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Geneva: Commission Of Inquiry On Eritrea Threatened

On June 23, 2015, the 23rd Meeting of the 29th Regular Session of Human Rights Council was held in Geneva, Switzerland. The interactive dialogue of the UN Human Rights Council on Eritrea was a meeting where the report of the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (CoIE) was openly discussed by UN member states in the presence of CoIE team: Mr. Mike Smith (Australia), Ms. Sheila B. Keetharuth (Mauritius), and Mr. Victor Dankwa (Ghana).

Several hundred supporters of the Eritrean regime were bused from across Europe to protest against the CoIE which they say is, “a tool of the USA government” and that they will “defeat it just like all previous conspiracies that tried to make Eritrea kneel down.”

In addition, it appears the angry pro-Eritrean government protest went a step further than protesting in a peaceful manner.

Reports from Geneva indicate that members of the CoIE were being threatened and intimidated since they arrived in Geneva for today’s meeting. Supporters of the Eritrean government are notorious for engaging in acts of intimidating individuals and entities they perceive to be enemies “of the government of Eritrea.” Such threats are instigated and managed by personnel from inside the Eritrean embassies around the world.

Mr. Joachim Rücker, the president of the UN Human Rights Council, started his opening statement by saying:

“it has been brought to my attention that the members of the commission of inquiry on Eritrea have been subjected to various threats and acts intimidation in their hotels and in the streets since their arrival in Geneva. Security around members of the commission has had to be redoubled and contacts established with the hosts country’s police. We have also taken security measures to ensure that the interactive dialogue proceed with calm and dignity. Substantive disagreement with members of the CoI or other mandate holders can always be expressed. It is however totally unacceptable for them to be subjected to threats and intimidation in the context of discharging their mandates which are established by the United Nations Human Rights Council”.

The USA delegate has stated that the harassment of the CoIE should be “fully investigated”, which was echoed by Australia and Belgium, while delegates of several other countries also expressed their dismay at the acts of threat and intimidation that the CoIE members were subjected to.

Reaction to the report

The extensive 485 report on Eritrea that the CoIE issued on June 8, 2015 contains detailed human rights violations, extra judicial killings, torture, subjecting people to forced labor, arbitrary imprisonment, and numerous other violations.

European Union delegate reacted to the report by stating, “We are deeply disturbed by your assessment that some violation may amount to crimes against humanity.” While the USA delegate stated that, “The Eritrean leadership rules through fear.”

The Australia delegation stated that “the perpetrators of such crimes must be held to account.” Focusing on tangible actions, the delegate added, “We would be interested to hear the commission’s view on mechanisms to address the accountability issues raised in its report.”

Delegates of other countries also noted their concern by the finding of the CoIE that stated crimes against humanity may have been perpetrated in Eritrea.

Djibouti, speaking on behalf of Cameroon and Somalia, called for the extension of CoIE’s mandate which very likely will be extended.

Slap on the wrist

Reacting to the undiplomatic language of Tesfamichael Gerahtu, the Ambassador of the Eritrean government, Mr. Joachim Rücker, the president of the Human Rights Council, reprimanded him by stating, “ I would like to ask the distinguished delegate from Eritrea to use a language in the future that is adequate for this council and preserves the integrity of our mechanisms. The commission is not ignorant and they do not have a sinister political agenda and this is not a travesty of justice. I must reject these formulations.”

Gedab News learned that the Swiss Federal Office of Police have already tasked a team of investigators that include senior cantonal police officers to investigate the matter. A member of the police stated that, “Switzerland takes the safety and security on UN delegates very seriously, we do not tolerate brigandage,”

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  • Kokhob Selam

    Dearest Rahwa,

    ግዲ የብልክን ራህዋ ሓብተይ : ኣብ ፖሎቲካ እቲ ኣብ ቅድመ ግንባር ተረባሪቡ ዝሰዓር ምስ ‘ቲ ኩሉ ገበናቱ – ኣብ ሞቱ – ዕለተ ምሕረት ክትዝርገሓሉ ትኽእል እያ :: እንተ ኣብ ዲሞክራሲያዊት ሃገር ኮፍ ኢሉ ደቁን ነብሱን ካብ ኩሉ ሽግራት ሓልዩ ንህዝብን ሃገርን ዝቀተለ ግን ሕጂ ናብ ልቡ እንተዘይተመሊሱ ዝኸፍሎ ሰፍ ዘይብል ዋጋ ክህሉ እዩ :: መን ዝወደቀላ ሃገር ድኣ ኸ ሃገረይ ክብላ እቲ ርጉም ሸይጣን ?

  • Pass the salt

    The TV in Asmara interviewed regime whorshipers Sophie and Gideon while shutting down the door to have a say for those affected the most, the people inside the country. Ambassador T. Gerahtu talks about travesty of justice. The true travesty of justice is for the regime to have dishonest individuals from abroad to dare tell the people inside Eritrea that the talk of imprisonment and injustice is non-existent and all lies. Very offensive!

  • tes

    Dear AT,

    For our attention and contemplation, What these Ethiopians(?) were doing with PFDJ diehard adherants? Are they members of Ginbot-7?

    PFDJ in its full exposure!



    • Yoty Topy

      Hi Tes,
      The famous Tigrawai singer, Kiros Alemayehu, had a song called : ‘Mikinay Tsibuk, Khulu Nimr’ay’ which is one of my favorite songs. The photo you alluded is a statement of this weird mutation of alliances between nationalist Ethiopian opposition groups [I am not sure if ‘nationalist’ is the appropriate description] and the regime in Asmara. These days it is very common to see flattering articles of Ayssayas Aferwerki making rounds in many opposition websites. Who in their mind would have foreseen this unholy alliance back in the mid 1990s?

      The future is full of mystery. Who knows what kinds of weird stuff makes headline in 2042?If you live to see tomorrow, all this will be yours in all its glory. Ironically, the artist’s life was cut short and didn’t live to see all this.

      • Bayan Nagash

        selam Yoty Topy,

        Thank you for bringing a sobering note and for pointing out about the late Kiros Alemayehu’s song. I love the song. It’s befitting to the predicaments we find ourselves in. Prophetic lyrics. Here it is.


        • Yoty Topy

          Hi Bayan Nagash,

          Thank you so much for sharing the link to the video. While the message stuck with me forever , I had not see this video almost since it was aired the first time.

          • Bayan Nagash

            You’re welcome Yoty Topy. Doesn’t it seem a bit surreal when seeing the clip when he was alive and after he passed on; it somehow gives the image an angelic quality. Everything seems to slow down, even his dance has angelic quality to it – may he rest in peace.

  • No Drama

    “…We have great respect for the Eritrean people, we simply believe that they do not deserve the system that they have
    found themselves with.” Mike Smith, CoIE

    The problem with the Junta in Asmara and their cohorts is that they believe they can make their case by intimidating
    anybody just the way they are used to do with Eritreans and get away with it. If you have travelled from all over Europe to protest against the accusation that there is a gross and systematic violation of human rights by the GoE against its citizens, trying to intimidate those very officials that are formulating these accusation is the dumpiest thing to do, to say the least. Wouldn’t you give a clear illustration of how unlawful and uncivilized the system in Eritrea is as per the actions of its supporters? If the intention of the manifestation was to protest against the CoIE’s findings and convince/win over member nations to their cause, you just don’t act like a tug and intimidate the very envoys of that same body. All the hustle and bustle is a futile exercise if it can be ruined by a simple phrase mentioned form the Chairman condemning the act of intimidation. Nezen nay UN negado geneva kedna zegedefnalen yeblan, How stupid is that?

