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Eritrea: “the Wisdom of Government in Exile”

[This post by HaileTG is brought to the Frontpage from the Awate Discussion Forum.] I understand where [the discussion is] coming from. I also know that the concerns are shared by many. However, in most instances, I try to avoid [mentioning] entities such as those who profess their inner desires on how they …

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ብሰላም ዕረፍ ክቡር ሓርበኛ ጅግና ተጋዳላይ ኣድሓኖም!

ሓርበኛ ተጋዳላይ ኣድሓኖም ገብረማርያም ዕለተ መስዋእቲ፡ ለካቲት 19 2021 ካብ ኣብኡ ባሻይ ገብረማርያም ካሳን ካብ ኣዲኡ ወይዘሮ ውነሽ ርጆን ኣብ ወርሒ መስከረም 1945 ኣብ ኣፈልባ ተወሊዱ። ወላዲቱ ካብቲ ዝነበራ ከቢድ ናይ ሕርሲ ኩነታት፣ ብዘይ ጉድኣት ክትገላገል ብምኽኣላ፣ ልዑል ፈጣሪ ንምምስጋን ወለዱ “ ኣድሓኖም ” ዝብል ረዚን ስም ከምዝሃብዎ ታሪኽ ቤተሰቡ …

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Gallantry at Halhal

[The following is chapter 20 from Saleh “Gadi” Johar’s book, “Of Kings and Bandits.” First republished on September 8, 2014 to commemorate the Battle Battle of Halhal which happened on September 6, 1968, on Dec, 17, 2020, the chapter was presented again on the authors YouTube channel in an abridged form as …

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Archive: Eritrean Opposition Warns of All-Out Confrontation

On Monday, October 3, 1994, Arab news International published excerpts of an interview it carried out with Abdo Abdulla, the then secretary-general of the Eritrean Liberation Front–Revolutionary Council (ELF-RC). We are publishing it here to remind our readers about the issues in the early years after the independence of Eritrea. _________________ ARAB NEWS …

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Two Pictures of a Man Five Years Apart

The above is a composite image, part of which appeared with an editorial by the Awate Team in 2014 while the second part is a propaganda image widely distributed over the last few days. In Eritrea and in other parts of the world, the PFDJ has been busy celebrating the 25th …

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Negarit 48: ኣርዮስ፥ ኣቡነ ኣንቶንዮስ፣ ቛንቋ ክርስቶስ

[Apologies. You tube took long to process the upload and was not playing properly and we have to delete the video and upload it again. All comments, likes, dislikes were deleted with the deleted video. Now it’s fixed] ኣርዮስ፥ ኣቡነ ኣንቶንዮስ፣ ቛንቋ ክርስቶስኣርዮሰ መን ዩ ? ሓጺር መብርሂ ብዛዕባ:- 1) ሊብያዊ …

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