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Saho Movement Leaders In Jail In Adi-Grat

Mekelle: Gedab News learned that seven members, including six senior members, of the Eritrean Saho Movement have been arrested by security forces in Adi-Grat, in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

Our sources also indicated that three persons, including the chairman, were arrested on August 10, 2017, while the other four were arrested on August 21, 2017.

The arrested persons have not been presented in a court nor publicly accused of any wrongdoing. None of their friends or members of the movement that they led were able to visit them. They include five members of the executive Committee, a member of the central committee, and a regular member.

In the list below, no, 1 to 5 are executive members, while number 6 is a central committee member, and number 7, is a regular member:

  1. Ismail Idris, chairman. Age, 35
  2.  Idris Shaaban, deputy chairman. Age, 31
  3. Ismael Ahmed Ismael. Age, 33
  4. Saleh Dawoud Barhaba. Age, 28
  5. Ibrahim Hussein. Age, 34
  6. Ibrahim Ramadan. Age, 34
  7. Abdu Ali Shum. Age 34

Though the Saho Movement was part of an ethnic group umbrella that was hastily formed in Makelle, under the auspices of the Ethiopian allies prior to the 2011 congress of the Eritrean National Congress for Democratic Change which was held in Hawassa. To date, none of their Eritrean opposition allies have attempted to inform the public about the arrest of the leaders of their sister-organizations.


In 2007, a group of disaffected Eritrean conscripts and regular soldiers belonging to the Saho tribes had escaped to Ethiopia and began to organize themselves to fight against the PFDJ regime. By April 2009, the social grievances between the Saho speaking tribes and the Eritrean regime was exasperated when a group of around 70 rebellious conscripts and regular soldiers clashed with the security forces in the Akele-Guzai region.

Thereafter, a heavily armed battalion was sent to quash the rebellion; it arrested some of the rebels and many citizens from Senafe and Adi Keyih. A group of the rebels took to the mountains refusing to surrender. However, overwhelmed by the hot pursuit of the Eritrean security forces, they escaped to Ethiopia and joined the Saho movement.

In the last four years, the Ethiopian hosts and the Saho movement went through turbulent relations. As it appears now, they are seemingly not wanted to operate in Ethiopia though the movement has scores of armed rebels who are stranded in the wilderness of the border areas with no direction or leadership.

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  • Nitricc

    Greetings All: I have always thought that evil can only be defined by the name of religion. I have read many religious believes and the more I read them the more I wondered about the very concept of religion. However I was a little comforted with the idea and intention of the religion of Buddhism. That is until what I am reading this days, the good hearted so-called Buddhists are murdering innocent Muslims and the world is in absolute silent. If the Muslims were doing the killings; I guaranteed you that the whole world have been on fire.

    • Selam Nitricc,

      Religion is not evil. It is human beings that are evil and kill. I doubt that their is a religion that says ‘go and kill the unbelievers’. Crimes committed by christians, muslims, and now by buddhists are crimes committed by human beings by distorting the teachings of religion for their unholly purposes. All religions teach peace and love, without exception.
      In this case, it is said that a notorious buddhist monk, who was in prison for previous killings, is the main culprit, instigator and leader. Buddhist monks with the help of the army and the police are committing genocide and ethnic cleansing.
      It is unfortunate that Aung san suu kyi, the president of myanmar, a nobel laureate, has done completely nothing to stop this crime. It is difficult to explain her inability, which one may even say indifference, to help part of the citizens of her country, while they are murdered and their villages torched. Either everything she did to fight the previous military junta was with the aim to ascend to power, or she proved that she is incompetent in the office of the president.
      Moreover, the world powers have been criminally indifferent upto now, although I do not think that it is because the victims are muslims, but mainly due to the fact that the president has failed to acknowledge the crime and did not dare to condemn the military and the buddhist monks for what they are, criminals.

      • Nitricc

        Hi Horizon; you said, “Religion is not evil. It is human beings that are evil and kill. I doubt that their is a religion that says ‘go and kill the unbelievers” the truth is “. Without religion, we’d have good people doing good things, and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” And
        “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfullly as when they do it from a religious conviction”
        That is why evil is defined only by religion.

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    • Kalihari Snake

      Hi GitSAtSE: I like the way you opposition parties communicate in code and the TPLF security monitors just don’t catch it. Keep up the good work Roger Moore!

