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Eritrean Officials Accused of Crime Against Humanity

In a press conference it held today in Geneva, the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (COI) presented its report accusing the Eritrean government and ruling party officials of committing crimes against humanity.

The presentation was made by Mike Smith, the chairman of the commission; the two other members of the commission, Sheila Keetharuth and Victor Dankwa, were not present.

The report states that crimes have been committed in Eritrea “for the last 25 years.” On May 24, 2016, Eritrea celebrated its 25th independence anniversary. The entire government was mobilized to prepare for the celebrations since February of this year. School children and thousands of conscripts were in rigorous training for the celebration dances and parades.

The COI report stated that enslavement, imprisonment, forced disappearances, rape murder, and torture, “were committed as part of a widespread and systematic violations in Eritrea.” According to the report, the violations were “primarily, directly or indirectly, [committed] by the government and ruling party officials, military commanders and members of the security office.”

Every year, roughly 25000 eleventh grade students are hauled to military camps where they are supposed to finish high school. Thereafter, they begin an indefinite national service that generally continues for many years of forced labor under harsh conditions.

Mike Smith said that the COI received 45,000 written submissions, including from people who support the ruling party and justify its actions. The government of Isaias Afwerki has also mobilized Ethiopian opposition groups stationed in Eritrea to campaign against the UN COI in an attempt to discredit its findings.

The Peoples Front for Democracy & Justice (PFDJ), which is led by Isaias Afwerki, has been ruling Eritrea with no constitution since the defeat of the Derg, the Ethiopian occupational regime, in 1991. The PFDJ is the only legal party allowed to operate in the country taking harsh measures against signs of minor dissent.

Free press has been banned in the country since 2000. The fate and whereabouts of thousands of prisoners, including religious leaders, government officials, and reporters, who were arrested over a decade ago, is still unknown.

For several years now, Eritrean refugees who flee from the dire political situation in Eritrea have inundated European shores arriving in rickety boats at a very high human cost. Hundreds of Eritrean refugees have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea during the last two weeks alone.

More than 5000 young people flee from Eritrea every month and seek refuge in Ethiopia and Sudan and most of them continue to Europe through the Sudanese, Libyan and Egyptian deserts.

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  • bardavidi

    Yes we heard that so many times from the UN, EU, and other Institutions…………The Question is…….. what do they intend to pursue as a Remedy…………. Talking about the same problem over and over again does not solve it……………But,makes the UN and its bodies look more and more Impotent…………Sanctions have proven to be disastrous and did not produce any tangible results………Where is the Beef.

  • josef

    I suspect the regime knew this was coming for some time… from 2009.
    Eritrean prime minister inviting Bashir over after ICC indictment..
    “Yes, he is here,” Eritrean Information Minister Ali Abdu Ahmed told Reuters by telephone. “He is meeting with President Isaias (Afwerki), and they are discussing bilateral relations. Why should we worry about the ICC issue?”

  • josef

    Hello hope,
    am I reading this right? ICC was planned for Eritrean regime since 2011?

    • Hope

      It is a well documented fact.
      If you have an access to the filtered Wikileaks Report on Eritrea, you would never consider buying the COIE and related accusations irrespective of their truthfulness and legitimacy.
      The case against Eritrea is beyond conspiracy and there is a legitimate reason as to why we are skeptical about the COIE as we were about the SEMG..
      The TPLF agenda and plot, fully engineered, backed up and sponsored by the CIA and along with the undercover M16 and Mossad role is beyond conspiracy.
      For example the case of Aseb Front war as disclosed by the Deuche Velle(Voice of Germany) and as told by Hirui Tedla Bairu(through his personal letter to PIA based the info he got from Sweden) in 2000 is scary and Eritrea was not supposed to survive as an Independent Nation/State and that is the Stand and Agenda o the State Department written on a Steel Brana…

  • Amanuel

    Hi Mike1
    There was an opportunity to sort out the boarder issue in 1993. When declaring independence normally the Nation should have been defined. Wise people forwarded their idea which was ridiculed. One of problems of ELF & TPLF was Badma.

    • Nitricc

      Amanual Mr sunshine; Meki1 asked you a question and why don’t you answer his short to the point inquiry. the question that was brought to your attention is ” Was there a Nation called Eritrea in 1985?” Typical Tplfieite amnesia.

      • Amanuel

        Hi Nitricc,
        Yes, there was a defined nation called Eritrean since 1890, well 1902 precisely.
        My last sentence was a short answer. I think Mike1 got the hint. If you remember Habtegioris Habrha’s comment about two years ago. ELF and TPLF had problems about Badma and they were trying to solve the problem through a committee. This was before 1981, but your hero (IA) handed them over on a silver plate in 1985 and created a fact on the ground. In 1993 he had an opportunity to redeem him self and bring back Badma under Eritrean administration.

  • kazanchis

    Hello all!

    This is just the beginning and the momentum will kick on from this moment on. You people have suffered enough by the tyrant. Sadly, the world have been turned blind eye for all injustices and sufferings of the people by self-appointed President. The time has come for him least to be known as a wanted criminal.


  • Semere Tesfai

    Selam All

    Welcome to the rich history of Africa – where an African is used as a tool to enslave another African.

