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Eritrea, Tigray, and Ethiopia: Where to from Here?

Passions in the current war (Eritrea and Ethiopia on one side) and Tigray on the other are running high akin to the war of the 1998 to 2000 where the majority in diaspora were settled on the notion of my country, right or wrong. When passions run this high it is rather difficult to distance oneself from the emotions of the day to think judiciously and objectively, with some dispassionate lens. This is nothing more than about who is going to wield political power between Abiy Ahmed and the EPRDF leadership. Who is paying the ultimate price? The rank-and-file soldiers on all sides. Whose life is turned upside down? Civilians, mothers, young women, and young men? Lives lost seemingly for inexplicable reasons. The polarizing nature of the current war makes it next to impossible for the warring factions to come to a roundtable to discuss power sharing mechanisms that would lead to a lasting peace.

Worse yet, the passion within the diaspora Tigrayans, Ethiopians and Eritreans are at a fever pitch; so much so entrenching in their respective positions makes it rather difficult to have a meaningful dialogue. All involved appear to be at an impasse. There appears to be a ray of hope. Whispering voices are coming to the fore to help usher a path toward “strategies for reconciliation.” A little historical context might be effusively instructive here. In 1991, at the cusp of Eritrea’s independence, Pateman made the following informed presumption.

“My major assumption, now borne out by events, is that the Dergue regime in Ethiopia would be overthrown, and that post-Mengistu Ethiopia will be characterized by decentralism and confederation. If the now deposed ruling minority [i.e., EPRDF] persists in attempts to dominate Ethiopia, I predict the continuation of the civil wars for the foreseeable future and a degeneration into the ‘warlordism’ lawlessness and violence that characterizes modern Lebanon.” (p. 43),

An opinion piece bereft of historical context leads to a decontextualized narrative. The subtext that continues to brew in Tigray today requires a very carefully thought-out consideration. Imperialism and its two attendant polities are colonization and decolonization; combined, they are the subtexts that continue to define and redefine the Horn of Africa’s past in competition with the present, inevitably, implicating the future as a sight of contention. That contention comes in a form of territorial integrity for Eritrea, and in a form of their imperialist past for Tigrayans and the Amharas.

The center of power moving between North of Ethiopia, namely, Tigray and South of Tigray, namely, the Amhara region has been the cause of raids and counterraid through the millennia. For these two Ethiopian groups who enjoyed their imperialistic hegemony for centuries are now being challenged by the most populous Ethiopian groups, the Oromos, whence Prime Minister Ahmed Abiy hails from. The center of power is distinctly about Imperialism’s past gaining political tentacle in a form of who should dictate the terms of political power, the Northern part of Ethiopia, i.e., Tigray or from the center, where the power now appears to reside. A clearer picture begins to emerge when using historical context as a lens of analysis to understand the tripartite war.

The voices of reason need to overwhelm those who are inebriated by one military force or another. These voices of reason must begin to demand for the madness to halt, and negotiating should begin in earnest. For the near and long-term options, the attendant attention should be paid to the populace of all involved parties. Is our region forever condemned to vacillate among the least desirable systems of governance? How long are we going to sacrifice our youth (speaking here of Eritreans, Tigrayans, Amharas, Oromos, Somalis, and Sudanese) in the name of wielding political power? We’ve tried Tributary State. We have used the Garrison State. What’s left now is a Failed State.Must we try them all to figure out whether they will work for our region? One hopes, the last one won’t be contemplated. Let’s now survey using the known facts.

A pretext for an attack presented itself for Ethiopian prime minister Abiy Ahmed when Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) decided to preemptively confront the northern command of Ethiopia’s National Defense Force (ENDF) on 3 November 2020. Such a preemptive attack unleashed Ethiopia’s military wrath. Many of TPLF’s senior leaders were killed and several others were captured. This monumental political miscalculation on TPLF’s part put the people of Tigray in an untenable position. The brunt of the war fell on civilian Tigrayans. Tigrayans overwhelmingly voted the TPLF to lead the province two months prior to the onset of the war. TPLF had no option but to retreat to what it knows best, to the mountains of Tigray to regroup. Eight months into the war, TPLF has gained most of its territories that were overtaken by ENDF.

Where To from here? Should TPLF attempt to declare independence, de facto, like its counterpart, Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) did three decades earlier when these two revolutionary fronts ousted the Socialist Ethiopian government, better known as the Derg that eliminated Ethiopia’s monarchy.

The fork on the road for TPLF is presenting an existential question that will have an absolute impact on the trajectory TPLF decides to take. The people of Tigray who gave the TPLF a resounding confidence in its capacity to lead may yet become victimized once more should TPLF keep fighting. What would be accomplished by pushing forth. This is not 1991. Ethiopians have had 27 years of TPLF leadership. They have spoken clearly that their political shelf-life was over in 2018. The TPLF leadership for once should decide based on the interest of the people of Tigray, not based on the political muscle that would lead to a confrontation with Ethiopia and Eritrea on one side, TPLF on the other. The question of leadership is a tricky one for the Horn of Africa. When TPLF was at the helm of political power for 27 years it left the border question between Eritrea and Ethiopia to linger with the no-war-no-peace policy. This gave President Isaias Afewerki a chance to recover from the aftermath of the 1998-2000 border war. Eighteen years later, in 2018, the peace agreement between Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia and Isaias Afewerki of Eritrea sidelined TPLF from the sphere of political influence it had enjoyed since 1991.

