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Isaias Absent From Al Bashir’s Party

On Tuesday, June 2, 2015, President Omar Hassen AlBashir was sworn in for a five-year term. In April, AlBashir won in an election that most opposition parties boycotted. AlBashir has been ruling Sudan since he came to power in a military coup in 1989.

Almost all leaders of Sudan’s neighbors attended the ceremony when AlBashir swore in on Tuesday. Leaders who could not attend in person, sent senior level delegates to represent them. However, AlBashir’s close friend and neighbor Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea didn’t attend, and did not send a representative.

Over the last few years, the close relations between AlBashir and Isaias has gone from warm, to lukewarm. It started to suffer when Sudan assumed a more pro-Ethiopian role in the diplomatic wrangling over the Nile between Ethiopia and Egypt regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

The crisis between Egypt and Ethiopia was resolved when President Abdulfatah AlSisi came to power after it has been escalating to serious levels, when Egypt was under President Mohammed Mursi, who as deposed by Al Sisi in 2013.

Mursi’s government was cajoling Isaias to side with Egypt in its efforts to pressure Ethiopia. However, Sudan boldly sided with Ethiopia and frustrated Mursi’s efforts in the region. Isaias felt betrayed by AlBashir and his attempt to ride the Nile crisis was further hindered when Mursi was deposed. His successor, Al Sisi, reached an agreement with Ethiopia.

AlBashir has also facilitated Isaias’ relation with Iran when he  met the previous Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Isaias didn’t benefit much from his relationship with Iran. On the contrary, in a time when the Houthi rebellion was building up in Yemen, Isaias’ relation with Iran made him a primary suspect in the region and he was accused of providing a supply bridge between Iran and the Houthi rebellion. However, so far no evidence has emerged to confirm Eritrea’s role in arming the Houthis though the Arab Gulf media always repeats the accusation.

Sudan is a member of the Saudi led coalition against the Houthi rebellion in Yemen and has provided a nominal number of fighter planes.

After twenty years of close relation, last year AlBashir ordered the Iranian Cultural Center in Sudan to shut its doors and finally broke off with Iran by joining the Saudi led coalition. Isaias was left in the cold, and he considered that the second betrayal.

Recently AlBashir tipped the Saudis on the risk that the unpredictable Isaias poses in Yemen and advised them to neutralize him. In a trip arranged by AlBashir, last April Isaias travelled to Saudi Arabia, but unlike his expectations to make a beneficial deal, the Saudis simply asked him to stay clear of Yemen. Isaias felt he has been betrayed by AlBashir for the third time.

Isaias’ frustration was evident in his Independence Day speech in which he said, “there are self-styled or aspiring regional powers which misconstrue the vacuum and imbalances entailed by the war of chaos as a blessing in disguise and which aggravate the prevailing turmoil in order to promote their influences in the region.” Many observers believe that is in reference to Saudi Arabia.

Such statements are usually reserved for Ethiopia and the USA, but according to a diplomat, “if he meant Ethiopia, he would have mentioned it by name like always.”

AlBashir is attempting to rehabilitate himself by taking initiatives to mend fences with the West and is offering general amnesty to his opponents. In addition, he has made promises to reform his government. Isaias has also been taking similar steps towards the West to get out of his isolation. But neither Isaias nor AlBashir is expected to succeed. However, unlike Isaias, AlBashir’s rolodex is much bigger and he might succeed in breaking his isolation.

It is unusual for Isaias who lives about one-hour flight away not to attend in an occasion when his friend AlBashir is sworn in, but “three serious betrayals” cannot be taken lightly by Isaias. It’s unpredictable whether the relations between the two almost-three-decade-presidents will be further strained or it will only be a temporary boycott. It will be clear on June 30 when AlBashir’s party celebrates the day it came to  power through a military coup in 1989. If Isaias attends that celebration, it would mean their cold relation was temporary, if he didn’t, then it has deteriorated so much other developments can be expected.

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  • Kemal

    Awate Admins LOL
    Now what will you say after the latest news the world read that PIA is expected to arrive in Sudan’s capital this evening.
    Ever since your mold brother left the government, you have no other reliable ‘source’ you can depend on even; as official as PIA’s pre planned trip to Sudan while you were too busy dishing out the usual gossippe ‘news’. You put your foot on your mouth too often.

    • Pass the salt

      They will say he is no more absent from Bashir and they will take down the report since it is not valid now:)
      Why didn’t he attend when the other Presidents were attending anyway? He is sneaking in after his peers left town. Actually it makes sense he didn’t attend then. Have you seen a picture sometime ago when the trio (bashir, hailat and sisi) hi-fiving each other over the Nile agreement? Well, PIA won’t be comfortable being amongst them three devious men, will he?
      Isaias the friendless!
      What do you say about your friendless man?

    • Saleh Johar


      Don’t be slow. Isaias has been in Sudan almost twenty hours ago. What will awate.com say? It has already said reported the news, as always.

      Enjoy the Gedab News 🙂

  • sara

    Dear all–
    Good day to you all!
    our Dictator- president will be visiting the sudan soon.
    congra awate team for your forecast and foresight.
    could you also tell us what would be in the menu during the meet/visit?— -i miss molekhya/rejlaa anyway.

  • selam

    Dear Haile
    Any one that sleep with weyane is not far away from the koboro juckies you refering too but ok now i understand what you mean by KJ ,it was new term to me and unheard to many . You can not think that i will comapre these dancers to weyane.NO i will not do that. If you want to praise weyane ,well you can do it and i can do it .But when i try to paint a large portion of the Eritrean people ,you must hold me to the last point you can understand unless your time at this site will be worthless . So it is simple thing Haile ,one talk by mizan can not be enough for a very sophosticated person to take it whole sale. You know how frieght is paid in the port ,just it does make sense for you not to pay for expired goods and ship them to a smart customer . Fancy words ,fancy ideas can be born from every angle but where do you take them is also not easy question sir.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear all,

    some thought there was a u turn era after the so called “independent” years . the truth is that it is because we didn’t stand for truth and we ignore the suffering of heroes earlier. it is far before 90’s.


  • Mahmud Saleh

    Dear HTG
    Hey buddy, thank you for the reply.
    What’s going on Haylat? Of course,

    • haileTG

      Never Mahmuday,

      I have secure understanding of what you did to the nation and what you deserve. ሓንሳብ ዝግ በል፡ ተዓገሰኒ ማሕሙዳይ፡ ሸቃጦ በዚሖም ኣለዉ። ውዒሉ ሓዲሩ፡ ፍትሒ ናብ ውጹዓት ምዝዛዉ ኣይተርፎን እዩ’ሞ: ዝግበኣካ ክትከሓስ ምዃንካ ርግጸኛ’የ።

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Dear HTG
        Love you.

        • Ted

          Dear THE GREAT MS,

          Lovey dovey, not now:-)What about the voiceless “Kebero junky”, the unsophisticated and uneducated shikorinatat who count on you with no skill to communicate with the elite smarty pants but to say we matter with the only way how by beating a dead skin all night long. They are not ‘heartless’ or indifferent, you know it well and they need your help to voice their concern. Funny thing Semere the Toronto Gangsta said,”Women, kebero and le/the Big Mac” are a bad combination. That is how low some people has come to cover their weakness and inability to persuade even this called “uneducated KJ” part of the society . For our mothers and sisters, there is no honor than being called kebero junky by the likes of Semere. And as The Truth bound society prescribes, Women comes first at everything. Chief MS, there is no excuse for this kind of disrespect no matter the explanation is , of course everyone is entitled for their opinion..