    I guess we are bracing ourselves for yet another drama of the ICC – a drama where a BLACK judge preresiding in the whitest courtroom in the world to deliver justice for blacks (colored folks) half the world away, an aggressive BLACK prosecutor eager to convict a black tyrant, and a WHITE defense lawyer despretely trying to defend his client, to get the best justice under the sun – justice the black tyrant denyed its victims.

    And the Ahmed Chalabis are salivating sitting on the lap of their masters. Becuse to them, the reward is priceless.

    Well, is this ICC drama realy going to hapen to our Eritreans?

    I doubt it. Too predictable; too much Donald Trump the world to stomach; too many bushfires in a draughtland sticken area, too much danger to the very survival of their client-state…… If I’ve to guess, this is not a message to the ailing and aging man/men at the helm; it is more to its/their sussessors and to the others who might dare to think the unthinkable.

    But, but, but, what if it does hapen?

    Well, the outcome is very predictable. The Ahmed Chalabis with their contempt and condesending attitude towards their likes (because of their “civilized culture” and because of their mastery of their masters language) will be flowen home to govern from the Green Zone – of course guarded and protected by their masters. All with intent to teach the ABC of democracy to the savage Africans. But the only area the Chalabis would control, and the only democracy the locals would see, will be inside the Green Zone. Outside the green Zone? Well, nothing but.

    And rest assured, the raging fire will leave no accomplice behind.

    As it is proven for quiet a while now, Western powers are no more kingmakers; they can only topple kings.

    Semere Tesfai

    • iSem

      Hi Semere T:

      I wish we had our won Ahmed Chalabis, a genius who fooled the USA to invade Iraq. He was the master of the white guy, not the other way around, he wanted Saddam gone for enslaving his people, the Shia and he charmed, cajoled, coaxed, conned, pick your favorite diction them to action. We do not have his ilk and those who had a promise to be like him, certain former freedom fighter whose clothes where soaked in blood when he was young, now is too busy nurturing, watering, grooming that buddying floweret, his love of a tyrant;-)

      Too afraid of the future without the accused as the Green Zone may usher in a new leader outside the majority. I get it Semireulye

      Since when do tyrant past or future think the unthinkable, they cannot even think the thinkable, come on moksi. It must be painful for a liberator to be accused of crimes against those who he brags about has freed or where they liberators, tell me, ngereni, assiEleni, kelimni

      I think that if this comes to pass, “maletey si” if the gang are referred to the ICC, that will be the best triumph an ever so far of the last 60 years of seeking justice, it will outshine, the start of Ghedli, it will out endure the independence as if this comes to pass, it will mean a triumph over the evillest reign that our people have seen since gelling of the nationhood

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Hi Sem,

        It is quite natural that those who have dictatorial mentality will either directly or indirectly support/defend a dictator and his activities. Don’t you think so?


      • Semere Tesfai

        MerHab Bek Mokhsi

        Again, good to hear from you ሰኒ ፋሉ. Having said that:

        WoAllahi…. Shekhsiyen – it is neither fear of ” a new leader outside the majority” nor is about being “too busy nurturing, watering, grooming that buddying floweret, his love of a tyrant” thing. Li-Elamek – what I had in mind was never about MaHkema Al-qlebiya or MaHkema Al-Aglya which I have no qualm with. But of course with a caveat: must be Hakm WeTeniyeen nationalists. My thing about the whole thing is – THERE IS A BETTER WAY OF ACCOMPLISHING THE SAME RESULT.

        THe problem with your “I wish we had our own Ahmed Chalabis, a genius who fooled the USA to invade Iraq” is – as our parents would say – ጤልሲ: ኣብ እግራ ዘላ ሳዕሪምበር – ኣብ ርእሳ ዘላ ሓኽሊ ነይትርኢ – thing. By the way, US leaders were never fooled by Ahmed Chalabi. They were blinded by the mirage of the – lake of oil in on the horizon of Iraq – just to let you know.

        Mokhsi, You’re assuming too much about me. The difference between you and I is not what you think. If you care to know, this is the difference between you and I: You are for unpredictable change; I’m for a controled change. Your hope for “CHANGE”, “LIBERATION” and “DEMOCRACY” is from the corridors of the corrupted UN, AU, IGAD and from the goodwill of the ethnocentric Mekele clique. Mine is from the ability and wisdom of my people – the people with the ‘we can do’ attitude. Because I truly believe, if there is anything that can be done by any people on this planet – my people would do it. That is my attitude, whick is not yours.

        If you are a liberator (which our people are in need of one), if you are a visionary, if you are an educated genius, if you are an exceptionaly inteligent person, if you have fire in your belly….. show me the Barnie in you. Show me how to galvanize the Eritrean people (young and old, Muslims and Christians, the educated and the Cheguar Danga like me, men and women…..)…… and you will earn my respect; and I will be your loyal soldier.

        But if you are like me, just be like me – a family man slaving each day to put food on the table. Wodehanka.

        Semere Tesfai

  • Hayat Adem

    Hi Abi the sweet, sweeter than than honey…believe me, the longing is so mutual. stay put, i don’t want to miss up on coming back.
    yours hayat

  • des

    Greeting to All,

    It is clear that the Eritrean who run the current government are criminals. More importantly Morons.

