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General Salah Gosh Sworn in as Sudan’s Security Chief

On Sunday, February 12, 2018, Major General Salah “Gosh” Abdulla was sworn in as Sudan’s chief of the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS). This is his second after his first appointment as chief of the INSS in 2004, which he held until August 2009.

General Salah was re-appointment to the position almost nine years after he was removed from the position amid security crisis in the country, including the Darfur genocide that led to President Omar Al Bashir being indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC ruling was generally rejected or ignored by many countries.

In November 2011 Wikileaks released a cable showing that “Gosh had viewed Bashir’s indictment by the ICC as a liability and might support a coup against him. “

Subsequently, in November 2012, Salah Gosh was arrested for allegedly plotting a coup to remove Al Bashir’s government in collaboration with Islamist under the leadership of General Mohammed Ibrahim. Salah Goas was released from jail in July 2013 after the coup charges were dropped.

Since he became the chief of the NISS in 2004, Salah Gosh has been a staunch supporter of the Eritrean opposition. But once Sudan’s trouble with the ICC started, president Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea who hosted the Sudanese opposition parties, intensified his pressure on Sudan to gain security and economic concessions. Thus, in 2008, the Sudanese government terminated its support of the Eritrean opposition forces that it systematically pushed to the laps of the Ethiopian government.

The marriage of convenience between Isaias Afwerki and Omar Al-Bashir continued as Eritrea provided Sudan with cover and access to the world in return for unrestrained security and economic activities in Sudanese territories. A retired Sudanese diplomat explained the relations between the two countries said, “After the ICC ruling, Sudan turned a blind eye to the Eritrean intrusion and interference in Sudanese affairs and territories.” He added, “Isaias had enough leverage against Sudan because he was a patron of the opposition forces.”

The golden times for the Eritrean government continued until late last year when the ramifications of the Yemeni war, the Turkish ties with Sudan, and mainly, differences over the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam strained the relations between Eritrea and Sudan, which moved heavy forces to close and monitor its borders with Eritrea to stop the illicit trade.

Since the removal of General Salah Gosh from the NISS, Eritrean security agents all but formally ruled Eastern Sudan and have been terrorizing Eritrean refugees living in the region, kidnapping, harassing and killing those it considered its opponents. In addition, its economic arm established a lucrative contraband business smuggling subsidized Sudanese goods to Eritrea. During that time also, elements associated with the Eritrean government established a ruthless human trafficking business in in collaboration with corrupt senior Sudanese officials and security personnel.

Eritrean opposition leaders believe the Eritrean government operated in Eastern Sudan as if the region was part of Eritrea. They think “it will be unlikely for all the illicit trade and brigandage to continue under the guard of General Salah, who is not as timid as his predecessor who is hosted in Isaias’ residence and not in hotels or regular guest houses when he travels to Eritrea.”

Three leaders of the Eritrean opposition we asked to comment expressed their reserved optimism saying, “it’s too early to celebrate the change of faces unless it is followed by a change of policies.” While one expressed his worries that, “adding pressure to the Eritrean economy on top of the UN sanctions will hurt the people and General Gosh’s appointment is not good news.”

Al Bashir Sticks Out His Tongue At The ICC

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  • Ahmed Idris

    To be honest , the Eritrean people are suffering a lot by the closure of the Sudanese border…b/c Eritreans are depending mainly on theirs food on Sudan , as no any real production in Eritrea …due to the killing of the private sector and the small business by the dictator Isaias Afeworki..in a way of systematically impoverishment of the people ..in order to remain loyal to the dictator..

  • Kebessa

    Hello all,
    VoA Tigrigna interviewed Haile Drue’s brother. Sadly, they don’t know if he passed away or not. Having no closure of one’s fate must be really tough.
    VoA’s Tewelde said he will try to get feedback from the government. Sure, what are the chances of getting an answer!
    Anyway here is the link of the interview

  • Yohannes Zerai


    A rational person may have expected the then-emergent Weyane to have given thought to two farsighted initial considerations: (i) how long they could hang onto power before they have to hand it over willingly or forced by people’s power, and (ii) how the people of Tigray would fare when state power eventually shifts away from Weyane and falls into the hands of other political forces in Ethiopia.

