What is in Our Name?

Human rights lawyer vs. trained healer

The Unionist movement, which was mostly restricted to a highlander/Christian movement, was the creation of Haileselassie. Abune Markos was instrumental in coercing ordained and lay priests to create mass bases for the Unionist movement; Tedla Bairu ushered in the Federal era while Asfeha Woldemikael, with Qeshi Dimetros, engineered Annexation. At various stages of our history these individuals with many others who collaborated with them acted as the Emperor’s instruments in dismantling Eritrean autonomous existence and budding sense of nationalism in order to pave the way for Ethiopian takeover.

It took our ghedli 30 years to deconstruct what the above mentioned individuals and their collaborators constructed in the 40s and 50s.


1. Collaborationism and its Stains;
2. In Honor of those who fell in Operation Fenql;
3. A Few Thoughts;

In these times of adversity those in the collaborationist camp seem to be confused about many things, one of which is in our dealings with our own history. And I think that is, to a degree, to be expected as revisionist and negationist attitudes have always been there with us. However, at this stage, acknowledging the essential components of our national identity which are shaped by our successful struggle for independence is important because that is our best distinguishing feature. Any attempt by members of the collaborationist camp to take our distinguishing feature away from us will provide: 1) an opportunity to the ruling government to strengthen its stranglehold on Eritrea; 2) our people with a reason to reject the opposition and side up more with the government; 3) the opposition camp with more motives to splinter further into inconsequential factions. Eritreans, whether they are PFDJ supporters or their opponents, believe in this most distinguishing feature of our identity – our victorious campaign in driving Ethiopians out of our country which led to our sovereignty; and to muck this sacred belief up is a recipe for disaster.

Devoid of grandeur and imagination, content that portrays mediocrity wallowing in the most boring sort of revisionist history, narratives of disloyalty, reflection of fear and insecurity leads to a stunted growth. Collaborationist stances, with the stains they emboss on our social fabric, lead us to shift our focus on guarding our sovereignty above everything else.

It is widely believed that the study of history is at the center of human enquiry. A deeper knowledge of history will enable us to put present-day thoughts and actions into contexts. And contextualized knowledge of the past is what makes us understand who we are and where we are going. We can also say that history does not only provide us with a frame of reference that enables us to recognize dangers to our society, both from the inner and outer margins, but also becomes a guidance as to how to deal with those dangers when they arise.

Some Eritreans, rather disgracefully, have become practitioners of negationism. Some writers, driven by loss of nerve and self-doubt, and others prompted by inducements, attempt to alter our history to reflect the Ethiopian line of analysis that distorts established historical facts of Eritrea. These Ethiopia apologists can’t keep up the masquerade anymore – their Unionist sentiments and ‘ajewjew’ism’ are defined by faulting the ghedli, our struggle for independence, in every way they can imagine. What a futile attempt, moral bankruptcy!

Based on the above-mentioned principle, the need to explore the recent history of Eritrea is self-evident. To know the way the Eritrean society came to be formed, to have some understanding of the conflicting forces within it, not only it is an advantage in the conduct and understanding of its national affairs but also indispensable. Eritrean history, since the colonial era, is very interesting because it covers three important eras – Federation (1952-1962), the struggle for liberation (1961-1991) and of course, post-independence eras. During those eras, led by the mavericks of the federation era, championed by the heroes of our armed struggle and of course, spoiled by PFDJ, Eritrea went through the process of self-actualization, self-determination and unfortunately, self-constricting paths that have arrested its development. Simply stated, one can think about the post-independence era as the outcome of the struggles that were waged during the federation and liberation eras. But one cannot say the post-independence era is the total-sum of the preceding eras because Eritreans are still, rather ineptly, struggling to implement their dreams of yesterday.

What is in a name?

As an Eritrean it is important to know what Operation Fenql was all about – a Ghedli operation which once and forever forced out the Ethiopian occupation forces from Massawa. That should remain vivid in the minds of all Eritreans. The battle took place in 1990 in and around the coastal city of Massawa. The operation, uprooted the vital lifeline of Ethiopian forces while at the same time heralded the inevitable demise of enemy forces.

Through name association, one needs to remember who Nguse wedi Fenql (BeraKi Nguse) was – one of the most renowned freedom fighters Eritrea had ever witnessed. I have serious doubts that the ET-apologists have any knowledge of neither wedi Fenql nor Operation Fenql – names one should include in his/her historical vocabulary.

