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List of Elected Leaders of the ENCDC

Between April 14-15, 2019, the Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change (ENCDC) held its second congress meetings in Sweden. It concluded its meeting by electing the secretariat of the central leadership with Tekhlai  Abraha as its president, Mohammed Sheeb, vice president, Fessahaye Hagos as secretary, and Negash Osman as the chairperson of the executive committee.

The secretariat has the highest authority in the 61-member ENCDC leadership.

The ENCDC was stationed in Ethiopia since it held its first congress in 2012, in the city of Hawassa. However, it couldn’t hold its second congress  due to many reason including problems within the member organizations and delays caused by interference.

The congress also elected from the delegates a seven-member executive committee with Negash Osman as its leader. The executive committee includes Dr. Mohammed Beshir, Hailemariam Tesfai, Mohammed Sefer, Hanan Saleh, Ahmed Negash, and Idris Nuru.

The list of the representatives from among whom the above leaders were elected are:

  1. Mohammed saleh Abu Shiba
  2. Ibrahim Saleh Hamid
  3. Fesshaye Hagos
  4. Abdella Hamid Abdella
  5. Jemal Said Adem
  6. Mohammed Ali Sheeb
  7. Mohammed Ismail Hummed
  8. Idris Hummed Ibrahim
  9. Abdulaziz Anwar
  10. Idris Nuru
  11. Kifle Asghedom
  12. Saleh Ibrahim Jimjam
  13. Hailemariam Tesfai
  14. Beshir Isaac
  15. Saleh Sebah
  16. Yousif Berhanu
  17. Negash Osman
  18. Mokonnen Tekle
  19. Haj Abdenur
  20. Alazar Hagos
  21. Haile Weldemichael
  22. Michael Beyene
  23. Mohammed Amed Sefer
  24. Abdulkarim Mustafa
  25. Abdella Mahmoud Hyabu
  26. Abdulkader Affa
  27. Bahta Hailemariam
  28. Germay Tekie
  29. Hussein Issa Aaqily
  30. Mohammed Maar Musa
  31. Ibrahim Gabeel
  32. Osman Kena
  33. Ustaz Issa Sayed
  34. Omer Sultan
  35. Abdella Said
  36. Sofia Abdella
  37. Mohammed Shifa
  38. Alamin Abdella
  39. Hannan Mohammed Saleh
  40. Ahmed Negash
  41. Eyob Maasho
  42. Salahaddin Mohammed Saleh
  43. Bukhre Fesshatsion
  44. Khedija Khelifa Mahmoud
  45. Tekhlai Abraha
  46. Mohammed Beshir
  47. Dawir Gidey
  48. Kiflezghi Zewde
  49. Mulu Negash
  50. Adil Abubaker

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  • mokie berhe

    Salam everyone. Interesting article now out on African Intelligence titled ‘Tigrayans Divide Eritrean Opposition’. A major problem with several of the current 33 or so Eritrean opposition groups, is that they have been infiltrated by the TPLF or by Tigrayans and their perceived neutrality and credibility has been lost. ENCDC is a case in point. Subject Tigrayans normally include those who were born in Eritrea or had lived there during their youth or those who are married to Eritreans. I highly suspect that there are few of them here. Start criticizing the TPLF and you will quickly get labelled as a (PFDJ) distractor. However, if you wish to enter protracted discussions on physics and organic chemistry then they are all ears, even more so if you address them as Professor or Doctor.

  • mokie berhe

    Salam everyone. A problem of paramount importunity is that the ENCDC simply has no credibility as it has long been discredited as a TPLF minion. Whatever the ENCDC says now cannot absolve its tarnished past wherein it sided with the TPLF during the 1998-2000 war and has continued to do so until this day. To gain real credibility, the ENCDC must first call for complete dismantling of the TPLF. The ENCDC can no longer take a hands-off forbearing attitude regarding the TPLF and yet hope to be taken seriously and to gain credibility and support. And, if the ENCDC is unable to even criticize the TPLF, it should then yield way for newer youth-based opposition organisations which have a real chance to garner broad-based support.

