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Eritrea: A Classic African dictator took over (Book Review)

Book Reviewer: Chefena Hailemariam Bjork, Christina. 2019. Eritrea: A Classic African dictator took over. Themes, Stockholm. ISBN 978-91-985588-0-7 Christina Bjork’s book which made its debut in 2019 is about the history of modern Eritrea with a focus on the armed struggle. Her book comprises of twelve sections of personal narratives …

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Post-DC Voices and Identity Politics (Part II)

Introductory note “Countering dominant and hegemonic narratives is the flip-side of being complicit” (Michel Bamberg 2004). [i] In my part I, I promised that I was going to do rhetorical analysis on DC Yiakil Boito based on (mis)representation its detractors.  Given the gravity the of the subject and its consequences …

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Post-DC Voices and Identity Politics (Part I)

Introduction “ይኣክል” or “Enough” is a dynamic grassroots based process around which Eritreans globally are getting organized to make their voices heard and stand up against tyranny. Undoubtedly, the movement is marking visible gains world-wide as the fields of mobilisation get wider with  renewed revolutionary fervour.  But everything has not …

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PFDJ’s Art of Deception

A cultural troupe overflew Mekele, where it could have enjoyed much excitement from bigger and more lively audience. But this 60-person contingent was ordered to impress the Amhara, Isaias’ new allies. The claimed objective of this programme. To ‘celebrate the peace and friendship agreement and develop cultural exchange between the …

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Grassroots view: The Discourse of Martyrdom and Sovereignty (P2)

In Part I tried to show two separate narratives or discourses around martyrdom, sovereignty, and nationalism as represented by the dominant Party-State versus the grassroots or popular views. I also argued the Party-State’s intense propaganda that the population have been subjected to on its own, cannot explain why the majority …

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The Revolutionary Tesfamariam Woldemariam And SAUA

In memory of a young revolutionary SAUA has nothing to do with SAWA, the military camp that gained notoriety associated with the horrific violation of human right in Eritrea. SAUA is the acronym of the Student Association University of Asmara and Tesfamariam Woldemariam was one the founding members and once …

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