I am in no doubt that we Eritreans know about and are taken with, to a great extent, stories like Operation Fenql – heroic activities of our combatants that changed the direction not only of our ghedli struggle but also our lives. At least we know Operation Fenql is a piece of history that was generated by the price the selfless members of EPLF’s 18th brigade had to pay to achieve the ultimate price – our pride and Eritrea’s sovereignty. The sum of the blood and sweat of our Tegadelti that was invested in that operation, buttressed by the partaking of the masses who bore a great big brunt of Ethiopian cruelty, finally paid off when Eritrea breathtakingly moved from that particular operation towards winning its independence. That is the kind of name our Ghedli created for us. And how do the likes of YG describe the Ghedli situation of the time? He writes: “The reality is that, often camouflaged in revolutionary rhetoric, the Ghedli generation set out to finish the colonial task that the Italians had left incomplete.” What in the world is that? I think Melles Zenawi had better respect for our Ghedli than the likes of YG. Is this ‘who outpopes the Pope’ contest? For the record, in YG’s and Ethiopia’s face … the many Operation Fenqls we have witnessed as a country are the very events that heralded the inevitable liberation of Eritrea and the return of the country to its owners.

Now, as we thought that aspect of our history has safely been put aside, we find ourselves in a different era all together – an era that harbors members of the Ethiopia-led ‘Ministry of Truth’ who attempt to erode that magical history of ours. Regrettably, the unforeseen ominous post-independence era that has dawned on Eritrea has so unsettled many of us it is fast making us forget how our prized success was achieved. The main source or culprit of this shifting mind-set is the unruly and officious Government of Eritrea. We are also seeing that some individuals who are angered by the developments that have gone pear-shaped in the country are beginning to challenge and at times refute certain facts of our history. Clearly, such analysis is either influenced by past abrasions or present day frustrations. The sad part of the story is the fact that Ethiopia, through those morally corrupt individuals it coached in adopting unionist tendencies, is trying to taint our history in accordance to its interests. Alas, they fail to recall Operation Fenql, and what is in our name.

Here are some facts that I would like us to remember before jumping to shady conclusions about Eritrean struggle for independence:

• Our fighters were selfless and they literally sacrificed their young lives to free Eritrea.
• The campaign to free Eritrea was effective. Mass mobilization, literacy campaigns and political education were successfully conducted during the campaign leading to high level of discipline, political consciousness with strong ideological principles.
• Gender gap between fighters and the mobilized supporters of the revolution became narrower.
• Camaraderie between fighters from all over the country was solid. Our Tegadelti fought side by side irrespective of their gender, background, locality, religious beliefs and social standings. On the whole, their camaraderie crossed cultural, religious and other social divides.
• The enthusiasm of the time! Our Tegadelti defeated and forced Ethiopian forces out of Eritrea.

The casualties of that history and the historical incidents that took place during that era of intense and death-defying operations should be addressed aptly; however, we need to be careful not to amplify the blemishes above and beyond the realities that were on the ground then. Putting it differently, and perhaps sentimentally, in our moments of bleakness we tend to look back to that era in order to jog our memory of all our age groups who faced martyrdom heroically while some of us pursued and supported the struggle from afar.

People change, and so do groups, organizations and institutions when conditions under which they operate change. It was quite a life our Tegadelti lived during the campaign to free Eritrea. They were never frugal with their lives, were they? However, when victory dawned, the leaders, quite mistakenly, began to shape Eritrea’s future in the image of the former world they were familiar with – a system that was highly regimented. The post-independence administration was rigged with superiority complex and monopolistic attitudes that were crammed with unapproachability. The leaders were dismissive of everything they could not identify with – our elder’s wisdom, diasporic potential and evolutionary changes that are required of a newly established State. Instead of embracing the changes that were influenced by Eritrea’s new statehood, they simply fought against them. They went ahead to form PFDJ – an exclusive political party unfit to lead Eritrea. Gradually, through PFDJ, the course changed direction and journeyed towards self-preservation – a journey more important to the leaders than preserving the country’s wellbeing. And so they began to dismantle the Eritrean dream and dragged the ghedli reputation through mud.

I have said this in the past and allow me to say it once again. I take the view that the current thinking, the prevalent predilection towards Ethiopia among those who are opposing the Eritrean regime, is severely limited by the attachment to a model based on ‘neighborliness’ . Many may find such treatment is somewhat palliative, but certainly it is not curative. We should base our new models not on causations but consequences. Understandably, many are frustrated by the lethargic pace of the struggle. I may also be able to understand other sources such frustrations that are giving way to dangerous impairments; but one should not sympathize with lopsided and mean-spirited logic. If we ascribe such approaches to our faculties, we will need to keep a stack of apologies handy when we face the wrath of our people.

A Few Thoughts

• My fellow Eritreans, we need to rethink our engagement practices that foster more collaborative approaches from the general public that is opposing the current regime back home. At the same time it is our responsibility to prevent our activities from descending into back room deals – I am thinking of the worthless ENDCD approach.

• We need to understand that we, as Eritro-diasporic people, have the political rights to influence our host-country officials by voicing our concerns to them regarding the waywardness of Eritrean officials. However, this right is only legitimate if balanced by the obligation to act responsibly.

• The Ethiopians have time in their hands now. They will taunt us, use some of our opposition groups to their advantage, deploy false messiahs … all designed to loosen our grip on our sovereignty. We should remain steadfast and rebuff Ethiopia’s intrusion in our affairs.

