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Eritreans Planning For A Major Rally In New York City

Eritreans in North America are planning for a major demonstration in support of the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (CoIE). The demonstration will be held in front of the United Nations Headquarters in New York city and will coincide with the General Assembly meetings.

The 70th Session of the UN General Assembly will open in New York on September 15, 2015 and run until October 6, 2015. The general debate will be held between September 28, 2015 and October 6, 2015. The CoIE will report its findings to the General Assembly in October.

During June 2015, several demonstrations were held by Eritreans in many cities around the world, particularly in Geneva,, Switzerland, as a show of support for the CoIE.

In June 2015, the CoIE issued a 485-page report on the situation of human rights in Eritrea. Some of its findings are serious crimes against humanity which may lead to indictments of officials of the Eritrean ruling party at the world court.

The statement issued by the organizers of the planned demonstration urged Eritreans in North America to attend the event and show their support for the CoIE report. It also appealed to them to raise their voices together “for Justice, Liberty and a Democratic Eritrea.”

The exact date of the demonstration is not announced yet, but it is expected to take place towards the end of September at the United Nations Headquarters, 405 East 42nd Street, in New York city.

The organizers, who include members of the Eritrean opposition groups and independents, can be reached at,

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  • Eyob Medhane


    You don’t say?! Is that really an Eritrean culture to share with the ‘unfortunate’? For realz?

    Aiight, then. We need a 100 million quintal teff to feed every “unfortunate” in Ethiopia..

    Can you patch it ASAP, please?

    Thank u, dawg… Peace out…

    • Guest

      Mr, Ethiopian,
      You are not buying here, hence you can not specify what you should get. Sharing what you have doesn’t mean you have a lot, or you can give a lot. Even if you have one bread, you can give half of it to the unfortunate 🙂
      What is wrong with that, Mr Ethiopian?

      • Eyob Medhane


        “ኤዲያ!!! መላስ ብቻ!!”.. አሉ አለቃ ገብረሐና… 🙂 Get it translated to the language of the “Fortunate”, which apparently is yours.. 😉

  • Dear Saba,
    If Ethiopia grants permit for Eritreans (I think you mean residence permit to live outside the camps as any
    Ethiopian), are you sure that you would not accuse Ethiopia of luring Eritreans to leave their country and thus deprive Eritrea of her young, brainwash and Ethiopianize them, and even say Ethiopia is harboring anti-Eritrean elements. Remember the great conspiracy by Ethiopia and the CIA, whom the regime accuses are attracting and helping Eritreans to leave their country, and the fear by some that Eritreans might
    lose their identity if they mingle with the Ethiopian society. Remember also, some people were accusing that Ethiopia was stealing Eritrean children; because in their opinion there is no way Eritrean children would cross the border to go to the refugee camps.
    Whether we like it or not we are all influenced by alien cultures and identities, as long as we live among other
    societies, and there is no way our children and grand children and beyond, would keep the purity of their Ethiopian and Eritrean identity, as long as for example, they continue to live in Western societies. Therefore, you should be ready to accept the side effects as well, dilution of the Eritrean identity by the Ethiopian identity, although in reality, the difference between the two exists only in the delusional minds of ultra-nationalists.
    Now, you might ask who are more Eritrean than the Amiches, people born and grown-up in Ethiopia. They have not lost their Eritreanism, and they are showing it full. Unfortunately, some of these people stand on the side of the dictator than on the side of the Eritrean people and they might have never visited Eritrea, which makes people to question the depth of their Eritreanism. It seems that it could be their way of de-ethiopinizing
    themselves than anything else.

  • Fanti Ghana

    Hello Sabi,

    Good observation ኣንቲ ነገረኛ; I also thought something along that line a while back until I saw the rest of the country’s job less youth myself. In 3-4 small towns near where I grew up, you won’t believe the number of youngsters who have nothing useful to do except to roam around town every evening. These towns have only one short main road each, so these youngsters go up and down that road in small groups from around 6 PM to about 9 PM just laughing and yelling. It is quite a scene. Therefore, when one compares the few Eritreans who have managed to start small businesses or get some form of employment outside these camps verses those still in the camps in one hand and the number of unemployed young Ethiopians in the other it is clear that it is a mater of resources, but never scarcity of love. ከምቲ ለባማት ወለድኺ ዝብሉዎ “ዘይብላያ ኣዴኻስ ካብ እምኒ ትፀንዕ” ኮይኑ’በር ስኣን ድልየት ኣይኮነን፤ ኣሕቢሩ ራህዋ የምፅኣልና ድኣ በሊ, ሳቢ ሹኮር፤፤

    • haileTG

      Merhaba Fanti bro, please take Saba’s proposal with a pinch of salt. If she was ever concerned for the love Eritreans are missing out on, all she needed to have done was turn her neck a mere 90 degrees (like in the movie “The Exorcist” and look at where love should have come from. Her point is a polite question to Ethiopians to help her out. I.e. help her regime out by assimilating the refugees. The sort twisted solution proposed for the Palestinian refugees. She hopes that by assimilation policy of the refugees, the congestion problem will go away and relieve the pressure from the crime perpetrators. In fact Ethiopia should do its best to make the camps as safe and comfortable as possible, it should also discourage trafficker from moving the people out. Other than that the priority should be for those people to create conditions for themselves to go back to Eritrea and get permits there. In any case, the distance to Asmara from the camps is a fraction of the distance to Addis, so logically their permit office should be located in Asmara. Preferably, an Office located in downtown Asmara behind a memorial land mark soon to be erected for the evil dictator’s victims.

      • saay7

        Hailat TG:

        I don’t mean to nitpick but in the Exorcist,the girl turns her head 360 degrees:) I agree with your larger point that those who support the Isaias Afwerki regime have everything backwards (180 degrees):

        They demand that the US reverse its policy on Eritrea;
        They insist that the UN enforce demarcation;
        They harangue the Western media and its civil society when they report truth that they themselves know;
        They emphatically define patriotism to mean nothing more than demanding that Ethiopia redeploy its soldiers a few kilometers south of their current positions.

        But then, when it comes to how they communicate with the PFDJ:

        They listen quietly to its endless “objective facts on the ground seminars”;
        They meekly ask for clarification on confusing policies. Sample: when someone wants to ask when will the government’s arbitrary ban on construction be lifted, he has to introduce it with: ወያነን ኮራኹሮምን ጉዳይና ጅሆ ክሕዝዎ ህዝብን መንግስትን ኤርትራ ከም ዘይፍቅድ ክቡር ፕረዚደንት ሃገረ ኤርትራ ኣብ ብዙሕ ኣጋጣሚ ብዘደንቅ ኣገባብ ከም ዝገለጾ ኩልና ሃገራውያን….
        They offer endless patience and understanding to the government which has been forced by the world to arrest, disappear, torture and kill its own citizens.

        Sometimes, how they miss the trees for the forest is nothing short of amazing. A few days ago, our friend Nitricc posted an excerpt from a piece that Daniel Rezene posted at arkokobay (English translation of a Tigrinya article at assenna.) The excerpt that impressed Nitricc is the sort of questions that Eritrean youth in Sawa ask of their teachers military trainers. What he missed, presented in a table format–and no doubt, being devoured by CoIE–is a table that shows the age of the “students” attending Sawa Military School. Right there, in black-and-white, in a report from the commander of Sawa to the Office of the President, is the number of under-age Eritreans. Now, how credible is the Isaias regime going to be when it categorically denies that? Apparently, very credible to Nitricc, Dawit, saba….


        • haileTG

          Haha saay, I have no clue how the 90 degrees came to be in my calculation…the ever caring HEART of mine must have refused to hurt Saba’s neck 🙂

          In agreement with what you said, there is also one thing that has been said many times that still bothers me about the supporters. Their tendency to use words to say things otherwise than the intended meaning. Saba tells me that telling the refugees to challenge the regime is “USING” them.

          If the word “USING” means in the context to get people do what you want them to without caring for them.

          Saba wants the TPLF to issue permits for the refugees and provide them with means to get out of the camp.

          I want the refugees (mostly youth and underage) to take back what belongs to them and secure their future.

          Clearly Saba wants to “USE” TPLF/Ethiopia as per the meaning of the word (because other than political interest, there is no reason for Saba’s TPLF/Ethipia and I want them to secure return to Eritrea than get too deep into immigration which would then render them incapable of returning. a 5 year old child going back to Eritrea in a year (as Kiros’ prediction) will be 6 yearold and still have his/her chances of growing up in Eritrea intact.

          The meaning of every other vocabulary is likewise perverted to be what it isn’t and when it is fully packed, it becomes a language in itself, i.e. a PFDjista language 🙂 When we’re kids, we use to talk backwards by inverting every word back to front. Never did I know that such childhood game has now developed into state diplomacy of modern day hgdefism 🙂


          • Eyob Medhane


            Just for the record, refugees are not obligated to stay in camp. As long as they have relatives in ANY part of Ethiopia and they can vouch for them they are free to be out and about. That is how many live in Addis, Meqele, Shire…and even further down Hosaena and Wolita Sodo.. (I mention those two places, because I know two Eritrean refugees, who live there) Those who choose to live in the camps are those, who want to wait their turn to immigrate to Europe or America. So there is no serious restriction for them not to work (if they find a job) and not to live elsewhere in the country…

          • haileTG

            Eyoba, we’re talking to awqo yetegna question from Saba. Otherwise, it is rare that any Eritrean who doesn’t know the fact that what you mentioned is the truth. In fact, even the relative restrictions is sometimes relaxed to accommodate special cases. Even hgdefites go to invest and troll all over Ethiopia and comeback. Thanks for the record anyway.

          • Eyob Medhane


            Now there is a serious question that is being asked by HEGDEFites…A very compassionate and sooooooo magnanimous one. Stop laughing and take a look.. 🙂


          • Papillon

            Dear Eyobai,

            You wouldn’t believe it, I was about to post the link. I am still laughing my hearts out. These guys are a joke if not mentally challenged. This is just funny.

          • Eyob Medhane


            They are being childish..They are not mentally challenged. They know what they are doing. They are just sinister and mean. They also believe that there is a good segment of Eritrean youth abroad, who do not know Ethiopia and Eritrea and believe only what they tell them. This article targeted such people. By telling them these kinds of stories, they keep their loyalty for them. It’s a gimmick…

            Now, sometimes, however, they let their frustration out at their own bosses in a very cleaver way.

            Read this story,


            This story is not about Eritrean cyclists missed their match, but WHY they missed their meet. Because the country has extremely limited choice of air line services, the athletes missed their meet, because their equipment has not arrived on time and they were tired, because they had to fly 34 hours to get to to Congo Brazzaville. Please read the article between the line and you will get to read somewhere (unwritten) that says ‘Ethiopian airlines has a direct flight to Brazzaville and we wouldn’t have missed the the cycling meet and our equipments would not have been delayed, if we flew Ethiopian’. Read some comments to who stated that obvious fact and understood the message of the news articles. My points is the PFDG/YPFDJ websites sometimes tell you stuff that is different than they want to tell you.. 😉

          • Ted

            Hi, Eyob the comments on the tesfanews are by the one and only one, Semere Andome who politicizes everything A to Z:-) and it is true Eritrean athletes would been there on time. If it is not for politics we wouldn’t pay about 2 times more what Ethiopians pay to get home. I think Ethiopian airline will be the one to bring the two people together and Assab port to get food aid to Ethiopia if ever needed, 🙂

          • Guest


            ” Assab port to get food aid to Ethiopia if ever needed” classic!
            It is so funny how people here look for an answer or solution in Ethiopia in everything Eritrean issue, big or small which could be handled in million ways! In the case at hand, the Eritrean athletes could reach their destination in time in many ways.
            Take the case of Assab for instance, all Ethiopian and their inferior Eritreans cry day in and day out that Assab is useless if Ethiopia did not use it. We did not ask for out independence to be dependent on Ethiopia. Assab can be profitable in 1000 ways, and Ethiopia is just one of them. Heck, we can do with out Ethiopia like forever, if we chose to

          • haileTG

            Dear Eyoba, this is a curse of having an E’bdoch for a leadership. Their supporters’ reasoning capability had been fully destroyed. The can now tell them anything. The point is that the regime has lost all sense and is begging for some one to finish them off. If you’ve seen the gangsta movie HEAT, there is a guy who asks to be shot dead as that was the only sensible option he had left. That is PFDG for ya:-)

          • Ted

            Hi Eyob, the only time Eritrean be themselves in Ethiopia is when TPLF ask them to be in one of their orchestrated events. Every refuge camp has rules so as not to affect the security of host country. TPLF allowing Eritreans to move inwards is all good if only the refugee have enough relatives who avoided deportation hiding on the roofs and bushes.We have funny stories of this kind be good for a book like the one i know who had made it another day falling it to sewege hole. Politics and humanitarian actions are mixed only in Ethiopia not in Uganda, Sudan or in Europe.

          • haileTG

            Hi Ted,

            Politics and humanitarian actions are only mixed in Ethiopia??? Seriously? Sudan…go ask please. Actually, in Ethiopia they are mixed to good effect and in the other places the opposite. Your hate towards Ethiopian leadership is really clouding your judgement:-(

          • Ted

            Hi HTG, the clouding judgement is affecting both of us;-) The two incompatible passions of yours for both Justice and TPLF is place where you need looked at first. Every time you advocate for TPLF’s goodness, you erode the very things you care most ;justice for Eritreans. As for me, Eritrean problem by Eritreans has no contradictions at all.

          • saay7

            Haha Hailat:

            You are very unkind to the “pig latin” language we used as kids. It was designed to be a language the parents wouldn’t understand; it wasn’t designed to be the opposite of its intent. Some comparisons using the verb “went” in Tigrinya: Keyde:

            Shuq/Geza Banda edition: deyke
            Fara (Ghezae Hagos/Idaga Hamus) edition: kegeydege
            Super Fara edition (Habtom Yohannes/Idaga Arbi edition): kezeydeze
            PFDJist edition: keyde (I went) becomes metsie (I came). This is where the PFDJ references articles from a constitution it has killed to prove that it is innocent of charges against it.


    • dawit

      Dear Fanti,
      I am surprised by the rare admission you wrote about the unemployment of Ethiopian youth in a country that boasts double digits economic growth. By my simple calculation double digit growth, with the magic of compounding in the last 15 years, it should have grown by 400%, just at 10% yearly growth rate and must have taken care of the unemployment problem of those idle youth you observed. With such economic growth Ethiopia should not have begged for food aid in 2015! What is the future of those unemployed youth, except to join their counterparts from Eritrea become victims of human traffickers heading to Middle East, Europe or South Africa? And those who are not leaving, they are the reserve army of ill trained poor people that will be sacrificed for the coming Ethiopian wars with its neighbors. The only people in Ethiopia that are growing economically at 10%+ is Alamudi and his servant EPRDF cadres. Life for the ordinary Ethiopian has not improved since the time of Haile Selassie and with the population growth there are more poor people in the country, 4.5 millions compared to 200 thousands in 1973 drought.
      Fanti, what do you think about the latest development news of the four Ethiopian opposition groups in Eritrea joining their forces? Now Fanti, if you don’t want to touch the subject, I understand it because your main concern is the welfare of Eritreans.

