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Help Keep The Lights On!

Updated July 14, 2014:

On June 28, 2015, we issued a public appeal to support under the title, “Help Keep The Lights On!” which is appended below. Today we reporting on the activities of the 17 days, since the appeal was published.

As of July 14, 2015, only ten people responded to our appeal (excluding the pre-existing commitment by TR), their abbreviated names are as follows:

1 A.Y $15 monthly  (net $14.11)
2 T.K $20 monthly (net $19.12)
3 F.G. $1000 (net $970.70)
4 Hager $1000 (net $970.70)
5 I.O. $200 (net $191.90)
6 N.W $200 (net $191.90)
7 S.T. $20 (net $19.12)
8 J-L.P $200 (net $191.90)
9 A.H. $ 25 (net $23.97)
10 B.N. $300 (net, non paypal)
11 T.R. $20  monthly (net $19.12)

Net contributions of $ 2912.11


  1. Berhe Yeman: You suggested that we try crowd funding; we believe we appealed to the very crowd that is considered beneficiary. The result is what you see above. However, we appeal to you to contact us and help in pursuing other avenues.
  2. Hager: Please note that the $1000 matching challenge that you put was met by Fanti Ghana on the same day. Thank you for meeting your challenge.
  3. We will send a personal thank you letter to all who responded.
  4. Our estimated basic running expenses for 2015 is $12,000. As you are aware by now, we have collected only a fraction of that. We still expect people to reach to their pockets and contribute. We thank you in advance.

Your support donation can be facilitated through the following means:

  1. Credit and Debit Cards
    Click the PAYPAL <> icon on the frontpage and it will take you to the support page. All payments are processed through Paypal. Your support will appear on your bank statement as “Paypal*”.
  2. Bank Transfer:
    Account Name:
    Bank: Bank Of America,
    Acct #: 29570 76732
    Swift ID: BOFAUS3N
  3. Checks and money orders: Please send to the following mailing address:
    P. O. Box 580151
    Elk Grove, CA 95758
    U S A
  4. E-mail contact: write us on the following e-mail:
    Please contribute as generously as you can.

We appreciate your generosity, thank you.

The following is the original content published on June 28, 2015

In March 2014 we solicited your support for contributions, hoping to raise $12,000. By the end of the year the donated amount was nowhere close to that–only $3,700 was donated (less 3.95% Paypal fees)

In a reminder that was published on December 2014, the appeal stated that “It would be nice to have a deep-pocketed sponsor to fund your activities. If we had one, we wouldn’t solicit your help publicly.”

Three months later, by March 2015, the donation increased by $1,320. On the same month, we repeated our appeal for the third time hoping to get a more positive reaction. However, as of June 27, 2015, the donation has increased by $340 only.

Earlier this year, as we launched Awate2020 project, we decided to study the funding problems and check the public perception of and its performance. On March 5, 2015, we published a Murvey-com survey that 300 people answered. The full result of the survey is linked here, but in this message we will share with you the relevant findings concerning the funding difficulties.

Question #3 of the survey was designed to check the public perception regarding donation to, and how much respondents thought we collected between March 2014 and February 2015. While 3% thought the donation totalled over $100 thousand, 26% of the respondents thought over $50 thousand was collected. Fortunately enough, 71% thought the total was under $3 thousand.

But you don’t have to guess anymore!

In the last eighteen months, the visitors who register about 350,000 pageviews monthly on, donated $5,360–an average of $298 a month (less 3.95% Paypal fees). We hope no one thinks can run on that amount let alone the activities we keep on pending because of lack of funds.

The Murvey survey showed us something many of you are already aware of: since the inception of, the PFDJ and its affiliates have been waging a relentless campaign to discredit it and to defame its administrators. However, the public is much smarter, and more patriotic, than the PFDJ is willing to admit.

Does the public think that is funded by, “Weyane, CIA and other intelligence agencies”?

A marginal 3% think so, while 18% of the respondents do not know if that is true or not! However, 79% do not believe the PFDJ propaganda.

A similar question asked the surveyed if they think NGOs and other entities ever funded since its inception. Again, a marginal 4% believe they have, while 56% responded, “I don’t know.” However, 40% believe was never funded by an outside sources. And here we can tell you, as we always did, has never received a dime from outside sources.