    It turned out that, on the first issue, Weyane got more than they bargained for — They ruled the huge and diverse country with absolute power for 26 years. During all those years, except the last two, Weyane encountered little overt popular opposition, and the few incidents of unrest that occurred were of such limited intensity, spread and duration to have posed a serious threat to its power structure. Those years were marked by significant, real economic growth which, though not equitable across regions and ethnic groups, had nevertheless brought a modest improvement in the quality of life of the population. But not, by any means, to the exaggerated magnitude and extent of the endless claims that the Weyane Government churns out for domestic and international consumption.

    Weyane political elites exercised their absolute political, security and economic powers unabashedly and unpretentiously often flaunting their power and wealth at every occasion for all to see. They have had no qualms with having the entire military brass consist of members drawn from a single ethnic group. All the important and powerful sectors of government and the national economy have been controlled by Weyane elites with no pretension of appearing to allow participation by other ethnic groups. Weyane political elites and their cronies have amassed wealth and have been living a life of unimaginable opulence while millions of Ethiopians lived in unthinkable poverty. Despite the doctored figures of decade-long double-digit economic growth and unsubstantiated claims of Ethiopia having joined the ranks of “middle income countries”, the hard facts in the country tell a different story! Fifteen million Ethiopians throughout the country were hit by famine; poverty grew at an alarming rate; unemployment and homelessness were rampant in all Ethiopian cities. Although the problem was obscured by much worse “per capita” cases of such countries as Eritrea and Somalia, hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian youth migrated to various other African countries in search of better life. Hundreds of thousands more have migrated to the Middle East and Europe and, on the way, many had drowned in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean – just a familiar case of migration tragedy that afflicts other African countries in the region!

    Now, let‘s look at the second question – that regarding the people of Tigray. By all rational accounts (and despite the Weyane record outlined above), the fate of the overwhelming majority of the people of Tigray under Weyane rule has not been different than that of the rest of Ethiopia’s ethnic groups. But, Tigray-related perceptions among many social groups in Ethiopia have been to the contrary. There has been a growing tendency among non-Tigrayan population to believe that Tigrayans had it good all along. Some fail to make a distinction between ordinary Tigrayans and the Weyane power elite and seem to erroneously assume that the latter’s monopoly of power, corruption and accumulation of wealth have equally benefited the people of Tigray.

    Such sentiments are known to have stirred in some ethnic groups deep resentment against Tigrayans — resentment that found expression in physical attacks, destruction of property, evictions and expulsions that Tigrayans had sustained during popular anti-Weyane protests staged in Gondar/Bahir Dar area and at various locations in Oromia. These recent events and incidents may be taken as indicative of what may happen to the Tigrayan population when the Weyane regime finally departs and is replaced with a system controlled by other forces in the country. Fortunately, this dangerous and ugly prospect has not been lost on Tigrayan diaspora intellectuals who, in a recent meeting in Washington D.C., affirmed the need of explaining to the Ethiopian population that the people of Tigray should not be held responsible for the sins of the Weyane regime; that the regime did not stand for the interests of Tigrayans any more than it stood for the interests of all Ethiopian peoples. In addition, however, the people of Tigray have a crucial role to play if efforts at building national harmony and unity are to succeed. They must openly and boldly declare their solidarity with their Ethiopian brethren from other regions and other ethnic groups, and must stand by their side in the struggle they are presently waging to win their rights to democracy and justice.

    Finally, there is no question that the Ethiopian people will come out of these difficult times of tension and turmoil triumphantly. But that triumph must be guaranteed by keeping the interests and well-being of the nation paramount to all other sub-national considerations and narrow interests. And the Ethiopian people can and must provide the needed guarantee by ensuring their unity and committing themselves to jointly struggle for a democratic and just political system that would enable their nation to love and care for its peoples and its citizens equally and without distinction. May the country and its people achieve the unity, peace and progress they so much deserve!

  • Kebessa

    Hello room,
    Is it just me or is the site’s new appearance confusing? Where is Jebena? Are newest articles on top or bottom?

  • Josef Says

    Hello all,
    I don’t know much about this Sudanese leader but if he brings law and order to eastern sudan and improves the condition of Eritrean refugee who has been there since 1968 that is good news.
    But if we dwell on personalities or person- if that person is mediocre we are screwed… I prefer institutions and law…
    We are African are sometimes stuck and we sometimes focus on a person or personalities like focusing on certain characters in the a movie.
    I prefer to ask what type of movie?

