Geneva Forecasts A Political Earthquake On June 26

The pivot, the momentum, dear I stipulate, critical mass has been reached vis-à-vis the UN Commission of Inquiry (COI), which was published earlier last week. The larger hearing had begun this morning in Geneva, the epicenter of political earthquake reigning down on the PFDJ, it is panic time. Of course, we have seen yesterday the loyal or the coerced crowd out and about with its loud speakers and colorful images to accompany the compunction.

Prima facie, these noises may seem impressive, but dig deeper it is nothing more than desperation of the PFDJ gone busted. Yesterday’s opening remarks by the UN delegates, many of whom censured the Eritrean representative for the language unbecoming of a diplomat. The kicker was for the PFDJ to think that just because it has a wielding power over some Eritreans in Diaspora felt emboldened to intimidate and threaten Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (CoIE) delegates in their hotel rooms. Needless to say, this did not go well for the PFDJ as several delegate attendees were ready to investigate.

Security has been beefed up in the premises. Whatever little credibility the PFDJ might have had left in its arsenal was just dashed away, save the delegate of China, which is predictable that it would come up with unsavory excuses. What matters to those of us who are on the side of justice is to do our part now and make the Amen Corner crowd appear dwarfs in comparison. But, of course, this requires discipline, organization, mobilization, all rolled into one. Can Geneva become a place of culmination in what is right with those who are on the side of uprightness? Yes it can. Yes it will. Yes if we allow it to be.

The CoIE’s report is one area all opposition groups and individuals can agree on. Justice does not have religion and every religion known to mankind advocates for justice. Justice does not have ethnicity. Justice does not have gender. Justice does not have grey area. Justice is blind to all of these. Therefore, if none of these have any influence, which at times have been part and a cause for fracturing, what then will keep Eritreans who are in Europe from participating in the impending June 26 demonstration? I can think of one at surface level, but peel it a little deeper there really is no reason why all fairness minded Eritreans should not participate.

Ramadan – Fasting You Say?

Fasting is supposed to be a time of reflection, a time of introspection – A time of purifying one’s soul. For that reason alone standing for justice in Geneva and showing our righteous indignation to the PFDJ, just one day, not only would it be inspiring, fulfilling, and straight out invigorating, but also that’s what the spirit of Ramadan would call for. To my Muslim compatriots throughout Europe, from Norway, Denmark, Sweden to Germany, France, Great Britain, and Italy; I urge you to spend a day and do your part in Geneva, and while you are at it connect with your brethren from all corners of Europe. Perhaps, Eritrean Muslims in Geneva can be your host for when you break your fast after spending the day with your brothers and sisters in Geneva seeking and supporting reasonableness on behalf of your countrymen and women. I know you do not need me to tell you that justice has been sorely missing in Eritrea, almost a quarter of a century and counting – spending one day of your fasting isn’t much to ask. In fact, that probably would go in the annals of good deeds like no other.

To all Eritrean Ethnic Groups

To the various ethnic groups of Eritrea use this action toward retributive justice as your chance to meet other ethnic groups from your countrymen and women. Remember your ethnicity is not meant to shield you from socializing with those who have vested interest of the country that you love most. My Afar brothers and sisters, my Jeberti brothers and sisters, my Afari brothers and sisters, my Saho brothers and sisters, my Kunama brothers and sisters, my lowland brothers and sisters, my Kebessa brothers and sisters, this is our chance to show our vehement disapproval over the mistreatment, insult, malice, indignities, all of the sense of injustice that was visited upon us by the PFDJ. It is time we meet it out by staring it in the face while we have the support of the international community that we tell it evil by its real name; and this can only be effective when we all come out in droves, in unison, because the PFDJ has been a master at dividing us along all kinds of societal fault lines, but we are going to show up in Geneva on the 26 of June to say no more!!!

To the Various Regions of the Highlands

I say to you justice has no bounds, it traverses all boundaries. No Hamassen. No Seraye. No Akele-Guzai. No Logochuwa. Bring the pride of your region with you as that is your identity. After all hiding one’s identity to seek justice is contradictory in terms. Spend a day in Geneva with your intra-regional members of your society as well as with the inter-regional and inter-religious Eritreans across all geographical barriers. Plan to come for justice but stay there to network with your compatriots.

To the Gendered and not so Gendered Eritreans

I say to you come seeking for justice as justice knows no gender borders. There is no male or female when it comes to justice. Justice sees no gender as it judges based on right and wrong. Come to Geneva on the 26th of June, a day in which Eritreans from all walks of life will come seeking justice for their Eritrean brothers and sisters. This is a day of solidarity, a day in which it matters not what your gender is, but it matters a whole lot when you are seeking a lasting sociopolitical justice. Come to join your brothers in this good fight, a fight that will define the future of Eritrea as the PFDJ will not go down without a fight.

Finally, I would like to pose the following questions that I attempted to pose to the PFDJ supporter, it applies here to you justice seekers just the same:

  1. Do you, in your heart of heart, believe the PFDJ still possesses the moral compass or the moral imperative to lead the nation anymore?
  2. Do you think the PFDJ has the political acumen to lead the nation, considering the disastrous trajectory that it has been taking the nation in the last 17 years? (Please do not try to refute this by giving me the notion or the circumstance of the opposition, that’s not the question, the question is solely on the PFDJ’s competency.)
  3. Do you sleep soundly every night fully knowing that Eritrea is in good hands with the PFDJ? In other words, if you were to be in your deathbed tonight (God forbid), would you absolutely be serene in knowing your country has been blessed to have a supreme leader who possesses all the wisdom and the right answers of his nation’s woes?

So, all Eritreans who are seeking justice, who want to see the change they believe in, this is the first step toward reclaiming that “city upon the hill” that took thousands upon thousands of Eritrean lives, almost half a century of endless misery, this is the critical mass that had been lying in wait, the pivot of which and the momentum to which begins in Geneva – be there! No exceptions and no excuses. This is the rallying cry for all those who lost their lives that I am certain would rather have us stand shoulder to shoulder against impunity. We certainly do not want them turning in their graves in sadness and disappointment. “This”, in President Barack Obama’s words, “is our moment. America” [make that Eritrea], “we have come so far. We have seen so much. But there is so much more to do.” The 26th of June “is our chance to answer that call. This is our moment” to take Eritrea back from the jaws of tyranny and fulfill the promise of its people who paid so much with very little in return. The rule of the PFDJ is on its demise and its days are numbered, but we must all do our part by coming out in droves to show the world that the rudderless and compass-less regime must go. Must go now! Impunity no more!


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