    They cannot even answer simple questions.

    What is the population of Eritrea? How many rape cases per year in Eritrea? How many are dead and alive in political prison? Who are the enemies of Eritrea? When are they going to step down? How did you know the number of people who signed the petition?

    You can live through lie and make a living out of it. Repeated lie do not add up to be true, they can only be a lie. Repeated lie can only delay the truth but at the end of the day, the truth will come out, it does not matter how long it takes.

    Justice does not come only from Eritreans, the whole world is watching, whether they like it or not the world will do what needs to be done. The criminals can jump up and down, justice will prevail.

    This is fact:
    Our brothers&Sisters could not find any peace and economic growth in their native land.
    Our brothers&Sisters could not live in their own home in peace as civilians, out of the army.
    Our brothers&Sisters are in prison for decades without due process.
    Our brothers&Sisters do not have a right to know who put them in prison.
    Our brothers&Sisters do not known why they are in prison.
    Our brothers&Sisters do not know their future in prison.
    Our brothers&Sisters could not visit prisons.
    Our brothers&Sisters could not know whether the brother in prison dead or alive.
    Our brothers&Sisters are sold between smugglers and criminals.
    Our brothers&Sisters are killed and organ harvested in Egypt.
    Our brothers&Sisters are dying in the sea.
    Our brothers&Sisters slaughtered from the head.
    Our brothers&Sisters are refugee everywhere they go.
    Our brothers&Sisters are slaves for decades in the army.
    Our brothers&Sisters remain uneducated and skill less.
    Our brothers&Sisters could not see their brothers, disintegrated for decades.
    Our brothers&Sisters are hopeless and desperate.

    This is a crime against humanity, against your own brother, and against your own people.

  • AMAN

    Greetings first ,
    Dear Awates
    At this time I am just Analyzing and Summarizing the Situation
    of Ethiopia / Eritrea through Awate window or lens.
    Because, some things have come right and rectified and some
    others brought about perplex.
    After all these input, why do stands of some parties have to rewind
    back quickly to square one where we had been there once long ago?
    Were some people and parties freely riding on the back of others ?
    Or were putting us into harms way while hiding themselves behind
    computer screens with virtual ( not Real ) identities and political
    stands ?
    Or they are hoping to silence us Eritreans serving the WOyane’s
    agenda of silencing Eritreans through fear and intimidation from
    directly participating in the politics of the region for freedom of speech ?
    Is it coercion through another method than direct war ( especially aimed
    at and targeting those in diaspora ) ?
    So We in the diaspora would like to tell you that we are closely monitoring
    the political stands and discourses of both of you ( two opposing camps )
    and weighing its relevance and importance with respect to Eritrea and the
    objectives of its decades old struggle of its people.
    The defense of freedom of speech and Liberty of the Eritrean and Ethiopian
    people against WOyane dictatorship will continue !!!
    AWET N’ HAFASH !!!

  • Hope

    Yes indeed,I would care less about what you want to tell me …,.
    But if you have a moral ground and courage to gossip about my dead Hero,RIP,bring it up!

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    In 1952, the UN declared a beginning of decolonization of Eritrea, but that was not a real end to Eritrea’s colonization. In 1991, the Eritrean Revolution declared an end to occupation, but that was not a real end.

    Once again, today, June 8th, 2016, the UN declared an end to neo-colonization in Eritrea, an era of enslavement, disappearance, containerization of prisoners, and controlling people through starvation, violent treatment, and confiscation of their monies. Once the criminals, Isu and his generals, are tossed into the swallowing seas that will make them feel the everyday sufferings they were causing and will also come to know what is like drowning in the high seas like they have been sending the innocent Eritreans down to.

    Thus, we have two new real beginnings: One, a real new beautiful beginning for those who suffered enough and another, a horrible new beginning for those who were the causes of miseries and tragedies.

    We can also speak of a third beginning for those who are experiencing problems with their cognitive domains – not knowing the difference between slavery and freedom as well as the difference between abusive treatment and dignity. This third beginning of a new life is a process of liberating the Isayasists like Hope and dawit from deafness and blindness to truth after the tyrant walks out on them blaming them for every crime that he and his generals committed.


    ባርያ ሓወይ
    ኣብ ርሑቕ ዘለኻ
    እስኻ ኣብ ገላዕሎ
    ድምጽኻ ግን ሎሚ ኣብ ጀነቫ ተሰሚዑ ኣሎ

  • Amde

    Hello Awatistas,

    I would like to congratulate all those who worked hard to bring this about. This is huge and a fantastic outcome.

    The clique is now cornered, not just metaphorically as before but pretty much physically once this process comes to full fruition. Cornered animals are especially dangerous, so who knows how the regime will respond. But my best wishes to all Eritrean families.


    • Harestay

      Thank you Amde. I always enjoy your concise comments

    • Hope

      Thanks Amde for your solidarity and concern but I feel bad for you for not even trying to bring the TPLF Junta to Justice for its Crimes Against Humanity against Ethiopians like we ERITREANS have done against the PFDJ Gang!

