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Eritrea: UN Extends Mandate of Two Human Rights Bodies

On its twenty-ninth session, the Human Rights Council (HRC) drafted a resolution to extend the mandate of the Special Rapporteur as well as the mandate of the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (CoIE) for one year.

On June 8, 2015, the CoIE made its 485-page report public and confirmed to the world community the sufferings that Eritreans are enduring under their government.

Both mandate holders will “investigate systematic, widespread and gross violations of human rights in Eritrea with a view to ensuring full accountability, including where these violations may amount to crimes against humanity.”

The mandate holders will “present an oral update to the Human Rights Council at its thirty-first session and to address and engage in an interactive dialogue with the General Assembly at its seventieth session.” They will also “present an oral update to the General Assembly at its seventy-first session, and a written report to the Council at its thirty-second session.”

The CoIE report found that the Eritrean government is committing “systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations … in a climate of generalized impunity.”

The Human Rights Council (HRC) draft resolution dated June 30, 2015, commended the CoIE “for completing its work in a transparent, impartial and consultative manner.” And it reiterated its deep concern at thegrave violations of human rights by the Eritrean authorities against their own population and fellow citizens.”

According to the HRC, the CoIE report is important and that the collected information support “future accountability efforts.” Further investigation may result in referring the perpetrators of the violations to the International Criminal Court and further sanctions by the UN against the Eritrean government.

Several sanctions regimes have already been imposed on the Eritrean government for its cross-border violations, unrelated to violations against the Eritrean people. This is the first time the UN has recognized government violations meted on Eritreans.

The CoIE report has pleased Eritrean victims of the regime that on June 26, 2015, thousands of them flocked to Geneva from across Europe and other parts of the world to express their support for the CoIE report.

The HRC condemned “the extrajudicial executions, enforced disappearances, torture, arbitrary and incommunicado detentions, and human rights violations in the context of indefinite national service, including those involving forced labour, forced military conscription of children and sexual violence.”

Though on 28 January 2013 it has signed the Strategic Partnership Cooperation Framework for 2013-2016, the Eritrean Government has denied entry visas to UN officials working on human rights-related projects.

Statements by Eritrean officials, and its media, consider the work of the UN investigators an assault against it and mainly instigated by the United States of America.

The HRC asks the Eritrean government provide the High Commissioner of Human Rights, detailed information of detained persons, “including members of the G-15, journalists, those detained in the aftermath of takeover on 21 January 2013 of the building housing the Ministry of Information, and the 19 Djiboutian combatants.”

Updated: the HRC published a draft resolution and not a report as previously stated. The content was updated to reflect that. The draft resolution is expected to be adopted by the assembly on the second or third of July.

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  • AMAN


    I hear you
    I will give it time to get the full picture.
    But the thing you said it is a coward comment is ??????
    What I always do is to save people and Nation
    from unpredictable and sometimes cruel politics
    and its results !!!!
    Anyways, thankyou for the comment
    I will look into it.

  • AMAN

    As an Ethiopian from Eritrea, I have the responsibility and genuine
    interest to help the Eritrean people in their struggle for justice rule
    of law and democratic governance, than only pay a lip service like
    some Ethiopians are doing here. And the problem in Eritrea is not
    the problem of becoming and unbecoming a state but is only a problem
    of government and administration. Eritrea is already a sovereign state/
    Nation in the AU and UN but no democracy and democratic governing/ment.
    But if as you say Ethiopians are feeling sorry (genuine sympathy), they should
    help the people and not the regime. So it is just they are blasphemous and hypocrites
    and cowards. The regime is defeated in its war ventures but the nation didn’t as it was
    not in war venture. So blame the regime and not the people.
    So we true Ethiopians of Eritrean origin are always on the side of the Eritrean/and Ethiopian
    peoples not supporters of dictators and illegitimate regimes and their servant yes con men.