• What is the situation of the opposition who are living in Addis Ababa? Sitting in corners of Addis bars, being ignored, not only by the powers that be but also by the waiters? Some are licking their wounds and others continue to live outside the Eritrean reality. How embarrassing! Can they separate reality from illusion? When will they ever take that voyage to self-discovery?

• Let’s not be fooled by the pack approach we see around us. They feign magnitude, substance and of course patriotism. Just like fear and its reactions – it has a large shadow, but it itself is small.

The end / for now


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145 thoughts on “What is in Our Name?”

  1. woldu says:

    Eritrea is going down

  2. berhan gedem says:

    Admas hail your confuse an vonfuse other open mind eritrean your are puppet dictator Esayas your article the all is mixed with non sense idea forget about history know explane what they need eritreans at this moment.your habes kedes explanation put it in trush.

  3. asmara says:


    You somehow managed to mix up the good, the misleading and the total nonsense in one. Let me see if I can break it into categories:
    1. The reason for your personal interest in Eritrea (Good)
    You said “….That is mainly because many of us have some attachment with Eritrea, either by birth, marriage, or simply because we lived there for some considerable time…”

    If that is the case, for all I know, you even have the right to be an Eritrean if you chose to. So, your interest in Eritrea is a positive one. Meaning, you are Ethiopian only by choice. If your heart is with Eritrea and if you are committed to Eritrea, to me and to many Eritreans, you are actually an Eritrean.

    2.It is the government not the people

    You said

    “….please do not mix the government(s) with the people……”

    That advice is good. Sometimes the people would not have a saying on the actions of the government. This part is good

    You also said:

    “many Eritreans have not been able to distinguish between the regime in Ethiopia, past or present and the People of Ethiopia”

    This one is not totally true. As a principle, the government of Eritrea and the Eritrean people, almost always, officially and unofficially say and clearly identify and single out WOYANIE from the Ethiopian people in general and the people of Tigray in particular. With a total clarity!

    But, if you are a person who spends too much time on the so called Eritrean opposition websites (Which I suspect is the case), you would definitely have a distorted picture of Eritrea as a whole. And also don’t get carried away and reach to wrong conclusion that anyone who throws insults and hate words towards the people of Ethiopia in general and the Tigray people in particular, in the cyber world is actually is an Eritrean, or someone who represents Eritrea or the Eritrean government. You have to remember there are many people out there who are deliberately doing hate campaign, to create chaos. Actually there are many Ethiopians and some Eritreans out there who are purposely trying to divert the legality of the border dispute, and try to make it look like something to do with hate among the Eritrean and Ethiopian people. The so called Eritrean opposition also uses it for cheap political stuff. So, if you are a genuine person as you claim to be, don’t fall for that. The Eritrean people in general and the Government, for whatever failings it might have, is very clear on this one. The Eritrean people have no issue with the Ethiopian people. Eritrea has issue with Woyanie. And that issue is legitimate, Period!

    If you want, you can do your own experiment. Next times there is an Eritrean event, a festival or Independence Day, go there and openly announce you are an Ethiopian but you came there to participate with your Eritrean brothers during their festive time. Then come back here and tell us if anyone did not accept you with respect.

    On the other hand, Eritreans waged a 30 years of struggle for independence, sealed that by a referendum. And made it very clear that we are Eritreans, and you are Ethiopians. Meaning there is nothing wrong if we chose not to be associated with Ethiopia in any way, except for a neighborly relationship based on respect of sovereignty and territorial integrity, like what we have with the other neighboring countries. And also we will die and sacrifice and protect our nation against any aggressor, be it Ethiopia or any other outside body. Don’t confuse that with hating the people. That is not hate. Any country has the right to do that.

    3. Concerning the illegal occupation

    “….If I did not condemn the “Illegal Occupation of Ethiopia” it is simply because I see it differently than you do….”

    There is no other way to look at it. The ONLY thing to be done is abide by low and let justice prevail. Simple

    If you believe there is other way of looking at it, it means you believe there is a way to go around justice (Or manipulate justice), that means you are trying to cheat
    You don’t have to be Eritrea or Ethiopian or any other citizen to say justice is justice.

