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The PENCIL is awate.com's editorial and it reflects the combined opinions of the Awate Team and not the individual opinion of team members.

ኢሳያስ ኣፈወርቂ፡ ን10 ዓመታት ሓደ ዓይነት ደርፊ

ኢሳያስ ንህዝቢ ዝጠቅም ክዛረብ ኢዩ ኢለ ዘይኰነስ “ሎሚ’ኸ እንታይ’ኮን ክዛረብ ይኸውን?” ብዝብል ሓሳብ ተመርኵሰ ብናይ ሓድሽ ዓመት ምኽንያት ዝገበሮ ቃለ-መሕተት ምስ ሰማዕኩ፡ ከም ትጽቢተይ ድሙ ከም ቀደሙ ኰይኑ ረኸብክዎ። “ወያኔ!ወያኔ!ከደመቲ!ከደምቲ!ትማእዘዝቲ ወዘተ.” እዘን ቃላት እዚኣተን ብዘይምግናን ን10 ዓመታት ዝኣክል ኣጽሚመናና ኢየን። መቸስ ንኽኢትሰምዖ ሓድ ሓደ ግዜ ዘስሕቕ ኢዩ። ኢሳያስ “ወያኔ ኩሉ …

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A Call For Sober Dialogue

In 1967, the United Nations Security Council passed “Resolution 242” whose first call was for the “withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict.” For 36 years now, Arabs in general and Palestinians specifically have been quoting “242”—sometimes using it as a battle cry, sometimes as …

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Photo Questioned: Is This Man Awate?

The only photograph of Awate was found in Agordat Police Station after the ELF liberated the Town in 1977. Awate’s photo, together with other “Wanted Outlaws”, retrieved from the Station in Agordat, was handed over to the then Chief of the ELF’s security apparatus, Melaake Tekle. Later, when Melaake was …

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From the Teachings of Woldeab Woldemariam

Translated from Tigrinya By Awate Research Unit – September 1, 2000 Woldeab Woldemariam was a lifetime teacher and a great debater. His Commitments to individual freedom, democracy, and justice were as unshakable as his commitments to the unity of Eritrea and the dignity of its people. Read The following extracts …

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