  • selam

    Dear sara
    One journalist asked the cIO if it is possible to have external eritrean government who can administrate Eritrea , what do you say to such heinous question ? They think we are like libya . For any eritrean to be administered by foreign planted government is just beyond the logic. I think the opposition and activsts need to understand where this UN show is taking our true struggle not to be spoiled by some idiots. We need to learn from the UN mads not from their ugly words and intentions. We do not need puppets to govern us , we just need to build our own not their filthy ugly results. Watch out people . Very very bad is going to happen if you do not listen and compromise on how to challenge PFDJ. The UN wheel is made of cotton and it will not help us pass the havoc they created at the first place.

    • Mizaan1

      Dear Selam, the journalist must have read my comment somewhere because as far as I know, I proposed it first. I proposed a pseudo government (transitional government) based in the diaspora with all governmental structures already in place. Once we topple PFDJ, the transitional government goes straight to work in Eritrea until elections are held. I also proposed to leave some room for high level office for capable people back in Eritrea. I think that is the best solution because we can then have a ready to go government to stir the ship while minimizing the effects of power vacuum.

      • selam

        Dear mizaan
        I know you wrote something like that but why does the journalist ask such question to COI ? Do not you think also it is dump question ? The woman also could not find specific answer to the allegations about the PFDJ generals on trafficking , she was all over , i think we need only their report not their press conferences . By the way to whome it is responsible for the government you and this idiot journalist was talking ? I mean you must be drank to suggest such thing. A diaspora Eritreans or to some one in Haboro ? Come on mizaan think. We just need to build a formidable opposition , i mean good opposition who can represent the Eritrean people away from being puppets of weyane or UN and this is possible only by Eritreans . By the speed we are going i can guarantee you that PFDJ will normally sheild this wave and stay in government untill 2025 .Even after that i do believe the Eritrean people does not trust the motive of some opposition and also most activists , we talk too much and do very little when it comes to form organization . We are not yet better than PFDJ. Some awatista will freak out about this 2025 but that is the best scenario with some luck .

  • dirar

    Thanks haileTG,for the nice response.
    Why i want share this experience with other compatriots is that if it is a common practice of the regime or if its emissaries act on their own based on their current mood.without any accountability and responsibility and do not have to fear any penalty whatsoever for the discord they sow in the Eritrean people and provoking the people to abandon the regime more and more.

  • HayaT1

    Dear all,
    Here is today’s (24 June 2015) Press Conference of Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (Geneva)


  • haileTG

    hi dirar, my reply is pending in disqus (hope it helps).

  • AboyTesfay

    The supporters must have recorded the incident,. I am guessing the thereat started in Tigrina .. “BeTre Swrana NeWah EYa…”

  • selam

    Dear Forumers
    It is good we arrived in this situation , it is good that PFDJ are licking their tung. The question remains , where do we go from here , do we go to sanctions or do we arm ourself to form a formidabel organization that can challenge PFDJ , or do westerners go with their arming strategy , i mean if they can find some people who are fooled by semere and amanuel as well as hayat. Where do we go from here is the timely questions. What happen if PFDJ implement the constitution , what happen if DIA put his own way of justice , realsing all dead prisoners and electing cronies of his own . What is the best plan.

  • dawit

    Dear Saleh, I am really saddened by the message of personal attack and threat you received on the twitter. It shows how Eritreans are desperately divided emotionally when it comes to their country. As the Aljazira host accurately, observed it, we live in two different world, moving on a parallel line. I don’t see any converging in thoughts any time soon.
    Having said that let me return to my customary duty here at AT, to throw some, fire. and I hope cousin SAAY will not demote me. Believe me S.J. I am not playing ‘contrarian’ after watching the video. .

    It is not the first time UN Employee lied to publicly lynch Eritrea on UN Altar. In 2006, when they wanted to invade Somalia, UN employee of SEMG has to fabricate a story of 2000 armed Eritreans in Mogadishu and never produced a single evidence ever, but they have to sanction Eritrea anyway for alleged support of terrorists Al- Shabab. I don’t believe this alleged intimidation and threats is true until Swiss Law enforcement gather the evidence and make it public. I believe they hated the demonstration yesterday of the Eritrean people in support of their government, challenging their fabricated report. So they have to come up with this latest allegation against Eritrea. The commission members have the incentive to lie to keep their job. They are
    lobbying for the next Inquiry job on Eritrea, ever since they arrived at the UN lucrative job through the backdoor.

    • saay7

      Selamat Cousin Dawitom:

      Well, “cousin” is the entry-level address here @ Awate like “bitsay” used to be so have no fear.

      Now you noticed that on the posts I write you, I say “source available upon request.” So I need two sources here and you can enlist Cousin Gheteb in the search for the source:

      1. Can you show me the source where it shows that SEMG fabricated the news that there were 2,000 armed Eritreans in Mogadishu? Remember fabricated means made up. Remember also that absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence. So please provide the source that shows SEMG fabricated it.

      2. Can you provide a source that shows that Eritrea was “sanctioned for alleged support of terrorist Al-Shabab.” The resolution authorizing the sanction would be a good source.

      3. You accurately described Al-Shabab as a terrorist organization. Was Isaias Afwerki wrong (repeatedly) when he denied they were a terrorist organization?

      Thanks Cuz. This is not a trap I am setting; I want to enhance ideas with you.


      • dawit

        Dear SAAY,

        I have read at the time this was reported before SEMG was created, there was UN Somali Monitoring Group in charge of monitoring the armed embargo put on the various armed groups in Somalia, i.e. the precursor of SEMG. At that time UN was looking a reason to get rid of the Islamic Court group that was gaining popularity in Somalia, long before the creation of Al-Shabab. That was the time UN delivered its Christmas Gift package to the children of Somalia, sending its Santa Clouse ‘Meles’ to deliver the gift. That was very profitable business for Ethiopia and AU. It was again ‘Eritrea’, that was accused before Kenya was ordered to invade South Somalia, same to South Sudan, same to Yemen to the Tamil in Sir Lanka.
        I am not aware of any other reason why AU and IGAD begged UNSC to Sanction Eritrea except the fabricated charges brought by Uganda of course cooked in Addis and D.C. kitchens. I believe the Joker Card that every gambler, UN Gambling Table seek to hold since 1940s

        • saay7

          Selamat Dawit:

          This is why I am insisting that you president links or documentation. People’s memories are flawed because after a while we don’t know what is real and what’s made up if it’s repeated enough. So cousin I must insist on the links and documentation. You can ask for help from any of the “citizen ambassadors” to Nowheristan:)


          • YAY

            Dear SAAY: Dawit may be correct that the UN lied about Eritrean 2000 troops in Somalia

            It is very good that you challenged Dawit to provide us with the source of his information. I also hope that you challenge others for their sources of critical information, in application of fairness and equal treatment and relying on facts-based exchange.

            As Dawit rightly pointed out, the UN reportedly lied about Eritrea sending 2000 troops to Somalia. In later Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group report, SEMG admitted that the 2000 Eritrean troops in Somalia claim was not true. Anyway, as The Associated Press put it,

            “The U.N. report, dated Oct. 26, [2006?] cites diplomatic sources in estimating that
            “between 6,000 and 8,000 Ethiopians and 2,000 fully equipped Eritrean troops are
            now inside Somalia supporting” the internationally recognized transitional
            government and the group known as the Council of Islamic Courts, respectively.”