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear The Great Ted
            I hope you recall my protest when the word was introduced; I also hope that you note that I am repeating the same message: at the end it will be the one who convinces Eritreans that will lead a successful transformation. This is a basic requirement for any social change. I accept the last explanation of HTG, meaning he meant it for a few diehards, and not for the Hafash. Also, remember, this is an opinion. The TBS prides itself for respecting the views of others even if it doesn’t necessarily agree with those views.
            I liked his short message and thus the “love you”. And why would not you love Haylat?
            On, semere, things are going well, although our eyes are meeting sideways ጎቦ ዓይንና እንዳተራኣአና ኢና።
            By buddy, not feeling well today.

          • haileTG

            Dear Ted,

            Why do you need to persuade anybody? More worryingly, what will you do to them if they don’t get persuaded? We take responsibility for our actions not each other’s actions. The KJ isn’t voiceless at all, she/he considers Eritrean refugees second class citizens and declares so loudly, I shared another one who expressed delight that Lampedusa victims had their “immigration files got resolved early”. The uneducated shikorinatat had been raped and tortured in Sinai, died giving birth at sea, are wasted in refugee camps and many hgdef prisons. Let’s be fair here please.

          • Ted

            Hi, HTG and Semere, i think we need to work out the definition of KJ first, it having different meaning even for both of you,. I took my understanding of KJ from dear mizan1:
            as uneducated and unsophisticated mostly mothers who attend for all night out kebero beating for Independence day and other celebrations of Eritrea. If i am correct about the definition, then you have a problem advancing Eritrean cause with out them(they comprise the good portion of diaspora population). i mean It is worth it to persuade them to see the light as Semere said if they are truly help keep PFDJ’s life line.Either way, KJ seem not be right or descriptive for the people or groups you want to portray.

          • Semere Andom

            In case you do not know, there are anti gang laws here unlike in Qerra during the Dergi era.
            Do not try to appear as if you care more about the Eri women, of course the Kobor junkies and the shibrya wedi shibray donning applies to the few, like in the link, the chief of kobor junkies, dawit provided. They were showing their demonic nature and there is no other apt description. All the names, many and I called these people applies to a group of people, who are giving PFDJ a life line despite the horrendous crimes, they are partners in crime. Koboro junkies is a kind descriptions.
            Maybe your mothers and sisters are part of these group, but not my mothers and sisters and mothers and sisters of the overwhelming majority, alEndu hrgus, beraHu yergus, SGJ,MS are your alliance in this case:-)
            PS. Mahmud, ayfalkan, am looking you in the eyes:-)

          • Ted

            Dear Semere, you are by your own in this case as invasion of Eritrea by you know who:-)

          • selam

            Dear Semere A

            I do think you have valid point on the diehard PFDJ supporters who are painted with gold and use Eritrea the same as greec a s a truist destination .but on the last sentence i think you are boiling over again and again in the same pot.Please change to xahli or some kind of that ,it will not burn your content. There is one question left ,where is your mother or sister ,I mean if she is in Eritrea not every one dance on may 24 even in 1999 .I mean they just sit and talk about the crime of dergi commited on them and now they talk simply about DIA. But what does your sister do is the bigger question .I think she is calling you every sunday to take her to west and so that she can dance with the one you see. Or if she is in the west and if she is not participating in her community ,especially in some kind of work , well it means she is not invited to the 24 may only for one reason .

          • selam

            Dear Ted
            Actually these who are insulting are very weak . They seem to lose weight only if they come up with words that can crack some people from south. Not new in our history but they have never been productive in any form. 15 years of blaming and creating theater is enough witness to look at. They must leave the one who can work and compromise ,Eritreans justice seekers have waited too much for these smarty empty boxes to do some thing to stop the PFDJ madness but can you guess they are not even near.So this is the time to stop listening to some political loser than to give them time waste our time . We can not afford to wait to these people because the price of waiting to these people is just beyond value. People are dying every where and so many others are sad to see such things again. They want to hold the silent majority responsibloe only by insulting them, Coe this is not a rocket scince my grnad mother can see PFDJ is destroying Eritrea and she can do nothing ,well the so called chogar danga are bragging so much until they get drunk in their dream, yet you ask them time they will tell you 10 ,o,clock again and again.Madness madness.

  • haileTG

    Selamat awatista,

    Here is an IQ teaser puzzle for your lazy Sunday:)

    When you have to approach and talk to PFDJ, you have to put you hand inside your pockets or behind your back. Why?

    Hint: nothing to do with money:)

    • washengton

      [begin with salutation]

      you have pull your CHUBE out or ESHI GETAY yes <

  • T..T.

    A call for unity and peace for the sake of those in danger

    Eritreans kidnapped in Libya by Daesh and in the Sudan by Rashaida of Sudan.

    The hostages’ situation is getting worse not only by the day but by every minute and second. These hostages are calling on every Eritrean to join hands and rescue them from the awaiting dangers. So, let’s join hands, yes all hands of pro-govt and pro-opposition including Filli, Ali Salem, Gheteb as well as Dawit and Selam.

    Let’s forget that:

    Isayas’s pacification policy was the cause for the Eritrean youth’s hardships and predicaments. And that Isaya’s cowardice made him the worst control-freak imprisoning, executing and torturing every walky talky Eritrean youth. Yes, the worst control-freak imposing cowardly rules to control those left behind including the children and the elderly.

    Let’s also forget that the opposition aka Khedemti Weyane are paid to create political discontents in Eritrea targeting the lion of Nacfa pushing him towards political bankruptcy.

    It is nice to forget blaming the autocratic regime of Isayas for dismantling the social fabrics of Eritrea and using his pacification apparatus to intimidate and force the youth into fighting others’ wars, which blames make him the worst enemy of Eritrea and the Eritreans. Nice of us all to also start working together by forgetting that Isayas’s pacification apparatus and hidden agendas have become sources for everyday genocide that are carried out by his crook agents.

    Yes, let’s start praying together for the safety of all those in the deserts and seas to be safe in the way they survived the brutality of the flying bullets when crossing the border into the unknowns they had to dive into.

  • dawit

    Dear Awatistas, Blessed Sunday to all. Here is a video about “National Slavery Project in Eritrea”. Complement of ERiTV, the source of the ‘Truth’. Hot from the press.

    • haileTG

      selamat dawitom,

      Happy Sunday to you too.

      I agree ERiTV is telling the truth, except you are not listening to it:) Look at that video, what are the brutal truth it shows in the lives of the conscripts, what is it not able to produce and show you despite its claims that the system of forced conscription is changing the country for the better? Suppose a man is gashing blood out of his chest and telling you that everything is OK and he is fine! who is being foolish to think he is as he says? You or him? ERiTV has indeed told you the truth, it is up to you to see it for what shows.


      PS: don’t you say the refugees in Ethiopia video came close to showing what it claimed was happening than this national media: 2600 in Universities, child care, skills training, sports activities, businesses… they actually showed is there.

      • dawit

        selamat Hailat;
        This is the story of the ‘slaves in the prison Eritrea’. The story of those who freed themselves is reported by the two Ethiopian propaganda video at the refugee camps and universities. There are also fresh reports from Sudan and Libya, how their lives has improved since they left the prison. I just posted it for people to compare and contrast the two.

        • haileTG

          Merhaba dawitom,

          The comparison is not fair. When slaves escape, the route may be dangerous. What you need to compare is the life of the koboro junky who wouldn’t send their kids to be slaves but sure oblige to slap that dead skin senseless for others kids to be brutalized like that. Some koboro junkies passed through those camps and crossings, but started to contemplate developmental state when they figured it all out later that no one really cares about people or nation when you can visit it once in blue moon. Those in camps were shown in comparatively much better than the slavery they left behind. Once they are resettled, they won’t be a match.

