Critical Reading: a reply

Introductory notes :For all the reductionist talk that try to depict the current crisis in narrow,  simplistic, static, dichotomized views,

The Eritrean keyboard Master: Abdalla  Abubakar

Abdalla Abubakar’s towering contribution towards the development of the Eritrean music had not received its due acknowledgement until late.  Thanks

Eritrea: A Classic African dictator took over (Book Review)

Book Reviewer: Chefena Hailemariam Bjork, Christina. 2019. Eritrea: A Classic African dictator took over. Themes, Stockholm. ISBN 978-91-985588-0-7 Christina Bjork’s

Post-DC Voices and Identity Politics (Part II)

Introductory note “Countering dominant and hegemonic narratives is the flip-side of being complicit” (Michel Bamberg 2004). [i] In my part

Post-DC Voices and Identity Politics (Part I)

Introduction “ይኣክል” or “Enough” is a dynamic grassroots based process around which Eritreans globally are getting organized to make their

PFDJ’s Art of Deception

A cultural troupe overflew Mekele, where it could have enjoyed much excitement from bigger and more lively audience. But this

Grassroots view: The Discourse of Martyrdom and Sovereignty (P2)

In Part I tried to show two separate narratives or discourses around martyrdom, sovereignty, and nationalism as represented by the

Grassroots View: The Discourse of Martyrdom and Sovereignty

Introductory note: This article is based on my contribution to a panel discussion on the 14th of May 2016 organized to

In Search Of An Appropriate Politics For Eritreans Diaspora

After years of silence and indifference, it looks that some Eritrean academics and professionals in the Diaspora have started to

The Revolutionary Tesfamariam Woldemariam And SAUA

In memory of a young revolutionary SAUA has nothing to do with SAWA, the military camp that gained notoriety associated