If TPLF chooses a path of war to defeat Eritrea, the corollaries of such adventures will define and redefine the political landscape of the Horn of Africa for another thirty years. If TPLF chooses a path of peace and reconciliation, however, it will have a better chance to break the cycles of war that can be traced to the 3,000-year history of Ethiopia. If there are any visionaries within these groups, a leader can emerge who would disrupt the continuous economic, social, and political disruptions and dislocations replacing it with pluralism, equity, justice, and a lasting peace that the region should try for a change. Enough with the senseless territorial squabble guarded heavily by one group or another.

Some entity from these tripartite warring factions needs to come out wiser and principled for the sake of lasting peace. Proving that one is more powerful than another is playing with the life of the people of Eritrea, Tigray, and the rest of Ethiopia. Flexing your military might on a population that does not want you to govern it is tantamount to announcing an endless war. The world is replete with examples of these kinds of wars. They are not winnable. But they are a certain path towards endless suffering.


Pateman, R. (1991). Eritrea and Ethiopia: Strategies for Reconciliation in the Horn of Africa. Africa Today, 38(2), 43-54. Retrieved July 24, 2021, from

About Beyan Negash

Activist, a writer and a doctoral candidate (ABD) in Language, Literacy, and Culture at New Mexico State University (NMSU). Beyan holds a bachelor of arts in English and a master of arts in TESOL from NMSU as well as a bachelor of arts in Anthropology from UCLA. His research interests are on colonial discourse and post-colonial theories and their hegemonic impact on patriarchy, cultural identity, literacy development, language acquisition as well as curriculum & citizenship. The geopolitics of the Horn of Africa interests Beyan greatly. His writings tend to focus on Eritrea and Ethiopia. Beyan has been writing opinion pieces at since its inception (1 September 2001).

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    ኩሉ ማዕረ ኴኑ ‘ናተሰመዓኒ
    ክፋል ሓንጎለይ ስለዝጠለመኒ

    ህግደፍ ኢድኩም ኣይት ስኣኑ። ናይ ቀደም ጥዑም ግዜ ናባና የብሎ።

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      Dear PMM (Poet MM)
      ምሃንድሳይ፥ ለባም ሓታታይ
      ብርዕን ክላሽንን ክልቲ አኦም
      አቲ ሓደ
      ከተርቅቅ ክትልም
      ሕግን ፍትሕን ከተጽድቅ
      ንሓዎሩ ኣዝርአቲ
      ልበወልድ ክትጽሕፍ
      ኣብ ልቢ ባህታ ዘትርፍ
      አቲ ሓደ
      ክትክላኸል መረበትካ
      ወይ ክትሃድን ክትዛነ
      ክልቲኦም አኣድለይቲ
      በብ እብረ
      መዓስ ትጥቀመሉም
      ዩ ትቁምነገረ
      ክትዳነ ዶ ክትቅትለ

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        ሰላማት ኣይሰም

        ምውጋእ ዶ ምርድዳእ
        ምጥማይ ዶ ምብላዕ
        ምስንካል ዶ ምጽጋን
        ምዱንቋር ዶ ምምዕባል
        ካብ ምባል
        ‘የ ተበጊሰ

        ፒሮ ክትጥቅመላ ከለኻ
        ናብ መንገዲ ምዕባለ ተምርሕ
        ካላሽን ምስካም ክበዝሕ ከሎ ግን
        ኣይትሰርሕ ኣይተሰርሕ
        ኣይትምራሕ ኣይትመርሕ

        ዓዲ-ውዒል ኴንካ ኩርምይ
        ኣብ ድንቁርና ኣብ ድኽነት
        ኣብዘይውዳእ ስንክልና ከርተት
        ንድሕሪት እምበር
        ንቕድሚት ምስጓም ዘበት
        ናብራ ናብራ በኻት ኴንካ ጥርቅም

  • haileTG

    Selamat Awatista,

    Berhe Y took us back down memory lane today. As a part time news reporter here, sharing the job with Brhan, let me share an interesting report from New York Times, published November 5, 2020. Links would gladly be made available on Friday:-)

    The New York Times –

    By Declan Walsh and Abdi Latif Dahir
    Published Nov. 5, 2020
    Updated July 29, 2021

    ” On the night of Nov. 3-4, T.P.L.F. forces attacked a federal military base in Tigray and attempted to steal its weapons. The T.P.L.F. has said it had struck preemptively because federal forces were preparing to assault Tigray. Hours later, Mr. Abiy ordered the military offensive into Tigray.

    Internet and phone communications were restricted and his cabinet declared a six-month state of emergency in Tigray. But the Ethiopian military, which was dominated by Tigrayan officers, was divided, and fighting erupted between rival military units inside Tigray, according to American officials.

    Mr. Abiy bolstered his forces by deploying militia fighters from Amhara, south of Tigray, who swept into western Tigray amid accusations of attacks on civilians. Then troops from Eritrea, Ethiopia’s former enemy, flooded across the border into Tigray from the north to fight alongside Mr. Abiy’s forces.”