Interestingly, question #7 explains our funding problem: During the last 15 years, 60% of the respondents said they have “not contributed a dime to” Another 33% said they have contributed at least once. The rest, 7%, said they didn’t know they have to! If you are one of the 60% or the 33%, we ask you to be more generous. We are not sure what to tell the 7%!

We regret having to inform you that, save the few dedicated volunteers who have always been supportive, we have been bearing the financial and the personal brunt to be able to continue offering our services; we are bleeding. We assure you that we will never appeal to narrow sentiments of people for the sake of funding; that is simply against our principles. This website promotes liberal democratic values which we believe the overwhelming majority of our readers subscribe to. And we do not want you to donate if you do not believe you have to advance the ideals that this website stands for.

Question #18 of the survey was very empowering; 86% of the respondents said they will be saddened if closed shop, while 11% said they do not care, and 3% (we know who they are) said they will be excited and pleased. We are appealing to the 86% who want to stay open, and above water.

Lastly, question 19 reflects the attachment that readers have with 71% didn’t like the idea of limiting access to subscribers only, while 13% said they didn’t care, and 16% supported the subscription idea. However, we will never limit access to to those who pay a subscription. Therefore, we appeal to all of you to help us keep it stay as it always was, your open website.

Since the beginning of the year, we have been busy with the “Awate 2020″ project to institutionalize our activities. We have established “Awate Center” which will be involved in strategic studies, research and publications;, Negarit Media, and other resources will be under the wings of Awate Center. Some tasks are already finalized while others will be accomplished soon. In addition, there are a few initiatives that will be shared with you in the coming few months. Please note: we cannot achieve much on our own, we need your support.

It’s understandable that people are being asked to donate to so many causes by so many entities; only a few are funded by deep pockets and committed support groups. will never change or alter its policies and principles to appease interest groups and individuals for the sake of funds. We are committed to our values  and hope our record demonstrates that favorably.

The high traffic that generates is a testimony that it has the approval of the public and enjoys a favorable rating. And volume matters. Conversely, it is difficult for an individual to donate $1,000, but it is doable if twenty people chip in $50 each.

Our weakness on fundraising is obvious, but we would rather focus on delivering reliable, high quality content to serve our main goal:  Inform. Inspire. Embolden. Reconcile. Please spread the word and encourage others to contribute. Help us campaign to raise funds through your social media accounts–and of course, through discussion forums, e-mails, telephone, and the like.

In conclusion, though we are not at liberty to disclose their names, we would like to recognize a few loyal friends and supporters: since last year, a lone member of the awate forum has authorized a monthly direct deposit of $20 to our Paypal account–the only one who has been donating regularly! Two generous people contributed $500 each, one is a forum member though the rest of the 34 contributors could also be regular forum members. We thank all the loyal friends of who have always been there to help. Please share the burden by chipping in whatever your budget allows.

As you have always counted on us; we are counting on you.

Thank you very much.

Your support donation can be facilitated through the following means:

  1. Credit and Debit Cards
    Click the PAYPAL <> icon on the frontpage and it will take you to the support page. All payments are processed through Paypal. Your support will appear on your bank statement as “Paypal*”.
  2. Bank Transfer:
    Account Name:
    Bank: Bank Of America,
    Acct #: 29570 76732
    Swift ID: BOFAUS3N
  3. Checks and money orders: Please send to the following mailing address:
    P. O. Box 580151
    Elk Grove, CA 95758
    U S A
  4. E-mail contact: write us on the following e-mail:
    Please contribute as generously as you can.

We appreciate your generosity, thank you.

About Awate Team

The PENCIL is's editorial and it reflects the combined opinions of the Awate Team and not the individual opinion of team members.

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  • Bayan Nagash

    Selam to All,

    There comes a moment in time when we are forced to face the reality as they exist not as we wish them to be. We human types are good at rationalizing things when we want to convince ourselves
    into doing or not doing something of becoming or unbecoming; committing to a cause of we believe in or lack thereof. A case in point you wonder, well, consider two examples that would illustrate this from my personal evolutionary process of my thinking about issues.