      • Simon Kaleab

        Selam Kalihari,

        Santa Claus [Father Christmas] is more real compared to the phantasmagoria of the Eritrean ‘opposition’.

        Can you visualise in your mind Field Marshal Amanuel H. and, his deputy, verbal and emotional diarrhea Ali Selim victoriously marching to Asmara atop a tank?

        • Peace!


          Just in case you have’t noticed, “Don’t feed the trolls” rule applied here; you might wanna try one more time if you have something that deserves attention. And please don’t listen to your microwave.


          • Simon Kaleab


            When are you going to pack your bags and go back to Eritrea to effect regime change?

            I can organise a whip-round for the cost of your one-way ticket.

            But you are a cowardly chatterbox and I know you will not take up my generous offer.

  • Haile Zeru

    Hi all,

    I think there are four players here:
    1)the Eritrean government and Saho people
    2)the Ethiopian government and Saho organization.

    Now for number one which affects almost all eritreans. I think I am not sure what are Awatecom policies but we should divulge the name and the town he hails from to the commander that did the following: “a young girl was “selected” by the commander of the battalion to be his concubine (the term used is “Mahio,” which refers to conscripted girls who are forced to become the maid servants (among other things) of commanders.”
    I think, even if he is dead is ADU n WELEDUN should be shamed for this behaviour. It could be a lesson to the others too. This could be the way to make a strong impact other than of course eliminating them.
    2)this is problematic can anybody call their detainees and find what is the reason for the leaders of Saho rebel leaders by the Ethiopian or Tigrai authority? I think accurate information should be found. What is unsettling is the length of incomunicado detention.
    Why would a legal government is behaving like SHIFTA?

    • Selamat Haile Zeru,

      This, I will wager, will prove to be event horizon and the pandora box. Trust. Trenches, of the political kind, are being fortified for the imminent offensive. At a rate of in less than 2! or from Zero to Sixty, Months or days respectively, the door will be bust wide open. Progressive pro international human rights and civil liberties forces are gaining a rapidly accelerating high magnitude force momentus. International law, and enforcement agencies, forces and progressive humanitarian agencies encompassing the a very significantly wide obtuse angle panoramic angle will be mobilized if not already set to strike a lethal blow to all those caught with their hand in the cookie jar…. Eritreans, and Ethiopians for that matter, by fate and circumstances such as reconstruction due to wars on top of wars in the region, we all know is an open secret have been the POSTER NATION TWINS for the nearly two decades plus long global migration crisis affecting both positive growth and progress as well as significant negativity, inhumanity, strife and and ills that puts a very dark shadows the significantly much larger global human growth. Because the evils and inhumanity lowest level ever than the last World War does not only seem and is more uglier but is also more pronounced with the readily available hand held cameras and information technology weaponized by both the victims and fleeting poor and powerless migrants, the very sadistic inhumane terrorists that are the human trafficking for profit UGLIEST TRUE DEFINITION of Terrorists, quite a significant number of innocently lured and trapped humanitarian good samaritans who possibly could not avoid but transgression of law, a lesser evil perhaps a must commit because the SAVING OF LIVES was greater than as well as ordinary and otherwise peace full and loving nationals of the receiving nations who were overwhelmed by the sheer largest invasion that naturally the stress and fear brought out ferocious anger and brutal violence.. of course stoked by egotistical power thirsty few yet not so decent opportunists and and ignorants. Yes, I know I need it to be very descriptive and thorough, sue me.
      Eritrea and the overt wars on top of more overt wars, “no war not peace” and the covert wars on top of covert wars was NATURALLY THE PERFECT POSTER CHILD to be at the forefront and synonymous with INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION and leader of the pack, which is AN OPEN SECRET, mainly Ethiopians from Tigray, Amhara and other nationalities from Ethiopia, African nations, smaller numbers from the Arabian Peninsula and middle east and if we fine comb every single individual “Eritrean Migrant” I wouldn’t personally be shocked if we found nationals from the Far East and perhaps a Frenchman/German/or a Swede wanting who desired an American Green Card. In all seriousness, all this is by meticulous design by the not so honorable hard capitalist gamesmanship honed skills and consultants of entrepreneurs of the highest order blind, and desensitised to human life and blood perhaps, but an errotic like fetish for the sole accumulation of money. Their sport created and elevated the value of the currency called “Eritrean National”. Common sense and deductive logic would tell you that it became a free for all gone amok that order and decency will be restored gradually by the powerful and responsible developed nations , mainly the European Nations who found it an at most priority that they fear could rattle their own stability of GiNormous proportions. Ha Ha…
      The politics and the Eritreans on CRACK like who were party to the scheme are like dear caught in the clear and present floods of head lights catatonic and immobile without direction of where and how to take cover. And Yes… a natural collaboration of Ethiopian and other powerful countries are also looking for shelter from the imminent proverbial brim stones of JUSTICE, Humanity’s inherent good AND YES THE EQUALIZER that is the forces of the MARKET. You can call it Saigon Effect!!!
      The objective is to empower the Eritrean Youth the inheritors and natural EVOLUTIONARY LEADERS, the Thirty Five ish, much like the poor saps REAL or Fictitious, now infamous Saho SEVEN of Adigrat.
      It ain’t me… as the Tigrigna saying goes “men kebdikha regitSuka baElikha tilefalef….” keshbedbida baElenn ashbedbiden kuulu yegeltSalka. Aye te goriHuley zeytesaHtere shitaratat seb mdinigar iti Kuburr Eritrawn Etiopiawnn beAll baHli kab TinTi yeEribbb.. bezeQzeQ bzey beQaEkinio AaQmi kebid bret mizann kilte finjall Android do ye i-phone…
      The objectives are A) The Suffering Eritreean Nationals to be reawakened and render the other than self enslavers as well as breaking from own mental slavery B) Charting with your own power your collective societal responsibilities WHICH IS SELF INTEREST! C) The Eritrean 1997 Ratified Constitution base implementation of the supreme Law of the Land, D) Defining once and for all “Incremental gains” Unitary Decentralised Federalism, the ELF/EPLF/TPLF mutual just democratic and all nationals of both nations, the Amharas, Oromos, Gambela, Ugaden and etc and YES ERITREA’s Unitary Decentralised Federalism TO EVERYONE INCLUDING SAAY7 THE CAPTAIN who hasn’t quite defined IT for himself even. Why? because SUMMON The Sire the Pillar… You got compromised because you had not choice but to PLAY BALL! I got you covered.

