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Eritrea 2015: Feels Like Eritrea 2002

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) just released its annual Human Development Report and Eritrea is ranked third from bottom, next to Central African Republic and Niger, in Human Development Index (HDI).

HDI is a qualify of life index which measures factors that contribute to developing human capacity and the conditions for their development: how long and how healthy the lives of citizens are; the quality of their education system; their standard of living; their participation in political and community life; environmental sustainability; and, finally, human security and rights.

Of the 188 countries listed, Eritrea is ranked # 186.

What does that mean? I mean the UNDP, and its country representative in Eritrea, is the same one that has been telling us MDG MDG MDG MDG, come and see. This is what the numbers say:

Children born in Eritrea are far less likely to be born to an adolescent mother than in the rest of the less developed world. Compared to children in the rest of low human development countries (mostly Africa), the Eritrean children also have lower than average likelihood of dying as an infant, as do their moms. They are far more likely to be immunized to DTP and measles, far less likely to contract AIDS, and far, far less likely to die from malaria and TB. They have a higher literacy rate, and live a bit longer than other Africans. On the other hand, the children are more likely to be malnourished and have stunted growth; will have far fewer years of schooling than their peers in the rest of Africa, will be far poorer compared to even the poorest countries of the world, will have exiles equaling those of nations-in-war, and will be nationals of a country that is developing at a much slower rate even in comparison to the poorest of the poor.

At 18.5, their median age is comparable to the rest of low development countries, which is 19.5.

Male and female, Eritreans are much more likely to enter the labor force than their counterparts in Africa, although there is a great deal of evidence that the labor force is compulsory. They belong to a country whose government has signed the convention against forced labor in 2000, so it will contradict itself endlessly on the subject: the convention does not apply to conscription of soldiers, so they are soldiers; no, they are not because Eritrea is an oasis of peace, they are in a national development plan, a Marshall Plan which is necessary (but, unlike Marshall Plan, not voluntary), and they are only serving, on average 5 years and we have “quietly” demobilized many, so it is voluntary, really, next question.

Speaking of conventions, whenever Eritrea is joining one, it points out to its non-existent constitution and non-existent proclamation on political organizations and labor laws (because they are written, dammit) as evidence that is a country governed by rule of law and it allows for freedom of assembly.

Africa, as a continent, has the lowest suicide rates than any other continent. But, for male Eritreans, the suicide rate is 25.8/100,000, higher than their counterparts in Africa (15.2/100,000.)  These are, no doubt, the “collateral damage” of Eritrea’s national development which, again, is (in)voluntary and hey, did you see the rows and rows of shiny new trucks and buses that were imported? Hager tHmbeb ala.

How about the gender gap? How are Eritrean girls/women doing compared to Eritrean boy/men? It is all good because Eritrean shares of seats held in parliament by women is 22% which is higher than the African average of 20%. At this point, you might be asking, “what parliament?” This demonstrates your lack of imagination: we don’t have a parliament, but if we did, women would make up 22%. If you persist on using facts-based argument, we have the ever-ready argument that will shut you up for good: women made up 33% of combatants in the armed struggle. So there.

There was an article in either madote or tesfanews which argued that Eritrea is “country run by women.” I tried to argue that we have 18 ministers; only 3 of whom are women; that we have 30 consulates/embassies: only 1 of whom is “run” by a woman; that we have 6 zonal administrators, 0 of whom are women. That we have dozens of Directors, a tiny number of whom are women. This after the EPLF/PFDJ has had a total monopoly of Eritrea’s politico-economic power for 35 years. But my battler won by implying that something about my background (wink) disqualified me from commenting on women’s progress in Eritrea.


This took me back to 2002 when the Field Marshal of the first “hzbawi mekhete”, Dr. Mussie Misgina, suggested that the Awate Team complaining about girls getting abused at Sawa is because we are against equality for women.  He accused us of being jihadists because we are opposed to girls being raped at a military camp.

So, this takes me to Eritrea 2000 according to UNDP.  Back then, the expected year of schooling was still 4.5 years.   The GNI per capita was higher, at $1,445.   Stagnation and regression, in the PFDJ? Yes. But, it is the same stagnation and regression in the Opposition.

Time for Change: 13:11

I have been part of the Awate Team since 2000. As we approach our 16th year, it occurs to me that all the things I used to say about the PFDJ when it was 15 years old (2009), all the things I used to say about the ELF-offshoot opposition when it was 15 years old (1996), and the Alliance opposition when it was 15 years old (2014), apply to me.  I have been lampooning African leaders who refuse to give up the post–Musevini, Kagame, and a dozen others.  It is time to apply “term limits” to myself.