    Think about the following:
    a) There is no justification for the existence of Ethiopian military on the places ruled to be Eritrean. None what so ever. Even if we are to consider your lame excuse of separation of villages and stuff, still there is no justification for your military presence there. NONE
    b) Any communication and discussion that needed to be done between Eritrea and Ethiopia, outside the court ruling, can only be done amicably, voluntarily and without any condition, or binding thing. Again, your military presence has no grounds at all.
    c) There is no justification to hang on to the place Ethiopia is going to leave one way or the other eventually, for more than ten years and counting. The only reason Ethiopia is doing that is because they are using it to destroy Eritrea, its government, its unity, and choke the whole nation and the whole people in to submission. THAT IS CRUEL and is not good for the future relationship between the two people. Holding “KIM” is bad and dangerous
    d) The separation of families and villages also is a crap excuse, because Eritrea as a whole was separated from Ethiopia few years back. It just doesn’t make sense. And there are million ways you can solve that problem also without the presence of the army. Free movement of people in the border is one. All it needs is peace and certain rule.
    e) Your other excuse that Woyanie fears a back lash from the Ethiopian people for dragging them in to war, only to come back empty handed – therefore we have to give them something to save face is also is nonsense. First of all this is dragging for so many rears and is becoming the cause of tremendous disaster for the Eritrean people, second you people are preaching you are doing good without Eritrea and all, so what the hell are you hanging on to our sovereign land?
    f) The final and hidden excuse is Woyanie’s aim to use that border as a bargaining chip for the aspiration the current and past generation have for access to the sea. And the way Woyanie is planning to do it is, let the Eritrean people suffer and choke for a while until they reach into the resigned conclusion “ Mis mama Ethiopia Yihishena” , or “What is Assab without Ethiopia, it is only for camels, just let them use it or have it” or starved people fight each other and the main focus would be on food and running from the suffering, and eventually change the mentality of Eritreanism, and hence worm up to Ethiopianism, or be easy on the access to the sea stuff.

    But, remember the access to the sea stuff that would work with Eritrea and Ethiopia is only when seen as a business thing, not a political or sovereignty thing. And that business can only be done if there is peace, respect and it has to be done as a business deal. That is the only way. If the business deal is acceptable by both parties we go into business, if not then find another person or country to go into business with. Period

    4. It is just a piece of ragged land

    Seriously, that is disrespect for those who died on both ends. 70,000 lives were lost there. And the war was never about a ragged land (May be true at the beginning) It is about sovereignty and respect of boundaries on the Eritrean case, and many twisted reasons on the Woyanie side. It might have started as a border issue initially, but Woyanie took it to all kinds of levels. To name some: prolonged no war no peace, chocking Eritrea into submission, fabricating and twisting things with the help of US and few selfish Eritreans, imposed unjustified sanction. All in all, the root cause of every single misery in Eritrea is that border and Woyanie designed issue.

    5. Intrusion of the Ethiopian government with your internal affairs.

    “….Do I agree with the intrusion of the Ethiopian government with your internal affairs? No I do not! I am a believer of the idea that people should be able to take care of their own sh***…..”

    If you are referring to the association of some Eritrean so called opposition with woyanie, which according to the Eritrean people is treason, then I would say, you got the wrong audience here.

    But if you are referring to the Woyanies actions in chocking Eritrea economically, militarily and morally, through the border issue and all the junks they keep adding (Fabricating facts for the sanction, collaborating with lost causes and working to change regime, collaborating with USA to suck Eritrea dry of its youth, and many many more) – then you are with the Eritrean people and all you need to do is add your voice and tell Woyanie, to abide by the court ruling, pack and get out of Eritrean sovereign land and focus on Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people.

    6. Eritrea (Esayas and his cronies) committing crimes on Ethiopians?
    “….And guess what, the Eritrean Government is equally responsible for so many crimes committed to many Ethiopians……”

    Unless you have something concrete here, I don’t think the Eritrean government as a policy (Like that of Woyanie’s) did any harm to the Ethiopian people. I know there were some instances where individuals, in the heat of the moment, during 1998, might have tried or inflicted some harm on individuals. And I know the government intervened on some instances and protected the safety of the Ethiopians residing in Eritrea. If there were any crimes the government of Eritrea did on any Ethiopian, I have never heard about that. You can make your case. But I doubt it.

    And, you have to say this “….Esayas and his cronies…..”

    Wrong audience! I guess you took me for one of the “down, down dictator” guys.

    And after that, you still pretend to be a friend of Eritrea who doesn’t believe in interference of Ethiopia on Eritrean issue? That must be the Woyanie infested part of you talking, right?

    7. Contradiction.

    There is a contradiction between the following

    “…..…Perhaps I was so biased due to the fact that many Eritreans have not been able to distinguish between the regime in Ethiopia, past or present and the People of Ethiopia. That is where my problem is…….”


    “…I know with certainty, the average Eritrean people are peace loving, God fearing, humble and far sighted……”

    There is a contradiction there. And the last one is true, but there first one doesn’t reflect the majority of Eritreans.
    But I will give you my take on this topic.

    I know for a fact the Eritrean people always blame only the governments for atrocities committed by successive Ethiopian rulers.

    – Hailesillasie , hanged our youth using Electric wire, annexed Eritrea by force and destroyed our people and killed our right to be free. The Eritrean people blamed him and his government and not the Ethiopian people

    – Derg did all those e atrocities on Eritreans, and still we blamed the government and not the Ethiopian people

    – Now, the worst of them all Woyanie committed unparalleled crimes, and is devising all the cruel strategies to dismantle our nation and our people.

