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Post-DC Voices and Identity Politics (Part I)


“ይኣክል” or “Enough” is a dynamic grassroots based process around which Eritreans globally are getting organized to make their voices heard and stand up against tyranny. Undoubtedly, the movement is marking visible gains world-wide as the fields of mobilisation get wider with  renewed revolutionary fervour.  But everything has not been rosy as its critics, have particularly assaulted the DC Yiakl Baito, at its very early developmental stage.   In a month-long talk the critics consistently called for the dissolution of the US-Yiakl Baito on the grounds that it is “infested” with some “cliquish” elements.  The talk starts with attributing the mess to vague agency and it gradually turns to become more explicit, it insinuates the social base of the “suspect community” which is this the focus this of article.  I discuss this issue in relation to how actors compete to gain control over the social meanings of words. Thus, the question “whose voice is being heard” and if voice is democratised is embedded in the discussion.  I start by highlighting the need to understand Yiakl phenomenon as both a voice, and an action, issue revolving around importance of defining the organizational status of such a movement are dealt with.  I then move on rhetorical analysis on the basis of the image presented by the detractors  of DC Yiakl Boito on various on-line forums.  In Part II, I make a case for a more open-minded and accommodating political debate that aims at understanding the politics of identity positioning.

 Yiakl is Action

At its inception, “Yiakl” or “Enough” was both an idea and a word.  It then evolved into action.   The talk and text, used in their social context, have their own social or political consequences and language certainly matters a great deal in so far as it positively or negatively shapes the socio-political structures of a society. One cannot discount the role of powerful discourses of Trumpism and Brexit and the ways they drew from anti- immigrant campaign that won them their votes.  Such narratives turn to become the carriers of populist and racist ideology. While the El Paso shooting has been described as an act of domestic terrorism inspired by the ideology of Trumpism, Brexit is a vote against globalization, against cosmopolitan elites, and anti-immigrant.

Far from being just an empty slogan, “Yiakl” is a linguistic action, and a rallying point with a visibly unifying function.   The ripple effect transcended socio-political boundaries to unite dives groups. It hit home, and as “the going gets tough” the resounding voices of the justice seeking masses unsettled the “tough”.   His cohorts  ridiculed Yiakl by  calling us ለፍላፊ  “garrulous” and  ጠራዕራዕ “braggarts”, they  couldn’t  hold us back even if they tried harder.

The “ኣብ ግብሪ” mantra i.e. “show me in action” or something to that effect, has been convenient distraction used by PFDJ as if to bully us.  Not anymore!

We will retort in the same way, and say, “the word matters, and it is through the word that you been in power for so long, you have been using language to divide-and rule us, a game you think you are good at”.  The Dallas saga is a case in point and Norway is following suit.  In an unprecedented fashion the ceremonial justice Minister was demolished and exposed for public shame.    But, as it did at crucial moments in its past, yet again, the Isaias group has come back with vengeance to incite tribal divide. Unfortunately, the PFDJ was not alone in this exercise. More than just a pushback, strong condemnation and accusation came from within the opposition.

Whose voice is being heard?

No sooner had the DC gathering ended than some disgruntled individuals cried foul. One of the vocal opponents of the formation of the US Yiakel Baito has been Mr KH. In several occasions, he  expressed his strong condemnation of the formation of the Yiakl Baito America on the grounds that crimes have been committed in the way the Baito members made their way to the body of representatives. And he consistently and adamantly called on the dissolution of the Baito on on-line forums and radios.

By and large, the theoretical debate that Mr KH  figured prominently was useful in terms of clarifying the ways a mass movement organization should be structured. His proposal of a broad-based horizontally inclined structuring has relevance to how tightly mass movement organizations such as that of, Yiakl should be organized.

Also, what is not straightforward is, how the US Yiakl Baito was being “high-jacked” by some evil force, thereby sowing the seeds of “ethnicization”, “Somalization”[i] etc.  Many individual and civic organizations have been blamed for their attempts to “own” the US movement. An academic who stood tall against the tyranny since early 90s became the first victim of abusive remarks with an expressed aim to silence him[ii]. But the prime suspect in this story is some mysterious “a clique implanted” within the US Yiakl Baito.

The audio recorded discussion that Mr KH took central role  is too voluminous for it to deal with in its entirety. But, picking on the most telling episodes could offer some feel of the overall thesis.  I have to admit, it is not just the volume of the online material that poses difficulty but also making sense of the logical process followed by Mr KM  in order make a case against the status of the US Baito Yiakl.

If as claimed, what happened in DC constituted a crime, it then needs to be treated as such.  And whoever decides to go the bottom of it, the burden of proof is understandably going to be huge. By the same token, he/ or she has to accept that they are accountable for what they say.

For all intents and purposes, political discourses are never neutral.  More often than not, interlocutors have to persuade their audience that they are right and the other is wrong.  On this occasion, the stakes of the political discourse have been raised higher wondering into a territory that few had trodden into. It is about politics of identity, and more specifically intra-Tigrinya identity positioning and how that had played out in the recent US Baito Yiakl.

The Eritrean cyber community would have been better served if the topic i.e, the politics of identity within the Highland society, thought to be the most homogenous, was taken up in the Ngaba’ forum. As the name would indicate, I imagine that is what this forum purports to do. Unfortunately Mr KH missed the opportunity.