      Ya Yoonis ya Mooalim Ali Salim, get ready kitsilliso!!! It is time to separate the goats from the GitSAtSE’s. Gheteb, your que of President Issias Afeworki as the chief architect… please come along.. yo buddy iSEM wed Kesela Unesco High school, guayla yresn kemzelo tegenziba ms Temru Ajwa diyu wey His Date Leila Eje Tebab Hawsi Jelabia wa Tob wediu wuTTum ybel alo.
      We all know HISTORY IS NEITHER WRITTEN BY THE VICTORS nor The Loosers. All the revolutionaries and progressives for liberty of all nationalities, okay Social Groups is okay too, sparked at Adal by Awate on 9/1/1961 BAHTI MESKEREM! are the HISTORY MAKERS. Haraka, MaHber ShewAATe, ELF, Obel, Semhar Group Sabe, Ajib, EPLF, TLF, TPLF, OLF, EPRP, Meison, Enasa etc… etc… are the exemplary Eritrean and Ethiopian Revolutionaries and history makers! But as I said it is scholarly false fact for them to WRITE THE HISTORY.
      I submit to you a very very secret POLITICAL PARTY formed in 1978 at WaELa HadiQua in Kartum Telata. The Founding members were Seventeen Fifth Graders comprised of Red Flowers and Kokhob TsibaH who swore an oath of allegiance to SOVEREIGN AND UNITED ERITREA., NEVER TO BE AN ELF or EPLF… Our classes was cut nearly by half from 4th grade and up because we LIVED AND WITNESSED our classmates Kokhob tSibaH and Red Flowers return to MEDA, while the flow of war refugees of all ages was flowing West and into the Sudan FOR THE SOVEREIGNTY AND LIBERTY OF A UNITED ERITREA… They headed EAST to STOP THE FLOOD of Eritrea’s Strategic withdrawal representing their respective banners (armas) of ELF and EPLF… We lived and witnessed through the WugiE HidHid — Civil Wars, some of us had knives pressed against the neck at DARK THIRTY IN THE MORNING by war traumatized very young ELF combatants who awoke with sweat and nightmares… and after a three deep breath came to their senses to recognized us as their little Fifthe Grader Brothers soundly asleep secured under their protection Head to Foot in an Angerieb. Some of us were incarcerated as spies by bitter and wounded brothers bitter for what they considered a colosoul brotherly betrayal who collaborated with their half brothers and or first cousins. Some of us secured the release of the Fifth graders charged with espionage in a cool menkobet roofed baranda where our jailors would bring Bebsi and Miranda Haja barda depending if you are from Tokhombia and harsh interrogation and insults short of a fist or a slap, no they did have heart– just angry embittered WHO WE THE SECRET TWO DOZEN + Five. (JEDDI ORDER SECRET PARTY maHber AAserte ShewAATe.. yes 17! TsibaH and Roses, WHO VOWED TO NEVER declare or buy into partisan allegiance..) Some of us headed East following our predecessor of 1978.. this time BdhO Shadushay Werrar… Some of us paid the ultimate price and did not make it to 1991… some of us were being lured and drawn far from the front line and crossed oceans on a flying Boat where we saw a white man with a cape and big S on his Chest.) The very very secret Party formed in 1978 WaEla HadiQua … Red Roses and TsibaH TsibaH TsibaH Eritea’s missing link The Bridge were trained to in Jedai Powers by Jedai Masters who instilled in us never to betray the sovereignty, sanctity of Eritrea… To NOT Try but TO JUST DO…. And some of us utilized our honed Jedi Skills and since 9/18/2001 and before to observe and meticulously collect the data of all the PLAYAS when we ca,e out SWORDS DRAWN with our declaration to DEMOSOPHIA (Weini, we warned on 9/18/01 YOU AIN’T “MEGABITNa WIENIHAREG …ewe Khetita Kebit bret Dosahka Molrtar tesekima teseWiaa illomni beAl Paulos bslki Kab Mengedi DenMark.. abeyy ille ms Hattetku … Beluuni Mengedi DekemHare Fenji regitSA enda belet zebzeb Bren Tesekima ms Kushufaa!…
      and the metamorphosis of the Turtle into a hare in the seemingly LONGEST SEVEN Days….
      … The Secret very secret Party of comprising of Fifth Graders — KeyaHti Embeba and Kokhob TsibaH our Jedai Masters Gave the this name: dooduE, Qunchi, Tukhan, nHbi… hamema, tSAtSE..
      The very secret very secret Party of WaEla HadiQua Khartum Telata of 1978. And AAshera Deep and Train with Ninja Powers at Shawlin Temple with THE WU!!!!! The Killa Bees 10 strong Plus the SAHO SEVEN of AdiGratt… 17!! Strong in TOTAL to a HISTORY YOU are very blind too, “I ain’t mad at ya!” Hey… some of ya you had to make yo money the easy wayyy… by selling crack and puffing lies to da kids!.. 2PAC! WuWU…….