    Issue 1: Writing at Awate since its inception (off and on) has been an indispensable venue for me to personally delve on issues that are dear to me to address my viewpoints. Of course, writing an article does not just come that easily to some of us, save the two Salehs who seem to pop it out like a popcorn: you set the timer, you put the raw popcorn in the microwave, however many minutes later you got what you want, no faHam, wela HamuKuSti needed – nor Hawwi mduggal for that matter. It is a labor of love borne out of passion and desperate desire to communicate with fellow human beings. Here is the rub:

    Rationalization 1: Since I am doing all the labor of love to produce an article, therefore, goes the
    rationalizing mind, readers should be the ones that maintain the site vis-à-vis funding. For that reason, it never dawned on me to even read the fundraising efforts that, from time to time, Awate Team puts out. With CoIE’s report and the historic 26 June 2015 Geneva demonstration in the backdrop, I read the keep the lights on piece, which led to my, get this, first time ever contributing a
    little something to keep the lights on.

    Resolution 1: This is no time for any of the Eritrean opposition websites to dim their lights let alone turning the switch off. The prospects of such ominous thought left me in cold sweat, because imagine the gala, make that gwayla, the glee, and the boasting the Amen Corner would have as I could conceive them saying: “CoIE report or not, these so called opposition groups could not even keep a website going let alone running a nation. The hoyona hoyye ferisaye” will not cease So, the assumption about my writing absolving me from contributing could not and does not hold and I cannot let this website down, particularly at this junction.

    Issue 2: Why, after twenty years of writing and discussing about Eritrean issues, have I decided to supplement it with activism? This too had its own rationale that might have been suitable at its inception, however, there had to come a time when it needed to be reflected upon, scrutinized over, thus, it made sense to begin to apply the ideas that I advanced in practical terms. The turning point in this one, too, came soon after the Lampadussa tragedy in which Eritreans lost their life in one
    fell swoop in the Mediterranean High Seas.

    Rationalization 2: This is meant to show the reader that our own rationalization about issues, thoughts, ideas, and the like must always be reflected upon, scrutinized over, to see if some
    variables, factors, and new developments might have made them null and void. So, the idea I had about contributing toward change inside Eritrea by merely writing needed to be updated, thusly, I have adjusted my views to contribute in the advocacy for social and political justice.

    Resolution 2: My participation in

    EFND was one, and there will be more to come, again, in the advocacy for social and political justice arena. Clarification in the latter is essential. I do not want to belong to any political party as I enjoy my independence, and I am not going to pander to any political platform. I want to be dictated by my own consciousness, conscience; and not necessarily by joining a political group that would invariably curtail that freedom tremendously. I see my role far more effective in this capacity than any other at least at this junction in the struggle toward rule of law and justice. This, too, I am certain will change in the future if and when events and developments make it essential to do so.

    Why all this? Well, let me just say that I have had my differences with some of the things that AT does. But, that does not preclude me from doing my part in keeping it to function as it has been, in giving it sustenance, and in keeping its lights on. Writing articles is not an antidote at all. The new developments in the international arena make it crucially important that this English language website keeps running. You know how easy it is to contribute money, mine was done through
    e-mail from my bank website and it is quick. More importantly though think about it: One dollar a day will not only keep you informed, but will help kicking PFDJ away. Please do your part. Reading alone is not enough, get involved in real terms and fund the website that you think has been informing you, challenging you, and giving so many teachable moments.

    This is my way of thanking the tireless individuals who have been on top of this in pushing us to see the importance of digging deep into our pockets. I can think of several rationales for this, but I wouldn’t wanna belabor that as I am over that hump already – I will leave that for you to dwell and contemplate upon – i.e., those of you have not paid your dues yet.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Hi Michael
    Thanks. I inserted “son”, so, I hope it’s clear. The patient is a 12 year old son of wedi-sheik, the singer.

  • tes

    Dear Awatawyan,

    Dear Hager, indeed you are with unique heart. I got the heart-mind r/p in you today. Just thank you.

    Dear fanti Ghana, how beautiful and loving heart you have?

    Dear Berhe Y, you have a very generous hand like that of your line thought.