          • dawit

            Well Hailat in both cases people are expecting the future would be better comparing to their present circumstances. Those who are behind are building some thing today, digging irrigation canals, terraces, roads or building their nation for a bright tomorrow. In contrast for those who left the country ‘prison’ are sitting around in refugee camps, complaining what they left behind and waiting ‘resettlement’ in ‘heaven’. In the meantime sit idle and make babies in the camp and use those babies as a means of getting sympathy from those who promised them resettlement. When the waiting gets longer, they take desperate measure putting themselves and their children in danger by becoming victims of human traffickers.
            Please, no need to drag the ‘kobor junkies’ into this picture, they are simple ordinary people who enjoy themselves singing and dancing inside outside the country in spite of the hardship they face.

          • haileTG


            I can’t leave the koboro Junky

            ካብ ኮቦሮ ሓንሳብ ተዓገስ፡
            ብሰማይን መሬትን ከይትኽሰስ፡

            ከም ወራድ መርዓ፡ ብኸበሮ ኣይትመለስ፡
            ሓቂ’ተሊዩካ ዱባ ኹን፡ ካብ በለስ።

            If there are those willing to stay, then why are half a million out? And how come we only see buildings starting and none finished? ምውንዛፍ አኮ ንጋቢ ነጸላ እምበር ንስራሕ ኣይመኻይዳን’ያ:)

          • dawit

            The kebero disease seem a contagious, those who left the prison seems to jump twice those in prison. Did you see the recent video from Israel independence celebration? Who knows you may be the chief koboro (Aba Guila) in the 25th. Eritrean celebration in Asmara.
            I rather be ‘beles’ than ‘duba’. At least beles can protect itself with its defense mechanism and taste sweet, whereas lazy duba, sit and rot in one place.

          • haileTG

            ኣንታ ዳዊቶም፡ ግደፍ እስከ ሰንበት ምድሪ ኣይተስሕቐኒ። ዝተቐደሰ ሰንበት አግበረልኩም ኢልካ፡ ተመሊስካ ዳዊትና ኣይትመንጥለና፡ ኣብ ጸሎት ኢና ዘለና:)

          • selam

            Dear Haile
            I thought praying in christians tell you to forgive your enemies too.But how do you people go to church or mosgue with such hate over the koboro junckies who have nothing to do with the suffering.I know for a fact that an opposition go to dance and i know for a fact they danced until they sweat one litre to be around lol . Now what do you want them to do ,i ask you this because your characterization is not a fair point to hold on to. I have a relative who is woman and never come to Eritrea after 2001 but she normally participate in community activities like 24 ,what is that she is doing wrong ? reject 24 may as if it is not important to Eritrea, what are you up with this junckies thing? You are labelling a very big number to be your enemies i guess you are just missing the bigger picture. Are not you sad that all Eritrean songs are cheated and resong by Ethiopian mafias ,are not you want the Eritrean women to have fun at least one day in a year while you drink all over ?

          • haileTG

            Dear Selam,

            I actually don’t hate the Koboro Js, it is just how they are. They can have 100 dance sessions per year. Dance is good and healthy. They should even take dance classes and make music part of their active lifestyle as it is good for healthy living. The problem is dancing for whom and for what. In this case it is obsessive and compulsive that doesn’t distinguish right from wrong, enemy from friend and service from disservice. That is where the J comes in.

            Now as to the forgiveness, you didn’t read the small prints when God said forgive. It is meant to be after the offense has been committed and not while the offence is in progress. If that was the case, God wouldn’t have helped the Israelite’s war in the biblical stories. So, forgiveness doesn’t get issued while the slapping is being administered as it is the case on the people running in all directions.

            Only PFDJ rejects May 24 and everything Eritrean. It doesn’t even have Eritrea in its name. And that is why it has destroyed our traditions and cultures. Because May 24 is the independence of Eritrea in their quest for freedom and PFDJ cut that short to mean just a piece of land with millions herded into slavery.

            Dear Selam, you and Abi are losing temper a little. May be better if you guys take time to cool off.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear haile,
            We are lucky to have you here. can you come with points on how to control anger ? Mahmuday is the most balanced guy here (although I don’t agree in some points with him). but he has been going between sharp line. I believe that style don’t last long, but still he is doing fine Lol this is special gift that you don’t find it in books.

            your style is different as you try to keep balanced but without leaving your line at all. yet, you never become angry and your are very much tolerant. This can be found with those experienced elders. I can imagine how big you will become when you reach 50’s and 60’s to lead a society. give us tips . how you manage to own such wonderful heart and mind at such young edge. I believe you are less than 40.

          • haileTG

            KS, እዛ ተካል ኣርብዓ፡ ኣብዚ ቐረባ ኣረኻኺባትለይ እንዲያ፡-) But in all honesty, I do take exceptions with certain situation and do get provoked too. The point is that

            a) tough talk isn’t anger: due to many decades of repression, Eritreans have settled (in most cases), to avoid loud disagreement. Instead, we tend to take unsustainable options as avoidance or pretentiously getting along. The latter also messes up our expectations from one another and sense of obligation to one another.

            b) Anger is a natural reaction, but in its reign we shouldn’t let go sense of fairness and self examination. Apologizing when due and accepting apology when offered should be standard protocol.

            c) The biggest moral dilemma is how far you should go. One may end up completely destroying someone whose position or situation they did not grasp well. This is the main sticking point that keeps me dragging my feet until I can construct reasonable picture of the other person getting angry with me too. Naturally, this will have an element of guess work because of the nature of our communication here. Hence, taking our time is indispensable.

            d) Mahmuday is great statesman like, but wed Saleh tends to take over at times clouding our judgement:-)

          • Mahmud Saleh

            KS and Haile TG
            I’m doing SAAY’s fasting, if I could. You both deserve my “Here I’m”.
            Haile: well, if you survive marking your 40th BD safely, and as I see it, you are doing just fine, Your 50th will be less traumatic (another dreadful birth day). After that you will be fine.
            On the temperament issue, with all honest, HTG has made positive changes since his return from the long VACATION, or was it?
            KS: I’m confident that time will absolve me; at the end, reasonable people like you will understand that striving to air one’s observation for the sake of making the fight to be purposeful is the right thing. It may seem to some that at times I appear to be disparaging the opposition (and I agree, sometimes, the wedi-saleh of me takes control, but that’s on certain occasions and I usually become aware of it and correct myself), what you see is a man who feels that he has been betrayed (not personally), and I don’t want to be betrayed once more. I also have the fear of the unknown. In short, I believe any change that comes should have a net positive result. For that to happen we have to critically examine the state of our opposition and demand that the opposition leaders do the right thing, which is compromising and understanding that only a united force will knock at the ears of PFDJ. That starts from, as SAAY put it today, knowing the enemy. The reason why you see me walking a fine line is because I believe PFDJ is responsible of the situation we find ourselves in, and hence, needs to be brought to its knees; on the other side I see an opposition that got bogged down in internal feuds and fiefdom. I’ m just airing what Eritreans including veteran opposition memebers are saying. Understandably, (but it’s wrong) people accuse you of your old association. Therefore, my position is to emphasize that, at this time, neither sides are ready to bring the change we aspire to bring, neither PFDJ nor the opposition in its current form. The easiest way is to reform the opposition in order to make it appeal to the mass “kebero junkies”. Hailat, with all your political acumen, I don’t know how you got fixated on this coined-term. I read your reply to selam and I am encouraged.

          • saay7

            Hey Mahmuday:

            I honestly have no idea sometimes what KS and Hailat (demoted from Haile TG) are talking about. For different reasons

            KS is really fixated on 1981. All his references to said saleh and bla bla. Come on, I have never heard you, MS, celebrating all your heroes individually. I expect KS to mention Timsah and Mahmoud Hassab anytime time. That era is gone. Caput. Fini. Curtains. KS, I don’t know what the word “reconciliation” means to you but it is vastly different from what it means to the rest of the world.

