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Prof. Araya Debessay,

Supremacists Agitating for Violence Against Eritrea

It is with great dismay that I hear the beating of war-drums by some segments of the Ethiopian intelligentsia, apparently aiming at steering public opinion towards war.  Their writing and talks are reminiscent of the past regimes of Emperor Haile Selassie and Colonel Mengistu. Yes, like the leaders of these …

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ماذا بعد كفاية

بقلم البروفسور  أرايا  ديبساي ترجمة: م. برهان إدريس (برهان) امانوئيل كفلي (دوحا) شاب من مدينة واشنطن اشعل روح الإرترين في كل مكان برسالته ” كفاية” القوية التي مازالت تنتشر كالهيب. ولقد استيقظ  الجميع الآن حتى الذين فقدوا الأمل في إرتريا  وايضا الكثير من مؤيدي النظام . أنه لشئ مُفرح أن …

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Enough Is Enough: What Is Next?

Amanuel Kifle (Doha), the young man from the Washington DC area, has ignited Eritreans everywhere by his powerful, “Yiaakle” (Enough) message that is spreading like wildfire. Even those silent Eritreans who have given up on Eritrea and many of those who have been supporting the regime are now awakened. Much …

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