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Enough Is Enough: What Is Next?

Amanuel Kifle (Doha), the young man from the Washington DC area, has ignited Eritreans everywhere by his powerful, “Yiaakle” (Enough) message that is spreading like wildfire. Even those silent Eritreans who have given up on Eritrea and many of those who have been supporting the regime are now awakened.

Much as it is heartwarming to see Eritreans everywhere saying enough is enough that by itself will not bring an end to the suffering of our people.  We need to think about what we, the Deleyti FitHi (justice-seeking) Eritreans in the Diaspora, that now includes the ever-expanding base of Yiaakle movement, can do to move the “Enough is Enough” movement to a higher level. The purpose of my writing is to suggest some ideas about what Eritreans in the Diaspora can do to end the suffering of the Eritrean people and to transition our country to a democratic rule.

I submit the first thing we should all agree on is the prospect of positive democratic changes in Eritrea is unthinkable as long as Isaias is in power.  The regime has to be removed immediately if democratic changes are to take place in Eritrea. And obviously, it is the military forces inside the country who have the potential to remove the regime with the collaboration of the Eritrean people inside the country. Our role, the Deleyti FitHi in the Diaspora, is to play a catalytic role in facilitating regime change in several important ways as noted below.

Winning the Hearts and Minds of the Security Forces

The main reason why the Eritrean people inside the country have helplessly suffered under a dictatorial regime for the past 28 years is the fear of the regime’s brutal security forces. Hence, our first target should be to win the hearts and minds of the well-financed and well-equipped security forces that are protecting the regime. The security forces should be reminded that their loyalty should be to their country and not to a dictator who has destroyed our country.  Isaias has forced our most precious resources — the youth — to flee and is now threatening our sovereignty that has been won through the sacrifice of thousands of our heroic liberation fighters and patriots. To this end, we need to send strong and disarming messages, using penetrating songs and heart touching poems that are targeted to the security forces through satellite TV programs, shortwave radios, through clandestine literature and other means of communication. This is already being done to some extent but we need to raise the level and the degree of sophistication through well-coordinated and professionally crafted methods. Our messages should aim at humanizing the security forces so that they will refrain from aiming their deadly weapons at their Eritrean brothers and sisters.

Emboldening the Civilian Population Inside the country

The next target should be the civilian population who have suffered helplessly for the past 28 years and who has now reached the limit of its patience by Isaias’s reckless moves that are threatening the very sovereignty of our country. The civilian population has been silenced by the immense and overbearing power of the security forces who are merciless in suppressing any public uprising. But if the security apparatus of the regime could be persuaded not to aim its deadly weapons against innocent civilians, it is possible that the civilian population who has learned important lessons from the recent events in Sudan might be emboldened to challenge the system by staging peaceful demonstrations. Eritreans in the Diaspora should send powerful messages aimed at the civilian population that will embolden them to confront the regime.

The role of the military

The third group that should be targeted are the military forces who have already shown their dissatisfaction with the dictator. Regime change will only come when the military forces take bold action to remove the regime through a surgical military operation with minimum collateral damage.  Eritreans in the Diaspora should not only send encouraging and emboldening messages but should also provide material support to those who will take the necessary measures to remove the regime.

The military forces should be reminded that they should not let one-person gamble with the sovereignty of our country and undo what has been achieved by our gallant fighters with the support of the Eritrean people inside and outside the country.   Eritrean writers, poets, musicians, and artists should keep on reminding our military forces that they should not let one person destroy our country.

The role of Eritreans in the Diaspora in the aftermath of regime change.

Eritreans in the Diaspora can play an important role in dealing with the challenges the country will face after the removal of the regime.

Formation of Professional Associations

One important role Eritreans in the Diaspora can play is by forming professional organizations that will coordinate the activities of the members of their respective professional associations. Eritrea is blessed to have so many well educated and high caliber, economists, engineers, lawyers, scientists, educators, journalists, money and banking professionals, accountants, public health professionals, tourism and hospitality professionals and experts in foreign policy matters, investment, marketing, information technologies (IT), etc. These professionals should take the initiative to organize professional associations of their respective areas of expertise with a view of preparing policy-oriented white papers that can help the country in the aftermath of regime change.   I believe preparation for such white papers should start without any delay, anticipating regime change any time soon.

The Need for Legitimate Global Representatives

It is heartwarming to see Eritreans in the Diaspora getting organized and transmitting their “Enough is Enough” messages from every part of the world.  It is also encouraging to see several civil society organizations mushrooming, such as the youth, the Eritrean women, Eritrean lawyers, Eritrean intellectuals, Eritrean artists and musicians, Eritrean minority ethnic groups, and those that have formed regional or religious associations, Human Rights Activists, etc.  These groups are doing excellent work. However, there is also a need for all these groups including Eritrean Delyti Fithi (Justice-seekers) who may not be part of these organizations to unite in order to be effective in bringing about meaning positive changes in our country. What we are missing is a body that can effectively coordinate the activities of the various fragmented groups, a body that has the legitimacy and the mandate to speak for all of us in the Diaspora with one voice.  This is particularly necessary for undertaking lobbying, advocacy, and diplomatic work.  We have to admit that the fragmented approach is not going to be as effective. We need a body that can legitimately represent us at the United Nations (UN), the African Union (AU), the European Union (EU), the Arab World, the IGAD, and in other settings.

The Global Representatives can coordinate our media activities to appeal to the security forces and to embolden the military and the civilian population. In addition, they can help in preparing the groundwork for a smooth transition and in gaining support for the demand of the Eritrean people to remove the oppressive regime that has literally destroyed the fabric of the Eritrean people.

The Process of forming legitimate Global Representatives

For the Global Representatives to be legitimate with the mandate to represent the Eritreans in the Diaspora, it is critically important that all Eritreans in every part of the globe, particularly the members of the various activist groups participate in the election process.  What has rendered Diaspora Eritreans ineffective, so far, has been their fragmentation. Ideally, the process of electing legitimate Global Representatives should start at the grassroots level, where members of all the various constituent groups and political parties have an opportunity to participate in the election process as members of their respective communities regardless of their party or group affiliation.  I am not advocating the disbanding of these constituent groups. What I am urging is the full and active participation of all the various fragmented activist groups, particularly members of the various political organizations, to participate in the election process along with their Eritrean brothers and sisters in their respective geographical areas.    This will require an intensive campaign to mobilize and reach out to ALL Eritreans in every locality irrespective of their gender, religion, ethnicity, region and political affiliation.

Once Eritreans in every corner of the world elect their local leaders, the next step for these elected leaders is to meet and elect their country-wide representatives. This process should take place in every country and every continent.

The final step is to have a global conference of Eritrean representatives from every corner of the world: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle-East, North America, South America and other places to elect the Eritrean Global Representatives.

Preparing the groundwork for a smooth transition.