The innuendo that was leveled against the DC Yiakl Baito was so intense that some members were made to publicly disclose their descent and where their parents hailed from. Nonetheless, the level of forbearance they had to endure in the face such hostile is commendable.  And admitting one’s own mistakes is a courageous move on the part of the Baito members.

Well-meaning critics pointed out that there were some ‘irregularities and gaps in the process towards sending representatives to DC, but maintained that this was a movement they consider their own and they don’t want the momentum to wane.

Then there was a veteran of the armed struggle who came to the fore to give his frank assessment, constructive criticism, encouragement and guidance. It is an example of truly inter-generational synergy,  demonstrating what the wisdom, experience and political maturity of the older generation can offer to the young imaginative minds.


[i]   seeds of “ethicisation” , “somalization youtube

[ii] trying to silence and abuse an academic (1:01:11 minute mark)

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    ‘ሞ ንምሰሎም

    ስለ ዝመሰሎ
    ንዓንዶም ከምዚ ዝስዕብ ብሎ
    ተራአይዎ ክርአ ናብ ግምሃሎ

    አዛ ሓላሎም ምድሪ ልምልምቲ ያ ዘላ
    ዘይንሕንገራ ዘይንሕዘላ
    ንታደለሽ ደቂ ታድለሽ
    አንካብ ምን ኣለሽ
    ዘለዎ ምልስ ምላሽ ከም ናይ አንቁጡጣሽ
    ንናይ ጋሽ ጋሸ ጋሻ ጋሽ
    ንፋሱ ንፋሽ
    ተስኪምና ፋሽ
    ኣበይ ዘሎ ዩ ኩርሙይ
    ሓፍ ዝብል ሓፋሽ

    ቀጸለ በቀለ ወዲ መቀለ
    ሱቕ አስከ ንበል ኣስኩት
    ዝፈረየ ኣብቲ ናትና ኢንስቲቱት
    አቲ ሙዕሙላት ፍሩያት ዝተፈትወት

    ዛንታ ናይ ሉሕ ማርሞ ፈረስ
    ተኽዊልናዮም ጸኒሕናስ
    ብመጻወድያና ከነብሎም ከርፈስ

    ምስ ማርዘነብ የለን ሰበብ
    ንደቂ ሄለን ምስ ደቂ መነን
    ብሰማይ ስማይ ኣብ ሰማይ
    ንስኻ ውን ደቅኻ ከማይ
    ኣብታ ገረወይና
    ንኹሎም ኣስፊርና
    ንሪኦም ኣንቃዕሪርና
    ዓቚርና ዓቢ ሚስጢርና
    ንኽንሃጅሞም ደሓር ሓቢርና

    ክንደይ ዘደንቕ ምህዞ ምህዞታት
    ካብ ማዕከናት ከምሙዕቡላት
    ናይ ፈለምቲ ተክኒካውያን ሰኣልቲ
    ፈጠርካ ኣድሚቕካ ከዋኹብቲ
    ኣህጢርና ደቂ ሓፍቲ

    መሲልና ንዓኦም ከም ኣሟቖቲ
    ግን ብዝተረፈና ረመጽ ሓሙኽሽቲ
    ከም ናይታ ጽብቕቲ።

    ኢሂ አንታይ ከፊኡካ ክኸፍኣካ ወዲ ዓዲ ሞንገቲ

    ዲዩ ድንሽ ዱባ
    ወይ ሩባ
    ናይ ሩባዱባ
    ወረርቲ ዝወርዋ ….


    ጃይ ጻጸ GitSAtSE

  • ጉሒላ ጒሖላታት
    ካብ ኣስታ ኡስ ኡስታት
    ስነ ፍልጠታዊ ሓሳባት

    ዝሶለኸ ፈሲ ፈሳሲ ፈስታት
    ኣየ ማዕበል ሙዕቡላት
    ን ፍሪክወንሲ ናይ ፈሲ ፈሲ
    ናይ ፍላስፋታት ፈላሲ
    ናይ ፈላሲት ፎውሲ

    ይቕርቡልካ ብ መብልዕ ቁርሲ
    ኣቕርብ ኣክብ ኩርሲ
    ጽብሓሎም ክሲ
    ከሳሲኡ ኢኻ ንስኻ ሲ

    ነዓኒ አንዶ ኣንታ ወዲ ኣሞይ ጓል ‘ሞ
    ነዚ ህድሞይ አተዎ አሞ
    ቅድም ቀዳድሞ
    ናይ ሃዘሞ ዕማምካ ዓምሞ
    ዘምዘመይ ዘምዘምካ ዘምዘም
    አ ሕሕ ም አሕሕ አሕም
    ጭሕሚ ዘጭሕም
    ጉጅም ጉጅም
    ሹቕ ወሪድካ ዓድገሎም ቅመም
    ድሓር ሱቕ ኢልካ ኣቃምም
    ክታምካ ከትመሎም ኣክትም
    ተኮሓሐል ተጸምበር በል ኣጆኻ አስክትሽም

    ካብ በልካ ሱቕ ይጥዕም
    ሕራይ ግርም
    ንዓና ነቶም ንዕድም
    የብልናን ጸገም ንኽንጉህምም
    ስገምካ ስምስም ብናትካ ስም

    ብሞግልሒታትና ኣብ ከንዲ ፎውሲ
    ን ቕጽል ንቕጽሎ ንስምም።


    ጃይ ጻጸ GitSAtSE

  • Selamat,

    If only Nitricc and the Doc were not drunk from the festivities they are accustomed to. Ranging from a casual dinner and a glass of wine with friends the genesis tracing back to chilehood — Take Miriam her child and her father, the Eritrean monument she sees. Does it matter? Yes it does.

