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Australia: PFDJ Coercive Taxation

Hundreds of Australians are being forced to pay a tax that – according to the UN – is funding murderous African rebel groups. (Courtesy of By: Santilla Chingaipe ( Hundreds of Australians are being forced to pay a tax that – according to the UN – is funding murderous African rebel groups. Members of…

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Haile Sellasie’s Cannabis

A green, yellow and red headband/wrist band is the symbol of Rastafarians who worship the late feudal king, Haile Sellassie of Ethiopia, whose name (and title) before he was throned was Ras Tefferi. When King Minelik died in 1913, his grandson Lij Eyassu became the king, but Tefferi didn’t accept that. Three years later Tefferi…

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UPR: Eritrean Regime’s Abuses Reviewed

Summary presented by “Rodab” at Awate Forum: On the hot seat @ the UPR gathering. Nations from around the world are taking our regime to task. The following are some of the challenging questions (the complete list is at the UPR website): The Netherlands Can the government of Eritrea indicate how it will improve the…

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AI: Twenty Years of Independence but still No Freedom

Twenty years after its independence, Eritrea’s prisons are filled with thousands of political prisoners, locked up without ever being charged with a crime, many of whom are never heard from again, Amnesty International said in a report released today. Twenty years of independence but still no freedom details how throughout the past two decades government…

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Theorizing Hamid Idris Awate In A Postmodern World

The recent trend, in the opposition block, on the contestation of Awate’s Eritrean symbolism is epic. The imagery of an afro-nilotic hero on a horse back, with a bandolier diagonally crossing his protruded chest, with a dangling sword in a holder, proudly slinging a simonova rifle , as if, projecting an appeal to our inner…

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A Letter From The Voice Of The Kunama People

The Official Letter, written in the Name of the Voice of the Kunama People, and sent to both;“EDA-KIDAN’s“ and “ENCDC-BAYTO’s“ Leaderships:   The Leaderships and the Leaders of the The Voice of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance, (EDA), Kunama People, Addis-Ababa, (Ethiopia) November 23, 2012   Honourable ladies and gentlemen, in the name and voice of the…

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Have You Seen This On The Mainstream Media?

Here is a clip that shows  the mighty Israeli army terrorizing civilians who have become aliens in their own land. Here is technology at work, tax dollars at work bombing Gaza indiscriminately. This is the story of an elephant complaining of a cub. Indeed CRY FREEDOM! And here is the similarity when Ethiopian forces sung “Embi…

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Eritrean Churches: Mute And Without opinion

“The church must be the guide and the critic of the State and never its tool.” writes Dr Martin Luther King Jr, outraged by the silence of many churches regarding racial injustice of his time. The church, or any religious institution for that matter, should not hope to earn favors or avert scorn from government…

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Zenawi: Memorable Personal Landmarks

Melles Zenawi the Ethiopian Prime Minister was snatched by death on August 20, 2012 at the age of 57; he is survived by three children.  The Ethiopian government has announced that a state funeral ceremony will be held on the 2nd of September. Over the years I have met Melles repeatedly, the last of which was…

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A popular beer advertisement in my Country goes like this: “My name is Joe and I am Canadian!” Molson, the company that produces the beer “Molson Canadian” has cleverly crafted a commercial that can appeal to many Canadians. This is the sort of nationalism I can drink for, hypothetically speaking of course. I might even…

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