      • Fanti Ghana

        Hello and EnquTaTash Dawitom,

        I don’t think it is a secret that there are many unemployed youth in Ethiopia. Although the economic growth Ethiopia is registering is formidable, it does not mean that all economic ills are fixed already. Like Eritrea, Ethiopia also inherited war and nature devastated economy only a generation ago. So, it is not unusual for third world countries like ours to be growing and struggling at the same time.

        What all this means is, since it is a holiday, let me put it this way: the chicken is cleaned up, eggs are ready, the spicy paper and the onions are well roasted, and Ethiopia is cooking its lamb, and it won’t be too long before the family will feast.

        Of course, it is difficult to eliminate unemployment or poverty 100%, but many African countries including Ethiopia are heading the right direction. What has been witnessed in Ethiopia thus far is that there seems to be less and less Ethiopians who need food aid every year, and more and more are finding jobs to lift themselves up.

        So, even at 400% growth, if one started from near zero, it is still too small to see from a distance, but thank God, it is not all doom and gloom. Besides haven’t you heard some charity organizations in the United States soliciting for food aid every Thanksgiving Month? Hmmm.

        As far as “Ethiopian opposition groups in Eritrea joining their forces,” thanks for the laugh, but I hope it won’t come to a war and death for anyone. However, if it is unavoidable then it can only be good news for The Ethiopian Defense Forces, because that way they don’t have to go allover Horn of Africa hunting for them. Instead, it will be a onetime clean sweep and Birhanu Nega will be put out of his misery once and for all. I normally wouldn’t underestimate any armed group, but a struggle that does not have people’s support is doomed to fail.

        Given the current Ethiopian political system, these groups have absolutely no need for armed struggle. It may not be perfect, but it is fair enough for expressing differences and for slowly building support if they have supportable agenda.

        • dawit

          Hi Fanti እንኻን ከዘመን ወደ ዘመን ኣሸጋገሮት;

          Tis was the thing I remembered on New Year it was my favorite holiday because I used to make a lot of money selling my art of flowers to kids in my neighborhood and also I distribute my art to different close relatives that usually give me tip. We used to say እንቁጣጣሽ በየዓመቱ ያምጣሽ

          This was the lyrics of a song that little girls played from house to house singing songs in my neighborhood.

          ኣበባየሆይ ለምለም ባልንጀሮቼ ቁሙ በተራ፡
          እንጨት ሰብረ ቤት እስከምሰራ፡
          እናኻን ቤትና የለኝም ኣጥር፣
          እደጅ ኣድራለሁ ኮኮብ ስቆጥር።

          The song was about homelessness in those days! I don’t think there has been improvement in all those years since that time.
          You wrote a lot about Ethiopian progress since EPRDF took over in 24 years. However let me tell you this. There was also a progress during Haile Sellasie’s time, Ethiopia moving from “donkey age to jet age” Dr. Asrat. Several buildings in Addis Ababa, OAU Building, Finfine Building, Ethiopian National Bank, Ethiopian Airlines etc. as show case to the rest of the world, until 1973 when the real Ethiopia was revealed as the land of millions of starving people. Haile Selassie was fighting ‘Communism’. He wanted to unite Africa while he was dismembering Ethiopia. Then Dergu came fighting ‘Imperialism’, built few dams, universities was being praised by Easter Block countries as progressive country in Africa. He wiped out a generation of young Ethiopians to unite Ethiopia, imported missiles and sophisticated war machines to unite the nation, protecting it from ‘Arab invaders’ building the largest army in Africa. Then every thing collapsed with wide spread famine and military defeat. Then EPRDF came building few boxes in the capital. Added few universities. EPRDF claim to fight ‘Terrorism’ . Once again drought is hovering over the country.
          Some times I wonder where would Ethiopia today, if King Thewodros succeeded to unite Ethiopia and his dream to industrialization was realized? Would Eritrea Ethiopia problem would occurred? Was there any chance for Italy to colonize Eritrea? Who knows? Unfortunately his dream was frustrated by people who sided with European powers for their personal benefits. Today I see same history repeating trying to frustrate the one leader who stood to unite and develop the region.
          Regards. Happy New Year!

          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Dawitom,
            I have to tell you this.

            The year I was about to be 6th grader, I saw an art work by someone grown up (high school) which gave me a clue to what I should draw for a very nice and young newlyweds in my neighborhood. I had some idea what love was even that young. So, I made the bride’s name to look like a flower filling the whole page. You would have to look at it carefully to notice it is actually a name.

            So, the husband, gives me 10 cents, and I was ecstatic about my work and my 10 cents when he came chasing me and yelling ‘come back, come back.’ I knew then, he saw it! He held my head between his two hands, kissed me on the forehead, and handed me a brand new looking Birr! In my small and remote town of farmer community a dollar then = a goat + chicken + 5 eggs, and if you really haggle enough you may still walk away with 15 cents remaining.

            It was a moment I always remembered and later, it became guaranteed for me to remember it forever, because that beautiful name also happens to be my forever sweetheart’s name! You see brother, all my friends have grown up. I, in the other hand, am still holding on to that portion of my childhood, because every year, I have to draw ‘something.’

            As Haftey Natey would say, Happy Ge’ez Year to you and your loved ones!
            May God bless our region with peace and harmony now, and forever!

        • Amde

          Selam Fanti,

          Absolutely wanted to re-iterate your point on “Less and less Ethiopians needing food aid every year” This happens to be one of my favorite statistics about Ethiopia. In 2003, the number was 13,000,000 out of an approximate 72,000,000 people. Today it is 4.5million out of a population of 100million. It is huge progress to see this number improve in both relative and absolute terms.

          Happy New Year

          • Fanti Ghana

            Heppy New Year Brother Amde,
            I am glad you gave it figures. The last two times I was back home I noticed that most of the places I visited seemed to be active and people looked hopeful. All things considered, I believe that the country is in the right track.

  • haileTG

    Hi Awatista,

    Heartless PFDJista aside, imagine this many people, all of whom young, just in one camp!! While hgdefawyan pray for TPLF to help, I think these youth should help themselves to push back in to the land of their fathers.

  • Pass the salt

    Hey Awatistas,
    Why are the useless rich Arab countries not helping with Syrian refugees? They completely abandoned their responsibilities to Germany and Europe. By doing so, they are hurting African refugees among other things. Shame!

    • Music Novice

      Greetings PTS,

      The rich Middle Eastern countries have wealth, proximity, and cultural/religious affinities with the refugees and they should have been far more responsible than Europe for their welfare. The vast majority of refugees are Muslim Arabs. They therefore share a common language, religion, culture and ethnicity with the wealthy Gulf countries that have shunned them for reasons of national security (as if the West didn’t have such concerns).

      Europe is mostly concerned with its post-war liberal image from being tarnished and that is why they have opened the gates wide open. They will regret the demographic imbalance that will be created as a result of their present actions. It is for the next generation to pay the price. As for the Germans, they are eager to embrace a liberal image in order to offset the criminal deeds they committed in WWII. In my view, they are simply swinging like a pendulum from one extreme side to the other.

      • Dear MN,
        The Frankenstein monsters of Al Quaida and ISIS were created, nurtured and unleashed by some radical Arab states like Saudi Arabia. If you remember 16 of the 19 terrorist of 9/11 were Saudis.
        Now, these monsters have got out of control and they are consuming their own creators, and many countries in the region are to follow. The Middle East has become an unlivable place. About half a million people have died in Syria since the civil war started, and nobody knows how many died in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. I do not think that there is an Arab country that will allow these refugees to
        their countries for security and demographic reasons. Gulf countries are small with a population of half a million or so, and they will simply be swallowed if they allow so many refugees. Forget the famous Pan Arab solidarity.
        What Europe is doing is humanitarian, trying to avert human catastrophe. May be the picture of that 2 yrs old child, lying on the beach, acted as a tipping point, and made them question their humanity. In addition Western European countries, especially Germany have a demographic problem. They have small families and the population is aging, and they are not sure if they would be able to pay pensions 20 or 30 yrs from now, because the ratio of those at work to those on pension will be out of balance. German industrialists asked the German government to allow foreign workers in to the country, and this was a good chance. Germany is ready to allow half a million refugees and may be immigrants as well every year into the country until the country’s needs are met. About 10 yrs ago, Germany
        was to allow the immigration of about 20,000 highly educated Indians, especially computer specialist. It did not materialize due to fear by some groups that this was given access to sensitive government and other materials.
        Therefore, the action of the German government was not a sort of absolving itself from past crimes. Compare the action of Germans and Austrians who waited for the refugees at the train station to welcome them, to that Hungarian b…h, camera operator, who caused a father carrying his child to stumble and fall to the ground and she was enjoying herself by kicking children who happened to be near her.
        True it is said that about 4000 ISIS fighters have entered Europe by exploiting the situation. I hope they will be picked up and cared for appropriately as they deserve.

        One final question; where is the USA when such a biblical human exodus and tragedy is occuring from Africa and the Middle East?

      • Bayan Nagash

        Dear MN,

        Although what you mention about the past misdeeds might be lurking in the conscience of many Germans, I believe the pragmatic nature of Germans has far more weight in their decision to open the floodgates of their border to immigrants.

        What makes the U.S. a forever vibrant nation is because it receives immigrants in the millions every year. A friend who did his Master’s thesis on this from economic standpoint enlightened me to say that the workforce that comes at an adult age in the U.S., over a lifetime, costs very little to the government coffers when you consider how much it cost to educate an American child from elementary to high school for free.
        I read somewhere when the refugee crisis unfolded that Germany’s aging population is giving this a long view that these immigrant will become part and parcel of the society becoming productive citizens helping the Germans’ vibrant economy. So, this generation and the following generation will enjoy quality of life that has sustained their predecessors since the end of WWII.
        As for your assertion about these petrodollar inebriated Arab countries not wishing to accept refugees from Syria, Iraq, and the like, I have no disagreements with. You may recall the only population who were hosted by Saudi during the Kuwait invasion were the Kuwaitis, go figure.
        MN, I must say, when time permits I enjoy discovering new Awate personalities. I don’t know if you’ve used other aliases before and you are coming now with this new alias, either way, it is an absolute pleasure to read your comments – insightful and educational.


        • Music Novice

          Greetings Bayan,

          It is only the leading politicians that are giving the impression of being welcoming. The great majority of the population in Europe are either opposed or apprehensive. For the lower classes is the issue is mainly short term, such as shortage of school places, medical facilities, housing and transportation to handle the massive influx of refugees.

          For the middle classes and above, the issue is mainly integrability of the new comers. Remember that, this is dissimilar to the situation of being perpetual Eritrean refugees in the Sudan. Once these refugees settle in Europe, and after few years they will be entitled to full citizenship. Then what? Will they demand special rights associated with their religion and culture? Will they bring with them, and recreate, the conflicts from their countries of origin? There are already earlier immigrants from the Middle East who could not integrate and are now living in their ghettos and semi-no-go areas. This does not just refer to the first generation of immigrants, but includes those born in Europe. Their dreams and aspirations do no seem to coincide with that of native Europeans; rather choosing to go to battlefield areas of their parents countries of origin to join groups such as the Taliban, al Shabab, al Nusra and Daesh (IS).

    • Tedi

      Dear Pass the salt,
      Overall the useless rich Arab countries are Dictators and their ideology will not allow them to think to the peace and comfort of the human beings, therefore their illusion is simply as a fluid and out of the facts as a result they don’t want to help the people of Syrians in a danger situation. The same is true in Eritrea as we know our population is suffering, dispersing and fleeing out of the country because they couldn’t able to guide their daily life in order to to live as human being but the Higdafe hasn’t shown any move to sort out the problems instead it’s pushing its brutality and cusses more people to escape from the country. This suffering and leaving the country creates peace of mind to the regime because Higdefe knows that the youths are the dynamic one that they can bring a change in the country, therefore that’s why the regime is pushing its aggressive behaviour and cause more people to flee the country. Generally, dictators are unique and they don’t have a sense of humanity and piece of mind, therefore that’s why the rich Arab countries didn’t show any move to help the Syrian refugee.

    • said

      Selam Pass the salt

      According to the report al Hayat newspaper

      I agree with you they could much more .but it would be unfair to suggest that the Gulf Arab states have done nothing to help the estimated four million Syrians who have fled their country since the start of
      the conflict in 2011.

      Just this week, the al Hayat newspaper reported that 500,000 Syrians had found homes in Saudi Arabia since the civil war began – as workers, not refugees.

      There have also been significant contributions from rich individuals towards the upkeep of refugee camps round the Syrian border, estimated by the BBC to total around $900 million (£600 million).

      There also exists a more general concern about demographic change, leaving the states
      opposed to the idea of welcoming refugees. In the UAE, foreign nationals
      already outnumber citizens by more than five to one.

  • agapi

    Dear all,

    Interesting…..the EU is officially talking about “dictatorship” in Eritrea.

    From Jean-Claude Juncker’s State of the Union speech (09/09/2015):

    The Refugee Crisis: The Imperative to Act as a Union

    Whatever work programmes or legislative agendas say: The first priority today is and must be addressing the refugee crisis.

    Since the beginning of the year, nearly 500,000 people have made their way to Europe. The vast majority of them are fleeing from war in Syria, the terror of the Islamic State in Libya or dictatorship in Eritrea. …. …

    Full text at:

  • Ahadu

    Hello Awatistas !!

    The Eritrean artists who are touring the refugee camps in
    Tigray deserve thumbs up for giving hope to the people :

  • dawit

    Hi Tedious,

    What answers were expecting from me to say ‘Isaias dictator’ ‘Eritrea the North Korea of Africa’, ‘National Service= Slave labor’, ‘Sawa Slave camp’. Well you asked the wrong person I support PFDJ and that is the truth.
    I could not figure it out your Amharic proverb, how it relate to our discussion. But let me give you another ‘ ‘Eye…..tanqelafalech’. Ask yearda lij what it means.

  • AMAN

    ========== C H E C K……M A T E !!! ======
    What Now ? What are U gonna do Now ? GAME IS OVER !

  • dawit

    Dear Tedious,
    I already explained some of the question that you raised on the thread. I remember reading somewhere when MLK was asked why blacks are poor and slow achievement compared to white population his answer was ‘don’t judge me where I stood, but from where I started’ some thing like that. Now where and when those infrastructures are built it is reported daily in ERiTV, Dimts Hafash, if you are really interested you can follow it there. How they are built, all projects are built with internal resources mainly, the participation of the local population, young and old what the media and opposition call ‘Slave labor”. Eritrean youth under national service programs play a big role in building those infrastructures. As to the budget like any government PFDJ also collect taxes locally and 2% voluntary contributions from Eritreans who live abroad. The government also receive income from mining joint operation with foreign investors that it uses to buy machineries to help in constructions and transportation. Eritrean government also get a modest aid and loans from international agencies UNDP, African Development Bank, EU development fund and friendly countries such as China and Qatar,I hope this brief explanation will satisfy your enquiry on the subject, but as I wrote above follow the development of Eritrea from Eritrean sources, Eritv etc. how Eritrea was able to accomplish the UN mandated Millennium Development Plan especial in health care to its population where infant mortalities has been reduced drastically. malaria, and HIV and an increase overall life expectance from 40 years to 63+ years since independence, much better compared to its immediate neighbors. For such achievements consult UN statistics

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Dawit,

      You are trashing the UN in its SEMG and CoIE report but you applaud the UN MDG reports! Do you see inconsistency there? I think the you need to re evaluate your position.