    • iSem

      Hi HTG:
      NYT has no dominion on Truth, this is not fact. How do you know this is true?
      I agree with him, I have to differ with you for change, the PFDJ denied it , and Eri TV did not report

      • haileTG

        Well iSem,

        ERiTV has no dominion over truth either. On Nov.4 2020, it reported that the EDF was busy vaccinating sheep, in their thousands. My sources say that wasn’t true. It wasn’t sheep they vaccinated, it was sick chickens 🙂

        • iSem

          You really said: “ERiTV has no dominion over truth either.”, really, really?
          you see the western media is biased, TPLF were in cahoots with USA in Somalia so now pay back time. You are smart but you cannot figure that out. So you tell the forum NYT report as evidences. Try again
          So no evidence that Eritrea was in Tigray before missiles. and stop saying Eritrea, say PFDJ. The proof that Eritrea was not in Tigray is this: GR said we will chase them to Eritrea, really, they are our ppl. why would they chase them, this proofs EDF was in Tigray after TPLD shot

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selma Hailat-TG,

      I am sure Berhe was following the events since the beginning of the relationship of the two idiots religiously. He preferred his source of info either Eri-tv or PFDJ officials as oppose to the international news outlets in the name of defending his country. He is not debating in search of the “truth” nor in search of the “peace.” For Berhe TPLF is the prime enemy of the Eritrean people than our despot. Hence he has already made his mind – a conscious decision for the war and the demise of the Tigrian government. So the missile issue is an excuse, when in fact the missiles were launched, when the EDF is already inside Humera, passed Sheraro towards Shirre, crossed the Mereb river heading to Adwa, and crossed Zalambessa towards Adigrat. The attack of EDF was synchronized with the attacks of ENDF from the South and the Amara Liyu Hayli from the West.

      • Berhe Y

        Hi Amanuel,

        ሕራይ ንዓኻ’ውን ይኹነልካ:;

      • haileTG

        Selamat Aman H,

        The regime of IA brought the war and missiles by bombings, killings and maiming Tigrayans in Tigray for 10 solid days from the get go. By the time of the attacks, the Tigray govt was pleading that PFDJ had invaded it with up to 16 divisions. You can’t be sure of the numbers but Eritrean presence was well understood by Nov. 14th. And, Berhe deliberately mixed up “helping not to spread the conflict further”, a standard diplomatic call that is even used now with TDF in other regions, with “acknowledging Eritrea being attacked without provocation”. Al Jazeera had interviewed several refugees in Hamdayt as they just arrived around November 4-10, their claims of the bombings in and around Humera from the Eritrean side is well documented.

        Berhe is not alone in standing against proven facts in favor of his views and beliefs. Eritrea has a large segment of a population that acts like that. That’s why the regime can’t be changed or challenged by Eritreans alone. Its own excesses outside the boundary of the country will one day cause its demise. Otherwise, if the regime announced today that it paid 100,000 lives in Tigray and it somehow gives its own explanation, that would stand without and meaningful challenges from the country. There would be the same arguments and accusations in the forum and other social media. Give it a week or two, that would be the end of it. This is the big pitfalls of those seeking change from the inside, some argue that the IA regime has sufficiently rendered the populace docile and impotent to seek effective change. As you saw it there is no single way me and Berhe can form a threat to the regime. Yes, we both oppose but it is impotent opposition as we equally oppose each other too. Magnify that at national level, you can understand why many gave up.

        That is our lot dear Aman, the regime caused the missiles on Eritrea by devastating Tigray with war an atrocity. It then wanted to play comedy by claiming the result of its action was the cause. But given how our people are divided, its sick joke is a life line for some.

        • Berhe Y

          Hi HaileTG,

          Before I start let me stare this for the record.

          I see consistency and very well planned purposeful propaganda that you are employing here. I learned my lesson, you are purposeful with a mission. All your writing comes to the following:

          1) You will do anything to absolve the TPLF from any wrong doing or the way they handled the whole conflict. E.G. you see how upset you were and furious at iSem, for suggesting the TPLF failed the people of Tigray.

          2) You will do anything to demean, destroy Eritrea and Eritreaniseam with your long held purpose to make us worthless. It’s the entity that stand in the way of achieving TPLF or Tigray to become the super power of a sick joke. E.g. you see how quickly you have switched gears to ask for peace and mediation with Abiy (sane government who is responsible) as long as it breaks and leave Eritrea hanging and isolated by itself.

          3) You are purposeful in your argument to down play, distort, deny, destruct, confuse, dismiss and kill any plan that help Eritreans get together that you find contravene, in your ultimate search of achieving Tigray supremacy. E.g. how you dismiss, Dr. Asefaw, Dr. Amanuel, Dr. Ibrahim or Dr. Beyan.

          Now back your argument.

          Never mind that you throw in, US security briefing and satellite images in the last minute that you can’t backup as your evidence but you can’t even produce an official press statement from TPLF on Eritrean bombing.

          You are relaying on interviewing of witness and the Mai Kadrha massacre as a proof, which in itself can not be used, as convincing evidence.

          Let’s say Eritrea was involved in the western zone.

          1) Tell me you and your TPLF worriers what better way to give IA and his regime to justify his war and his involvement in the war, by firing missiles to the capital?

          2) My fiend iSem (another TPLF warrior he has turned out to be), said TPLF does not want to open another front with Eritrea. Well, how else can you invite them in? I suppose firing missiles is not a good reason.

          Look, I don’t why this is lost in you. All Eritrea could have done is:

          1) it can deny its involvement in the western even if it was
          2) it could have informed the SC that it will take all measures to thwart the threat coming from TPLF after the firing of the missiles

          I said enough, I don’t want to waste anytime with people who are hell bend on destroying Eritrea and her future.

          I want Eritrea to stay strong and capable for n the wrath that will be coming her way. I am sure of this, and I will be with my people rather than with TPLF and giving them approval and green light to venture.