          • saay7

            Selamat Yay:

            Don’t worry; Cousin Dawitom can take of himself. Now, it is important that we know the difference between “lie”, “make a mistake” and “make a claim that can’t be proven.” Lying requires intent: at the time the statement is being made; “make a mistake” is just that: the information I had is wrong. And the third, well, it is self-explanatory. Now this is the quote which appear in the Somalia Monitoring Group report in November 2006:

            “On 26 August 2006, three (3) dhows transporting
            2000 fully equipped combat troops from Ertirea arrived at Warsheikh, located
            north of Mogadishu, along the coast. On arrival at Warsheikh, the troops were
            re-located to an area in north Mogadishu for ultimate re-deployment to
            different ICU held areas. They were re-deployed as follows: 500 of the Eritrean troops went to Baledogle,
            500 to Hilweyne training camp, 500 to Lower Shabelle, and 500 remained in
            Mogadishu and were stationed at Villa Baidoa and the former Police Academy,

            Now, given that Eritreans were in Congo (fighting with Laurent Kabila’s forces), Eritreans were in Sudan (fighting alongside the opposition: something Isaias Afwerki told a gathering of Eritreans including, oops, AFP journalist (but Eritrean) Ruth Simon, does it really shock you that Eritreans would be sent to Somalia?

            Moreover, this paragraph, that is now described as a “lie” is sandwiched between dozens of paragraphs of arms shipment from (or through) Eritrea, co-ordinating with Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Somalia, trainers, consultants, Antalov planes. When the UN essentially picked sides–in support of the TFG–all the countries that were backing the other side melted away. All except Eritrea. Just like he made Eritrea the dumping ground for diseased Eritrean sheep, Isaias Afwerki chose to be the Fenj-regach for the Saudis and Libyans and Egyptians who were arrayed against the Ethiopian-supported forces.

            And AFTER he got sanctioned, he accepted the legitimacy of the TFG (refer to Araya Desta interview with VOA: link available upon request), he scaled back the endless talk of Somalia in Eritrean media and he stopped referring to Al-Shabab as “stakeholders” when it was clear to all that they were terrorists. Why weren’t those who support him speaking up and telling him to pursue the policy he is pursuing now of shutting the hell up?

            So, the narrative that Eritrea was sanctioned because the UN “lied” about “2,000 Eritrean soldiers” is so far from the truth it is doesn’t rise up to the level of absurd. Eritrea was sanctioned because it rejected repeated (2006-2010) appeals to stop arming, training, being a conduit for forces considered spoilers in Somalia. It refused to recognize that it has a dispute with Djibouti (something it recognized a day after the sanctions) and it refused to stop hosting armed Ethopian groups–organizations Arbegnoch (EPPF)–then considered the tranformative forces of Ethiopia but who left Eritrea after realizing that they were destined just to be proxies of Isaias Afwerki.

            Cousin Dawitom will verify that when he provides us the actual language of the resolution.


          • dawit

            First let me thank Cousine YAY for digging the information. I don’t record every thing I read for references, because I read information I store it somewhere in my brain, some I remember and others I forget.
            But Cousin SAAY, you are splitting hair ‘lie’ ‘mistake’ etc. My reference topic was UN employee deliberately lie to hit a specific target they want. The 2000 Eritreans were used to give a cover to Ethiopia invade a sovereign nation Somalia because it was fighting a ‘Proxy war with Eritrea’. And in the aftermaths of it Eritrea removed itself from IGAD because of the principle she signed as the founding member of the organization that lead to the Sanction, IGAD used as the principal accuser of Eritrea along with AU a convenient cover for US to punish Eritrea.
            Now on the arm shipment fictions, Somalia was flooded with arms supplied by the Soviets and Western countries at the time of Ziad Bare. So all the fabricated stories were serving a paycheck to the Monitoring group, They have to justify their job by writing such outrageous stories. I also remember all the other states strongly denied the stories of armed shipments. You can come up with all kind of reasoning as to why Eritrea was sanctioned, because that is the major accomplishment of Eritrean opposition groups including Awate Team. We have debating this extensively in the past, and I have not been convinced by all the explanation. You can call it anything , mistake, error, claim that can not be proved etc, but in my world a lie is a lie, you can look at it from side, top or bottom a lie is a lie.

          • saay7

            Cousin Dawitom:

            I think you got your dates a bit off. Ethiopia had already invaded Somalia and routed by the time the Eritrean soldiers were alleged to have landed in Somalia. At the time, Isaias Afwereki (who had already predicted Weyane was in its death bed) was making another bold and disastrously wrong prediction: that Somalia would be Ethiopias quicksand.

            The fact is that whereas every country (including the U.S.) was accused by the UN of violating the arms embargo against Somalia, it was Eritrea which was the last country on the wrong side of “international consensus” — a consensus that it has now embraced AFTER getting Eritrea sanctioned.

            On everything that got Eritrea sanctioned–Somalia, Djibouti, armed Ethiopian opposition in Eritrea—Isaias Afwerki had to make Eritrea pay for his horrible judgement. A judgement and a policy that would never have happened if Eritrea had representative government with deliberative institutions and division of power.

            You can blame the UN for that (blaming the UN for being the UN) while we blame Isaias for being Isaias. The difference is that we are his bosses but not the UNs.

            And Cousin Dawitom: we in the opposition didn’t bring the sanctions on Eritrea; Ethiopia didn’t; the U.S. didnt and the UN didn’t. One and only one man did and his initials are IA.


          • dawit

            Cousin SAAY, I think you are the one who need to check your memory. The Ethiopian Invasion of Somalia was on Christmas Day in 2006. There was even a famous song attributed to the invasion “Do they know it is Christmas” some thing like that. The Washington paper YAY produced was written in October 2006, I think October comes before December. Check the reference day of the invasion.


            On the rest of the story, who and why Eritrea was sanction, as I wrote earlier, we have exhausted this topic with you as well as S.J. extensively. As I say earlier my topic is that UN employee lie because of self interest. There is a moral hazard built in the system. You pick a weak country and spin enquiry, which provide you with power and money, that you don’t want to end the accusation. You keep coming with one accusation after another. I don’t remember his name but an Israeli diplomat or a general admitting or testifying that telling lies a common political strategy in our region.


          • tes

            Dear dawit,

            You could have asked yourself first and foremost, “why a weak country” if UN has picked a weak country? I am not talking about Eritrea of 2015, I am talking Eritrea of 2006, when UN picked her out.

            dear dawit, I meet a person for the first time who told me about landing of Iranian cargo in Asmara Airport. He was working as a taxi driver and got a contract to take people there by chance. According to his say it was the most frightening night he has ever encountered after he faced a harassement from security guards who were surrounding the airport. The Cargo stayed not for more than 30 minutes. The landing was short-cut as there was serious allegations reaching Asmara at that time and.

            Concerning the sanction, there are ample proofs for Eritrean direct and indirect involvement in the Somalian problem. It is an utter failure just to demand “where is the evidence”. Everything done in Eritrea involved some people who were working in such areas as part of their assigned work. Many are now as refugees.

            My take is: “why Eritrea became a target?” Who exposed Eritrea to be a target?

            Just now while we are talking, more than 45,000 armed Ethiopian rebellious groups are in Eritrea. Can’t this bring PFDJ into the forefront? These 45,000 armed group are there to disturb PEACE of Ethiopian people. If they had a strong political grievances, they could have solved it by being in Ethiopia. Hosting thousands of foreign soldiers inside Eritrea and to give them a launching base is a mistake.


            Don’t counter argue by saying, “Ethiopia is also hosting armed opposition groups”. My simple answer is, “both should stop it” but as an Eritrean, I say, “we should not arm any rebellious groups” as it is against our vision”.

            And don’t argue, “it is for our own security” as I will respond with a strong “NO”. Arming other rebellious groups is always against peace.