    ደቂ ዓራርብ ኣይቲረብርብ
    ኣይትበል ሕግብግብ
    መዝግብ ኣርክብ
    ቅረብ ኣቕርብ

    አቲ ካላይ ወለዶ ናተይ ናቱ


    መን ኣሎ ዝብሎ ዓገብ
    አምበር ደኣ ዕገብ
    ስለዚ መን ኢዩ ዝፈርሀ
    ስቕ ዝበለ ዘይዛረብ

    ስለዚ ሕሰበሉ
    ኣቶኪርካ መርምረሉ
    አንታይ ኢዩ ፈሊሉ
    ቡኡ ‘ብሉ
    ምስ ኣፍሰሰ

    ስለ ጉዳይካ ካብ ዘይ ኣድህበሉ
    መዓስ ኢዩ ደስኪሉ
    አቶ ዘይጉዳይካ ዘልዕሉ
    መንደቖም ክነድቅሉ
    ኣንቲ ‘ስኽስ ጓል ቀሺ ህይሉ

    ሻቡ ሽዑ ‘ንድኺ ዘርከብክሉ

    ኣንታ ረዚን አገለ ሓጺን
    አገለ ሓሚድ አስከ ሰስን
    መን ኢዩ ካብ መን
    ንዓኻ ዝህግን
    ን ኸአምን
    ዘበኑ ኢዩ ብዝባንካ

    ብዝባንካ አወ ብሽምካ
    ክገርመካ ኣነ ኢይ አስኻ
    ኢሉ ዝቐርበካ
    ቶኾዲሙ ኣብ አኩብካ
    ክም ዝሰኸርካ
    ንንብረትካስ ከብሪየካ
    ኣንታ ኣነስ ኢየ ወዲ ባርካ
    ኣሎ ኣትዩካ
    ብሰላሕታ ሰላሕ ሰላሕ ወሪሩካ

    ኣላ ክብል ነቲ ዕድል
    አንታይ አሞ ክብል
    ይ ኣክል
    በል ተላዐል
    ነዚ ድልድል፡


    ጃይ ጻጸ GitSAtSE

  • Hey Doc,

    Did you loose interest? You aught to have ample material. Some times the raw and authentic material is more effective that a scripted one engineered by the Muhandisat who undermine the intelligence of the receivers authentic public. Even in business monopolies and collusions is a recipe for disaster for the overall long term good.

    The RAW draws more attention than the smooth cut version. Ask any music enthusiast. Or were you lulled to sleep by the over production and monotone. MIT’s, the one in Mekele, must have a motto “Lets just wing it” bold experiments. The waters are murky near the riverbanks Yiakil… I suppose there will be a huddle now.

    Apologies for the American standard language….



  • hello in peace,
    been deniyed by Awate, let me ask to google my full name or user name (SeberAngle) and find my blog twitter pages, as I started talking about Dictatorship.

    • Saleh Johar

      There are rules you should know:
      This is not an advertising forum and links can only be posted during the weekends. Otherwise, it will be deleted.

  • invite to respond to a poll on my blog-

  • bardavidi

    Hi all All said and done the Yiakil movement is well organized and very much at this point global……..Is there any Plan that is laid out in taking some Practical actions against the Dictator ? Otherwise it will remain as a Big party of talk and agitation with no teeth to bite……..DIA is not stepping down or even hesitste to do so unless Forcefully pushed out……….Wandering in the Jungle of Doubt ………..Selah

    • Senay Zer

      Dear Bardavidi — You are correct, the capacity to bite back inside Eritrea is the next step, on to that step…

  • Tadesse Kidane

    ድሕሪ’ቲ ኩሉ ዝረኣናዮ ሓጎጽጎጽን ጸለመን ዘለፋን ናይ ገለ ወገናት፡ ሎሚ ዘፍ ኢሉ ክትርኢ ከለኻ፡ ሽዑ’ውን ዶሮና ምንባሩ ይረኣየካ። ብርግጽ ገለ ሰባት ካብ ህግደፍ ንላዕሊ፡ ኣብ ልዕሊ ገለ ከባቢታት ዝኸሓነ ጽልኢ ዝነበሮም ይመስሉ። እንተ ዘይከውን ኩሉ’ቲ ሽዑ ዝሰማዕናዮ ሓደስቲ ሓረጋትን ቃላትን (ሶማላይዘሽን፡ ረጂናሊዝም) ዝብል ከም ኣብነት ከልዕል፡ ንኹሉ ደላይ ፍትሒ ኣሰምቢዱ ኢዩ። እቲ ዝገርም፡ እዞም ሰባት ዓበይትን ማዮም ዝሰተዩን ጥራይ ዘይኮኑ፡ ኣካል ናይቲ ምእንቲ ህዝቢ በረኻ ዝነበረ ገድሊ ምንባሮም ምስ እትሰምዕ፡ “ኣብቲ በረኻ ሰብ እናተዋግአ ንሱ ዲዮም ይሓልሙ ነይሮም” ዝብል ሓሳብ ቁልጭ ይብለካ። ብሓቂ’ውን ሓንቲ መዓልቲ ምስ ካልእ ወገን ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ኮይኖም ኣብ ጽንኩር ኩነታትን ደም ኣብ ዘፋስስ ተኹሲ ዝተሳተፉ ኣይመስለንን። ብዘይካ ኣብ ታዕሊም ንጨመተ። ከምታ ካብ ከተማ ዝኸድዋ፡ ከምኣ ኢሎም ኢዮም ተመሊሶም።