            I read Hailats response to nitriccs heart felt appeal and Hailat for God knows what reason, gave him a conditional “I will stop if you stop.” This is stunning to me because Hailat is much much bigger than that. And yes Hailat I know exactly how and when you coined “koboro junkies” and yes you were talking about women and yes challenge me and I can retrieve it. A simple ” I was mad and I made a mistake” would do. There is no reason for kholel. Simply put: the opposition is accused of being hostile to women issues and that “koboro junkies” and my terrible cousin iSems reference to them as “harlots” doesn’t help at all. Uggggg.

            This is my way of saying Mahmuday that “wedi saleh” is less militant and less unreasonable than an angry Hailat and an angry time-frozen KS.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ahlan Abu SalaH
            Thank you for the observation Saleh. Frankly, I never think myself as a different species because of the years I spent in BereKa. Those years are simply irrelevant to the current struggle. PFDJ kept the ghebar/tegadalai dichotomy, it should have been gone; we should have had civilian leadership and new blood by now. I usually go to those years to answer, correct, or defend a cause that many gave their lives for.

          • haileTG

            Hi saay, Hirqmqam qedem tegedifu:)

            I don’t know if it is a a curse or blessing, but my thoughts and things I say are as memorable as just 5 minute ago saay. Let me oblige “The dominant image of the diaspora koboro junkie is the face of an Eritrean woman”. Now saay, I challenge you to find something different to that in the original entry of my post.

            Dear saay, although you and me converge on many points, there are some points we don’t necessarily view in the same manner. We just got to accept that. My sensitivities are intensely wired around self dignity. I am not a purveyor of it but furiously defensive of mine. I utterly despise being used for anything or anyone, for whatever. I am dead certain that I can aim to the bulls eye of whatever I need should I have the necessity to do so. I understand others capacity as much as I do of mine. And prefer that truth prevails regardless of the costs to me.

            The above tendency gets me into awkward situations because anyone is potential ally or adversary, they have to be evaluated in real time. I wouldn’t hesitate to take them on should it be necessary to do so. Minor infractions, slight patronizing or light jabs here or there are OK. I can ignore them. Not a major face down that requires me to fully represent myself.

            In the flip side of the coin, I think of the same of others and would never ever think of sugar coating anything for them in order to win them over. That is awful, belittling and big headedness. I wouldn’t try to feed into obvious weaknesses of others to bring them to myside. Aggravating neighboring peoples is wrong and doesn’t lead to dignified existence. Condoning wrong doing doesn’t give the offender the initiative to service your needs but use you even more. And an Eritrean change that doesn’t revolve around the dignity of its people to think and express what they feel isn’t worth it for me. The era of slavery must be done away with hgdef.

            So, any attempt to use me or people by tactical manipulations is something I am acutely sensitive to and often gets me to clash with others. I am hopeful that once freedom rings in Eritrea, it will not be possible to impose with shenanigans there too.


          • Tzigereda

            Dear HaileTG,
            Let me quote you precisley:
            “The face of the HGDEF koboro junkie is the dominant image of the Eritrean diaspora woman”.

          • Semere Andom

            Dear Tegadalit Tzigerda:
            “mishimdad emba ayhlwena” 🙂

          • Tzigereda

            Dear Sem,
            Wey negremrem! Kimileseka iye…

          • Amanuel Hidrat


            Theses are a fighters words you uttered unlike many langa langas in this forum. “I utterly despise being used for anything or anyone, for whatever…….I can aim to the bulls eye of whatever I need should I have the necessity to do so………I understand others capacity.And prefer that truth prevails regardless of the costs to me.” You should be keep these words under your belt always as they are the hallmark of a fighter’s identity.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Semere Andom

            Hi Good cousin Sal:
            I also remember where I was when HTG, he is till, HTG, because to quote Saleh AA Younis, a second cousin of mine, the TG is like the “general” title:
            So HTG coined it I a heat of debate in summer 22014 and I remember that day I was suffering from hang over from “aqua minerale”

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Saay7,

            ዕደ ድኣ ዕደ : እምበኣር ኮኾብ ‘ሲ ከምቲ ንስኻ ትግምቶ እዩ ? ገግምትና እንተዶርጊሕናዮ ድኣ ክኸብደካ እንድዩ:: ይጽናሓልና እሱስ ::

          • haileTG

            Hello Mahmuday,

            Since the time I first used the term, there is no single lead post that I penned with the term. It was responses to those fixated with it that gets me having to revisit it. To my mind that was a fair and justified conclusion. People are entitled to agree or disagree with that. I have no hesitation to say it how I see it and if genuinely regretted it then I would have retracted it and apologized, but to my mind it is all clear. Second, I don’t attempt to bring PFDJ to my side (that is saay’s department). I want them to be who they are and believe in what they wish. I am interested in having that same right to do so too. If they insist in abstracting that we’ll just fight it out and see how much they are prepared to pay for that luxury of taking away people’s birth right. If they change to my side, that means their prerogative and best judgement. They are free people with free mind and I certainly don’t carry a chip on the shoulder to take on responsibility of modifying their thinking. We don’t owe each other anything and we’ll held accountable to our actions in the end of the day (be it physically or in terms of the history we’ll be remembered with). My priority are the justice seekers whom we share common grounds to achieve justice. I don’t think I can fool PFDJ supporters by tongue-twisters because they are as capable as me to form their own opinion. I am in conflict with them to secure that right for myself and those like me. They have a decision to make and what we’ll all pay will depend on that position they take because the ball is in their court. There is virtually NOTHING I am inclined to offer them by way of inducement.

            This may sound intransigence, but I believe it is the only way to truthful and mutual respect and cession of hostilities. As Yemane Baria said…ኣይኣኽለናን’ዩ በልዎም፡ ጎዶሎ መኣዲ!


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Hello HTG
            I understand your answer with regard to the “kebero junkies”, and I appreciate that; but I think you are missing an important point here. There are (the bulk of the people) who have not found the opposition to be appealing. They are not PFDJ, but they tend to gravitate to PFDJ prepared venues (I think that was the group that’s been called KJs). Your fight with PFDJ understood, are you implying you should not care trying to win the kJ, or SILENT MAJORITY, or whatever name you give them? I believe the key to victory rests here. think the discussion we did have a couple of weeks ago revolve around this area; and I thought your grasp of that particular question, understanding the political forces and social groups and using methods that are effective in winning them to the side of justice seekers, was similar to mine.

          • haileTG

            answer on disqus hold…will show up soon:)

          • Saleh Johar

            I see no misrepresentation in calling koboro junkies just that, koboro junkies. So far, the reasoning I see is “we will not be able to win them” if we call them koboro junkies. I don’t believe that, the koboro junkies have a slogan: znegese ngusna. Any change you will see them transform them,selves to blend in. They did it during the derg times as well. So, as long as the term is not accurate, I see this pandering to the feminine side 🙂 That is condescending!

          • Semere Andom

            Hi SGJ:
            Well, the Kobor Junkies have no qualms in switching sides, with the victor that is, there is no principle there, but the point is at this point changing sides based on principle has picked, they will remain with PFDJ until the time to come to blend in as you said, so expending the energy to enlighten them is futile, these type of people will always be there, I think as you know well, the problem without side is not a numbers game, it is the problem you wrote about in your last article

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Ambesa,

            ካን ብሓደ ኣፊቱ ምስ ዝመጸ ግልብጥ – ኣገራሚት ባህርይ እያ :: ኣብ መፈልምታ ናጽነት ሓደ ሽማግለ ክድብሉ ዝርኣኹዎም ኣጥቢቐ ሓቲተሎም : ን ኣንድነት ዝተማወቱላ: ንስርዓት ደርጊ ዝሰረሑላ :ንናጽነት ከኣ ደቢሎሙላ:: ይህልው ዶ ኾኑ ? ጽባሕ ድማ ንዲሞክራሲያዊት ኤርትራ እንተርኪቢም ጋቢኦም ገይሮም ሰለል ክብሉላ እዮም : ኣየ ትዕድልቲ !! ገጽካ ብሽንትኻ ምሕጻብ ::

          • haileTG

            Hi SGJ,

            The “win them over” mantra is so hilarious for the astute observer. I think they are more likely to be won over than win over anybody with the slim agenda of “war on Ethiopia” they peddle around. You don’t exactly hire a US-Japan war veteran to head the US diplomatic mission to Japan. And the Eritrean people know the heavy price they paid by the warmongering policies of the regime over 24 years. These guys are now trying to sell coal in Newcastle by stoking suspicion and fear of regional bodies and capitalize on it. The Eritrean people have quietly walked out on that project and are seen to be crossing anywhere to find safety from the barbarians.