          • Ted

            Dear tes, i din’t know you are fond of mama Ethiopia. You broke one bond between us. I am sure you didn’t go to Awasa Ethiopia nor you supported those who went there. My point is Meles died disappointed man that Eritrean oppositions were not willing to carry a gun to march to Asmara on the back of his Tanks. I don’t support this tit for tat by Eritrean Gov, but although wrong, i understand their reasoning.
            I wish you success in Geneva protest.

          • tes

            Dear Ted,

            I broke my bond with PFDJ and OTTOiests from the time I started to talk for justice. I am not fun of killers friends. You know that. If upu fill that I broke with you now, I can simply say, “you are to late to understand it”; Wake-up man. Everyone is talking for justice.

            Concerning Ethiopia, I know my position very well simply because I know my history.

            By the way, when you say, “with us” to whom you are representing? To YPFDJ, PFDJ, PFDJ2, you need to specify it.


          • Ted

            Dear tes, don’t give up on me yet. I am all for justice too. There are all forms of justice. I am for one kind and you are for another. I know you are angry but the idea that people deserve to be treated in the same way they treat others the retroactive measure you pursue that justifies punishment of PFDJ as a response to past injustice or wrongdoing is wrong for many reasons. One, it over step from seeking justice because there is a tendency to slip from retributive justice to an emphasis on revenge. they cycle of retribution Eritreans don’t want. . Restorative justice is in my mind where it focuses on violations as crimes against individuals. It is concerned with healing victims’ wounds, restoring offenders to law-abiding lives, and repairing harm done to interpersonal relationships and the community. It aims to strengthen the community and country and prevent similar harms from happening in the future.
            Remenber, An Eye for an Eye Will Make the Whole World Blind.
            “With us”? do you mean “between us”?

          • selam

            Dear Ted
            How do you evaluate the difference between the PFDJ supporter and the opposition ? I mean each of them are trying to not know the existence of the other. Do the opposition think they can out muscle or if they can not do it, they will sale Eritrea to the highest bidder? UN or what ever organizations are just not good for the victims when it comes to solution. They merely care once they have done their destruction plan , look at libya , and so many.

          • Ted

            Hi selam. if you were to ask every Eritrean, you would hear them saying we need change. the difference between the opposition justice seekers and the other side(PFDJista and non PFDJista) justice seekers is how to deal with the Gov ie ” weed out or not”. As you know, justice seekers( almost all Eritreans) don’t want lend a hand to organized opposition. This alone should signal a red flag in the organised or not opposition camps forcing them to ask themselves what do the people want. But they never ask those questions busy fighting among themselves.Now here we have the UN report, sad but true, what to do with it anybody’s guess.
            PS. Some opposition(always the vocal one’s) also need to realize “weed out” is not the only way of justice.

          • saay7

            Cousin Dawitom:

            The Ethiopian incursion into Baidoa happened in July 2006. That’s what got “I-am-a-power-to-be-reckoned-with-in-my-own-mind” Isaias to move to Somalia. He was already mad as hell that Weyane stole the election in 2005 because he had calculated (wrongly of course) that they would lose power in 2005 and he was even madder at the State Department for helping with the election shenanigans. So he was in Somalia not because he gives about Somalis but because he is a Field Marshall and grand strategist in his own mind. Then in December 2006, Ethiopia went for a full scale invasion.

            Cousin Dawit, this is a question with clear answers. As ambassador Gerahtu said yesterday there are almost a million Eritreans in the Diaspora. This includes journalists, truck drivers, intelligence officers, prison wardens, pilots, gov officials….a cross section of entire Eritrea. And they are talking and testifying and writing…the problem is that you have dismissed them. This is a problem for all of us Eritreans but most of all for those who are in denial because when it finally dawns on you the weight of it all may just be too much for you. Some of us have had a long time to take this and we have built some shock absorbers.

            From one cousin to another


          • Semere Andom

            Hi Sal:
            For one moment, just for one, do me, a cousin a favor, will you? Suspened that glass is Full Full thing of yours and be like us, positive and say half full. So when you are in that mood, would you say those who are defending the regime are in denial or are they sociopaths or is denial a sub category of sociopathic tendencies ?
            Also, please do not tell me that PFDJ supports do not wake up in the morning to screw Eritereans

          • saay7

            Selamat Semere:

            When I read the CoI report, recall that I said it is the saddest thing I have ever read about Eritrea. Since then, I have become even sadder–based on the reaction of the Government of Eritrea (GoE) and the Eritrean opposition. So my glass is not full full or half full now, my friend, it is a quarter full. I will explain why below and if this ends up being an incoherent article, it is ok, it is a stream of consciousness…Emma, please stop shaving as you may cut yourself. Ghezae, warning, there will be nothing for you from this post to share as it will disappoint you.

            We have a situation where one party has the power and not the will (that is the Isaias Afwerki government) and a second party has the will but not the power (that is the Eritrean opposition) and a third party that has the will and the power (the UN.) A point of clarification on the opposition because I find that we in the opposition are as sensitive and as cry-babyish as the supporters of the PFDJ when it comes to self-criticism: by opposition I mean all the organizations, the alphabet soup, that the Commission of Inquiry (CoI) told the world is the Eritrean Opposition: my face, your face, my spokespersons and your spokespersons.

            So the first thing about our spokespersons, Cousin Semere, is that they don’t speak. I will pause now as I allow you to google for anything they said since the CoI issued its report. Pause. Elevator music. I mean we talk to each other, but not to the world: no editorial, no press release, no interviews with the international media. I am sure they had the will to make that happen, but not the power. So we are going to tag along those who have the will and the power–the UN and their subsidiary NGOS and their subsidiaries–no matter whether our goals are identical or merely overlapping.

            Then about the GoE. I was kind of startled NOT by the language of Ambassador Gerahtu, but the mini-lecture the president of the HRC gave him. And I had to read the transcript. And there it was: the issue that has reduced the GoE into a raging machine: the EEBC. In its recommendations, the CoI had listed that the international community facilitiate an Eritrea-Ethiopia dialogue and this was enough for the Ambassador to say that the CoI is perhaps “ignorant” on the issue and to deliver a summary (the 217th time for Eritrea) of the timeline. The CoI, which had the entire research arm of the UN can’t possibly be ignorant on the issue, Ambassador, it is trying to propose a way out of the stalemate because the one you are insisting on–faithful implementation of EEBC–hasn’t happened in 8 years and is unlikely to happen in the next 8. And since you are using that as a reason to waste away the lives of tens of thousands of the lives of Eritreans and leading the exile of tens of thousands of them, then perhaps it is time you re-considered your decision?

            I said that the Opposition (all will, no power) has been rejected by the PFDJ (all power, no will), it is tagging along with the UN (all will, all power–when it has time for us.) This will result in further internationalization of our problem and to get an idea of how that almost always makes things worse, just look at three of our neighbors: Somalia, South Sudan, and Sudan (Darfur.) To bring this back to the Eritrean arena will require a different thinking from the Government of Isaias Afwerki. They need to go to a two-week long retreat–Embatkala, Adi Nefas–leave behind all their grudges and their talking points and their power point presentations. And they need to come out with a decision to:

            1. Bring to court and/or immediately release all political prisoners.
            2. Make a decision on the border issue (two options further described)
            3. A timeline to demobilize and reintegrate the large Eritrean military
            4. To convene the National Assembly (those still alive and in the country) to address
            (a) changing of Warsay-Yekealo Initiative (which was not passed via any proclamation) into a voluntary Youth Employment/National Development project (emphasis on voluntary)
            (b) implementation of the 1997 Constitution including electoral laws and laws on political organizations
            (c) appointing an independent Eritrean commission to investigate all crimes committed against the people of Eritrea and that such commission be inclusive and its work transparent
            5. To deploy that loyal supporters of PFDJ (including YPFDJ) in lobbying the West for help in securing funds for the demoblization and re-integration of Eritrea’s youth.