    “ንህዝቦም’ውን ኣይጠቅሙን ኢዮም” ዝብል ዘረባ ምስ ሰማዕኩ’ውን፡ ንሶም’ከ መን ድዮም? ብዛዕባ ህዝቢ ከመይ ድዮም ዝሓስቡ? ኣየናይ ኢዩ ናቶም ዘይኮነ ህዝቢ? ንምዃኑ ኣብ በረኻ ከለዉ ነየናይ ህዝቢ ድዮም ይቃለሱ ነይሮም? . . . ዘይበልኩ ኣይኮንኩን። ኣብ ገለ ካብ ቃላቶም’ውን፡ “ካብ ኢሰያስ ዝገደዱ ኢዮም” ክብሉ ወስ ኣቢሎም። “ከምቲ ኢሰያስ ዝበሎ” ክብሉ’ውን ነቲ ኢሰያስ፡ ደምበ ተቃውሞ ንምቁንጻብ “እቶም ዝሰድዑ ዘለዉ ካብ ሓደ ከባቢ ኢዮም” ንዝበሎ ከበሮ ሃሪሞም ከዳምቑሉ ሰሚዕና።
    ሎሚ ግን ዘፍ’ዶ ኢሎም ሓቀይ !!!
    ኣብ ቃልዕ ዝወጸ ሰራቒ’ኮ መሕብኢ ኢዩ ዘናዲ
    ቀደም’ውን ብገለ እምነት ዘሕደርናሎም ምሁራት፡ ፍልይ ዝበለ ሕብሪ ዝተቀብአ፡ ግን ሓደ ትሕዝቶ ዘለዎ ሓረጋት ሰሚዕና ኢና። ናቶም ምስ ኣሕለፍና ከኣ ለፍለፍቲ ከም ሓሜን መጺኦም ደሮና ኮይና ነይራ መሬት።
    ገለ ዓመታት ምልስ ኢለ፡ ገለ ውድባት፡ ኣብቲ EDITORIAL ኢለን ዘውጽአኦ ዓንቀጻት፡ ቋንቋ እንግሊዝ ያኣዪ ካልእ ዘየንብብ መሲሉወን ንቋንቋ ትግርኛን ዓረብን ተጸይነን፡ ብቋንቋ እንግሊዝ ህዝቢ ክዝልፋ ዝፈተና ነይረን ኢየን
    ሎሚ ከኣ ዶ/ር ጨፈና ነቶም ትግርኛ ዝኸብዶም፡ ወይ’ውን ክዛረብሉ ዘይደልዩ ብከምዚ ምጽሓፍካ ኣዝዩ ዝነኣድ ኢዩ።
    እዝኒ ዘለዎ ኣንተልዩ፡ ነዞም ካብ ቃልሲ ርሒቆም፡ ኣብ ውሽጢ ገዛ ተዓጽዮም ዝጻረፉ፡ ኣብ ክንዲ ንግፍዕን ስቃይን ህዝቢ፡ ኣብ ጸገሙ ዘህተፍትፉ ምዝራብካ ክብሪ ይሃብካ።
    ታደሰ ኪዳነ እበሃል፡ ካብ ዓዲ እንግሊዝ

  • Hameed Al-Arabi

    Ahlan Awates,

    Lowlanders like to call themselves as Wilad Ad “ውላድ ዓድ”; thus, the names Isaias gave them, Tigre and the rest of the nicknames, have no place with them. They are ውላድ ዓድ / ኣዋልድ ዓድ::


    • Simon Kaleab

      Selam Hameed,

      You are right, they are Sudanese natives [Wilad Ad].

      • Hameed Al-Arabi

        Ahlan Kaleab,

        Don’t worry, Mr. Kaleab, we conceive well how far you hate Islam and Muslims to the extent of performing genocide upon them. Day in and day out, you confirm you are one of the extremists Agazians. Truly, you are the twin of Satan.


        • Simon Kaleab

          Selam Hameed,

          On the other hand, the highlanders are bona fide Wilad Ad.

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Ahlan Kaleab,

            You are mistaken.Highlanders like to call themselves Wadi Kebessa, and Agazians like to call themselves Habesh,


          • Ahlen,
            how biased statement. being neither from kebesa nor Agazian, I CHOOSE to call myself Habesha….well that will not go down with you, I suggest a glass of water will help.

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Ahlan Yosief Tewolde,

            You mean you are an Ethiopian.. You have either to be from Deqqi Kebessa (an Eritrean) or an Agazian (Habashi) from Ethiopia.

            “I suggest a glass of water will help.” I consider it child’s.


          • Berhe Y

            Dear Hameed,

            I hope you know me long enough to know my stand on Eritrea.

            I don’t have any negative experience being called habesha or identifying myself as habesha.

            I also have no problem engaging with people from Ethiopia, from Tigray or Amhara who identify themselves as habesha.

            What I am trying to say is, I think we need to pick the right fight that we need to win and not necessarily fight each other over irrelevant disagreements.

            I see being habesha sane as being Afar. There are Afar in Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia. They share same history but because of colonial past they live in separate countries.

            We can say same thing about Somali people, in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya.