            Take saay for example, he tells us there are the segment who believe in “developmental state” (never mind that the Sophias, the Gedowons… of this world are busy telling us how worse and nasty words can be use to describe justice seekers more than anything). He also qualify it with “participatory” “mandatory” “democratic”.

            And Sabri says:

            “Ethiiopia, declared itself democratic developmental state to not be associated with the authoritarian governance of South East Asian countries. However, in reality (at least in my eyes) there is no such democratic developmental state. There is only Developmental state and developmental state by nature is authoritarian.”

            To this, saay responds:

            “I agree and I think I mentioned it earlier that Ethiopia defines itself as a “democratic developmental state” and I also mentioned that, like you, I don’t believe that Ethiopia is democratic at all. The word democratic is aspirational and not a description of the current Ethio government.”

            To which an irritated Ethiopian..Fanti says

            “እትዮጵያ ዲሞክራሲ ክትምሥርት ታተ ሰንበት ትብል ኣላ እዩ ዝበሃል እዙ ዓርከይ፤፤ Take it back!”

            When did Sabri dishonored his people and country by making such outlandish statement against outsiders? Why did try to argue Ethiopian democracy? What does the nature of Ethiopian government has to do with that of Eritrea’s internal matters?

            This is my contention with such condescending attitude towards PFDJ supporters and believe that you can ride them for miles on end so long as stew Ethiopia in the mix. That to me is lack of understanding of what the supporters think and why. Saay and co. are taking a stab in the dark hoping that if they fan regional conflict, the chegwar danga will dive head first. They can’t be more wrong and shortsighted at that. Take it from me, my conversation with many supporters over the years tells me the issue is something else and the turncoat Spartans ain’t anywhere close to identifying it.


          • Mahmud Saleh


          • Fanti Ghana

            Hello Mahmuday,
            Good reply!

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear FG
            I’m this close to crush my laptop; it’s acting out today, I was completing my message to HTG and it’s gone. ዓርከይ ሃይለ እንተመጺኣትካ መሊእካ ኣንብባ ኢኻ ። ወላ ወላ ርእሰይ ኣይጠዓየ ሓንጎለይ ኣይጠዓየ ሎሚ።

          • Amanuel Hidrat


            Developmental states are “Authoritarian states”. Sabri is absolutely right as to what developmental states are. Our freind saay is looking for less evil regime than what we have. If the PFDJ would have not gone to the extreme they are now, he would have support them. No question about that. He is for a controlled democracy. And you know, if you start to control democracy, it isn’t democracy at all.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Kboor wo Hfoor Ghedim Teg/Emma
            Is there uncontrolled democracy? Isn’t the checks and balances synonymous with democracy forms of control? Aren’t the delineation of powers, civil liberty articles a form of control where the power of the state is clearly defined and what remains become the rights of citizens? Are not laws of elections and parties, laws concerning lobbyists, the press…forms of control.
            As I understand it (welcome Emma to bless me with your dossiers of articles and readings), but as I understand it, democracy is a process. Ethiopian democracy is good enough only for the stage of development that Ethiopia is at. As Fanti Ghana mentioned it, it is a process. And why would supporting PFDJ be a mistake had it stuck to its declared program?
            Societies design constitutions that they agree upon as the best arrangement and improve upon it. It’s clear you won’t have an American democracy or an Ethiopian…Nigerian…UK….democracy in Eritrea. The pillars are universal, but how they interpret them within their societal developmental stages depends on the given situation of the countries.

          • haileTG

            Hi Emma,

            “…like you, I don’t believe that Ethiopia is democratic at all. The word democratic is aspirational and not a description of the current Ethio government.”

            Where did Sabri say that and what is the purpose for such misplaced commandeering of the flow of discussion?

            There is more to it, me thinks, because saay is neither an Ethiopian nor in a position to argue the case as one.


            PS: Sabri has good grasp of the issue and I am not in a possition to delve too much into what is or what is not DS. The point is why do saay found it necessary to make such point as “Ethiopia is not democratic at all” and lace it with “like you..I think”?

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Haile,

            ብተዛማኢ ኣዘራርባ እትዮጵያውያን ኣብ ጉዕዞ ዲሞክራሲ እዮም ዘለው ክንብል ዶ ንኽእል?
            ሕጂ’ሲ ዲሞክራሲ ኣብ ቦታን ግዜን ዝተሞርከሰ ተዛማዲ ትርጉም እዩ ክወሃቦ ዘለዎ – እንተኢልና ገና ግን ኣብ ክሊ ማእከለ ቁጽጽር ዘለዎ ጉዕዞ ምዃኑ ክንኣምን ኣለና :: ፈንተት ዝበለ ተውሳኺ ተቆጻጻሪ መቅነጥስ እንተሎ ግን እቲ ስሕበት ካብ ‘ቲ ክሊ ዓንኬል ፈንጢሩ ክድርብዮ ወይ ናብ ካልእ ሸነኽ ክስሕቦ ይኽእል እዩ ::

            ዲሞክራሲ ህዝባዊ ምሕደራ እዩ ክንብል እንከለና ብዓንደ ርእሱ ስድነት (anarchism) ከይስዕርር ንድልየታት ዘመቃርሕ ማእክላዊ ተቆጻጻሪ ክፍሊ’ ውን ጠቅሊልና እና ንገልጾ ዘለና :: ግዴታን ግቡእን መዚኑ ዝኸይድ ምሕደራ ማለትና ኮይኑ ይስመዓኒ:: :: እቲ ምንታይ ሲ ሴንትራሊዝም ወይ ማእከልነት በዚሑ ናብ ግበታ ከይሰግር ወይ ‘ውን ነጻነት በዚሑ ናብ ፋሉልነት ከይሰግር ግርም መዛኒ መርሆ ዘለዎ ክኸውን ኣለዎ ::

            ግዳ ንሕና ኣብቲ ኩሉ የለናን :- ሕጂ ን ኣብነት ጸገንቲ ኤርትራ (reformers )መሰረት ኣብ ዘይብሉ ክንጽግን ኢና ክብሉ እንከለው ይገርመኒ እዩ :: ገዛ መሰርት ዘይብሉ ጥራይ ንግዚኡ ታሕታኡ ሸነኹ ተሸኪሙዎ ነቅ ነቅ ክብል እንዳርኣኻ ከመይ ክትጽግኖ ትሓስብ ::

            ኮለል ዶ ኢለ ወይ ናተይ ነገር!

          • haileTG

            Thank You KS,

            I am not Ethiopian and hence it is neither proper nor accurate to center my discussion on what happens or doesn’t happen in Ethiopia. We have several PFDJ website who discuss Ethiopia or many Eritrean (non-PFDJ) who find Eritrea can’t be looked at without pairing it with Ethiopia, they can answer your question better. I am Eritrean, ask me about Eritrea or I will go on early coffee break if Eritrea isn’t relevant. እዋእ…ከክንድዚ ኢትዮጵያ እናበልካ ሕማም ኣሎ ኣንታ ኮኾብ ዓርከይ፡ እንተተጣዒስና ዘይንምለስ ንኢትዮጵያ። ሓፊርና’ኮ ሕጂስ።

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Haile,

            ድሓን ዶ ዓዲ !! እዋእ እቶም ደገፍቲ ህግደፍ ኳ እዮም ሰሲሒቦም ኣብ ቲ ጉዳይ ዘመልሱና ዘለው :: ዲሞክራሲ እንተበልና “ወያኔ “ሰላም እንተበልና “ወያኔ” ንዛረብ እንተበልና “ወያ”ኔ “ወያኔ” ክብሉ ክደጋግሙ “ወይ ኣነ ” “ወይ ኣነ ” “ወይ ኣነ “ይብሉ ከይተፈለጦም :: በል ኪድ ቡንካ ስተ:

          • saay7

            Selamat Hailat:

            I don’t know where you are going with this, particularly after you accurately quoted people. It is a head-scratcher. And I am hoping this doesn’t deteriorate into the usual because I think it turns off people like Sabri who I think has a lot to contribute.