  4. asmara says:

    This is about the people who always preach or stress about the sameness of Eritrea to Ethiopia, in culture, tradition and what not. These people always stress that the Ethiopian people in general and the Tigrayans in particular are our brothers, and always point an accusing finger(Visible or hidden) at the Eritrean people for hating or disliking the Ethiopian people. The same people never seem to fail expressing the goodness of the Ethiopia and the benefit to be gained by associating with them and always tell us not to treat Ethiopia as any other neighboring country of ours, such as Sudan, Djibouti, Saudi, Somali etc.
    First of all, the beef between Eritrea and Ethiopia, if any, is not about liking or disliking, it is about sovereignty and mutual respect. Ethiopia shout get the hell out of our sovereign land and start to respect Eritrea as a nation who has all the rights to choose with whom to associate with. Period! Ethiopia should stop coveting for something Eritrean! There is no other issue between Eritrea and Ethiopia.
    As for the “People-to People” and “we are brothers “thing which is becoming trendy these days, let us say few things, but first here is that famous saying “TSMBILALISI MEAKORA KEYKEDENET MERIET KEDENET”
    – I did not have enough time, and I have not exerted required energy to hug and love my Kunama Brother before, and I want to take care of that, so you would have to excuse me if I don’t have time to hug an Ethiopian right now
    – I want to assign enough time, and want to focus on knowing and loving my Nara Brother, so you have to excuse me if I don’t have time to hug an Ethiopian right now
    – I am too busy figuring out how to better embrace my Bilen Brother, so you would have to excuse me if I ain’t got time to waste on Ethiopian
    – I did not have enough time, and I have not exerted required energy to hug and love my Tigrigna Brother, so you would have to excuse me if I don’t have time to hug an Ethiopian
    – I want to focus and want to invest my full energy on knowing , understanding and loving my Afar Brother, so you would have to excuse me put a hold on hugging an Ethiopian
    – I did not have enough time, and I have not excreted required energy to hug and love my Tigre Brother, so you would have to excuse me if I don’t have time to hug an Ethiopian
    – I am beating myself for not exerting enough time to know and to love my Saho brother, you would have to excuse me if I don’t seem to have any extra love to share
    – I was forced and made to praise Ethiopian culture, admiring their food more and what not in the past that I totally forgot to admire the culture of my Hidareb brother. Now I want to fix that, so you would have to excuse me if I don’t seem to have any extra love or attention to give anymore to Ethiopia
    – I am beating myself for not excreting enough time to know and to love my Rashaida brother, you would have to excuse me if I don’t seem to have any extra love to share
    – I did not invest enough energy and time to know more about and to learn to love my HGDF brother, so you would have to excuse me if I don’t have any love for Woyanie
    – I did not invest enough energy to know more about and to learn to love my EPLF brother, so you would have to excuse me if I don’t have any extra love for TPLF
    – I did not invest enough energy to know more about and to learn to love my ELF brother , so you would have to excuse me if I don’t have any love for EPRDF
    – I did not invest enough energy to know more about and to learn to love my brother who been calling himself an opposition for years, so you would have to excuse me if I don’t have any love for Ethiopian
    – I have not stopped and paid attention enough to realize the extent of the sacrifices of the Eritrean Tegadalay, including of all those in the leadership, so you are going to pardon me if I don’t give a squat about Meles or eshiwesh….
    – I have a right to share whatever extra love I have among the neighbors of Eritrea, in whatever way I see it fit. And the way I see it, Ethiopia had taken all of it before, and you have to excuse me if I want to share it with Sudan, Djibouti, Somali, Egypt and all the outside world this time, and jump Ethiopia this time
    – I am licking the wounds inflicted by past successive Ethiopian invaders, and still struggling to stop the bleeding and the continuous biting thrown by Woyanie on my nation and on my people, YOU WOULD HAVE TO SUCK IT, IF I DECIDED TO SAY I AIN’T GOT TIME FOR ANY WOYANIE NICETIES!

    1. Mulu says:

      Oh Lord, Asmara (what ever your name is!) I hope the majority of Eritreans are not that sick. The Eritreans that I know are sober, far sighted, and humble. This guy is everything but what I know of an “Eritrean” to be. Bro, Preaching Love is OK, there is nothing wrong with it. Man, you do not need time to LOVE, all you need is just avoid wasting your time on HATE. With love everthing is posible, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!!( the Beatles). Wendime hoy minew indezih hiwot mirir alechih. Anten silemererechih lelawn metlat alebih? I feel sorry for you: You are fool of hatred. The way I see you, I do not think you love your own moma. It is not because you did not have time to love the Kunamas and so on that you hate Ethipians, it is because you are by nature a hateful creature. And, believe me, you are in minority in the Eritrean society.