      • dawit

        Hi Saleh,
        To be honest with you I don’t trust any of those reports, they are all cut and paste recycled materials by people who try to protect their job. But they all pretend to help the poor. I don’t trust the UN system in general, it is filled with people who advance their personal interest in the name of the poor and in some instances they create problems and Eritrea’s and Ethiopia’s problems originated in the UN system.

  • dawit

    Dear Tedious,
    Thank you for you response on what I wrote. You raised several question, why Eritrea is a poor country. I see you have very little clue about Eritrean history the country which was under consecutive foreign occupation exploitations for several centuries, which was kept with little education or infrastructures. Eritrea gained its independence only 25 years and within this brief period it is struggling to build an economy that was completely destroyed by foreign occupiers, You may not like the speed, but it is doing its best under a hostile external environments. It has made food security as its #1 priority to feed itself, that is why it is building dams, farms, irrigation infrastructures throughout the country. If you didn’t know about such development I recommend to you to watch ERiTV, which broadcast 24 hours worldwide audiences in four languages. I can sense that you follow the news about Eritrea from other sources CNN, BBC, Algezira etc, I think you are behind on your statistics, it is not 4000 Eritreans per day that leave their country, it is now 5000 per day. Yes Athletics and sport is important to Eritrean youth, to build the stamina and fitness they need to cross the desert and seas to reach their destinations in Europe or America. In the mean time HGDEF (PFDJ) are doing to manage Eritrean economy and defend their country the best way they know.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Awate friends,

    Meskerem is historical month. it was in this month our late awaken heroes G15 were arrested by the PFDJ. but is that only G15 and the journalists that are arrested? I bet you, you will be convinced that everybody is in prison. Yes, even PFDJ leadrship is in prison by it’s own principle.any doubt on this before I go for my poem?

    • Kokhob Selam

      okay friends,

      Saturday is near to see the poem, part of it..

      ትፍለጦ ኣይትፍለ ኩላ እንድያ ተኣሲራ :-
      ገሊኣ ኣብ ዒላ ዒሮ ዕድሜኣ ኣሕሪራ :-
      ገሊኣ ኣብ ከተማ ኣብ ማእኸል ኣስመራ :-
      ገሊኣ ኣብ ድፋዕ ብረታ ዓቲራ :-
      ገሊኣ ፍጽ ኢላ ንስደት በሪራ :-
      ህዝበይ ፋሕ ፋሕ ኢላ የለን ምሉእ ስድራ:-
      ህግደፍ ‘ውን ነይጠዓማ ተረፈት ኸሲራ::

    • Pass the salt

      Dear KS,
      No objection. Btw, do you know why the G15 were arrested? Because they were furious! Why were they furious? Because Isaias used them unfairly. How? When the war was going on, most of the G15 were frozen and didn’t have any say. Fine. But when the war ended, the Eritrean people lost everything – lives, land, displacement, everything…..after the dust settled, the public and the army and everyone else got extremely angry at the PFDJ. Ok here is the thing that boiled the blood of the G15: since Isaias kept all decisions secrete, the general public didn’t know the G15 didn’t participate in the decision making of the disastrous war. As far as the public is concerned, isaias, sherifo, ocbe, durue, petros and every pfdj official screwed up Eritrea. Because that’s how isaias made it look – he made the decisions all by himself but he wanted the G15 to join him in taking responsibility. Well the G15 was xtremely unhappy with that and wasted little time to rush to the private press to set the record straight. So they went public and spilled the beans on Isaias. Guess whose turn it was to get furious now? You got it!
      The rest is history.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Thank you Sir,
        with all the differences I had with G15, they are ours and PFDJ is not allowed to arrest them. today the most defending force for them is not the one who use to be with them, most of the time I see those who fought for justice even when all were in power (G15) are still fighting for the right of G15. see, if it was the other way round and IA was arrested in the same way, the justice lovers could have said the same. it is all about principle not the men.

        okay Pass the salt, I will pass the hot chili on Saturday, don’t forget to read it. and here I will allow you to chose the title till then.

  • Nitricc

    Hey Volte-face, You have asked very important question and no one can answer you but me, because i care! lol

    you said…

    “But Eritreans case is a little different. The prototypical migrant is (this is my estimation, nothing official) a 23 year old young man, with at least some high school education and well trained militarily. Why is this prototypical Eritrean migrant then not going to dare and dismantle the PFDJ apparatus and SAWA (the main source of all the migration)?”

    well, very good question and you are saying what i have said five years ago. it is a good thing you are catching up. with all its short comings PFDJ is much hated by the Diaspora. not by the people inside, no by the youth, no by the army but just my the diaspora who want to show off in Godena-Harnet. I let you read what is being discussed in SAWA. i let you read and this part and read the rest from the link.

    “Questions from Students

    Each question asked by students, minor or major, is recorded every day. Asking questions is understandably one of the indicators of students’ interest. Most questions are similar. Some of them are unrelated to the topics while some are expected. Questions are important for teachers in terms of preparation and providing satisfactory answers

    “Questions from Students

    Each question asked by students, minor or major, is recorded every day. Asking questions is understandably one of the indicators of students’ interest. Most questions are similar. Some of them are unrelated to the topics while some are expected. Questions are important for teachers in terms of preparation and providing satisfactory answers.

    Important Questions Asked in the 2007/2008 Academic Year

    1. What is the difference between ideology and vision?

    2. What is the role of ideology and common understanding (consensus) in combating fundamentalism?

    3. Why is the Constitution of Eritrea not implemented after its ratification?

    4. Can a country without a constitution have an enforceable law?

    5. What is the cause of instability in Ethiopia?

    6. How can we differentiate religious institutions from political organisation?

    7. Why did the ELF [Eritrean Liberation Front] of the 1960s not have a clear ideology?

    8. The American president has a veto power over the Congress. Is this absolute or can it be overruled by a 2/3 vote of the Congress?

    9. What is the political system in Eritrea, one party or multi party?

    10. What is hybrid administration? Which countries have used this?

    11. Which one is helpful for a speedy growth in Eritrea, socialism or capitalism?

    12. If our constitution is not implemented, then what is our law? The laws we use now, when were they promulgated?

    13. In most constitutions, a president can stay in power for four or five years. If he refuses, what guarantees does the public have?

    14. In most countries that get their independence through liberation movements, the liberation leaders stay in power for several years. Why?

    15. The president has an all-encompassing power. Who gave this to him? When the National Assembly decided to prolong elections, did it also withdraw presidential powers?

    16. We say we will have a parliamentary system of governance but we do not have a prime minister. Why?

    17. Is there democracy in Eritrea? If so, in what sense?

    18. Peaceful march is allowed in some countries and not in others. Why?

    19. What is the best type of administration from the three types?

    20. In contrast with the enormous hostility of the international community (the western world), what is the state of self-reliance in Eritrea? Are there any achievements?

    21. The PFDJ-led government has monopolised the economy. Doesn’t this make it a socialist government?

    22. The involvement of foreign investors in Eritrea is not good. Why?

    23. The government has prohibited construction of houses across the country. Why?

    24. There are reports that the government has achieved economic progress but the people are suffering from high standards of living. Where is the change?

    25. What diplomatic efforts can Eritrea make to secure its sovereign territories occupied by Ethiopia?

    26. Is it because of ideological or organisational problems that African countries find themselves in poverty and underdevelopment?

    27. There are rumours about assassination attempt against a senior government official and about others who were caught while trying to escape to Ethiopia. Can you give us explanation?

    28. Why are we told only about the negative side of ELF?

    29. Why is 12th grade education given in Sawa [Military Training Camp] under military administration? And why political education now?

    30. What was the cause of the destructive movement within the Eritrean People’s Liberation Forces in the 1970s?

    31. Why is free press prohibited? Doesn’t this contradict democracy?

    32. What is the relationship and difference between the Government of Eritrea and the PFDJ?

    33. In the national ID, we still see the name “provisional government.” Is this government provisional?

    34. What is the state of the G-15? They are not brought before a court and not visited by family members. Why?

    35. What is the difference between religious fundamentalism and terrorism?

    36. Why is religious fundamentalism spreading?

    37. Some fundamentalist students were spotted but no action has been taken against them. Why?

    38. In its first organisational congress of 1977, the PFDJ has declared its commitment to religious freedom. At this time, it seems that it is taking actions that contradict this. Why?

    39. Why is prayer not allowed in Sawa?

    40. The PFDJ helped Ethiopian ethnic organisations in realising their objectives. What was the basis of the support?

    41. What is the development of the fifth columnists?

    42. What was the reason for the mutiny of freedom fighters in 1993?

    43. What do we mean when we say the border issue is over?

    44. What is the source of government expenditure on education?

    Report of Political Teachers

    As noted in the previous report, at the beginning of the 19th round political education was given by teachers from the Eritrean Defence Forces Training Centre. As a result ……..

  • Saleh Johar

    This might interest mainly those who can face difficulty with English and Arabic.

  • said

    Front page New York Times ERITREAN Survivors share their stories

    Migrants Who Survived Shipwreck Are Grateful, but Disillusioned.

    The sinking off the Italian island of Lampedusa of a flimsy boat carrying more than 500 people was a signature moment in Europe’s migration crisis. ERITREAN Survivors share their stories.

    • Volte_Face

      Thanks for sharing Said. It is absolutely incredible what Eritreans will go through to get to Europe. Some pay up to $5000 or more just to get to Sudan and the journey continues on. Even the people who come to the U.S. through South America go through incredible arduous journey and it takes months and some times several years before they get a work permit. That also comes with several thousand dollars in lawyer fees on top of the thousands they pay the smugglers to get to the U.S. That is upwards of $20,000 and substantially more for some. It is very common now for so many young people to work in Israel, save enough money. Go back to Uganda, then $5000 takes to South Africa and on to South America and USA. At least in the US, the migrants work sooner or later but still not close to what they imagined it would be.

      On paper, it seems simple. Why don’t all these tens of thousands of young men and women take over their country? But when we have a population who do not see any future in Eritrea whatsoever, be it under the dictator or any other form of government, that begs for a lot of self reflection and whether we can continue as a nation or not. People have given up. How we compare with others like Yemane Gebreab and many prominent people argue in this forum is immaterial. People have given up and that is where the focus should be – the people.

      Is this problem reversible or not?

      • Papillon

        Dear Volte Face,

        What else is new has become the immediate reaction when we are fed ad infinitum about the ordeals the young Eritreans face as they search for a better life anywhere but in Eritrea. It seems to me the reason the younger generation doesn’t rise up and do something about the predicament is the fact that Ghedli is still a fresh memory where they tend to reason that if the end result of Ghedli brought them nothing but the sorry and sad situation they find themselves in what is the point of taking the same route to bring about the needed change. Instead they leave the once promising nation wrapped in an utter hopelessness.

        • Saleh Johar

          Hi Papillon,

          In the seventies and eighties, I think more people choose to immigrate compared the number of people who chose to join the active struggle. The same would have been true now but what is missing is organizations that can inspire and convince the youth to join them. And that has to do with the absence of active, effective functioning organizations. In short, inspiration is lacking.

          • Papillon

            Dear Saleh,

            I would say the comparison pails where there is virtually no alternative to traversing the high seas as this generation sees as the only way out. Moreover, as bizarre as it may seem some if not sizable number succumb to signing the nay taEsa wereqet and become victims of their shallow memory. However, I agree to the fact that effective functioning organization coupled with a charismatic leader is lacking at least to give a definite face to the Eritrean tragedy as opposed to a caricature of it.

          • dawit

            Dear Papillon and Saleh,
            This new generation need that charismatic leader Awate II, that will inspire them. In the absence of this leader, be patient and stay with PIA, build schools, roads and dams while eating ‘Ades’ to survive and if you are extra hard worker join the Eritrean sports and Athletic teams, run, cycle, football etc and be world champion. Except poverty there is nothing wrong with Eritrea, its government is like most government in the world if not better than many, and if you help build the economy the poverty also will disappear and you can build a family and live comfortably with your children in your own country, your promised land.

          • Araya

            Dear dawit, Eritrea should be nice to Ethiopia. The Ethiopian’s secret in keeping their youth is…. look at the picture. Eritrea should allowed Khat to the youth.


          • Nitricc

            Hey Araya, long time. lol, i can not stop laughing at the pic you posted. the funny part is that PMMZ wife is number one Chat exporter in Ethiopia and Chat is prohibited in tigray. you go figure that out.

          • Volte_Face

            Dear Saleh,

            I hear a lot of people say “during the Ethiopian ‘colonization’, the enemy was well defined. It was the Ethiopian government and its meleyo lebashoch (soldiers). Now it is not very clear who our enemy is that is why the youth do not know where to shoot if they were to resist.” You didn’t say this but I am saying I hear this argument a lot. I used to believe it too but if one looks more closely, the enemy in Eritrea now couldn’t be better defined. It is the PFDJ high ranking military officers and its high level civilian officials.

            The oppressed are even much more clearly defined – all Eritreans aside from the enemies I mentioned above. So you must be absolutely right. It is not for lack of numbers, opportunities to take action, undefined enemy…none of that. It is that people are lacking inspiration.

            But why? If people decide that ‘I would rather die trying to get to Europe than staying in Eritrea one more night’, I think we need to dig deeper to understand the problem. PFDJ is exactly what anyone should expect it to be. They can seal the borders in one day if they want but they want the youth to leave. Just imagine a couple hundred thousand extremely frustrated youth in the streets of Asmara and other cities. PFDJ wouldn’t survive a day. So they are absolutely the cause and the effect of all the exodus. Again but why wouldn’t anyone get so pissed off and do something crazy, like go off on a shooting spree of the PFDJ high ranking officials? Like Papillon alluded to, there is no Eritrean willing to sacrifice his/her life because simply put ‘it is not worth it.’ What is the ‘it?’ The people or the land of Eritrea? Syrians are leaving in much larger numbers but they are all civilians and a lot of women and children. But Eritreans case is a little different. The prototypical migrant is (this is my estimation, nothing official) a 23 year old young man, with at least some high school education and well trained militarily. Why is this prototypical Eritrean then not going to dare and dismantle the PFDJ apparatus and SAWA (the main source of all the migration)?