It’s time to move on. With this post, I am announcing that I am no longer a member of Awate Team, an agreement reached-upon mutually with my colleagues. What that means is that, going forward, Awate Team and Pencil articles will not reflect my views. The median age of an Eritrean is 18.5. I am, um, significantly older: and the sum total of my experiences barely reflect those of the median Eritrean.   I will retain my post at my rarely-updated Alnahda columns and my jousts at awate forum.

What does my official separation from Awate Team mean?  Let’s see: I will no longer have an excuse not to write the Great Eritrean Novel.  I will no longer have an excuse not to write an anarchic blog about nothing. A seleda.com, reloaded.  An African Huffington Post.  A Las Vegas wedding.  A Mexican divorce.  A youtube channel of The Daily African Show. Translating Monty Python movies.  Translating Kung Fu Panda.  Translating that unreleased Tigrina book I am not supposed to have but dear God it is so good.  Learning Geez.  Unlearning Geez.  A documentary on Eritrean cycling.  The long-promised “Ashekhkat Alem” video game.  Translating “Mi Do Tseba”.  A Royal Carribean Cruise with Yosief Gebrehiwet.  Streamed.  Getting funding for my Ella Ero Liberation Commando Unit. Translating Egyptian play “Shahed Ma Shafs Haga” to English.  Starting “Arabic for Ethiopians” Roseta Stone. A Kuenti-based online supplement store. (Supplements are unregulated.) An uber-service for Qat.  Finding the Eritrean Neo. A movement to eradicate swords from Tigrayit dances. A stand-up comedy tour based on stuff Girma Asmerom says. A dabo kolo delivery service.  The secret recipe of Hajjia Mororo explained.  Interviewing all most some Eritrean opposition leaders to show you that they really are smarter than you. Why Chinese architecture is gaudy.  How Eritrea can leapfrog to a Medium Development Country.  A win-win exit strategy for PFDJ.  Building a website that lists all terrible phrases like win-win.   Why Eritrea has two youth movements,YPFDJ and NUEYS, that don’t speak for youth. The Collected Insults of Getachew Reda.  A podcast with Eyob where I list everything Ethiopian government does wrong and listen to him spin it. Why Everybody should listen to Frezghi Mesmer, dammit.  An Eritrean wiki.  Why cats dance when they hear Kris Kross’s “jump jump.” What compels Isaias Afwerki to give a 12 minute answer to a single question. Why do Americans giggle when they hear “Djibouti”?

Will I do any of the things I listed? I don’t have a clue. But with this vacancy, I am hoping that one tiny reason from the gazillion reasons that is holding back the youth from rightfully claiming their place in Eritrean history will be removed.

May your road be white.

About Salyounis

Saleh Younis (SAAY) has been writing about Eritrea since 1994 when he published "Eritrean Exponent", a quarterly print journal. His writing has been published in several media outlets including Dehai, Eritrean Studies Review, Visafric, Asmarino and, of course, Awate where his column has appeared since the launch of the website in 2000. Focusing on political, economic, educational policies, he approaches his writing from the perspective of the individual citizens' civil liberties and how collectivist governments and overbearing organizations trample all over it in pursuit of their interests. SAAY is the president and CEO of a college with a focus in sound arts and video games and his writing often veers to music critique. He has an MBA from Golden Gate University and a BA from St Mary's College.

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  • Gone for ever

    Wow…full of losers site, you have been inspired by a loser who doesn’t even own a tiny patriotism whatsoever. His departure will be for good of course, forever gone, one trouble maker less:))

    • Tsige Asfaha

      He addressed your type of lost souls(Aawanat) who do not know what they were missing too. “shim yimerH Twaf yebrh: yiblu messelti”, Just like the id you picked for yourself, your common sense is gone forever, indeed.

  • Hope

    Since every thing bad under the Sun has been said about the PFDJ,including by me,I am not going to duplicate stuff here.
    No body denied the mistakes and weaknesses of the GoE,which admitted its own failures.
    But for the sake of honesty,let me interject here.
    -Your statistics and rebuttal are even worse than that of Shabait.
    -FYI,that you know better than any one else here:
    a)The GoE also challenged and accused the UNHCR OPENLY since 2002.
    b)The GoE also admitted the flow of Refugees but asked for help to minimize it with the help of the International Bodies,who rather stood against the request for obvious reasons.
    c)The GoE Officially asked for a Comprehensive Solution for the refugee crisis.
    d)Your own EU refuted and discredited your biased and exaggerated halewlew.
    The Hypocrisy:
    At times,you and SAAY and Co.,never give a chance for Honesty and Fairness by ignoring the other external and PULL Factors.
    Minister Yemane Ghebremeskel admitted openly about the PUSH Factros.
    Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season to you and to your loved ones,I remain respectful!,
    Maythe Enduay Yesus Yibarikhka!
    Lidet Gheddukh!