Due to the well-financed security apparatus of the regime, those who will remove the regime from inside will have to operate under extreme secrecy.  This means they will not have the luxury to prepare detailed plans for a smooth transition in the aftermath of regime change. The Global Representatives with assistance from Eritrean elders, technocrats, intellectuals, seasoned politicians, diplomats, and other advisors can help in preparing a blueprint to ensure a smooth transition. Among these tasks that require advance preparation are:

  1. Maintenance of peace and order. We all know what happened in Somalia after the fall of Said Bare, or what happened in Libya after the fall of Gadhafi. Hence, to avoid a repeat of Somalia or Libyan experiences, it will be imperative to make the necessary advance planning and preparation to ensure a smooth transition to democracy.  The elected Global Representatives can help the forces inside the country by helping plan in advance for the maintenance of peace and order in the aftermath of regime change.
  2. Planning for a smooth transition. The Global Representatives will be expected to assist the forces inside the country in the following important tasks, among others, in order to ensure a smooth transition:
  3. Planning for an all-inclusive National Conference within the shortest possible time frame.
  4. Establishing procedures for the election of a Constituent Assembly.
  5. Mobilizing knowledgeable and experienced technocrats who can assist the caretaker transitional government in jumpstarting the various sectors of the economy, in the management of the banking sector and the various government entities that provide vital services such as addressing public health, food security of the population, etc.
  6. Advocacy, lobbying, and diplomacy. The third important activity that can be done by the Global Representatives representing Eritreans in the Diaspora is in the lobbying, advocacy, and diplomatic arena. Although Eritreans in the Diaspora have shown their commitment to helping their people by conducting demonstrations, writing petitions, appearing in congressional hearings, at UN meetings in Geneva and in New York and writing letters to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, etc. In spite of our best efforts, unfortunately, the outcome so far has not been very effective. These measures were taken by dedicated activists or groups, which are commendable; however, they could have had a greater chance of being heard more seriously if they were coordinated and conducted by a leadership that has the legitimacy and the mandate to speak and represent all Eritreans in the Diaspora.

An important advocacy, lobbying and diplomatic work that can be done by the Global Representatives or an appointed group of high-caliber experienced Eritreans is to convince the International Community in general and the UN, AU, EU, the Arab League, and IGAD, in particular,  to support the Eritrean people’s demand for social and political change. These organizations and the International Community as a whole must understand that Isaias is not a constitutionally and democratically elected leader. He has ruled the country with an iron fist for over 28 years, without any constitutional mandate.  He has committed serious human rights violations against his people that are properly documented by the United Nations Human Rights Enquiry Commission that amounts to crimes against humanity. The world should understand that the Eritrean people have no other option but to remove this ruthless dictator by all means available to them.  He has taken power illegally, hence, he is a usurper, and as such he has no moral or legal ground to defend his dictatorship. We have to convince the international community Isaias is an illegitimate “leader” and a violator of all human rights and related principles that are honored by the family of nations.

Once elected, the Global Representatives with the mandate given to them should negotiate with the foreign powers to get much-needed assistance to jumpstart the ruined economy of the country.

The elected Global Representatives will be expected to have a serious discussion with the leaders of the Ethiopian government. They should stress that democratic Eritrea after Isaias will certainly want to live in peace and harmony with Ethiopia, in a context of two neighborly sovereign countries operating for peace and development of their respective economies and societies. The agreements that will be made between these two countries will have to be based on these principles. Any agreement made with Isaias cannot be endorsed by the democratic government of Eritrea if it contradicts the above-stated principles.

Summary and Conclusion

To summarize and conclude, the time is ripe to remove the dictatorial regime before our hard-won sovereignty is compromised.  The regime has to go by any means possible.  And it is the forces of change inside the country who are in a better position to remove the regime. But Eritreans in the Diaspora can and should also play an important role in the process of regime change and in helping the forces inside the country to formulate a blueprint to ensure that there is a smooth transition to democracy in the aftermath of regime change. This requires all justice-seeking Eritreans in the Diaspora to work together by forming professional organizations who will prepare essential policy-oriented white papers and by forming a legitimate Global Representatives that is given the mandate to represent them and that will coordinate their activities. For the legitimacy of the Global Representatives, it is important that they are elected through the participation of all justice-seeking Eritreans in every part of the world, starting at the grassroots level, followed by forming country-wide representatives and ultimately electing legitimate global representatives.

In this effort, Eritrean website masters, PalTalk Room administrators, radio and TV managers can play a vital role, as they have been doing all along. We should all be grateful for their tireless effort.

In conclusion, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the Eritreans in various parts of the world who are enthusiastically getting organized under the banner of Yiaakel. And to all those who are tirelessly trying their best to mobilize Eritreans, such as Hizbawi Meleal in North America; Eritrean Community for Justice, Washington Metropolitan, Hadnet Eritrawian NeftHi, UK. Germany, Sweden, Holland, Canada. Australia, and other countries; the Association of Civic Organizations, the Global Initiative to Empower Eritrean Grassroots Movement (GI), the Geneva Task Force to elect global representatives,  the group of intellectuals who have prepared the Denver Manifesto, the Renaissance group, members of One Nation, Bright Future, and individuals who are sending powerful and moving UTube programs such as Fanus, Mestiyatna, Memher Temesghen Kahsai, and others.

NB: Any accounting professional who is interested to spearhead the formation of a global association of Eritrean accountants, please contact me.  I will be happy to give you some insights on how to proceed.

I will be very grateful to anyone who will volunteer to translate this article into Tigrigna or Arabic, on a pro-bono basis or for a modest fee.

Araya Debessay, PhD, is Professor, in the Department of Accounting and Management Information Systems, at the University of Delaware. USA. This paper is a modified version of the paper, titled the “The Role of Eritreans in the Diaspora in Building Democracy in Eritrea” he presented at the conference on the Building Democracy in Eritrea, that was held at the Senate House, University of London, on April 24-25, 2019.  He can be reached at


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  • mokie berhe

    Salam Araya Debessay. As a member of the Berlin 13 -The Berlin Manifesto- you sent a letter to PIA on October, 2, 2000; wherein you stated that ‘We support the Eritrean National Assembly’s recent resolution condemning the criminal acts of the Ethiopian government, and we condemn the many egregious acts of violence, vandalism, rape and theft that have been perpetrated, and are being perpetrated, by agents of the said government against innocent Eritreans’ and you expressed your ‘unreserved support for our government in its defense of our country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and our admiration for the Eritrean defense forces and the entire Eritrean population for their role in foiling the Ethiopian aggression’. What has happened to you during the years since you sent that letter during which time the TPLF continued/continues to illegally occupy Eritrean territory and threaten Eritrean sovereignty? Have you become soft-hearted on the TPLF?