            With respect to (2) above, the GoE can opt for complete secrecy or total transparency but nothing in between. If total transparency is chosen, announce the following:

            (a) that the EEBC has virtually demarcated the border;
            (b) that the Government of FDRE has claimed that the faithful implementation of the EEBC ruling will result in the separation of land from people;
            (c) that we (The People and Government of Eritrea) have no interest in doing that since we are an “ancient and civilized people with expansive Customary Laws encoded as early as 1492… whose every village is dotted with churches and mosques, and, a pious people who have been Christians and Moslems since the 4th and the 7th century respectively.”
            (d) that we seek the help of the witnesses/guarantors to, transparently, document this in an expeditious manner.

            Sem, the first thing that needs to happen is to stop the bleeding. We need a tourniquet now. Once the bleeding stops, then we can talk about everything that is wrong with the doctor and the hospital.

            I started out with my glass 1/4 full; now it is 1/8 full because as I read it, I can imagine the reaction of the GoE, I can imagine the reaction of the opposition and….well, it appears that we shall insist on internationalizing our problem. Did that answer any of your questions? Oh, no, I absolutely don’t think the “PFDJ supporters do not wake up in the morning to screw Eritreans” but I know they think the “opposition, I mean, let me use their phrasing, the sell-out so-called opposition wakes up in the morning to screw Eritreans.” And that’s where we are.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Saay,
            Good morning brother,
            This time I will say “gush-tetey” B/c I am still observing our ” detente” until our confusion settled down. I came to realize that the more we debate on the same issue the more we are confusing the public. I will talk to you after “Eid romedan.” To honor your fasting is part of the agreement we made in the detente. Your comment whether it is ” humor” or real “prescription” from your side, there are many you have said I agree on, and there are some that I have outright rejected them. However I share the suddening situation of our politics (Eritrean politics if it is really politics in the modus operande of modern politics).

          • haileTG

            Hi saay,

            That list of proposal is good, in fact really really good. But reminds me the joke about a monk (felasi) who asked a young man why he was late to find a wife and settle down. Well, the young man said he was looking for a stunning looking, of impeccable character, traditionally minded, obedient and young woman to marry. After listening to it, the poor monk takes a deep breath and retorts, “if there were such a woman, what the heck do you think I am a monk for??”:-)

            Now, what is the incentive for PFDJ to go to Embatkala and hang itself? Do you really think the regime has the capacity, space and good will to stabilize such a dangerous opening up of its system? In the end, do you realistically see IA (at 70) fit and within his means to turn the clock back and make it to the time when he was really 50?

            May be we need to accept the sad truth that our condition is far far worse than we like it to appear. It is dangerous, there definitely are grave risks, but there is only on road left (i.e. for good or worse). IA’s will indeed come by some sort of violent means (uprising/conflict), and might be better to cut off any hope from a regime that owes its existence and very survival to doing the opposite of those lofty proposals.


          • saay7

            Selam Hailat:

            I share your pessimism and if we fall off the precipice, imagine this conversation between a young person (YP) and an older hopefully wiser, person (OHWP)

            Young Person: Why did you allow Eritrea to fall off the precipice

            OHWP: We had a stubborn government that would not yield.

            YP: I heard about that. Learned it in school. But I am not clear about what the rest of Eritrea’s population did.

            OHWP: Well, it’s complicated. Some just never believed it would amount to that. They had faith in the governments ability to deliver miracles because it had many days marking Miracle Days. Some were paralyzed into inaction…

            YP: The silent majority?

            OHWP: silent tibenqsom! Sorry, my child, old habits…yes the silent majority. They just didn’t know what to do. They were Hamlet…do they teach you Shakespeare at school?

            YP: Shakes Who?

            OHWP: Hamlet was a character in Shakespeare’s book, famous for 2B or not 2B, where did I park my car? Wait, my memory…its “to be or not to be, that’s the question…anyway the Eritreans you call Silent Majority just couldn’t decide, they were Eritrea’s Hamlets.

            YP: What about the opposition?

            OHWP: Oppo what?

            YP: Opposition. Groups opposed…

            OHWP: Yes I heard you the first time. They were also undecided except that they organized themselves and institutionalized their indecision. And they were polarized along every polarization and if there wasn’t a reason to be, they invented it.

            YP: May I ask why?

            OHWP: Yes you may.

            YP: And?

            OHWP: Oh, you were hoping for an answer! It’s complicated. Nobody trusted anybody about anything.

            YP: why not? Did they try to talk it out?

            OHWP: kinda. They agreed to talk about talking about it. But first they had to agree on the terms of their disagreeable talks.

            YP: Was there anything that the government the Hamlets and the opposition agreed upon?

            OHWP: oh yes. They all agreed they loved Eritrea so much they would do anything for her.

            YP: That sounds like a good…

            OHWP: They loved her so much that they couldn’t bear the thought of her being with the other. They demanded exclusive relationship.

            YP: So Eritrea was killed by a jealous lover?

            OHWP: love is a wondrous thing.


          • selam

            Dear saay
            Love is the death of duty , describes best to our situation.

          • Abi

            Hey Saay
            Good one ! Except the OHWP didn’t tell the YP to go and search it for himself. ” I have written about this and other things. You can find it….”

          • haileTG

            Hey saay,

            That is a good one:)

            The problem seems to be (us in general) that our sense of time is fatally tied to the past or the future. Somewhat we appear to be oblivious of the present! There is no easy way of de-internationalizing Eritrean problem now. Unlike what we seem to see it as, internationalization of a country’s internal problems follows a set of legalistic rules of engagement. Once engaged, it requires equally legalistic means of disengaging. IA thought he could go in and out of IGAD as he pleased, well it turned out to be different. The UN is engaged in Eritrea’s national defense matters under Chapter VII of its charter. The same UN is also now engaged with Eritrea’s internal government diligence through duly assigned mechanisms of monitoring, reporting and pressuring by the threat of legal prosecution. All these process matured over time through protracted processes and legal mechanisms. These processes can’t be disengaged from at will, sure they could have been avoided, but once they are enacted, it is all together another story. The systems are so rigorous and methodical that they will sure push the regime of IA to the point of capitulation. At which point, the demands and expectations made upon the losing side become disproportionately bigger than that party can deliver without major roles of outsiders. The UN is neither sympathetic nor beholden to the whims of the regime. It would amplify the demands to the point of aiming for the ideal. Such is like demand for free and fair elections, persecution of those responsible to violations, observer roles and peace keeping mechanisms. Eritrean problem is irreversibly internationalized as of the present time. This would be a hard pill to swallow for many but that is simply the reality on the ground. Now, what would come first: to de-internationalize our problems and then work for ideal change as our ancestors and future generations would wish us to do or wake up smell the coffee and realize that time has moved on and we need to work with the new realities we’re in. In fact, if the latter, it would require us to even engage with the outsiders more so that the process that is internationalizing our problems doesn’t get consummated in our absence.

            I think in all likelihood, political change in Eritrea will happen ahead of the organized oppositions resolving their differences. That happened in many instances of the changes we witnessed in the recent past in other countries. Change may well come to Eritrea and the political wranglings and international meddling would continue post the fall of the IA regime.