  • AMAN

    @Both Gedif and Belay below
    yesterday,Today and Tomorrow
    Always free,liberated and valued citizen !!
    I do not understand your points. What are trying to say ?
    Who told you all citizens from Eritrea are in the basket of
    EPLF or ELF…….or the sewra for that matter.
    Don’t you know that there were and still are millions of Eritreans
    outside the sewra and outsied the EPLF/ELF organizational structure ?
    Also I donot understand why one would talk more than an Eritrean for
    Eritrea. If not an Eritrean that talks for Ethiopia who else will ?
    Do you by the way know that it is Eritrea and Abyssinia(shewa) that formed
    Ethiopia as a country that the UN knew or recognized. No Eritrea means No
    Ethiopia but only Abyssinia. And with broken Tigray into halves one province
    under Abyssinia the other under Erythrea.
    So who is the one telling me Ethiopian issue is not my concern ? then whose ?
    Is this self entitlement or getting mixed up of not understanding what state and
    government means and what they represent and being ignorant of what their
    mandates are. A governing body is only an administartion not a state. And has
    limits of what its roles and responsibilities are vis a vis the rights of the citizen.
    Do you think I consider a Tigrian or a woyane who was a shifta untill 1991 and has
    a lot of blood in his hands and has been partner of a criminal administration ever since;
    as equal citizen ( as an Eritrean and/or Ethiopian ) as I am ???
    Who said I as an Ethiopian from Eritrea has less rights in Ethiopian affairs than others ?
    Actually in fact it is to the contrary. Tigray doesn’t have an equall contribution to Ethiopian
    nation building and politics as Eritrea and Shewa do.
    I do not come through militant organizations to be a citizen of Eritrea or Ethiopia.
    Only my birth place and my land entitles me to citizenship. All the rest is politics
    and all politics is Lies.
    And so please no body think as if gave me Liberation or citizenship. I have always been
    free and liberated and a citizen evn from my grand parents time. All the changes are only
    changes of political winds. Nothing more. But no objections to those of you who liberated
    yourselves and others who were not free and liberated until your help.

  • saay7

    Selamat Awatistas:

    The Human Rights Council and the Eritrean human rights agenda. Submitted by Somalia and Djibouti and adopted without a vote:



  • Noah

    This is the brain you have speaking like they are from different planet you can not say ERITREA …………
    Why? any reason. Shame if you are Eritrean the action that the so called UN is taking is against the people think .

    • Rahwa


      Do you mean, against Isayas Afewerki and his junta? Do not mix Eritrea
      and its people with the despicable dictator please.

      • Noah

        I do not think you are ERITREAN please stop talking about ERITREA

        • Rahwa T

          Hi Noah,

          Allow me to interfere among you two. If you (Noah) thought you were dealing with Rahwa T (the Ethiopian), you are wrong.

          • teweldino

            Hi Rahwa T,

            Until Awate.8 arrives with new improvements such as our nationality next to our nick etc., could you please amend your nick to “Rahwa T (the Ethiopian)” or upload the Ethiopian flag as your avatar to help the likes of Noah and Sara.

        • sara

          Dear Noah
          i think you just landed in Geneva– welcome to the real world , here the rule is you have to observe political correctness to the letters, specially when you deal with our immediate southern neighbors, so watch your words.
          just sisterly advice.

  • Ali

    Now the time is coming where the lowlanders are to be equal citizens with highlanders and they will use their own resources equally after the fall of HIGDEF. Now HIGDEF is exploiting the Goald as much as possible to send the money to swiz. please let us facilitate the death of HIGDEF together all democratic highlanders and lowlanders with out discriminating each other.

    keep away from the mud dog HIGDEF and his bad gangs.

    • Ali

      With Eritrean Lowland being too attached with the “munkhafadat” mentality, I doubt so.

      First of all, in Western countries, the Muslims don’t even get along with the ethnic Tigrinyas who inhabitated in the Highland Kebessa, they have also refused to link with the Tigrinya language and prefered Arabic spoken since it seems an overwhelm vast majority, if not, all speak Arabic.