      • Amde

        Dear Hope,

        Wait!! Wait just a minute…

        Did you just say….”… like WE Eritreans have done against the PFDJ….”? When did you become part of the WE? To my observation, you are always part of the “…Yes…But…” group arguing as to how it is ultimately Ethiopia’s fault PFDJ does all its evil.

        Gashe Isayas yihenin gud semtewal?


        • Dear Amde,
          Hope is a riddle to all of us. Many people find it difficult to understand where he really stands; whether it is with the regime and whatever it represents, or with the people of Eritrea. Although the first scenario is the only truth; nevertheless, for one reason or other, he wants to camouflage himself with an aura of a person who has also a progressive side, thus creating more ambiguity than anything else.

    • Nitricc

      Hi Amde; typical African mentality. i understand why toothless Eritreans will jump up and down with the toothless and worthless UN but for you; as smi rational observer shame on you to side with coward Eritreans. Eritrea is punished for refusing to be a fertile ground westerners, nothing more nothing less. As African you could have directed your sense of justice and proud African with the nation who try to reverse the trend and trying to end the westerners game against the so-called “monkeys and lazy Africans”. where is your African dignity? shame on you!
      you failed to understand the pull and bush factor that is going on. when the external forces bush; the silent majority pull and you have PFDJ for life.

      • Amde

        Hello General,

        This high horse is too low for you.


        • Abi

          Hi Amdachin
          I suggest a camel for the General instead of a pony.
          Good to see you back.

      • Amanuel

        Hi Nitricc
        Don’t bring racism in to this. This is purely between the justice seekers and the PFDJ and its mercenaries. Game over!

  • Tewelde gebremariam

    Hi Hope,
    The Commission of Inquiry had repeatedly asked the the impostor isaias afewerk to grant them VISA to enter Eritrea so they could investigate the Human Right Situation fully, fairly and objectively but he gave them a deaf ear. And who refuses to cooperate with the Law? Isn’t it the hard core criminal?

    But again, we must remember that this is not for the first time that he was found guilty of crime. The Ethiopian Eritrean Claime Commission had also found guilty of starting the war of 1998, which he accepted and agreed to pay Ethiopia for war reparation, the implication of which is that he is also guilty of violating international Law for not informing the UNSC before he invaded Ethiopia alleging self- defense.

    After the cessation of hostilities was signed in Algiers, the Eritrean people, at home and abroad, were expecting for the implementation of the 1997 verified Constitution and the dawning of Rule of Law but he willfully dashed their hopes by abolishing the Baito, suspending the Constitution indefinitely and by declaring war of terror on the people.

    The impostor isaias afewerk has not been commiting atrocious crimes haphazardly in the manner of some brutal local tyrants but like colonialists bent to annhilate the natives methodically and thoroughly. In order to deceive some gullible Eritreans into collaborating with him in their own demise, he has been using as his operative manual the George Orwell’s book, titled. Ninteen Eighty Four. All of his slogans——- victory to the masses, telling the truth, Self-Reliance etc. are all doublespeaks—– meaning that they do not convey his inner thought. He just used them to fool his gullible supporters into thinking that he represents their interest..

    • Mek1

      Hi Tewelde,
      I will start by quoting Abraham Lincoln “it is better to keep your mouth closed, people might think you are stupid than open your mouth and you rule out every doubt in their mind” where shall I start !!! Eritrea is formed according to colonial boundaries, which means what was in 1902 boundary is good in 1998, and if Bademe was Eritrean 1902 then and it will be Eritrean 1998, I don’t know where you were when the the fighting broke out, but I was close enough to follow the progression to a full flagged war, let me refresh your memory, after the introduction of Nakifa the Weyanes were not happy and they were harassing Eritreans carrying Nakifa who were trying to cross boarders like zalambessa, and later the Ethiopian Government declared any transaction with Eritrea in Birr or Nakifa should be not more than 2000Br. across boarders only, other than that it will be in dollars, Have you noticed the word across Boarders? and immediately they started to put check points in places where they believed to be theirs using local militias thanks to Gebru Asrat who was bent to punish Eritrea for his hatred of Eritrean people, saw the opportunity and he send his local militias to Bademe and other parts of the country and he started to harass and kick Eritreans form their own land that is why in his book he said he knew war was coming with Eritrea because he had planed it along time go but shelved it until opportune time comes. you can blame the government for everything but not this one, it was a war that was inevitable to happen and in my opinion the Weyanes were supposed to take a full responsibility for it, but it did not happen.

      Second you said” After the cessation of hostilities was signed in Algiers, the Eritrean people, at home and abroad, were expecting for the implementation of the 1997 verified Constitution and the dawning of Rule of Law but he willfully dashed their hopes by abolishing the Baito, suspending the Constitution indefinitely and by declaring war of terror on the people” seriously Bademe would have been a trophy to Isaiahs Afework for been a good boy!!! what a distorted way of thinking!!! Bademe belongs to Eritrean people it has nothing to do with how the dictator acts, and the guarantors to the agreement have no legitimate reasons to keep silent on the issue, so hating the guy is your right but distorting facts is crime.