            Habesha people are no different. I understand Eritrea is not all habesha and habesha does not mean Eritrea. Leaving that as it is, our focus should be against those who are against our sovereignty and our existence as a country called Eritrea who are bonded by blood and sacrifice.

            In other words, someone calling himself or herself as Habesha is not the problem. The problem is someone using this common history to divide our country and our people.

            Because we don’t need to fight each other (those of us who are loyal to Eritrea) over what we call our selves and fell into the trap of those who are setting us up.

            Now they have even gone beyond being bold.

            1) we are Agazian didn’t get buyers,
            2) we are habesha didn’t get buyers,
            3) we are orthodox Christians didn’t get buyers

            Now they gave invented and they are calling us we re all Tigray.

            For sure this will be a failed experiment and even worst than before.

            With respect,

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Ahlan Berhe Y,

            I know you are a true Eritrean, and I hope you leave behind you the name Habesha for history books. As you know, at present there is no country by the name Habesha. Therefore, why do we claim to be the natives of none existent nation? If we want to go back to history books, or pre-history world, we could claim to be many things. We could say we are the sons and daughters of Adem and Eve. Also, those who don’t believe in this could say they are the sons and daughters of Papa and Mama Monkey. I think it is unwise to waste our time in history names, and at the same time open our doors widely for those who are greedy and wish to destroy us and occupy our land and sea.

            I understand it is not easy to get rid of the software installed in our minds in our fragile age by family, school, and community. For example, once people around the world believed the world is flat; however, with new exploration man discovered it is a mistaken notion. I know we have heard the word Habesha continually in the course of our life and its reiteration doesn’t make it correct, similar to the idea of the earth is flat. Brother, we have to revisit our childhood software and check whether it is correct or not. It is very critical to upgrade our software with adequate software or will continue inheriting sufferance from generation to generation. Brother, we have to work together to stop this farce.

            It is very crucial to mention the following. The principal and central set composed of (Tigrai, Tegaru, and Tigrinia) and Isaias should produce a parallel set (Tigrinia) by liquidating Hamasein, Akolugzai, and Seraye. If Isaias had proposed that Kebessa Eritreans are Tegaru in the seventies of the last century, they would have killed him. Therefore, he named them Tigrinia that corresponds to the principal set – Tigrai, Tegaru, and Tigrinia. After half a century, I think, it is logical for a common person who already accepted being Tigrinia – instead of Hamasein, Akologzai, and Seraye – to persuade him that he is Tigrawai. I consider it normal for the elks of Isaias to come out at present and utter without hesitation: we are Tegaru.

            The Somalis and Afars always pulled to Somali and Afar nations. They never say they are Habesha – the center of their gravity is outside Ethiopia. However, when we say we are Habesha, our center of gravity will be Tigrai or Ethiopia. This is a golden opportunity for those who wish to mess with Eritrea and occupy her land and sea.


          • Berhe Y

            Dear Hameed,

            Sorry it took long to respond back.

            First I agree to what you said:
            “I know you are a true Eritrean, and I hope you leave behind you the name Habesha for history books. As you know, at present there is no country by the name Habesha. Therefore, why do we claim to be the natives of none existent nation?” .

            You are right there no one who identify who he/she is based on what ever past, except may be the Jews and they do it for their own specific reason.

            Indians call them selves Indians, people of Pakistan, call them selves Pakisatni..Jordan call themselves Jordanians.

            Yes I agree with you and we should stick to be Eritrean and to call our selves Eritreans. If someone doesn’t want to be called Eritrea, or does not want to be associated with Eritrea, they are welcome to leave where ever they like and wish.

            What I was trying to emphasis is we have to be careful and not pick a fight with Eritreans who call themselves Habesha (or describe themselves as such) and not tell them they are not habesha but educate them, it’s best if we stick with Eritrea and Eritreans. That way we give “ZERO” room to those who wanted to create division among us.


          • Simon Kaleab

            Selam Hameed,

            I say: the highlanders are bona fide Wilad Ad.

            You say: they like to call themselves …

            Not the same thing.

            A comprehension problem?

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Ahlan Kaleab,

            It seems you are unable to comprehend my intention. Never mind, you have a one way mindset. You require at least 30 years to conceive what is written.


          • Aron

            Hi al arabi,
            Agazi Habesha and kebesa are all the same. Aron

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Ahlan Aron,

            I repeat, Agazians and Habesh are Ethiopians, but Deqqi Kebbessa are Eritreans. The leftovers of Alula in Eritrea are Agazians, that means, they are Habesh, Ethiopians. The reason they have a strong inclination towards Ethiopia although they were born and nurtured in Kebbessa Eritrea. They are loyal to Ethiopia and never to Eritrea and her people. They are always causing havoc among the people of Eritrea. I hope it is clear now.


          • Aron

            Hi alarabi,
            Sorry for the late response. However much you try to split in to kebesa this kebesa that it is all the same Tigringa speaking people from one end to the other. It is only in your head there are two Tigrigna people. We saw their unity when the border was briefly opened. Minilik and Italy succeeded in splitting it like you are doing. You can believe their time is coming soon to be one strong Tigrigna nation where minority’s right will be respected.

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Ahlan Aron,

            Speaking the same language, religion, color, and culture doesn’t make you one country. Americans, Britons, Canadians, and Australians have the same language, religion, color, and culture; however, they are not one country. Kenyans, Nigerians, Ugandans, and South-Africa speak English, but they are not British or Americans. Morroco, Algiers, Chad, Tunisia, and Senegal speak French, but they are not French.

