?

      Wake up folks! if you get rid son of Tigray Dejmatch and his “Monkey” Maekal adviser.. you lose nothing but gain your freedom. All this talk of Invasion and disintegration, etc.. just propaganda drivel..

      Arbeta Asmara folks would have seen this and roared a long time ago.. nothing getting humiliated with rationing, horrible schools, etc..

  • tes

    Selam Nitricc,

    Your comments here has put clearly for you are accused for. For more proofs, read Semere Andom’s reponse below.

    Thank you for assuring us your stand.


    • Nitricc

      Tes, the reason I ask you instead of Semere Andom is because I gave you a slightly credit over Semere Andom’s dismal and wasted life. At least you have accomplished “monumentally” for “ rearranging few tables and chairs in a school cafeteria” what does Semere Andom do or did? Nothing! He was in Sahil at age 14 and witnessed EPLF men fighters rap the EPLF female fighters. Then at age 13 he crossed to Sudan; don’t ask me how? You will have a better answer if you can Ask TPLF. The dude is wasted more than you and that was the reason I asked you and you proved me that you are not better than the loser. I can’t help it I am a very fair person and I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt because your “monumental accomplishment..” but you are not better than him.

      • iSem

        Let me use your own words to tes and ask you, to prove all the above you said but if you admit that some voices whispered it to you, I let it go.
        You really have some grandiose perception of your self, it has been proved and you admitted your stupidity, shall we say more. But when some learned YPFDJ is sitting besides you and your writing is better you think you are in the league of Sal, MS and others that gives you comfort, If you do not know why people want to change PFDJ then no one can help you, but do not deceive your self, you are one celled, dispecable humanbeing, no one is deceived by your occasional coherence.
        All the signs you are showing, from the lies to been clueless about trivial things are symptoms of abused disowned kid that is why I only answer to your untruths about me and not take you as a normal. I am sure if you go to Sawa as you have been promising to do to server, you will rise in the ranks because PFDJ need robots like you who are budding sociopathic signs. Go Nitiric Go!

        • tes

          Dear iSem,

          Love your new nickname!!!

          I have a piece of conseil/advise for you: go on destroying Nitricc’s politics not his stupidity. I said this because when ever you go on exposing his stupidity, another worse layer is just expelled which we are ashamed of it already.


          • iSem

            Hi Tes:
            Thanks. Sal said the I in iSem stand for “ilthalel”:-)
            Nitricc has no politics, when he wrote that list to BY and FG quoted them the once cell was jubilant, even when happy it cannot divide, like a mule that one cell cannot reproduce, that is why Nitircc is endangered specie, what a curse

        • Nitricc

          Semere; we all know what you are so, wasting our time on your stupidity is stupid in itself. What I never get is this why do you have to bring SAAY and Mahmuday whenever I am peeling you layer after layer? Let me put it this way… the difference between you and SAAY and Mahmuday is like Erath and Mars. For instances; SAAY is tackling and in search of ideas how change can be achieved with little or no blood shade in Eritrea. Mahmuday is sharing the history and the works of the greatest Gedli in the history of this freaking world, first hand-witness!! And you Semere Andom; you are busy telling us who the wife of Efrem Sebhat is? Who cares whose the Wife of Efrem is? Do you see how stupid and small you are? What is your next post; are you going to tell us who the wife of Yemane G/Michal is? Do you have a better thing to do, think and write than garbage and stupid? What ever you do, leave SAAY and Mahmuday out; you are too inferior even to mention their names.

          • iSem

            I bring the TPLF in Asmara to expose your hate for Tigrayans while they are enslaving your. If you still have your one cell then it easy to figure why I bring the sister of Sibhat married to an other Sibhat and the secretary of IA, the so called president of Eritrea, if that does not shock you, then you just prove your one cell is sterile, cannot even divide with any stimuli.
            The reason I mention Sal and MS is because just they talk to you do not think you have ascended to their level, that is the point. You have been here over ten years and you have not made sense, your cell has not reproduced, you are sterile and if I were you I would use the gun you use to guard the warehouse to commit suicide.

          • Nitricc

            Semere; I know you don’t have it but there were brave Tigryans who fought for Eritrean independence and paid their blood while you were bolting out of Eritrea like a little girl. So; how is a shock if an Eritrean is married to a Tigryan or the other way around? I mean, do you get dumber and dumber with every passing hour? I guess it is a progress writing gossip on who is married to whom than fantasizing about rape. Lol; why are you obsessed with rape though? Again leave Mahmuday and SAAY out. You are too dumb.

          • iSem

            I am obsessed with rape because PFDJ is raping my people and I do not want to have broken people like you, who cannot wrap their heads around when the state secret is access by the enemy because if you are raped, because raped people have one cell brain, and I want smart ppl in Eritrea

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear AMAN,
    We still are not watching the way that leads to peace. no matter how active we are how much effort we do only our consciousness creates our new world. Yes, if there is no change on that inner level no amount of action will make any difference as we will only travel from one form to the other complaining always. intelligence without wisdom serves to make everyone mad – like that mind who created atom bomb.. creating nations and or keeping them united as one identity didn’t serve us as we are not really working in the main problem – the ego we are in.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Fanti the great thinker,

    you said “My respect for EPLF is still intact. I just don’t see PIA or PFDJ as extension of EPLF anymore. That is really at the heart of the confusion I see among many Eritreans. For all practical purposes EPLF is gone.

    My disappointment with PIA started immediately after the referendum. I was expecting him to slowly start transitioning the power center to the young generation while he and most of those in the top leadership working as diplomats and advisors until the young Eritrea takes a foot hold.”

    I disagree with you in one specific point here … PFDJ is the result of EPLF as EPLF is the result of ELF. We can’t separate them at all. the only thing we can say it EPLF negative part is collected in PFDJ. EPLF is getting it’s credit for being the front who lead the people to ward land freedom but it is to be blamed for not taking care of the future not to fail under such criminal group. for me PFDJ is also ours there is no way we Eritreans will escape from this truth. this is the logic that makes me we are all responsible and differ from your disappointment of IA – I never appreciate him from the beginning and I blame ELF leadership for not having a system in controlling such personal — ( the lesson from this bad experience let call everybody to have a perfect system that will not allow dictators int future) and that will not add more responsible after referendum – he was there since ever and he use only the weakness of our people and the negative tendencies of high position fighters. He is not super man to do all crimes and he is only part who has played correctly for his advantage while others don’t. If IA was not born, Eritrea could have another dictator so blaming one man is the game of ego who don’t want to say openly the truth and I believe –I am not describing you as such as you are already challenging the ego by now.

    so the change I believe should be is change of our thinking. every Eritrean has to be bold enough to fight his hidden tendencies tackle the problem openly and frankly .

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Fanti the greatest thinker,

    do you notice and read “To address the above realistic and sensitive problems, we should be bold enough to acknowledge them and tackle them head on with sincerity and honesty to resolve them. Being afraid of their sensitivities and avoiding to address them, we will surely remain on a perpetual mistrust and disengagement, that might lead us to an uncharted sociopolitical territory.” Amuni

    I keep reading and reading your article and and all the links you attached alone and with group discussion. It is unbelievable you came with such wide way and road of reconciliation. That was eye opening. the area touched are so wide we have been reached higher than we were. for now read the above.. for both the opposition and PFDJ the problem is common. take my words PFDJ as party will never solve things as it is always with covered hidden agenda but members may leap and go out of the boat which is sinking. in opposition there may come more from all parties – this is what I think.

    we are now all in ego stage. we are playing with our time and all the efforts we have by searching the problem in wrong direction. the only different is the one who is struggling to go out and the other who is lazy.

    if we say love is the way out then openness and bold stand are the two ingredients we should never miss. in here if you are really examining you will notice and accept we are in ego stage – read every comment and you will find ” I am right and you are wrong” ” we are right and they are wrong” in process we try to bring proves to show we were victimized instead of openly saying like the above on how to tackle the problem. the other day the gentle man came to tell us his parents were for unity with Ethiopia and his poem was touching us, victimized.. he send the letter to heaven where his parents are. I was requested to write a poem by other gentle man and I wrote a simple Tigrinya poem which was up voted by you only. I still play the victim card but a bit higher saying what had gone wrong and that his parents weren’t wrong while explaining what the day requests from us. I had no chance except to use the same style but a bit higher since we are contaminated with the “we” and “I” .

    the ego is not allowing us to address the problem properly.. the go is holding us back, we are not even open to ourselves – we are unable to make the bridge between us. we are isolating from truth. It is obvious that our ego is collective aspect as “us” verse “them” and worst it never even works the same grouping and changes from group to group.

    Fanti, you didn’t wrote this article without thinking long and abstract so to knock all doors but the most difficult one for me is you have pushed me to the fine world of mine. See, greed, selfishness, the me in general have lead us to cruelty and violence in this planet. we need to work hard and be prepared for that Fanti the fine thinker.

  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello Brother Hope,

    I feel your dilemma, I feel bad about it too. Just to give you a little support, I am definitely biased regarding PIA. I wish I wrote this article as I had started to, but I am regretting more and more every day for deleting my introduction and a good portion of why I believe PIA is a dictator.

    My respect for EPLF is still intact. I just don’t see PIA or PFDJ as extension of EPLF anymore. That is really at the heart of the confusion I see among many Eritreans. For all practical purposes EPLF is gone.
    My disappointment with PIA started immediately after the referendum. I was expecting him to slowly start transitioning the power center to the young generation while he and most of those in the top leadership working as diplomats and advisors until the young Eritrea takes a foot hold.

    Hafash Tegadelti could have been given a choice to work for private enterprise, for government supervised developmental projects, or they could work as recruiters of the young generation to work as volunteers on developing the nation. Can you imagine the potential success rate when a veteran Tegadalay “begs” the youth to do their share by developing the nation instead of acting as their gun wielding tormentor?

    I had several similar expectations that never took place. Instead I heard about a skirmish with Yemen instead which was when I started to worry about the future. Although I had a few criticisms of him even from before, but that was nothing compared to what he was doing after independence including how he treated ELF veteran issues. That was a clue for me that he was not “the liberator” I thought he was but a power and glory obsessed bourgeoisie. I could not accept him as a Tegadali ever since.

    Not only him, but he made all Tegadeltis look like mercenaries than revolutionaries. Ordinary citizens were being harassed for the tiniest of violations, rounding up beggars from streets for a superficial appearance instead of trying to eradicate the system that created them, sending the police into small business establishments, like coffee shops, and checking whether a glass was “clean enough to drink with.”

    I don’t know if you are old enough to remember the “Munuchubio” (Municipality) of the old days, but when they used to make surprise investigation of coffee shops and restaurants, there was a genuine feel and necessity for it. They were virtually incorruptible and they meant business. Everyone respected them. But what was happening during PFDJ was more of a show of force than a genuine health concern for the people. Statements like “ንሕና ሙሉእ ዕድመና ዝተጋደልና እኮ ኢና፤ በዓል ንስኹም ኣበይ ዝነበርኩም’ኹም፤” are not what people expect to hear from a “liberator.”

    Brother Hope I know you are restraining your self from contradicting or saying anything remotely negative out of the respect you have for me and our friendship, but I promise you that our opinions, however contradictory they may be, will not affect our friendship negatively but strength it even farther. Believe me, if I could see PIA in any other way, even by bending some rules of integrity a little, I would, but I cannot. He is eating up the revolution; he is but a year or two away from destroying it all together and the country with it.

  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello josef,

    Not at all. What I was trying to show with the American example was how invisible prejudices can be even when we are actively sensitive of them.

  • Dis Donc

    Dear Hope,

    In the interest of time saving I let you know that it is only “the other side of the story” which does not include politicians & politics. As I play no politics. You also very well know that I was only telling him to stop generalizing or atleast make a distinction.

  • dawit

    Hi EFT,

    Does your vote count? If it does not count why vote? If it count, then cast your vote for your economic interest as an American and not based what kind of policy he or she will be following towards Eritrea or any religious groups. Learn from your past experience. Every president acts based on his own or US interest. Look what you did last elections, you voted for President Obama and what did he do? Two UN sanctions and isolation of Eritrea, and encouraged human trafficking of Eritrean youth.

  • Dear Hope,
    I stopped using the words honesty and truth, the very minute you declared that you are their owners. I refuse to share them with you. Saying that you are honest does not make you an honest man, nor does denying facts and shouting from the top of a roof, “where is the evidence?”, would make you owners of the truth. It is a defense mechanism, a way of hiding the truth and hoodwinking gullible people.

    • Hope

      We are talking about the other side of “facts,truth,Honesty”,etc…..”.
      Eritrea and Eritreans cannot and should not be used as a sacrifice lamb for ever and that needs to be stopped.
      The TPLF and the CIA style you mean?
      The WMD in Iraq and Bombing the AU?

  • T..T.

    Hi Ketema and all,

    All Eritrean Muslims and Akeleguzay Christians are suffering discrimination and alienation at the hands of the shameless Isayasists.

    A peaceful Eritrea cannot be achieved through such discriminative policies and practices. When the world is bridging gaps in racism, sexism and discrimination, the shameless Isayasists are openly discriminating against all Eritrean Muslims and Christians from Akeleguzay, making it extremely difficult for Muslims and Christian Akeleguzay students to get on their legs and complete their schooling, even inside Eritrea.

    Hopefully, the crimes of the shameless Isayasists will not lead to a South Sudan like separations. But, for sure, the Isayasists made federalism a must in Eritrea.

    To face the Isayasists dirty games, each discriminated person should stand up for her/his-self; otherwise the Isayasists will not stop playing their unfair games. BTW, Mahmud was right not to judge the situation because he does not know what discrimination feels like and its consequences in post-Isayasists. All the conscious should take clear stand against the Isayasists policy(ies) because it is saturating our society with cruel alienation, discrimination and inequality. To Mahmud and Hope, the existence of alienating and discriminating against every Eritrean Muslim and Christian Akeleguzaitai is undeniable and efforts to cover up are just meaningless.