          • haileTG

            Hello Berhe,


            I would support IA any day than standing with your dangerous double speak. At least I know where IA stands. TeFalitna alona…ashaKa dley Ato Berhe. Eritrean opposition is internal saboteurs of 3:1 to real opposition. You see them when they flee from facts like the demon from Tsebel:)

            The rest of your discussion is dead man walking. As you once said, we are going our own ways. Good luck on that way, just civil exchange will do. We have no common interest.

            If you have facts I am happy to entertain them. If you have just opinions, as you seem to be, then keep them.

            Other than that there is no point to dwell on issue that is of no use, as we have no purpose together.


          • Berhe Y

            Hi HaileTG,

            The feeling is mutual. Double speak you say? You have to be one to know one:0 As I said going forward I will see your comments from these point of view and throw in which bucket this fits best.

            1) Elevate Tigray: I don’t care, not my concern. You can do it every day, every hour or every minute.
            2) Demonize Eritrea, her people and her future: – I will call you on it when I see it.
            3) Confuse, divert and kill Eritrea’s interests : I will point it out.
            4) ኣጀውጀው : I don’t care.

          • haileTG


            Wishes can be listed but you lack the skills to do so. Your blunder yesterday opened many eyes. I think the NNNN will also kick you out for your own goal scorer in chief liability status. Just chill, and develop the basics of debates and counter argumentation. You have attended this university long enough, soon we will have to let you go by age factor than attaining basic skill sets:-)

            Why don’t you fight TPLF than the messenger? Just a thought…..

          • Berhe Y

            Hi HaileTG,

            Lack of skills? NNNN, old age, yes basic skills of debate … Haha…putting me in defence, by putting me down is your next plan in your ammunition that you are deploying. Keep trying 🙂

            I never claimed that I am master debate or that disinformation is my area of expertise, unlike you. I am happy to be revoked any title that you bestowed on me.

            I feel at times that I waste too much time here at AT without any return on my investment in time.

            But peeling you like an onion (አቦይ ፍቃዱ ባዕሎም ይነአዱ) has been time well spent and a great contribution:)

            As I said, every morning I will read with focus on the above mentioned plan of yours.

            Let’s see how it goes and how long you will last.

          • haileTG

            Selam Berhe,

            Cross out old age from the list of my counter put downs. I don’t think you are old age wise and I respect and honor age very much. I am talking about being too old for the university, that could be 27 years or 36 years. So, no older brother or sister be offended in the forum, age is blessings.

            As to what you plan, to see how long I last, hmmm… ልፋ ያለው በህልሙ ግንድ ተሸክሞ ይዞራል! You know me better than that to waste your time!

          • Berhe Y

            Hi HaileTG,

            If I take a break, and never to comment again, please consider that you achieved your goal.

            Have a good life.

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            Hey Berhe,
            Let me ask you from different angle.
            What’s bothering you lately? Maybe that will answer some of your concerns.

          • haileTG

            Selam Berhe,

            ኣይተባጩ ኢና ዘልናካ እምበር ምጽሓፍ ደኣ ከም ልብኻ። ከነፋኑ ክንቅበል እኮ ማዓንጣና ወጺና። ንምዃኑ ክንደይ ግዜ ኢኻ ይግፍሓልካ ክትብለኒ? ግዚኡ ኣጽቢብካ ምኻድዩ:-)

          • saay7

            Selamat Hailat, Berhe, iSem, Emma, and all:

            No, this is not going to be another ዓገብ! It’s a dissenting view. That what unites you far outweighs what separates you:

            What unites you:

            The Isaias regime is an illegitimate one, having stolen power from people and rules with an iron fist. And consequently, it has exiled 100s of 1000s of Eritreans, impoverished the people, disappeared their loved ones, and has been taking the country from one disaster to another without much return to show for its power monopoly in all sphere: political, economical, social development.

            What separates you the foreign policy of this regime. And not all its foreign policy but one or two: Ethiopia for sure. That’s it.

            For those of us old timers who have seen other prior life-or-death, you-are -with -us -or -against -us feuds (should the Alliance include charter 3 and 4, should the struggle be armed or peaceful, should the EPLF veterans apologize or not before they join the opposition, etc etc), many of which have now been largely forgotten with the single result being frayed friendships, doesn’t it appear to you that the only lesson we have learned is not to learn a single lesson?

            Really, guys: no matter how much you oppose each other do you at any time see yourselves aligning with Nehna Nsu? Do you see yourselves ever justifying the 30 years of waste the Isaias regime has inflicted on the country. There are people who do. Do you see yourselves you have more in common with them than with one another?

            I am betting you don’t. Therefore there really is no need to treat the Ethiopian civil the way we do. It’s a country too big to fail and in the end all those who are calling each other fascists and terrorists will sit down and talk. What comes then of all our rage and fury? And where does that leave Eritrea? My guess: same place it is at, with nobody to advance its national interest. I wish we (me included) spent more time discussing that from our different perspectives.

            The 80/20 rule applies here too: let’s use it.


          • Meba

            ” It’s a country too big to fail and in the end all those who are calling each other fascists and terrorists will sit down and talk.” I agree!

          • iSem

            Hi Saay: is Saay or Sal AA 🙂
            For long time I thought BY was doing his devil’s advocate series from 2003. If you remember he wrote a series of articles, I think at Asmarino and he called them Devli’s Advocate. I asked him what does devil’s advocate mean. He told me and then I remembered and I kidded him that the first time I heard devil’s advocate was the the cardinals debating if some dead person is qualified to be canonized to sainthood

          • haileTG

            Hi iSem

            Devli’s Advocate? At the time of Asmarino? I can imagine the confusion it must have created:-)

          • haileTG

            Merhaba saay!