  • bardavidi

    Hi all Awatistas and Audience…
    If we have a thirst for Freedom and Democracy ……….Our hearts and ears should be tuned to the need of the Eritrean Population in ground Zero and their aspirations to have a voice in the Present as well as the Future………..That can not be attained without Localized free and fair elections………..I do not believe they are looking for a better Substitution to Shabbia, but a lasting Democracy thru peace and Economic development……..The force in diaspora should be part of the Element and not the Leading agent………….Selah

  • Hope

    Hi All:
    I wish the GN/AT did a similar comparison and scrutiny about the ENDC.
    same questions the BBC “Journalist” did to the London meeting and to Prof Berekhet.

  • cool

    The islamic republic of eritrea in the making!

  • Blink

    Dear all
    Remember bayto is full of ex ELF or sons of Ex-ELF plus the Muslim domination in the group is simply beyond any reasonable guess . Bayto as an organization is a failed one , it is failed because this bayto have no mandate and it doesn’t represent the orginal one , so I wonder why was it called bayto ? They should have called it the Muslim league or something like that . Instead of hiding behind a lost bayto they would have adapted new things in their search for power after Issaias instead they are wielding more iron bar to clashes .

    • iSem

      And what is wrong with being filled with ex ELF? And so is PFDJ, is filled with ex EPLF fighter. No one criticize them for that because that is dumb thing to say. So what is your point? And what is wrong with being dominated by Muslims? PFDJ and EPLF for that matter was dominated by Christians and the medium of instruction in military training and communication was Tigriya. So what is your point here except t to sow suspicion like Asmerom did.
      Mandate? really blink, no one gave mandate to the Eritrean ghedli, no one said fight for us. If you were sensible or you cared for our people, ypou would say PFDJ has no mandate for 28 years
      You are closet PFDJ that is why you said they are in search of power after IA. This is tired, old trick, there is nothing wrong for searching power, for trying to serve, problem is like what PFDJ is doing, turning their power Mafia and cult and whoring like the YPFDJ annual therapy
      The opposition can only be blamed for inefficiency and/or incompetence, you are accused of human trafficking, torture, rape, and organ harvesting.
      Every sentence you utter is a futile attempt to blur the light that has been shed on PFDJ and its cult culture

      • Blink

        Dear isem
        First you shouldn’t run your mouth with full of lies because the things you are saying about trafficking and many other things is simply false , you are making lies over lies . I accuse being goon because you defended weyane and your comments are filled with that defense , show me one comment I wrote about PFDJ defense , bring prove that I worked as trafficker ? You have none , Semere you need to be careful not to judge people without prove about such things .
        I mentioned the word mandate to point out the orginal name bayto is a starting point for the new one and if it lost its members as well as founders it means another organization.i said it is filled with Muslims because It is the facts . It has lacks inclusiveness and that is fact . We are not talking about PFDJ because we already agreed it has no mandate from Eritreans way back 2001 so that’s why I did not mention them , if they were these ex EPLF I would point them out in my comments.

        Remember ELF and EPLF were a military organization. The way bayto confucted itself was also filled with secrets and hidden games that not a single Eritrean can miss the game .

        • iSem

          Hi Blink
          Do not lie again. I never defended the Woyane of what they did to Eris deprotation or for the crimes they committed.. You are the saving guy who compiles names for PFDJ. Prove it
          This is what I said and say about Woyane: They did better for their people than your Mafia PFDJ. This is being generous because the Mafia protect their family, their daughters PFDJ and you guys do not defend anything, and you become sacrificial lamb in waiting by IA
          I also said despite all the hardship Eritreans were safe under the woyane, they proved that by flocking to woyane land, even military leaders and war disabled veterans went to woyane land. Fact. Now you are the hired gun who does not give a hoot about these facts
          Now prove to me that you are not PFDJ stooge by posting where your name, your pic. Yes since in your land everyone is guilty until they prove themselves innocent, prove to me you are not. You talk like PFDJ stooge, though subtle, short of changing your commenting character, you are one, until you comments reflect that you are on side of the people, you come across one of the spies here
          Are you saying that PFDJ does not traffick, people,? If yes you are lying because we know that people pay 6000USD and ride land cruisers and arrive in Kassala Sudan. I guess these are bayto members
          I am not saying bayto does not have issues, they have many, but Muslim org, it is not
          I do not know if you work as trafficker, but PFDJ does and you support PFDJ, but you are smart about it, every PFDJ supporter is human trafficker, but this does not include the adey Tabetu ( SGJ term) who were forced to carry the card.
          Now, meneasy Blink or girl post your pic so we know you are not one of the spies sent here to disrupt and misinform the readers with your tired PFDJ lines