  • mokie berhe

    Salam everyone. Ethiopia is saying -Enough is Enough of the TPLF- as Ethiopia’s Federal Attorney General today indicted Getachew Assefa in abstentia along with 26 heads of the Intelligence and National Security Agency (INSA) for “committing gross human right violations.”

    • Paulos

      Selam Mokie,

      If someone was to ask you what would be the happiest moment of or in your life, what would you say?

      Please choose one.

      1. The day you graduated from College?
      2. The day your wife said “yes” when you proposed to her?
      3. The days your kids were born?
      4. The day you win the mega Lottery?
      5. The day TPLF is completely destroyed from the face of the earth?

      This is not for a joke. I am being serious. Simply because I have never met either in person or in the cyber world anyone like you who is intensely obsessed with the demise of TPLF. It is absolutely stunning. I don’t think either Isaias himself or Mengistu who are sworn enemies of TPLF are pathologically obsessed to the point of regurgitating the same diatribe literally day in and out like you do. Again, it is absolutely stunning!

      • mokie berhe

        Salam Paulos. You disappointed me as I was waiting for your up-vote.

        • Paulos


          Don’t dodge the question. Please pick one of you can. Again, the question is—the ultimate happiest moment in your life. For example, for me the happiest moment ever in my life was and will always be when my two children were born.

          • iSem

            Tu sei cattivo:
            You have to give Mokie more options: 6.None of the above
            Now Blink will go bananas and he will write his cables:, isem also loves Italians like Paul and this happened on May 7, 2019

        • Blink

          Dear Mokie
          What do You expect just last month this small runner said “ Debrestion has to go and take the power in 4 kilo while Getachow for the security “ I mean it does not happen in between. Again what will the addis girl say must be your question. Remember he openly told us he danced with a Tigrian girl in Addis . Don’t forget his grandfather admiration and love for Italian Apartheid regime in Eritrea.

          • Paulos


            ዓጀውጀው ኣይትበል!

          • iSem

            I am just wondering: What is the difference between the Italian Apartheid and Blink’s PFDJ. The Italians enslaved our great grand fathers and banned them from walking the streets they labour to build like PFDJ is doing by kidnapping our young brothers and sisters to Sawa. Italians created prisons in Nakura and PFDJ created Ela- Ero.

          • Blink

            Dear isem
            It was 9 April that he put his request for Debrexin to take power in addis while giving security power to Ghetachew . Before 1 year and 3 months and some days he said He danced with a Tigrian lady and in this year He bragged about his grandfather love and admiration for Italians in Eritrea. I am simply putting all the three points at one to help Mokie understand the small runner . I am quoting from his comments. Here he is not denying that except boiling over again and again. Frustration is killing him .

          • iSem

            Paul can defend himself better. But let me tackle your logic
            1. Ok let us assume you are quoting him verbatim by reading your saved files of Paul’s comments. He did not say he grand father admired Italian brutality, he did not say he loved them much that he wanted them to say in Eri and rule it. Maybe he admired their workmanship, their wine, whatever. Lots of people like Italian shoes and clothes in North America, so what is your point
            And what is wrong if he said he danced with A Tigrian lady.before you go after P on that ask why is Aberash Negga, a Tigrayn lady doing in the president’s office and married to a PFDJ minister
            So what the hell is your point.
            About P’s opining on whatever, you can rebut that, P has a brain he calls his own and therefore an opinion, be like him and have your own opinion otherwise u brain cells will dwindle to one if you keep parroting PFDJ stupidity

          • Blink

            Dear isem
            No problem if his wife is Tigrian and if you remove your emotional conundrum you could read what I wrote to Mokie about the Tigrian lady that your small runner danced with. Yes small runner can defend himself as you can see he is accusing me of lying while I am quoting him with dates and the words he used except for the Debrexin which can be amended. ከምኡ ኢሉ ክዛረብ እኮ ከብዱ ዝረገጾ የለን ግና ኣመል ምስ መግነዝ ከም ዝበልዎ ኣመሉ ማለት ምስ ዘጸይፍ ቃላቱ እዩ::

            You have been asked to bring prove for the things you keep accusing people yet you always end up short. Legally speaking you are always in the guilty side and I really question if you are such in real life ( assuming this is your acting skills )

          • Paulos


            Here is the deal. Have fun with your stinking garbage comments. I am out!

      • Nitricc

        Hey P; let’s not be a hypocrites in here. you and your self are obsessed with TPLF and your happiest day would be the day PFDJ is eradicated by TPLF; so TPLF can rule for ever. Come-on now. I don’t think you understand the degree of obsession you have for TPLF.

    • Nitricc

      Hi Mokie; don’t bother. there is no functional government in Ethiopia. 18 banks were robbed in a broad day light and no one was held accountable. Worst, now the Ethiopian went back all the way to a stone age, they are killing by arrows. Some body needs to stand up and take care the country. If not, I see nothing but trouble. So, it means nothing the action of General attorney.

    • Consolation

      Hello Mokie,

      These indictments are just the first step. The Federal government should order the Tigray authorities to hand over these criminal and if they refuse take punitive measures against the TPLF. Frezzeing their assets in Ethiopia would get their attention. Besides, when are the feds to audit each and every TPLF leader’s assets and release the info to the public. Allowing the kleptocrats to roam freely is no good!

  • Ayneta

    Dear Awate:
    The anticipation for IA to deliver good news on May 24, like every year, is mounting. Even people who otherwise are critical of IA are cautiously optimistic he will miraculously utter optimistic news this time. It has been a year since the peace deal with Ethiopia was inked above all. I don’t want to spoil the party, but mark my words, IA wont say anything different except the gibberish discourse he regurgates year come year out. In fact, he will use the opportunity to stress PFDJ assertion that TPLF is still alive and concocting evil schemes against Eritrea. TPLF is the inherent enemy of Eritrea, he will declare, but we should, like every year for the 20 years, should remain steadfast . He will tell us this may take years, but we should look into tomorrow, and not today. His supporters will echo his words like the Pentecostals repeat the Bible. The professors ( Ghedon and Asmerom) will preach about how Eritrea is beating its archenemy-Tigray. Mahmuday, Awate’s uncalled Prof Asmerom, will feel emboldened and will go to the extremes of defending IA, abandoning his pledge to his dead compatriots to preserve the values for which they bravely died.

    Well, here is my take:
    -Once a narcissist, a narcissist forever
    -IA will not change his MO, no criminal changes his MO ( courtesy of the great iSem)
    -IA knows Eritreans are not organized for change, so no urgent need to pronounce one now
    –He has shown profound disdain towards our people and got away with it in the past, why he should change now?
    -Something doesn’t change under the Sun , IA is one of them.
    The duped will wait with their mouth wide open. If he fails to deliver, they will still remain optimistic until the day he no more exists. In the meantime , Eritrea’s economic and social foundation slowly chips away.