      • Amanuel

        Hi Mike1
        Please stop using wise phrases because you just know them. From your comment you have no clue of the problem and why it has started. The harassment of Eritrean in Tigray, specially around Badma didn’t start with the introduction of Nakfa. It started in 1985 when it was handed to TPLF by IA. My uncle was deported to Shilalo in 1995 from Badma. He told me in 1993 ” you haven’t completed the job, Eritrea is not fully liberated from Ethiopian colonialism as far as I was not allowed to go back to Badma” If you have read Andebrhan’s book, IA was advised by then Eritrean ambassador to Ethiopia Mr. Haile Menkeros to use the opportunity of Eritrean official independence declaration to solve the boarder issue, particulary the Badma problem. However IA ignored it as worth less idea. But when the pressure for demarcation was growing he (IA) tried to use the problem to derail the momentum as a distraction. However, it backfired beyond his control. The rest is history.

      • Tewelde gebremariam

        Hi mek1,
        You quoted Abraham Lincoln to hide your intellectual poverty but no sooner did you end the quotation than your simplicitic mind betrayed your pretension, when you said, woyane was the one who started the 1998 war. And your reason: because it did not want Eritrea to have its own currency.

        And since woyane was one who recognized Eritrean independence and opened the gate for other nations to follow suit, the inference is that for woyane the currency was more worthy of fighting for than Eritrea —— a minuscul part of the whole more important than the whole itself——. This is absurd only a person of your type, a cult worshipping zealot parrots.

        However, let us remember that woyane did not recognize Eritrean independence out of its free will but out of necessity. If it had refused to do so, it would have been out of existence by now , and Ethiopia, disintegrated into its constituent parts , because The Victorious Mighty EPLFs were ready to enforce their will.

        The 1998 war and all the subsequent devastations that have been unraveling in Eritrea, including the abolishing of Baito, suspension of the ratified Constitution, the No War No Peace, reign of terror, economic and social disintegration of our people, the rampant inflation, unbridled black market, the massive flight of our people from their own country, Human trafficking etc. did not start spontaneously out of the blue but as a result of vicious plot of the impostor isaias afewerk and woysne.

        It was towards that evil end that the impostor isaias afewerk handed over Badme to woyane in 1985. By so doing , as subsequently development demonstrated, he was planting a time-bomb that he would explode on Eritrea at his own opportune time.

        In 1995, few years after independence, woyane started preparing the ground for him to set off his time bomb by border instigations and forceful expulsion of Eritreans from Badme etc.

        When the people of Badme approached isaias afewerk to complain of the expulsion, the loss of their properties and about their dire situation, he totally ignored them. He also prohibited EriTv crew from showing to the Eritrean public as woyane was carrying out its criminal activities on the people of Badme.

        The impostor kept quiet for years instead of immediatly demanding that woyane cease and desist its criminal activities, nor did he inform AU and UNSC as ought to have been done. He did not invite any international media to visit the site either.

        Despite the long duration of woyane’s criminal activities, why did he decide not to inform AU, UNSC and International Media?

        Because he did not want his hidden agenda —–his conspiracy to ignite the war—, to be interrupted prematurely.

        And why didn’t he ignite the war immediately after woyane started its criminal activities?

        Because he wanted the anger of the Eritrean people to reach a boiling point so his contrived war could look legitimate and in self- defense to Eritrean people and support it with all of their hearts.

        But was it waged in self-defense?

        Absolutely, not. It was verified by the Ethiopian Eritrean Claim Commisdion, who found guilty of starting the wat. He accepted the verdict and agreed to pay Ethiopia for war reparation but he never told the Eritrean people about it.

        To many genuine patriotic Eritreans, the wake up call came after the cessation of hostilities was signed in Algiers. It was then that isaias afewerk’s real intent and motive behind the war reared its monster head. Instead of fulfilling the hope of Eritrean people,—– peace. Democracy, Rule of Law—–, he quickly demolished our redumentary political institution and plunged the country into his reign of terror and spawned the current humanitarian and economic crisis as a means of realizing his diabolical dream of establishing tigrai–tigrigni on the ashes of our country.

        Every patriotic Eritrean must support the UN Commission of Inquiry all the way until isaias afewerk and his cabals are arrested by the ICC and tried for Genocidal Crimes. We must not be hypnotized by his Orwellian doublespeaks.

        But remember, unless we rectify the secterian factionalism—- created and watered by woyane and isaias afewerk—- that has been smouldering and kept us at blogger- heads, our success is likely to be our nightmare. We must act quickly to reconcile our differences before it is too late!!!!.

  • AMAN

    I agree with your observations and points often
    But what I do not understand is that why do you
    trust and believe them ? They are liers driven only
    by self interest , greed and hypocrisy.
    They only put and act their self interests first and
    view everything else from that point of view.
    You have to learn the same technique of putting
    your priorities right and first and view the outside
    from that center point of view too ?
    Some one else’s center and priority can not be your
    center and priority. Westerners never say or admit
    that they make mistakes or don’t know. They are only
    I know it all and I am perfect like an angel types. They
    are full of arrogance, hypocrisy and lies and always want
    to be seen know it all and a perfect super human creature .
    All Vain …..