            Brother, your evidence that you speak the same language and have the same religion, culture, and color make you one nation with Tigrai is a barren notion. I am sure, when you thought about your imagined nation, you have in your mind the Eritrean Muslims – you are fear-stricken from the Eritrean Muslims. I am afraid you will be an example of እትፈርሆ ይወርሰካ::

            Here, I would like to remind you and your elks that Oromos, Somalis, Afaris, Amaras, Guragus, the entire region, and the international community will not allow Tigrians, and the remnants of Alula to form a nation in the region. These extremists will create unrest in the region.

            If you are a Tigraian, we could not make you an Eritrean by force. If your are eye is on the Red Sea and you wish to make Kebessa Eritreans your Trojan-Horse you will not succeed, because your excuse is a rotten game.


          • Haile S.

            Selam Hameed,
            Well said!

          • Dito!

          • Selamat Hameed Al Arabi,

            And what an absurd Trojan horse. Mushandisat and very muEbulat indeed. Hudinees these magicians arrogant attempt to put a wool over your eyes. Beware of the smokescreen.



          • Aron

            Hi alarabi,
            First I am not afraid of the Muslims in Eritrea, there nothing zweres from me because Eritrea belongs to all of us my brother. If there’s something you know why I should I should be scared go ahead and say it. Are you planning like Ali Salem and the rest to declare Sharia. The only thing that would be scary is to have religious govt instead of secular one.
            To the contrary you are the one who seem to be worried about the reunification of kebesa. Prepare for it, all the signs are right there in front of you like the nose on your face. The only impediment is isaias. He clearly hates Tigrai for what Alula did to his grandfather and he had to create a boogeymen to rule. A wise and charismatic leader will emerge sooner or later and lead it to its logical conclusion. Eritrea’s borders Alwha Aron

  • Haile S.

    ሰላም ኮኸብ፡

    ምቁንጻብ ድኣ ቀሊል ከም መራሒ ህግደፍ
    ዝንጥል ጸርፊ እንተ ዘይጌርካሉ ገደብ መዕረፍ
    ክእለት እንተተቖጺሩ ዒባን ሓሙኽሽቲን ምባል ሃተፍተፍ
    ዶክተሬት ምስሰቐለ ብቐሊሉ እዚ ኩሉ ዝውዕል ዝጻረፍ
    መራሒ ምኾነ ከም ኤሱ ንቕድሚት ዘይርኢ ሃንደፍደፍ

    ክእለት እንተተተጠቐመሉ ሰብ ንጽቡቕ፡ ዲንቂ
    ኣብ ኣኽብሮት ሰብ ከውዕሎ ይኸውን ዝኸበረ ወርቂ
    ንሕማቕ ክትጥቀመሉ ግና ክተርፎ ይሓይሽ ናይ ብሓቂ

    • Kokhob Selam

      Yes Dear Haile S.



      • Tadesse Kidane


  • Consolation


    When will it dawn on the traitors who sold themselves to the Weyane dogs that they are too compromised to have any role in Eritrea?

    ጒላ ተነፊሑ ብትዕቢት ሓቢጡ
    ክራጋሕ ምስጀመረ የማነ ጸጋም ተመጢጡ
    ተነጊሩ ነሩ ብዘስተውዕሉ ብዝፈልጡ
    ውዒሉ ሓዲሩ መሓውሩ ከም ዝጭበጡ

    ጒላ ጎቦ ዝመሰሎም: ሓደ ሓደ ወያጡ
    ዕስራ ዓመት ከዲሞም፣ ነፍሶም ዝሽጡ
    ጒላ ፈሪሱ ዝባኑ ተቐሊጡ
    ጓንጓ ምንባሩ ምስተራእ ውሽጡ
    ክንዲ ዝሓፍሩ፥ ዝሕብኡ ዘስቅጡ
    ንጒላ ዘፍረሱ: ጉልባቡ ዝቐንጠጡ
    ይኣክል ክብልዎም ዘበን ግረምቢጡ

    ልፊ ዓዋናት መን ምዃኖም ዘይፈልጡ
    ኣብ ፓልቶክ: ልሳናቶም እንተወጥውጡ
    ኣብ ፌስቡክ፥ ዩቱዩብ የዒንቶም ተፍጠጡ
    ፈቐዶ መድረኽ፥ ተለፍለፉ ተሓንጠጡ
    ዝመስሎም ዘድምዑ ዝዕወቱ ዘስልጡ

    ብዶቶረ ፕሮፈሶረ: ኣስማቶም ተወቂጡ
    ዕትሮ ኣራእስ ኣብ መንኩቦም ተቐሚጡ
    ዒባ ድዩ መሊኡ ሓሙኽሽቲ ቲዉሽጡ
    ንሻዕብያ ወጊዶምስ፥ ያኢ ስልጣን ክጭብጡ

    • Kokhob Selam

      Hi Dear Consolation,

      I was even up-voting the poem above, not for the content but for the way you arranger the words.. What a wonderful arrangement is that? If I only you take the correct stand !!!