    • Nitricc

      Hi Ayneta; are you the person telling us how depress and all together gave up on Eritrea every year on independent month. Go ahead and read your last year post, a year before. Now of all of sudden; you are an expert what PIA may say on independence day. what do you care? remember, you told us that you are out and depressed and useless. I know it mean nothing to you but there is something called credibility which you have none.

    • Berhe Y

      Dear Ayatna,

      It’s tragic that people anticipate him to deliver good news.

      IAis stubborn and he will never relent. We have only two options:

      1) he understands stick, and only stick.
      2) we don’t have to wait for his “positive” news but get it our selves.

      Removal of him should be what the people should anticipate.


    • Selamawi Asmare

      Selam Ayneta
      Once a Pentecostal, a Pentecostal forever. What is wrong with Pentecostal repeating the Bible? Did they forced to be a Pentecostal or prosecuted your like PFDJ. Your attitude toward Pentecostals indicates what kind of justice seeker you are.
      Kind regards,

  • Consolation


    My view is simple. The so-called Eritrean opposition camp is full of people who have irretrievably compromised themselves when they committed treason and became slaves of the Weyane. We will ust have to wait until that generation of traitors dies out before we can form a legitimate and loyal opposition.

    ብሰማንያታት ባርነት ኤርትራ ዝተመነዩ
    ደርጊ ክዕወት ዝጸዓሩ ዝጸለዩ
    ናጽነት ምስመጸት ብስንባድ ዝበኸዩ
    ኣድምጹ ተባሂሎም ረፈረንዱም ዝኣበዩ::

    ብዛዕባ ኤርትራ ሕማቕ ክሰምዑ ዝረውዩ
    ብዛዕባ ኤርትራ ጽቡቕ ተሰምዑ ዝጕህዩ
    ተጋሩ ምስወረሩና መቐለ ገጾም ዝጎየዩ
    ከንዲ ክብረት ምስ ህዝቦም፥ ክድመና ዝሓረዩ::

    ዕስራ ዓመት ኤርትራ ክትሞተሎም ዝተጸበዩ
    ኣብ ቀብራ ክሳተፉ ጎንደር: መቀለ: ሃዋሳ ዝተራእዩ
    ብሕመቕ ብኽሕደት`ምበር ብኻልእ ዘይልለዩ
    ኣታዚኣቶም`ሲ ካበ ኤርትራ`ዶ ምፈረዩ::

    ታይሞ ማህጸን ኣደ ጉራምራ ኢንድዩ
    ኢምበር ከምዚኦም`ዶ ካብ ኤርትራ ምፈረዩ
    ካብታ ዓዲ ጀጋኑ ጸላእቶም ዘድምዩ
    ዝምብርከኹ እንኮ ክትኩሱ ወይ ክጽልዩ::

    ወየንቲ ተሰጒጎም መቐለ ምስተደርበዩ
    በሪሁሎም ንከደምቲ ጥራይ ኢዶም ከምዝቐረዩ
    ፈንጠርጠር ተበሉ: ኢንተገዓሩ፥ ኢንተእወዩ
    ካብታ ጉድጓድ ዘውጽእ ሓይሊ: ከቶ ነየግን ዩ::

    • iSem

      Hi Consolation:
      Everything you said in the comment and your poem is a lie
      But as a student who studied EPLF and now PFDJ, I can tell you this truth: Eritreans never knew of Woyane before IA introduced them to us in the mother of conspiracies, he was so much in love with TPLF that he gave them Badme and TPLF got comfortable and refused to leave and over that blunder of IA 20,000 Eritreas became the sacrificial lambs for IA and still to this day TPLF occupies Badme and IA is making peace wih Ethiopia
      So IA brought Woyane and when they were done with him they betrayed him and IA is mad and he is taking his anger on the Eritrean people. And people like you are sanitizing IA’s crimes and you do not have it in you to the the truth. Bad news for you, the people have finally figured who IA is and he will soon go to his rightful place: to the dustbin of the serial killers and he will forever be lumped in the pantheons of murders ad dictators like Pol Pot of Cambodia. And you can ask Blink to save this comment and it will come to pas

      • Ismail AA

        Selam iSem,

        • iSem

          Hi Ustaz Ismail AA.
          You are correct. Thanks for your additional valuable info. I can understand those who do not know. But those who know, or who were part of the conspiracy. They do all these crazy defending their legacy and hiding their secret. The easiest healing for them would be to own and am sure Eritreans would move on. I have in mind MS. No one is asking for revenge. I never did, but to still latch on the blunder and the news gen pay for it, some of the youth who died in Badme were not born when Badme was given away, some who are still in the trenches were born after May 24. It requires goo heart and courage to own up and make that a teaching moment. PFDJ and their supports are doubling
          Ramadan Kareem

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Ismailo,

          The surrogates are disposables of the despot akin to their former colleagues, even if they sold their souls to him. Any glitches in their trust for him, everything becomes upside down in their hopes and dreams.

          You are absolutely right that he wouldn’t be in power without TPLF. He could not survive without the help of foreign forces. He was saved by TPLF in the 80s and he is saved from his encirclement in Adi Hallo by the PM of Ethiopia. But the irony with this despot is, he does not honor agreements he made with those who saved him. He is known of betrayals. He betrayed ELF on the the Khartoum agreement. He betrayed the MZ’s Government on the agreement they entered in 1994. He will also betray the agreement with Abiy’s governments when his power and his ego overshadowed by the young erudite Prime minister. He can not live in an environment he can’t lead. That is the reality with this despot.


          • Ismail AA

            Selam Aman H,

            The track record of dictators indicate they clear up escape routes for contingency purposes though many or most of them do not use them due to their characteristic greed for power and sick egos. But diehard loyalists do not realize that because they think their hero and the system he presides on are there to stay. So, the bulk of them stay on until the day of judgement, and stand to pay for the crimes and excesses of their hero.

            Quite a few of them play it smart and make use of pre-arranged escape route, and mock the plight of their former loyalists back home. Mengistu of the Derg and Ben Ali of Tunisia were smart enough to run away on time. It’s to be seen what Eritrea’s despot will do. He might follow Mingustu’s way because he is know for avoiding risk. He kept save distance from hot battle spots. This time as well, it might not be different. ‘A coward comes home to mother’s abode’ goes the parlance of our good people in Kebessa.

      • Consolation

        Selamat iSem,

        You have a very warped view of things and so I am nor surprised that you should claim that what I wrote is lies. That is exactly what I expect from a Weyane stooge. You can deny it all you want but whether you like it or not, that is how you are going to be treated till God takes mercy and relieves you of the miserable life you have. The world is hell for traitors.