  • Ayneta

    Following this decision by COI, the more palpable scenario is the sick way the regime will play this development in its future handing of the country and its people. Like all other dictators that have ever graced on this plant, the regime is in perpetual quest for a pretext to control its subjects whatever way it deems fit. It has been suing the weyane card for more than a decade, then came the West, and now the ”global conspiracy”. That is in the nature of dictators. No dictator has survived without blaming external forces notably the US. The latter is the ‘bread and butter’ of the former. Dictators do anything that would muddle the water so that they use it to justify their actions. The regime in Asmara will use this ruling by COI for that purpose. I think with this bold announcement, the regime will go into deeper survival mode. Things will only get worse in the country. The people in Eritrea, especially the young, will taste another wave of sheer wrath from the regime. I can only imagine how things will turn to the worst case scenario now that the regime has an official pretext to wreak havoc on the people. This is the time to feel sorry for the people who live in Eritrea. They should brace for a darker future.
    The second ( hopefully last) episode of ”hell in Eritrea’ has just began. Welcome to it!

  • Berhe Y

    Hi Hope,

    If you agree with his last statement, then what’s left to disagree about. Isn’t everything else you stated would become mute and non existent if there is “Rule of Law” in the country. I mean, the “weyane” can brag all day and night to bring down the Eritrean government with their “CIA stoogies” but if Eritrea has the rule of, wouldn’t that make their efforts “worth less”. And the “Ethiopian refugee” who claim to be “Eritreans” wouldn’t their refugee claim be dismissed and they will be deported back to Eritrea, because it’s a country that’s govern by the “Rule of law”.

    In other words, if it can only implement the rule of law, all this “side show” would disappear? wouldn’t you agree.

    I was saying to you, there isn’t any government in the worlds, that acts like the Eritrean government. I was really shocked to hear the Commissioner uses those exact words.

    Even after all this, it’s clear that the UN / commissioner best choice is engagement, “hoping the release of prisoners in the 25 years of anniversary, engagement to see the end of endless national service etc.”, but they know that it’s not possible and thus they are recommending to the ICC is “extreme measure” that the PFDJ system would listen.


  • Yoty Topy
  • iSem

    Make up your mind cousin, the crimes of PFDJ has nothing to do with how the UN betrayed Eritrea 50 years ago, if it in fact betrayed it, Eritreans could not make up their mind, 50/50, so the UN thought federation was best, it could have been worse if we were independent after the British left, but the annexation of Eritrea by HS united Eritreans slowly under the struggle banner, so stop barking about the 50 years.
    PFDJ is enslaving, murdering, raping your people and by extension doing the same to you and this report based on the testimony of Eritreans is telling you crimes against humanity have been committed. Do you believe Eritreans or PFDJ, they are two separates entities for your info? Please do not muddy the waters for people. You need to ponder and give me answer a one liner, after all you are a one liner dude: Do you believe PFDJ h has been murdering, raping, enslaving Eritreans for the last 25 years or not. Do you believe the testimonies of Eritreans or not?
    If Federation was allowed to run its course, it would have been a better outcome, HS jumped the gun and by doing that he squandered the lives of Ethiopians and Eritreans. Eritrea could have voted to separate after the Federation, or they could have stayed with Ethiopia, both scenarios would have been far better for both. For a country that was 50/50 mostly based on lowland- highland and Muslims- Christians the UN did was right, have you pondered if they let us be independence given the divided nation along those lines, we could have civil war based on religion and region, and the Unionist would have been supported bye Ethiopia and separatists by the Arabs, but HS’s heavy handed slowly united us and although the fronts pulled the sectarian string from behind, the people bled to gether and were united and that threatened d PFDJ and were are back to 50 years ago interims of our unity and worse of in terms of crimes against humanity.
    This is your Eritrean literacy lecture, “ab lbika yehdro, genzebka”

    Stop your “mugrae” about the 50 years

    • Nitricc

      Semere; you said ” the UN did was right” in the 50’s when forced Eritrea with Ethiopia. now, you know why majority of this forum think you are right down stupid. Thanks for clearing the way for the others to see you for what you are stupid. I know; there is no way for you to put one and two together but this bull-crap UN thing is good for the government of Eritrea to grip further for their power. The UN came out and are saying this; so what? What do you think next will happen? What a worthless creature.

      • iSem

        Nitricc Mr one cell
        Read what I said: I bet you have no clue about the history
        I lectured you and Hope that Eritreans were divided on independence, True or False?
        I said. if were independent , civil war would have started along the low-highland divided , bad or good?
        I said HS’s actions were wrong to destroy federation but that united Eritrean against the illegal actions
        Your knowledge of Eritrea is based on the YPFD meeting and even that is under the influence of whatever they feed you and make you smoke
        As I told you before you are not qualified to talk about Eritrea much less about my intelligence Frist get that transplant to become first Eritrean “transe-brained”

        • Nitricc

          Semere; dancing zig-zag aside; Eritrea future is YPFDJ! The end of the story. So, go ahead you are free to fantasia and scream but at the end of the day YPFDJ are the rulers of Eritrea. Not the likes of you corrupted and good for nothing wanna be white Canadian. So, I suggest be clam; collect your welfare and shut the hell up. How about that, Semere?
          If you had a shared of sense of honor and justice; you could have advocate for Eritrea to be heard before the worthless and corrupted UN releases their bogus report. Justice? You wouldn’t know if justice hit you on your forehead