    I don’t know what happened in Ethiopia.. from some news but it is admirable what the leader said. I never I thought I would hear this from African leader.. at least not from the Dark backward Horn.

    “I see my resignation as vital in the bid to carry out reforms that would lead to sustainable peace and democracy,”

    No guns or rebels or war.. this is new level of governmental maturity..

  • Nitricc

    Hi All; Now the question is what Ethiopia needs to do is in order. there are tow ways they can handle this temporarily. One is going to state of emergency or expiated military rule. Some way the distraction needs stop, the protests needs to stop and the country needs to clam down. The question is which way is the better one.

  • Selam All,
    Don’t worry, enjoy, things will be alright. If a pm goes, a pm will come, and ethiopia will continue to move forward. Everybody says so, even the ferenji.
    (Sorry for the link. It is the wrong day of the week and the wrong place. I do not know why i can’t find jebena.)


    • blink

      Dear Horizon
      Yes the difference must be not TPLF goons. He was no one but a symbol for TPLF to do the dirty work under his name . Ethiopia will be there but not for the same reason TPLF thought. The environment hostile to any thing that has to do with weyane. Workneh Gebeyehu Would be no better than him only the name. BBC Africa said his resignation “ out of blue” and I laughed.

      • Selam blink,

        Why so much obsession with tplf/woyane? Why should it be the main thing on your mind?

        The no one is sitting in asmara, and has brought nothing but misfortune for eritrea and eritreans. Whoever does not hate and disparage tplf/woyane as you and the regime do, either they are a no one or a woyane supporter. Do you acknowledge freedom of opinion for others?

        Do you know why you think tplf/woyane is omnipotent that all ethiopians bow to them? It is because you cannot approach them, and there is nothing you can do. Whoever comes to rule ethiopia you are going to say he/she is a tplf puppet. Whom do you recommend, as long as you know everything about ethiopia?

        As to ethiopians, tplf is part of the ethiopian political system, and in our own way we will trim their power to their right size, and that is what is happening today. Nevertheless, we are not going to discard them, as long as they represent 6m people.

        Unashamedly, bronwyn bruton of the atlantic council says “…….a genocide or other targeted ethnic violence against Tigrean individuals appears to be escalating.” Ethiopians are not going to allow a genocide or anything like that to happen. It exists only in the imagination of the paranoid minds of the enemies of tigrayans and ethiopians.

        It is said that whoever laughs last laughs best, and you better keep it for the dictator in asmara, when he runs away to saudi arabia. PM HMD can at least release political prisoners, while dia is known for saying, where is the evidence that there are political prisoners, although they are in their thousands.

        You people hate tplf/woyane with passion, which makes you susceptible to love anybody who hates woyane, even the dictator, and disparage everybody who does not follow your footsteps, even respectable eritreans who have shown their love for their country not in words, but in deeds.

        • blink

          Dear Horizon
          I give in to your convincing arguments, seriously that was great but you slipped one word “ to it’s size”that was my argument from day one, I wish no ill to any Ethiopian at any corner of this earth( pass me on the leaders pls) ,you are right I can be moderate in my knowledge about Ethiopia, I mean I can compute with most people in this forum about who from where in Ethiopia, actually I can be far better in my knowledge about Ethiopia than some people, may be I bought more Ethiopian 📚 📚 but don’t you think the weyane has done a great service for the man you are accusing? I believe weyane do help PFDJ to stay in power just to see the Eritreans suffer under him, let’s be honest no one can intimidate Eritreans unless he is one from inside. I blame weyane for keeping Eritrean oppositions hostage for 20 years just to see the suffering of Eritreans. From my side there is no ill wish to the progress of Ethiopia. I am on record saying “ Gered is the envy of Africa”.what I will not do is praise weyane propaganda machine and I can say sorry to that After the demolitions of weyane to its 6m thing.

          • Thomas

            HI Blink,

            Of course, no one will stop you from day your dreaming. Go ahead, have your best shot in your dreams:)

          • blink

            Dear Thomas
            Dreams has nothing to do with reality created by others. I don’t dream about weyane but I am just locating you sir. My comment has nothing to do with any thing you are implying. I am just saying weyane must come down from the palace of dictating Ethiopian lives and my views are completely normal if you watch what the Ethiopians are saying from Ras Dajen go down to werder and crisscrossed to Jima and again to Dire dawa in all directions , the song is a strong song saying Down Down weyane.