  • Ted

    Hi Sir Fanti,
    Impressive how easily you made our naughty boys apologize for their bizarre’ opposition” behaviors, if only IA is clinging to power for fear of public execution by Semere Andom, ugh. Well, as Ethiopian and TPLF insider, there is more you can do to make our naughty boys less mutant in the eyes of some(could be a lot) Eritreans that if you can’t let them be real about it, at least you got to coach them how to pretend Eritrean sovereignty matters to them and Eritreans, otherwise it would be trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Never mind, i don’t want to spoil the party, “everything is Eritrea’s , PFDJ or IA(D) fault”.
    Awet n’ hafash.

    • The Warrior

      Hi Ted,
      After I browsed “Sactism-Classified Documents of Dwindling PFDJ,” I can only say like John Boehner, Isaias Afwerki is none other the “Lucifer in the flesh.” However, Satanists immediately may object, saying it was unfair to their deity as he is worse than Satan. What a curse Eritrea is abused by a demented brain sick thug.

  • Abraham H.

    Dear Ketema,
    The issue of widening gap in terms of education between the mostly Tigrnga speaking Christians and the Moslems is indeed very troubling. I don’t know whether the PFDJ is deliberately following an education policy that favors the Tigringa speakers, but despite the much talked about expansion of education to rural areas, the Moslems have not caught up with their Christian counterparts in this regard. The gap is more pronounced in secondary and tertiary education. One day I was looking at a Graduates’ Bulletin from the College of Hamelmalo, where I could say more than 90% of them had Tigringa or Christian related names. The situation is indeed very serious, and a second class is in the process of forming in Eritrea under the PFDJ, which would definitely be a destabilizing factor in post PFDJ Eritrea.

  • Dis Donc

    Dear Nit,

    I read somewhere of you accusing the run-away youth. While I do agree with you that they should clean their houses instead, consider the other-side of why they are running and why to Ethiopia.

    1. The youth: Personal considerations, socio-economic circumstances, and the political situation in the country of origin are important contributing factors. Often, the main driving force behind youth migration (particularly international migration) is the magnitude of perceived inequalities in labour market opportunities, income, human rights and living standards between the countries of origin and destination. Some young people migrate to escape conflict, persecution, or environmental threats. In the case of Eritrea all of the above apply.

    2. Why to Ethiopia: I need to remind you that it is the youth (<30 years old) who did have no say in the referendum as well as Ghedli that is heading to Ethiopia. So for them Ethiopia is just another country which presents better opportunities and good labor market. I do not think that there is any cowardice or greediness in that.

    Let me mention a personal story of a little girl who was deported when she was 5 and never studied further than 10th grade because of the national service. Finally she decided to move back to Ethiopia, after finding it hard to live and study in Eritrea. She was neither a party to the referundum nor Ghedli. Where is her cowardice and greediness? If you have an answer for these then I am all ears. Otherwise labelling them simply does not cut it.

    • Nitricc

      Dear DD; I ask you what is life? I will respond fully to your inquiry but for now………
      “Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.”

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Selam Ketema
    Sometimes silence speaks louder. If you have followed my comments, you will find one unshakable belief: PFDJ does not represent any sector of our people; its oppressive practices don’t discriminate between Muslim and Christian. Our people are bearing an almost equally distributed brunt of PFDJ rule
    I have no idea what video you are referring to, but I would not delve into figures I’m not sure of. Stating that PFDJ represents the interests of 50% of our people is incorrect, and tactically self defeating.

    • aron

      Dear Mahmud,
      I second that. PFDJ oppresses indiscriminately across gender, religion, tribe, gebar (civilian), tegadalay, politician or whatever else. One day rule of law will replace PFDJ. I hope life will go on in harmony. Those of you trying to create division using PFDJ’s ill deeds as pretext for your sick ulterior motive, I say you are no better than PFDJ and the people will see you for what you are.

  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello Ketema,

    Very good example on the woman’s criticism. I don’t quite know why we are always afraid of talking about the obvious, but the Muslim-Christian issue is light years over due.

    At least most forms of discrimination are harder to see, but the woman you mentioned
    has a fact based criticism and still I won’t be surprised if many were not
    moved by it. It is amazing, but in my whole life it is always we, the Christians, who
    claims to have lived “in peace and harmony” with our Muslim brothers and sisters. Isn’t it
    strange that we talk for them too and we don’t even realize it?

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Dear Fanti Ghana,

      First and foremost thank you for the article, it touches all the obvious thing, but not the salient issue that eats our social fabric. May be it is me, waiting something from a moderate social arbiter to pull both extreme sides to the center.

      Now on the issue of christian/Muslim mistrust and the gender male/female inequality, trust me they will not touch it in the name of “liberalism” as if liberalism has nothing to do to address them. They are neither frank and bold enough to address them, nor do they are free from the dipole polarization for their political interest in our social configuration. I do not know the authenticity of the video mentioned, but even without that, the reality is a glaring fact on the ground. What I am afraid though, when we continue to deny the reality – the deep mistrusts that exist between the two religion and the disregard to the social marginalization that exist today to our minorities, I don’t know what the future hold even if the despot is gone. The fundamental problem is not the despot because at one point he will be gone. The fundamental problem from my perspective is the Eritrean people with all the social frictions and no one want to acknowledge it.

      Amanuel Hidrat

      • Dis Donc

        Dear all of the above,

        These things can be answered if you have found the formula for equity in representation and in th economy. It may sound trivial when I say it but that is where democratic institutions, country building, and economic confindence come from. I hardly think anyone has discussed this in depth, as yet.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Hi DD,

          Actually it is not a trival issue. But it is a delibrate avoidance to deal with it, especially with one side of our society. Take for instance the tgrigna statement Fanti Ghana gave me as home work to observe it as to who will say it. I took notice for it for two decades. No one other than the highlander christians echo that statement to avoid the grievances. The only thing I hope is, that we will eventually grapple with the issue.

          Actually I have addressed the issue in my column “tebeges ” several times straight forward as to how representation and equitable sharing could resolve the current mistrust and social grievances.

          Amanuel Hidrat

          • Hope

            Ustaz Aman:
            Be sensitive,realistic,rational and objective :
            Here are the Facts:

            -The PFDJ of PIA has no Religion or Faith!

            -But the PFDJ is a Cult System with its own beliefs and politics

            -Rewimd history and refresh our memory that it was the ELF that preferntially sent Muslims to the Arab Universities

            -We have to dig into the real scenario as to why Muslim Students are under represented(Socio-cultural and Religipus factors )

            -The danger of emotionally exaggerating things might not be constructive!

            If we have just to follow the Ahmed Raja’s Statistics at face value,well,the PFDJ exclusively should be blamed,not the Highlanders or Christians!
            Do not be part of the destructive Politics as propagated by our enemies telling us the Christians and Highlanders are discriminating and oppressing the Muslims,which is another way of mitigating Religious and Covil War in Eritrea,the rotten and obsolete Ali Salim Style!
            Let me tell you this:
            I am a Christian Lowlander and Deki Blen ,both Christians and Muslims have enormously contributed to/for the ERITREAN Stuggle!
            The top ELF Personalities are or were Deki Blen despite being only 2% of the Eri Population!
            The EPLF,specially the EPRP Leadership selectively discriminated Deki Blen,who are /were Christians for the most part!
            We have heard directly from PIA and Hsile Detiu’ the most derogatory and discriminatory statements against Deki Keten in general and Deki Blen in particular,specifically Christians!
            Some of the PFDJ Leadership attempted to put Deki Blen Christians and Deki Maria Muslims into a serious civil war as recent as few yrs ago!
            Now,tell me why the Deki Blen Christians are targeted .

            -My point here is not to justify the unheard of social injustice by the PFDJ at all levels irrespective of our peoples’religious background !
            More over,I am fully familiar with and about the Chauvenistic Mentality of the Highlanders historically but that should not be a case for creating havoc and Civil War!
            Let us be cautious here!
            Leave that divisive politics to the TPLF Junta and withdraw your partnership and solidarity with the TPLF Gang!
            The fact that Fanti Ghana said this and that does not mean that it is an Angeline or godly message!
            I respect Fanti but ERITREANS should not trust any one but ourselves and God!

            Who thought that your ” Visionary” Leader PMMZ would mess up Eritrea and ERITREANS!????
            As far as the figures of 6000 Christian Students bs 120 Muslim is concerned,why would I buy it?
            We talked about a similar Scholarship to The UAE,about 10-20 Students few years ago and most of them were Christians!
            We do not know but it is dangerous to answer the question from a religious point of view.
            Let us first dig out why before we jump into conclusions and judgements!
            May be revenging against the old RLF practice?
            Nuh.., that would be a suicide!
            But why aren’t we blaming the PFDJ about the victims of the Seas and the Deserts as 100% of them are Highlanders and Christians?

      • Fanti Ghana

        Hello Mr. Amanuel Hidrat,

        The general and political aspect of it is said well by Dis Donc, but to address the day to day people to people aspect of it, let me present what I call “my soul searching tool” below.

        Bigotry, discrimination, and indifference are hard enough to solve even when we are aware of them and willing to do so, but when we ignore their existence all together, we simply create a waiting time bomb. Some things are better when they are dealt with honestly and in the open. This subject is one of those.

        Consider the following racial discrimination in news items on some US television stations.

        “A speeding man was killed in an accident.”
        “A speeding [black] man was killed in an accident.”

        “A [black] man was arrested for burglary and rape.”
        “A psychologically disturbed suspect was arrested on charges of burglary and rape.”

        “A Baptist priest was accused of ….”
        “A Priest was accused of ….”

        In almost all these cases, there was a “detail” offered afterwards that leaves the viewer with a specific impression.

        The speeding white man was on a hurry to pick up his kid from school. The speeding black man was just under the influence.

        The rapist white man is “psychologically disturbed, sick, and only a suspect,” but the rapist black man, violence is in his nature and he can only be guilty.

        This kind of invisible racial discrimination was going on up until the 90s. It still does in some rare cases, but most people seem aware of it these days.

        What was also strange about these examples I mentioned was some of those reporters were actually black. The subtlety of the discrimination was so deep rooted it wasn’t easy to see let alone to solve.

        I am sure that if the video watching woman’s stat quoted by Ketema is correct, the discriminating nature of it could be hid with “so, what is the problem, aren’t they all Eritreans” type rationale. However, If the figures were reversed, forget it!

        I have a homework for you Mr. Amanuel, every time you hear the following phrase, please take a mental note who says it and under what circumstances.

        ንምንታይ’ኹም ኣስላማይ ክስታናይ ትብሉ፤ ኣይ ኩላትና ኤርትራውንን’ዲና፤፤

        You will be surprised.

        • A.Osman

          Dear Fanti,

          ንምንታይ’ኹም ኣስላማይ ክስታናይ ትብሉ፤ ኣይ ኩላትና ኤርትራውንን’ዲና፤፤

          1. Luck of understanding of the discrimination
          2. Fear of division along religious (or regional) line
          3. Assumption that all type of discrimination will dealt with in a democratic environment

          To understand this one must see if discrimination is deep rooted (historical and cultural) or just political (ruler or government of the day). With the former as the example of black man that you bought up it may take generation to root it out, while the latter may just go away with change of government or changr of policies.

          In Eritrea and by extension Ethiopia it was cultural and historical in nature, overtime there has been change/progress, how far we have moved is what we need to understand in order to device the right policy that will reduce discrimination if it cannot be fully eradicated.

          It is delicate as you have to be able to convice people and not make them feel guilty and defensive, as what matters is that there is solution.

          When it comes to Muslim discrimination, the most effective advocates can only be Christians and the opposite hold true. On regional based discrimination, it also helps when someone from Hamasien defends and supports the case of people of Akeleguzai. In short we need to go beyond expressing the pain of our wound and speak for our brothers.


          • sara

            very wise and sensible comment… that’s my up-vote.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Hi Fanti Ghana,

          Good note on your side. Words and phrases have their “own intents” either to defend positions or to sugarcoat the parochial interest for the ones who said them on the one hand, or define and articulate lofty ideas to address the concern of the subjects on the issue at hand on the other.

          Those who utter ” ንምንታይ’ኹም ኣስላማይ ክስታናይ ትብሉ፤ ኣይ ኩላትና ኤርትራውንን’ዲና” from the political class of our people, are those who are not sincere and ready to address the issue and are from the first category. The Eritrean people have heard many broken promises behind sugarcoated statements and proclamations. For example we were told by EPLF that after liberating Eritrea, we will have a multi-party system government, but right after they enter the city of Asmara, we were told ” ” in order to monopolized the political and economic power of our country. And here, we have it exactly. No body expressed his/her concerns when their leader uttered it, and no body that those words are the signs of what the course of our nation will be. Now, it is mind boggling to hear that we they are betrayed especially the political elites of the organization. So under such historical precedence and political culture, the Eritrean people have the right to distrust any political platitudes with a clear picture how future Eritrea will look like. Let us see as we speak the reality of the Eritrean people, and the following are the hinderances to positive engagement:

          (a) The geographical barriers. Most of our Muslim brothers migrated to the gulf states (Arab Peninsula) and Australia. And most of our christian brothers migrated to Europe and USA.

          (b) The lack of “desire to engage” each other and waiting to see what the future holds and set the point of departure from there.

          (c) The lack of respect for “equal partnership” on the political process brought deep mistrust. Those who were betrayed lost their desire for “frank engagement” and create their own magnetic pull to reassure the interest of their social group.

          (d) The tendency and the signals of the “tyranny of the majority” is clearly bubbling within the Eritrean political elites sometimes in an open and sometimes in subtle behind political platitudes.

          To address the above realistic and sensitive problems, we should be bold enough to acknowledge them and tackle them head on with sincerity and honesty to resolve them. Being afraid of their sensitivities and avoiding to address them will only let us to be on a perpetual mistrust and disengagement that will lead us to uncharted sociopolitical territory.