        • iSem

          Hi Consolation:
          There is one entity that can be and will be accused with treason and treachery and it is PFDj and its robotic, moronic supporters. And unlike the Dergi stooges and spies that PFDJ embraced and instead disappeared eriteans who fought for freedom no one will embrace PFDj “hatela” it will come to haunt to you.
          Can you deny the facts I stated above, you are clueless about Eritrea and you are a willing participant. that villa will be useless to you when Eri is destroyed. And your poem is not an art, it just rhymes
          Woyane are in Asmara from IA to Hagos Kisha to Aberash Negga.
          The word is becoming hell for PFDJ suportets, you cannot even hold a meeting without security now. You are on your death bed. hamed dibbe soon

  • Blink

    Dear isem
    No it is not Issias work to disunite the opposition, facts must be always set as they are even if they sound horrible and sometimes racist or any thing bad . Second Issias clashed with people who know him than anybody in the face of all Eritreans . Not a single man know Issias better than his colleagues I mean all of them ( these in prison or these in the welfare of western cities as well as weyane paycheck, he is not from mars . What is condemning? What does it matter if I say all things you said again and again ? Tell me what it helps man . I have been here with you reading every word you and your pals keep pilling, if I have to say what you and your pals said over the decades I would be in a very bad mood to suffer from oversized frustration bag . Why are you defending weyane again , do you believe you know weyane hand in the opposition than others ? Come on you have not a single clue on the defense of weyane hand , let these who know say a word. Winning is not cheap and you know it takes more than wishing weyane to ride tanks with your so called “ risking it all” .

    Assuming is defined in different way than you put it .

    • iSem

      You do not have a courage with even with Blink to say something critical about PFDJ. You remind me of Ghehteb, who is now in Keren and he think we do not know about him. His nick gave him away.
      Now, of course the ppl you mentioned could not topple EPLF in 1991 but what is your point? So was the Eri revolution in 1961 and besides the people were intoxicated by the eradication of dergi and the IA an gangs took advantage of that. .
      Do u think that the creativity of your IA and the robots in EPLF, those who are helpless who cannot even ask for their own right and the whereabout of their kidnapped fathers in 1977 brought may 24. If SU was intact and stayed intact for 5 more years, your IA will be in the west, hiding, yes he would not be on welfare because he would have the money he stole from poor fighters.
      And stop mentioning evidence, I cannot provided evidence to certain Blink. I can assure you if you come out of the closet, I will provide evidence that you are PFDJ pusher.
      And do not mention the heroes like Abdella Idris, and ደምሓኤ leaders like G zere who your once giant friend now your midget MZ gave away top IA to murdered, they are out of your league, they have made mistakes but they did not traffic organs and did not kidnap kids to Sawa.
      You see IA,unless MS succeeds in making them part of the future by squashing justice, there will not IA monument but there maybe be Abdella Idris monument , and G zere monument of some kind over

      • Blink

        Dear isem
        Disappointing is understatement in addition to the things you have in mind about people who disagree with you and for quoting you and your pals at the gate. This is not about me personally nor does it matter who I am but the essence of your game and views about Eritrea is simply not favorable to all Eritreans. Horse riders , night owl screamers and add more will not help go your own way . If you are true to yourself then it would not be hard to bring prove yet you are who you are .

        You shouldn’t subscribe to any pals of the Adwa planners .

  • Blink

    Dear All

    So , what happened to the claimes that some people who openly said Abraham Afewerki is going to inherit his father chair , Can they repeat their claims in case his father do it in the Independence Day May 24.

    Ethiopian previous president was put to rest today and there were different kinds of views about him but the one thing that repeatedly said was the things he said to Meles “ you seems to me like Mengstu hailemariam “ and the Meles the midget took all federal benefits from the president.

    • iSem

      What do u mean “Can they repeat their claims in case his father do it in the Independence Day May 24.”
      How can inherit before IA dies? But if I would bet for it, do you see other alternatives
      And instead of talking about an other country’s affairs, even the notion that people are talking about Abraham IA Abraham taking the reigns should alarm you, the fact that prisoners are still not released while the midget that you mock has released his version of G-15.
      “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the log in your own eye” አብ ዓንኻ ዘሎ ጉንዲ ጎሲኻ አብ እንዳ ማትካ ዘሎ…

      • Blink

        Dear isem
        I brought the midget you die to protect because of the current event in Ethiopia unless he is an evil man that I wish to forget .
        Second I think you who I am asking and if you wish to be in the group say your prediction and bet on it or if you are not bring something that is remotely possible, third I was always alarmed by the existence of his father for that such long time . Let’s call the people who killed him 1000 times and let’s bring the people down to the plate and repeat what exactly they have been saying about him . Remember last time I said Issias has been always in the winning side when ever he faced with his colleagues I mean from 73-2001 and yet up to now . Winning for him has been always the case and for what ever the reason you and your pals underestimated his plan and by that you guys screwed us all in total. Yes if you and your pals has been smart enough you would advance a plan that your people can support yet you brought a weyane plan and here we are . Bring new plan that the people can put trust unless the same complaining about this and that will never yield any meaningful fruit.

        Assume I have been watching everyone around , outside this forum and been compiling date over data. And assume Not a single tweet or comment made in Facebook or YouTube , TV screens and conferences by the so called elite is with someone . If I brought the things the above professor said in paltalk rooms and meetings you will be stunned and admit the collective failure done while a sadist dictatorship sit in Asmara is the main reason we are divided .

  • Brhan

    Thanks Prof. Araya,

    I will translate the article to Arabic and Tigrinya.

    Ramadan Kerim!

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Brhan,

      Dr Araya called me today. He told me that he will be grateful if you translate the article both in Tigrigna and Arabic in order to reach his proposal to all sections of our society. He tried to log in to the forum to tell you himself directly. He can’t. So he told me to tell you to go ahead on translating it.

      Here is his emial :
      email to him and he will give you his phone to talk to you in person.

      Thank you for volunteering,

      Amanuel Hidrat

      • Brhan

        Selam Amanuel,
        Will do.

  • Gerogee

    Dear PA

    You said “Surgical military operations…” Wow, Hayate Adam, the house Woyane advocate in chief, also used similar words. I find that very disturbing that you want Eritreans to kill each other. We have been there. No, thank you. Prof. You also suggested subversive actions against our government that are straight from Woyane play book. Woyane may have been removed from the leadership position in Ethiopia but they are still occupying our land. Most importantly the Evil Empire, USA is still doing it best to distabliaz Eritrea through its distractive organs, BBC, UN and now Catholic church under disguise of free speech and human rights violations. And finally through your elitist mind, you suggested that technocrats are to lead the way further exposing you detachment from the common Eritreans. I don’t have to remind you, countless countries have been destroyed by so-called technocrats who sold their soul to the American Empire. I don’t also have to remind you Eritrea hard-won victory was won mostly Common Eritreans picking up arms fighting the largest army in Africa. He forgot to mention the illiterate Eritrean mother that was cleaning house in Europe and Arab countries to support her family and the armed struggle. You neglected to mention the taxi driver, the common Eritrean, the janitor,the housewife that cooked the dinner to raise money for our fighters. We have come long way. We will not hand over Eritrea to those who where cheering with the so called international community, which in reality means, Zionist controlled American Empire and Western countries. Who are on the march to create a global government by destroying nation-state like Eritrea.