      1. asmara says: – Mulu,
        My comment above was meant for the Eritreans, but let me try to explain it with you (Ethiopian) in mind
        I can see you miss the whole point. You see there is no hate in what I wrote above. It is a straight forward innocent reply to the people who never show any love inside their own house, but yet you find them preaching about love in the neighborhood. It is about focusing and loving your own before you could attempt to go out and give your love to outsider, who in turn should have concentrated on giving love to their own people first. It is about being true. It is about spreading love from inside-out and not the other way around. All I was saying in the above comment was “we are busy trying to know and love the whole nine Ethnic groups of our country, because we did not have time before (Before independence) and we were not allowed to do so (before the independence). so Ethiopians, please don’t be offended if we want to make this time a family time. Now we want our space. Now we want a breathing space. Do you mind backing off”, Kind of thing. “Don’t worry; we will be up to a mutual relationship with you based on respect and mutual understanding shortly. Is that so much to ask?” Kind of thing
        Let us do a few of “What would you say , if….” So that you never miss the point again, ok?
        What do you say to a wife beater and child abuser, if you see him preaching about loving your neighbor in the community gathering? or rather, what would his wife say? What would his children say? Wouldn’t you say the priorities of that guy are misplaced?
        Actually what would you say to husband who sets and prepares his own bed for his neighbor to come to his house and have his way with his own wife, when you see that husband preaching about the goodness and niceness of the neighbor, in the community gathering the next day?
        What would you say when the Ethiopian ruler who said “Sew megdel ayfekedim, Galam Bihon”, when you see him preach about love for the African people? Would you accuse the Oromo for being against love if he mocks the actions of the ruler?
        Now back to the thing between the Ethiopian and Eritrean people. Like I said, pay attention now, the thing between Ethiopia and Eritrea is not about liking or disliking, loving or hating. The issue between Eritrea and Ethiopia, right now, is because Ethiopia refused to abide by law and is violating our sovereignty and working day and night to dismantle our nation hood in many ways. The Eritrean people never hated and never will they hate the Ethiopian people.
        Now, let me ask you a question. Wherever I go, which ever website I visit, I never, never read or heard ANY ETHIOPIAN criticizing, woyanie for not abiding by the Ethio-Eritrea border issue. Never! You don’t see any one saying “AGEB”. You don’t hear any Ethiopian say “hey, enough!, let these people be. Justice is justice. In the name of love, let us stop abusing and violating our brothers to the north”, why is that?
        So much for your “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!!”

        1. Mulu says:

          Dear Asmara, I apologize if I rushed to a conclusion and wrote what I wrote. I read your comment again and I see your point. Perhaps I was so biased due to the fact that many Eritreans have not been able to distinguish between the regime in Ethiopia, past or present and the People of Ethiopia. That is where my problem is. If I did not condemn the “Illegal Occupation of Ethiopia” it is simply because I see it differently than you do. Let’s just respect that. You know what though, as far as I am concerned, if the issue of a piece of ragged land brings peace to these two loving, hard working, honest, and deserving people, I do not give a sh*** who occupies it. If a piece of land is still a cause for misery of these two fine people, man, I do not even care if it is in the hands of even the Sudanese!!
          Going back to the issue, though, do not be surprised if some of us are interested on the developments and events in Eritrea. That is mainly because many of us have some attachment with Eritrea, either by birth, marriage, or simply because we lived there for some considerable time. Or, simply because we are neighbors and whatever happens there affects us too. So, do not expect us to just “back off”. Do I agree with the intrusion of the Ethiopian government with your internal affairs? No I do not! I am a believer of the idea that people should be able to take care of their own sh***.

          How ever, my request to all of you is this: please do not mix the government(s) with the people. I hear a lot of you saying that “…..the Amahara atrocities against the Eritrean…” and so on. The fact is when the same people in Eritrea were being massacred with bombs; there were other Ethiopian towns that met the same fate. I will not go in to historical detail. My point is, it is a fact that the Eritrean people suffered because of the atrocities committed by the Ethiopian government (mainly the Dergue). But this does not mean that it was the people who perpetrated this, it was the regime. I would not even blame the foot soldiers who were actively participating in the action. I would 1st blame the leaders of the rulers of the regime and then the officers who had enough knowledge of what they were doing.

          And guess what, the Eritrean Government is equally responsible for so many crimes committed to many Ethiopians. And yet, I do not blame the people of Eritrea for the deeds of Esayas and his cronies. I know with certainty, the average Eritrean people are peace loving, God fearing, humble and far sighted. This is how I know them. This is the people that I wish the best for, this is the people that breaks my heart thinking that it did not have not a single peaceful and prosperous year for the last 50+ years. My heart truly bleeds when I remember the Eritrean mothers, did not know what to feed their children, what to cook with, lining up for hours for just a litter of gas or loaf of bread etc…. And this is going on even after the so awaited “Nasinet”. I am saying this with my very genuine feeling, and do not take this wrong please. I would like to see this very “Kumnegeregna” people enjoy that “Kisanet” they craved for so long.

          Also, I am with you, my friend, in the fact that you, only you, are the ones who can a solution to your own problem.

          Finally: please stop blaming the Ethiopians in general and the Amharas in particular for any misfortune that you experienced in the past. Blame those who were in the leadership, and then, I will join you on the blaming them too!

          Yes: ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!!