            Fully agree and thanks as usual! I would like to add one or two cents worth:)

            Our only difference may not even be Ethiopia, as myself included, we know little about the intricate dynamics of Ethiopia’s politics. So, the one point that is proving profound problem is Tigray.

            And, Tigray is too big to fail even if we focus on that. The old guard TPLF is not much to be seen in the current multitudes of Arena, Baytona, Salsay Woyane, Demhit, HiweHat…. all those have joined as TDF. Even the IA grown Demhit has a rightful place in Tigray. Tigrayans have somehow found space to some degree to their fellow Tigrayans. Compare that to ours? All those things you rightly listed as our common suffering were defended by calling every single voice TPLF. If that wasn’t a nonsensical as it were, why not a space for all voices? If Tigrayans can value and give space to Demhit, how can Eritreans like the ones we are tackling here welcome all Eritrean voices? Which I know you’re not against.

            When we have been devastated by losses like Lampedusa and refused the right to speak for them because doing so is to help TPLF? When we are refused to speak for our needlessly fallen in Tigray war because the TFLF’s dead is of a higher concern, when we have a mindset that is besieged by an old political relic in Tigray called TPLF….what would be the correction course?

            If we expand our political base to include all voices, the foundation soil of our progress is fertilized and would grow into a wonderful garden of fruits and flowers. But, the mindlessly shouting your fellow people woyane woyane….when such political environment is not even to be found in Tigray proper is a menace to our struggle. It appeals to basic instinct of societal stereotypes. The real victims in all this is ultimately ourselves.

            Otherwise, let alone for us to stand with IA, he wouldn’t even consider standing with anything Eritrea himself. TPLF is fight, lost in history of his youth and yesteryear, shouldn’t and couldn’t be our fight. If they must include us with Tigray, we want to choose one of those other modern parties there:-)

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Hailat-TG, Sem & Saay,

            Unfortunately, the Eritrean Necropolitics kept us as colony of “docile dead walking people” who are unable to identify our enemy. Very strange! Even the devil of Asmara could not give us a single unity of purpose to fight against him.


          • iSem

            Hi BY:
            You can take your issue with Haile TG but here are two factual errors in this comment: “my friend iSem (another TPLF warrior he has turned out to be). WRONG. I still do not know what is your motivations for pushing this line with me and AH and now HTG too.
            I do not think you love Eritrean more than AH, HTG and iSem. If you have facts arguments besides calling some here TPLF warriors (as you were yourself called before by you know who), then let debate them, but you are killing many brain cells in me at least with your arguments.
            To be blunt, Nirticc is not needed
            iSem said: ” TPLF does not want to open another front with Eritrea”
            I did not say that, I said, it would be bad/stupid idea to open war front with Eritrea as it means fighting two enemies at the same time. How can I say, “TPLF does not want to open another front with Eritrea.” How would I know that?
            it is amazing: ነዚስ አንቜ ኣርክብክሉ

          • Berhe Y

            Hi iSem,

            I will make sure to quote you exactly next time around, even though what I said was trying to paraphrase what I understood you said.

            I don’t think you are paying attention or you spend time to understand what AH and his provocation has been lately.

            I called you TPLF worrier because you have been sarcastically invoking comments indirectly to what I said or wrote. At times (on many occasion), you change my argument as if I am defending the actions of IA and PFDJ.

            But it’s fair, I should stick to the issue at hand and will stop from generalizing. I apologize.

          • iSem

            Hi BY:
            good baby steps. If I change your arguments, point them out and we can fix them or defend with evidence.
            But even paraphrasing can be done correctly, you do not have to quote directly to be factual, you can still paraphrased, but that paraphrasing is not paraphrasing, it is wrong. Big difference
            Ok, I will pay attention what AH is saying
            When this debate and war start, it was yo who started calling ppl TPLF warriors, I was saying you are pushing same lines, logic like PFDJ, you could explain that it was not by paraphrasing your self too L0L
            An the issue about accusing HTG of something and then asking him to exonerate himself with facts is the antithesis of the whole idea to replace PFDJ. If you have to do that post PFDJ it will be disaster
            So you still have not provided us with evidence that EDF was in the ware after TPLF shot at Asmara.
            The Tigryans were saying we bombed Asmara airport after Eri bombed schools, too in 1998.
            You were in this debate the moment the war started and even before it started and you have equal access so I ask you:

            Do you believe EDF was in the war or not, if yes when?,

          • Berhe Y

            Hi iSem,

            Leaving all the rest aside, just focusing on your last sentence.

            The first part:

            Yes, they were in the war. That has been established already by confirming themselves of their withdrawal.

            The second part:

            When, I don’t know to be exact. They could have been there from day one.

            My point was, the argument “the missile firing was in response to EDF involvement (10 days prior was by clearly established evidence as per HTG initial comment). All I asked was, what is that evidence?

          • iSem

            OK BY:
            Now let us wait till they confirm that they were in Tigray to defend Eritrea after Woyane fired missiles to Asmara multiple times.
            I guess we will get our evidence and urge Haile to stop spending energy to get evidence

          • Berhe Y

            Hi iSem,

            You can wait if you like but I never said we have to wait to hear from them.

            Here you have it

            “yes they were there before and the missiles to Asmara (no where close to the area of the conflict) was in direct response the the bombing of Humera”.