      Objective is again do disclose the mathematical formula in Base2! Boolean Algebra we the 17! Hdri Hizatey keepers of the Non Partisan Unitary Decentralized Federal Republic of Eritrea! And we have Actuarially calculated the date….TBA… now that we have been sent the signs that are A)Eid Al AdHa coinciding with BaHti Meskerem and MaHber ShewAATe SAHA bmoQuH keHiyeru ab godoba AdigraT Kuduss Yowhanns MeAlti tenebibu Haberuna ba’ mlket Nay Tarikh Abotatna WedeAb Woldemariaml, Sultan, Kebire .. Saho Ayyatatey Aasawurta Egele Hatsinn, Egle Hamid ewe TA Hihji win AWATE AWATE AWATE!!!! Hzaeti Emba Tokhila mayy terwieni Meried Adi Aboy Qelayy BeAltit … Egle Hamid Kem HatsIIN Tebeges … Saho, Denkelay , Afar blen, Rashidakha Kunamakha kota kullukha Eritrawi bebSheWAATE bebiSheWAATE….. meAss TisheAATe AAserte ShewatAATe Tebeges biQuinEinna Aga WegaHta iyyu Ewanuu ‘mo Dfret TeAAteQ … Alona AAserte Deuat kndimirom Hara awtsiEna nzom SHewaAATe — The SAHO SEVEN of Adi Grat… until then please listen to The GREATEST Abrar Uusmann’s TSibaH TsibaH TsibaH… and with fitSum “Bahgi Aloni!”.. Because iti Mstirrrrrrrr will be as clear as day! and as Jimmy Cliff would put it “I can see clearly now” TsibaH TsibaH…
      Ihi atta Beyan Negash… you ordered exactly this from tSAtSE exacly SEVEN years ago… I see you have started the project! I am ready wth EFFICACY 17 and SEVENTEEN CHAMBERS!

      and Woo unto you … Weyyylikkhhha ‘anta KedaE Tenkolegna adHarHari…

      Abbu AAshera Weon X – Evolution… ya ain’t see nothing yet!!!! What ever you do don’t BLINK and take cover if you must..