    • Hashela

      Selam Gerogee

      For a too long period Eritreans have been told that the cure is worse than the illness and, hence, they should live with latter. About 8 months ago,the illness revealed its mortal/fatal nature (read: betrayal at the highest level) and, as a result, Eritreans inside and outside the country lost their fear of the treatment or the side effect thereof.

      Several and well documented statements (too shameful to repeat them here) made by Isaias Afwerki during his meetings with PM Abiye in Asmera, Hawassa, and Gonder demonstrate that Isaias is the first leader of a sovereign country to overtly and unforced submit his leadership and, hence, the sovereignty of his nation to a leader of a neighbaring country. Consistent with his new role, insteadt working for the border demarcation and restoration of Eritrean territorial integrity, Isaias prioritzed the “stabilization” of a prosperous and vibrant Ethiopia (read his statement in a magazine called መንእሰይ).

      In view of the above, the supporters of the Isaias regime have no moral high ground to portray themselves as a protector of Eritrean sovereignty and territorial integrity. I think that this fact has to be repeatedly stated.

  • said

    Thank you Prof Araya Debessay, a well articulated article .
    On positive note. The future belong to Eritrea.
    I do not need to remind anyone . The signs were long in coming . I have no personal connections to Eritrean politicians ,academics and writers who pen articles happy to see some at Awate /a face so publicly. No Name mentioning for those sold their soul . In today’s polarized Eritrean world, it is easy to understand why we end up with the some Eritrean politicians sold their soul to the devil and can be described as a philosopher of “nothingness” their chief characteristic opportunist , Hypocrite .Crafty, Villainous and Fraudulent, they would grow up to be fatalistic and serving their master . They could never penetrated through the veil of truth and realty and infantile denial of reality, and they could not never see the way forward to a better Eritrea. they certainly would have served them well in doing justice to a wide range of subjects.
    While Eritrean would certainly expect political figures to play a dominant role, the winds of change were most profoundly stagnant and never felt and never came . not slim of rippled the ideas of a modern and popular reformation. Or A new kind of political agenda which sought out individual liberties and freedom , Eritrean politicians irreconcilable contradiction against this mighty behemoth of EPLF of 1990th , which they served obediently, the pressure reached its zenith, and the damn burst asunder come to twilight . Sadly Eritrean people who were its first victims: the poor and the disenfranchised ,alienated and bitter about being politically powerless .PFDJ they started enslaving youth by the thousands as part of their control. while fearful of PFDJ and seeking better for their lives. It´s too painful. Sadly Eritrean youth their humanity being reduced to a generic object. Our country, a place of oppression ,subjection and constant anger and bitterness.
    The regime support the divisiveness and antagonisms between citizens of our people — to keep us at each other’s throats. They pit us against each other and make us fear each other and were fooled once. I hope we won’t be fooled again — and certainly not pitted against each other. we’ve learned our lesson dearly.
    It’s not over, the future belong to Eritrea. This smaller nation , will be happier, much be safer life , with people who feel a part of their true home. Eritrean want to help make a difference in a place where that’s actually possible. Where the this small nation and its smallness of the country one day will belies a greater connection to the larger world outside. Where despite our many differences, Eritrean people are resilient and will truly appreciate living in peace after long nightmare and resolving differences, non-violently, talking instead of yelling, seeking compromise and consensus instead of conflict and contention. There are no utopias out there and Eritrean satisfied about their (long good weather ). They will very comfortable in Eritrea as anywhere
    The second and final coming .Eritrean will come not only visit their family and friends when it is possible. But they will be going to live in Eritrea again for the rest of they lives permanently . And in the little time remaining for the older generation of their life, they want to live in Eritrea , a place where our people move forward, peacefully, genteelly. politely with their ambitions sincere and their lives openly and proudly, softened, partly by reliving ,re absorbing Eritrean generosity ,politeness and quietness , and connected to the greater larger world.

  • Hameed Al-Arabi

    Ahlan Awates,

    From the stress of politics, a break with a Tigre folklore.


  • hh

    ሰላም ንኹሉኹም።
    እዋ ድሕሪ ይኣክል ምባል ድኣ ካልእ እንታይ ኣሎ ብዘይካ ካልኦት
    ተሰዊኦም መንግስቲ ክግምጡልልካ ምጽባይ።

    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      Ahlan hh,

      ብዘይ መዓልቱ ዝመውት ሰብ የለን :: ኣጆኻ ኣይትፍራሕ :: ኣብ ኩናት ምዓል ዕድመ ኣይሕጽርን እዩ :: ኣኮብቶ እታልያኖ


  • sara

    selam all— RAMADAN KAREEM– hope the moon will be sighted tonight.

    • Peace!

      Hi Sara,

      Ramadan Kareem 2 u 2!



    Like no other time in the past, a vocal segment of the Eritrean diaspora, has rallied on the call of “YiAAkle”. It is not spontaneous but in reaction to Issaya’s extreme abuse of power, this time on his ‘woldefdef’ with Dr. Abye which at times sound like he was conspiring to hand Eritrea to Ethiopia. The call is mushrooming in varying size of groups. It is as grass root as it could get.

    It has not consolidated its base. it is in the formation stage. The diaspora being an important segment of the Eritrean People, can have economic, diplomatic, and political influence in events in Eritrea. Only under one condition. That this group have a united voice, vision, and purpose.

    Professor Araya tries to boldly address a topic many others shy from tackling. How can the diaspora be a positive force of change in Eritrea. It is not about the constitution. it is about the nuts and bolts of how we as deleyti fthi can effect change in Eritrea. It is the timeliness and urgency to this fluid and nascent democratic movement to unite for the task at hand – to remove the dictator. I fully agree with Ema, on the next phase regarding the constitution. For now, how do effect a change in Eritrea, Prof. laid out his take. How do the rest of us enhance, or modify his strategy?

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Dear Mickielle,

      I couldn’t agree more on the premises to focus on the beast in our house. I touched the “constitution” just to remind that we should not succumb again to “exclusion and the winner takes all” political philosophy. We have seen the seeds sawn from that disastrous ill conceived policies of the organization to monopoly, not only to the political life of our people, but to control the entire life of our people. So from my side, it is to remind that the 1997 constitution not only does not unify us, but it is also because of its hybrid nature of it (a) it does not envision check and balance between the three pillars of governments (b) it does not envision clearly the three pillars of the state ((c) it does not envision fair sharing of power for our diversity.