            Sabri is saying ALL developmental states are, by nature, authoritarian. Ethiopia describes itself as “democratic development state” which Sabri considers a contradiction in terms. To this, I reply (while cataloging areas I agree with and areas that he needs further clarification on) that no, I don’t think Ethiopia is democratic at all and I even use the late PMMZ’s vision of the role of the state (“night watchman”) and I say by that standard the State is too intrusive in the affairs of the citizen to be democratic.

            So you can bold it, underline it and re-re-re say it, but it boils down to this: Sabri thinks that “developmental state” and democratic state” are a contradiction in terms because a developmental state is by definition, authoritarian. And I am saying, yes I agree with you Sabri. Is your issue that I am agreeing with something that Sabri didn’t say? Is your issue that it is not my business to discuss Ethiopian politics? Is your issue that I am wrong on the merits? That Sabri is wrong on the merits? That Fanti Ghana protesting is an argument? All of the above?

            Then Emma comes in and says I am for controlled democracy when I have repeatedly said that I don’t support “developmental state” precisely because it place the rights of the “social citizen” (or what Emma calls “social groups”) over the right of the individual citizen. It looks like it is going to be one of those weeks.


          • haileTG

            Selamat saay,

            Sabri has said “there can only be DS” and you are telling us “Ethiopia isn’t democratic at all”. I am just saying, stay on the topic, and if Ethiopia is your preferred one, mind the 120,000+ death tall of the war between the two countries, the current stand off and the PFDJ’s Ethiopia ranting politics and don’t drag things so low. You are on record calling segments of Ethiopian leadership as toxic, you are on record telling Eritreans in Ethiopia in death trap and you are not fair or balanced minded to make determination as “Ethiopia isn’t democratic at all”. You said worse and are still at it. I you think there is no value to it, remember that reply is optional.

          • saay7


            But that is the topic here: is developmental state compatible with democracy? Sabri says no and I am saying no. And Emma is saying no. Sabri is saying it is a necessary evil for undeveloped countries; and I have said in the past that it is not. I go further than Sabri and say that the word “democratic” that Ethiopia uses in front of “developmental state” is aspirational. This is, incidentally, exactly what fanti ghana said, in Tigrinya: እትዮጵያ ዲሞክራሲ ክትምሥርት ታተ ሰንበት ትብል ኣላ. Again, I don’t understand what the issue is.

            The other issues you introduced here which have nothing to do with the discussion …remember I am fasting until June 13 and of course I hold the view and when necessary I will make them.


          • Araya

            Selamat Haile TG; every time I stop by I see revealing you’re self-inch by inch. If you are Eritrean why would you have an issue with the description of Ethiopian leaders as “Toxic”? Tell you the truth they worse than that but I know you got to protect your beloved Tigray and Tigrayan. Why don’t you come out and say it? The joke is on you if you think your Ethiopia is a democratic country. After all; don’t you guys win the election with 100%? lol

          • haileTG

            Haha..saay is gonna win you over soon. Me, I am out with a dagger to meet you:)

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Hailat,
            only 39 years and and months, don’t ever announce you have reached 40 till PFDJ ends. PFDJ leaders are now at 80 and more – there was no birth certificate.

          • Nitricc

            Dear Haile It is my wish you stop insulting the Eritrean people. It is their life and their choosing to stand with what ever they want. It irreriates me to no end when you call Eritrean mothers and fathers junkies. I can understand your disapointmen with your exceptation but there is no any justification for your disrespectful name calling.
            Please consider my plea on this regard.

          • haileTG

            Hi Nitricc, you have a point. War and conflict can get ugly and indiscriminate, the worst being total chaos. When Eritreans are slighted and insulted for opposing dictatorship, many fathers and mothers are being assaulted as sellouts, toxic and haters. They are our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters too. I don’t want to lose the value of your message. It is a good message, but also will need to apply across the board to really germinate and become a good seed that holds strong roots. I accept your plea, provided you do mine too. How is that for a deal?

          • selam

            Dear Haile
            well i do not give may 24 to one man except to the whole country and i do not think all these your koboro junckies are dancing for DIA either .staying cool would be wise if i did insult a big number of our people , but i and abi are writing a comment about the past. i do not need abi support to oppose DIA but i and you need all these women who are koboro junckies on your special book.

            Your heart and mind theory is nearly losing its grip when it comes to Eritrean women.

          • haileTG

            Dear Selam

            The Koboro Junkie ብሽርሒን ወዲ ሸርሕን እያ ምስ ደቀንስትዮ ኣታሓሒዞማ። ኣብቲ መጀመርያ እዋን እታ ሓሳብ ዝተላዕለትሉ፡ ኣብዚ ገጻት ከቢድ ኩናት’ዩ ተኸፊቱን ተሓሊፉን። ንሱ’ኳ ሕጂ ንግደፎ፡ ግን እቲ ሒዝናዮ ዘሎና ዘረባ ብምሳለ ቃል-ኪዳን ንርኣዮ። ቃል-ኪዳን እኮ ምስ ዝኣመንካዮን ዝመረጽካዮን ምስ ተኣስረ’ዩ ዝጓየል እምበሪ ዝኾነ ሰብኣይ/ሰበይቲ ጎሲስካ ኣይኮነን ኣብ ዳስ ዝድበል። ቅጥዕን፡ ንቡርን ኣለዎ። ኣያይ ወርቂ ሰዓቱ፡ ኦፔል መዛወሪቱ፡ እናንጨብጨብና፡ ግን ኣይኮነን። ገድልን፡ ናጽነትን ድማ ዋግኡን ቦትኡን ኣለዎ። መጣርዒ ኣይኮነ፡ መቃይሒ። እቶም ከምኡ ዝገብሩ ፖለቲካዊ ርዝነት ዘይብሎም፡ ብራኢ ዘይኮነ፡ ብትካዘን ኣባዘን፡ መሃነና ኣጥፊእና፡ ክንህመለሎም ዝጽበዩ እዮም። ከምቲ ሽም ኣምላኽ ብኸንቱ ኣይተልዕል ዝበለ፡ ገድላዊ ታሪኽ ህዝብን ሃገርናን ድማ ንኸንቱ ፖለቲካዊ ሃልኪ መወጨጪ ተባሂሉ ምብኻን ቅኑዕ ኣይኮነን። እዚ ግን ንዓኺ ኣይኮንኩን ሰላም፡ አዚ ጉዳይ ክጣልዕሉ ዝረከሱ ባእታታት፡ ስለዘለዉ፡ ስኽኽ ክብሎም ኢለ’የ ወስ ዘብለልኪ ዘለኹ። እምበር ሓቅኺ’ሎኺ።

          • Pass the salt

            It is selam’s bed time. Either that or electricity is not available for her at the moment.
            Enjoy your selam-free time while you can:-)

          • selam

            Dear Pass the salt
            It is very hard to wake up some one who slept while waking. And i do think it is very hard for any Eritrean agenda to move forward while there are so many to count from south . It will be a nice forume if you have any idea instead of clapping your empty hand on air

          • selam

            Dear Haile
            We will see how far the opposition will go with all such words .I urge you to go with the muslimbrotherhood political wing.