      Now, imagine how are the lowlanders are going to debate with Tigrinis in politics especially their beef with them because of what happened when they were with Selassie’s side, between EPLF and ELF then you have Isayas who are also from that tribe where they used to support him at first before the independence which led to lack of trust.

      I was with an Eritrean Muslim community months ago, a Tigre Arabic speaker from the lowland often mentioned Munkhafadat and their obsession with it as if they want to seperate them from the rest of Eritrea. One of the Saho Muslim (Saho is from Kebessa) stood up and spoke against his speech because he didn’t mention the Sahos or the Jebertas etc who are from the Highland.

      So, I feel it will end up like Somalia and Somaliland. Somaliland being stable who seperated themselves from the rest while Somalia is affected. This is what I feel from Munkhafadat when they’ll seperate themselves from the Kebessa who will probably be affected (it is also affected today BTW) from Woyane invasion who will use their so called excuse (terrorist etc) to save “Isayas’s شعبيا goons”.

      I feel so much for my country, we have suffered so much for many decades yet we’re still far from each other. How sad, no wonder why we have no active political/military opposition today.

  • Ali

    Now I come back after three months of break and hard work against the dictator. Now it is time taker of members of the HIGDEF and his bad followers. Because after the UN inquiry result they get mud and they are insulting everyone in their way. They start to insult any islam, democrat Eritreans, their causins (Woyane), Members of the inquiry, USA, EU and UN etc. So my brothers and sisers please keep away from the mud do HIGDEF and his bad gangs.

  • Haqi

    selam all

    is there a psychiatrists in awate.com who can tell us whats wrong with selam? its hard enough we have to deal with Lt and now this; football season hurry up lol

    • selam

      Dear Haqi
      Tell me ? What does it take for you to be the psychiatrist ? Lets do it short , I hate to waste my time with someone who think I am this and that . Tell me what is the thing itching your head.

  • tes

    Dear Awatawyan

    13 years ago, may be not more than a dozen patriotic Eritreans were out to demonstrate against PFDJ in Bay Area. Read what awate.com retrieved from its archive


    and in 2015, not more a dozen PFDJ diehard, so self-called patriotes, spent the whole day protecting their leader (tyranny. in Asmara)

    Madote, one of the blind pro-dictator web reported by saying: “Last Friday, (i. e 26.062015), patriotic Eritreans initiated a day and night sit-in protest at the White Hall in London.”


    Complete Reversal of incidences.

    @salehjohar:disqus, how can you express this shift? can you drop some pixels from your golden iphone keyboard.


  • Semere Andom

    My Two Countries, which One should I Love?
    Dear Awatistas:

    Warning to the fans of certain Eritrean singer: do not get your hopes high, I am not going to recite the lyrics of a song that go like this: “my country, which one of them do you love?”:-))

    Both are young. One chose me, while I chose the other. Both are very diverse on their own right. One is polite, the other belligerently arrogant. One was born two years after slavery was abolished and is known as a place where slaves found freedom. The other was born 126 years after slavery was abolished, yet was indicted of enslaving its people. The country that I chose treats them as citizens, while the country that chose me treats all its people as subjects.

    Both countries hang their founding fathers, but differently. The country I chose hangs the photos of its founding fathers on museums, the country that chose me hangs its founding fathers in underground dungeons.

    The country I chose, which is not perfect by any stretch of imagination incrementally, sagaciously, deliberately, slowly and painstakingly refines its laws to right past wrongs to compensate and to apologize to the people it victimized during its dark-ages. It uses past glories to inspire so all its citizens would stand on the shoulders of past giants. The country that chose me also incrementally, sagaciously, deliberately and painstakingly refines, not its laws, but its lawlessness, to enslave, to victimize more, to affirm past wrongs, to utilize past glories as a license to enslave and abuse as its stands on the shoulders of its midgets instead of its giants.

    My chosen country is known for invent the UN peace keeping missions, while my country of origin although not know for any inventions hitherto, it is known for war keeping in its region.