            IA’s regime has 0.00 space for dissenting views and at this stage, it can’t afford to have one without some sort of guarantees (unlikely to come by). If there is no space for opposing, there can’t be a valid way of opposing (as it is the case now). Hence, it becomes paradoxical to put expectations for ideal way of opposing where there is no space for it to take place. If you take Ethiopia for example, the space to oppose is mapped out around the notion of accepting the constitution of the country. When one meets that criteria, they can hold mass rallies and run for elections peacefully. What is the comparable space for Eritrea? What can one do to be recognized as opposition? Nothing. There is no such space and opposing is met by disproportional force of crimes against humanity. Eritrea’s case is sad and bleak, and the sooner we realize that the more likely we can wake up to the present realities and become in tune with commonsense approach to deal with it.


          • dawit

            Dear HTG and Saay,

            For the first time both of you started to think and worry about the internationalizing the problem of Eritrea. HTG described our reality where we only think of the past or the future, and never think our present situation. Saay imaginary prediction from Hamlet, Eritrea could end up an omelet and die because of obsession of a Jealous lover. HTG ask few relevant questions by comparing Ethiopia’s present experiences of the government and its oppositions and ask few questions. “What is the comparable space for Eritrea? What can one do to be recognized as opposition? then he concludes “Nothing”.

            Yes we can do something because we are Eritreans.
            We can follow what our for fathers did when faced with such dilemma. “Zbereqe Tsehaina”Znegese Nigusna”, Given our present situation that is the best option if Eritrea has to preserve itself. After that we could talk of political spaces, opposition parties etc. as Eritrean leaders learn and matures on the rules and languages of international political games, while the opposition leaders also sort out their differences and over time we can create the internal politics space.

            PIA had predicted “four decades” for the political maturity of Eritreans i.e. based on his optimistic view and “may be more” with his pessimistic prediction. He does not believe the kind of ‘pseudo elections’ like in many African countries where there is 100% winning record. On that kind of election he said “Never” which means unfortunately Eritrea will move from one dictator to another.

          • saay7

            Cousin Dawitom:

            I think you are discussing a subject from a decade ago. Back then the argument for removing Isaias Afwerki from power was that he was not elected. Not the argument for removing him is that he is a serial criminal and he presides over a system that kills, tortures, enslaves* and exiles Eritreans.

            Moreover, cousiney, your reference to the wisdom of the forefathers is selective. They were not for conviction without hearing both side, they were humane. Justness and fairness were their moral compass: there are no folk songs dedicated to persons who blindly obeyed an unjust King but to those who rebelled (shefatu) against the Negus. This website is named after one such rebel.

            * I use the word because both Dr Gidewon and Sophia T are pushing race-baiting and fake outrage of the use of slavery by CoI? That offenses which may constitute crimes against humanity (against their own compatriots) don’t outrage them but writing about it does and is “racist.”

          • selam

            Dear Saay
            I have asked long time ago if it is possible to multiply people like saay ,, you know i did not say such from zero . I do have a prove to show. Dearest saay i will definitely committ half of my age to support such idea with you on the top of the ship as captain to sail way up to our people’s aspirations. I still believe we eritreans are unique people we can do it.
            I wish you take some people’s age for us to move forward.

          • saay7

            Selamat Selam:

            Thank you for the compliments but I thank God there is no way to multiply saay (although the genome project is on it.). For as long as we don’t have Eritreans who do not/cannot/will not discharge our duty to drop everything and focus on reversing the perilous slide Eritrea is in, you will get people like me: doing whatever we are doing for Eritrea whenever we can find time for her. And the skill set that we bring to it is not necessarily the one the nation cries for. What Eritrea needs is a servant leadership, “Khadoom” the Arabs call it, qualities fit for a movement leadership, an organizer, a mobilizer, a volunteer, an inspirer, a persuader,one driven maniacally by the obsession to rescue Eritrea and loves all its people equally and sees Eritrea as a whole and one who has no other priorities and no safety net.

            I have few, if any of these skills, knowledge and abilities. But I can write the job description and the self-evaluation form for the leadership and, if you are nice, a colorful org chart and maybe even a pivot table, a business plan and a pro forma financial statement.


          • Semere Andom

            Selam Sal:
            I think your rewarded me for my fasting, the other fasting :
            this was with “moqshish” 🙂
            This is not incoherent, in fact I like it so much if I find time later tonight I will publish it in the front page as provided by awatstaff

          • Hayat Adem

            You are adding values and styles with every added piece.
            Since we have the “all will”, that can not be taken away and pfdjs have “all power” which can be taken away, the default setting is one-directional such that it is only the opposition that can change the equation.That is because, the will can grow in to good power but power never grows in to good will. That exactly describes the one way orientation that awaits ahead.
            Nothing is wrong to borrow some amount of stimulative power from the international-will-family, enough for triggering the flow of power from the wrong hands to the right ones. If you already have a concretized will, the is no risk in borrowing power to fill a gap. It is when you have a defined will, borrowed power becomes a risk. It is like a start-up capital. It lends a hand in the beginning so that you have your own empowered hands.
            It works well in the economic field. If you are borrowing money without a carefully defined plan and purpose, it can become a problem. But if you’ve a well done plan and you borrow the right amount of money from a credible and willing creditor, the risk is infinitely less than doing nothing or trying to grow money on your soil without a seed. Money borrowed can stimulate the natural capabilities that dynamize the economy in a self-sustaining manner.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear SAAY
            WOW..WOW…What time was it when you wrote this piece? Man, you have been churned vigorously to let your best out. መጅሙዕ እምበር ተፈኒኻ።
            I here declare (and I hope the great Ted, dear selam, and of course that young guy, Gen.Nit, et al read this one) that I FEEL comfortable with the UN with regard to this specific issue. I hope folks don’t miss the fact that the UN is just a political ambiance, it’s a field; it could be excited by a super power, or by a group of nations whose aggregating effect causes the effect of a super power. Big countries like the USA, have nothing to worry about, they wield power through the purse and the organizations constitution, small nations like Djibouti, a much smaller than Eritrea, get a foothold through their relations with big cousins, and their involvement in regional groups such as AU. Israel through its indirect control of USA politics, small countries like Qatar and Kuwait through their role of serving as a life line to the big brothers/sisters, etc. Where do we put PFDJ Eritrea?
            Mind you the UN, like any other international bodies and politics evolve. The UN, yes, made unforgettable crimes against us for not paying attention to the calls we made when Imperial Ethiopia violated the Federal Act and committed horrible crimes; it wronged us when we pleaded for our right of self-determination.
            However, anything after independence was the result of our adversaries using their diplomatic arsenal and we: the only thing we know is ንኺድ ጥራይ
            I tend to separate the issue of the first sanction and this commission’s report. Here, the UN’s motive and coverage/mandate is congruent with what Eritreans have been calling for. I mean, aren’t we opposing PFDJ regime for the same or similar crimes that the UN report enumerated? What if this report was produced by an Eritrean commission, say, the human right branch of the ENCDC? Would it make a difference substantively? Probably, we would have come up with a more comprehensive and a deep-penetrating report, because Eritrean would be more effective and efficient in doing the inquiry, but as you have said we would have lacked the stick/power. The UN commission has not overstepped its mandate, it did not denigrate Eritreans and the Eritrean nationhood; it simply did what we should have done. Of course, how we use it is still up in the air. My gut tells me there is no respite for PFDJ, and the good thing is such inquiries target PFDJ and its despicable rule.