          • teweldino

            Hi Dawit,

            Beles is a colloquial term used by Asmarinos to describe the diaspora Eritreans who show up in Eritrea during Kiremti season. When Haile challenged the diaspora PFDJ supporters ሓቂ’ተሊዩካ ዱባ ኹን፡ ካብ በለስ, he’s challenging them to live and enjoy megzaEti PFDJ in Eritrea by residing there rather than treat Eritrea as their holiday destination only. Duba represents those who live there all seasons. It seems that you called those who live there lazy and they will “rot in one place” inadvertently.

          • haileTG

            Hey Teweldino, You forgot the sefef’n werqi’n too … haha

            Key word: Beles

            Sefef: prickly pear

            werqi: “If ERiTV says..” or be like duba and stay there if ERiTV has said everything is ok:)


          • teweldino

            Hi Haile,

            You have to trademark “ምውንዛፍ አኮ ንጋቢ ኹታ እምበር ንስራሕ ኣይመኻይዳን’ያ”!

          • haileTG


            ዎዎዎዎ….ንዓ’ባ ሕጂስ ይእከለኒ፡) ዘዝተዛረብኩዎ እናሰነዱ ከም ጭራ ከልግቡለይ ተዋሪደ’ኮየ ዘለኹ! ደሓን ዝደልያ እንተሎ ይውሰዳ፡ ዕጭ ደኣ’ንዓኻ ኢሎም ህግደፍ ጋቢ ተወንዚፎም ከይስዕስዑ፡-)

          • Kokhob Selam

            dear Haile,

            ከመይ ከመይ ኢላ ከምዝመጸትልካ ኮ ገሪሙኒ ይሓስበላ እየ ነይረ :: ተወልዲኖ ድማ ድሓን ይእቶ “You have to trademark” በለ : ብሸነኸይ ዓለም ለኽ ናይ ዋንነት መስል ክሕለወልካን ብዓይነት ( quality ) ሰርቲፋይድ ክትግበር ምስ መረጽኩ:: ግን ” ቀያድን ናይ መወዳእታን ” ጉዳይ ዶብ ከይተፈጸመ ዝግበር ነገር ይለን Lol.

          • teweldino

            Hi Haile,

            This one is going to the Encyclopedia of Tigrigna Quotations. I will definitely use it and will tell my father who loves to use proverbs in his conversations.

            ብጋቢኺ ወለል በሊ ክብሉ ክሓድሩ’ዮም
            ኪር ኪር ( ® Kokheb Selam)

          • haileTG

            haha Teweldino;

            ንዒ ብኹታኺ ወለል በሊ…እውን ኣላ’ኮ 🙂

          • teweldino

            Hi Haile,

            “እንተዘይኮነ ሃገራዊት ኣይኮንክን” እንድየን ዝበሃላ፤ ያእይ ዳንኬራ መለለዪ መንንነት ኮይና!

  • ‘Gheteb

    Jebha, Sudan, McMullen, Plaut, An Eritrean Ingénue And One Bullet

    Greetings All,

    In the early part of the 70s, after the ELF’s war of liquidation against the nascent PLF groups faced stiff resistance and literally came to naught, the ELF started a campaign of disinformation against the PLF. In the rumors and back fence talks, it was bruited that the ELF has succeeded in killing Isaias Afwerki of the PLF and therefore the message that they wanted to pass to the Eritrean people was that ShaEbia is no more and done with. Well, that proved to be a blatantly false information.

    In the intervening years of 1971-73, according to the testimonials of veteran fighters PLF-2, nee Selfi Natsnet (Independence Party), there were attempts to assassinate Isaias by some recruits who joined the ranks of PLF-2 sent by Ethiopian authorities. Here too these attempts on the life of Isaias didn’t come to pass.

    Reportedly, in the early years of the 90s, the Eritrean Government accused the Sudanese Government of sponsoring an assassination attempt against the president of Eritrea, Isaias Afeworki. I know there are two versions of the story, but my main purport is to chronicle and highlight all reported attempts on Isaias’s life. It will become limpid at the tail end of this post why I am belaboring this issue. This also did not materialize.

    In the mid part of 2000, some Eritreans were positing the “one bullet solution” as a nostrum to the Eritrean problem. However, it gained much heft and currency when it was put forward and propounded by the Eritrean Ambassador to Eritrea, Mr. McMullen in 2009. In Wikileaks cables, McMullen limns a bleakly crepuscular portrayal of Eritrea and vaticinated by hazarding a guess that after the proverbial one bullet is shot, Eritrea was going to implode. In the Cable entitled “Eritrea’s president is ‘unhinged dictator’, McMullen summarizes thusly: “the regimes’ political capital is tanking”, “the war economy is failing”, “Gold to the rescue? No”, ” No American enemy to blame”, “tough, proud and suffering”, “Where will change come from?”. Yes, the American Ambassador entertained the idea of one bullet doing the trick.


    And, when you think that “the one bullet solution” was interred for good and forgotten, here comes Martin Plaut, former Africa editor for the BBC world service and currently a fellow at the Commonwealth Institute appearing with an Eritrean
    ingénue, Feruz Werede, a Human rights Activist-cum campaigner, in ‘The Foreign Desk’ Program. Here is what Martin Plaut proffered as a denouement to “the Eritrean problem or crisis”:

    ” Eritrea is really one bullet away from fundamental change. If Isaias was eliminated, it will be the end of the repression or at least that there will be great hope. I am not in favor of assassination, norly (not really), but when Admiral Carrera Blanco was blown over the church in Madrid, the death of one man was the end of the Franco era in Spain. If you did the same in Eritrea, there is a real chance that Eritrea could grasp independence and freedom”.

    The Eritrean ingénue, Feruz Werede, on the other hand, purported that ” if Ethiopia could withdraw [ from occupied Eritrean territories], it will make our life a lot more easier”. And, she continued to profusely lament that ” The Government [ The Eritrean Government] is holding the nation to ransom because of this LITTLE LAND is not worth all the life that is being lost”.

    Unlike this Eritrean ingénue, the progeny of two EPLF fighters and a martyred father, Martin Plaut, was on the up and up and told the truth before he literally put his foot on his mouth when he proposed “the one bullet solution”. Here is what Martin asseverated when he came clean and kept nothing back:

    ” First and the most important one would be to put pressure on the Ethiopian government to adhere to the agreement that they reached to honor the border arbitration between Eritrea and Ethiopia”. That was in response to what the way forward is to resolving the Eritrean problem. Feruz Werede, being not dry behind the ears, naively puts all her eggs in the basket of the Freedom Friday (Arbi Harnet) innocents and anklebiters to bring change in Eritrea. Now you know why I depicted Feruz as an ingénue.


    Seriously though, those who have recklessly propounded the preposterously harebrained cockamamie “one bullet solution” are either out and out wingnuts who are in serious need for their heads to be examined, have some nefarious agendas, or are thoroughly nescient about Eritrea and its people. The fact that “the one bullet solution” is going to unleash all the centrifugal forces and the attendant fissiparous tendencies that could usher the undoing of Eritrea as we know it or could create the propitious milieu for internecine civil war or it would open the floodgates wide open for the likes of the Weyanes and the IGADs to render Eritrea as Somalia redux, wasn’t reason enough to give seriously consider this calamitous “one bullet solution”.

    Then again, the Plauts and his Eritrean fellow travelers will continue in their preferred professions as analysts and Human Rights Activists, while Eritrea is rent asunder and the poor Eritrean people bearing the brunt of it all.