      AmEritrean GitSAtSE A40 A40 mss Hdri Hizaiti WaEla ’78 HadiQua beal nHbi, Hareg Weini, Seid Berih, DuduE Tukhann hamema flHo, Qurdit kota itom AAserte ms MaHber SheWAATE.. Anne AAsawirta ane tSenaE Degle! Tebeges!

      • Haile Zeru

        My friend this is a serious matter. Say what useful information you have to say in a couple of lines, otherwise shut up.

        • Selamat Haile Zeru,

          A Friend good Sir does not say Shut up a Friend. As Ayya Haile would put it most likely: “SebAAy delikhenn ChiHmi tSeliEkn.” But since I do consider you a friend, I will honor your request and stay within a couple of lines of a Haiku! Sgakha ille Hawey Wedi Zeru!

          My name is NOT Mr. Wrong and Michelle Wrong, but I will borrow “I did NOT DO IT FOR YOU N…R” unless you are less than 40 years old Sir. And for that… The Thesis, the Formula… the whole enchilada like Dominos Pizza in less than Half an Hour Guaranteed …
          In the package… The Eritrean 1997 Eritean Constitution, The Preamble, Unitary Centralized Federal Republic of Eritrea… The unique Hybrid… The …

          And Yes with An Appellate court for The Ygba your appeal process included… nmertiOOkha.

          Yes, I got carried away again… But Earned Credentials to Back IT up my Good Friend Mr. Haile Zeru. Gooood! A little emotion… Resignation is no cover at all, You are the CREM dela Crem Sir.!
          For the Thirty Five ish.. under 40– Tebeges AytiteAAmet!!!

          AmEritrean GitSAtSE A40 A40

  • Peace!

    Dear all,

    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. History keeps repeating itself? What the pro Ethiopia opposition groups have failed to understand TPLF is, has always been and will always be, against stable and democratic Eritrea because it simply can’t sustain keeping a democratic Eritrea on check from becoming a potential threat on one hand and pacifying persistent uprisings of Ethiopian people against oppression and looting on the other hand. Perhaps TPLF has now reached to the point where it sees installing puppet government in Eritrea is no longer feasible and appeasing PFDJ might be an imminent option to secure its back and ultimately to pave a way to resuscitate the old partnership.

    What’s ironic is that for the last fifteen or so years, people have been expressing their frustration of the opposition groups for being too timid to stand up to their principles and resist to TPLF’s divisive policy which now left them with no capacity to even salvage and keep the struggle breathing. To even go a bit further, denouncing Eritrea as a sovereign country has now become the new way of resisting PFDJ, let alone to call for Ethiopia to respect the border ruling, at least in principle, and give assurance on where it stands in post DIA era. With that legitimate unease, it is perplexing to see opposition leaders, elites, and activists have so far not dared to criticize TPLF for not being a reliable partner for peace loving Eritrean people, for its iron fist ruling on Ethiopian people, and for its invasion of Somalia. Regardless what might be the reason behind the silence, the result has been the same – no progress. In short, a support that is restricted to financial incentive has only produced more useless groups and corruption.

    Finally, it is apparent TPLF is now a powerful and sophisticated PFDJ, and one can’t simply ignore that fact and pretend as if Ethiopian people are not bleeding. Time to grow a spine and join millions of Ethiopians and fight against evil in the region.


  • Selamat Mez, SJG(Gedab News) and all,

    “It looks to me this is the by-product of the greater MiddleEast geopolitics, and GCC fallout; more political than legal.”