      Second, let me join you to appreciate for Prof Araya Debessay for coming with a plan how to approach the current struggle and to elevate it in to a well organized movements from inside and outside to remove the regime. Like you have said, we have to transform the movement from its “formation stage” to a “consolidated stage” to expedite the removal of the regime. To do that, the need of outreach to all civil societies, political groups, the youth movement of YeAkil, and all professional Eritreans to bring them together and consolidate them to the same effort is quintessential. Let us hope this time to overcome our mistrusts and be successful in bringing all our social forces together in to the fight.


  • Hope

    Hello All:
    Finally,an Article I have been looking for.
    Thank you Prof Araya.
    I would say that if I combine my comments ,it will be close to what the GOOD Prof compiled.
    A Scientific Paper,indeed.
    This Paper summarizes what the Opposition has been struggling to accomplish but to no avail.
    here we go NOW:
    Enehe feres enehe meda.

  • Gerogee

    Dear professor

    yet another prescription that is DOA, Dead on Arrival. It seems like you live in another bubble. What legitimate organization are you talking about? You actually think United Nations legitimate? African Union is legitimate? Are you serious? There are the very organization that denied Eritrea it’s right to existence. And here you are prescribing what amounts to handing over our sovereignty to another entity. You put nothing that resembles a solution to the challenges Eritrea is facing. You just reguegrate talking points from enemies of Eritrea. We just witnessed unrelenting and unjustified, sanction and hostility from United Nations and its sponsors USA. Now you want to hand over our sovereignty to them. No thank you sir. You presented nothing original. I can find 1800 articles like this. For a learning person I would expect he a better more sophisticated solution to our problem. Your article can be summarized in one sentence, let’s remove eritrea’s leader even if we lose Eritrea.

    • Mez

      Dear Gerogee,

      Calm down man; think deeper, think better.

      Your logic will take you nowhere.


      • Gerogee

        Dear mez

        I am calm like a still water. You said think deeper, really? This is coming you,who spits out, generic, unoriginal ideas. Your post are non-post. Like you are scared. You post are super condensed. Why post at all?

    • Hope

      I think at times,it is only fair and reasonable to pause and reflect.
      No clue what your agenda or goal is…
      Guess what?
      Am not and would not surprised after I saw the Eliases,the Sofias,the Ghedeon Abays…..belittling and character assassinating the Good Professors and even the Eri Catholic Bishops…
      OMG,I said,when I saw Prof Ghedeon Abay Asmerom condemning the Eri Catholic Bishops and their Pastoral letters and Calls!?
      I thought he confessed and demoted himself form the PFDJ Ranks and Files.
      Intellectual Bankruptcy at its best.
      It sounds George was at the recent DC Conference condemning the Enough Movement and the Catholic Bishops.

      • Gerogee

        Dear Hope

        Hope….Hope what to do with you? What to do…..what to do…so let’s get to the point. As you are well aware that the shortsighted Woyane has been dumped by its handlers, US. But we are not out of the woods yet. Things can dramatically can change for the worst. We have to be vigilant. One of the 4 major ways the American Import stabilizes other countries is using journalist and media, Church religious organizations, and NGO. So now the Catholic Church made a statement. Nothing wrong with making a statement. But you have to consider many things, number one the timing and number two the reason. Number 3 the messenger. Let’s start with the timing why now? Where was the Catholic Church when the unjust sanction was imposed on Eritrea? Where is the Catholic church when United States constantly demonizes Eritrea? Where was the Catholic Church when Ethiopia repeatedly threatened to invade Eritrea. The Catholic church is tasting the water, to see how everything going with response. Catholic Church is a very powerful organization. Has roots in many powerful countries. If Eritrean government made a move of arresting a Catholic Bishop’s what do you think will happen? As you are well aware the Catholic church has been abusing children on Industrial scale from Millenia. Let me repeat this, this is the very church that was abusing children by the hundreds of thousands. Now are we supposed to accept that concern about free speech or hate speech? Do you seriously believe put organization that doesn’t expose that doesn’t arrest that doesn’t expel child molesters to worry about your free speech?

        • Hope

          Selam George:
          Your argument is too childish and narrow!

          Am quite familiar with what you are trying to say!
          You are talking to once a Yellow Card holder X-PFDJ Member.

          Am quite familiar with the OLD-styled PFDJ modus operandi of propaganda and character assassination-and questionnaire!
          Who is he?

          Where was he?

          What did he do?

          BTW,I could have done even a “ better” or a “ worse” argument against the Leadership and the Clergy of the Catholic Church.

          At one point,I protested against the decision made by a famous US-based Catholic Caritas after the NGO rerouted the Aid Convoy to the Derghi controlled parts of Eritrea to avoid the EPLF controlled or LIBERATED area,which was in a dire need of help.

          The rude and blunt answer we were given by the NGO was:
          We were ordered by the State Department!

          But there should be a DISTINCTION between the Teaching of the Catholic Church and the “ Life Style” of its members in general and that of its Leadership in particular!

          “ Netti ziblukhum de’A imber netti zighebriwo aytigberu”!

          What the Eritrean Catholic Bishops have said or done is what they are supposed to say :
          The TRUTH but the TRUTH based on facts and truth !

          Your unfounded allegation to imply that the Catholic Church was in favor of the illegal sanctions is but a BOGUS claim!

          I trust Dr Andemariam G,who brutally told us that it was IA,who literally set up Eritrea and Eritreans to be sanctioned!