    Dear Bayan Nagash, oh man, so much you have. You enlighten, you help and you keep us alive. Thank you brother.

    Dear selam, just move on. Help the room.

    All other awatistas, I know you do things in silence. that is beautiful. Lets keep this university open all time. Only then we can transcend to the destiny we look into.


  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello Hager,
    You are very welcome my friend. Now, this means you and I will be cleaning our houses instead of going on a 3 day weekend vacation for the fourth of July.

  • Bayan Nagash

    Selam Hager,

    Doing it a la NPR style – I like that Hager. Do you think AT will begin to accept title to old clunker donations like NPR does -:)

    Kidding aside, AT, this does it for me, please count me in for $300.00. I will do it sometime today.

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Dear Awatistas:
    I support your open and bold move, I will assure you I will start arranging how to proceed with my little support, and combined with others, I hope it will make a difference. Currently, I am committed to another urgent matter, saving the life of Saber, a 12 years old of artist Ahmed Mohamed (wedi-sheiK). The family had tried in Sudan but the medical condition required them to move to Cairo, Egypt. Fans and friends, and all good hearted people, particularly our immediate friends (Ethiopians and Sudanese visitors of Awate please contact them directly and help in anyway you can. Please express your love and prayers and tell the parents they are not alone. Wedi-SheiK is a protégé of the renowned artist Alamin Abdelatif who was featured here in, to introduce him, otherwise, this is a purely humanitarian issue. You can contact them at:
    from the USA= 011-20-1-147866568 or 011-20-1-148766568
    Back to
    Haqi, Fanti Ghana, and Berhane Y, thank you for blazing the trail.

    • Bayan Nagash

      Selamat Brother Mahmoud,

      I took the phone numbers when I first saw the plea from Wedi SheiK in a Facebook several weeks ago now and spoke about it with some local friends here. However, I did not take it to the next phase, which is contributing however little the contribution. So, I thank you for prompting me now to act. This should not have been left up-to weddi SheiK, the country for which he sacrificed all of his youth should’ve been at the forefront making sure the son of a veteran was taken care of. I bet those who are in close circles of srAt PFDJ and their family would never face such hardships, would they? But, at every junction Eritreans are faced with this and worst than weddi SheiK’s predicament that leaves one chagrined to the core. Eritreans sacrificed so much but have received very little in return – that’s the saddest part of it all.

      Balancing that checkbook requires balancing one’s priorities in order of their importance. So, I am going to have to do that today so I may also figure out how to contribute to keep the light of this virtual space on.


      • Mahmud Saleh

        Dear Bayan
        Thanks brother, thank you very much. I understand Awate and sister media outlets strength and health will ultimately contribute to the overall health of our nation. I brought in the plea of wedi-sheik because it is of utmost urgency.Please spread the plea.Dear awatistas, this is our home where we feel comfortable venting out our frustration on the political situation our nation is subjected to, suggest solutions, and just have unbound discussion. Keep the initiative of supporting the site. We all awatistas.

    • tes

      Dear Mahmuday,

      This is a blessed initiative. Wedi Sheik’s great contribution for our struggle can not be forgotten. What worries me day after day is that Eritrea under PFDJ is not even able to take care of those who pay dearly.

      I will try to help also even if it is just a penny.

      In 2003, when I was a student at Asmara University, We had a very successful campaign to raise money to our classmate who was losing almost everything she had to live as a normal person. The lady was in her 2nd year civil engineering class. The problem she had was related with neurons that let her body organs into a gradual deterioraration. The time we started campaign, she was almost not able to talk and eat. Her eye sight was decreasing and unable to walk.

      After we started the campaign, we gota response within 20 days collecting an amount which covered almost everything she needs for her medical treatment in any part of the world. then she left to Italy and from Italy to germany, where she finally recovered her full well-being. After, she continued her study and finished her first degree in Structural engineering. She is living now in a robust health condition.

      That was my first experience for fund raising and with 100+% success.

      I wish the same for your campaign; What I can assure you is that Eritreans are very generous let alone for those famous people like Wedi Sheik, anyone who asks help is encountered with a stretching hand of welcome.