    It is political for sure I agree, but it is NOT “the by-product of the greater MiddleEast geopolitics, and GCC fall out” as you have described your perception. I disagree and will illustrate to you exactly what it looks like to me until you convince me by making the connections between these Seven Eritrean Nationals (presumably all Saho of Akeleguzay/Zoba Debub) with geopolitics and the GCC fallout. If there is one thing I am good at is my reading comprehension. You have your motives for blurring my focused view by providing a nearly billions in population global, comprising of MidEast and the HoA nations and beyond, dynamics impact on Seven individuals whose individual rights is reported to have been violated. The Saho of Akeleguzay/Zoba Debub who are a fraction of the total Eritrean Saho population of nearly a Quarter of a Million suffering from global politics dynamics statement of yours is an absolutely empty or zero value statement. You might as well have said “Dear tSAtSE, your suffering pain and injustice is caused by the celestial bodies orbiting our sun’s planetary system.” or Eritrea, Ethiopia, and all African Nations are victims of geopolitical happenstances for millennia etc….”
    You would have a better connect, worthy of a respectable nod, with the “GCC fallout” perceptive theory of yours had only the Gedab reportage Saho subjects was from the Northern Red Sea Region of Eritrea, i..e. Seminawi QeyiH Bahri Eitrean Saho of GindaAE and not the Saho of SenAfe and AdikeyiH as alluded by Gedab. Don’t patronize me Memhrey Mez, but please do educate me.
    Before, I present to you what this very serious issue could be, with my well thought out evidence, allow me to state to you that on your comment to Ayya Amanuel Hidrat regarding his Ethnocentric Ethnic Federalism relentless and perpetual push, I do agree with you there are things that are far beyond his knowledge he will soon be illuminated with to address with the integrity and honesty of the scholar that he indeed is, much like his equally as ignorant to some knowledge, rival scholar Saay7. Both esteemed gentlemen, I feel lots of times behave as “Two full to capacity glasses” and all others are exerting futile energy to bridge their identical and WRONG views and politicking rendering our collective progress STUCK IN THE MUD OF SEMANTICS. More later as I intend to follow and pull you to what is desired most by all which is the maximization of EFFICACY.

    Now, to the case at hand, and for the sake of clarity, I will enumerate my points much like the Captain who is by several horse or camel lengths in this race leader of THE EFFICACY ROAD.

    1. Gedab News’ SaliH J. Ghadi, on September 6, ’17, republished an article titled “The Smashed Eritrean Wristwatch” which he penned on May of 2015. Updating it with a declaration of sorts, on rejuvenating the lethality of Gedab by ceasing his self imposed hands of “Eritrean Opposition.” Skipping the marketing product placement of designer wristwatch advertisements, nice touch I may add, which Saay7 alluded to in comment about cigarettes, hollywood movie pitch and exotic sex symbols… I urge you and the readers to reread the listing of the Eritrean Opposition Organizations that made the list. And notice, the “haphazardly put together” The Saho Movement did not make the cut. This is to point to a real haphazardly put together current Gedab reportage whose details or meat and bones consists of year 2009 incidents and even farther than that to the Saho historical victimization by EPLF-TPLF, Derg slight of hand narrative.
    Only Seven times two full rotations of a wrist watch ago. he boldly informed us what it takes to

    • Mez

      Dear Memhier Gitsase,

      Sorry for my seemingly discordant line of thought. 1) I just looked around to understand what changed, visibly, in our region and beyond–in most recent times. The only region, where things are in motion, are those two I mentioned. 2) And, the other point is that those arrested are upper leadership members of the organization. 3) This looks to me more targeted on the organization than the individual person; hence I inferred, geopolitics as the suspected trigger of this arrest incident.

      4) As you clearly stated, one can strictly follow the legal and human rights line of thought; nothing is wrong with your logic or reasoning. So we are on the same page,


  • Yonathan Sebhatu

    Sad to hear such but it happens on both sides namelly in Ethiopia as well in Eritrea( ethiopian opposition groups)
    Detaining the chair and his executive members tantamount to crippling the whole organization.
    Now no one will wonder why the Eritrean opposition cannot make any progress from Ethiopia!

  • said

    Sad news Eritrean position group host of Ethiopian nation should be put into prison, it is a tragedy, this extreme injustice almost incomprehensible for all Eritreans. Prisons often work to lock up and silence the people most affected by political problems . The obvious question is “why? that human rights are a universal ,it appears to mark the start of a disturbing new chapter , .Saho are small minority ethnic group . Saho experienced first hand the brutal power of an oppressive state of Eritrea , Why the disproportionality in this case ? generally speaking ethnic minorities and consistently stereotyped . However, we don’t hold all ethnic group people equally accountable to all laws; for example, think about if this group was from dominant opposition group. The Saho are conscience of a country and part and parcel the heroes of Eritrea, Eritrean should not conspicuous be silence.