  • Nitricc

    Hi VF when were you banned? good to know you are a lier too.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear awate friends today in tesfanews, will they delete it? I put it almost at the same minute in both sites.

    …. ኣሎ ገና ………..

    እቲ ሁከት ዕግርግር ዘይፈቱ :-
    እቲ ንሰላም ዘወፈየ ወቅቱ :-
    ኣብ ልቢ ዝስወጥሓያል ቃላታቱ :-
    ቂምታ ኣልቦ መሓሪ ጠቀንቱ :-
    ……….ንመትከሉ ዓመትታ መኪቱ :-
    ……….ኣበይ ከደ ኢልኩም ኣይትሕተቱ :-
    ……….ኣሎ ገና እኳ ድ ኣ ጎልቢቱ :-
    ……….ሓድገ ኣንበሳ ንሓቂ ዓትዒቱ :-
    ……….ባህ ኣይበሎም ከደዓት ጸላእቱ ::

    ……….መን ኣሎ ሞ ግርም ዝተንተነ :-
    ርእሲ ገባቲ ናብ ታሕቲ ዘድነነ :-
    ……….ጅሆ ተታሒዙ ፍጹም ዘይለመነ :-
    ንፈጣሪ ሓንሳብ ምስ ኣመነ:-
    ……….ምእንቲ ህዝቡ ጠቅሙ ዝጠንጠነ ::

    እምበር ድኣ ጥቅሙ እንተዝመርጽ:-
    ንስልጣን ንገንዘብ ፈትዮ እንተዝብለጽ :-
    ምስተራእየ ሓቢሩ ምስ ዓመጽ :-
    ንሕና ንሱ ኢሉ እንክሃጽጽ :-

    ንዝለዓለ ስርሕ ተበጊሰ እንተበለ :-
    ቶም ድሑራት ይብሉና ኮብለለ :-
    መሲልዎም ጀግና ዝተዳህለ :-
    መሲልዎም ጀግና ተደለለ :-
    ……….እቲ ሓየት ገና እንሆለ :-
    ……….ክሰርሕ እዩ ገና – ኣጽኒዑ ተኸለ:-

    ኮኾብ ሰላም:

  • Kokhob Selam


    ይበል ይበል !! ታይ ገዲፍካ ነብሲ::

  • Semere Andom

    Hi awatista:

    I posted the following comment in both Madote and tesfanews and both were deleted. PFDJites are not used to promotions, resignations and retirements. Look at Yemane Monkey, he has been languishing for 25 years in his current position, Yemane G too before his recent appointment as minster of Information.It is bad omen and Yemane and knows it but he cannot say no
    Every one who held that position is dead or has defected
    Beraki, dead, Naizeghi dead and his body cannot be buried in Eritrea
    Ali Abdu left the regime and Yemane G, if PFDJ lives long enough he will screw up something trivial, like inviting the wrong foreign journalist and he will be disappeared.

    Dear Amanuel

    Can you define what failure is in your books

    Mine is: Failure is a stage where your practice and rehearse your craft, in this case Sal’s craft was to expose PFDJ. And expose PFDJ, he did!. Now that he has time he can do more of it, I mean the exposing, so do not celebrate yet.

    Failure is if one sides with the injustices, failure is when 5000 of your best leave the country to seek refuge in a country that fought against every month.Failure is to disappear the founding fathers of your country. Failure is to get build Ela-Ero, it is when minster defect, it is to so coward that you can even murder disabled, failure is to be so fearful that you refuse a corps to be buried in Eritrea, failure when yu disown your own

    But the mother of all failures is if a person who enjoys the freedoms of the USA denies it to his follow country men by enabling the criminals in PFDJ

    Yes, kwegiH eyu, knegih iyu, kberih iyu, because it is nature,in the same token for them kearib iyu, kemsi iyu.

    Now be a good sport and reply with your definition of failure Emma

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Semere,
      I visited the site for the first time. the worst political pollution I have ever seen.