      On my part, I will transfer soon. keep in touch.


  • Berhe Y

    Dear Hager,

    Thank you for the challenge. Count me for 100 dollars. It’s a holiday here so will make the donation next week.


  • Berhe Y

    Dear AT,

    Can you please clarify this statement?

    “ has never received a dime from outside sources”

    The question I have is:

    1) have AT tried to solicit funds from NGO or outside sources and failed to secure? As a policy AT do NOT wish to solicit funds and why NOT?

    2) does AT have a plan to solicit funds outside the Eritrean community like crowd funding sites? If not why NOT?


  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello Hager,
    Thank you for the push. I am done!!
    PayPal Confirmation #: SVW15701EY039852T. Your move!

    • Hager

      You are very welcome! Thank you for taking the challenge.
      Awate Team, please, confirm so I can make my move.

      • Dear Hager,
        We confirm. Indeed, Fanti Ghana has met the challenge. We will compile and report on Monday for the first week.

        Thank you very much

  • Thank you Hager and Fanti Ghana,
    It’s people like you who inspire and empower us. Thank you on behalf of family.
    We will keep track.

  • Pass the salt

    What do you mean match dollar to dollar? How does that work?

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Pass the salt,
      The way I understood it is that who ever contributes the highest up to $1000.00, he will match it (he will contribute that much).

    • Hager

      Hi Pass the salt:
      If Awate readers collectively (or could be one individual) donates upto a $1,000 dollars I will match it upto that dollar amount. For example:
      Robel donates $100
      Sara donate $200
      Said donates $50

      So far that is $350 dollars. Let’s say if that was all the donation in the month of July, I would match that and donate $350 which would bring the total to $700. If Awate readers donate $1,000 dollars in the month of July, I would match that which would bring the total to $2,000.

      Is that clear? I hope I didn’t confuse you.

      • Hello Hager,
        Fanti Ghana alone has met your challenge

  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello Hager, where the heck did you come from?
    You are on! I will make my bank transfer tonight, and you have until July 31st to comply!

  • selam

    Dear Awate team
    I will pay my share .
    But for future payment, is it possible for you to introduce a system that does not show on our bank statement ?Until september I have problem with pay pal payment system.

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Selam,
      Please use “my bank statement” instead of “our bank statement” .

      I believe one of the many options would suit you: direct bank transfer, western union, etc, cheque… There are many options. Since the beneficiary is, it cannot be changed… You might arrange with someone you know to make a paypal contribution.

      Thank you

      • selam

        Dear SGJ
        Thanks for the flexibility.

      • Bayan Nagash

        selamat SGJ & Selam,

        What I don’t like about Paypal is the amount of money they charge for service fee, which in the aggregate could quickly add up to a meaningful contribution toward Awate, instead of enriching the agency. Direct bank transfer, I know for sure is suitable for me as my bank does not charge any fees for some such services. And I will certainly do my part, however little it turns out to be. Perfect timing, the beginning of the month, balancing checkbook must be done now.

  • Shum

    Selam Awate Team,

    I’m disappointed in the fundraising for sure. One thing I’ve noticed is that these calls for financial assistance don’t get even .001% of the comments an article gets. Bottom line, people don’t like to pay for anything. Consider the audience. As I see it, you two methods I don’t think you’ve tried that usually gets Eritreans emptying their pockets:

    1. Awlo
    2. Personal calls and visits like these Mekhete committees

    Ok, the Awlo thing is kind of funny, but if Saay can brush up on his kirar skills and SJ can sharpen his writing skills, then sky’s the limit. Heck, bring Ahmed Abdelrahim and do a unique take with a guitar. What will you “Awlo” about? The forum members of course, Nitricc “Ba’al Sini”, Haile “the Great Libi”, etc. They’re the ones who will contribute.

    I don’t know how much contact info you have, but it’s worth a try to call or e-mail people. People will have less excuses when you hit them up directly. You can’t just ask them, you have to make them feel duty bound. Say what you want about these Mekhete tactics, some of them work.