          • iSem

            Let me tell you what the YPFDJ is made up off, because you are too intoxicated in the meeting to notice:
            YPFDJ= Mostly people with low IQ, ghetto kids, who failed in life, whose fathers frequented the bars after work and with handful successful people who manipulate you to do the marching, with free booze and horning.
            So no, YOFDJ is not the future, it was not the past nor the present, PFDJ has no tense.
            It does not matter who does the exposing, I will support any on who exposed the crimes against my people, the reports did not found the Eritrea people guilty of crimes against humanity, it found the government of Eritrea,, PFDJ guilty of crimes. “Mai gibae” Nitricc, asl MS for translation then I will send you a rob when you know the meaning, I want you to use my custom made rob for you, not a generic one

          • Nitricc

            Semere; you know i call you low IQ and out right xxxxx? I let you read and the respected awate readers to make my point. Semere declared…..
            ” YPFDJ= Mostly people with low IQ, ghetto kids, who failed in life, whose fathers frequented the bars after work and with handful successful people who manipulate you to do the marching, with free booze and horning.”
            people describe and expose what really they are so when you say all those things; you are really talking about yourself. since when is a success story working as healthcare facility guard?
            one point for you; worry about your country Canada lol.

    • Hope

      Ahlen Bika Ya Wed Halu:

      Huhuh Cousin:

      You remember that you “awarded” me with your very rare Award after I reported the same crimes against Humanity by the few PFDJ Gang members after I returned home few months ago,when I myself was detained but for few hours?

      Didn’t I testify the slow death of my Hero Uncle Colonel Zeru’ Bi’edu in front of his little kids?

      As far as your exaggerated statement saying:”Do you believe PFDJ has been murdering, raping, enslaving Eritreans for the last 25 years or not. Do you believe the testimonies of Eritreans or not?”
      See my answers above.
      Rape? Nah….sexual abuse, yes but not worse than that of the most “democratic and the most Civilized” Nation under the Sun…aka,the USA,where more than 44% of its own women in Uniform testified that they have been victims of Sexual Abuse and Rape.
      To call the EDF composed of more than 400,000 strong Army defending Eritrea sitting at heart of Geneva or Toronto a “rapist entity” and at the same time an Enslaved Army is but bigotry and beyond hypocrisy, if I have a right to express my opinion.
      My opinion is about the over all COIE approach and its procedural failures, albeit deliberately,and am just comparing and contrasting the same crimes committed by near door neighbors and by the same ” Advocates” of Human rights, who are rather being protected rather than prosecuted for their crimes against Humanity equally, which does NOT mean endorsing or protecting the Crimes of the gang in question.
      Moreover–Eritrea has been complying with UPR(Periodic Human Rights Review) and has been engaging positively the EU and all other genuine partners and in my naïve opinion, that approach should have been enforced and strengthened rather than hectically working against that Noble Approach and Engagement.
      I am expressing its dangerous DISCRIMINATORY and biased approaches, which should be questioned and challenged legitimately and reasonably,for the sake of exposing the possible hidden agenda of the same Criminals and fake Human Rights “Advocates”.
      This is the exact same approach used against Iraq, Libya and Syria;and their FATE?
      Eritrea has done a better job in handling the constructive engagement with/by the EU and the UPR (The Periodic Human Rights Review) and apparently, those criminals are afraid of that Eritrea might succeed positively over the time in bringing the needed change .(Hint: look how hectically the COIE as its predecessor,the SEMG,did trying to act against the EU engagement with Eritrea and we know how the TPLF and its mercenaries has reacted—in fact, panicked about the positive Eri-EU Engagement–)..
      And you go and figure things out,if not clear to you, ask a Second Grader Eritrean.

      • Asmerom

        Dear hope
        I don’t want to create a diversion from the topic at hand but when you say my uncle hero it tells me you know nothing about heros . If you know the history of your uncle while he was in ELF brigade 72 you would not dare to call him a hero . If need be I will tell you all about your “hero ” next time .

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Asmerom,
          you brought this one in wrong time – we don’t want Hope to know about it – please keep the secret for some time and I will be the one to be a witness of the man’s history back in brigade 72.

  • said

    People-smuggling ‘kingpin’ Mered Medhanie extradited to Italy

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Awate friends,

    we might experience an expected change withing the party or the government .But really what a hero in side Eritrea is doing if he don’t move now?

    Dear awate friends

    I don’t know who wrote the article titled.ኣንታ ሹም ገደደ one century back and also 2014 Ha ha ha ..Google it if you want to know who wrote it. but here is the poem presented by Kokhob at that time,

    . . . . .ኣንታ ሹም ገደደ . . . . .