      • tes

        Dear Kokhob Selam,

        It is a PFDJ website. Do you expect any good things there? As for me, I am an active reader of these web-sites. And I do because I have an objective. It is a place where I strictly follow the PFDJ mindset and PFDJ Cult System. Thanks for providing us such web-sites. I learn a lot. This learning helps me to identify mindsets like that of Nitricc, Ted, Hope, selam (she is there nagging and as usual as a crap), and likes.

        Else I don’t read them for something beneficial.


    • AOsman

      Dear Semere,

      After seeing SAAY post, I checked the article and the comments (what a waste it was). Hats of to Selam, she was doing a great job battling for sanity, treading the fine line she might not survive long. Hope was struggling to keep his two hats, but you are asking too much of them.

      Here is the acid test: Gen. Nitricc sending a battalion to balance things, I looked for his comment as I had seen him participate once when sharing music. Probably the most toothless when surrounded by PFDJista, a conformist :), using a word that he used to insult us before he become a boxer.


      Your poem is still there, if you want Ethiopian citizenship don’t wait for Abi, post few poems at Tesfanews and you will earn it at the speed of light.


      • tes

        Dear AOsman,

        For the time being please be easy to Nitricc. He is under severe treatment. tes is rehabilitating him by detoxifying from his PFDJ mindset as you rightly put it. I need to thank tes for his devotion to liberate Nitricc.


      • Hope

        Hey AOsman,
        They deleted my” paragraph by paragraph rebutal” to TN and Biede-Mariam’s rebutal….
        Two hats?
        That is my ID Card,bro.
        I refute things to be refuted but I give credt when due and to those who deserve it.
        I support and will support, the GoE when it needs it but I “challenge” it when it has to be challenged.
        The Mid-Way and Independent Way is my WAY.
        I do not believe in extremes.BUT that does not imply Ambivalence and langa-langanet.
        I am a Politician to take sides.

    • Music Novice

      Greetings Semere A.,

      Here is my present to Isaias, to comfort him in his lonely old age.

      ‘All By Myself’ by Eric Carmen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbn6o5tiPds

  • Hope

    “Breaking News”:
    The UAE just started Off Shore Drilling for Oil in Massawa Zone.
    Source; Eri Forum Radio.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Dearest Saay,

    It is unwise for me to stay in my comfort zone cage, without expressing my feeling, when my dearest friend saay suddenly resigned from Awate Team. For over 15 years, Saay and SGJ have drained mentally and physically to built this wonderful website to make it an educational website, to the extent that it becomes the source of references to many writers and authors for all Eritrean and non-Eritrean alike. Saay and SGJ who have most of the time, have had different opinion, but yet able to work as a team for 15 years, shows in itself how exceptional exemplary personalities they are. Many lessons have learned from them and I for one am deeply appreciating them.

    Now, Saay is leaving the Team for unknown endeavor, hopefully for more practical purposes, to alleviate the pain of our people. Anyway for what ever departure it is, I wish him all the best. While (he) leaving the team brought to many of us a kind of unease, we are happy that he will continue to grace us with his insightful, informative, and provocative ideas in his column “Alnahda” and as usual to engage and moderate the forum (if they could restructure the debate nature of the formers).

    Many Eritreans admire Saay on the veracities of his knowledge. But I for one, admire Saay for two things from his writing I have been reading for the last 18 years, since 1998 (a) for his informative analysis (b) for his provocative articles. Informative, because most of his writing are data driven analysis in a very simplistic way that an average reader could able to grasp easily. Provocative, because Saay knowingly or unknowingly provoke people either to test the capacity of individuals or to dig and explore the strategic thinking of his adversaries. On both accounts, myself have benefited enormously. Two instances could be worthy of mentioning (a) I am sure Saay knows vividly that ” democratic coup” in Eritrea is completely unrealistic from the nature of the Eritrean military we have, and the nature of our elites who are always at horn lock status. But Saay did come to advance the need of “democratic coup” as an exit from our predicament – to test us conceptually and pragmatically. If a coup will happen ion our Eritrea, it could only be the coup that we are all familiar with and akin to the the coups that happened in African countries. That is all. In order a democratic coup to happen certain conditions must mature on the ground to reflect the democratic nature of the coup itself. Second Saay loves side punches in a debate in order to provoke and test sarcastically his adversaries in a debate (for instance, instead of asking the clarity of positions of his adversaries, would like to mock them sarcastically). I do not know for others, but for me his approach stimulate me to counter argue him theoretically and conceptually as I did on the issue of “decentralized unitary governance”. So Saay you are a debate stimulator and I expect you to continue to do so in your column to generate the clash of ideas to the progress of human endeavor, hopefully if we know how to administer manage them. With that, let me go back to my cage safely, before the forumers run after me. I will talk to you soon.