          • Ted

            Dear The great MS. How is Romodan treating you. I live next to the mosque, man, parking is practically non existent at salat time.
            If you think about it and knowing the quanandrume they are in, the recommendation doesn’t ask for much from the Gov and will get us all we want as the same time. It is in our history to be pessimistic of expected response from the Gov but that is not the point. The recommendation by UN and Saaya’s added suggestion can serve as uniting force to galvanize all Eritreans to be the force to be reckon with. Then, we will have equal footing with the Gov on the decision making and fate of our country. As in trauma department of ER, first and for most we have to stop the bleeding. The cessation of the suffering is what matters most. It shouldn’t be about power or who lead the country but is is about justice and a rule of law in the country.”Of course, how we use it{UN Report} is still up in the air.” that is the shakespearian Hamlet/omlett question but it shouldn’t be. It is not the time of uncertainty, pessimism, vengeance or retribution but it is the time for rapprochement and working for better Eritrea . We need to own this thing with or with out the help of UN or other NGO. As far as i know the recommendations are the best working document i ever seen, ironically written by UN. If this doesn’t unite the opposition camps, i don’t know what will.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear Ted
            Sorry for the late reply, I do really understand you. All the ingredients for changes are there; people are getting motivated, particularly those young people who experience the brunt of the abuses. What’s still missing is the leadership. I think there is a real chance that the paradigm may shift to the young people and I am all for it. If the seasoned political organizations could not make an impression on the new wave, then there is a good chance a revolution not so related to the first revolution (liberation revolution) will emerge, and I think that’s the best shot we have. So, yes, how the opposition leadership use this momentum will write history either way. This has a potential of giving the domestic resistance a boost.

          • haileTG

            Greetings Saay,

            You played it well. Your insistence on verifying the phony argument has paid off. What we now have is a certain news paper that quoted a certain UN source, who relied on certain diplomatic sources to make that claim. In fact, as far as the official UN mechanism is concerned, it not only reported information that came its way regarding the issue but also followed it up and clearly indicated it was not satisfied by evidence available in that regard hence concluded it to be most likely inaccurate. What is rather disingenuous about dawitom and other regime supporters likewise is the fact that they are not even interested in that per se. The purpose that they raise it for is to serve as a base argument to spring on to an inductive step where by the whole convoluted inductive conclusion would run as:

            Base: UN is against Eritrea

            Inductive step: The last dealing of UN with Eritrea also shows that UN is against Eritrea

            So, by induction, all dealings of UN with Eritrea are against Eritrea!

            In reality, all of UN’s accusations have actually investigated painstakingly and thoroughly researched. All of the regime’s stand were found to be a lie and denial. And the COI chair had made it clear to them today that UNLESS they engage in good faith, they will be forced to engage at any cost (which he said may end up being detrimental too). The PFDJ has been through the disciplinary mechanisms of the intl. community and knows better to underestimate them that they don’t mean business. They do. Despite giving a lot of leeway, face saving… in the end they will have no choice but to make good of their threats. The whole management of “threat” is complex (going beyond its mere utterance). At any rate, a threat must be deliverable upon the conditions for it being met. A shallow threat is very costly and potentially can encourage further acts impunity that have far bigger ramifications. For this reason alone, the pro regime need to firmly grasp the reality that they are dealing ( in UN) with a highly mechanical, clockwork, predetermined set of process that will see them exhausted and humiliated should they continue to thread the path they’re on.


          • saay7

            Hey Hailat:

            Thanks…I still haven’t gotten cousin Dawit to go one extra step and Google the resolution dealing with the sanction. I want to show him the entire preamble because it is a long list of how the IA regime refused to moderate it’s behavior. It didn’t think it would be sanctioned, it didn’t believe the sanctions would hurt, it didn’t think it would last as long as it would, and it didn’t figure out how hard it would be to come out of it. It’s a series of mind-boggling miscalculation after another that, for a regime allergic to being accountable, can only be explained away by blaming everyone else but itself.

            It’s a slow animal. It’s an organization that takes pride in being slow. Painfully slow. And when u are slow….Well refer to the the story in the link of a pet turtle that was lost inside a house for 15 years.

            The CoI made it clear today: Eritrea is in a fork on a road. One path is accepting the recommendations and constitutionalism and rule of law. The other is the road to ICC. I don’t know what is more amazing: that they always make the wrong decision or that they then seemly genuinely surprised what the consequences of their decisions are.



          • selam

            Dear YaY
            UN also sits on a document that says Ethiopia should respect the commission of border ruling , UN also sits on lies fabricated lies all about IRAQ , UN troops also are accused of sexual crime against childeren in congo, haiti and so many places , UN also keep quite on weyane crimes against humanity but why should we care about what UN does , is not it our responsibility to hold PFDJ responsible for the crime we know more than any one.

          • dawit

            Dear selam,
            Ok PFDJ may be responsible for the crimes committed in Eritrea. But while you focus on PFDJ, it is possible to loose your country, just lick Libyans, Iraqis and Syrians. All those people lost their country because UN was used as cover for all the evil that fall on many innocent people. From our own history we have pass through 30 years of bloody conflict with Ethiopia because of UN decisions in 1951, based on one man lie, Haile Selassie claiming that ‘Eritrea’ was his territory taken from Ethiopia by Italy by force!. Denying that his uncle Menelik sold it for hard cash, 5 million lire!

          • Ted

            Hi Saay, UN can’t accuse a country based on circumstantial evidence, of course, i know they can when it comes to Eritrean or other bird they want to eat. No amount of reasoning can justify the UN’s malicious report against Eritrea: it was fabricated with intent of targeting Eritrea, orchestrated smear campaign by UN and Ethiopian Gov. They did not have an ounce of truth for their “appeal”/accusation (arming somalia spoilers) , of course they have to made up one with the help of Meles.
            “Meles said the main forces that the Ethiopian defense forces and that of the TFG faced particularly around Baidoa were not Somali forces as such. “They were Eritrean troops, international terrorists and some elements of the so-called Shabab,” Meles said in a press conference he gave to local and international journalists here on Tuesday”.

            “Not only did we get the names of those Eritreans, but the list of names of people who carry British Passports. So when we talk about international terrorists, we mean international. Not just Middle East,” he added.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Teddy,

            Circumstantial evidence is always permissible when there is no forensic evidence or direct evidence. Circumstantial evidence is factored as causation in to the proof always to decide the verdict. So if it happened in any case for that matter is legit.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear YAY,

            Since you are privy to the knowledge of the Eritrean regime, could you ask the Eritrean Ambassador at the UN any link of the actual report of the UN regarding the issue at question? Any journalist report is not always correct. Second hand report is not necessarily factual.This can not be justification to the UN report. Second, the SEMG report doesn’t include CIC. Because CIC doesn’t exist when SEMG appointed to the task. Part of the SEMG’s task was to investigate the relationship of Al Shebab and the Government of Eritrea. Remember the Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring group (SEMG) was formed in 2010. The years before that (2006 to 2009) the Monitoring group was called as Somalia Monitoring Group (SMG). Context is very important YAY when you argue on Issues.

            Amanuel H.

          • Ted

            Hi, Amanuel.
            Saay just pull a rag under you. he will explain.

          • dawit

            Dear Amanuel,

            In Amharic we have a saying ‘የወጋ ቢረሳ፡ የተወጋ ኣይረሳም።’

            You may have forgotten the time line of the UN sanctions on Eritrea, but we don’t. We know when the egg was laid, when it hatched and when the chicken started to walk and when it flew. The 2006 SMG transformed itself into SEMG in 2010, but it was in the kitchen cooking its lies against Eritrea, starting with the ‘2000 armed Eritreans in Somalia”.
            As I said UN sanctions on Eritrea is the single achievement of Eritrean opposition doing the legwork needed to give the UN sanction the local flavor. And that is why Eritreans will never trust the opposition no matter how bad PFDJ under PIA may be. My dear Ema, there is no way you can cleans UN from its lies on Eritrea, it is in the system. COI is not the firs and nor the last as long as Eritrea remains an Independent country.