            Happy now:)

          • iSem

            Hi BY:
            No, I do not have to wait, but best evidence is confessions. So if they do that, then we have evidence
            And am happy because that was not genuine

            So, you now believe that EDF was in the war but they were not deep in Tigray, they were in the periphery?

          • Berhe Y

            Hi iSem,

            You know my English is not sophisticated like yours. It’s too much to expect me to use words like periphery 🙂

            Believe what ever you like to believe, I have no idea.

          • iSem

            Hi BY:
            No, English is second language for both of us, probably a third language in your because of Amaharic 🙂
            there is nothing sophisticated by my English or periphery and you know it

          • woldu hadgu

            Dear Berhe:

            You came clothed with ample artificial feathers, but one by one the feathers were scattered by the wind of truth thus leaving you exposed and freeze cold. Let me ask you questions of wisdom:

            1. How can one destroy or demean an already destroyed and demeaned nation? If you ask me by whom, answering this question will be superfluous for me because you know it.

            2. Isn’t it history that absolves? No amount of argument by an individual can or can’t absolve. But one thing I am sure of is: IA and PFDJ are condemned by history.

            3.Are you still wishing TPLF to do your (including mine) dirty job? To rectify wrong; straighten the crooked; rebuild the damaged; uplifting the crushed spirit of Eritrea; curing the festered wound of Eritrean people and their Eritreanism is and should rest on you and I.

            4. Is the wrath that you anticipate worse than the wrath that was unleashed by IA and PFDJ over our people for the last thirty years?

            Madness.madness….madness brother.

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Woldu,

            If you are to argue at least you need to quote me correctly. When did I ever said

            Are you still wishing TPLF to do your (including mine) dirty job? .

            Last time, you were telling me how you analyzing and you told me using I reverse physiology what I write and say is the opposite of what I mean.

            I told you to act your age and to honour the struggle you paid your life instead of wasting your time reading what’s not written.

            It looks like nothing has changed and I will like to rest my case with you as well.

            Come back when you try to challenge my views honestly. I don’t have time to fight and argue with people as we say “FeliTom zideqesu”.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Hailat,

          Docile populations do always fight each other than fighting their oppressors in unison. The problem with docile population is they don’t know their docilities and let their fate to be determined by Devine intervention. They attribute their misery as punishment for their sins. Once they are trapped in such psychological defeat, there is nothing can be done to change for that debilitating attitude. The misery in our country is made up from our own failures and our own docility to whoever comes to the helm of power. If Issayas gone there are many Issayas in the queues – and the political culture of “ዝነገሰ ንጉሰና” will continue as expected.


  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ምሁር ምስተነቕፈ
    ምሁር ዝብል ሽመት ደኣሞ
    ከመይሉ ከጥሪ

    ምሁር ሓቂ ክጥምዘዝ
    ጎስይዎ ክሓልፍ
    ብስምዒት ወይ ብፍርሒ
    ምሁር ክብሎ የሰክፈኒ
    ምሁር ማለት ንታዩ ግዲ

    ታሪኽ ኣጽኒዕና ይብሉ
    ናይ ሕጂ ገዲፎም
    ኣብ ታሪኽ ዝነብሩ

    ተክኖልጂ በሊዕናዮ
    ብዓዲ ሃሎ ዝምርሑ
    ምሁራት ነይኮኑ
    መትከልኩም ኣነጽሩ

    እዚ ነቶም ኣብ መትከሎም ሸጥ መዓንጣ ምሁራት ኣይትንክፍን ‘ዩ።
    እዚ ነቶም ኣፎም ሎጊሞም ሕማቕ ኣይወጾም ኣይምልከትን [ዋላ ‘ኳ ሕጉሳት ‘ተዘይኮንኩም]
    እዚ ነቶም ኣብ ጎድኒ ህግደፍ ብንጹር ጸግዒ ዝሓዙ ኣይምልከትን [ዋላ ኳ ዘደንጹ ‘ንተኾነ]
    እዚ መልእኽቲ ነቶም ወሽላኻት ላንጋ-ላንጋ ተበለጽቲ ምሁራት ‘ና ዝብሉ ‘ዩ ዘማዕዱ

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ


    ሓንጎልና ‘ተንምርመር
    ክንደይ ኣበር
    ምጸነሓና ‘ልኩም ትሓስቡ?

    ካብ ሓንጎሉ ትንኩፍ
    ስጋብ ዝለዓለ ማህሰይቲ
    ካብ ዘህተፍትፍ
    መርገጹ ዘጥፍእ
    ሕልና-ኣልቦ ኴኑ ዝለምስ
    ክንደይ ምኢታዊት ምኾነ?

    ኣነስ ብዙሓት ዓሰርተታት ይግምት
    መን’ሞ ይመርምረና

  • woldu hadgu

    Dear friends:
    Is it sick curiosity that prompts us to ask/know how many TDF lost? There is a wise way to answer this question. Let’s say so far TDF lost one million of its cobatants, a very shockingly big number. But there is a purpose to their death: to save the lives of six million people. So comparing it to the purpose at hand, unless one is inclined to spare the dead and to let the six million die, it is a reasonable causality. This is what we call martyrdom. In martyrdom numbers don’t matter: the end result matter. On the other hand to lose four to thirteen thousands EDF soldiers for the purpose of enabling evil, i.e., to collaborate and ameliorate the annihilation of six million people is unreasonable and morally abhorrent causality. This type of death should be avoided at any cost even by giving up one’s life. To die in order to save lives is quite different from to die to take other’s lives. Do you remember the siege of Masada? All the defenders died and the Romans were shocked in admiration. We still remember the Martyrs of Masada and history is very kind to them. Do you remember the two million causalities of Russian soldiers in defending Stalingrad thus the Russian people? They are still remembered (as opposed to the forgotten German dead) and history is very kind to them. It will be the same for the TDF martyrs: history will be kind to them. Woe to those who died but who would be rejected, tarnished and forgotten by history. Those who died without their volition to participate in this evil endeavor will be spared of the blame and we CRY for them and their mothers.