    That being said, I will contribute to Awate. I want this site up and running even after PFDJ goes down in some form or fashion. I call on my compatriots to do the same. You can’t just come to this site and just take and not give back. Just imagine what it takes to run this site, work a full time job, respond to a million posts (positive and negative), get insulted, threatened and still make time for your wife and kids. Now, some of you want Saay to do this and also be an opposition leader or a technocrat. *Amshi Habesh! Would we have his back if we can’t even contribute to this website’s future? If ya’ll agree, upvote and then go contribute some money to this site.

    * In short, Negro please

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Shum,
      If we were to follow the mekhete tactic we need members. As you know we don’t have that. But the lest we can expect is for all the users of this website to help at least by promoting the appeal, just like you and three or four people did. That will go a long way. Thank you and we hope others will take it as their share of helping. The Awlo part is already there in the message. In the form of Melqes 🙂 what’s remaining is Maryam t’habkum and ya Allah ya Kerim. Thank you again

    • saay7

      Haha, Shumay:

      I see your point. What you are saying is that in the United States people are used to getting something of value for their donation. An Awate tote bag, an awate pencil, the first notebook awate used to launch You gotta ruffle something.

      So, my krar skills have been decreased from diddley to diddley squat (and not in a Bo Diddley sort of way) and I can’t offer that…if I play my krar, people who donated will ask for their money back.

      But I have something better: an impression of Isaias Afwerki. I have two of them:

      (1) Isaias Afwerki sending a message to facebookers who were hold a webfestival on January 20, 2014 (to commemorate the one year anniversary of Forto 2013.)

      (2) Amanuel Iyasu of assenna interviews President Isaias Afwerki. (This one will require the co-operation of an extraordinarily talented but shy person.)

      Now all that needs to happen is for the awate publisher to set a target amount, and a date, and boom, you will have something that all, most, many of you will enjoy.

      Let’s get to it!


      • Shum

        Selam Saay,

        Raffle is a good idea, but a tote bag? You’ve been watching too many of those Weekly Standard late night commercials on Fox News 🙂 I like your two ideas, but I don’t know which one will make me laugh more, Isaias’ or Amanuel’s impression? if all else fails, raffle a picture of Helen Meles and the contribution from Semere Andom alone will put you over the top 🙂

  • T..T.

    Hi all and the moderator,

    I conducted a two-way Anova with replication statistical analysis and obtained the following:

    Null Hypothesis, A-(row): There is no significant difference between the effectiveness of the Survey focus (μ1. = μ2. = … = μr)

    Null Hypothesis, B-(Column): There is no significant difference between the effectiveness of the evaluation (μA. = μB. = … = μr)

    Alternative Hypothesis: There is significant difference between the effectiveness of the Survey focus (μ1. =/= μ2. =/= … =/= μr)

    >>>>>>>>>THE ANALYSIS IN FULL is OMITTED (but is presentable in detail if no objection): Awate-com Analysis using “two-way Anova with replication”


    From the results shown on the Anova table, it can be concluded that since the p-value (Sample rows) = .999941 > .05 = α, the null hypothesis cannot be rejected. Therefore, with 95% confidence, there are no significant differences between the effectiveness of the survey focus.

    However, since the p-value (column) = .000127 < .05 = α, we reject the null hypothesis on the evaluation and conclude that the survey evaluations are statistically different.

    As for the p-value (interactions) = .032119 < .05 = α, it can be concluded that there are significant differences in the interaction between the survey focus and the visitors evaluation.


    The lack of significant difference between the effectiveness of the survey focus could be due to absence of survey focuses that appeal to surveyed participants. Similarly, significant difference between the effectiveness of the survey focus could be attained by introducing motivational or eventful focus that appeal to the website visitors. Additionally, establishing a moderator relationship may help in producing an effect on the components of the survey focus that may result in the participants’ response to calls from the website, such as donation drives.

    In order to motivate those generous with their “yes,” Awate-com has to provide trustworthy and convenient means of making donations. And, in order to motivate those stingy with their “yes,” Awate-com needs to be represented by contact person(s) in their area to convince them pledge/pay what they can.

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi T. T.

      I am sure what you wrote is important, but I will be lying if I pretended I understand what it means. Therefore, I kindly ask you to translate it into English 🙂

      Seriously though, please explain it in plain non specialized statistical language.