            I can argue that most people are living not only for political reasons (persecution, forced military service, etc.) but in search of a better life is also equally as important if not more. These young men and women can get a better life (not very much like the article from NY Times shows) within days of living Eritrean, some are quite that lucky. They cannot envision a better life in Eritrea. If you ask any of the Eritrean migrants, the absolute most frequent thing I hear is ‘there is no future there.’ They don’t even mention PFDJ, they just don’t see any future whatsoever. That is what needs to be tackled. And the way to do that is to give people more options than to force them to stay confined in Eritrea even under a democratic system. More on that later.

      • said

        I totally agree with your comment. At the moment, we have there
        before and today history repeat itself, we’re in one of the worst humanitarian
        crises in our lifetime,” as we all know by now the instantly-iconic image of a
        dead Syrian toddler on a Turkish beach. There was never one Eritrea victim of war
        image that stood out “We’re talking about tens of thousands of displaced
        persons and people whose families have been scattered and destroyed, Eritreans
        are big part of it.

      • Nitricc

        Hey Mizan, some times you amaze me, so much so, to the point of discombobulating. The writer of the article gave you all the answers you are looking for and yet, you took or at least acknowledged none of it. The writer told you everything you need to know in one word ” Disillusioned”! the writer wasn’t implying that they are crazy but what he tried to tell you is that the Refugee had no idea; let alone have the reason why they left their country. reading between the lines, they some not only they regret their action but they wouldn’t advice anyone to follow their foot-step. and then they conclude that the people back home they don’t listen.
        The reason they don’t listen is that, the one who is advising them not to leave their country is helping his family by sending money i.e. the people back home are less trusting of the person who is advising against leaving the country. so, my friend Mizan, never undermine the power of gadgets.
        is the problem reversible? absolutely. The Europeans brought this to themselves though. they tried to be cute by allowing Eritrean only asylum policy; now, they have to pay every Eritrean refugee huge incentive to go back home. even the opposition, the so-called activists, the Weyane, all played a major role on this crime against humanity, just to get to PIA.

        • haileTG

          Hi Nitriccc, could you please discombobulate the following for us. It is taken from the same article:

          “At least here we are not slaves and have a little hope for the future,” said Fanus Agby, 19, another survivor with Mr. Haile who made it to Sweden, where she hopes to become a nurse.

          I heard of people running away from wars and persecutions, but SLAVERY!! alas, it is a history of shame to last eternity. A rare story in the history annals of fighting for freedom!

          • Nitricc

            Hey HaileTG; well, i will say about this more in depth in my replay to Mahmuday; but your dignity is taken by your own country, by your own people, by your own government; what makes you your dignity will be upheld by a foreign government, foreign people and foreign country? the pure and real slavery is leaving your country. so, for Fanus, give it time, the reality will sink in and it always does.

          • haileTG

            Hi Nitricc, when a regime is considered “People + Country + Government” then that is what is considered enslavement. Many people committed suicide rather than get deported to Eritrea under the regime, what does that tell you about the finality of their decision?? None of the regime’s operatives and accomplices would even dream of returning to live under the barbaric system. Only conflict of interest is resulting in them selling their soul to the devil to stand against their people and country. In the words of Harbegna Sine Tibebawi Kiros Asfaha, they will regret it big time once they realize what they did to their people and country for a piece of land or pittance. In fact, it is the dignity that others allowed that has enabled the young people to share their stories. That would be unthinkable in the People, Country and Government owned Haddas Ertra.

          • Shum

            Hello Nitricc,

            You don’t see anything remotely wrong for a person, like yourself, who lives in America, saying “if your dignity is taken by your own country, by your own people, by your own government; what makes you think your dignity will be upheld by a foreign government, foreign people and foreign country?” Isn’t that the purpose of asylum? Are there countries that allow you to have some dignity because your current predicament is not suitable? Please educate me because that’s how I and MOST of us on this forum got here. Or did I imagine it all?

          • Fnote Selam


            I hate to bring this, but sometimes for people like you (whose ‘smart’ parents did everything to leave their country (slavery?) so that their children could make the most of their opportunity and then go to internet forums to troll their fellow citizens suffering under brutal regime), I feel like only way to prove your seriousness is to give a challenge and see how you deal with it. Here is the challenge, why dont you go back to Eritrea and do your national service (no promise when it is going to end). But, you have to also give up what ever foreign citizenship you have so that you dont easily run away if the going gets though. And, also, you have to give up whatever property and money you have saved/acquired to state of eritrea. Please consider doing all of that and then we will see how serious (or coward) of a person you are.

            Good luck!


  • Music Novice

    Greetings george,

    Would you acknowledge that Eritrea received money from the UNDP and the World Bank (at least I know cases from University of Asmara in the mid 1990’s- money squandered by Woldeab Yishak)?

    What is your complaint? Do you want the PFDJ to get more aid or less aid to stash it in Swiss Banks?

    It does not matter what the Ethiopians get or achieve, if you are concerned about Eritrea, just look into the mirror and know about yourself.

  • haileTG

    Hi george,

    – Let me stick to the issues in case it helps the focus here 🙂

    – Ethiopian airline success is because of head start!! Really george??? whatever that means, many airliner that went bust and still struggling had longer or as long history. And Ethiopia has large organizations you say, yes. Why doesn’t Eritrea have such? Backward PFDJ requires them to apply for permit to travel outside Asmara city limits, terrorists frequent the place and PFDJ insults the UN AU USA… Please, save that for the next round of YPFDJ annual symposium and fashion show

    – Ethiopia borrowed $1 billion to build millions of apartments!! wow, please walk over to your nearest bank and ask for $1 million credit, see if the banks throw it with smile. You just told us Ethiopia’s credit worthiness to obtain such a lone and convince the bank to part with its money. Now, george walks over and wonders who is gonna pay for it?? Trust me that was the bases such a loan, if at all, would be extended. No more cold war and free money now, it is called free market and with PFDJ’s backward thinking Eritrea is often laughed out of banks. 45% GDP debt and 15 credit scor, don’t forget that!

    – The Banking crash..haha that is cool. What does PFDJ know about banking crash? Isn’t it exchanging Nakfa is the street on $1 to 65 while the Eri Bank posted exchange is $1 to 15 (never changed in 18 years!!) So, PFDJ is crashing and trashing the Eritrean state bank and you think we can rely on its pontificates on potential flops in modern banking systems…haha you got to wake up early in the morning to even have the slightest thought of catching up now, too late. Talk about PFDJ permanent state of kaput than predicting it on others while Eri school kids are selling gasoline on the street.

  • dawit

    don’t read my post if it give you headache. I never twisted you eyes to read it and what is your contribution trying to make AT into Eritrean Tabloid Gossip website?. What was your latest gossip about His Excellency Yemane Gebreab?

    • sara

      Dear dawit
      not me sara, its that “Sara”

      • dawit

        Dear sara,
        my mistake, yes my reply was for ‘Sara’ the gossip expert. I always enjoy sara’s input.

        • sara

          you know what, i don’t understand why some of the commentators want this great website only to host one side of the eritrean issues and arguments,i cant imagine this website will have us glued to the screen and writting and reading what we think without you and the rest of those on the know.the only thing i don’t like is when people loose civility and talk dirt otherwise its great website and great place to be.
          btw, last week when the issue of our national icon and hero wedi -awate etc were fiercely debated, i observed many were MEEK or made themselves absent ,can you take this people seriously when they came and tell you things……..NOPE!

          • dawit

            Yet, they think they criticize PFDJ for not allowing different opinions of diverse society, but then they want to mute every voice that does not conform to their idea, from the cyber space. I wonder what type of freedom of expression will be allowed if the opposition came to power, when they cannot even tolerate different opinions in the cyber space.

  • Dayphi

    Merhaba L.T
    Did you say Qu3unti, كُعْنْتِ, the veggie we used to uproot it from the ground and has small whitish round thing like pigeon egg at the bottom? omg! i never uttered that word or heard anyone saying it for maybe 40 years. What a nostalgic plant food. After all these drought back home, do they still have it? I heard not a single frog croaks in Asmara neighborhoods.
    Thanks for reminding me qu’eanti.

  • dawit
    Again Eritrea #1? What is PFDJ doing right producing No 1, kids in world stage at Sawa ? Feed them Ades!

  • Nitricc

    Aba Muse, the Eritrean human trafficker priest or an Eritrean human right advocate. this the story i believe.
    ” there is no refugee who doesn’t have aba Muse’s telephone number”
    why is it, evry one has to have this man’s number?

  • Semere Andom

    Hi All:

    Since making the superficially innocuous comment of “zeneges ngusna..” now dawit thinking he is following the footsteps of DIA by becoming bold but he has become like DIA in his delusion.

    He gave A+ grade for PFDJ for how it treats them and we know how treated them: it mowed them even the now enemies TPLF fighters were shocked accourding to one survor in a videao like HTG provide here a while ago.

    Dawit’s perception of reality and life like that of the long standing supporters of the criminal regime solely rests on self interest, there is no higher goals. If you think I am using hyperbole read what he said :”I don’t care how or why individuals are imprisoned. In the final analysis it boils down to power struggle”
    Life according to dawit has no higher goals that the suffering of people is their individual problem, the details of how and why they are imprisoned are nuances that he does not give a flying fig, they are mere distraction from attending his own selfish individual needs
    This is so scary and it must be coming from a budding psychopathic mind whose hero is the accomplished psychopath IA

  • T..T.

    Hi all,


    Haile TG group vs alliance of Dawit group and Hope (promoter of Alem-Goitomism or confused politics)

    -The Haile TG group endorses the call that all Eritreans are not free until Isayas and his group is brought under control and then strangled after they stand trial. The Dawit group and its alliance endorse the call of long life for the dictator to ensure continuation of equality of criminalizing and death to all Eritrean people including the babies and the elderly.

    -The Haile TG group emphasizes democracy and the call for power to the people ensuring all economic growth to be from the people to the people. On the other hand, the Dawit group and its alliance emphasize nation building through belt tightening and enslaving the people as well as by crushing voices of resistance, stripping the wealth of the people and emptying the natural resources of the nation.

    -The Haile TG group endorses people’s right to free access to food, water, electricity and other basics in order to enjoy freedom of speech/expression/thinking. The Dawit group and its alliance call for continuation of deprivation of access to food, water, electricity, even the use of bathrooms in order for the people not to prioritize freedom of speech/expression/thinking.

    • dawit

      Clapping on sideline? ARAGABIW

  • haileTG

    They are desert not main and only meal Ala a wet nhafash diet program.

  • dawit

    Dear Pappilon;
    I think you know by stand when it come to government power struggle. “Zbereqe Tshayna, Znegese Ngusna”. I don’t care how or why individuals are imprisoned. In the final analysis it boils down to power struggle. They all present themselves as angels and the other side as devil. Yes I blame EPRDF and in particular Meles for all the troubles in the region. He messed every thing and God took him in his prime deprived not even to see his children’s’ weddings and grand children. I know you have special attachment with this guy and accept my condolence.

    • Pass the salt

      When you say you don’t care why individuals are imprisined, would you say that if someone in your family is imprisoned? Your mom or your little sister for example?

      • haileTG

        Dear PTS,

        dawit has actually strayed into the realms of “dignity” when he analyzed the meaning of death as it were, when he considered the death of PMMZ. Yes, that is what death means. Unfortunately, he can’t transfer the same empathy when the same thing is happening to others (Eritreans) in much worse circumstances. For the latter, he effectively lost handle of the human dignity of those people. They are simply “some things”, like power struggle, political abstracts, migrants…. and not “some ones”, like Haile Weldense’e, Mahmud Sherifo, Petros’ daughter, the mother who perished in Lampedusa with three kids, the disabled tegadaly who lost his three daughters…. The human dignity of his field of vision when he thinks about those people. Thus he can make express judgement of their case with no regard to their humanity, because dignity is out. That is the central element of basing politics on human dignity. dawit would have felt making inadequate argument if he wasn’t going to go the extra-mile to convice us the death of Ex PMMZ’s death from the perspective what it means (death) when considered with the integrity of the humanness in tact.

        When Petros’ wife was taken away from the airport, her little children were eagerly awaiting for her with a banquet of flowers. They never had the dignity to hug her then or 14 years since. Do you think dawit will be able to relate to us their human agony in the same way as he attempted to do with PMMZ??

        • dawit

          Dear Hailat,

          The reason why I keep blaming PMZ all along is because he was in clear position to avoid the war that launched on his blood cosines and nephews simply to protect his power. He betrayed his word and promise to his friend and the whole Eritrean people publicly. Why? If he had stood on his word, he may might have lost his power to those who were opposing him because of his close association with PIA and Eritrean people. Even if he had disagreement with PIA, he shouldn’t betrayed the Eritrean and Ethiopian children, returning them into war. But he left a mess behind and unfortunately some of his followers still beating the drum of war, every time their power is threatened. All the other ills that followed the region of exodus, prisons, death in sea or deserts are the consequences of the original sin committed by PMZ.

          I don’t think all the buildings, dams, universities etc, what he left behind would cancel the war he ignited between two sister nations. He left behind two weak nations and robbed their potentials to become great nations, where people don’t see future for their children and grand children.
          I am not sure if PMZ had a chance to repent when he faced the ultimate death, but I hope he asked forgiveness from God for that mistake he made and I pray God will give mercy to his soul.

          • haileTG

            hi dawita,

            How did PMMZ’s different decision would have helped Haile Dru’E to attend the funeral of his mother, even under chains from head to toe? Is there something PMMZ could have done to have Haile Dru’E attend the funeral of his dear mother who passed away some months ago? Let’s talk human:)

          • dawit

            Hailat, I don’t think you are understanding my point on the role of PMZ to the crisis we are facing. Let see what the Good Book say about similar situation. When God created man there was no death in his plan and he was supposed to live in the Garden of Eden forever. But God gave Adam to eat or fruits in the garden except one the fruit of wisdom. Now Adam and Eve disobeyed the rule and God instituted death to all of their offspring and they were thrown out of the Garden of Eden. Now sin became part of our nature and will have to die regardless of our righteousness, because of that original sin committed by Adam and Eve. But why would an innocent baby die who has not commited any sin? Now let us see what happened today in our region. The original sin was committed by PMZ and we all are suffering because of that including our leaders. PIA has not escaped from that, punishment , he lost his popularity and freedom, by some members of his close friends and the people. He used to walk in the city without a body guard, but now he has to surround himself. he lives on an open air prison Don’t you think he might be longing to those days atmosphere pre Badme war.?

          • haileTG

            Hi dawita,

            The point is that we’re independent and that means that. Most PFDJ (those assumed to be, because not all those who seem PFDJ are PFDJ) support the system because they are implicated by “first sin” as your example above. It is mindlessly illogical to continue sinning because one has sinned first, but it takes courage to turn back and humility to start again. Otherwise, one can’t wash off mud with mud, they need clean running water to do so. As far as the PMMZ having any hold on us in any shape or form is totally fictitious. Some may have fear and worry in case Ethiopia takes them over, that is foolish too. Ethiopians are responsible for Ethiopia and while Eritreans for Eritrea. There is a very good chance Eritreans may finally fail to stand as a united and stable cauntry, but that is due to combination of internal factors. The main leaders of Eritrea will try to set the country alight before they leave because that is the most common and time tested method of cleaning out your traces in the dictatorship cookbook.