          Amanuel Hidrat

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Amanuel,
            If only everybody is as honest as you – Amanuel every problem could have solved yesterday. But the credit also goes to our great few fighters who were around you. you let me go back years when we use to say it openly while facing the men and women who try to hide it. unfortunately we have more today. I wish you long life Amanuel.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Ketema,
    somethings are simply answered by keeping silent- like this one. If only the so called ” Eritrean Government” is against Muslims for sure what the mother side could have been valid. PFDJ is against everything and everybody and everybody should stand to clean it from Eritrea. if we watch today some even may say PFDJ is supported by Gulf countries and PFD is “supporting wehabISM” but that still remains political consumption as we all know IA and his group were always against Islam. in fact even those gulf countries know it and they even know IA knows that they know it– it goes on. actually Eritrea is lucky that PFDJ is not one sided against the other in our society say it religiously or ethnically. Did I answer your worries ? please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello Horizon,

    “I think that it will be a big mistake to take the questions made by Nitricc and his group at face value.”

    In any other post I might have agreed or at least hid in my cave, but that day in that particular post, he really meant it. The other day when you said that people are inherently good, I was glad because not only I believe that but also I strive to live by it as much as I can. In almost all categories, people never get up and do what they know is bad for no reason. There is always a “why” embedded in everything we do. How sound our “why” is, is dependent on the quality and quantity of information that led us to that why.

    With that context we must understand the effect of an organization that fought for years and eventually brought independence for Eritreans. That entity, in this case PFDJ, is the center of all pride and sense of accomplishment that unites many Eritreans. It is then understandable to treat anyone who threatens or belittles that solemn and uniting identity as the ultimate anti-Eritrean. understandably then, for many Eritreans including Nitricc that entity has to be protected at all cost.

    The trick is how does one show those who believe in PFDJ being the caretaker of all things Eritrean that it has changed to become the source of all Eritrean problems instead? Fortunately PFDJ is doing that on its own and the opposition’s task is solved in that regard. The problem Nitricc and many others I know are faced with is how and with what to replace PFDJ without costing too much of what many Eritreans hold dear.

    I agree that the solution is a lot more elusive than I seem to make it, but there are a few “easy” steps Eritrean can take to help them inch toward a permanent solution such being respectful of one another, understanding that beliefs are conditional; time and event changes beliefs, and knowing that they are all in it together.

    Thank you.

  • Semere Andom

    Until Tes gets back to you, let me say this. You want evidence? That is the way it should be with sane people but since you and dawit are not in this group so when ppl like me and Tes accuse you, you ask for evidence but that is not the way it works with the ppl who support PIA. You are accused of all these, so go ahead and prove yourself innocent, you are guilty until proven innocent and you, the accused have the onus to prove that you are not guilt, Since you are supporters of PFDJ and you are responsible for accusing, and locking Eritreans and they are guilty, then please do that, prove you are not guilty of all the accusation of Tes. Until you do that, you and your soulmate dawit are rapists, child molesters, and thieves, not just robbers of the Eritrean money but thieves of Eritrean life.
    If I find time, I may address all the stupid thing you said in the comment that his Fantiness mentioned. But let me tell you this though: you said one thing that was worth mentioning and important about the change, and it was about the assurance of that there will be no revenge, This is important not because I feel sorry for you guys but important for the nation’s future and in my reply to FG, I defined my vision of revenge, it is not shooting you guys at close range, it is not even imprisoning you, it is not evening asking you to do community service, but it is the most you fear, documenting with indelible ink your crimes, your heinous crimes, so your off spring will be so disgusted that they will develop novel tools to extract their DNA from their blood or do DNA transplant, so we can erase your DNA without doing Noah’s flood , the flood that was unleashed to cleanse humanity from the satanic gene.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear felasfaw,

    Here I am then ready for it. It took me 15 minutes. simple Tigrinya.

    Dear Mehari, enjoy this poem and here let me use the chance to request you to come with more poems in future.

    …… ንበር እሞ ደብስ ….

    ኣቦኻን ኣዲኻን እንተበሉ ኣንድነት :-
    መዓስ እሞ ጌጋ ንፍቅሪ ንሕብረት :-
    ብእንካን ሃባን ስምምዕ ንምዕባለ ዕብየት :-
    ስፊሕ ዕላማ እዩ ዘይንዓቕ ሓልዮት ::

    …..ግዳ እንታይ ይገበር ስልጣን ነጋውስቲ :-
    ….. ረጊጾም ዝገዝኡ ዘይናቶም በላዕቲ :-
    ……ኣግደዕዎም እንዶ እሞ ንሕና ኢና ብሃልቲ :-
    ……ዓቢ ዝጂበኦም ቡርዥዋ መሳፍንቲ ::

    ወላዲ ኣቦኻ ባህሊ እምነት ሒዞም :-
    መዓስ ጌጋ ነይሩ ኣንድነት ምባሎም :-
    ክልተ ኣብ ሓደ ጠርኒፎም ምርኣዮም :-
    ግርህና እዩ ነይሩ ንገነት ይበሎም ::

    ብቀደሙ ዶባት ብኢሮፓ ምስተመቃቀለ :-
    ሽዑ እንድዩ ማንነት ፍጹም ተበለለ :-
    ገና ኣይተፈትሐን ሽግርና ቀጸለ :-
    ብስደት ማእሰርቲ ህዝቢ ተበደለ ::

    ሓርነት ህዝቢ እምበር መሬት ናይ ፈጣሪ :-
    ኩልና መወቲ መን ኣሎ ነባሪ :-
    ሓደ ኳ የልቦን ዝወነነ ስድሪ :-
    ሚስጥር ናይ ኣቦኻ ፍቅሪ እዩ ፍቅሪ ::

    ኣቦኻ ምስ ተኸድዑ በቲ ብሉይ ንጉስ :-
    ምርጫ ኣይነበረን ብጀካ ምብጋስ :-
    ናብ ገድሊ ወፈርና መስልና ክንመልስ :-
    ብዙሓት ከፊልና ክንድምስስ ክንድምሰስ ::

    ….ቃልስና ቀጺሉ ቲ መሪር ተጋድሎ :-
    ….ኣስቃቂ ሰዓት ብጻይካ ክዕሎ :-
    ….ሃል ሃል ዝብል ሓዊ ክወርደና እንከሎ :-
    ….ባዕልኻ ምስክር ብጥይት ክንቅሎ ::

    ምሒር ምብርትዑ ቃልሲ ምጽንካሩ:-
    ምስትብሃል ስኢና ገበል ተሓንጊሩ :-
    እንከይከበደና ኣብ ርእስና ተጸይሩ:-
    ገበል እኳ ኣትዩ ኣስመራ ሰፊሩ ::

    ቃልሲ እወ ገድልና ገደል መስገድሉ :-
    ሕስብ ከተብሎ መግለጺ ዘይብሉ :-
    ኣየነትን ስድራ ዘይከፈለትሉ :-
    ክንደይ ጀግና ጎበዝ ዕጽፍ ዝበለሉ ::

    ኣንታ ኣየናይ ኢልካ ዝርዘር :-
    ኣየናይ ይዝንቶ ኣየናይ ይንገር :-
    ዓቢ ምስ ንኡሽቶ ክቅዘፍ ክቅበር :-
    ናይ መሰል ሕቶ እዩ ቀጻሊ ዝኸብር ::

    ንዓ ደብስ ዓርኩ ነቶም ወለድኻ :-
    ፍቅሪ ሃገር ሒዝካ ፍቅሪ ጎዶበኻ :-
    ናትካ ምስ ሓዝካ እዩ ኳና ዓደ እቦኻ :-
    መስዋእቲ ወገንካ እዩ ዘልዕል ክብርኻ ::

    መን ኣሎ ዝኸበረ ወገኑ ዘየኽበረ :-
    መን ኣሎ ዝነበረ ነብሱ ከይጠንከረ :-
    ሓድነት ኣሎ እዩ ንፍቅሪ ዘፍቀረ :
    ኣብ ፍልልያት ዘሎ ሓደነት እዩ እቲ ዘመቀረ ::

    ሃየ ውገን ደብስ ንኩሎም ስውኣት :-
    ሃየ ወገን ደብስ ንወለድኽዓ ኽቡራት :-
    ንዓ ስመር ምሳይ ግደፎ ብኩራት :-
    ኤርትራን ኢትዮጵያን ይኹናልና ኣሕዋት ::

    ኣይትሙት ንበረልና ፍንጫሕ መሰንገለይ :-
    ብሓደ ንመርሽ ክብርኻ እዩ ክብረይ:-
    ኣለኹ በለኒ ስማዕ ጸዋዒተይ :-
    ድልየትካ ድልየተይ ፍርፋንካ ህርፋነይ ::

    ክሎም ደቂ ሃገር ኣብ ሰማይ ዝነብሩ :-
    ንታሕቲ ጠሚቶም ፍቅሪ ይበሰሩ :-
    ፍቅሪ ናይ ህዝብታት ኣብ ውሽጢ ስግሩ :-
    ኢትዮጵያ ኤርትራ ህዝብታት ይስምሩ :-
    ዶባት ክሳብ ዝጠፍእ ፖሎቲካ ተሰይሩ :-
    … .. .. .. .. .. .ኣብ ሃሃገሮም ታሪኽ እናኽበሩ

    ኮኾብ ሰላም

  • Solomon Haile

    Selamat ya Awlad wa BnaTt al Rejul Ebn Barka Hamid Udris Awate Fi JamiAt di Awatista,

    The gnome took a shot for the inexplicable scrutiny…
    All I aimed for was a fourth or one out four points to reach that eh dude del Norte with a Molsen cervesa on one hand and tapping the defrosted sap from those Maple trees right about the internacionale laboro trabajo dia.Primero de Mayo while yo bebe Tekate ese eh…. Eisrann Hamushtenn miEtawi. 25!
    1. Fanti says: “It is NOT humanbeings, It IS BEING HUMAN.”
    2. It has been Thirty Nine Years since I saw my new custom cut and tailored to fit kakis hanging on the kursi next to my favorit duka beneath the high and seemingly bunk bed Angerieb from my hut that we rushed out from because Hilet Tokhreer caught fire and our Hilet Sudan accross the street was threatened.. Aboy Sheikh adacent hut to the gaba tree gave the order to head to Gash then Fanko and he saud:”leave your awdeAmet kidan behind. We are going to Fanko for Bono Fiesta much like we did MuAyedeen for Halawa last Eid. He first put his mat down for prayor/selaH as his infant baby girl sat at the head of the Tonkobet/mat. Sudenly a stray bullet from an AK hits the baby on the thumb causing her to fly some fifty yards. Aboy Sheikh recovers his child with lightning speed and as he comforts her he comforted all gathered with the words:’Alah Kareem.’ then let the hometowners to safer ground as their town Tesene was soon to be liberated in 77.”
    3. Does Teseney translate to “may your journey be with a companion in the English language?
    4. I saw a Tsigereda (could it be that same Tegadalit Tsigereda ‘FTer sister of Martyr Tegadalay Solomon ‘Fter) as a Zoba Administrator facilitating a fathering of SheAbna one of those GoE owned media video clip.
    5. Some who took up the Yesteryears’ for liberty inevitably experienced the parameters defined liberty of their long journey. What are the means of Today for the liberty saught for those still on rout?
    Well… Bono Fiesta from Fanko to Adi GuaEdad to GhindaE to Aseb wherever you may be tapping the sap of Maple tree or Palm trees temr Ajwa wo Akat. I wonder if that Gaba tree is still growing behind my birth hut?
    rHus AwdeAmet. Yom Barika.

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Solomon,
      Let me add some information.

      What I know is that the name of the town is Sney, not Tesseney, which is a corruption of Sney, just like Emni Hager is a corruption of Um Hager, and Barentu of Baarentuu, and Tkhombia of Dukumbia.

      Unless there is another meaning that I do not know for the source of the twon’s name, Sney could mean “Be good” or, “May you be good.”

  • dawit


    You are right I am a true believer and that is why I say “Nisu Nhna, Nhna Nisu”. Yes the Eritrea that was killed by the Four Powers in 1940s and buried by in 1951 by UN was resurrected in May 24 1991 and the Super Powers who were powering billions of arms to help Ethiopia under Haile Selassie and Mengistu could no stop the rebirth of Eritrea. Their 50 years navel power investments, their war ships were shredded like paper with Mighty hand of Fenkil. They simply have to accept the village boys power on the Red Sea region. A little lesson on Eritrean history can help you understand the Eritrean people history. The village boys also say ‘Hade Hzbi, Hade lbi”
    ቓልሲ ዝነውህ እንተዝነውሕ : ዝመረረ እንተዝመርር ኣብ መወዳእታ ዓወትና ግድን እዩ።;፡ Always ‘Tsnat’. It may take us few more years to reach where other civilized nations have reached, but ‘We Will be There”! from the song ERIAM Sisters!

    • josef

      I get a sense you are part of Dino Gedhli Generation… you are frozen in time..
      My country is the future… I am not concerned about what happened 30+ years ago..

  • Kokhob Selam

    …. ምስጋና ደራውህ ….