    Amanuel Hidrat

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Amanul,

      you have exactly described Saay7. I use to say he is the laboratory with complete test equipments. Now, all of us admired him and we all said we have learned from him but I think he has also tested a lot of things and Ideas by moving our mind to say our views. I am sure he will use all the test he has done, to analyze things when needed. Eritrea has a lot to benefit from this type of intellectuals.

      you, the most generous, brave and full of wisdom man and Saay7 should be in contact always. In fact SGL have a capacity of bringing Ideas in one by his transparent nature. Awate participants in general are the reflection of Eritrea (small Eritrea). this is the reason why all Eritreans use this site as reference and I always hear people saying ” እንዳ ዓዋተ ኸ እንታይ በሉ?” in every incident.

      I love every awate participant including those who try to tell us they are supporters of PFDJ. I know some are really not supporters of PFDJ, they also have developed some laboratory following Saay7 style.

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Marhab Amanuel

      Good to read your comment, the cage has been burnt. Stay where you feel most comfortable. No more comfortable zone than this forum. ናበይ እዩ እቲ ጉያ? Guya (running away?), from wedi Zager.


  • Abyssinia

    Hi V.F.,
    I can’t agree more. You are no doubt a brilliant man. You are using all types of thinking, recently more of lateral thinking. On reading few posts from you, I knew you are a thinking machine. Keep on, no conformist thinking has ever produced any meaningful result. Just remember this: not every one is able to think.

  • Abyssinia

    Hi V.F.,
    That is funny. You made it sound like a Habesha girl’s type of “megderder”, the type that is neither yes, nor no, or sometimes the no is yes. In this forum, you are the most enterprising participant, one who comes with many and lively proposals (encompassing the realm of Habesha land from Massawa to Entoto, to Mojale). But, I know you do not belong here. Saay will use his tactic to break you (ignoring you), the other SGJ will open his old man curses and insults. But I am sure you are not the type that Saay can break, and SGJ will silence. You are a different breed, alas!, you have not found a community to thrive in.

    • Hi Abyssinia, Nitriccs, and all,

      awate forum, as a public service, is offering you a privilege which you might mistake for a right. Suppose I am on moderation task and see your annoying, irritating comments which you so recklessly post. Do I still have an obligation to serve you and spend my time on you are I have the right to act human and kick you out? You here with a mission, and you want to use us for spreading your paranoia and annoying comments. Pal, we are willing to serve everyone provided they deal with us decently. Otherwise, remember we are not obliged to take your abuse. This is a personal comment, but whenever I am a moderator, please don’t tempt me to act human.

      NB: you are right on the way the third party website captures the screen. The first capture was on Oct 18, 2000, 28 days after awate was launched. Here, notice Tesfalidet’s preposterous allegation has a date: 911. The first capture was a year earlier, we do not control that. As you can see, the website was just a skeleton and we were novices on designing and running a website, we just had the determination (which obviously you don’t like) but people like you and Tesfalidet have been on a war footing, always defaming this website, a futile attempt. We can’t help you unless you are willing to help yourself. Make peace with yourself, we never had any Sword or crescent but people are free to have wild dreams. And I am calling on you to stop you combative attitude against the website and its administrators.

      Nitricc: you take on the issue concerning Saay is as toothless as they come. I am sorry, but Tes has explained what it means to be an editor, read that. Also, please note that we do not buy editorials from a drive-by store, it’s time consuming.

      On my visit to Ethiopia, I would have said “non-of your business” but I am toothless and I have a soft spot for you 🙂

      • Abyssinia

        Hi SGJ,
        ኣቦ ዓብዪ፣ ይንበሩ፣ ይንበሩ!፧ ኣጥፊእና ዶ? ቁልዕነት እዩ። ኣይንለምድን። First off, thank you for the public service, no sarcasm here, just honest gratitude. And thank you, albeit partially, for accepting my criticism of your use of a snapshot as a method of proving something

        To the not so nice things, what have I done to annoy you so much that you are willing to accuse me of many things I am not and did not? Really, I fail to understand that. 1) “we just had the determination (which obviously you don’t like) but
        people like you and Tesfalidet have been on a war footing, always
        defaming this website, a futile attempt.”? Why do you think I do not like your determination? When and how have I always been on a war footing to defame the website? This is a wild accusation and very unfounded. You do not see any problem in throwing “We can’t help you unless you are willing to help yourself. Make peace with yourself, we never had any Sword or Crescent”? I did not say I have a problem with my self. Note, I never accused you of “Sword or Crescent”; I just pointed out the problem in using a snapshot for proving something. You are too sensitive for any slight perceived criticism. The impression that I get is that whenever you utter anything, we all should just clap, thank you, and be grateful you uttered something.