          1. DANIEL says:

            Dear Mulu, as an Ethiopian you might be ignorant on the root cause of the current crises in Eritrea-fair enough. One thing that you have to know is that ‘Natsinet’ has nothing to do with this !! Our problem is of political origin, a result of crazy governance and brutual dictatorship. Otherwise, the average Eritrean is a very civilised citizen who is capable of eating more than three times a day. You might guess why I brought this. I think there is no need for your heart to bleed thinking of Eritrean mothers. You would rather save your grief for your Ethiopian brothers and sisters who do not have the know how of feeding themselves three times a day.

          2. Mulu says:

            Dear Daniel, I guess you got me all wrong. It is OK, I have done it before too. I never said that the current Eritrean problem was “Nasinet”, never! If you read again to what I said, it only meant that the agony of the Eritrean mothers and fathers did not stop even after Eritrea’s liberation. You can blame anybody you want for the root cause of the agony and suffering, dear Daniel. No matter who the culprit of the problem is, I just hate to see Eritreans keep suffering even when they were supposed to enjoy peace and proseperity.
            One more thing, I never doubted the capability of the Eritrean feeding themselves three times a day (even though, sadly enough, that is not what is happening right now!) Oh yes, I wish the same thing for my Ethiopia too. Denying it is your right, but I believe the Ethiopians are in much better situation than the Eritreans in every sense of the word. That does not mean we are living in heaven, we have our own issues too, our own problems. I hope you wish us the best too!
            Name calling does not help anybody Daniel, it only adds fuel to the useless on-going feud. That makes you look angry and pointless.
            The only phrase that you wrote and that I agree with is where you said: “Our problem is of political origin, a result of crazy governance and brutal dictatorship..” Very True!

            ALL WE NEED IS LOVE!!!

    2. Tamrat Tamrat says:

      ‘There is no other issue between Eritrea and Ethiopia’ you said. Then what is the problem? You know how to settel border so show us how to do it. To Our surpirse befroe even you make Your border you shout unite Eritrea. Who is going to be United? You cry ‘we eritreans must not be Call one another bilen, afar, kunama, we all eritreans, bla bla’. ‘Dont say afar region or tigrinya we are one Eritrea with internationaly accepted border line?; You see this Virtual line on the map :all of you who live in this Virtual map unite, you are eritrean, if you are not get the hell out of eritrean business’ you are sounding like mad dog this way. When isayas do it against Your Group you get boilled but you do it you think People Accept you wrods like the Word utter bu God.

      1. DANIEL says:

        Hey Mulu, believe me I didn’t get you wrong…you can’t be an exception. You Ethiopians are still grinding your teeth on us for not making a choice to be Ethiopians. And there is no better time than now for you to make ‘a wolf in a sheeps’ skin appearance. But The majority of Eritrean won’t be fooled. If you are thinking that our current political problem will make us question our Eritreanism then you are hallucinating! We know what we can do. We are capable of not only making our selves independent but also make you free from your backward feudal and military governments. Hopefully this will lead your people to eat three times a day-One day! As to comapring Ethiopians and Eritreans, I beg you not to. You will not feel good for yourself.

    3. For eri says:

      YG is angry at his colonial name and wished his name was Bekele that could make him more Ethiopian.

      1. For eri says:

        May be YG is angry with Bereket Simon for not paying him his last allowances and wanted to remind him he is from colonial generation, not true Ethiopian.

      2. DANIEL says:

        It is ok if YG wants his name be Bekele or Abebe. Hopefully he will not change his second name to Abera or Gebeyehu (with out his dad’s consent). It is also rediculous that he is angery that we are not naming our kids Ayele, Kebede, Weldetsadik,Workie…

  5. asmara says:


    Please replace “excreted” by “exerted”

  6. G.Gebru says:

    Dear Gebremeskel,

    You said that the majority of highlanders are committed Unionists who despise the opposition as Italian and British saleouts. Here you are wrong. Nobody considers them as saleouts, but as people who stood against their conscience for unseen future that they thought separation can fulfill their political appetite of a prosperous united modern and democratic Eritrea. That can over rule feudal Ethiopia. One of their major expectation to have a separate nation called Eritrea was achieved in the form of geographical country at a cost God knows. The rest until this moment has remained to be a dream and if you don’t brand me as a pessimist I personally don’t think it will be fulfilled. So, to make short for you, in the first place nowadays those who faviour good relations with Ethiopia are a large segment of the Eritrean society. Even the segment of the Eritrean society which was considered as the spearhead of the revolution and the first to fell its burnt during former Ethiopian rulers is now to some extent in the company of those Eritrean section of society who are convinced in reconsidering their stand against Ethiopia.

    Anyway, dear brother whether Eritrea is to remain as an independent country, or as a Teklay Giazt as in the Emperors years or as Kiflehager as in the Derg era but not at any means as a Kilil as envisaged by the late Melles Zenawi, may God bless his soul, let us get united and decide and shape our future that will save our children form inheriting our failure and suffer for the rest of their lives like us their fathers and mothers.

