List of Elected Leaders of the ENCDC

Between April 14-15, 2019, the Eritrean National Council for Democratic Change (ENCDC) held its second congress meetings in Sweden. It concluded its meeting by electing the secretariat of the central leadership with Tekhlai  Abraha as its president, Mohammed Sheeb, vice president, Fessahaye Hagos as secretary, and Negash Osman as the chairperson of the executive committee.

The secretariat has the highest authority in the 61-member ENCDC leadership.

The ENCDC was stationed in Ethiopia since it held its first congress in 2012, in the city of Hawassa. However, it couldn’t hold its second congress  due to many reason including problems within the member organizations and delays caused by interference.

The congress also elected from the delegates a seven-member executive committee with Negash Osman as its leader. The executive committee includes Dr. Mohammed Beshir, Hailemariam Tesfai, Mohammed Sefer, Hanan Saleh, Ahmed Negash, and Idris Nuru.

The list of the representatives from among whom the above leaders were elected are:

  1. Mohammed saleh Abu Shiba
  2. Ibrahim Saleh Hamid
  3. Fesshaye Hagos
  4. Abdella Hamid Abdella
  5. Jemal Said Adem
  6. Mohammed Ali Sheeb
  7. Mohammed Ismail Hummed
  8. Idris Hummed Ibrahim
  9. Abdulaziz Anwar
  10. Idris Nuru
  11. Kifle Asghedom
  12. Saleh Ibrahim Jimjam
  13. Hailemariam Tesfai
  14. Beshir Isaac
  15. Saleh Sebah
  16. Yousif Berhanu
  17. Negash Osman
  18. Mokonnen Tekle
  19. Haj Abdenur
  20. Alazar Hagos
  21. Haile Weldemichael
  22. Michael Beyene
  23. Mohammed Amed Sefer
  24. Abdulkarim Mustafa
  25. Abdella Mahmoud Hyabu
  26. Abdulkader Affa
  27. Bahta Hailemariam
  28. Germay Tekie
  29. Hussein Issa Aaqily
  30. Mohammed Maar Musa
  31. Ibrahim Gabeel
  32. Osman Kena
  33. Ustaz Issa Sayed
  34. Omer Sultan
  35. Abdella Said
  36. Sofia Abdella
  37. Mohammed Shifa
  38. Alamin Abdella
  39. Hannan Mohammed Saleh
  40. Ahmed Negash
  41. Eyob Maasho
  42. Salahaddin Mohammed Saleh
  43. Bukhre Fesshatsion
  44. Khedija Khelifa Mahmoud
  45. Tekhlai Abraha
  46. Mohammed Beshir
  47. Dawir Gidey
  48. Kiflezghi Zewde
  49. Mulu Negash
  50. Adil Abubaker

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