    ኣንታ ሹም ገደደ ሹም ገደደ :-
    ኣንታ ሹም ገደደ ኣንታ ዕደ:-
    ብህይወት እንከሎ መሰሉ ተቐብደ:-
    ድቃስ ዝወሰዶ ብእግሩ እናኸደ :-
    እንታይ ኮን ይብላኻ እተን ኣደ :-
    እንታይ ኮን ይብለካ ዝተወልደ :-
    ላዕሊ ዝነበረ ሽምካ ምስ ወረደ ::

    ኣንታ ሹም ገደደ!!!! ኣንታ ሹም ገደደ :-
    ፈራሕ ከይብሉኻ ገዛእቲ ዘርዓደ :-
    ዓሻ ከይብሉኻ ጎራሕ ዝተሞርደ :-
    . . .እንታይ ኮን ይኸውን ሓንጎልካ ዘዕነደ :-
    . . . .ሕጂ በጺሑ ዶ ሓሞትካ ተቐደ :-
    . . .. ቀደም ዘይገበሮ ሎም ተንበድበደ :-
    . . . .እንታይ ወሪዱካ ሹም ገደደ ::

    ካን ዶ ኮይንካ እዩ ደኒንካ ክትሓልፍ :-
    ምእዙዝ ኮይንካ ኣብ ትሕቲ ህግደፍ :-
    መሪጽካ ዶ ምንባር መሰል ግፉፍ :-
    መሪጽካ ዶ ምንባር ስዑር ስኑፍ :-
    ንድሕሪት ተመሊስካ ኮይንካ ትሩፍ ::

    ….. ክብረቱ ዝሕደግ – እታ ኪዳኑ:-
    ….. ምኽኒት እናብዘሐ መሰሉ ዘዕኑ :-

    ኣይትበራበርን ዶ ሹም ገደደ :-
    ቅልጽም ሓፋሽ ድምጹ ከይንጎደ :-
    ድሑር ስርዓት ገና ከይተፈርደ :-
    ከይለከመካ – ሒዙካ ከይኸደ ::
    . . . . .ኣንታ ሹም ገደደ —

    ኮኾብ ሰላም


  • iSem

    Hi All:
    The MO of the PFDJ, the current Eritrean government has been uncovered,; just because the street of Asmara are not littered with dead bodies and rapes and beating do not occur in the streets of the capital, it did not fool the commission, they went behind the walls, they listened to people like Dejen who witnessed wailing of women and the old and the young behind the walls inside the capital that deceives its causual visiters as serene and peaceful. Asmara is not seren it is the torture chamber of our country like all villages and cities. And this report by COI is a vindication of the people who worked hard to provide the info and Cassandras like the late Seyom Harestai who warned us early on on the despotic nature of PFDJ. It is also a slap on the face of the regime and its supporters who were coerced people to petition the COI, their wedini and skunis tricks did not fool any one

    • Hayat Adem

      Hi Sem and all,
      This is a clear victory over evil. The significance of the victory dirctly propertional to the fear the evil has displayed by the amount of effort it mobilized to preempt this report. And yes, the crime against humanity has been going for 25 yrs, it is widespread, systematic, touching every single Eritrean family.

      • iSem

        Hi Hayat
        Welcome back home!

        • Hayat Adem

          Thanks Sem,
          I’m following some of the important events, articles and exchanges as I have been doing in my passive presence but will be hopefully returning for regular attendance in 3-4 weeks time.

      • Kokhob Selam

        ሚን ሓያታ !

        እዋእ እዋእ – ኣንትን ንግስትና ኣበይ ድኣ ኸ ኣብልክን ? እንኳዕ ኣብዚ ኣብጽሓና የሆና ንግስተይ ::

        • Hayat Adem

          nisikha kokhob nigus,
          give me a couple of weeks and hayat will join and regularly interact. I miss you as much or maybe more.
          this victory over crime is a special one and we shall treat it that way. you can see how the regime has been shivering all over. how much did they spend, sweat mobilizing mekhete in defense of the crime-side? a lot for zero result. how much would have cost them to correct their rotten system to a minimum social standard compared to their balance sheet now? Minimal and for a huge reward of social/political capital. But their twisted political culture will never allow them to choose the low cost, high grace sane road. they are not wired that way.
          they will continue cursing weyane, cia, un etc and their sheep of nikihd tiray will always be counted and flock behind, .
          when we were kids and walking in dark hours after rain, it used to have happened so we mistook a water pond for a dry stepping land and the first leg got socked first. i still marvel why the logic of saving the rest of the body didn’t prevail over the force of habit that always dictated its way to walk in the water until you find a dry part on the other end becoming wet and dirty in the process. i see some similarity in how the pfdj walks its way out except there seems to be no way out, no dry clean land for step-landing.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Amde and Hayat,

        welcome back guys. You were missed for sometime. Good to see you back.


    • Abel

      Selam ISem,
      Does this mean HIGDEF dogs in the diaspora who have been actively supporting the genocidal regime both financially and morally will also have their day in court and possibly be sent to Sawa, the enslavement training camp and serve indefinitely? where are Nitric , Dawit, Semere …and co.hiding?

      • Nitricc

        Abel; you must share the same IQ with Semere Andom. what a dumbest comment. lol
        The first one to be charge is the like of you and semere who are encouraging the human trafficking by financing this evil people. If you and your likes didn’t support the financial resources the human trafficking benefiting from; there is/was no immigrant tragedy every day. So, forget the toothless and worthless UN; your likes will be charged by the real people. For now, go head kiss-up to the white’s azz and be happy.