            Our people’s sense of standing for each other has been thwarted to greater extent, thanks to the poisonous PFDJ. Frankly, it sometimes approaches laughing matter how Eritrean life is cheapened among Eritreans. We do like empty gratifications, we are more narrowly aligned to small time associations and lack confidence to look at the big challenge and diminishing return law will exacerbate our situation from bad to worse right in front of our eyes. PMMZ or somebody else are neither legally nor morally responsible for what we bring onto ourselves. When the thing hits the fun, it will be appreciated well, because that kind of outsourcing responsibility has run its course, and soon will be time to face the music.


      • dawit

        Pass the salt,
        I am a person of principle and believe every one is responsible for his/her action and life. I don’t take responsibilities to the actions that my relatives take based on their self interest. I can give advice based my opinion, but the ultimate action they take is their individual responsibility.

    • Abi

      I’m one of those people saddened by the untimely death of the great leader. The good thing is we have IA the greatest in the region.
      ” ekek yeseTe Tifir aynesam.”

      Edmewun yarzmew ende Menge Hailemariam
      Ertran kale Isu yemiyawqlat yelem!
      Anten ketesmamah yigza lezelalem!

      • dawit

        Dear Abi,
        I am also saddened by the ultimate death of PMZ, before undo the mess he created. As I told you before I was one of his strongest supporter of his leadership until he messed up with trust people placed on him, to lead the two nation to a path of prosperity and peace.
        PMZ could have been the greatest leader of our region or the horn of Africa, but unfortunately he squandered that opportunity for temporary fame, that the western media showered on his brief life after he ignited a war on his own people. Had he avoided that war, who knows by now the two nations might have formed the Confederation that PIA suggested on the eve of independence celebration. Today we could have Eritrean business people to build Ethiopian economy instead of refugees flooding the country and similarly Ethiopian business people would be building Eritrean economy instead of young Ethiopian wasting their time carrying guns up and down the border.

    • Fanti Ghana

      Hello Dawitom,

      I usually understand where you come from regarding Ethiopian governments and PFDJ, and also I know that deep down you are a very nice guy, but there is always a limit to everything. “I don’t care how or why individuals are imprisoned?” dawit, no amount of pain is worth losing yourself over. These “imprisoned individuals,” at least some of them, has been in a hot cooking degree container for years because they dared to have a different opinion than the almighty IA.

      I hope you start balancing what is good for Eritrea in the long run verses what gives you instant gratification now. I am worried about you. I don’t know if you are a Star Trek fun, but in one scene in Deep Space 9, a human was acting erratic against a Cardassian (cowardly warmonger alien race), he tells the Cardassian who was trying to be friendly and asked “why do you hate us so much.” the human (dawit) replied “I don’t hate you Cardassian, but I hate what I have become because of you!”

      Every time I read your blind fury, I think of that scene.

      • dawit

        Dear Fanti,
        Why should I care for others people actions? Is that not individual freedom of thoughts? Yes I am saddened when they are put “in hot cooking containers”, if that is true but I doubt it. I am sure they would have put in the same hot containers or worse killed him with firing squad, had they were successful to overthrow his government. People take calculated risk weighing the cost and benefit. Sometimes they are successful they collect the reward and sometimes they fail accept the cost that comes with the risk. Most disagreements in politics are based on personal power struggle and to be the head of government people often pay a very high cost, in places like Africa could be your life and the so called democratic countries is a lot of money. In US it is billions. Why people pay so much for power, I don’t know. I know you trust what is reported by (TPLF-EPRDF) propaganda and I trust what is reported by (EPLF-PFDJ) propaganda, based on our experiences with respective organizations or governments. So please my brother Fanti don’t worry about me instead deal how we can contribute towards peace to our region. Last please don’t change the great Awate website into a Tabloid gossip magazine.
        . .

        • SA

          Besides being a psychiatrist, Dr. Fitsum was a prominent religious leader. It was his religious activities that put him in prison. Dr. Fitsum was not into overthrowing the regime of IA. Nor was he in a power struggle with IA. Please do not conflate him with the G-15. You can worship IA however way you want to, but please do not do it by smearing a good man (Dr. Fitsum).

  • Abi

    Don’t play curious george with me . Choose one. The barren land or the jungle? If you keep changing I will choose one for you.
    I will send you back to the jungle.

  • haileTG

    Dear george,

    Do you know what a lazy bum kid would say when you ask them why they score lower than all their friends at school? Don’t bother to ask, I will volunteer a heads up on answers you will get…hmmm his friends have rich parents who pay for private tuition, his friends are as bad as him except they’re good at cheating, his friends are treated with favoritism by the teachers…lala lala lala…except they wouldn’t say straight up that they were lazy bum and didn’t do jackals.

    Your problem appears what is in Ethiopia than what isn’t in PFDJ screwed Eritrea. Can you tell me one area of life that progressed in Eritrea under PFDJ? None. Right? Eritreans in 2015 pretty lost everything that they had in 1991. They are 25X poorer, 25 x miserable, 25x isolated, 25 x divided and 25x insecure socially, politically, economically and defense, exactly 25 years after the derg. Now flip that almost everything that Ethiopians had (as a nation) 25 years ago has grown 25 fold. They don’t need to wave UNDP paper, go fly Ethiopian and verify it with your own eyes.

    Your counter argument to expanding formal higher education in Ethiopia is real comedy material:-) Seriously! Why do Africans need University, they never invented anything was what you said. That would send some skinhead comedy club roaring in laughter. If fact improvise that and just wonder if you even need to send your kids to school, since Africans never invent a damn thing!!!

    You see george, PFDJ is a dead beat and it is too late to catch up with any worthwhile achievement that could have been done with a nation like ours and people who were ready to pay anything including their lives. Well, you have the UNDP document now dear george, I hope that gives you consolation and sense hope to the future.

    Next time you meet a would be investor heading to Africa, ask him/her which part of Africa they are headed to. While you are at it, ask them which part of Africa they wouldn’t touch with a barge poll. There, you got it, I think:)

    • george

      Dear hailom the great, I must apologize for I did not know we were discussing Eritrea. But never the less lets talk about Eritrea. First allow me to use your example. Ethiopia is the rich kid and Eritrea is the poor kid. The rich kid got, lunch money, private tutor and a bodyguard (why not) and his grade is C. Yep a big fat C. And the poor kid with non of the advantages the rich kid got scored C. Now before we start your temper tantrum like response I got a news to share with you. News flash, as we speak Ethiopia is receiving hundreds of millions of dollar worth of food to feed yet another famine stricken people. If you must know the number 5 million people are starving and on the verge of death while your beloved Ethiopia is doing x25 times better than Eritrea. Go figure. Like I said before and I will say it again your comment on this website are the BEST thing ever for PFJD you are god sent to PIA.

      • haileTG

        Dear george, tempers are not best things. They often are in response to an intellectually dishonest argument that targets the debtor than the content of the debate. A simple remedy is to forget the person and deal with the issues and that rarely results in unnecessary baggage. If we both do it, then it is hard to verify who started it. But it is always possible for both of us to stop it.

        As for your point, you raised my hopes when you said the point will be Eritrea and and then went on to compare both. Let’s say Ethiopia is receiving aid to the tune of what you claim, does that negate the use of more than two dozens universities to its people? Does it negate the use of a leading airliner to its people? Does it negate the use of millions of housing complexes, highways, railways, giant dams… to its people? No it doesn’t. If Ethiopia got aid and has NOTHING to show for it, then you’ll have an issue. Otherwise, you will be surprised to know there are far bigger economies than Ethiopia that rely on aid for certain needs as food shortfall, health provision, education and trade. I don’t want to take up your time by listing them when you can google them in a snap.

        According to external data (PFDJ only provide budget for external sources), Eritrea’s debt levels are 45% of its GDP. Poverty has steadily been raising from 1992 – 2014. Eritrea’s credit score for 2014 stands at 15/100. That score means the country’s risk is assessed (Extremely speculative). Below that score is for countries on “default” risk. Ethiopia is 31/100 (highly speculative, two notches higher than Eritrea and is commonly referred as “stable” in risk assessment). Eritrea is the highest indebted, most business unfriendly and unconstitutional.

        Could you please tell me what visible progress that PFDJ brought about that our people are missing and choosing to camp out across its border.

      • Dear george,
        In North Korea proper, more than a million people died of famine some years ago before the world knew anything about it. In North Korea of the horn, people have learned to go hungry in silence, because if they complain of their hunger or thirst, they know that their rulers will not act, and they will tell them to go where the food and the water is. At best, they will be standing with a coupon in their hands from 4.00 a.m. in the morning for hours until they get their loaf of bread for the day. Whoever hides his disease is condemned to die. Simply it is
        a matter of time.
        You accuse Ethiopia of famine, which is the result of a natural disaster, although, you know that you are not immune to it; you accuse her that her budget is supported by Western help, while you have no budget since the country of Eritrea was
        created, and you act as if you have no problems because you have perfected the way to hide them and you have cowed the people not dare speak about them. When are you going to learn that Eritreans are not only PFDJ officials and their
        families and their supporters in the diaspora? Go to the true Eritrea, the country side and even to the different kebeles in Asmara, and you will find out that children go to bed empty stomach, parents sit in the darkness during the evening and a one-parent family has become the norm, because bread winners are in the trenches or living in refugee camps, far from their families, their farms and their working place.
        Does your beloved government have any plan for what to make of Eritrea in the coming five years? Well, the answer is simple, none. It has been the same over the last 25 years; how can it be any different now? Eritrea has been put on the auto-pilot by DIA and PFDJ, ever since she was created. You people seem to have tied the fate of Eritrea with that of DIA. Like the anecdotal Indian woman who had to die too, if her husband died before her, you seem to have a similar plan for Eritrea. No DIA and PFDJ, no Eritrea, reminiscent of DIA’s delusional wisdom,“ I gave life to Eritrea and I take away life from her”, anytime.

  • Yoty Topy

    Hi george,
    Yes, President Obama’s visit was also doctored like that of the moon landing.

  • Nitricc

    Hi goerge. I am always amazed at the stupidity of Africans, since when is a building a bench mark of development?
    What a Golagul shopping mall in Addis to a child in Gonder? To a child in Demibidolo? No wonder why Africans are where they are.

    • Abi

      Those children in gonder fly to addis for shopping.
      Buildings might not show development. But when a city is boasting to be the ” New York ” of Africa, it shows something.
      At the same time when a beautiful city became a ghost city , it also shows something.

  • haileTG

    mehaba George,

    There is one thing the PFDJista and the Ethiopians firmly agree on, i.e. leaving us justice seekers out in the cold of opinion: you both agree that what Ethiopia achieved in building:

    more than two dozen accredited universities, Africa’s leading airline, millions of housing development, starting Africa’s biggest hydroelectric dam, railway, roads, highways, bridges, export agricultural expanses, arms manufacturing and continental peacekeeping capabilities…

    is too little and not worth recognition. The Ethiopians say it is too little and more needs to be done and the PFDJista say it is too little and they need to get their #$# to Sawa to learn how it is done.

    Well, considering the short time they took to turn that around, we say that is a lot and deserves recognition and admiration. This of course, without underestimating PFDJ who even failed to hand over the keys for diaspora home buyers who paid it in $$ almost 20 years ago, no accredited higher education, no normal employment, giffa, sh$#$#$ and more sh#$#.

    Dear george where do you get the courage to look down at a working country when close to 5000 Eritreans per month are on the run and almost half a million Eritreans uprooted in as little as just over ten years??? Z’germ eyu 🙂

    • Nitricc

      Hi Haile at times you take it to far. I have no idea what your motive painting Ethiopia the rosiest pic ever. If the case is what you have us to believe then why are the Ethiopians are the largest aid recipients of the entire world? Do you think the aid addicted TPLF will tell to the USA to go and jump in the lake as Eritrea does? My point is you don’t have to put down Eritrea to admire Ethopia. After all what is going on in Ethipoia is nothing but a babble.

      • haileTG

        Hello Nitricc, You didn’t read me. Apart to the mention of Erireans on the great exodus, I didn’t mention Eritrea!! Where did you read that? How could a lice be equated with a hair? PFDJ, the parasite, is what I compared with the ongoing work in Ethiopia. Aid is important to all emerging countries. PFDJ doesn’t care for it because it couldn’t give a damn if Eritreans drown by thousands or camp out in refugee squalid till eternity. Nothing wrong with Ethiopia receiving and Eritrea deserves it too (not PFDJ). PFDJ doesn’t want to work with outsiders because it does all sorts of criminality that it doesn’t want them to see. Sinai ransom use to be paid in Eritrea and all kinds of illegal activities is its mainstay. Why would it want any outsider sniffing around outside of Asmara? Think Nitricc..

        • Nitricc

          Hey Haile TG, no, you did not mentioned Eritrea. I should not have commented the way i did. I was just irritated by the negativity of your post. anyway, my bad, sorry.

  • dawit

    Dear Papillon’
    When I visit and interact at Awate website, there are two things in my mind. One is ‘lesaq le chewata’, and the other is ‘lequmneger’. The ‘Zeraf’ video was part of the first group and you don’t find it entertaining, no problem. Don’t worry about it Awate sensure police have chopped it. So there is no ‘Zeraf, Zeraf’ at

    Thank you very much for the video clip from an old Eritv library. I watched the whole section that dealt about Eritrean disabled veterans the interview of the two Eritrean experts, .Dr. Fitsum Gebrenigus and Dr. Kibreab Fre. It was educational. This a topic I am specially interested in Eritrea. Like many Eritreans I have close relatives who are disabled war veterans and closely followed their development in society. Now if we have to give grades to Eritrean government they may score Cc and Ds or even Fs in many sectors of development areas of the country. The one area I will give an A+ would be in handling or assisting Diabled War Vetrans.

    The Eritrean government after helping to establish The Eritrean War Disabled, the Association which was established in 2001 has implemented different projects in cooperation with government and non-governmental organizations in that country, towards enabling war disabled citizens become self-supporting. I am sure the association must have benefited from experts like Dr. Fisum and Dr. Kibreab inputs.

    The Association has lunched different projects including a computer center in various zones and region, farming, bakery, retail shops, hotel restaurants, gas stationed owned in groups and individually. both male and female war-disabled citizens. The government also provides free hospital and pharmacy services, including paying their local and international travel and hospital expenses. It is estimated there are over 20,000 disabled veterans because of the 30 years liberation struggle and the border war of 1998-2000. Given the huge challenge, and limited resources, the government has invested in assistive technologies, like wheel chairs, hearing aides etc. providing interest free loan for them to establish their own businesses and become self-sufficient and productive members of their communities .
    Personally I have no knowledge why Dr. Fisum is in prison and I am sorry for that, I am sure like many Eritreans he must be a victims of strange political situation of the country survival plunged in a hostile neighborhood, which I totally blame the Ethiopian government lead by EPRDF. You may not like it but that is by belief. .