    The national anthems of both countries are very telling

    The national anthem of my chosen country affirms love, speaks of hearts and appreciates the beauty of the country and promises to keep it free in the future. It also looks to deity. Here is how its national anthem opens:

    “O Canada! Our home and native land!

    True patriot love in all thy sons command.

    With glowing hearts we see thee rise,

    The True North strong and free!

    From far and wide, O Canada,

    We stand on guard for thee.

    God keep our land, glorious and free!

    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee;

    O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.”

    The national anthem of the country that chose me speaks of construction and buildings and the promise to make the country technologically advanced— a concept that is congruent with its current obsession with building dams, roads and trade school. It speaks of freedom that does not exist: “Here enemy was destroyed wailing, martyrdom was rewarded by freedom.”

    Here is the vision:

    “The commitment that ushered liberation

    Channelling it for construction,

    We have a duty to adorn her with gems”

    National anthems are not just collection of words, they like a constitution orient, frame and speak to the core values of the nation, or that is at least what I think of them.

    National anthems although are nowadays remembered only during soccer and sport matches, they express and infuse the patriotism, struggles of the people and to be fair the national anthem of Eritrea does that to some extent. But true to the mindset of its current ruling regime, it speaks of a country merely as a physical entity and one gets an image of this female goddess that must be worshiped, be beautified at all cost to look like Singapore. Its people are not mentioned, and one wonders why the enemy was defeated instead of we your daughters and sons defeated. Passive vs. Active Voices:-)

    These are the stories of my two countries. And tomorrow, the country of my choice celebrates its 148 years. I invite you to celebrate this history day, Canada Day, with me.

    Happy Canada Day!

    • Berhe Y

      Happy Canada Day SA arkey.

      I am remembering our teacher Anwar:)..you should send this to the TorStar, or the CBC..you will help elevate the suffering of many Eritrean refugees…and speed up their waiting times….


    • selam

      Dear Semere
      Canada the police state , the state that destroy innocent people can not be defined by people who run from their own challenge. Canada the state that committed crime of environment , canada the jews state who support israel for kiiling innocent state is not worth fighting nor does it has any th7ng to show except the support it gives to the killing machine.

      canada oh watch some part

      • sara

        Dear selam
        very interesting, i thought from what i hear and read from our compatriots that canada is kind of heaven.
        all that in canada? then why all that fuss!
        tnx selam.
        btw, i asked my friend in san jose to do me a small favor.

        • selam

          Dear Sara
          It would be naive to believe every thing that come out from western media. America with unfair justice system has 8 million prisoners, and their police system based on race value of the white man , would be challenged to show what is in their corrupted world. Canada well , the up and down of the minority conservative government is no less than israel when it comes to killing. Semere is thankful to their hidden flesh. Justice is as good as in its place called paper. I can’t believe semere choose the Canadian anthem and try to have a say in Eritrean matters. Eritrea is the product of brave women and men who stood on the death panel stil smiling . It would be wired for any one to explain how much is too much to give your life for them and still dump your sacrifice over the canadian cake.

          Eritrea , Eritrea , Eritrea

          Dear sara how confused should I be for me to call a military solution to the current situation in Eritrea and yet I live in canada. Can’t people be proud of their beloved Eritrea and still disgaree with DIA ? I do think we should just look deep to what is going on.

          • sara

            Dear selam
            do you know about the so called ARAB SPRING,it failed to attain its intended goals but made all those countries now failed states, because those who created that situation were not its nationals but foreign bodies who had their own agendas. look to iraq,syria,libya yemen,and to some extent all
            those neighboring those countries. just the past weeks it even started to sip into saudi arabia,kuwait
            and bahrain. imajine who are the beneficiaries of all this except those we all know who are everywhere creating problems. the good news today is those who stood firm for decades against those cruel sanctions and other forms of warmongering, have at last defeated the enemy. they could make them raise their hands to say “say come and take over our country”.
            viva cuba and soon iran.