          • Natom Habom

            Selam blink
            Do you see how they feel bad when you speak about woyane
            They worked day and night to destroy Eritrea,pressuring Eritrea
            And see now how they trying to avoid anything about TPLF
            At least they know now Mene yu shabia.
            All this years Gurra we going to punish shabia,their jealousy people
            And envy of Eritrea have no limit In fortunately we are neighbors with this enemy.

    • Haile S.

      Selam Horizon,
      አረ ወዲያ! ፈረንጅ ደግሞ ቫዮሊኑን ይቀርቅር እንጂ!እባክህ ፈንታና ኣለማየሁን ኣምጣልኝ:-) 🙂

    • MS

      Selam Horizon
      I was surprised by his good accent, I thought it was too good an accent to sort him as another ferenj. I never came across him before, but a little search revealed that the man is not just “another ferenj”. He has been closely connected to Ethiopia for decades. Here is an interview with ebstv. Sorry moderator, this will be my only breach of the week.

      • Selam MS,

        Excuse me, i was not aware of your post for so many hours.
        I too did not know about this gentleman. He must have come to ethiopia as a peace corps volunteer. The most important thing about him is not only that he speaks perfect amharic, much more i had the impression that ferenjis usually dismiss africa languages as inferior, not worthy to learn, and he disproved it for me.

        I believe that you are a multi-linguist as much as eritrean languages are concerned, and arabic and amharic as well. It is great to know different languages and cultures.

  • MS

    Selam All
    As far as my readings go, this is the beginning of the end of TPLF domination in ethiopian politics and it is good for the country. Years ago when The Addis Ababa and WAlqayt uprising began, few Awatistas stated that the trend was such that it needed serious undertaking. Few others tried to explain it as if it was localized grievances. Worse, they tried to portray those who expressed genuine concerns as anti-Ethiopia. There were few points that I remember I raised that would allay the situation: 1. take the uprising as a political statement by the public on the establishment, thus, make needed FUNDAMENTAL correction of course including reviewing if the federal tenets were utilized as they were supposed to be. In short, re-examining if there were mismanaged and /or abused political and constitutional issues that might have aggravated the situation. Although too late, this is something that EPRDF admitted of committing in its latest marathon meetings where they admitted that the regional states were treated as extensions of EPRDF/PLF’s executing arms; 2. TPLF should shrink to its size: few cronies of MZ had monopolized Ethiopia’s political and economic activities where poor Tigraians are accused of having benefited from it and are losing their lives and businesses in areas outside Tigray (This something that Tigrians are complaining of; they are basically blaming past TPLF leaders for enriching themselves at the expense of Tigray); 3. The rigged electoral system needs to be rewritten to reflect Ethiopia’s diversified political rainbow; 4. The legislative should have an increased oversight on the executive so that rules and regulations are followed to their fullest according to the constitution’s intent. 5. We saw the state of emergency and the reshuffling of cabinet by PhD holders would not solve the situation as it was not the result of lack of capacity but one that was rooted in misguided premise: that the EPRDF/TPLF would be the sole ruling organ of Ethiopia for the coming decades.
    The latest news is not going to calm the storm as it was not predicated on the hatred towards the prime minister. I think he is a conciliatory man, and I think he has done what he could given he was put between a rock and hard ground. You have popular demands and he has no independence of taking measures where decision making has been controlled by EPRDF EC, the military and security strongmen, positions that have been dominated by TPLF. I think he did the right decision.
    The Silver Lining: There is hope if the next PM makes sure the above are done, and he has to be the top executive officer in the country. He should not have minders attached to him. Amde explained it nicely, and I could not pass but to admire the Ethiopian youth who are braving death. I also sense that the government is willing to be more receptive to including opposition parties. I also sense that, apart from isolated vandalism, and despite the cross-state vitriolic campaign of accusations and counter-accusations by politicians, the sense of adhering to “Ethiopian community” is there.

    • Mez

      Dear MS,
      a fantastic observation. Regarding TPLF I have the following view: 1) it was and still is an important political movement at national and Kilil level, 2) Sumasumarum, it led Ethiopia in the right direction–I would say ” the end as of now dictated the means”, 3) I hope and assume there will be big enough political space in Tigrai Kilil, to allow other political views than that of seemingly stagnant TPLF world outlook, 4) my last observation, for now, Former PM Hailemariam Desalegn became an iconic hero of openness and inclusiveness overnight.