    • Abi

      Hello woldu hadgu
      The irony is, there are more and more casualties after the unilateral ceasefire. The TDF soldiers are dying because of their reckless adventures through the Amhara and Afar lands. Had they accepted the ceasefire, there wouldn’t have been anymore casualties. I don’t agree with your characterization of these casualties as “ reasonable “ or martyrdom . Sending children and the elderly to their death is not reasonable.

      • leGacY

        Why settle for Silver when first prize is Gold? As I keep on reminding you, we are the superior ones and as such we get to have the final say. There is only one way this conflict will come to end and that is -TDF in Addis . Get all the firepower including all the jets that will come in very handy in getting rid of Issais.

        • Abi

          “መብላቷን ሳታውቅ እጇን ታጠበች”

          • leGacY

            Makes no sense. I wash my hands because of COVID not because I am anticipating food.. Useless language.

          • Abi

            ምነው እንደ ትግሬ ጀበና ቶሎ ትገነፍላለህ? You need to install a release valve. How about a brown bag?

        • Metshaf Jigninet

          Hello legacy,

          Tigrayans like Fanta Ghana build bridges, and Tigrayans like yourself and gual Agame blow the bridges to pieces.

          The Fanta Ghana character is multifaceted when it comes to his/her skills. It is a joy to read their posts and hope they continue spreading enlightenment in the forum and beyond. It is much needed in the times to come.

          When you threaten Eritrea, you will have those of us who don’t accept the involvement of TPLF turn against you.

          You want to remove IA/PFDJ and destroy our army (EDF), but it will lead to the above getting support from which they least expected.

          Saying EDF needs to be destroyed, like some do, is completely unacceptable. Focus on political organisations that have a say, not those who follow orders willingly, or unwillingly.

          Please, learn diplomacy from Ustaz/Ustaza Fanti Ghana!

          • leGacY

            Hi Metshaf,
            Surely you are entitled to your views of course but your opinion means squat to me. There is an army that has invaded our land and looted our resources. We have to make sure that this never ever happens again and that includes getting rid of Issais. How you feel about this, is irrelevant!

          • Metshaf Jigninet

            Hi legacy,

            I guess living up to the name you chose shouldn’t come as a surprise.

            Your army raped Eritrean women and looted in the last war. I take it you’re not interested in taking it into account? The cycle of revenge is never ending.

            You will never be allowed to incapacitate EDF. Keep your childrens fantasy to yourself.

      • iSem

        you are so hypocrite, you were cheering the invasion and your behind was kicked and Abiy declared cease fire, you think TPLF are fools to stop when they have the upper hand on someone who came to exterminate them. You cannot have your qaat and also keep it for the drought season.
        No doubt the TDF are dying a lot, you know how I know that? Because your side is not throwing qaat and dabbo at them, they are shooting bullets and bombs, but they are in your land and they have the right to get a buffer zone on their enemy. And I am waiting for that hero of yours Ashagern to shoot himself as he promised
        Your take is rich and you are in denial. I always wanted Ethiopia to be strong, a strong neighbor is good for all, but now this useless country that is giving bad name to E.Africa should be put to rest.
        There was no ceasefire.
        I admit that the disintegration of Ethiopia is my dream, can you admit that the annihilation of Tigray people, the 7 million strong, is also your dream

        • Abi

          “ዶሮ ብታልም ጥሬዋን”

          • iSem

            translate, Amharic is of the past

          • Abi

            “ህልሚ ድሆሮ ጥራጥሬ”
            Tigrinya is of the future!!!

          • Meba

            Hello Ras Abi,
            I had followed Awate for the last seven years silently. I enjoyed the civil dialogues of Intellectuals from opposite sides. But recently it’s becoming like the others.
            I admire you for your calm response to all these hateful comments about Ethiopia. For people who admit their dream is the disintegration of Ethiopia, their names should be listed with those served Mussolini and Graziani. One listed a link of a criminal wanted by Ethiopian justice system siting him as a respected “professor” who tell the truth about the war. Another states ” I admit that the disintegration of Ethiopia is my dream”!!! My great grandfather fought in Adowa, my grandfather fought Mussolini’s soldiers and bandhas. I am old enough to hear Zenawi and his friends attacking Ethiopia on Mogadishu radio during the seventies.
            In 1978 I was a freshman in Addis Ababa University. I was assigned with two students who came from Asmara. I became close friend with one of them. One day my friend told me about his past involvement with ELF. I was shocked! I advised him to never tell that story to anyone. Not even to his own relatives. But the time I spent with him helped me understand why some chose to fight with the rebels sacrifying their good life in Addis. The account I read on this site about what happened in Karen was similar to what my friend told me in Addis. Today I respect the independent country Eritrea and it’s leaders. I am proud of our Nobel Peace price winner prime minster. What is happening in Eritrea is Internal affairs for Eritreans. No Ethiopian government should be involved in regime change inside Eritrea. For those who keep dreaming the disintegration of Ethiopia. Keep dreaming! Ethiopians prefer to shed their blood than being a slave to any one! We are proud of our fathers and great grand fathers! We learn from history and try to correct our mistakes. When PMAA tried to avoid war by privately and publicly begging the Weyane’s to come to their senses. He was called a coward. When he refused to cut budgets after the Tigrai kilel used the money sent for schools and big projects to buy weapons and train soldiers he was called a secret Weyane.
            Anyway, this war will end in the next few months. We will rebuild Tigrai and the rest of Ethiopia. Ethiopia will become the superpower of the world (sorry I didn’t say Africa!) in the next 50 years!
            I liked Saleh Johar’s short messages (I don’t like his history interpretation of Ethiopia, but I understand) and almost every comment by Haile S. Among TPLF supporters I liked Dr Paul. If he comes back, please be nice to him.
            Otherwise, I wish the best for everyone before I turnoff Awate for good!