    This is doom and despair for Saho opposition group .“Every generation believes that he or she has lived during the worst of times. Some of Saho people have already suffered an apocalypse.” an apocalypse can be the huge, affecting masses, forceful domination, victory through threat, carnage and,— is the ultimate limit of one’s consciousness, there are no good options. to reach toward the future and create the possibility that it will arrive — to create sensible options .
    In the heat of recrimination, spontaneous passionate reactions as the irrational manifestation of either an injured ego or blind defensiveness, rule the day. The tragic, most tragic jailing of Saho leaders fits into that description; however, beyond the confines of isolated individual’s reaction and behavior, collectively into the much broader groups, ethnic communities of Eritrea continue to pay the price .

    Possibly no event, no conflagration that cut deep into peoples and nations consciousness, identity and sense of pride like the Saho, the tragic flight of the Eritrean refuge include many saho in the 60th .
    Senseless, heinous, criminal and most tragic, the perpetrators by Ethiopian army and Eritrean commandoes and “Eritrean Tragedy,” set the clock, the movement of Eritrean history,
    However, most tragically, the scale and persistent denial of the first historic tragedy, “the Forced Dispossessing & Mass Flight” of saho people, left a deep scar and a deep sense of humiliation in the very deep consciousness of every Saho and diaspora around the globe. The persistent denial of the occurrence and the size of the tragedy by the most able, most powerful and Ethiopian army with support most reaching Western World, only accentuated the deep sense of mistrust and deep misgivings in the relations between the West and the Eritrean.

    that the chasm of mistrust, miscommunication and suspicion between two Eritrean of the west in supporting Ethiopia

  • Haile Zeru

    Very sorry to hear that. I guess the incomunicado detention is not only EPLF/PFDJ sickness. I think all the legal rules that apply to all Ethiopians
    Should apply to these individuals too.
    People speak about EPLF and TPLF attach on Jebha but no one mentions the negative role played by the Sudanese government.
    Now no one will wonder why the Eritrean opposition cannot make progress from Ethiopia.

    • Ismail AA

      Selam Haile Zeru,

      Most of the Saho elements who joined the Saho organization were elements. They fled to Ethiopia in 2009 after they survived the enormous invasion of the regime forces of the area of Di’ot and its environs when the young conscripts and youth protested the injustices the government was committing in the region. The regime took that pretext to uproot whole communities in those coastal area and caused terrible human tragedy tantamount to organized ethnic cleansing. The people dispersed to directions like Senafe, Adi-Keih, Segeneiti, Dekemere, etc and surrounding pictures. They lost every means and source of living and depended on begging. Hunderds of elderly and children died of diseases, thirsty and hunger. They just stayed on open fields around the perimeters of towns and villages. The government discourage and intimidated the resident communities when they attempted to help. For instance, the Catholic priests of Segeneiti had to go clandestine to offer the very little they could to the families who were suffering before their own eyes. (Those interested find an eye witness narration of Ogbamichael Hagos at ) – Saho Mirad.

      You are right that the discussion on the allied EPLF-TPLF war against the ELF has been circumscribed to local actors. Actually, the Sudan government’s role of the time was because it played in disrupting and closing resources logistic roots. The game had involved an array of interest quarters that included the USA and allies in region, especially Egypt and Saudi Arabia . Though the real project involved the over throw of the Derg (communist regime) in the context of the geopolitical competition. The plan was kept in waiting since early 80s when the administration of Jimmy Carter became convinced that the Derg had reached a point of no return in its alliance with the social camp of the time. Jimmy Carter had even gone to the extent declaring to the press that the Ethiopian (Derg) belong to the Abyssinian plateau, and the implication what that meant was clear. But, we drawn at implementation stage when the EPLF and the TPLF gathered enough resources and military clout through huge material supplies from Saudi Arabia and other places in the name of relief aid and direct weapons supplies. As a quick example one can site that the Egyptians has decided to help the ELF and the EPLF with some 30 tones of weapons before a decision was taken to ignite the EPLF-TPLF assault in early 80. The share of the former was held back while that of EPLF was released and quickly delivered.

      • Saleh Johar

        Ahlan Ismael and Haile Z,
        Uprooting is not new to the region you mentioned. In the mid sixties the Ethiopian army killed the people and razed their villages to the ground. They took their cattle and drove them to many towns where a cow was sold for one birr. And the people were reduced to begging and squatting in any space they can find. I remember as a child seeing women carrying babies, lost and surviving on alms. Proud cattle herders lost everything they had.