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Dawit,
      Thank you for your concern but many people are talking about a Twitter threat that apparently I received. I haven’t seen it and failed searching for it. What is that exactly? Can you please explain.

      • dawit

        Hi Saleh,
        You are welcome. Growing up in Ethiopia, there was a popular weekly radio program called ‘ BeKetemachen min yiweral’ ‘በክተማችን ምን ይወራል’ a summary of the weekly rumor report in town. ‘Twitter Threat”. That is what I picked from AT’s grapesvine gossip report posted by cousin tes.. Please redirect your question to the source His Excellency, Chief of Rumors and Gossips Affairs at AT, cousin tes,

  • Mulugeta

    What PFDJ supports did in Switzerland, intimidating and
    threatening UN CoIE members, is a good testimony of their true uncivilized and evil
    character. This is exactly what they do to their people to rule them through fears. Now I think the members of CoIE has got first hand evidence to support their finding that Eritrean government is governing the people not with
    rule of law but with fear.

  • tes

    Dear AT,

    You gave us here news that melts PFDJ. PFDJ is not shame. At least one could expect normal way of thinking in the land of justice. But here no.

    And let’s count: Saleh Ghadi Johar was also receiced threatening message the day he was on show at Aljezeera. This is what PFDJ does. This is how Eritreans are leaving in drove.

    Just imagine, if members of Human Rights Group are threatened in their hotels, at the heart of Geneva, if Geneva is at high alert to protect the safety of these HR members, how about people inside in Eritrea?

    Did G-15 had any crime then?
    Did the more than 10,000 political prisoners had a crime then?

    I am not here writing for those who knew PFDJ but for those who talked about national security.

    Thank you again

  • ge

    that how the westerners they want you to use their language and then they force you to sound like them.
    the main thing is he should try to listen the message not the language.

    • Abel

      Both the language and the message of HIGDEF was an embarrassment.

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    Thanks for the summary. This must be PFDJ’s backward diplomacy finally imploding for all to see. Never mind that their diplomat had to be verbally reprimanded for “inadequate” personal managing in the use of acceptable communication skills in front of the world, but goes on to declare that him and his regime are accessories to an offence by withholding facts and perverting the course of justice. Please listen to the recording above @ 19:02 – 19:14 mark. The PFDJ emissary clearly states that himself (or his regime) were aware of individuals who committed “perjury” in connection to their asylum applications. And he laments that the COI didn’t rely on their testimonies that would have attested that their asylum claims are “false”. Is the Ambassador not in breach of lawful conduct in trying to utilize fraud in such a manner? That is simply beyond belief. Where are those people now and is he legally obligated to inform law enforcement?


    • Bayan Nagash

      Dear AT & Haile TG,

      Desperation at times lead to desperate measures and actions, but when that action is an act of political and diplomatic suicide common sense should dictate that one thinks twice before acting on those knee jerk reactions. It is mind boggling to note that the individuals who made such threats to not think of what favorable outcome could come out of such asinine move, a move that could only backfire. This is the kind of suicide mission that srAt Hgdef is embarking upon, thereby expediting its own demise. No amount of demonstration could rectify such brazenly action. Today was one productive day for those of us who are on the side of justice, where we needed not lift a finger as they are already doing the needed political and diplomatic damage. You gotta love that!

      • haileTG

        Dear Bayan,

        Very true. Please also note that wekil srAt Hgdef actually makes no eye contact towards his audience at all. He buried his eyes looking down under, as his audience were left staring at a shiny bald scalp. Beneath of which a similarly bald and tasteless words were oozing their sulfuric putrid that unsettled the gathering. It is amazing to note that when the heart walks out on the mind, the latter can’t even muster the courage to look up and face the world around it. 🙂

        • Bayan Nagash

          Deare HTG,

          You left me guffawing in the way you so honestly captured the demeanor of T. Gerahtu during his five minutes reading marathon. I couldn’t put my fingers on it when I watched him read without looking up, but your one paragraph above encapsulates it all. Thank you for softening my heart before I call it a night. Have a good night.

          May tomorrow bring us, yet another blunder from the PFDJ land as each blunder adds to shortening the shelf life of its ruling days.

          • saay7

            Bayan HTG:

            Here’s some turtle logic for you. To make their case that the CoIs characterization of the Isaias regime and its henchman as people who use intimidation, fear and harassment to get their way, the Isaias regime henchmen tried to intimidate frighten and harass the CoI.

            They traveled all the way to Geneva to make the case for the regime and ended up making it for CoI.

            The CoI has written that the Eritrean mission in the Diaspora intimidates Eritreans; the Eritrean regime had said “how could we? We don’t have the resources! We have barely staffed embassies!” And while the HRC was saying “you make a good point Eritrea”, the regime said, “yeah but we have ‘citizen ambassadors’ that do the dirty job for us.

            You know, Bayan, I don’t appreciate you accusing me of being violent and if u don’t stop it I am going to punch u in the nose*


            * Emma, it is a joke.

          • Bayan Nagash

            MerHaba Say,

            “Turtle logic” indeed. “If I don’t know who Dawit Isaac is, how would I know where he is.” Would that fall under fallacy of bifurcation? At any rate Hgefawyan have no compunction in advancing their logically fallacious reasoning. As for the punching part, Sal, Allahumma enni Saaym, thusly I will refrain from throwing punches back, but I will share with you what can happen when, well… watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gE1CsLFImE

          • saay7

            Hala Bayan:

            That was painful to watch:) Saay is Saaym and he can’t handle violence. That’s as painful to watch as Ambassador Gerahtu making a speech and then being told “use a language in the future that is adequate for this council.” Kinda like we used to tell our screaming kids when they were infants to use their “inside voice.”


          • Bayan Nagash

            Ya-merHab Sayyid Sal,

            I hear you bro. As for Hgdef style of bullying has reached its international status in that they want to convince the international communities that they are the victims in all of this, and bring sizable number of people to demonstrate to that end; but in the end they kill the very effort of convincing by showing their habit by daring to intimidate members of COI – talk about committing political and diplomatic suicide.

            Incidentally, thanks to Hayat, I watched today’s Q&A with the press. I was just hoping to see some of the opposition Eritrean media outlets and PFDJ’s Eri TV asking questions, the latter of which would’ve given us, yet another opportune moment in the expediting the process of self mutilation – darn it!

            Seriously though, Sal, do you or any other Awatawyan can jump in on this question: Does one need special media credential to attend this kind of Press Conference at the UN Headquarters?

            At any rate, there was an interesting question at the 17 minute mark that I thought was something we on the side of justice should entertain; it is a question about forming a government in exile; well, here, please skip to the 17 minute mark.


          • Berhe Y

            Selam Beyan and Sal,

            I thought the hearing was going for the rest of the week “which it sounded”, but my reason being when the opposition demo is organized “June 26th”.

            But it looks like it’s concluded today and as far as holding a demonstration after the event is concluded, I really do NOT know the value or the impact.

            Had similar opposition been organized today or yesterday, it would have helped to show those that matter, the HRC member countries, COI and media to see the other side as well.

            May be Ghezae can elaborate further.

          • selam

            Dear bayan
            I was more interested in why such question is asked to coi ? How on earth such idea pop up ? Does he think mr.smith has the answer or he simply bring it to air his ignorance ? It is madness madness, i have no idea how he reach to such level.

  • Ossares Haftom