  • Hope

    To Whom It May Concern:
    A Nice try. Make NO mistake that I am for any Good Thing to have a United,Democratic,Strong, Prosperous and Peaceful Eritrea with Full of Justice and Constitutional Governance, as we deserve it better than any other nation or people under the Sun.But here is the HYPOCRISY that I cannot understand.
    -None of the Opposition Groups and Independent Individuals ever,to my best knowledge, dared to organize a demonstration against the Occupation of the Sovereign Eri Land…..Worst,I have witnessed the same Groups and Independent Individuals organizing and petitioning for a full blown economic and military Sanctions of Eritrea….
    And as such, NO Sane Eritrean will TRUST and support such kind of Groups….with questionable Credibility and Integrity.
    BTW,did any one hear the “Breaking News” that the Weyenti now have declared officially that they have gotten a “Green Light” by the USA to invade Eritrea any time!..
    so, where are these groups and Individuals standing about this new declaration of war against Eritrea and her people with full support of the USA?

    • Semere Andom

      Ethiopia’s occupation of one dusty village that DIA called to have a few village is a minor issue to Eritreans who must prioritize when dealing with the many problems that faces Eritrea these days. The threats are from both PFDJ and Ethiopia, but which one poses the utmost danger to its sovereignty is not that Ethiopia is occupying its sovereign land, but what PFDJ is subjecting it to. Eritrea as one AT editorial dubbed it is dangerous its citizens, they have told you that by fleeing the county in thousands.
      Unless you equate PFDJ with Eritrea I never heard of breaking news declaring war against Eritrea. Any force that helps with declaring war against PFDJ is a force of good and the opposition should not apologize nor should I they demonstrate against that it.
      The Eritrean problem with Eritrea solution gets silly by the day and no wonder because it a PFDJ designed ideology that many a justice seeker are falling for.
      Eritrean never solved their problems alone, they did the heavy lifting and they should also do that now but any help in different shades of color and as long as that help does not sell Eritrea to the next river must be harnessed and exploited . If this is too long for you I can create an axiom 🙂

      • Saleh Johar

        Hi Semere Andom,
        You mean you didn’t hear the “breaking news”? And the “green light” that America gave to Weyane? Maybe you didn’t pay attention but Asmelash actually said “Weyane kab America Hamlay Mebrahti rekhibom”. I wondered what that was until I remember green light. Another one, he be repeated what Isais said in a celebration of the cycle win: “ezzi afe’ Emba-bered” meaning the tip of an iceberg. That’s the breaking news.

        • Dayphi

          مبروك يوم العمال يا أستاذي
          Didn’t i say many times here on these Shaعbiyas are distorting our beautiful simple tigrinia and making it more challging to be understood by good common and normal minded Eritreans like you and me?
          Back in those good o’l days, when they were teaching عاركى تماهراي, qtsal was for light green,
          qeTelya for deep vivid green, and goعoy for in-between; those original, easy to understand and remember words didn’t create any mental or psychic break down to our brains the way the new phrases are doing to the new generations. i think their ultimate goal is for people to just give up on tigrinia and settle with italian or english words.
          What can we say but الله يكون في العون.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Hi Sem,

        It is a cooked news to keep them hanging on the border issue. There is nothing truth to it. It is “nay bela below Elal eyu.” Don’t even spent your speculation on such things.

        Amanuel Hidrat

    • Kokhob Selam

      Dear Dawit,
      questions to learn from you…
      01. how does sanction affect an Eritrean who is already in sanction for being under PFDJ?
      02. where do you find the news or any information that says Ethiopia has got green light from US to invade Eritrea? Just recently PFDJ was telling us the relation with US is going better .how comes things are changed within short time?
      03.if you are for democracy then why not be part of the opposition and correct them? or why you don’t create your own?
      04.if Ethiopia declare ware against the current Eritrean “government” does that mean they are declaring against Eritrean people? under which logic ? Do you really believe Eritreans will stand with such group? why will someone die for this illegal group?

      imagine I am just an innocent man who wants to learn from you and answer to me.

      • dawit

        My dear Kokhobay,
        I don’t know what has happened to your short memory, Recently you are mixing names. Are you ok? There is big difference between ‘dawit’ and ‘Hope’. and that is why I stamped your message “Return to Sender, No such a Number”.
        Cheers dawit

        • Kokhob Selam

          Sorry Sir,

          getting old. እዋእ ኣይረኸቦ ድዩ ? ናፍቆት እንድ ኣሉ ! when you start getting older you start to forget the names of your friends at last you forget you name also. Lol.

          • Dayphi

            هرمنا، هرمنا، هرمنا يا نجم السلام!
            mixing names of my kids and grand kids has become a daily routine in my household. In rare cases, i read tashahhud on standing for 2nd. Rakah, and Al-Fatiha while seated after second Rakah.
            كاب سَبْ كايْتِ سَمْعُو إلَىْ إيَّ بَعلَيْ زنَغْركَّا زلَّخُو.
            يا الله بحسن الخاتمة.
            O’ Allah, grand us a good departure from this world to the everlasting one, key kherrefna kellena!

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Dayphi,

            ኻቲማና የጸብቆ እምበር ካልእ እናታይ ክንብል::

          • Dayphi

            Ameen ya Rabb. Naعam ya Najm Salaam. Khatimana ketsebbiqelna iyu tsolotna n’luعul Goyta, ember Nai gesreTat inni beعal esayasn higdefn عalem’si fenfinnaya ena.

          • AOsman

            Dear Dayphi,

            I read your Tigrigna in Arabic text, I felt like I had an accent… it the Arabic text effect or the way you wrote it, just wondering.

            I have noticed many ways to include the Tigrigna/Arabic letters that we do not have in latin…I gave up on the Somali approach on seeing
            X used for ح = Ha as in Habasha and
            C for for ع=A’ as in A’bi seb…..

            Saay7 can be read as سائح = tourist, also close to the words correct and awake….but he was wearing his Italian hat when he coined it….sei-sette goes for it.

            In your Arabic-Tigrigna you had to include vowels for readability (tedious I guess)…check how I would latinise it
            كاب سَبْ كايْتِ سَمْعُو إلَىْ إيَّ بَعلَيْ زنَغْركَّا زلَّخُو
            kab seb kaytsem3o ile iye ba3ley zenegreka zellekhu

            Also when writing Tigrigna names in latin, Tz was used for Tzigereda, lately I noticed some use Ch instead, which took me a while to adjust….still I stick to:

            Tzigereda 7alifula, wedi 3andom chama geziUla….


          • Dayphi

            لله درّك يا أبا عفان
            — As for my beloved tigrinia using arabic characters, you got it100% correct.
            — Wring arabic or tigrinia using somali way, please please dont ever do it. It is the worst substitutes for arabic or tigrinia ح، ع، and else that i have ever seen. Run away from their spelling even if you have to land into zionists home.
            —- indeed arabian numerals ( numbers we all use in the world now ) are good substitutes to like 7 for ح and 3 for ع، also 7*can be used for خ. ihave seen many use 6 forط، also 9 for ص.
            but if you can include arabic characters while wring in latin words, that would be super. So you can use numbers or arabic alphabets aslong as you run away from somali way. no one will understand that. For me, to write tigrinia with arabic abjadiyah is much easier than latin letters.
            كلُّنا في الهَوَا سَوَا

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    The Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (CoIE) issue is an international issue. This time forging an international support for CoIE can be based on the following impacts:

    The Europeans are concerned about the impact of Eritrean refugees.

    All neighboring countries of Eritrea are concerned about the regional destabilization caused by the regime. Ethiopians, Sudanese, Yemenis, Djibouti-ans, Somalis, South Sudanese, Kenyans, Ugandans, and other Africans should be invited to participate.

    UN concerns about the critical issues of human trafficking (the regime as top on the list of those involved).

    The international community’s stand against the international arms smugglers – (the regime as top on the list of those involved).

    Human rights organizations (the regime as top on the list of those human rights violators).

    And, more.

    Many related and interrelated themes can be designed from the above concerns in order to invite many non-Eritreans to participate in supporting CoIE and rallying around their issues.

    We can also learn from what is going on in Europe about the multitude of refugee issues. Some are saying they don’t accept the proposed plans of quota distribution of refugees simply because they were not into its making. Some are raising humanitarian grounds to mitigate the immediate needs of the refugees. Still some who contributed in refugee making are refusing to take lion’s share in the suggested quota. But finally, the process was made to focus on forging interrelated themes that can help produce immediate action in mitigating the refugees’ problems.

    • dawit

      You forget to add in your basket of crimes of PFDJ, the war in Chechnya in Russia, the trouble in Tibet China and gorilla war in Colombia and the U.S. drug-war in Mexico and Latin America and the trouble in Northern Ireland and the terrorist attacks in France, That way all five members of UNSC will vote for sanctioning Eritrea.! Zeraf, Zeraf ye emebet Sheilla Asker, Zeraf, Zeraf, ye Woyane ashker!

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    Grab a popcorn and get a front seat for this fantastic movie. Please save two front seats for my friends dawit and Nitricc 🙂

    • dawit

      Thanks for the movie, but instead of popcorn I grabbed a bunch of fresh Harar Chat and I found the show very interesting but not believable, like those films I watched from Eritv.

      • haileTG

        Merahaba dawit,

        Media is a funny thing really. Imagine the sheer number of Justice seeker productions going out on daily basis. From stage performances, song releases, movie, dramas and comedy, news and of course hateta. Couple that with the reality on the ground that is at a direct contrast to one aired by ERiTV, you’ll soon end up believing the REAL Truth 🙂 ሚዛን ሓይሊ ናብ ዉጹዓት ዘዝዩ ይርከብ ኣሎ 🙂

        • dawit


          ኤሪ ቲቪ ድምጽ ሓፋሽ ድማ :- “ዓወት ንሓፋሽ”! ትብል ኣላ :: መንዮም ዉጹዓት እቶም ኣብ ኣዲስ ኣበባ እናተዛወሩ ክትፎ ዝበልዑ ወይስ ኣብ ዓድ ዝምክቱ ዓደስ እናበልዑ?

          • haileTG

            Hey dawitom,

            እሞ ኤሪቲቪ ዘዝመረቐቶም እንድዮም ካብ ዓደስ ናብ ክትፎ፡ ካብ ናይ መንቀሳቐሲ ቀልባዕባዕ፡ ናብ ኣውራ ጎደና ሸናዕ፡ ኣትዮምስ፡ “ናብራ ኣይድገምን’ዩ፡ ከሎኻ ንበር” ዝብሉኻ ዘለዉ። እታ “ዓወይ ንሓፋሽ” ትብል ምርቓ እነሆ ኣሰንያቶም ከይዳ፡ ንሰብ ዓደስ’ውን ትምሰለሎም ትኸውን ጽንሕ ኢላ:-)

    • Papillon

      Dear Haile TG,

      Great movie. Thanx! Just curious though, the setting looks like in Eritrea but it’s not for obvious reasons. Where is it?

      • haileTG

        Dear Papillon,

        My guess is that the movie was set in the Tigray region, the landscape is obviously identical to southern Eritrean highlands. The production was also well coordinated to create the right feel and ambiance. Even the characters (the ladies) were well selected and resemble known actors in dawit’s EriTV.

        The bus conversation with the YPFDJ was real funny:) Especially:

        Merhawi እንታይ ትገብሩ ኣብ ወጻኢ
        YPFDJ ንሕና መንእሰያት ህግደፍ ኢና
        Merhawi እዋእ እቶም ዓበይቲ ዘይኣኽሉ እንታይ ሸገረኩም …haha

        YPFDJ ነቶም ዝኸድዑ ኣንፈትወምን ኢና፡ ኮፍ ዘይብሉ ኣብዚ
        Merhawi ገዛ’ዶ ኣለኩም ኣብ ኣስመራ
        YPFDJ እወ፡ ሓደ ኣብ ኣስመራ፡ ሓደ ኣብ ዓዲ፡ ንዕኡ ክርኢ’የ ዝኸይድ ዘለኹ
        Merhawi ኣሃ.. እሞ አቶም ገዛ ዘይብሎም እዮም ዝኸድዑ ዘለዉ’ኮ፡ መጺኹም ዘይትኣትውዎ’ሞ ባዕልኹም ዘይትሕልውዎ…haha

        As you remember, the Ethhiopians called the third offensive Operation Sunset. The fact that after 25 years flat IA has nothing to show except a daily news of tragedy after tragedy and the reconstruction that took place in Ethiopia in the last 25 years speaks for itself, thus showing how Eritreans were short changed by PFDJ’s hallow propaganda. Hence, let’s call this season Operation Sun Rise! The truth is out for all to see 🙂


        • Hayat Adem

          And there was one line I took with me at the bar scene when Merhawi and his friends were talking.
          1st friend: bgizie dergi megzaEti kibehal kelo ayride’ann neyru, lomi gin tSibuq geyra teredi’atini.
          2nd friend: kemey zeytirede’aka nai hijji de’a bquanqua adekha endia…!
          Merhawi: (startled) e! megzaEti bquanqua adiekha!?

          • haileTG

            Hi Hayat,

            That is true and in deed common to hear in Eritrea. The other interesting to note was (in the same bus discussion):

            YPFDJ ህግደፍ ማለት ህዝባዊ ግንባር ማለት’ዶ ኣይኮነን

            Merhawi ኣይኮነን። ህግደፍ ኣብዚ ዓዲ ዘለዉ ዉሑዳት ገበነኛታትን፡ ኣብ ወጻኢ ዘለዉ ደገፍቶምን እዮም። ህዝባዊ ግንባር ድማ እቲ ኹሉ ተጠሊሙ ከርተት ዝብል ዘሎ ሓፋሽን ተጋደልትን እዮም።

            This discussion was going on for ever here at AT, but never been described so effectively as Merhawi’s take. Very precise, observant and useful idea indeed. The few remaining hgdef stooges in the diaspora should pay good attention to that. ነገሩ ሕልኖኦም ቅድሚ ዓሚ ዝሸጡ ሰብ ጥቕሚ ስለዝኾኑ፡ ኣብ ግዚኡ ክስቆሮም እዩ።

    • Amanuel Hidrat


      I love this movie. It depict the reality of Eritrea and the nature of PFDJ rule. The conversation of Merhawi and his mother reminds me the conversation of my mother with me when I was leaving to join ghedli. It brought to me a nostalgic memory of myself. Great movie.

      Amanuel Hidrat

      • Abi

        Ato Amanuel
        Since I can not understand the movie, can you tell me some of the similarities with your situation?
        Are there any differences?
        You were involved in mass mobilization in the heart of addis . What were your major grievances as compared to Merhawi? What experiences would you like to share with him so that he or others mobilize the youth in the heart of asmara?

        • Eyob Medhane


          Forget about not knowing the language. Watch the film. You’ll enjoy it. It is a very well done production. Come on, you grew up watching Indian film, without understanding a word of what they are saying. At least from this one you get to understand fifty percent of it. That is what I did. Believe me, you will be very much impressed with it..