    God forgive and bless us all,
    Thank you brother.


  7. Gebremeskel says:

    Deep in our hearts we know that the vast majority of highland Eritreans were committed Unionists who despised the opposition as Italian and British saleouts. What kind of nation do we want to build by hiding this truth? I am not saying that a new identity cannot be constructed, but it cannot be built on a mountain of lies.

  8. G.Gebru says:

    Dear Admas Haile,

    The Andnet fathers were in the right track and their only failure was that they didn’t show steadiness for one reason or another. So, my suggestion to people like Yosief Gebrehiwot and the Semeer Group and some opposition parties you and your likes are criticizing to be steadfast in their stand until the EPDJ and colonial remnants free themselves from their divisive arrogant mentality and behaviour.

    The other thing I want to remind you is that you have every right to express your thoughts the way you think can substantiate your argument and your stand but you don’t have any right to insult or belittle our fathers who were people of their era be them from Andnet or Arabita Al Islamia or other groups. I want to take this opportunity also to remind YG and persons like Yebio to restrain from spoiling their message to the Eritrean people by using derogatory words against individuals and organizations.

    Happy Eid Elfiter.

    Thanks and best regards,

    1. DANIEL says:

      My friend, the Andnet fathers were people who were licking Haileselassie’s boots and would do anything to achieve their selfish personal motives. It is very insulting that you damand for the same degree pf respect to be paid as for our visionary fathers who forfeited all they have to rekindle the independence movement.Please think twice before you speak. Why do you possibly think for the same level of respect to be given for some one who betrayed his people and country just to eat ‘kitfo’ and drink ‘meise’.

  9. Berhan gedem says:

    Thanks Dan for you explanation the truth .we as an Eritrean we have to have one identity as Eritrean some self interest and power monogers behind the opposition groups they struggled for the benefit Ethiopian regim.Infact our political interest with respect national interest of Eritrean soverginity

  10. Tamrat Tamrat says:

    What could hava had been instead of the fake federalism in Ethiopia upto secession they made a real federation including eritrea.

    And then after 22 years who could have gone or contunued? Who could have won the pm positon meles or isayas or any other person.

  11. DANIEL says:

    Good Job Admas! We need to neutralise the spirits of writings by the likes of Yosief Gebrehiwot who are sponsored to wipe out the Eritrean identity from the face of the globe. We shouldn’t allow for the current Eritrean plight to be used as a pretext by anti-Eritrean elements!

    1. Admas Haile says:

      Thank you Daniel.
      I believe I have already mentioned what awaits us once we allow Ethiopia to cajole us with kickbacks and then bully us for our lapses and weaknesses, and then jerk us in and out of the system they have designed for us depending on their likes and dislikes. What a heart break! I was alarmed when I found out that there are Eritreans who became ensnared by this ‘kitfo’ approach. The ‘kitfo’ groups totally changed their mode of struggle – they competed against each other on the basis of who pleases the likes of Sebhat Nega, Bereket Simon, reps of the intelligence services most. Some media groups were assigned tasks to dismantle our beliefs in our nationalist struggle and upbringing.

      It is about time that we fought back to save what is left of our dignity. Many leaders and members of the opposition do not hide the fact that they are colluding with Ethiopia to oust the Eritrean Government; what they are not seeing is the paralysis that is slowly setting in – killing the silent majority’s appetite for change. Do the ‘viva ethiopia’ group (the YGs and the Smerrr group, for instance) realise that they are not only undermining the Eritrean identity but setting a stage for further disasters. These stances are challenges – challenges that remind us it is time to go over our patriotic-checklist.

      The Smerr group can easily be compared to the Andinet group of the 50s. I am sure they will come back to their senses; and they will eventually grow out of the phase they find themselves in – sooner or later they will realise they are just being used to fulfil a particular ‘plan’.

      Many do not know what took place in the Belgium and Switzerland meetings that Ethiopia contducted in Jan 2013, let’s say semi-secretly. Ask the gangsters of the Smerrr group, particularly the group from Sweden: Mehari Abraham, Solomon Araya, Berhe Tekie, Efrem Mehari …etc. to explain themselves.
      These people have multiple, currently conflicting loyalties and corrupt imaginings that will split them apart rather than bring them together. It is just a question of time.

      1. Daniel says:

        Thanks a lot for the further analysis. I totally agree with you. I would like to add that We should not underestimate what the Ethiopians can do to erode our Eritrean identity. To make things worse there are people who are Eritreans by blood and happen to be working (knowingly or unknowingly) on the disposal of Ultra-core Ethiopian elements.I believe that not many Eritreans with a sensible mentality will fall into this trap. However, considering the disorientation of of countless Eritreans, thanks to our dictator PIA, a lot of work needs to be done to make people aware of the trap awaiting us. Our current plight shouldn’t be exploited to full fill the ever present dream of Ethiopians and unionist Eritreans. Please keep on the good job Admas. Looking forward to read your next article.

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