    ዕልል በሉ ደራውህ ዓድና :-
    ኣይተፈትሐን ክቅጽል እዩ ጾምና ;-
    ናቅፋ የለን ዝገዝእ ነይብልና :-
    ንስኹም ትኸብሩ ካቶም ህጻናትና :-
    ሳላ ህግደፍ እንታይ ዘይርኣና :-
    ንጹም ድኣ ንጹም ከምዝወረደና ::

    “ዕልል ኢልና ኢና ምሕራድ ካብ ተረፈ:-
    እንታይ ከ ኣካል ሃልዩና ዓጽሚ ዝጸፈፈ ::
    ዝብላዕ ነይብልና ስጋ ነዛ ጥዕም :-
    ጽሙ ድኣ ጽሙ ቀጽልዎ ጸምኩም ::”

    ኮኾብ ሰላም

  • Mehari the ferrari

    “መልእኽቲ ናብ መቓብር ወለደይ”

    ኣቦይ_ሃብተ ጳውሎስ ቀሺ ምሕጹንን

    ኣደይ_ስምረት ተወልደ ብርሃን ኣውዓሎምን

    (ለምኑለይ ንኹሩዓት ማሕበር ኣንድነት ቤተሰበይ

    ምስኦም ክወስዱኒ __ኣይነብርን ምስ እኒ ህበይ )

    ኣቦይን ኣደይን___________ መቓብር ዝመረጹ

    ንዓይ ሓዲጎምኒ_________ ምስ ወሽላኻት ኣናጹ

    ደቆም ዘሕርዱ___________ምስ ሞት እናቐለጹ

    ሕልንኦም ቀልዮም ዝበልዑ_________ እናላመጹ

    ንጸላእቶም ዝጉምብሑ___ ምስ ሓጋዚኦም ዝራመጹ

    ወጻኢ እናተቐመጡ _____ኣተሓሳስባቶም ዘይሃነጹ

    ውሰዱኒ ወለደይ __ኣይትዕጸውዎ ናይ መቓብር መዓጹ !!!

    ፍርዶም ዝህቡ_________ ገጽ ሰብ እናርኣዩ

    ብዓል ኣምስሉ________ ሕቖ ሓበን ዘየጥረዩ

    ኣዕሩኽ በደዊን_______ ብቕጫ ዓዃይ ዝዓበዩ

    ንሃገረሰብ ኣዝማድና ኣገዲዶም ናብ ሽፍትነት ዝደርበዩ

    ንደቀንስትዮ ድሙ ድሙ እናሃቡ__ ብዓመጽ ዝሃስዩ

    ይኣኽለኒ ምሥዚኦም_____ ምንባር ሕልናይ ኣብዩ

    ስድራይ ውሰዱኒ __ ሞት ክዳን ዝብሃል ከምዚ እዩ !!!

    ብዓል ራቢጣን ባንዳታትን____ ዝወለድዎም

    ሕሱራት ፣__ክብረትን ፍቕርን ዘይውሃሃድዎም

    ደቆም ከጽንቱ______ እኒ ግብጺ ዘዋፈርዎም

    መንነት ዝምህዙ ትግራውነት Allergy ኮይንዎም

    ደቂ ቶጎምባሕቲ ፣ካብ ነጻነት ባርነት ኣዋናዊንዎም

    30 ዓመት ኮሊሎም____ ኣዕራብ እናወጅዕዎም

    ርካሽ ሞት ዝሞቱ__ ከዛብ ደርፊ ምስ ኣስምዕዎም

    ሕጅስ እኒ ስዑዲ ኣትዮም ብሃይማኖት ክፈናጥሕዎም

    ነዚ ከይርኣኹ ክኸይድ ንወለደይ ክወስዱኒ ለምንዎም !!!

    ስድራይ፣______ ዝምሃርኩምኒ ሓቅነት ኣተግቢረዮ

    ዕርክነት ኣይገዝኣለይን____ ሂወት በይነይ ኣሕሊፈዮ

    ማሕበር ኣንድነት ዕላማኹም_____ ሎሚ ፈሊጠዮ

    ግን ክምብል ኢሉስ ተኻዕዩ ,ኣብ ቅድሚ ዓይነይ ርእየዮ

    ኣሉላን ንስኻትኩምን ዝወደቕኩሙሉ__ ሎምስ ቀቢጸዮ

    ሸፋቱ ስዒሮም____ ጥፍኣትና ከምዘይተርፍ ተረዲኤዮ

    ክንደይ መንእሰይ______ ሲናይን ፈቐዶኡን ቀቢረዮ

    ጸጊበ ፣_____ሞት በዚሑ እዩ ኣነ ድማ ግደይ ክሓርዮ !!!

    ውላድኩም ምሕረቱ ሃብተ ጳውሎስ

    NB .ነታ ጸብሓ ሙዉት ዘተስእ ብዓልቲ ማይቂነጣል ዓባየ ሰላም በሉለይ

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Mehari,

      1.ብሞት ክቡራት ወለድኻ ኣቢልካ ፖሎቲካዊ ካርድ ምጽዋት ፍጹም ቅቡል ኣይመስለንን :: ንሳቶም ዝወሰድዎ መርገጽ ካብ ግሩህ ክፋእ ዘይፈልጥ ኣእምሮኦም ክኸውን ይኽእል :- ዳሕራይ ብመሰረቱ ሓድነት ምስ ኢትዮጵያ ዝብል መርገጽ ምውሳድ ኣብ ‘ቲ ሰዓት ቲ ገበን ኣይኮነን – እቲ ገበን ምርጫ ናይ ዝበዝሕ ወዲ ሃገር ሕጋዊ ብዝኾነ መገዲ ዘይምውሳን እዩ :: ስለ’ዚ ነዞም ክቡራት ወለድኻ ድቃስ ኣይትኽእላኣዮም – መንግስተ ሰማያት የዋርሶም ::

      2.ንክቡራት ወለድኻ ኣይወዓልዎ ኣይነበርዎ ምስ ‘ቶም ሃገርን ህዝብን ዘንድዱ ዝነበሩ ገዛእቲ ሰሪዕካዮም:: ጨኪንካሎም ! ወለድኻ ብዝኾነ ተኣምር ስርዓታት ኢትዮጵያ ንዝፈጸምዎ ገበናት ክድግፉ ኣይክእሉን እዮም :: ካብ’ ዚ ኣዝዩ ጨካን መርገጽካ ተኣለ ::

      3.ብዛዕባ ህዝቢ ዘራስዩ ዘለው ናይ ዘመና ሰይጣውንቲ — ምስ ‘ቶም ዝራሰዩን ዝብደሉን ዘለው ሓዋዊስካ ፍርዲ ኣይትሃብ :: ህዝብን ህዝባዊ ድልየትን ምስ ድልየት ሓደ ጉጅለ ደባሊቕካ ምፍራድ ፍጹም ገበን እዩ ::

      4. ነቲ ነዊሕ ኣዝዩ መሪር ቃልስናን ዓወትናን ናይ ሸፋቱ እዩ እልካ ገሊጽካዮ – ህዝቢ ኤርትራን እቶም ወረጃታት ስው ኣትናን ሲ ሸፋቱ !!! ኣይፋልካን ንዓ ናብ ልብኻ ተመለስ ::

      ዝሓወይ ኣብ ሓምሳታት ደው ዝበለት ሰዓት ሓንጎልካ ክትንቀሳቀስ ተቢዕካ ተቃለሳ :: ሕጂ ንስኻ ክትገብሮ ዘለካ ዓቢ ስራሕ ኣሎ: – ከመይ ነቲ ብሰፍ ዘይብል ከቢድ ዋጋ ዝተረኽበ ሃገራዊ ናጽነት ትዕቅቦን ናብ ቲ ዝለዓለ ቅዱስ ዕላማ ዝኾነ ሰብኣዊ መሰል ደቂ ሰባት – ሓርነት ተሰጋግሮን እዩ ቃልስኻ ክኸውን ዘለዎ ::

  • Saleh Johar

    Hello dawit and josef,

    You are on two extremes in describing common people, by wrongly, and unfairly, extrapolating the behavior of a handful of Isaias’ clique, to the rest of the selfless veterans who got nothing from it but gave everything they had–not that they expected reward, but a little respect goes a long way and you need to weigh what you write: dawit thinks the Isaias clique are all saints and angels though they don’t wear their wings. Joseph think everyone who struggles against Ethiopia is described by the behavior of the brutes among them. The two positions are extremes: overly disrespecting the veterans (josef’s attitude) and sanctifying the oppressors and disrespecting their victims (dawit’s position). As per Marxism, middle ground is opportunistic. As per religion, and rational evaluation, moderation is the only sane position. Get closer, please.

  • Kim Hanna

    Selam Fanti Ghana,
    A great article, touching upon most areas of controversy without fear.
    You brought out the Nitricc’s questions to the front page which irritated Mr. Amanuel Hidrat. I really think you are justified to bring the questions he raised to fore front. They are valid questions. Nitricc is an equal opportunity offender, but the points he raised cannot be simply dismissed.
    I am not sure if he is a 100% follower of PIA. He just can’t see Eritrea and PIA separately as they are intertwined in his mind. One cannot get to PIA without risking a huge damage to Eritrea.
    If you want to see him go insane in front of your eyes, suggest to him that the Ethiopian military should help the opposition take out PIA. He will go banana ape bonkers.
    At this stage in their history a large number of Eritreans are unhappy about their King. He was and is a dictator.
    Like our dictator, Mengistu, who ushered in a lot of death and destruction to Ethiopia. PIA can be legitimately compared to Megistu.
    I was never a fan of Mengistu. His negatives outweighs the positive by a large margin. However, I have to acknowledge that some of the stubborn fearless confrontation he engaged in cleared the jungle for those that followed him.
    Ex. He reversed the Somalia invasion that could have cost 1/5 of Ethiopian territory. Another Ex. is his proclamation of ending the feudal system. He achieved these goals with a heavy cost.
    What I am getting at with this is, at the risk of being called toothless, PIA might be making similar contributions to the future of Eritrea as well.
    I can think of two or three areas he could be credited:
    A. The Eritrean society in general is rooted less in tradition and religion as never before, two of the obstacles of development and progress.
    B. Most Eritreans of 40 years old and younger are bonded with common experience and heritage. These are the new Eritreans without the old baggage of the past. Their thinking and references are different from the old guard.
    C. A comprehensive mixing of all Eritreans under pressure of national service.
    D. Whatever physical infrastructure built like roads, dams, schools and clinics built by the sacrifices of the national service members, will be left behind.
    Even though the population number is small, the ready call up military potential of Eritrea is comparable to all the neighbors. That fact alone will dissuade others from contemplating invasion as one of the options of their foreign policy. That is an important achievement.
    One way or another, hopefully sooner than later, when the current leadership is gone, the chances are good that what is left behind in Eritrea is a more unified population with similar experiences ready to face the obstacles together.
    Mr. K.H

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Mr. Kim Hanna,

      Very impressive observation about “PIA’s” achievements. You won’t believe how much I could say in the points you mentioned.

      A. “The Eritrean society in general is rooted less in tradition and religion as never before”

      It may seem that way because the whole world seems to be shifting away from religion, but no where near to credit PIA with! Generally speaking, the trend of abandoning religion for Marxist/Leninist ideologies of the 70s cannot be credited to PIA, not even to EPLF for that matter. That trend was already there in the 60s and definitely in the 70s. What EPLF did then was consistent with what other “progressive” organizations did all over the world.

      The drive to adapt progressive ideas as opposed to tradition and backwardness was a sign of their social anthropological stage where Eritreans had reached by then. EPLF headed the right direction along with the people. What PFDJ has added to it is simply a worship of Ghedli in such a way it only glorifies one man’s prowess and ingenuity.

      B. You may be right.

      C. True but, double edged sword. As it is true that one wouldn’t love someone they never met, they wouldn’t hate them either. It would have been more beneficial to only facilitate the means for people to engage with one another and let life take its own course.

      D. All things considered, Eritreans are very hard working and naturally gifted entrepreneurs. Had they been given the chance to grow freely they could have built a lot more schools and roads than the token infrastructures they have today.

      The military potential of Eritrea, as of today, is somewhat worrisome. People may be fatigued already and they may not have convincing objectives to fight like their predecessors.

      You raised very good discussion points brother Kim. Thank you.


      • dawit

        Hey Fanti,

        You need to read Nhnan Elamanan, EPLF Manifesto written early 1970,s to understand what is the role of religion in Eritrean Revolution. Eritrean Moto “Hade Hzbi, Hade Lbi”. I love it. PFDJ is taking education to every village of the country. Illiteracy rate dropping from more than 80% to less than 25% in just 25 years. In the next 50th. Golden Anniversary it will be 0%. Trust me!

        እት ሓደን ንይ መወዳእታ ዓላማና ድማ : ህዝብና ብመዓርነት ፍትሕን ዝነብረላ ናጻን ል ኡላዊትን ኤርትራ ምምስራት እዩ TIA

    • dawit

      Mr. K.H;
      How do you compare PIA with Mengistu? As I indicated to Fanti, PIA is a man that lead peoples movement that liberated Eritrea and Ethiopia. Mengistu is a military dictator like Idi Amin Dada, who fled his country by stealing money from their poor nation.
      Now Mr. Kim you should worry about Mama Ethiopia a country strapped in civil wars and famines right at this moment of its history. Remember ‘Tnbite Dawit’ Ethiopia will be Re-liberated from the current slave system of EPRDF by the year 2021. Prepare yourself so that you will not be surprised like you were in May 24, 1991.

  • Amanuel

    Hi Awate moderator
    Why am I put on the naughty step? My comments has been pending on Disqus for 3 hours. This is happening for the second time in a raw. Is this a Disqus problem or dawit is in charge?

  • T..T.

    Hi tes, Fanti Ghana and all,

    In Fanti Ghana versus tes, the former used snapshot comment, whereas the latter used gathered or comment based on followed up information over ten years.

    The snapshot comment is just when one tells like it is which cannot be manipulated because it is openly there at a specific point in time. Whereas a comment based on sometime or over longer time is a comment based on followed up observation of changes on one’s political position.

    Examples: based on snapshot observation, Isayas does not command any support – be it public or military personnel. Therefore, he can be removed in just one second. But to those who followed up Isayas’s status for a longer time, they may comment saying that although Isayas can be removed within a short time, Qatar and other Arab Gulf country may come to his rescue. So, it is better to get him in trouble with those his SOS friends first.

