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Awate2020 Project survey Results

In March 2015 we carried out a survey to check the public perception of awate.com and its performance. The survey was part of an exercise to institutionalize the activities of awate.com, in the “Awate2020” project in preparation for the establishment of “Awate Center” which will be launched soon. The survey was answered by 300 persons. Here follows the survey.

The Survey questions and responses

  1. The Awate.com content represents diverse views
    Yes (80%) No (20%)
  2. The Awate.com platform promotes religious agenda
    True, I believe that (13%) I don’t know (19%) False, I do not believe that (68%)
  3. A fundraising for awate from 3/2014 to 2/2015 yielded
    Over $50 thousand (26%) Under $3 thousand (71%) Over $100 thousand (3%)
  4. The contents of awate.com are mainly three categories: opinions, editorials, and news
    I see the difference (77%) I have no idea (5%) I do not see the difference (18%)
  5. Awate.com is funded by Weyane, CIA and other intelligence agencies
    True, I believe that (3%) I don’t know (18%) False, I do not believe that (79%)
  6. Since its inception in 2000, awate…
    Has been funded by NGO’s and other entities (4%) I don’t know (56%) Has never been funded by outside sources (40%)
  7. Contributions to awate.com fundraising
    I have contributed at least once (33%) Didn’t know I have to (7%) I have never contributed a dime (60%)
  8. Awate.com should…
    Cover affairs of the Horn of Africa and its environs (67%) I don’t know (8%) Should only focus on Eritrean issues (25%)
  9. Awate.com editorials exposes political personalities and entities
    It should not criticize, expose or inform about them (4%) I have no opinion (13%) It should criticize, expose and inform about them (83%)
  10. Awate.com is working to elevate and institutionalize its operations
    I support the move (84%) I don’t care / I don’t know (12%) I do not support the move (4%)
  11. Grade awate.com’s performance in general (1 is lowest, 5 is highest)
    1 (3%) 2 (4%) 3 (21%) 4 (47%) 5 (25%)
  12. I grade awate.com’s performance in promoting reconciliation (1 is lowest, 5 is highest)
    1 (16%) 2 (11%) 3 (29%) 4 (25%) 5 (19%)
  13. If you have an IT, design, writing, or translating skills, can you volunteer to help awate.com?
    Yes, I will volunteer (35%) I am not sure (48%) No, I will not volunteer (17%)
  14. Would you like to see Tigrinya and Arabic sections on awate.com?
    Yes (59%) I don’t know / I don’t care (26%) No (15%)
  15. I consider awate.com
    A media outlet (46%) A political entity (33%) A civic association (22%)
  16. If awate.com decided to introduce censorship on its strongly held freedom of expression, to curtail what it deems unpopular viewpoints…
    I strongly encourage it to censor (8%) I support slight censorship (40%) I strongly object to censorship (52%)
  17. Awate has a reputation of no-holds-barred opposition to the current government of Eritrea…
    That position must change (10%) I don’t know / I don’t care (20%) It must continue on the same path (70%)
  18. If awate.com closed shop tomorrow…
    I will be saddened and disappointed (86%) I don’t care (11%) I will be excited and pleased (3%)
  19. If awate.com decided to give access to subscribed members only
    I support that (16%) I don’t care (13%) I object to that (71%)
  20. Awate 2020 is a project that is being executed to institutionalize Awate.com…
    I am pleased and will support the move (70%) I don’t care / I don’t know (24%) I will be unhappy and will disrupt the move (7%)
  21. Do you find yourself in agreement with the awate’s editorial?
    Agree most of the time (40%) Sometime (30%) Never (5%) All the time (5%) Disagree most of the time (20%)
  22. Awate.com’s slogan is, “Inform. Inspire. Embolden: Reconciliation”.
    It has lived up to its slogan (36%) Somewhat (52%) It hasn’t lived up to its slogan (12%)

About Awate Team

The PENCIL is awate.com's editorial and it reflects the combined opinions of the Awate Team and not the individual opinion of team members.

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  • Yoty Topy

    Nephew Belecho:)
    You are wrong. Can I get my apology now? It’s been a dry week for me. People just do not apologize these days. Cough it up!

  • አልአዛር ግርማ ኃይለማርያም

    I freakin <3 Awate, I've learned sooo much here over the years kemaheyemenet new yeterefnew, would love to volunteer

  • Yoty Topy

    Hello Awate team,

    ‘Awate.com is funded by Weyane, CIA and other intelligence agencies
    True, I believe that (3%) I don’t know (18%) False, I do not believe that (79%)’

    I know the THREE people who thought this was financed by WOYANE.

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Yoty Topy,
      Me too. I am one of the three 🙂

      • Yoty Topy

        Hi Saleh Johar,
        Reluctantly ruled you out on the ground that you are not allowed to participate:) If it helps, the person who voted three times to skew the survey shares your initials. Also, do pray that my faint stab at humor by equating 3% to 3 did not go unnoticed:)

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear SGL,
        The 2nd is saay7, I don’t know the 3rd one. but sure not IA.

  • Hayat Adem

    Dear Awate Team,
    It might be very useful that these survey results are followed up with general analysis from the team/person who scripted the questionnaire.

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Hayat,
      There is an extensive, major targeted survey that we carried out. We are almost finished analyzing it and the report will be public soon. More practical and relevant analysis (?) will be up tomorrow !

  • Maytafor

    Excellent questions and the answers seem to be honest.

    Question: what is the Awate 2020 Project?

    • Pass the salt

      Good question. The short answer is “Awate 2020” is a project that is being executed to institutionalize Awate.com. See #20.
      PS to mod: #21, has redundant ‘most of the time’.

      • Saleh Johar

        Hi PTS,
        You are right, it seems redundant. If I remember correctly it was supposed to read “Agree most of the time” and “Disagree most of the time.” It replaced a 1-5 rating. But you are right, it looks redundant.

  • selam

    Dear Awate.com
    I am happy you did this and i am happy by the results too. GO On Awate.com
    Number 16 , oh awate.com forumers , i am happy you rejected the censorship thing. I hope awate.com understand what her daughters and sons are saying about censorship. Censorship is the death of truth , we should have the right to say what ever we think is right even some times by crossing the commen thing we take .