        Before we go into analyzing and intellectualizing the reasons for their revolt, it would help to ask ourselves why they see no hope but to fight back. Unless we own all the national problems as responsible citizens, individual communities who bear the brunt of injustice will react as they see fit. Our experiences in our relatively peaceful neighborhoods mislead us a lot. Let’s look beyond the confines of our immediate surroundings.

        Haile asked about the Sudan, the damages of Sudan on our struggle and their negative impact on our fight for justice is another story, not less than other countries. And we tend to confuse it with the social solidarity of ordinary Sudanese and enlightened parties. The governments have been destructive, opportunistic and damaging since the days of Aboud, to Numeiri, and now under AlBashir it is the worst.

        • ghezaehagos


          This is very sad and very concerning. Thanks Awate Team for bringing it our attention.

          Detaining the chair and his executive members tantamount to crippling the whole organization.

          God knows what else is befalling on other members of Eritrean opposition.

          This is very serious. I am sad.

          Ghezae Hagos.

          • Selamat Ghezae Hagos,

            What binding contract between a registered official political organization with offices in , (head offices and maybe an armed wing in Ethiopia in this case) and a hosting nation enter?
            Are there legal contractual agreements for resolving conflicts, especially as serious as this, that arise?
            What is the precedence in international law and who and what arbitration courts have jurisdiction? Which Eritrean Legal experts and law practitioners step up immediatley and represent these Eritrean Nationals by filing suit in a court of law?
            Your honest response to this inquiry would be a valuable supplement to indepth research. Thanks.


          • Mez

            Dear Gitsase,
            It looks to me this is the by-product of the greater MiddleEast geopolitics, and GCC fallout; more political than legal.

            I hope thesee leaders and their fight for social justice will prevail.


          • Ismail AA

            Dear gezaehagos en Solomon (GitSAtSE)
            More than the gentlemen who have been detained by authorities of a neighboring country, it’s the suffering and ordeals of families and ordinary citizens that should shake a living human being’s conscience. I wish if you could get the eye witness narration of Ogbamichael Hagos. It is genocide when the sane world was not looking. Please, just to witness the pain, I wish every conscientious Eritrean would listen to the report and ponder on what kind of Eritrea have we produced by the blood and sweat of those suffering families and their compatriots and in what direction it is moving.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Selam SGJ,

          You are right my friend. I am also the witness. When HS army razed the Saho villages in akeleguzay and brought their cattles to Mendefera and AdiQuala to slaughter and sell them, I saw them. It was in 1965 when I was inThat barbaric act instill my national consciousness and became a turning point in my political life. Who will forget the unforgettable that happened to our Saho people. Saleh, thank you, for bringing that touchy memory that completely changed my political life.


          • Ismail AA

            Ahlen Aman,
            The tragedy is still unfolding though it recedes and escalates. During those times you and SL mentioned the culprit was the Ethiopian forces and local proxies and collaborators. This time it is by the order and hands of Eritreans who saw yesterday the sons and daughters of the families enduring the ordeal fighting and dying for the same trenches and for the same cause we called liberation and independence.

      • Haile Zeru

        Hi Ismail,
        Thanks for the info. Is the UNHCR office notified? At least the world knows about their fate. This is a terrible behaviour that we hate whether it is from PFDJ OR TPLF.

        • Ismail AA

          Dear Haile Z and Ustaz Salih J,
          Yes, I think the conflict in general was make known to the UNHCR as far as my info goes, besides a lot of reports especially appeared in some web sites such But the extent of the tragedy was not know until eye witness persons of conscience came out and spoke ( I hope you found the link to the YouTube; it is heart breaking). The regime as you known is hermetic to the outside world.
          Dear Saleh, it is true such disasters are not knew and happen in many spots of the world as we are witnessing the unfolding tragedy in Myanmar. Ethiopia’s crimes as you mentioned are still fresh in our memories. But Di’ ot and the tragedy in the Saho land is has been committed by a government my Eritreans call “mengstna” manned by Eritreans who yesteryears were wearing the crown of liberators.

      • Haile Zeru

        Hi Ismail,

        For some reason the link is not working for me, on my iPhone.
        I will try it when I get home on my PC.
        Again this is terrible. I was aware something was going on there but never knew the extent.