        You accuse me of having a mission, what do you want me then? To have no purpose when I come here? I am sorry, but your concept of right and privilege is not correct. That is just simplistic. I know you can afford to dismiss me. To see that this is not about right and privilege, try to dismiss many people, or everybody and you will see that it is not about right/privilege. It is more like a market and there are agents trying to achieve different goals. So please reduce this demand of respect as if you do things for the sake of us, mortals. You have your purpose, participants have their own purpose. That we do things with respect, that is something we all should do indeed.

        • Saleh Johar

          Okay, Abyssinia,

          I can’t provide evidence, but I know you understand the “Crescent and Sword” foolishness. A decent person, knowing what you know, should jump to correct the guy who made the wild allegation. Instead, you chose to delve in triviality and imply that we were trying to hide what Tesfalidet alleged. Be honest and read your comments. That, and your disrespectful snide, are annoying and I appealed to you not to take us for granted. As you said, it is a” market” and we have the right to deny service to anyone, without explaining. But we are nice and we are trying to tell you to please check your attitude, we want you here. Otherwise, there is no point in communicating with you in such a way. Try to be in our shoes, we do not want you to clap, but we do not appreciate your snide and abuse. That is all.

          • Hope

            Your Excellency:
            Equally a very GOOD counter-arguement and ” rebuttal”.
            He has a MISSION though,as he told you.

        • Hope

          Selam Abyssinia:
          An interesting arguement and comment,not to mention the Articulation and the thought process.
          You could have done better if you drop that NEGATIVE approach/campaign about/ on Eritrea and Eritreans!
          If you are a constructive engager,it would not hurt you but respect you more..
          I like the ‘point by point” arguement and ” rebuttal”.

  • tes

    Dear All,

    The only and only mouth of PFDJ junta are rebutting a 2009 UNHCR document.


    This tells how PFDJ is a dead office. years sleeping and walk-up now when EU feed them 200 million euro.

    Money is a drug for PFDJ. if there is no money their mind is dead locked.


    • saay7

      Hi Tes:

      It’s a strange document in many ways:

      1. It’s put out on the stationary of the Foreign Ministry but it is the usually combative prose of Yemane Gebremeskel. He has a few choice phrases that appear in any statement whether it’s presidents office, MoI, or Foreign Office.

      2. He accuses UNHCR of recycling its 2009 report when it issued its 2011 report. But if you read his rebuttal, it’s he who is recycling himself because, for example, in trying to argue the case that Isaias Afwerki alone doesn’t totally control the EDF, he references the “Minister of Defense”, who doesn’t exist in Eritrea in 2015.

      3. He accuses UNHCR of relying on Eritreas opponents and “quislings” in its footnotes and there are none in the UNHCRs footnotes. He basically copied/pasted his response to another agency.

      My theory as to why he is responding in 2015 to a report which was issued in 2011? They want to be able to reference it in a future rebuttal (perhaps a new UNHCR report) by saying “as has been explained previously…”

      As to the content, it’s more of the same: if you, the international community, don’t compel Ethiopia to abide by the Algiers Agreement, we are going to take out our wrath on our defenseless people. We will imprison people, we won’t have a constitution, no accountability, and we will conscript the youth in military service forever. Hope that will teach you your lesson.


      • tes

        And I agree with you r theory.

        They are making a pre-rebuttal document for the probable soon to be released UNHCR document. PFDJ regime is accused several times for his silence and not responding on time. Oh Gosh, what a mess trying to respond a shelved document of 2011?

        If UNHCR is going to release a new document and sure they update their country specific mission every year it won’t be different. In fact now they have more evidences from BBC, the Guardian etc of first hand in its kind.

        Bingo for your theory.

        I wish to use your pen to trash their childish rebuttal.


      • Hope

        Hold on Prof.
        Are your denying now the corruption and the negative role of the same mercenary UNHCR?
        Can you say something about the ID Theft by the TPLF Gang and its Citizens,as confirmed by the EU?