          • Abi

            Let me check with Hayat if she can translate for me.
            Indian movie? Really?
            Only “Mother Indian”.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Abi Habibi,
            the children of Godnder are known for their love of Indian films then. I know you have been translating it the way you want. you have seen Harirama (harikrishna harira, Nagin, Hati merisati having your girl friend beside you..

          • Abi

            The last Indian move I watched was Disco Dancer or Disco Karate ( I don’t remember) .
            I was not aware of any Indian movie worth watching with a girlfriend. What kind of girlfriend did you have?
            I remember watching ” Indecent Proposal ” with a girlfriend turned wife.

          • Kokhob Selam


            mine is different , ladies in fighting field love hero fighters and I do all my best to be hero, it was difficult for me but “ሴት የላከው ጅብ ኣይፈራም” and I pass the exam Lol. so in Eritrean fighting field we fist make history then we get wife.
            so, the film above is linked to our old history. I am sure there we will find new love histories within this difficult time. watch it and you will enjoy it.


            thank you for the link. it is professionally prepared film. above all it is the reality it self.

          • Abi

            You were riding tanks , I was stealing my father’s car just to impress the girls. It worked for both of us.
            The difference is you said to your girlfriend ” I kill for you”, I said ” I die for you”.

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Abi,
            You are a master, you didn’t betray your Gondere mastery of “Killing me softly”. Your jabs are so tense my kidney’s (purposely possessive) are hurting 🙂

          • Abi

            Ato sahle
            Yezeren bitew yanzerziregn ale minjare
            Can you imagine Kokobe carrying a launcher on his shoulders and say ” maerey gedelkulish!”
            I never forget the story you told me.

          • Saleh Johar


            I ignored it in the past but now it seems you are insisting on baptizing me Sahle, the H comes at the end, not in the middle 🙂

            Which story? I don’t remember.

            But carrying a launcher and “gedelkulish” I can’t even imagine. Is that a Gonder thing? Do I believe Kokob of you? Maybe you two need to have a duel, b’gurade 🙂

          • Abi

            Ato Saleh
            Sahle is my Sahil. It seems like everyone here is a Tagadalay from Sahil or nakfa ….
            This is my war zone , my battle field. You own my battle field , you are my Sahil.(Sahle)
            If you don’t like my excuse which I just made up, let me know. I’ll try again.
            I got to go. Homework time. Will be back later.

          • Kokhob Selam


            in both cases, the love works :-
            we make history -to get marry :-
            but now for both of us the story is over –
            ማን ነበረ ቆንጆ – ማን ነበረ ዓይናማ ታድያ ምን ይሆናል መሞት ኣይቀርማ :

          • Abi

            Ene lefqir muwach ante lefqir geday
            Tiretachin hulu lemehon ” kebelay “.

          • Kokhob Selam


            መግደል ኣልጠቀመ መሞትም ኣልረባ :-
            ፍቅር የሚወልድ የሰው ልጅ ሲግባባ :-

          • Abi

            Definitely you missed the gold. Dig deep.

          • Kokhob Selam


            in fact you miss the gold not me. depending the gold I put the word “ኣልረባ” dig it and tell me if it works…Lol

          • Kokhob Selam

            ከበላይ ከበላይ ስናስብ ስናልም :
            ኣልቆልን ነበረ ሳናተርፍ ኣንዳችም:

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Dear Abi,

          The realities and the grievances at the time I joined the front and the realities of Mehawi had faced are different in nature. To explain the situation of your decision which is usually against the instinct of any mother, is always a tough task to convince them. But the graphic standing and the nature of the conversation was similar. That was the message I intend to relate, As to the nature of mobilization needed for our young are not things we talk them in such medium.

          Amanuel Hidrat

        • Abi

          Ato Amanuel
          Would you like to share some of your major grievances. When you were actively mobilizing in addis, what was your success rate in sending the youth to meda?
          What were your key selling points?
          Did you go door to door like Jehovah witnesses? How was your relationship with non eritrean colleagues and friends? Can I trust you in the future? Why?

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Abi,

            This is private issue. When I wear the “ring of oath” to the struggle from the recruiter, I was told this is a private Issue, like the private issues between you and your wife.

            Amanuel Hidrat

    • Pass the salt

      Great movie. It shows a TINY portion of life in Eritrea under the out of control warlords! In reality, much worse crimes are being committed outside the reach of camera lenses. God knows what kind horrible torture folks are enduring in underground cells all over Eritrea.
      God bless the oppressed!

    • Hayat Adem

      Thanks HTG,
      Really fantastic. Good on the art, better on the production and best on the straight message. Usually, I get moved when powerful decisions are acted without words. When Merhawi was struggling his emotions from inside when he was dealing with the parents who came to pay, I was shaken. Criminalizing exile is unheard of. But punishing parents who had nothing to do with the decision of their grown up kids, is unthought of. How can you ask parents to pay for their grown ups that run-away from places the regime had fielded them?
      And you thought this movie had no place for dawit and Nitricc? They too have their own heroes in here: the shooters and the hyenas.

    • Eyob Medhane


      Disques kept eating my comments.

      You made me watch (the whole film) in a language I barely understand. The director, the main actor (Merhawi) did a fantastic job!!! Apparently, you guys seem a bit (may be a little more than a bit) better than us in making films. (Please don’t make me admit it :-)) My favorite artistic scene was the hyenas. That was great editing. Really great. Thank you so much…

    • saay7


      I am late to this discussion (because you didn’t save any seats for me, not even back seats)…so my Nakfas:


      1. As even belligerent Eyob admits, Eritrean acting/directing/story-telling is quite impressive. I mean compared to, you know, Eyob’s country.
      2. The dialogue–particularly the Asmarino dialogues–are crisp, witty.
      3. The protagonist is an EPLF veteran (born in Ghedli) and when you couple this with the story of artist Kiros, the narrative is: EPLF (Shaebia*) is very different from PFDJ. So, I consider that a loss for the YG School of Defamation. (Sorry Cousin iSem, Mizaan, Hayat and every Ethiopian in this forum except Fanti Ghana.)
      4. Priest being forced to have night guard duty. A Priest. Let’s all pause and reflect on that: because it is true.
      5. In a voice-over, Merhawi says that Eritrean youth conversations all star with “when I was in the service…” and Ethiopian youth conversations reference “when I was in school…”


      1. The bad guy (Hgdef general?) has a meeting and he entertains that many hostile questions all the while saying, “we know you are Weyane plants.” He would have shut it off after the second question and arrested on the spot those asking the questions. But he was allowed to go on (in the movie) because all the points had to be made.
      2. The TPLF is referred to by its Tigrinya acronym (h.we.ha.t) by Merhawi’s grandma.
      3. Referencing the 2000 war, TPLF is thanked for withdrawing from Tessenei without destroying property.
      4. Merhawi goes to Adwa, Adigrat, Mekele, Addis Abeba. This, of course, is not the path that your average Eritrean refugee uses but, hey, the high-rise buildings of Adwa, Adigrat, Mekele and Addis HAD to be shown.


      *For the record, in the 1998-2000, it was Ethiopia which began referencing to the Eri gov as “Shabbiyah”, a practice it hasn’t stopped to this date. The idea is to present it as an alien force (shabbiyah is an arabic word) to its domestic audience, without any regard to the fact that “shabbiyah” is a hugely-positive name in Eritrea, as both Merhawi and Kiros testified.

      • Hayat Adem

        Dearest Saay,
        You were denied a seat on purpose. How did you sneak in?
        Look, everyone doesn’t have to be either YG or you. Every point made in deviation from YG’s views may not be necessarily in alignment with yours. There is a whole world in between. Stop boxing everyone into your world like the infamous lonely shifta.
        That shifta had one bed and he had to force everyone he happens to encounter to fit in there just for the sake of it. What are the chances one’s size fits to an accidental bed? If you are bigger than that, the shifta chops you off to make you exact; if you are smaller you would be pulled from both ends by his men until you are unable to feel the pulling. That is what was contrived on your part.
        The movie has a lot of good acts and arts and some of the overstretches you noticed are to be forgiven. A few of your “contrived’ points are not more than hair-splitting. If it is not the real route for the average Eritrean to visit towns and cities, then it can’t be lost to you some deviations are allowed in arts.
        Trevor is killing me these days. He was asking why a 1/4th black and a 3/4th white woman was referred as a black lady in the conversation he was having with his white friend, for which his friend jokingly answered, “well, we just focus on the mistake”.

      • Eyob Medhane


        Good observation and the first point that you have made, I am begrudgingly eating my humble pie. 🙂 However, I have to see more Eritrean movies that makes me get over my inability to understand the language fully, but gripped me until the end to go through it, like this one, then I will confirm your point to be totally true.. 🙂

        2) The emphasis on the co-actor (Timnit) hating “Woyane” so much and calling everyone she hates or accosts “Wedi Agame” is also to address a bigger point. When she was driven through Adigrat, she thought it was Meqele and asked the driver, if it were. She was surprised to learn that Adigrat was a capital city of Agame awraja. Thinking that Agame is an alternative name of Tigray, she said “I thought the capital city of Tigray was Meqele”. The response to the driver is a point for all that scene, the driver saying… “…well you all think the entire Tigray is Agame, and believe that it is actually can be used an insult for the entire people of Tigray… It doesn’t mean anything, it’s just name, like Massawa is a name…”… So, I think more than showing the buildings of Adigrat (though that also was a point, because Mehawi asked about the buildings and got an earful of “our enemy is poverty speech) these scenes are more availed to make such points… In Meqele, they got to see a poster of Tsehaytu Baraki on a gate of a record shop, as opposed to Asmara, where you probably won’t see an Ethiopian singers’ poster hanging by the door of a record shop…or in Addis, one of the scenes was AAU Sidist Kilo campus to relate to the Eritrean students, who are in universities in Ethiopia… (Don’t ask me why we got to see Arat Kilo Arbegnoch Hawilt, parliament building….. 🙂 You answer that 😉 ) The film closes, when the two (Merhawi and Timnit walking in to Medhanelem church, I guess leaving all to faith and God)….. Again, until I see another one, this will remain my favorite Eritrean movie… (y)

        • saay7

          Haha Eyobai:

          Well, we were taking an accelerated tour of Ethiopia so a stop by AAU was a must 🙂 and every Ethiopian character in the movie is so nice and understanding 🙂 if I were betting money I would say this was produced by Radio WagaHta.


      • Amanuel Hidrat

        O ‘ Saay

        As usual you are politicking and you keep saying EPLF is not the same to PFDJ. You can not at least deny all the notable Eplf members and all the leaders of Eplf are transformed to this party. No matter every attempt you try to divorce pfdj from Eplf, history will always refute you. Eplf members are the building blocks to pfdj party. The only difference is they were front in the ghedli era and they are structured into party to run the state.

        Amanuel Hidrat

        • Mahmud Saleh

          Dear Aman
          It’s unfortunate we have to revisit the definition of hgdf. Let me jot down some signposts for you:
          1. EPLF was a national front that rallied all sectors of our nation. It was an organization that had 100% legitimacy. On the contrast, PFDJ is an organization that has zero legitimacy, even in its cadres. What keeps people associated with it is not that they see it as a legitimate and functioning organizations, but they see the alternative as worse.
          2. EPLF won navigated the journey of winning independence when all odds were stack against it. On the contrary PFDJ is eroding the significance of that independence when the likelihood of success was in its favor had it played by the rules.
          3. EPLF completed independence, started process of demobilization, process of democratization, process of rehabilitation…PFDJ worked against it all.
          4. Almost all the notable leaders are either underground (imprisoned incommunicado), or exiled. Out of the EPLF leadership, there are only 3 people with visible presence in today’s PFDJ government: the president, Alamin and wedi-Efrem. Most veteran leaders have been purged because they tried to halt the ever exacerbating signs of dictatorship promoted by the “new blood” controlled PFDJ. After the mass purge of 2001, PFDJ secures effective control of the “transformation” (from EPLF to PFDJ) which coincide with the infamous “let’s go back to our ghedli tradition” interview. That was meant to tell the nation that everything that had been done in terms of preparing the nation for a constitutional take over was not in accordance with how the “new blood” leaders of PFDJ (handpicked by IA) would like to see the nation moving. Perhaps, the movement towards a constitutional governance was being pushed against the will of these new elements and their chief. For God sake we were months away from the time table of announcing elections.
          1. If I am going to equate today’s ELF to yesterday ELF, I do it with the full knowledge that I am being disingenuous. Yesterday’s ELF was different than the one operating in its name although most of the founding and current leadership and cadre could be traced back to the former one. The truth is when most EPLF members were ready to “go home” and rest, when most of the EPLF leaders worked genuinely to transform the organization to a “normal” government, when everything was moving to that end, a coup was done. It was a coup against the ideal of EPLF members. Everything that the justice movement carry of a banner (constitutions, political prisoners, journalist prisoners…elder prisoners of conscience…army and veteran movements and the harsh treatment they faced…) were done by EPLF members who saw their journey trajectory missing planned coordinates by large margin.
          2. I would really be careful with these types of statements because they do not serve any purpose other than interpreting that the justice seeking camp or some of its are driven by grudges.
          3. For the majority of Eritreans who have experienced the rule/presence of EPLF and PFDJ, it’s not confusing. A simple task did not happen. A transformation that EPLF tegadelti and everyone who was associated with the organization (almost all Eritreans) wanted to see take place did not take place. ህግድፍ ኣደሓ ጻዕዳ (ቀትሪ ምድሪ) ሰሪቑና እዩ። እቲ ዝኸፍአ ድማ ክሰርቐና እናረኣናዮ ነጣቕዓሉ ነርና። ምምኽናይን ርእሲ ምሕካኽን ኣይክጠቕመናን እዩ። እቲ ዝሓሸ ንድሕሪት ከይበልና ጉዳይ ሃገርና ዝመሓየሸሉ መገዲ ብሓባር ምድላይ እዩ።

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Merhaba Mahmuday,

            First this debate has nothing to do with the history of individuals of EPLF members. It is strictly on the EPLF organization and PFDJ-party as organizations, their leaders, their policy, and their administration both in the field and as government respectively. Let me make my view about you known just from the two years engagement in this forum: I assume you as one from the democratic elements who were spared from liquidation like many others in the struggle by “time and fate”. Now let me go to your points and try to say some truth by touching some logics, history, and transformational process.

            (a) I believe EPLF was a national organization as well as PFDJ is a national party now. Hate them love them this is fact. As a matter of fact, in the EPLF’s 3rd congress, the entire of EPLF members welcomed the birth of the party from their congress, and the membership drive went deep to the population and enlarged the party to 600,000 at one point, until it start ebbing. So PFDJ is the face and the essence of EPLF. Nothing wrong with being the same, except their bad policy and bad administration that suffocate the Eritrean people.

            (b) EPLF complete the process of independence. I agree. PFDJ as continuation of EPLF started demobilization and rehabilitation early on, but changed its policy and stopped the process.

            (C) EPLF navigated the journey of winning independence when all odds were stack against it. Absolutely true. I agree.

            (c) EPLF was liquidating democrats within its ranks and files in the ghedli era, the transformed EPLF – that is PFDJ is now liquidating anyone who raise his/her voice of reason. No difference in policy and internal politics.