      • Nitricc

        Hi Mez; what are you smoking? you better share hahahahah. how on earth would say ” Former PM Hailemariam Desalegn became an iconic hero of openness and inclusiveness overnight” What????? How about the dumbest, the slowest, spineless PH in the history of the world. It is a very good thing they are forcing him out. he useless.

        • Mez

          Dear Nitricc,

          Think about it.

          I believe, that is what we miss in Asmara.


          • Nitricc

            Hi Mez and Bilink, you need to check this . How can you lose power where you never had one?


          • Mez

            Hi Nitricc,

            Thanks for the link.

            Sooner or later, I expect similar polular movement in Asmara–for the better.

            Probably 5 to 7 years from now?


          • blink

            Dear Nitricc
            Shocking scene , what a puppet. I heard his wife is a religious one and the Scandinavian way of life is still on him. He was a bad investment by weyane.

        • blink

          Dear Nitricc
          He resigned from a zero power. Remember he was just not ruling Ethiopian people, he was just doing the written orders from Top TPLF fat guys.

    • Amde


      You said it well. I thought PMHD had promise and I was really rooting for him, but without a real powerbase, he can’t do much.


      • iSem

        Hi Amde and all Ethiopians in this forum
        Congratulations on the resignations of your prime minster. Ethiopia is going thru tough times and PMD did not quit, he resigned for reason known to him, but you should be proud. MZ also said he would not seek re-election and the transfer to replace him was peaceful, the first in the history of your country
        African leaders need to internalize the idea of resignation and the fact that you have civilian in leadership is a good sign.
        The complex nature of Ethiopia calls for new ways and resgntions are new for your country. Now you have officially removed yourselves from the pantheons of the club Mengistu,Bashir and IA belong.

        • Teodros Alem

          There is no ethiopian or eritrean in this forum except 5-6 people namely salah G, saay, nitricc,S T ,MS ,amde and maybe 1 or two people.

          • iSem

            Hi TA:
            please elaborate ur ” there is no ethiopian or eritrean….”

          • Teodros Alem

            Selam isem
            Sorry i meant u all r tigraians ethio

          • iSem

            U have a well known tigrayans in Eri, one boss and one in charge of the coffers

          • Teodros Alem

            Selam isem
            I was not talking about roots .am talking about the present citizenship or family citizenship.

          • iSem

            roots and citizenships are the same in Eritrea,if u have not roots u have not citizenship, everyone has a village and tisha and a land to farm, even if the land is small. You cannot separate that yet. Unlike what u are told, citizenship is by work in Erittrea, it is not
            adi zeyblus tirrabelo ‘iyu adey ybl is a popular saying in Eritrea

          • Teodros Alem

            Selam isem
            Again there is tigrai and there is eritrean. Am saying u guys r tigraians(agame, it is not a derogatory word . i heard they r a proud people the agames) except 6_7 people. Ok U r kesselawe.

        • Amde

          Hi iSem,

          I was literally toying with the idea of having Awate.com with their Inform and Inspire slogan, to start a running page of events in Ethiopia, partly as a real life laboratory of what political change can look like.
          It is my sincere wish the Isayyas regime is next.

          But it seems events are moving at lightening speed.

  • Ismail AA

    Selam Awatewyan,

    News reports, the BBC among them, are saying that the PM Hailemariam Desalegn has announced his sudden resignation as PM and ruling party chairman. It’s a developing story to watch. Nothing is said about whether it’s an arranged step down or personal decision forced by the protests and government responses. If the reason is something to do with the latter, it could trigger jockeying for power within the coalition and open the political scene for further escalation and unrest. In such a scenario, the last resort reasoning could enforce army intervention. Moreover, given the centrality of the country in the great Horn region, outside powers would not remain on the side lines. Let us pray for what is best for the country and the region.

    • Mez

      Dear Ismail,

      – I think this is the best news one can expect from polititians,
      – is the first time in the history of that country,
      – he also released significant key political prisoners and key journalists,
      -arranged resignation or not, the popular movement is going to dictate significantly than the potentially few individually greedy polititian,
      – I hope the same to happen in Asmara for better future..