      “ብዶቶረ ፕሮፈሶረ: ኣስማቶም ተወቂጡ
      ዕትሮ ኣራእስ ኣብ መንኩቦም ተቐሚጡ
      ዒባ ድዩ መሊኡ ሓሙኽሽቲ ቲዉሽጡ
      ንሻዕብያ ወጊዶምስ፥ ያኢ ስልጣን ክጭብጡ ”

      ‘ታይ ክወጾ፧– ብዘይ ታ ራብዓይቲ ገዛ ” ንሻዕብያ ወጊዶምስ፥ ያኢ ስልጣን ክጭብጡ ”


  • Paulos

    Selam My Good People,

    Just read on social media that Kbur Ayana Girmay Wedi Philipo has passed away. My deepest sympathy and condolences to his family. May his soul Rest In Peace!

  • Selamat Doc,

    My first glance read “Post d o c” instead of what is written “Post DC…” I suppose I was thinking Doc as in Dr. Cheffena Hailemariam. Initially I thought this will be above my head or pay grade but then on a second thought I figured there is another sort of Doc like Buggs Bunny in Looney Toons signing off “abidty abidty that’s all folks!” on Saturday morning cartoons which would be a good fit for my self to play apart and engage in your analysis. So think of me Buggs GitSAtSE when I address you starting right now:

    Hey Doc,

    With regard to the Yiakl movement, I am now beginning to see that in fact a long and meticulously steered strategy is what you and the leadership think tanks are interested in setting afoot. The placed in positions leadership has calculated the action plans and ideologies of this grass roots movement to transform the resistance to a long term sustainable resistance where the desired changes in Eritrea will be demanded by a formidable strong organized diaspora force with a sophisticated and effective methodology that may and will span over longer period of time. Those Docs maneuvering to place or suggest a capable leadership to lead these masses for a struggle or resistance or change organization that affects changes by having the mindset that the Yiakl organization is a permanent fixture or a party that will exist and affect changes for decades and unto centuries if you will. The Yiakil movement is not organizing only just to boot out the regime, if at all, instantaneously over night and then go back to their respective homes. So your objective is to build on this existing base, the Yiakil folks, and suggest or appoint the appropriate competent leadership with the capacity to convince the base of the actual reality and honest expectations and the all the gamesmanship of politics.

    Okay, maybe I will be more clearer after I get more clarity from your part two of the analysis and of course the recommendations and suggestions from the Doc. But let me request a dynamic regarding the Yiakil folks for you to focus on and emphasize. More than DC or Virginia, when it comes to the Yiakil ‘confrontation’ with Eritrean Justice Minister Fosia Hashim at Dallas is the more interesting and more telling. Now, I know my post doc is from looney toons and Buggs Bunny and Twitee Bird are my professors but I did not buy all shennannigins and the ensuing focus points which was designed and scripted ahead of time.

    Clearly, there was agreement ahead of the Dallas address by the Eritrea Minister of Justice and the Yiakil bunch. The questions as well as the questioners was agreed upon ahead of time. Particularly the question of IA’s and other PFDJ goons having Tigraian origins or ancestors was a script hand written by IA himself to usher in the Tigrai Tgrigni narrative that followed immediately and is still lingering. At the very least the Yiakil folks at Dallas are compromised by the regime and the PFDJ agenda. Which is a concerning point to all other Yiakil localities. Compromised and designed by the PFDJ or even worse as Nitric suggests the TPLF.

    So, I would like you in your part two to walk us through the Dallas Yiakil and Ministry of Justice Fosia Hasim and the Dallas PFDJ first contact. Was it a phone call from Minister Fosia saying “Hello Justice Seekers, I am calling to invite you to the event to demand justice and enough is enough right to my face. The Dallas PFDJ fanatics have prepared excellent refreshments which they will serve you their honored guests… Come please I would love to see you and mingle with you after my speech. I am sooooooo tired of these monotone justice blind koboro junkies though… we will do a kuda an a kolel in celebrations…” Okay, maybe not the way it was initiated. That is why I am asking you to walk us through your analysis of the hysteria. I thought the last question by Omer, I think was his name, the muslim gentleman was the dumbest question serving the brutal regime. I believe the PFDJ spin doctors and or the TPLF spin doctors fed the question and the gentleman Omer? was and is a willing servant. But maybe you can help me see it other wise.

    Well Doc! Abbiiddty abbitddty that’s all folks!


  • Nitricc

    Hi All; aren’t you people sick of with this YaAkil BS game? it is the game that was started by TPLF to fool you. TPLF knows the few and stupid Eritreans will buy it, you see..
    TPLF played the game, the game has no clue how to play it, as that result, Mekelle is @ its poling point. The game started when PIA and PMAA opened the border. You see, when the border was open, there was modest economic activities and the Tigryans thought they got Eritrea where they wants her to be. TPLF thugs thought they can use this opportunity to ease the economic, political and people to people tensions, while it was a perfect opportunity to use the old Nakfa. You see, when the Eritrean government introduced the new Nakfa there was a very good reason for it. TPLF and Sudan was plaining to turn Eritrea in to Zimbabwe. TPLF and Sudan was collecting every large Nakfa, at one point Asmara Banks couldn’t dispatch larger Nakfa notes. All large Nakfa notes were at the hands of TPLF and Sudan and the idea was to flood Eritrea with Nakfa currency to the point of you need a pack back full of Nakfa to buy a bread. The Eritrean government knew what the exact plan was and changed the Nakfa currency in short notes and TPLF and Sudan left high and dray with billions of useless nakfa. So, with opining border, TPLF thugs thought that was their opportunity to get rid of the expired nakfa. Then as usual the brave leader PIA was a head of them; he shouts sealed the border. They didn’t expect that and they were shocked. So, the closing of the Eritrean border aggravate everything in Tigray that was already volatile. What many people forget is the negative impact of the Eritreans in Tigray economy and the standard of living. At this point in time, Tigray about to explode and everyday life is becoming unbearable. The TPLF thugs were welcoming every able body Eritrean in to Tigray to weaken PIA and in hopes of Tigray-Tigrigni dream; they say,” look Meqele is better than Asmara, look our development while you guys are lacked up in SAWA and all that BS, the idea was for Eritreans to resent their country and leader i.e to flee the country. It worked, Eritreans flacked to Tigray in doves. Once they flacked in to Tigray; PIA did what he does best, play the game and closed the border and Eritreans became overnight burden to the Tigryans. As if the Tigryans didn’t beg for Eritreans to come to Tigray and work, now they are complaining openly and wanted the Eritreans to leave. The Tigryans simply can’t afford, the living standard is getting higher and higher. Unless PIA shows his mercy and open the border, if not the Tigryans are tiered and sick of the Eritreans. If you ask me, any Eritrean who goes to Tigray deserves all the misery that comes to them. I have no sympathy. NOP.