  • Hameed Al-Arabi

    Ahlan Awates,

    The constitution of Dr. Brekhet Habtsillase and his colleagues, that was falsely attributed to the Eritrean people.
    The first glaring mistake of 1997 constitution, that Dr. Brekhet Habtesillasse was appointed by one person, Isaias. The second grave mistake, Dr. Brekhet , the scholar of law, accepted to devise a constitution that excludes all except his colleagues. The third mistake, he tells us that the constitution could be amended by the approval of 50% of elected parliament, and recommends to be strict. It is amazing, unconstitutional constitution to be amended by an elected constitutional parliament.
    Dr. Brekhet – the diviner of the untruthfully called Eritrean constitution – unconsciously admits that the constitution was prepared, when he and his colleagues were under the influence of Marxism. Due to this Marxism influence, they agreed that government should possess the land. Of course, aunt Halima, aunt Adhanet, uncle Humad and uncle Mihsun were not part of this Marxism influence, that galvanized Dr. Brekhet and his colleagues. Dr. Brekhet confirmed his influence by Marxism by pointing out to his bald head and by an artful smile. Not only this, he informed his interviewer, “መረት ናይ ምንግስቲ ክኸውን ኣለዎ … ካብቲ እትእዋን ዝነበረ ስነሓሳብ እተወርሰ እንድዩ!!! ኩሉና መቸም ናቱ ጽልዋ ነሩና ((من أنتم؟!!! ብእዋኑ ሰሪሑዩ!!! እነሓፍረሉ ነገር ኣይኮነን (Who are You?) In a similar way to the famous declaration of Isaias, “ብዘይ ቃልዓለም ስልጣን ሂበካ ኣለኹ ምርሓና”.
    According to his speech, the old influence faded (ብእዋኑ ሰሪሑዩ) and now he is under (በብግዝየ ክማሓየሽ ይኽእል) new influence, capitalism. This makes us to conclude that the boss said, it is a dead constitution, and the very deviser unintentionally affirmed its death. Both the sponsor and diviner of the constitution agreed on the death of 1997 constitution, but the uncomplicated still continue to shout, “ቅዋምና ይተግበር”.
    Regarding languages, Dr. Brekhet specified that during the struggle period, they had, “in principle the equality of all Eritrean languages” Put two lines under ኣብ ግዝየ ገድሊ. First, they have to conceive that the Eritrean languages were there before Haile Sillasse and Isaias, and will remain to exist by preservation of their owners, without the sponsorship of Isaias. The first guy who made the issue of language as a topic of discussion in Eritrea is Haile Sillasse, in order to divide the people of Eritrea and rule them. Isaias as a spy of Ethiopia went through the same line, but with more shrewd methods. He developed his models of divide and destroy the Eritrean people, in order to present Eritrea – in a silver platter – to Ethiopia,. This ploy assisted Isaias greatly in suppressing Eritreans. They made Eritreans waste their time and efforts in debates similar to that of, “First the egg or the hen?”
    For example: If someone proposed a debate that Eritreans should either embrace Islam or Christianity, we don’t want two religions in Eritrea. Is this kind of proposal is allowed to discuss it? Certainly, not. Such rights should be accepted without discussion. It is an issue of individual and group rights. The same goes with culture, official languages, citizenship, etc. The following also gives us more hints, that such kind of debates are an open-ended debates; therefore, no need to waste time and efforts on them.
    1- Afar, Bilen, Saho and Tigrinia are Ethiopian languages
    2- Kunama and Nara are South Sudan languages.
    3- Rashaida is Saudi Arabia language.
    4- Tigre, Hidareb and Eleet are Sudan languages
    5- Tokrir is Nigerian language
    This kind of classification will make Eritrea a land without language. Each guy should go to where he belongs. Haile Sillasse and Isaias created this problem to make Eritreans revolve around debates that have no solution, except swallowing it. In 1952 the Eritrean parliament, after a heated debate, agreed to make Eritrean official languages Arabic and Tigrinia. Though Haile Sellasse created the problem, but when he realized the parliament will break down into two, specially, in his onset of entering Eritrea. He felt this issue will bring him a lot of troubles, therefore he instructed his fake Eritreans to accept Arabic language. Later on after everything had become under his full control, he dropped both Eritrean official languages and replaced them by Amharic. Haile Sellasse and Isaias divided the people of Eritrea into the lines of religion and language for the benefit of their agendas. This helped them a lot in destroying the people of Eritrea.
    At the end of the day, the issue, “in principle, the equality of all Eritrean languages,” was Isaias agenda just shoved it in the heads of Dr. Brekhet and his colleagues. In accordance with this understanding – which they borrowed from Isaias; they put it in the 1997 constitution. The people of Eritrea had no hands in putting this article in the constitution. This was confirmed unconsciously by Dr. Brekhet, in his interview. The source of this idea, “in principle, the equality of all Eritrean languages” was Isaias agenda, in order to make Eritreans continue divided.
    Isaias has practically imposed Tigrinia as official language, and excluded an entire population. This and other practices of Isaias created distrust among Eritreans. I would like to ask Dr. Brekhet: Where is the equality you are proud about in principle, while Tigrinia is practically the official language, which I think you don’t miss it? Dr. Brehket, in his interview with Amanuel Iyassue, has changed a lot with time. At present, he advises Arabic and Tigrinia to be official languages of Eritrea. Truly, you have made Eritreans waste time and efforts for more than two decades. Anyhow, as they say, it is better to arrive late than never
    The terminologies INFLUENCED and IN PRINCIPLE – Dr. Brekhet used in his interview with Amanuel Iyassue – make the 1997 constitution, none Eritrean people constitution. Naturally, my blessed aunts and uncles were neither in the Hashawiye of the INFLUENCED Marxists, or IN THE PRINCIPLE of Isaias Alama.
    Sudanese say, “” الكلام من خشم سيدو حلو to hear speech from the lion’s mouth is influential.
    Excerpts from Dr. Brekhet interview which I endeavored to comment about is in following link:

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam Hamdat,

      Talking about the constitution: when the constitution calls for “Centralized Unitary Governance” other than the “bill of rights” the rest of the articles feeds strictly to the nature of “governance” as dipicted in the document. The term “centralized” dictates and controls everything. To the surprise of many who are versed with the natures of various governance, the good doctor told us that the constitution was drafted based on the charter (political platform) of the political organization. Imagine if the “political organizations” that were existing during the drafting of the “political document”***were allowed to participate, do you think such kind of preposition will be entertained. I don’t think so. Since from the get go, they were drafting for a “single party ruling” it is natural for them to base the charter of the organization for drafting the document. I challenged the good doctor when he came to give “civic education” about the drafted document in NYC in early 90s. So my point is if the other political organizations would have participated the “political document” could have been different in “its Spirit & in its Content”. I have no doubt the following would have been negotiated:

      (a) Nature of governance: Decentralized Unitary Governance – the ELFites advocate for it.

      (b) Official Languages: ELFites advocate for Tigrigna and Arabic as official languages.

      (c) The Issue of Land: ELFites advocate land should be owned by the people as oppose by the state.

      I expect such issues will be raised during the upcoming transitional period after the removal of the regime.

      **** Since the document is a political document before it becomes a legal document, all political organizations should be part of the constitutional process. Short of that, the political organization in particular and the public at large will not own it and will not defend it.


      • Hameed Al-Arabi

        Ahlan Ustaz Hidrat,

        My point is to highlight that the constitution is not of the Eritrean people, even the EPLFs. It is just a constitution of Dr. Brekhet and his colleagues. This is plain in the video linked above by the very person, Dr. Brekhet, who wrote the constitution. Any constitution whatever form it holds – Centralized, decentralized, etc. – if it doesn’t represent the entire population, it is null and void.


        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam Hamdat,

          My points are not contrarian to your views. I was highlighting its flaws in its “process” and in its “contents”. If I wouldn’t have a view to add or to oppose, I wouldn’t have commented and I don’t have to repeat to what you have said. I believe I add value to your comment.

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Ahlan Ustaz Hidrat,

            I have gotten your points. Thank you Ustaz Hidrat. My last comment was to add more points to what you have added. I think, we are in the same boat. The comment was just to elaborate it further.