      Thank you

      • T..T.

        Hello Saleh,

        I hope the following will help to clarify:

        From the analysis, it was found that there was no significant difference between most of the survey questions asked. Therefore, the difference in the participants’ evaluation was not induced by the varying survey focus. However, the presence of the interaction (between the survey focus and the visitors evaluation) signified that improvement in the survey focus would increase effect of the survey questions enabling to identify the difference with better certainty in interpreting the obtained outcomes.

        • Saleh Johar

          Thanks T. T.
          Now that this is your field, why don’t you help by doing an independent evaluation based on the survey results and tell us what it really means. That will be very helpful if you could spare some time on it. If you need more information, you can contact me.

        • tes

          Dear T.T,

          Before dealing with such detailed ANOVA analysis, we need to identify the objective of the survey. I think this survey is not meant to cross-check the relationship between each quastionaire and the over-all quationaire. Each quastion is a kind of independent though there could be general synthesis from the surevy result. Therefore I might not apply ANOVA analysis in this regard.

          To some extent, ANOVA might be helpful had the questions were interdependent and one has an influence on the other. Butr the way AT prepared the quastionaire was not fully applicable.

          The other issue that you should have asked is that, “what has caused donation so low for Then, this being as a reference, quastionaires could have been prepared to investigate the cause and from that ANOVA analysis could result a significant meaning.

          Therefore I don’t agree with your way of analysis.


          • T..T.

            Dear tes,

            The assumptions of the analysis were based on the fact that survey instruments are designed to help identify wider repeat wider focus of the participants and determine their wider preferences through different survey questions.

            Once the results of the analysis are interpreted, the website might have challenges in how to enhance its awareness issues (such as, freeing Eritrea from dictatorial regime, G-15 issues, now the June 26 related issues, and others). Thereafter, again based on the results, the website has to build relationship with the participants by having more articles of their preference.

            Through focusing on the participants preferred issues, the website will reinforce their preferences thereby enhancing the participants’ desire in participating in the website’s projects. Along with this goes, inclusion of survey questions on preferred methods of reaching the participants in a stated project as well as their preferred methods of payments, in case of intending to donate. However, if the survey questions were intended to enhance and build relationship with the already active groups, the lack of significant difference between the effectiveness of the survey instruments will help the website to measure strictly their preference and focus on what’s going on. Thanks for your comment.

          • tes

            Dear T.T,

            This is what you wanted to be. but read the survey result analysis. AT has treated each question independently.

            And if you see the quastionaire, there are weaknesses. As the survey was open to public, supposse many PFDJites gave a response? Can we trust the result? AT are lucky but it could have resulted a serious result.

            Just suppose, 60% responded that promotes religious agenda and the same result stating is funded by woyane? What is our degree of trust?

            Ok, out of 350,000 visitors for the last 8 months, only 300 responded the quastionaire, which is less than 0.1%.

            In short, it is not easy to make further analysis. For general purpose and as a starting point it is ok but for further analysis and if it is needed for decision making process, more serious survey is needed. For the time being I am fine with the survey result.


    • Araya

      Dear T.T.

      I am just wondering how far and how bad do you have to go to confuse your readers just to demonstrate you are worthlessly educated? God have mercy!

  • tes

    Dear AT,

    It is not for something that I want to tell for Awatistats that I did something but I feel obliged to tell what I am feeling right now. Therefore, if I am doing wrong, as usual correct me.

    Here is what I want to tell. If I am mistaken, after I read the first call for fundrising by AT, I decided to contribute on monthly base. Then I registered my entry to Paypal so that it will be automatique every month. By now it is almost around 10 months since I started contributing on regular base using Paypal.

    And here, I read there is only one person who contributes to using Paypal on monthly base. If you have only one, then am I? If I am, then, I am shocked. Thinking that I am a student and who wait a monthly stipend from my scholarship and to be a regular contributer is something different.

    Is it a shame on me?

    No it is not I think.

    Or may be I am so generous?

    No I am not. I know how much I pay per month for my study. What I contribute is just a peny compared to what I pay.

    Ok, what drives me then to contribute this insiginificant amount.