          • Blink

            Dear isem
            You just attacked professor Asmerom for speaking against the rape weyane committed over Eritreans women , what was the attack you keep repeating with hayat ? Do you think you will mention his name if he did not speak ? The only reason you keep making it about another issue like PFDJ and MS is to deflect the truth about weyane rape .

          • iSem

            I am not paid to comment here, maybe you are
            Of course I am talking about Assmerom because his video,otherwise why would I talk about an old fart PFDJ lackey
            But What did I criticize about the video, did I say he is lying it did not happen? Saving guy, tell me what I said again and again to drill about.
            I cannot speak on Hayats behalf, read her comments that you copied

          • Blink

            Dear isem
            You can’t say he is lying but you said more than that , you went on trying to discredit even his credibility.

          • Hope

            “I am not paid to comment here, maybe you are. Do not comment nonesense hlmi derho”.
            If so or not so,why have you been silent and shy about the atrocities the TPLF caused on Eritrea and Eritreans then?

      • Hope

        GM iSem:
        U said:
        “The opposition can only be blamed for inefficiency and/or incompetence…”.

        U missed the BIGGEST one:

        “TREASON” by acting as “An Agent” of the TPLF Junta.

        Do not ask me for the Evidence as you are the direct and LIVE witness.
        Are you admiring the same old new FAILED EDA or ENDC,which is an Expert in saying and doing the same mistakes over and over?

        What would you call HOPE if he says and does same?

        A “Psychotic and INSANE”,which am used toit here.

        Irrespective of its failures and crimes,the allegedly “Rapist and Organ Harvesting” PFDJ has KEPT ERITREA intact and relatively SAFE compared to what its X-Enemies and neighbors” have gone thru,when in fact,it was destined and set up to be a FAILED STATE;and even better,it DESTROYED the same enemies of Eritrea and Eritreans and BURIED them 10 feet under the ground and /or quarantined them successfully,the same Enemies,which were supposed to destroy Eritrea and Eritreans by using any and every resource and back up available under the sun.
        What would have happened if your TPLF backed opposition were to take over Eritrea?

        No Rocket Science her but just ask a second grader Eritrean for a simple answer!

        Talking about the Sana Forum,which included the Sudan,Yemen and their SPONSOR and handler,the TPLF’s Ethiopia.

        Talk about the inept and Puppet IGAD and the “big” name,the dysfunctional AU” and their destructive role against Eritrea.

        • iSem

          Gm to u too Hope:
          መጼኢን ዲየን እተን ወፈፍ
          No treason is IA and PFDJ, if Eritrea was ruled by its sons and daughters you IA would be shot or arrest on arrive from Addis when he told Abiye that he is our leader.
          I know your problem, you hate the Hamed, Mohammed, Ali and the rest, you need to be cured from this Hope
          The existential danger to Eritrea is PFDJ and IA, this is elementary

          • Hope

            No twisting and inkililo here.
            U initiated the comparison and i am completing jt for you.
            A mere diplomatic language and for God’s sake,what would you if the same Opposition u r proud of hands over Eritrea to the TPLF?
            Where were you when the TPLF declared war and invaded Eritrea and made it a war Zone,as your cousin,Sal Y correctly said It?
            You would celebrate it,not shoot the TPLF and its mercenaries,would not you?

          • Hameed Al-Arabi

            Ahlan Hope,

            Your dad, Isaias, kept Eritrea from Weyane to sell it by wholesale. There is no difference whether he sell it by retail or wholesale. In all cases sale occurs; the only difference is time. You think this is your reason of supporting Isaias, don’t you think there is a problem in such kind of thinking? It is better to check up your set up of thinking.