          • Abi

            Hello Meba
            Thanks for the vote of confidence! I do my best to remind those who keep hallucinating that somehow , someday Ethiopia will disintegrate just because their handlers are not ruling over the country.
            Just like you, I respect the sovereignty and integrity of Eritrea. Under the leadership of the no nonsense ወዲ አፎም ( የክፉ ቀን ደራሽ ልጃችን) Eritrea will move forward along with Ethiopia!! I have no doubt about it.
            Zenawi and Zenawism is dead and buried! በዜናዊዝም መቃብር ላይ : በዘረኝነት መቃብር ላይ: ኢትዮጵያችን ከፍ ትላለች!!! ዳቦ በሽ በሽ ይሆናል:-)

            መምህር ኃይለ is a class by himself! ሓውና በያንን የመሰለ ወንድም በማግኘቴ እድለኛ ነኝ::
            Your assessment regarding Ato Saleh is on point. When it comes to current situation with Ethiopia, he is clueless at best.
            My favorite weyane is St Fantiness!!

            I hope you change your mind and stay in the shadows 🙂

          • Haile S.

            Selam Meba,

            Thank you for your generous words! We are almost of the same AAU period. It was a tumultuous period and coming to Addis from Eritrea was so challenging for many of us, let alone for those that you mentioned were involved with ELF & EPLF. Add to that the 3-term/year experiment the university administration brought and the poor quality of food with the bread made of half-grind seeds and the boiled lentils (ምስር-ወጥ). The line-up for the doctor’s certificate with insistence for a self-diagnosed stomach ulcer to get a special food was so long that many of us got discouraged. Only those who didn’t mind missing class or failing a subject were determined in getting it. Bad luck to them, they cannot eat it alone, either they share it or harrased to cheat once or twice and bring plates so that we the “normal stomached” can get some greenery, potatoes and carrots. Having said that, it is a luxury talking about these things now at a period where Ethiopia is at a crossroad and further today PMAA has called a total mobilization of Ethiopians and escalation of the conflict. Hopefully, cool Ethiopian minds of all kinds will prevail to bring a solution on a table where every claim is discussed and solved as peacefully as possible.
            Kind regards

        • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

          Hey iSem
          My stand is that the disintegration of Ethiopia is good for all but the amharas [to be specific those gonderes]. When those guys left by themselves, everyone will be at peace.
          About that Teshager guy, he now run away to addis. He said if TDF conquered AlamaTa, he will take the bullet but it has been weeks since then. Coward guy. What do you expect from gondereie. A lot of talk but almost zero action.

          • Abi

            Look who is in the former “ west Tigray “? You guessed right! The Mighty Gonderes!!!!!
            Now, that is action plus!

          • Peace ToAll

            Abi ጎንደር ተግደርዳሪው
            Again, Please listen to your Gondere singer Teddy Afro has to say about the elite nkoberites. ጉራ ብቻ

            ያን ጉራ ሁላ ጉራ ሁላ
            ያን ጉራ ሁላ ትታ ነፍሴ
            ወኔዬ ከዳኝ ወንድነቴ
            ወድቆ ጨነቀኝ ኩራቴ
            ወትሮም በአፍ ቃል ይፈጥናል ቀድሞ ተሸናፊ
            ላያድን ቃል ብቻ
            ምን ያደርጋል ዛቻ
            ጉራ ብቻ

          • Abi

            Selam Peace ToAll
            መልስ እንዳልመልስልህ ወዳጅ ዘመድ ” ራሥ አቢ ብቻቸውን ያወራሉ” እንዳይሉኝ ሰጋሁ::
            ብቻዬን የማወራ ከመምሰል ዝም ማለትን መረጥኩ::
            ችግሬ ይገባህ ይሆናል…

    • iSem

      Hi WH:
      Nice piece. But I wanted to add one more thing to your: ” enabling evil, i.e., to collaborate and ameliorate the annihilation of six million people…’
      And in the process and the end goal in mind is for the pleasure of IA whims, his revenge. Like the May 24 accomplished nothing except to make him tyranny. Oh, I forgot, it gave us a flag, a piece of cloth that some wrap around to feel belonging.

      Abi is in trans, his wishes come to him in dreams. Unless the war goes for many years, it is impossible for a million ppl to die, physically impossible unless the great nation of Ethiopia has nuclear bomb that they have got from their cousins: the children of Solomon. That is Abi’s desirers and he will be disappointed when the million turn out to be Amharas. But we know that Mengistu, who Abi admires has killed 1million people during his red terror spree in Tigray, Ethiopia and Eritrea