    Similarly, tes’s comment based on longer time follow up explains that Nitricc is not different than Isayas, if not worse, and provided examples where he laughed at those who drowned in Mediterranean and labeled the victims of April 03, 2016 as “cowards and stupid.” Whereas, according to Fanti Ghana’s snapshot comment, Nitricc and Saba are not members of Nsu niHna, nHna nsu club of anti-Eritrean people Club.

  • cool

    Well written fanti ghana, but your point “Ethiopia, with reference to Eritrea, being the most natural and strategic location where a resistance could be organized, became necessary for the opposition to camp in and solicit support from”.lacks further elaboration.
    To the contrary.i would argue ,ethiopia with the current regime is the only place where the opposion would never be successful.
    As an eritrean national you have to bear in mind that the primary enemy of eritrea is the weyane regime and not the pfdg.
    I would even go further and assert that the pfdg is not even an enemy of the eritrean people at all. The pfdj is only the enemy of those
    who oppose him staying in power ,and it justifies his action by the fact that the sovereignty of our nation is in danger by a neighbour regim
    who doesnot abide by the rule of law ,which is true.How can an opposition group be successful allying with the very neighbour ,who has ignored an international arbitration verdict and stationed a sizable army contingent trigering a “no war no peace” atmosphere in order to paralise our nation and realise it s dream of marching to the port of asab with out firing a single bullet(greater tigray manifesto).I may not agree with some minor pfdg handling of other issues ,but in this case Pfdj is the only entity who is dedicated to defend our national sovereignty and it should stay in power at least until our national boundry is demarcated.

    oh , one thing i have to remind you is the price for hen might have been 3,50nkfa in the the federation era ,now the price for hen in eritrea is average 500Nkf


    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello My brother cool (I have been wrong about genders only once before),

      The Ethiopia issue: what I tried to say was that all things being equal, geographically and logistically Ethiopia is the most reasonable place to organize an opposition at, but I agree with you about the Ethiopian dilemma the opposition is facing, and I mentioned it a little.

      Last time you said something, you made me laugh, this time, you have or you will make Saay laugh. He will tell you why when he reads your post above.

      You may be right about the price of chicken in Nakfa. I got that from a friend who just came back from Eritrea a few week ago and she simply said “three fifty” so I may have erred about 350 or 3.50. I will verify that soon.

      “…the primary enemy of eritrea is the weyane regime and not the pfdg.” I don’t think so, but even if that is the case, what is Eritrea doing to change it? Are Eritreans supposed to sit and wait until Weyane changes its mind and become friendly again?

      Notice the fallacy about the PFDJ’s so called “dedicated to defend our national sovereignty” part.

      First: it unnecessarily makes enemies of all neighbors.
      Second: it mocks all world powers, who usually supply it with weapons.
      Third: the youth that is supposed to defend the nation is either left, leaving, dead, in jail, or a forced recruit?

      How in the world is PFDJ securing “the nation?” It doesn’t add up.
      The only viable explanation is that the threat may not exist at all, or at least not to the extent of quarantining the whole nation.

      • cool

        Hi Fanti ghana, you donot think the primary enemy of eritrea is weyane?

        let me explain it to you this way, assume you are born in a small village from an alcoholic father ,your father comes every evening intoxicated and wreaks havoc at home in the mean time a vicious neighbour exploits the sitution and claims some of your farm land to be his property and, assume that a court(with out enforcement tools) would deliver a verdict that the land is yours, but your neighbour with his 10 belligerent children would seize your land despite the verdict and you realise that the prospect of succes of violent reclaim of the land is meager as you are outnumbered by family members of your opponent. what do you do in this situation , do you ally with your neighbour out of anger that your father is alcoholic and is a reason of every inconvenience at home?


        • Fanti Ghana

          Hello cool,

          Very well said, and I completely agree with the point of your example. Ethiopia is breaking legal and moral laws by refusing to get out of Badime. My problem is that PFDJ is doing all the wrong moves regarding that particular issue. For example: Since Badime was under Ethiopian administration before 1998 and there couldn’t have been any physical change that could have affected Eritrea in any way why not continue life as usual while looking for legal ways or mediation until Ethiopia comes to its senses?

          Legally it has been ruled that Badime belongs to Eritrea and Ethiopia has accepted it which means Ethiopia will leave one way or another. My question is why is PFDJ using that as an excuse to suffocate the nation? If Ethiopia leaves Badime today PIA will come up with another one; guaranteed! the way things are right now it is working for him very well. He needs a “threat” to survive.

          So, the “we can’t move until Ethiopia withdraws” makes Eritrean normal existence dependent on an external factor. That is why I am suggesting that Eritreans should look internally for ways of compensating whatever Ethiopian occupation of Badime is costing. Nothing else makes sense.

          Most countries of the world have their nemesis somewhere out there, but they don’t allow it to be a cause of stagnation or self destruction. In fact, they work even harder and make the point of “we can do it with or with out you” and they also use that as additional uniting factor. What PFDJ is doing is quite the opposite.

          • dawit

            Hi Fanti,
            I am sure you understand why I keep saying you are dishonest when it comes to Eritrean and Ethiopian relation. Ethiopia never accepted that Bademe belonged to Eritrea, if it did it would have left 14 years ago. You may fool the rest of the world by claiming ‘accept in principle’, but not Eritreans. Eritrea may not have double digit economic growth and a quarter of its population strapped in famine. PFDJ is doing well above average considering the external pressure it faces. All the obstacles of Eritrea and Ethiopia will disappear soon when EPRDF become history. Only those who stood on the side of truth will prevail, and all liars will be thrown to the garbage can of history like the Derg and feudal HS. Remember EPLF slogan:
            ቓልሲ ዝነውህ እንተዝነውሕ ዝመረረ እንተዝመርር : ኣብ መወዳእታ ዓወትና ግድን እዩ። TIA

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Dawitom,

            Words by themselves mean nothing. Dictators are masters of euphoric words.

            “We will not give up. We will not rest. We will be victorious. Our time has come.”
            Hitler 1939, after invading Poland. A book thief, 2005, Markus Suzak, page 74.

          • dawit

            Dear Fanti,
            I have been telling you the differences between a dictator and a leader of a popular front. PIA is the leader of PFDJ who inspire his mass followers (Hafash). Your research only cover those leaders who are military dictators, who run away abandoning those who followed them, because they don’t have the conviction for what they preached. PIA is different he stood his ground and delivered liberation of nations, Ethiopia and Eritrea. That is why you don’t have Mao, Castro or Hochimin running away from their believes. They were also labeled as dictators by their enemies but loved by their followers.
            There is nothing to discuss about Bademe. It belongs to Eritrea and in due time it will restore to its rightful owners. Mengistu had nine points to delay the Eritrean independence, and millions of Ethiopians were following Mengistu blindly. Once you told me that you mate a soldier in jail in Makele who questioned Mengistu’s false stand. He asked simple question if Eritreans are Ethiopians, why are we killing them and if they are not why are fighting against them? I think that was what you told me, if I remembered it correctly? But for millions of Ethiopians that simple logic was hidden from them, some even educated with PhDs believed they need to keep fighting till the country crumbled and millions died in war and famine.
            Similarly, PM Meles came with five points to deny Eritrea what belongs rightfully to her, and many including you unfortunately are following him blindly, but at the end you are not making any better for Ethiopia or Eritrea except extending the sufferings of both people. I know you are more than capable to know the truth, but unfortunately you are singing with Eritrean and Ethiopian enemies, who do not want this crisis to end. As I wrote earlier, Bademe will be restored to the rightful owner when the time comes i.e. when EPRDF is removed from power and I predict that will happen in five years time by 2021. In the mean time my Friend Fanti it is better for you to restore your faith with PIA because he is real and he delivers what he promised. Don’t you watch ERiTV? When kids at Sawa graduation every year run wild to dance and touch him. I don’t think those kids were paid to act like that. I believe it must be a genuine attraction towards their leader and hero and if few of them run away from their country for what ever reason, it does not mean Eritrea is crumbling and PIA is losing his popularity. He has always simple message that the average Hafash can understand and follow and which is the ‘simple truth’, just like you friend soldier that you met in prison. It is written in the Bible ” Only the Truth will make you Free”. That is why Eritrean Hafash says, ‘Nsu nhna and Nhna Nsu’ the topic of your writing which is simple message to the rest of the world, to those who toil to separate the people from their leader.
            Rhus AwdeAmet to you and your family.

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Dawitom,

            Very nice post. Honestly I am tempted to say I love what you said with only minor ifs. We will talk soon.

            Rhus AwdeAmet to you and your family too brother.

        • Semere Andom

          To be polite on this Easter weekend, to put it mildly with out employing hyperbole; this analogy that you labored so much to write is the dumbest, even then it is not even originally dumb, it is a tired dumb.
          First you said, the intoxicated father wreaks havoc in his drunken stupors, then you asked do you ally with the neighbour our of anger that your father is alcoholic and is a reason of every inconvenience at home?
          Which one is it? Is the father wreaking havoc when drank or is his a reason of inconvenience, If he is the first, yes I would ally with the neighbour to protect the family from extinction, if he is merely inconveniencing me at home, No, I will send him rehab, take him to AA I will not bring the neighbour. Also the analogy is stupid because the neighbour is not occupying every inch of our land, it is occupying 0.0111 percent, so I will forget that minute arid land that will be there, that I can deal with later because baring some geological changes that massively alters the land, it will be there
          Also your comment is retarded in one more dimension, the neighbour did not come to take our land because we were weak and defenseless as in the house you mentioned, because we fought him and defended our land until the drunken father conspired with against us and squandered our money to finance his drinking instead of using it to arm us with the latest tools like the neighbor did

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hi Sem,

            I have never heard an irrelevant metaphor as cool’s metaphor to explain the border issue that excludes the factors that lead to the conflict. In cool’s mind the enemy of our people that drives out the Eritrean youth from their country is wayane, not the policy of the Asmara regime. Border issues are everywhere and can be resolved with the right governments on both sides. But you do not let the nation and its people on hold for an open end, with the iron grip of the system, until it is resolved. Yegermal.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • cool

            semere Andom
            If i were you ,i would go to some English lessons before taking part in an itellectual forum.
            so much the worse is that you can not even repeat what i said word by word let alone understand it s content.
            you tried to cite me and say “our of anger” i couldnot remember saying something like that.
            Insofar as i understand your attitude and in addition to your deficit of articulation ,it is not worth explaying it to you further.
            The only thing i should say to all members of this forum is ,you have to see the matter in a broader spectrum und beyond the era of PIA .Getting support from weyane shiftas and ousting PIA ,has it s price , The question is , is everybody ready to pay this price?


          • Semere Andom

            Sure, I always take English classes:
            But you need to take memory classes if you cannot remember saying out of anger, yes I there was typo and common sense can figure that our, ouch, I mean out:-)

  • dawit

    Hi josef,
    You have the nerve to call the Ghedli generation ‘uneducated’. Educated or not they are the one who brought down two Super Powers to their knees. What do you know about YPFDJ?. They are cultivating young educated generation to tackle problems of the present and the future. So baby Joe If you are Eritrean, go to school and educate your self, do not settle to wash dishes as a refugee for the rest of your life,. Do not spend your time on keyboard insulting you elders. PRDF government is going to be there for a long, long time and will be replaced by YPFDJ for generations to come. Eritrea is in safe hand.
    Awet Nhafash.

  • AMAN

    Dear Awates,
    Greetings to all
    Shalom !
    The political current that had been in effect and going on in
    the opposition camp is nothing but a conspiracy and coordinated
    struggle to isolate and bring down the people of Hamassien and
    Seraye due to their alleged power holders in pre-colonial Eritrea
    and their supposed or assumed connection with the Abyssinian
    empire and political culture done by recruiting the help of some
    disrepute and discredited woyanes who had been expelled from
    EPRDF by PM Meles and the Tigray people in 1998 due to their
    anti Ethiopia stand making Mekelle their stronghold for their desperate
    attempt to survive.
    The struggle of the Eritrean Opposition based in Ethiopia has done
    nothing tangible for the realization of justice and democracy in Eritrea-
    the key steps for peace in the Horn region and good neighborliness
    with Ethiopian, Sudan and Yemeni peoples. Rather, its whole preocc-
    -upation as it is getting exposed more and more with time seems to be
    to hold down any progress and leadership done by these people of the
    two former provinces of Hamassien and Seraye in extracting Eritrea and
    by extension Ethiopia from the decades even centuries old faulty political
    line followed by colonial agents and the faulty opposition political line
    induced as a response to it and promoted by errant and dis-illusioned
    opposition leaders and their platforms.
    The refrain of the Eritrean people not fall into such self defeating agenda
    of individual and clan politics after it has made a long road to catch up with
    civilization of our world today to live as National community and higher form
    of governing organizing itself and its socio-political affairs even when it was
    pre-occupied with war and absence of peace; has gave them the wrong
    impression or understanding and has definitely being misinterpreted and/or
    exploited to succeed own narrow day dreams of power, riches and authority.
    It is hard to explain or understand why these so called opposition are hell bent
    at destroying the social and political assets and the individuals and communities
    of these two former provinces of Hamassien and Seraye to recreate unsuccessfully
    a new but dis configuered Eritrea.
    One way or the other, they are only promoting and advancing the deformed political
    political legacy inherited from colonial Italian and subsequent administration that only
    alienates and oppresses the native people and their social and political cultures while
    people freed themselves and their cultures and social values from that oppression that
    remained in effect until May 24, 1991.
    Thus , at this time what leaders of this faulty lines need is
    to be told point blank as it is, and
    Not endless generosity and advice naively hoping they will correct their
    old ways and habits.

  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello josef,

    Thank you very much Josef,

    I wish you had read my original writing which had a nice introduction about when my disappointment with President Isayas started and why. Every point you made about the opposition not doing enough and the examples you mentioned about what it should do are also in my thoughts. Well over a year ago I had commented about starting a fresh opposition party mainly consisting of a few Awatistas as an example and focusing on the young generation.