    • Paulos


      Good to see you back. Your usual groundbreaking and genius input have been greatly missed. I am sure Awatistas agree with me. No?

    • Nitric,

      I think you were drunk when you wrote the above … but then again you are always and permanently drunk. You are such a groupie to IA … you sound absurd and illiterate homie!


      • Nitricc

        Tsatse; I will take a drunkenness anytime over bipolarity. You can hate the PIA but you can’t escape the truth. And the Truth is he is miles away from your Tigryan play book. He must be hurting you that he is dismantling your beloved TPLF thugs. Sorry I just told the truth. May be you should visit your beloved Mekelle and see for yourself. And finally don’t hate the brave PIA; at least he stood and fought for what he believes and his values; unlike you didn’t run like a little bitch. That is the difference.

        • Hey IA groupie Nitricc,

          I am not tygrayan and bipolar is beyond your uni celled organism’s dimensions existence. You are not even on plane let alone 3D or 4D.. uni as in IA groupie. Further proof of your retardation and illiteracy. Keep drinking…


          • Kokhob Selam

            Yep Dear GitSAtSE,

            He even don’t know to live in those higher planes ..Let him keep drinking..


  • Ismail AA

    Selam Chefena,

    Awaiting for summations or conclusions you might intend to provide in part II, the content you have shared in this piece is good introduction to people like me who do not have clues about the ins and outs of how the Baito DC evolved. The “enough” movement being grass roots popular movement will face problems in finding orientation. I mean the search of an anchor for the released social and political energy will not be easy.

    That organizational purpose would need to find competent and representative leadership to harness the implicit and explicit interests which Yiakl movement represents. Under a previous thread in this forum, I read an exchange between Haile S and Yohannes Zerai. The former asked about the issue of organization and leadership which the latter considered too important to be handle in few response paragraphs and decided to tackle the matter in a form of article. I think Chefena’s contribution that expounds the social and political underpinnings of terms and words as related to the enough movement, and search of an anchor for it may supplement one another to give us reasonable ground to understand current developments.

  • Haile S.

    Selam Chefena,

    Thank you for the interesting analysis and for the provocative image accompanying it. Paris match, the weekly french magazine use to have a slogan for many years that says “Le poids des mots , le choc des photos “, which means ‘the weight of words, the shock of images’. The shock of images in the eritreans media arena belongs to Awate. I am not preaching to the only parish I frequent. Please look at that image. Look at the incompetency. The people in the image say they are men of deeds not words. We never saw the deeds and never heard the words. Admittedly they are mute, and we should add, none-admittedly they are incompetent. You can read it in their face. No competent shows his incompetency in his face and in his deed. Granted, they were competent when they fought for independence, but they turned incompetent by failing to translate and transfer the independence and the thought of it to generations. What we see in every face of theirs is frustration and frustration. Instead of encouraging and consoling citizens, they expect to be consoled & encouraged for ever, like a new born. It is not by forcing that one affirms being efficient and resolute, it is by just being efficient and resolute as simple as that, with a smile and candor, by burying & bearing the pains and extruding happiness and hope. Yiakl!

  • Paulos

    Howdy Sir,

    I would assume this is not a scholarly article but don’t you think the wording “Identity Politics” is misplaced with in the issue of the Yiakil movement at hand? The pitching that comes with it throws one into the populist movement that has thus far defined the new century where you have in passing mentioned
    the genesis of Brexit, for instance and one can also be reminded of Trumpism as well.

    Identity Politics to the very least finds its intellectual roots in “Hegelian” philosophy where Man’s perpetual need for “Recognition” takes the center stage and hence, every race, ethnic group and religious confession strives to find its place in the globalised world where the politics of the traditionally Right or Left morphs into Politics of Idenity instead. My apologies, if you find my take a bit of splitting hairs or pedantic. That said however, I agree with what you have to say about the over all challenges the grassroots movement is facing and I look forward to read Part II.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam Dr Chefena,

    Thank you for coming with this timely article to galvanize the grassroot movement of Yeakil in an effort to keep the momentum of it. Despite the initial setbacks at its early stages, the movement is learning from the inherent failures of the past and are reshaping the natural discourse of their movements as grassroot movement which should be evolved into an inclusive well organized movement that could take full responsibilities to confront and challenge the evil government of PFDJ. Waiting for part-II. Thank you again.