            (d) Our own Aklilu Zere testified eloquently with his article “the birth of the despot” that the current predicament of Eritrean people (under the authoritarian regime) was designed early on in 1976. Read this link please.

            (e) There is no one ELF now, except clusters of ELFites. If you can bring justifiable resemblance to equate them with old ELF, there is no wrong, you could do so.

            (f) As all notable EPLF leaders are imprisoned incommunicado now, Many notable EPLF leaders during ghedli were liquidated also. You see the political behavior remain the same.

            (g) The issue now is, EPLF is structured in to “a strong party-PFDJ” with a ” hierarchy control system” to run the business of our nation – a regime with ironclad terrorizing the entire population. So PFDJ is not alien from EPLFites, in fact it is their own party.

            The Problem with Deliti-fitihi – we don’t have the same reading on PFDJ.

            Aamanuel Hidrat

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam Emma
            I do agree with most of the points you mentioned as points of similarities. It is also my hope that the points I mentioned above plus the following addition serve us as reference points.
            1. I don’t imply EPLF was a liberal democratic organization. The fact is, for most of its life, it was deeply immersed in Marxist theories emulating the achievements of ruthless dictators of the USSR, China, Cuba….It was national deep in its DNA but international in the literature and culture it was desperately trying to copy and apply. Finally, changing world realities and its internal dynamics defined it as a national organization. I will not defend its leadership; I’m on record saying that the readiness and consciousness of the people and tegadelti had actually carried the leadership to victory. Our collective sacrifices and steadfastness catapulted it to power. It was as ruthless as it could be. I am sure you will also admit that ELF was not a bastion of free speech. Both organizations had finally resorted to force to resolve internal challenges. There could have been some differences which could not serve as comparing factors.
            2. This is what I feel people miss.
            They tend to reduce EPLF to tegadelti; worse, they reduce the tegadalay to Issayas. Hence, reducing EPLF, an organization that was probably the best guerrilla force ever seen in terms of its resourcefulness, and the legitimacy it had, to one man. If you lived in it would look like a beehive where everyone acts almost on individual initiative yet all tasks and missions proceed at the same rate and in a coordinated pace. If you look it from outside, the story is different. The explanations people gave to describe the unison movement of the organization vary. Most of them are not accurate. However, its highly centralized management could be the main reason.
            3. The organization was not designed to be democratic. We all know this. It was a leftist organization. In addition its primary task was conducting war. Winning a war demands centralized command, and cohesion of units and individuals. Both anti liberal democracy. Could it have done things differently? Absolutely yes. And was moving to that direction. Again, I am not talking about the intentions of IA and his small group of advisors and enablers but about the mass body of the organization, tegadalay and wudub plus all those farmers…mothers…who supported it without enlisting in its ranks.
            4. This is the crucial points: IA as a person never changed. We have changed. The nation has changed. Eritreans know 1991 dawned new realities that would force EPLF to change. That year also was an indication for IA to put his camouflage jacket away and assume a statesman behavior. He did not. What I feel is missing is the organization as a whole was ready to transform in to a normal government, and there are ample evidences for that, but that transition was arrested by a small group. That’s the point I am trying to make. If you take the years 1991-1998, things were moving along that direction and that was the written and practiced policy of those years. You may argue that there was a step that IA ignored, which is the summoning of all Eritreans to chart a new journey. I agree. Latter developments make it clear that the decision not to include other individuals and organizations was done in purpose. The whole drama of drafting the constitution, laws of press…laws of elections…laws of party formation…and what have you was controlled time buying tactics designed to quell the questions that were coming to the president from EPLF members. He threw everything to ther garbage when the time was right, and finally killed the ratified constitution. So, EPLF may have been all that you have said, but it was moving to the right direction. The war gave the president an excuse to demote, remove or keep people he thought were pushing for the transition in remote and cold places.
            According to a senior member of PFDJ executive committee, during the war years, there was no meetings or correspondence from the executive office of PFDJ or the president to the members of the executive committee, the highest decision making organ in the country at that time. The executive office was manned by individuals the president could use as messengers, and it was those messengers who picked up historic EPLF leaders and sent them off to the unknown. In brief, had it not been hijacked things were moving to their natural conclusion-transitioning to a constitutional democracy. What would that transition and its aftermath look is left for speculation.

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Amanuel,

          ኣማኑኤል ሳህለ (ሓንቲ ዓለም) እዩ ኣብ’ታ “ኤርትራ፥ ፍሉይ መንግስታዊ ተርእዮ “ትብል ኣርእስቱ ኣዝዩ ሓቂ ዝኾነ ጽሑፍ ኣስፊሩ ዘሎ :: እቲ ኣቀራርባ ከምቀደሙ ኣዝዩ መሳጢ ብዝኾነ ዕላል እዩ ጀሚርዎ :: ሕንዚን ካንጋሮን ብስነፍልጠታዊ ትንታኔ ዝቀርብ ንህልውነኣን ዝእምን መርትዖ ከምዘየለ እዩ ገሊጹ :: ተመራመርቲ ድኖግዮም ዝበጸሕዎ ሚስጥር ምንፋር ሕንዝን ምንባር ካንጋሮን ገሊጹ ምስ ኣብቀዐ ኸኣ ህግደፍ ‘ውን ክህሉ ዘለዎ ጉጅለ ከምዘይኮነን እዩ ብመዐየሪ ፖሎቲካዊ ስነፍልጠት ገሊጹ : ሚስጥር ምህላው ህግደፍ ‘ውን ሓደ ክልተ ኢሉ ገሊጹ

          ነዚ ድሕሪ ምግላጹ እምበኣር ነቲ መሰረታዊ ኣመጻጽኣ ናይ ህግደፍ ክገልጽ እንከሎ :
          “ንድሕሪት ተመሊስና ነቲ ኣመጻጽኣ ናይቲ ውድብን መሪሕነቱም ምስ እንርእይ ከምዚ ንዕዘብ፤ እቲ ናይቲ ውድብ መሪሕነት በቶም ብባህርያቶም ኣብ ጭቁን ህዝቢ ሓልዮት ኪህሉዎም ዘይክእል ንኡሳን ቡርዣ እተመስረተ ኾይኑ፥ ነቲ ኣብቲ እዋንቲ ዝነበረ ዘይደሞክራስያዊ ፖለቲካዊ ሃዋህው እዩ ዘንጸባርቕ ነይሩ። እቲ መሪሕነት፥ ናይ ስልጣን ምኽዕባትን ንኻልኦት ውድባት ንምጥፋእን እምበር ናይ መጻኢት ኤርትራን ህዝባን ብሩህ ራእይ ኣይነበሮን። ንኸምስል ግን ነቲ ዓወት ንሓፋሽ ዚብል ጭርሖታት ከም መሸቀጢ ተጠቒሙሉ።”

          ካብ ‘ዚ እንመሃሮ ነገር እንተልዩ ህግደፍ መቐልታ ወይ መመላእታ ህግሓኤ ምዃኑ እዩ :: ብውሕዱ ህግደፍ ዘለው ገበነኛታት ካብ ካልእ ውድባት ሕዋስ ዘይብሎም ምዃኖም ምእማን ከድሊ እዩ :: ኣነስ ወረ ታይ ምበልኩ :- ህግሓኤ ሓቂፍዎ ዝነበረ ዝኸፈአ ክፋል እዩ ህግደፍ ::

        • saay7


          Who, me? Politicking? What’s that?:)

          The point here was not whether I think EPLF is different from PFDJ (matter of fact, I don’t: there was good/bad EPLF just like there is good/bad PFDJ.). The point is the people associate all bad PFDJ to PFDJ and all good PFDJ to EPLF. The YG school (as well as some ELF veterans, you included) says EPLF = bad and PFDJ = bad and therefore EPLF = PFDJ = bad. I think that too is politicking 🙂 the worst kind actually like TPLF/EPRDFs derogatory use of the word “shaebia.”


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Saay,

            Ay-giden Saay! I don’t hate any organization as organization per’se. If their policy and their administration is bad, they are bad. What is wrong with that. Anyway what is good and bad of PFDJ? What we know so far is PFDJ is really bad to the Eritrean people. Aside of that the argument I made earlier in my comment was simple,and that is PFDJ is the party of EPLFites as simple as that. There is no difference in the policy and politics of EPLF and PFDJ. There is only structural change in the way they run the state (from front to party). An organization is judged by its leaders on how they run the business of the nation. It is not judged by the good people in it who do not have a say in the decision making. So any organization has bad and good people in its rank and files. Therefore your mathematical equation is wrong.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • saay7


            And who said you hate the organization? Mahmuday has answered your question more than adequately if you weren’t paying attention to the words of Merhawi in the movie. And of course your mathematical equation is EPLF=PFDJ=bad. You keep saying it and u keep denying u said it all in one sentence:)


      • haileTG

        Merhaba saay,

        You see, dawit and Niricc are amchie and beles respectively..haha. You are Asmarino and when there is a movie screening the Asmarino will get in legit or nay sanya. If that doesn’t work he will grill his friend who watched it, till death saying Hakiyena and will now the content one way or the other 🙂 That is why I didn’t want to lose dawit and Nitricc:)

        In the contrast that we can make between Araya’s adopted country and Eritrean movie makers, I agree the Eritrean movies are great at plots while Ethiopian movies are great at scene management. The Ethiopian producers display great technical skills at creating visual effects but often get carried away and stray into too fictional world. The Eritrean writers are great at keeping the story firmly grounded on almost life like scenarios that it is hard to get off watching once you get started. So, I would think there are reasons why the Eritreans are limited at the technical management while I think the Ethiopians should maintain that asset while working harder on the plot development side of issues.

        I liked the movie overall, and obviously criticism is to be expected. I have one such occasion as what you termed “contrived”. That happened when the kid said his mom warned him that the woyane/Tigrayans could poison him. That is alien to me. I was born and grew up in Eritrea and spent all my life there till migration, I have never come across of people warning each other or their children in that manner. Yes there are stereotypical views often limited to accents or how Tigrayans don’t spend their money (but that has now changed and they have a lot of money .. haha:) But, my personal witness is that I never come across something like that.

        The rest good, as they say “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” 🙂


  • Solomon Gezahegn

    Hi All,
    Let Eritreans around the world use this opportunity in showing their solidarity and getting a due attention from the International community for the suffering and plight they face at the hands of the dictatorial regime at home. Let them hail their voice to get an international support so as to bring a regime change at home.

  • haileTG

    Selamat Gedab News,

    Thanks for bringing this important announcement. I have been following it too. NY for a repeat of Geneva is very fitting not just for the timing but the contrast it represents. What a short five years can bring! In 2010 NY was a voice of dictatorship and in 2015 it will be a voice of justice. No doubt PFDJ will try to field its side, hope the organizing committee have that covered too.


  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Awate friends, September is promising month in our history. Here I have attached my poem. see how poem building by writing first letters first. read at last from top bottom the fist letters, please don’t forget to comment and vote,

  • dawit

    Selamat Awates;

    Here is interesting video for your Sunday entertainment “Zeraf Legeta”. Abyssinians getting ready for the 21st century crusade.

    • haileTG

      anta dawit, what’s up?

      The charismatic churches like the Pentecostals are known for adopting all kinds of music styles for their gospel singing. In Tigrinya you’ll be surprised to know they play all kinds of music, some guyla, some kirar and some sound outright like ghedli songs except for the lyrics. Why are you saying Abyssinians getting ready for the 21st century crusade?? Is that truth ala ERiTV?

      • dawit

        Hailat TG,

        woriduwa Eritv, bjeka haqi zetifelit, ‘Zeraf!, Zeraf!. si aynatan.

        Adopting the kebero and the traditional music is okay with me, I am surprised by the sward weaving show of ‘zeraf for Christ.I hate the song “Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, With the cross of Jesus going on before.”, colonizing Africans and robbing their lands and making them slaves of the native peoples.

        It is the waving of swords and spears that give me the chill.

        • haileTG

          hey dawit,

          The sword had “word of God” written on the side. So, the sword, figuratively speaking, that is what it stands for in the play. In religious/biblical literature shield is often used as metaphor for faith and the sword has either an internal meaning signifying the truth of faith combating or in the opposite sense the falsity combating or its punishment their of. God himself is considered defender of the people.

          As you see, the only chill factor was your alluding an earthly interpretation of the presentation. Anyway, ካብ ዝፈራሕካዮ ኣይወጻኻን፡ the head of this thread is now chopped off. 🙂

          • Saleh Johar

            You can do better than that! You have to reject justice because it is symbolized by a blind lady holding a sword. You also have to reject all Eritrean traditional dances and events, because the sword has a major presence in all of them. See! You can do better

          • haileTG

            Haha SGJ, the Justice and blind lady is excellent example. The Eritrean culture part wouldn’t bother dawitom much. He is PFDJista remember 🙂

          • dawit

            You are right I don’t care for blind justice. I care for True Justice. I don’t like crooked lawyers that twist the false hood use their sword to slice the truth to arrive at a blind justice.

      • dawit

        Well Hailat Awate’s censuring soldiers have used their swards. They think the video was not inspirational to the opposition soldiers marching to UN in New York. Regardless I am going to watch the show ‘Zeraf, Zeraf ye-Sheilla ashker’ at the end of the month, but before that pfdj might have a great show in Richmond Virginia at the world cycling competition. who knows we may have another “We Are First” party, when Eritrea shines again.

  • Delay Fthi

    Hi Tedi,
    Please forget/ignore the likes of Nitricc. He posted first to divert attention from the agenda. The discussion now is not about whether demonstration is necessary or not . But how to make the event effective . The most consoling thing for Eritreans who suffered under the tyrant would be to see him and his cronies indicted and brought to justice. Be Eritrean.Be in NY.

    • dawit

      Delay Fthi,
      Expecting justice for Eritreans from UN? Justice delayed justice denied. If UN stood for justice it missed its chance in 1945-1950 when Eritrea was burning at the altar of UN..

      • Yoty Topy

        Hi Dawit ,
        The UN , which was barely a toddler in the years you mentioned and had to deal with issues such as the Hiroshima bombings, shuttered Germany and a Korean War looming in the horizon is responsible for you oversold and under delivered dreams? I would say the UN has failed Puntland for not recognizing it as a nation state but for Eritrea ? naa! It practically rolled red carpet for it . It is good that these conversations are limited to the confines of our societies but if they were to do so you would be a laughing stock for blaming the UN for your incompetence.

        • dawit

          Hi YT
          ‘The dog ate my homework’ creative excuse.

          • Yoty Topy

            Hi Dawit,
            Mass delusion and Paranoia will probably more appropriate.

  • Nitricc

    Hi All, I don’t support the idea of UN to solve your problems. if anything, UN will screw you over and makes your problem complicated. besides, what ever happened to the demonstration that shook the earth on the streets of Geneva? oh, never mine, Rezene and Elsa are at each others throat. After that failed demonstration, now comes this NY thing. why bother?

    besides I think PFDJ is getting smarter and they may be a head of you, for a change.