  • Yohannes Zerai


    So, PFDJ-Sudan relations whose design, implementation and expansion over the years was made possible by the “political and diplomatic ingenuity of President Isaias Afeworki” has finally come down to this! For several years, the PFDJ regime has “showcased” its relations with the Sudan as a flagship of its “harmonious neighborly relations”, of its “thriving international engagement” and of Its “external trade and economic expansion”! That too has now gone down the drain.

    Recent power play among regional powers has fundamentally shaken pre-existing alignment of forces in the area thereby inducing shifting alliances and associated politico-military adjustments. These dynamic changes in turn , brought down tumbling the whole edifice of fictitious harmony and cooperation that both governments had projected – each for its own cunning reasons – for the last few years.

  • Nitricc

    Hi Everyone; Reading this article gives the impression it is African thing to recycle people in power. I read this guy have been there once and went through the political system, why not let the fresh blood carryon? I observed the same thing in Ethiopian political system. TPLF members leave their post with big fanfare through the main door and hoopla just to return quietly through the window. The time and the political culture is changing fast and the fresh blood might be better equipped to deal and lead for. The old people will stick with their old ways doing things. Ethiopia is going to big and unknown change. Eritrea is Eritrea, what you see is what you get. Although the TPLF led Ethiopia have good relationship with Sudan but TPLF is going down and Sudan is very slippery and unreliable partner. So, I see the Sudanese falling for Eritrea. Eritrea is part of the government of Sudan when it comes to the Eastern part anyways.

    • blink

      Dear Nitricc
      What does it take to read any kind of news analysis about current Ethiopia politics in awatecom? I mean we all know it affects Eritreans and we all know one spy master is not news in our region if you compare it to the sea change happening in Ethiopia . The fact is people are getting killed by 1000ds on daily basis by life bullets in Ethiopia and here we are reading about one Sudanese spy master . How on earth aljazeera Tewekel is sitting in Addis while millions of people are on streets and he just mum .

      • Nitricc

        Hi Blink; I really believe journalism is dead and the internet killed it. Forget Tewekel, a TPLF stooge and a monkey of Aljazeera. He is in Addis to write something bad about Eritrea. That is their whole mission. if not, there are many news the Monkey could have aired about the situation in Ethiopia but a monkey is a monkey. Don’t expect anything from this corrupted to the core individual known as Tewekel.

        • blink

          Dear Nitricc
          Workneh Gebeyehu is going to be groomed and said to be the next prime minister of Ethiopia ,another TPLF with sibhat nega inside her head . The fall of TPLF from dominating Ethiopian politics will be certain at her desk . The Ethiopian youth should demand for the total removal of TPLF regime.

          • Nitricc

            Hi Blink; don’t forget who you are dealing with. All this commotion is part of the game. They are pulling all stops to deflect the current popular uprising. Trust me, nothing is changed just a cruel game against the Ethiopian people. It is a game, you can put anyone as prime mistier in Ethiopia as long as you control the economy, the military and the press. And I wonder who controls those entities? Tata-Tata.

          • blink

            Dear Nitricc
            Yes you are right. I think at last they will realize weyane are playing them fools and when the time for that realization comes , I can say certainly the Ethiopian army will lose its own credibility from the people. The only solution is to dismantle the structure of the top military. Remove all Tigrian Generals from any security and make all accountable for their crime.

          • Kbrom

            Hi blink,

            Workneh Gebeyehu is a he not she.


          • blink

            Hi kibrom
            Thanks it’s a mistake I corrected it , I would not dare to disappoint the supporters of EPRDF especially the Oromo once.

  • Awate Rider

    Greetings all and
    Good Luck to you
    Gosh Saleh………
    But if you loose which is more likely than not
    do not blame others. Just blame yourself….
    if you wanted to be taken as credible and
    worthy who tried his best……..otherwise
    you will be the one who knew him long ago….
    ( just a little helping advice )

    • Saleh Johar

      Dear Awate Rider!

      I believe you are addressing me….but what is the occasion and what do you mean by losing or winning?
      Knew whom long ago?

      My dear, I am not good at qnie, and I couldn’t understand neither the gold nor the wax. kindly write clearly what you want to say to me but as it is, your message reads like a riddle 🙂

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Saleh Johar.

        This guy din’t answer so forget about him..