    The pre-existence of some of the tensions and suspicions are of course not helping, but the “old timers” do have a lot they can contribute. Their experiences of organizing and mobilizing the masses for example could be very useful. However, I strongly agree that they should focus on handing over the responsibilities of building a new Eritrea to the newer generation and shield the new generation from the unfortunate circumstances that divided Eritreans in the past.

    I am amazed on the similarities of your points and suggestions above and what I originally had as my introduction.

  • A.Osman

    Dear Fanti,

    Well presented article, now you will have to carry out your unofficial modarator role to get to be nice to each other…already signs are showing that it may not last long.

    You are correct to identify DIA as an old-fashioned and harsh dictator. Read what was said about the two predecessors to DIA. He has learned from them and perfected some of their weaknesses.

    John Makakis about HS

    …profound ambition pursued with judicious caution; limitless patience, coupled with the ability to act decisively; benevolent disposition and gentle manner, matched with great ruthlessness in matters political; an exaggerated posture of forthrightness and a talent for dissimulation; the capacity to attract and manipulate mutually antagonistic forces simultaneously; a flair for securing everyone’s commitment to his cause without committing himself to anyone; a keen judgement of human character and deftness in its manipulation; a gift for intrigue and a moral stance of detachment from it; an adroit sense of propaganda; an abstemious nature whose only ruling passion is power; and a sense of supreme self-confidence in his ability to rule the destiny of the Ethiopian people

    Bahru Zewde about Mengestu:

    While a full biography of Mengestu remains to be written, most observers concur in one thing: his special ability to size up situations and persons. Like his imperial predecessor, he also exhibited an uncanny ability to dissimulate his true intentions, thereby lulling his unsuspecting opponents to their doom. Rather charitably, this quality has been equated to intelligence. But it is perhaps nearer the mark to see it as an inner-city smartness (or what in local parlance would be called aradanet). His passionate nationalist rhetoric, expressed with more ordinary oratorical skill, also appears to have won him many followers, both among lower ranks of the Darg…..and in the country at large. …..His early popularity within Darg apparently stemmed from the fact that he was one of the few who had some sense of direction at a time when inexperienced appeared overwhelmed by tide of events that were unfolding in rapid succession. Moreover, Mengestu hardly forgot that thing that really mattered – military sinew.


  • Mahmud Saleh

    Selam Fanti
    Nothing but an appreciation for you. You have penned a great article providing the reader with a bird’s eyeview of the state of Eritrean politics. I expect more articles to come from you bro.

    • dawit


      You forgot to Add the great Mao and Ho Chi Min in your list of ‘Hafash Dictatorship” leaders. I think it is also a mistake to add Menge to the list. He was a pure Military Dictator like Idi Amin Dada, never lead ‘ People’s popular Liberation Fronts

      , like the mighty EPLF. Here is a video connection of once your leader in his own living words and nothing has changed except some who abandoned their stand for some temporary personal advantages.


      • dawit

        Thanks Awate for your moderating skills. You don’t want to hear the person you are accusing! Hiding the truth, will not make your position will not increase your stature but makes you weak. PIA is now a legend.

      • Fanti Ghana

        Hello Dawitom,

        By the way, Mao was one of the subjects of some of the studies and research papers about dictators I read about. My article just kept taking a life of its own and I was forced to shorten it and stay focused mostly on the subject of “how to behave.” I think we can blame my age for that.

        You have no idea how it pains me to say anything remotely against the gallant EPLF, but I don’t think there is a EPLF anymore. Whatever we have is a self-serving junta that is playing by the text book for dictators down to the letter.

        Let’s for a moment assume everything PIA/PFDJ is doing is for the good of the nation. Let’s also assume all the threats by Ethiopia and the rest are true. Even if every living Eritrean in jail today is a conspirator with Weyane or whoever, what purpose was served by refusing a dead body from burial on his own country, a veteran at that? Can you imagine what kind of thought process it would take to be that detached?

        It is not about the nation anymore. It is about taking an offense and dictators do not distinguish between personal and national offenses because they consider themselves as the embodiment of the nation. That is extremely dangerous brother. Save both if possible, but if you must chose please try to save the nation instead of the man.

        • dawit


          Truly if you want to compare PIA with any world leaders in the world, He is a combination of Gerge Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Mao all of them wrapped in one man Tegadaly Isaias Afwerki.
          Fanti, you are not the only one who abandoned EPLF, several did including our own Awatista, Mahamud who is parading her at as liberator. The dead man you mentioned Nyzgi, was also one of the liberators, including the G-15 group who abandoned the cause at one point of the unfinished journey of the Mighty EPLF. I am not sure but I have read on the cyber space, the man was dining and wining with SEMG group feeding the with state secrets which they used prepare their document for UNSC to put sanction on Eritrea, and that is why the Eritrean government refused to allow his body buried in the country. Why would any country give the honor for a man who participated in the liberation struggle but later betrayed the country and the people by being a tool of the enemies of Eritrea to put economic and military sanctions? And Eritrea was paying the full cost of his hospitalization for his disabilities he suffered during the liberation struggle. So today the man is turned as national hero for the ‘opposition’ a rallying point for the opposition, and here you have picked it to shame the Mighty EPLF and its leaders. That is why I wrote your assessment dishonest.

          Abandoning the cause and the struggle is not unique to Eritrean Revolution. The Russian Revolution had the “Trotskyite” lead by Leon Trotsky who was the founder and commander of Red Army of the Bolsheviks Revolution. The Chinese had “The Gang of Four” lead by Mao’s wife.

          Liberating Eritrea and Ethiopia was not the end by itself but a means to reach the ultimate goal of the struggle. I tried to include video of young IA speech in the 1970′. but AT censored it to protect their readers so XXXX it.

          Therefore I tried to write the speech:

          ንሕና ንሕና ኢና

          ንሕና ናይ ዝኾነ ኢደ በዛ ናይ ፖለቲካ ተቖመርቲ ክንከውን ፍቃደኛታት ኣይኮናን

          ናይ ገዛ ረኣስና ጎይቶት ክንከውን ኢና ንደሊ

          ሰውራና ሃገራዊ ዲሞክራሳዊ ሰውራ እዩ

          ናትና ዲሞክራስን ቅዋምን ዓላማን ዘሎና ኢና

          እት ሓደን ንይ መወዳእታ ዓላማና ድማ

          ህዝብና ብመዓርነት ፍትሕን ዝነብረላ ናጻን ል ኡላዊትን ኤርትራ ምምስራት እዩ

          ስለዚ ንሕና ፐንቲ ምጽወታን ትኻቦን ኢልና ኣብ እግሪ ዝኮነ ወገን ኣይንበርክን ኢና፣

          ንሕና ነፍስና ክንመስል እምበር መተካእታ ናይ ዝኮነ ወገን ክንመስል ኣይንደልን

          ቓልሲ ዝነውህ እንተዝነውሕ እንተዝነውሕ ዝመረረ እንተዝመርር

          ኣብ መወዳእታ ዓወትና ግድን እዩ።;፡

          I believe PFDJ is an expanded EPLF that opened the membership to those Eritreans of ‘Hafash Wdubat’. Some former EPLF members might not have been pleased but that is the only way if the vanguard party EPLF to expand and survive after the liberation struggle.

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Mahmuday,

      Oh yes, the “common good” that never was. If I write anything soon it will be on dictatorship and the mind of a dictator. There is an amazing amount of information on that subject, but I had to skip the details to make room for what I promised I was going to write this time. Dictators become the never filling vacuum that feeds on the good will and effort of their comrades and the masses.

      As I was finishing off writing this article, some PFDJ groups were showing a video in the Bay area of some armed Eritreans in the Sudan. The caption and the message conveyed by the organizers was that those are “Weyane armed Jihadists” preparing to kill us all and take over “our country.”

      They seem to be growing desperate these days that they are concentrating on allegiance of Eritrean women, especially older women, for support. A staunch supporter and a very close friend of mine told me that for the first time ever, his wife was called to the video watching meeting instead of him. He almost didn’t think much about it thinking that some body may have lost his phone number or something until a few of his friends shared with him similar experiences.

      Soon after the news about the Asmara shootout, there was an invitation to all Eritreans to “have fun night” with Tefono for April 9th in the Bay area. Almost no one showed up! I believe the concentration on women may have something to do with the pinch they are feeling allover. There are a few Diaspora strongholds left for PFDJ: Atlanta, the Bay area (Oakland, CA), and London.

      However, dictators don’t fall that easy. The opposition may or may not be ready to takeover, but some amount of chaos may be eminent if that day comes with the opposition still scattered. Everyone’s steadfastness and far looking attitude is needed now more than ever.

      Saay and you, both family men, both looking toward to a retirement as you ought to, it is unbelievable burden to place on you, but if you can find Haile TG or someone like him, and add a fourth, all rounded soul but different from all three, preferably a female, imagine what a party you would make. To encourage the formation of a united front of the oppositions, you then join the ENCDC. May be it is not that simple, but I dream of these things all the time.

      If awate forumers are any indication, you have the trust of almost everyone, you don’t have any hidden agendas, you are equally sympathetic to the high or low lander. You are time tested true patriots. eh bele Taf zihankete!

  • tes

    Dear Fanti Ghana,

    I would like to thank you for coming with this article Fanti Ghana. It means a lot.

    Of course you have strong sides, especially on defining the dictatorial system that exists in Eritrea. Hope you won’t mind me if I jump straight to weak sides and put my reaction and criticism.

    Dear Fanti Ghana,

    Though I have great respect on your principles and methodological approach, today I am disappointed when you put these four things:

    1. On revenge

    Your approach here is based on negligence of the type of demand coming from justice seeking camp. The revenge era was over in 1980s when ELF lost the untold bitter civil war and its freedom fighters exiled for good. When Eritrea got its independence, ELF wanted to come back as a stakeholder force and participate in the nation building (I don’t think you will miss what nation building is – it is not limited to building of bridges, road, dams and housing of course). However they were rejected by the then as a leading successor EPLF.

    The mind of revenge does not exist in ELF but in EPLF and now in PFDJ.

    We the justice seekers, though multicolored, our call is very simple – just “JUSTICE”. If you call this ‘revenge’ be it.

    2. On Mesfin Hagos

    Mesfin Hagos was one of the gallant freedom fighters Eritrea has produced during the 30 years war. No question about this. What people are asking him now is that as equally as he was a hero before, he is guilty of being part of a the team who designed and worked for system that is letting us deprived. He was part of the leadership and we are witnessing what his leadership produced. For this he is simply “guilty”.

    How can you then simply welcome for a leader who is considered guilty for his leadership roles and put him again in the wagon of justice seekers leadership position? This has to be rejected without questioning his personalities, automatic rejection. In addition, there are current proves also that tells us a lot about his leadership incapabilities for justice.

    As an individual and his involvement on crimes, I hope families of victims to come and sue him in an international court.

    3. On Nitricc

    Here I am absolutely disappointed at you. Nitricc has been here for years, more than 10 years. His lines are quite visible to every leader. How can you then tell us to listen his insulting questions. Nitricc’s questions are void and dismissive and so does he must be dismissed.

    Before you entertain his idea, have you ever asked if Nitricc ever put an open mind on justice seeker’s loud cry for justice and respect of rule of law?

    I could have pulled lots of insulting comments put by Nitricc to show you that his questions (as you pulled them out here) are untrue.

    – Nitricc is one who laughed at those who drowned in Mediterranean.
    – Nitricc is one who labeled victims of April 03, 2016 as “cowards and stupid”/

    I don’t know how a man of your caliber ignored such remarks and come to tell us that we need to listen him.


    4. On Saba

    Why she cares on who is who? I don’t mind you seriously but before pulling here concerns, at least you could ask “why she is interested on this particular form to be filled?” Is she preparing a coupon of party membership?

    For me, even let a million party exist in the opposition camp. to repeat, let a million exist. For such developments, I consider it as millions of individuals seeking for justice.

    5. On our methodological approach towards PFDJ and its diehard-liners

    I would simple say, for every action, there is equal and opposite reaction, Newton’s third law, a law of nature. We, in the opposition camp are guided by rule of nature. What more in sane than this?

    I thank you again


    • josef

      Your response is limited in scope and understanding…
      It is laughable someone ending their comment with physical law to justify human behavior. I generally don’t know how to make sense of Eritrean and their comments- some of it sounds unhinged or just village talk and worst part of village.
      Opposition party is guided by rule of nature? No the Opposition party if they have interest of Eritrean people should be guided by the interest of majority of Eritrean and their future. No rehashing old testament- an eye for eye.. I think Gandhi said that will leave world blind.. in Eritrean case a dysfunctional state, refugee, diaspora incapable viable community based organization, etc.. Of course the eye for eye worked in highland/lowland for 3000 years..
      2. Saba request is sane and legitimate… who are the oppositions? What is their experience and expertise? What is their platform for democratic society, do they have a think-tank institute engaged in studies how remedy Eritrea’s condition after Feudal Lord. Are they working on 10-15 year vision for Eritrea after freedom?
      I have met some of the opposition leaders… and you know when you engage with them and ask questions… you have find they lack basic education in political science or anything except handling a gun 30 years ago, minimal intelligence, 70% of their lives had nothing to do with Civil society.. They are generally as clueless as the Gedhli folks that took over Eritrea in 1990s. Their only qualification is that they are Eritrean. After talking to them, I always leave feeling it is a Saturday Night Live skit or the worst joke on Eritrean future generation…
      It is better if they disappear or recruit Eritrean in 30s or 40s and give them leadership scholarship from some top universities in the world.. Send about 20-30 or more Eritrean to top universities in Japan, Britain, Germany, Sweden, to learn from countries that got their shit together.