    Let me tell you this: When I decided to contribute, this was in mind:


    If I am learning something then I have to pay but I can’t afford the amount if demands for its actual value. It will be impossible to pay. Then I said, let me contribute some amount which I could normally spend when I go out with friends for tea. Recalling that Awate forumers are my friends, I decided to invite them for tea when my pocket is full (student pocket). In this way therefore I can always feel as if I am sitting in a tea room and chat with Awatawyan.

    On the other hand, since I am the youngest most of the time they don’t allow me to pay. The only time that I have full energy and pride to pay is immediately after I receive my monthly resipend. At that time I feel very proud (kurierie alelkum mish) to pick something from my pocket. Awatawyan knowns me when I have something and they let me pay (but they make fun of me). To my disappointment I can only cover for tea. if they order coffee (Jebena) it is upto them.”


    This is how I see it then in my world philosophy of sharing. Sharing everything you have unreservedly.

    Knowing what I pay for my study every month (though it is fully covered as part of my scholarship) I know how much expensive it is to get knowledge. What I contribute and what I get from this university is not possible to compare,with what I contribute. Even there were times that I almost decided to raise my contribution but I can’t.

    Then, here we have regular Awatistas, I know they are generous but I don’t see a reason for not contributing on a monthly base.

    If some do, at least we can cover the payment of the network service.

    Hence, I call all Awatistas and beloved visiters to give. taking only changes you in to a…

    Sorry AT if I broke some rules but I have a responsibility to knock every door.


    • Saleh Johar

      Type your reply…

  • Hayat Adem

    Dear Members of Awate,
    This is sad. We almost lost Eritrea because we didn’t buck up our care with the required action. Awate is the kind of institution that needs to be taken care of as a critical part of future Eritrea. There is no knowledge discourse house that nearly is comparably accommodating, diverse, and quality-driven as AwateWS is. The recent survey shows the website has earned trust and credibility from the large mass of visitors. There is no place you would find content depth, integrity, intellectualism and tolerance being fiercely guarded and promoted with a sense of purpose like the AwateWS does.
    It is easy to fail on excuses of negligence of doing contributions and the impact of that is fatal on the many qualities we mentioned. I appeal every Awatista to consciously and dutifully donate at LEAST the price of 3 lattes, that is ten dollars for the Website immediately. And I appeal we all do it in the immediate 2 days as of now. Needless to say, my appeal includes our Ethiopian friends and members of the Awate. Lets do it in the best convenient way we find it doable from among the options they gave us above.

    • tes

      Dear Hayat Aadem,

      I second you for your call. It is a natural process that when one gives, the other to give back too. But here I see only receiving.

      Let’s keep this light on by contributing what we can. I am quite sure if not all but some spent not less than 10 dollar to watch a new movie in cinema. Can’t we then think at least quarter of a price to be contributed in order to read a new article?

      I call therefore all readers to give back. Receiving only is not natural.


      • Hayat Adem

        Thanks Tes,
        We really have to do what we can about this. I will start in calling out names of individuals if I have to. We cant let responsibility fall through the crack. Again, thank you for responding. Lets pull it through. Yes we can.

    • Araya

      Dear Hayat; you can solve awate’s problems and end their financial shortage; single handedly; once for all. All you got to do is hook them up with your Fezaz Weyane. The Weyanes are known to throw money to whomever opposes Eritrea and the Eritrean government; i.e. are opposing Eritrea and the Eritrean government. It sounds to me, they meet the criteria your Weyane are looking for. I am convinced you can help Just talk to your bosses, it can be done. Unless are doing this for cover-up purpose; otherwise are very qualified to be funded by the geltam weyane. if you love awate as you say, then help them.

      • Hayat Adem

        You said “ are opposing Eritrea and the Eritrean government”. Correct before you got picked by your ears by the moderator: aytuHasu ‘do aybelkhukhan a’ta!. I can help you fix your statement: “Awate are opposing the regime for the sake of Eritrea.”
        One other thing: Cancel your vacation to the Weyane land this year and contribute some of the saved money for Awate. If not why not!
        Look at Hager and Fanti. Ahh that Fanti- he is making us fall in love with the beauty of him again.