      With Mesfin Hagos and opposition- you wonder who the hell are these Opposition except some self-appointed folks. Any retard can join them and if he makes enough noise he is on top… Mesfin hagos and ex-pdjf will be addressed in a truth and reconciliation form of court in Eritrea once we get rid of Feudal Lord.
      There opposition or dislike for Mesfin Hagos has nothing to do with pain of Eritrean people or future generation- these opposition folks just feel- Mesfin Hagos or Anderberhan will eclipse them since no-one listens to them. Remember silent majority doesn’t know much about the opposition- except by coffee discussions and rumors- you know the communication style of villages.
      And anytime famous names like Hagos and Anderberhan appear on horizon they go on attack mode. Because opposition feels threat of irrelevance which it already has..
      Eritrean opposition are caught in Catch-22- if they go public share platform, expertise and resume of its leadership, and platform for future Eritrea- Silent Majority will say- “These guys are not new or original they just opposite side of Gedhli generation coin- they don’t know anything… they have no expertise in running a civil society or nor ability to create a viable vision for the country and its young generation- can you really call them literate”
      And if they keep themselves just like 1960s/1970s opposition with vague and secretive, there is a danger that folks like Hagos and Andeberhan will take their thunder. You know that Thunder that got them in last 15 years creating alphabet soup of organization, traveling to different cities to reminiscent about past, give their empty diaspora a little meaning while returning to a janitorial or taxi jobs in America..

      Best option for opposition and future of Eritrea at this point is for the opposition to recruit Post-Gedhli generation folks and raise money to send them to get best education in some of top universities- get them educated on the best governance approaches, etc… For this the Eritrean people will remember them and give me them their due..
      Other than this they are currently part of problem and not solution…
      Maybe we can raise money to open a retirement community for Gedli generation opposition or government folks.
      We can use goFundMe “Operation Retirement Centers for Gedhli generation” where they will be given a home to live, certificate of participation during our independence struggle, and small pension- so current and future generation of Eritrean can finally have peace..

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Prof. tes,

      Thank you brother, and I love the way you have organized the points above.

      1. Revenge: I am not saying the opposition is revenge minded at all. What I am saying is that the “silent majority” and some PFDJ supporters are perceiving it as such mostly because it is not engaging them enough to be known one way or the other. When PFDJ propaganda outlet is hard at work agitating the masses that these “oppositions” are nothing but “revenge seeking ELFites” and the opposition doesn’t seem to be doing enough to counter that, what are people supposed to think?

      2. Mesfin Hagos: He may or may not be guilty of something, but this is not the time to deal with those kind of issues because it simply discourages others from doing the same. To his credit he walked away from the erroneous path PFDJ is taking. At this moment the opposition should thanks those who abandon PFDJ, and in some cases even invite them to join it. Anything else could be counter productive.

      3. Nitricc: brother tes, Nitricc is a good man. With all the things he says on this forum, you would think I would be the last person to say so, but I have the unfortunate gift of “reading people.” It is a gift and a curse. Most people react to what and how he says things. I simply concentrate on why he says those things, and almost always, I find something honorable in them. His reaction to the drowned and the shot, if you only see the words alone of course they sound horrible, but the frustration behind those and his words in similar situations are unmistakable to me. He is the typical military man; what can we do?

      4. Saba: her posts of the last couple of months revolve around wanting to know more about the opposition. Isn’t that what the opposition should be striving for? She was shifting from mostly criticizing to mostly enquiring and for that I respect her enormously. By the way, she is incredibly intelligent, may be even a lot more than I think. She is not emotionally bogged down to preexisting ideas like the rest of us, so, she would have no problem joining the opposition if the logic is sound for doing so.

      5. Newton’s Third Law: Hmmmm! You are right, this is hard. We are wired to balance things, and that is why we have to deal with equal or more measure to those who wrong us. I am an amateur practitioner of “we need to strive to be bigger than that” philosophy, so below is my counter law to your Newtonian law.

      5b. Confucius’ only law: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”
      We will talk more soon.

    • Solomon Haile

      Selamat tes and Awatista U….
      In 1752 eleven days want missing from the Calandar and as a consequence we have April Fools.. Well should I address this to the Humanities Dept, To the Dean of Humanisim??? Is it tes OR Fanti. Ghana?
      Following Newton’s Third Law: (Newton = Nature by the substitution variable law.)
      “For every action the is an equal and opposite reaction.” Nature/Newton
      “The only way to get rid of enmity is through amity.” MLK/Nature/Newton
      Habar roQaHi is the word OPPOSITE
      My point is: Hence forth I shall celebrate new years on April 1st. Why? Well maybe I am a “Fool on Love” with whome you may ask? With “Earth Angle.”

  • Semere Andom

    Dear Fanti:

    The languages flows like silk, the ideas are coherent and your advice that includes politeness while we are wronged and engaging the other side, are refreshing and noble. Sal also has being making similar points by his decade old mantra of no Eritrean left behind, even making the point that if a loved one is addicted you must intervene and be understanding. These are all Eritrean sense and sensibilities and we tried them, we endured while we were wronged, we engaged the enemy but it did not work, Knowing your enemy is the half of the work and so far we have not been able to know our enemies and I do not blame you for not knowing, most Eritreans do not know their enemy, the PFDJ and so they get slaughtered. You have to know your enemy and then decide on how to fight him and you fight him with equal ferocity.
    About the revenge, it has been said that the best revenge is living good, but what does living good mean, it means the crimes must not be repeated on our kids, that crimes do have consequences and that crime like sin must be punished. Justice for wronged and justice for our posterity. My estimation is that PFDJ/EPLF has killed and disappreaed Eritrean more than the ware against Dergi claimed. We need to know, document and identify who did it, let all these be repeated. It does not mean we will hire firing squad like the PFDJ does and kill all the criminals and bury them in mass graves. I do not think that doing the truth and reconcillation in SA was revenge and PFDJites know that but documentation and finging truth terrifies them.
    I bet MS will reply with one line: eni men neberu to trivialize the idea of documentation and assigning resposilbity.
    I may say more in the next stop depending how the PFDJies react to this

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Semere Anbesa,

      I can’t believe I am talking to you!

      I always admired your speed and articulation of writing articles, but not as much as I did when I was dealing with mine. What you read above is the third draft after deleting everything and starting from scratch gain. On my original start my introduction alone was well over 2800 words! Then on the second one, the “the dictatorship equilibrium” I mentioned but said nothing about became a very long article by itself. Strike three was done under lots of family pressure about Hosanna Sunday and the preparation for it.

      Lessons learned:
      1) Never promise to write an article about a specific subject and an implied deadline.
      2) Read the posting guideline every other month.
      3) Read your draft allowed to friends and families at hand (It is amazing how bad some words sound when read aloud).
      4) Always trust your initial instinct.

      Every time I talk to you something happens to me!

      • Berhe Y

        Hi Fanti,

        Enjoyed your article.

        SA is known in this part of the world, dotere or philosopher…he has ways of articulating his thoughts…

        “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

        ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


      • Semere Andom

        Hi Fanti:
        You know, Joseph Conard ‘s used to lock him in a room when he was writing and one day after locking him for hours, she asked him, “honey what did you do this morning?”, he replied I removed one comma, then she locked him for the rest of the day and then when she summoned him for dinner, she again asked him, “honey, what did you do all afternoon?”, he replied, I put that comma back.
        So what you did is what every writer, successful or amateur has to go through and no wonder, your article reads as if it was the singing of a bird
        In my, case after reading any thing, I wrote, I immediately see the comma splices, the awkard phraselogy, the sentence fragments. So what you did is the right way of writing. Good job
        PS I hope the something that happens to you is something good
        Happy Easter!

    • Solomon Haile

      Con gusto Jeneral,
      Pero la AT con Segnore T tienen mi papeles. Yo no se perque no toma para ti y la Universidad Awatista. Soy un ningo de Barka Abay y yo tengu muy muy patiencia y iyo olvidarecla lengua frank de Azuri…
      Basta basta si si dame una borito de Pasta por favor.. En cinco dias yo beber Molson del Norte y Tekate del Sur. Porque Cinco de Mayo yo necessita una WET bolsa servesa. Yeah como mi CO siempre. Note: CO is not an accronym for the jailer, rather it is an acronym for a Cold One! Viva la Verde en Rusia Blancos.
      AT please prividec the Heneral with his dskalnet werQet. Muchos gracias hombres.

  • Mehari the ferrari

    One of my Brilliant articles posted at my fb account (adios Eritrea)

    “ፈታው ሓዉ ጥቁው ህዝብና,ህዝቢ ኣከለጉዛይ ኣለኻዶ” ?

    ክቡራትን ክቡራንን፣

    በዚ ነቲ ኣብ ዓዱ ዘሎ ዘድንቖ ህዝቢ ኣከለጉዛይ ከዋግዓኩም።

    በቲ ጅግና, ጸለመ ናይ ደቂ ባንዳን ራቢጣን ድምብርጽ ከይበሎ ንህዝቢ ባሕረ ነጋሽ ኤርትራ መታን ክሕሾ ኢሉ ነቲ ፓርላማ ኮሊኒ ጣልያንን, ኣብ ትሕቲ ምምሕዳር እንግሊዝንን ዝነበረት ጥፍእቲ ክፍለሃገርና ኤርትራ, ናብ ኣዲኣ መሊሳ ክትምለስ ዘይሕለል ጻዕሪ ጌሩ ፣ምስ ኢትዮጵያ ኣዴና ንኽንሕወስ እሞ, ጸጋ ወላዲት ሃገርና ነበር ኢትዮጵያ ክንዓጽዶ ዘኽኣለና በሊሕ ጸንዓ ድግለታይ ኣቦናን ኣብሓጎናን ብኽብረት ኢድ ኣቦይ ኣስፍሃ ወልደሚካኤል ክስዕም ኣፍቅዱለይ።ናይ ታሪኽ ፈላጥ እኳ እንተዘይኮንኩ እዛ ናይ ጀጋኑ መፍረ ዝነበረት ጸንዓ ድግለ ነቦና ባህታ ሰገነይቲ እውን ሂባትና እያ።ጣልያን ንሓዉ ምስ ቀተሉሉ ወይኑ ኣብ ሕቖ ፋሽሽቲ ረጊጹ ቫ ቤነ/Va bene Bahta Segeneiti ባህታ ሰገነይቲ ዘበሎም ኩሩዕ ኣቦና ባህታ ሰገነይቲ, ኣብ ርእሰይ እንተሰቐልኩዎ ኣይትቀየሙኒ። እቲ ኣምሓሩ ቀደም ሸይጦም ብፋሽሽቲ ክንሓንኽ ዝገበሩና መሊስና ናብኦም ኣይንምለስን ኢሉ ብሽም ኤርትራ ንኤርትራውያን ንሙሉእ ትግራዋይ ሓቝፉ ነጻ ከውጽእ ዝተላዕለ ባሕረ ነጋሲ ወያናይ ኣቦና ራእሲ ተሰማ ዓዋተ ዝተባህለ ድረ ገጽ/website ከይተረፈ ቃልሱ ንኹሉ ትግራዋይ ምንባሩ ኣብ ዓምዱ ኣቐሚጥዎ ኔሩ።ከም ኣቦና ወልደኣብ ወልደማርያም ናይ ሰራየ ብውሽጢ ውሽጢ ምስ ኣቦታትና ትግራይ ርክብ ከም ዝነበሮ እውን፣ ኣብ ትሕቲ ገረብ ዓርኮብኮባይ ዘይተሰንዔ ሓቀኛ ታሪኽና ንዝፈልጥ ሰብ ኣየደንጽዎን።

    ብሕያውነትን ሓዉ ጠምዩ እንከሎ በሊዑ ዘይሓድር ኣከለጉዘታይ ,ህዝቢ ክልል ኤርትራ ጥራይ ዘይኮነ ህዝቢ ሃገር ኢትዮጵያ እውን ዓቢ ምስክር እዩ።እቲ ኣብ ኢትዮጵያ ዝነበረ ሃብትን ንግድን ብዘይምግናን 85% ንላዕሊ ናይ ህዝቢ ኣውራጃ ኣከለጉዛይ ከም ዝነበረ ኣብኡ ዝዓበኹም ባሕረነጋሻውያን ኣይትኽሕድዎን።እዚ ዝኾነሉ ድማ እቶም ካልኦት ንነብሶም ኮይኖም ንወዲ ሓወብኦም ብጎቦ ኣዒንቶም ክርእይዎ ከለዉ እዚ ትኩር ኣከለጉዘታይ ግን ካብቲ ጽሙእ መሬቱ ዘይተማህሩ ኣዝማዱ ከይተረፈ እናሰሓበ ብፍቕሪ እናምሃረ ላዕሊ ኣብጺሕዎም ፣ናይ ሓቢርካ ምትሕግጋዝን ምምዕባልን ፣እዞም ጅዊሽ ናይ ዓድና/Jews of our kilil,ዝብል እሩም ሽም ኣጥርዩሉ ኣሎ።

    እቲ በዚሓ ናይ ኢትዮጵያ ብሕታዊ ሃብቲ/private riches ኣብ ኢድ ደቁ ባሕረነጋሽ፣ብፍላይ ድማ ናይዚ ትኩር ኣውራጃ ኣከለጉዛይ ህዝብና…eg ናይ ነዊሕ ጉዕዞታት ኤነ ትረታትን፣ ታክሲታት ናይ ከተማን ,እንዳ ቡንን ረስቶራንተታትን እንዳ ባቕላባን ኬክን፣ኮታ ኣብ ኣሮጌው ኣይሮፕላን ማረፍያ ገዛውቲ ሃበትም ናይዞም ክቡራት ወገናትና ከም ዝነበረ ናይ ኣደባባይ ምስጢር እዩ ። … ግን ለባም ክጋገስ ደረት የብሉን ከም ዝብሃል ነዚ ኣንጻር ኤኮኖምያውን ሕብረተሰባውን ጥቕሙ ዝኾነ ባርነት ኤርትራ ንኽመጽእ እዚ ለባምን ጥቁውን ህዝቢ እዚ እውን ተጣዒሱ ዘይመልሶ ጌጋ ፈጺሙ ፣ኣብ ትሕቲ ሽፍትነት ኤርትራን መንግስትነትን ፣ነዚኦም ከይትኣምንዎም ዝብል መንፈስን ደቛሲ ንሱን ደቁን ብሕብረተ ሰብ እውን ከም ዝግለሉ ኮይኖም ፣ብዘይካ ሓደ ክልተ ሙታንታ ኢሳያስ፣ ናይ ክፍሊ ጸጥታ ኮይኖም ዝሕልውዎ ፣ድሕሪ ኩናማን ዓፋርን ኣዝዩ ዝተወቕጠን ዘይእመንን ህዝብና ህዝቢ ኣከለጉዛይ ሙዃኑ ፣ነዚ ከምዚ ከማይ ብፍቕሪ ዝዓበየ ሰብ የሕዝኖ።

    ብትምህርቲ እውን ዘይጎድሉ፣ብሕልፊ ደቂ ከባቢ ጸንዓድግለ ፣ዲፕሎማ ከይሓዘ 7-11v/Seven Eleven ዝሰርሕ ወዲ ወረዳኦም ምስ ዝርእዩ፣ኪድ ተምሃር ንሕና $5000 dolars ገንዘብ ነለቅሓካ ፣ተማሂርካ ዲፕሎማ ኣምጽእ ቀስ ኢልካ ትኸፍለና ኢሎም ገንዘቦም ዘወፍዩ ውሑዳት ከም ዘይኮኑ ኣብ ካናዳ ዝርከብ ወዲ ክፍለ ሃገር ኤርትራ ምስክረይ እዩ።

    ንምንታይ ድኣ እዚ ኩሉ ኢለ ብዛዕባ እዞም ወጻኢ ዝነብሩ ብቑጽሪ ውሑዳት ዘይኮኑ ኣከለጉዘቶት ዝጕህን ዘንጸርጽን ፧ እቶም ሓማሴናይ ስለ ዝኾንኩ ዝመስሎም ፣ካብ ኣስመራ ኣትሒዞም ዘይፈልጡኒ ሰባት ጥራሕ እዮም፣ኣንኳይ ምስ ኣከለጉዘታይሲ ምስ ሜክሲኮ ህዝበይ ኢለ ቋንቍኦም ፈሊጠ እነብር ኣለኹ።ከምቶም ሓዎም ወዲ ኣውርጃኦም ዘየኽበሩን ዘይሓዘኑሉን ፣ዘይሓገዝዎን ተመሊሶም “እዞም ኣከለጉዛይ እኮ ጓሎም ንኻልእ ኣይህቡን እዮም ፣ምሳና ኮፍ ኣይብሉን እዮም ቀደም እውን ቃኘው ንስራሕ ደቂ ሓወቦታቶም ጥራይ እዮም ዘእትዉ ኔሮም” ዝብል ድኹም መንፈስ፣ኣሰይ ከም ድላዮም፣ይብሎ።

    ሓንቲ ቅሬታይ ክገልጸልኩም እዞም ኣካል ናይዚ ክቡር ኣውራጃ እዚ ኮይኖም ፣ነቲ ወዲ ሳንዳይን ወደያይን ኣብ ሃገራዊ ጉዳይ እውን ብምእታው ንባዕሎምን ነቲ ኣውራጃን ከም ዘይእመን ዝገብርዎ ዘለዉ ጽጉማት እዩ።እዚ ድማ ናይ ኤርትራ ከም ሃገር ኣቐንዝዩኒ ኣይኮነን፣ጽባሕ ንትፋናጣሕ ሃገር ፣ናይ ህዝበይ ፣ብሕልፊ ድማ በዞም ብቑጽሪ ውሑዳት ዘይኮኑ ወጻኢ ዝርከቡ (እንተተማህሩ ዝገዶም)ዝገብርዎ ዘለዉ ጽበትን ምፍልላይን ከፋሊኡ ህዝቢ ኣውራጃ ኣከለጉዛይ ምዃኑ እዩ፣ዋላ ናይ ልቦም ኣብ ውሽጦም ጌሮም ፣ምስ ካልእ ከባቢ ተሓባቢሮም ጥራይ ዘይኮኑስ እናመርሑ እውን ብግንባር ቀደም ንህዝብና ህዝቢ ኣከለ ጉዛይ ቀጺሎም ድማ ነቲ መቑሕ በዚሕዎ ዘሎ መንእሰይና ነጻ ከውጽኡ ጊዜ ኣይምወሰደን።እዞም ህዝቢ እዚኦም ትምህርቲ ይኹን ጥቁውነት ዘይጎድሎም ከባቢ ,ብወጻኢ ዝርከቡ ገዛእ ደቂ ከባቢኦም ይሳቐዩ ኣለዉ። ኣብ ሆስፒታላት ኣስመራ ከይተረፈ ዝጠፍኣት ኣንሶላ ብዓል መን ወሲዶማ ይኾኑ ከም ዝሕመ እቶም ሓደ ሓደ ጸበብቲ ኣዝማድና ዝነግሩና ኣለዉ።

    እቲ ሽግር ብኹላትና እዩ መጺኡ ፣መፍትሒኡ ብቕልጡፍ መጺኡ ንህዝብና ህዝቢ ኣከለጉዛይን ሙሉእ ባሕረ ነጋሽን ክጥዕሞ ፣ወጻኢ ዝርከቡ ደቂ እታ ምጭውቲ ኣውራጃና ነቲ ክሳዕ ኣንጉዖም ኣትዩ ዘሎ ናይ ምግላል መንፈስ ኣብ ፖለቲካ ከም ዘይሰርሕን ፣ብዝበለጸ ዝህደን ዝነበረን ዘሎን ፣እቲ ናይ ሜዳ ሓውናን ኣያናን ወዲ ተምነዎ ገሊጽዎ ኔሩ፣ነቲ ናይ ስደት ድማ ካልእ ትሕም ትሕም ክብለሉ ከሎ ኣነ ተባዕ ድምበዛናይ ሓወቦኹም ግን ይትኩሶ ኣለኹ።

    *ብፍሉይ ወጽዓ ህዝቢ ኣውራጃ ኣከለጉዘታይ ዝሓዘነ

    ተባዕ ድምበዛናይ ሓዎቦኹም

    ምሕረቱ ሃብተ ጳውሎስ

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    • tes

      Dear Mehari the ferrari,

      First – Lots of stuffs but with one message; “the greatness of of group of people from the whole sovereign country”. Do you know what such character is? It is called, “Fascism”. Stop therefore a fascist.

      Second – think by being in 21th C, and specially of being in 2016. No wayanay movement today. that movement was crushed some 80 years ago, almost a century by now. Even TPLF knew that movement won’t work and hence decided to work within the Ethiopian line.

      Third – Know that the people of Akeleguzay are part of the Eritrean sovereign land. For this, they have equal responsibility like the other Eritreans. No mimic here. You can talk about the greatness of these people but now through comparison. Every Awraja in Eritrea has its own quality and must not be compared with others unless it is for good reasons.


    • Kokhob Selam

      ክቡር ሓው !

      እዚ ፍጹም ብሉይ ፖሎቲካዊ ኣተሓሳስባ ከመይ ኢሉ ኣብ ኣእምሮ ሎሚ ብህይወት ዝነብር ሰብ ስምብራት ከምዝገበረ ንምፍላጥ እየ ህርድግ ክብል ጸኒሐ – ነዛ ጽሑፍካ ምስ ኣንበብኩ:: ገና ድኣ ድማ እዚ ዝዓይነቱ ብሩዝን ብኩልን ኣረኣእያ ኣብ ‘ዚ ወልዶ ኣሎ እዩ? ዘደንጹ ጉዳይ እዩ !

      ብዙኾነ ህዝቢ ኣኮሎግዛይ ብትብዓቱን ጽፉፍ መርገጻቱን ዝፍለጥ ካብ ካለኦት ህዝብታት ዘይፍለ ኤርትራዊ ህዝቢ እዩ :: ኣብ ታሪኽ ዝተራእዩ ሓፍ ዞቅን ምድብላቕን ጉዳያት ኣብ ኩሉ ሕብረተሰብ ነይሮም እዮም :: ኣብ መወዳእታ ግን ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ነቲ ኣገዳሲ ዝኾነ ናይ ሓባር ባይትኡ ሃገርነት ኤርትራ ዘቶከረን ኣበርቲዑ ዝሰረሐን ህዝቢ እዩ :: ሎሚ ንድሕሪት ተመሊስና ገለ ካብ ደቂ ሃገር ንዘርኣይዎ ተንበርካኽነት ከም መወከሲ ናይ ሓደ ኣውራጃ መርገጽ ክንወስድ ኣይንኽእልን ጥራይ ዘይኮነስ ሓቅነት ‘ውን የብሉን ::

      ዓርኩ – እታ ባቡር ብዙሕ ቀዲማትካ ኣላ : ሎሚ እቲ ሓዲሽ ኣተሓሳስባ ሃገርነት ኤርትራ ኣብ ዋጋ ዕዳጋ ዘየእቱ ግዳ ኸኣ ህዝብታት ክልቲአን ሃገራት ናይ ሓባር ጥቅመን ሓልየን ተኸባቢረን ዝነብራሉ ኣሰራርሓ ምፍጣር እዩ :: ስለዚ ቅሩብ ካብ ዘለኻዮ ድሑር ዘመን ፍሑኽ በል!

  • dawit

    Mr Honest Fanti,

    It is Very
    impressive writing, but a very dishonest one. If you have to classify Eritrean
    Government under PFDJ, you should not compare him with those you listed above.
    An honest classification would have been to Cuba, a country that was subjugated
    by its big neighbor USA, sanctioned, isolated and occupied its territory. I don’t
    know how you missed the article by the Independent journalist Nr. Thomas
    Mountain, describing Eritrea as the “Cuba of Africa”! The correct description
    of the Eritrean system would be the ‘Dictatorship of the Proletariats’ or in
    Tigrnya it can be translated as ‘Megzati Hafash’. So you see PFDJ will be around
    for a long period of time as long as it has the support of “Hafash’ and
    hopefully God will grant long life to President Isaias similar to Comrade Fidel
    Castro and many of his enemies will disappear before he goes. The way you described
    the Eritrean Government and people fits well to that of slave system in
    Ethiopia run by EPRDF, where they uproot citizens from their ancestral lands,
    sell it to ‘investors’ and turn the people to toil under slave wages. Here is
    my prediction to you for Ethiopia’s feature. In five years there 2021 there
    will be a violent change of government in Ethiopia. How? Well PIA has still the
    formula of changing oppressive regimes in Ethiopia. In five years, all the
    armed Ethiopian opposition will unite, TPDM, OLF, Ginbot-Arbegnoch etc fronts
    under one or many coordinated move that will drive their tanks at Menelik
    Palace. You better believe it, because that is the only way the people in the
    region. As to the so called ‘Eritrean opposition’ who are dreaming for a regim
    change in Eritrea will keep barking like their counterparts the Cubans im
    Miami. “Nsu niHna, nHna nsu” is the “Real Thing”.
    Awet Nhafash!

    • Semere Andom

      There is new breakthrough scientific finding, probably a Noble Prize winner and it stipulates that there is direct relation between rapists, incest practioners and dictator lovers

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Fanti,

    I was one of those who waited this article. I already read it once. as usual my 2nd reading will be with my group where we will discuss in details. great read my best friend of all times. a lot of lessons to be taken from your article. God bless you. for now I will still put here the lost culture of our society saying “sorry” when mistakes are done instead of trying to cover it with another mistake. This was the worst sickness that consumes or time and effort. I was tough to Mesfin Hagos (you have mentioned the case) and I really mean it but not our of revenge. The reason is only to make sure the man has accepted his mistakes and he is really for change – as reconciling is simply accepting each other without correcting as my deep understanding. again the most important point is that making sure tricks are not repeated in coming struggle era – in here as you have seen yourself almost none among those who abandoned PFDJ has said openly that he was in wrong side except shouldering all crimes to one man and his will not give any result. this comes out of my belief that leaders are only results of the mass and those who work with them so change requires great heroism in accepting the truth and correcting self first which will also change the way we think about change.

    again I am sorry if I have disappointed you during challenging supporters as they have only the same language to listen. I as Kokhob Selam have much finer principle at this stage of my life but then I have to use the rough and harder way to deal in some cases. if one is to much proud of being fighter with guns, I will go to the field and show also how I fight – I have done that. If one is proud of his language and wants Eritrea to use it, well I go to learn the same language and say to go a head this is the style which I believe will weaken narrow minded people. Yes, if someone is proud to EPLF well I will sure show him I am too. we are all connected and I always think we have to correct our wrong deeds to correct the world.

    Thank you bro. Thank you very much. I will come soon with my Amharic comment.

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Khkobay,

      Actually, I am the one who should apologize for appearing self righteous about dealing with one another. I know how hard it is not to scream back when screamed at. I am hopping that if all of us tried hard enough, even if for a small improvement on being tolerant with one another, it would make a world of difference on follow up engagements.

      The human mind, as complex as it can be, is also very fragile. Some people are gifted with being extremely tolerant while others are super sensitive even to the most irrelevant of events. My main wish is that some day, we all wake up and realize that there is more to life than some of the trivial issues we fight tooth and nail about.

      Take the news about Mr. Mohammed Hussein’s ordeal a few weeks ago for example: how could there be 5-10-20 versions of understanding that? Disagreeing about political outlook is one thing, but we shouldn’t forget that at the end of the day, it is about humanity. Even cows cry when they find a dead cow. Our collective political indoctrination of the last several decades is costing us a lot more than we are benefiting from it.

      You always have a genuine and righteous intent in everything you say, and I always recognized that about you, so you are absolutely blameless in my book my friend.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Fanti Ghana,
        Thank you and keep teaching us.

        all my respect to you.