    • selam

      Dear Gheteb
      Yes I am one of these people who believe Eritrea can stil afford to lose IA and still continue to its way of democracy and a proud nation. Now i understand every thing you said about the lairs,cheaters and so many crimes they commited against Eritrean diplomacy corroders .I mean who on earth think this french idiots comments are credible , pluat and feruz are just two idiots who sit and vomit idiot things .These two and some more other idiots have been saying so many so much. But how do you imagine that if IA is dead Eritrea will go to war with itself and then horrible stories to be seen on the secreen of BBC and also bad mouth on VOA . How about these people who continuesly demanding the EU money to drow back , How about these people who are writing endless papers to UN agencies for Eritrea to be sanctioned again ?

    • saay7

      MerHaba Cousin Gheteb:

      This one just isn’t up to your intellectual heft…you have taken the Chegwar Danga exit and are now performing singficantly below standard:) Let’s take this phrase of “one bullet away” and how, six years later, it has taken on a completely different meaning from the one intended by the man who coined it, US Ambassador to Eritrea, McMullen. You were kind enough to give us the wikileaks link but then La-MuaKheza Ya’Ani, I think instead of reading it, you have been swayed by the spin that has been given to it lately. Here’s the entire quote:

      Although the regime is one bullet away from implosion, Eritrea’s resilience as a country is based on 1) a strong sense of nationalism forged over four decades of war, and 2) the capacity of most Eritreans to withstand suffering and deprivation with forbearance and toughness. Any sudden change in government is likely to be initiated from within the military. End Summary.

      In plain English, the Ambassador, whose job it is to tell his bosses (the State Department) what the political situation in his host country is (that was his audience: we only know about it due to the fluke of wikileaks) is saying that what is holding Eritrea together is the strong sense of nationalism Eritreans exhibit and their toughness in enduring challenges that would break other countries. He is not saying “use one bullet and kill the man and that will be the solution.” That is what all the chegwar danga are saying now and, within the litany you gave it (of the superman who survives all assassination attempts), that is the message you are conveying. Gul WaHed.

      Then, the context. The ambassador’s report was written in 2009. You (because of your photographic memory, ya cousin) know exactly what was happening in 2009, don’t you? Let me first begin with what happened for two years before that. One of the formulas Isaias Afwerki used to stay in power was to create four war lords–General Gerezgheir Andemariam (“Wuchu”, General Samuel Haile (“China”), General Teklay Habteselasse, and General Filipos Woldeyohannes–to run their fiefdoms anyway they wanted. At some point, the four warlords, had turf wars and they assassinated each others cashcows and obstacles. This was in the middle of the era when we heard of Zereghaber Gebrehiwet, and millionaire Fiqre. It was when we learned of unique titles like “Civilan General”. In the months before the Ambassadors report, we learned that Mohammed Dawoud Raka followed his older brother, Abdella Dawood, in the “died mysteriously” file. Finally, a historian like you has to know this: EVEN the commemoration of Operation Fenkel WAS CANCELLED THAT YEAR (February 2009, a month before the ambassador’s report.)

      Why? During the height of zemene masafnt (The Era of The Princes), they had even managed to shoot but not kill Colonel Simon Gebredengel. You will recall (and certainly our friend Dawitom recalls) that shabait had confirmed this:


      and told us further that “details will be revealed in the near future.” What they didn’t tell us is that details will be revealed TO WHOM? And that was to the only man who matters in Eritrea: Isaias Afwerki. Consequently, he did the only thing that matters to the only person that matters: he instituted a “fluy brigade”, made up of 6,000 elite fighting forces (his own Republican Guard.) THAT was the context.

      2. The Alleged Sudanese Assassination Attempt Against Isaias Afwerki: You were kind enough to say there are two sides to each story. In this case, the two sides are: the truth, and the fabrication. This was a fabrication. How do we know this? This is precisely the problem with the Isaias Afwerki regime: it keeps forgetting that of the tens of thousands of Eritreans who flee, some were former prison guards, some were former prison wardens, some were previous interrogators. Assenna interviewed the man who, among other things, was the interrogator of the “Sudanese who attempted to assassinate Isaias Afwerki.” The whole thing was an entire fabrication. You are a very intelligent and discerning man: the “confession” is in a two-part video on youtube: please find it, watch it. Then listen to the interview that the interrogator gave. (I will provide help in fishing them out, if you ask your cousin nicely:) It is not just that these were fabrications; it is just that they were of low-rent amateur caliber.

      3. The Assassination Attempt Against Isaias by ELF: Ah, was this before or after Bitsay Isaias Afwerki became “Tekelakhalay tanki”? 🙂 My least favorite part of sifting history is that of ELF-EPLF, because whatever you find out is painful (if one is just a neutral Eritrean:) But if one judges by written policies AND circumstantial evidence, the ELF had taken the position that it had no qualms about liquidating PLF-1 (Sabbe-led group) and PLF-3 (Obel group) because they were entirely Muslim outfits, it would go slow and not make any attempt to liquidate PLF-2 (Selfi-Natsnet, Isaias-Afwerki led group) because it was an entirely Christian group and that would then have no-longer a “revolutionary” war but a “religious war.” When the ELF, following up on its disastrous policy of going after PLF-1 and PLF-3, the Isaias-led group, PLF-2, joined PLF-1 and PLF-3 and ruined the ELF’s perfectly disastrous plan. The rest is history. Disputed history, but still history: and a notch higher in quality that the urban legend of Isaias’ rumor machine (because, back then, if ELF wanted to, come on, Gheteb.)


      • Semere Andom

        Hi Saleh and Gheteb
        Sal,I would not have said it better. For someone one who is the Wikipedia of Eri Ghedli, cousin Gheteb conveniently avoids the truth you told him on why and how IA was saved by demographics. It was a smart move for Eritrea but turned out to be bad for ELF. Even much later the Falul like G.Zere and wedi Georgo, defended EPLF and told their leadership to solve the problem by negotiation, even Herui Tedla defended EPLF, EPLF and IA had ambassadors in ELF, ELF did not have ambassadors, the Romadan gang and the hodgepodge of none Barak Muslims never stood to defend poor ELF. But if someone asked about the death of Ibrahim Affa and others, the people like Sherifo would not hesitate to tell you that “neana yqerbuna”, it is not your business, people like wedi Affa, they are our brothers.
        You made it sound like IA is immortal with multiple lives despite all the conspiracies and predictions of his demise. First the one bullet away, am sure your know that it was a figure of speech, we know that hundreds of bullets have been fired after the amb made the remarks, one had been an assassination attempt on IA and many other bullets which were directed at innocent people.
        Also, besides the Christian protecting IA, not just physically but with the clout they had after ELF broke from their roots to become national front and both rightly and consciously decided to mind the demographic reality. And little history for you, the Algeris experiment that you guys ridicule now, it was implemented in 1988 by EPLF much later when Eritreanism took root and the Algeries experience was needless
        Since you are talking about the 70s, how is it possible that 25 years old IA dines and wines in Asmara and nothing happens to him and his organization had no clout to secure his safety, hint, he was protected by the HS Ethiopian army, so call it his Kenisha God or the horse shoe in him he has always been protected.
        It is good news for the horn and humanity to hear Somalia is pulling through, but took 25 years to get here, the legacy of dictators, the mess they leave on the wake of their destruction is devastating and roots of the devastation is always sown by those Cheggaur Dangg wannabes

    • Peace!

      Dearr Gheteb,

      See Gheteb only people with wrong diagnostics propose such irresponsible solution. Actually this is what happen in the absence of organized and united front: everybody wants to be a leader, problems of misdiagnosis become normal, priorities fail to define success and failure, and mix up of short and long term objectives. If the struggle is for democratic Eritrea, then assassinating IA is a good start if there is a force bubbling from within to finish the job otherwise what’s next, imposing of puppet government by foreign countries or total chaos? The typical strategy of pro Ethiopia opposition groups is let’s get rid of PFDJ by any means to turn things into our favor, no PFDJ with Ethiopia on our side. They are creative at avoiding specifics on post PFDJ era; all they are doing is lecturing people how PFDJ is bad, brutal, and killer as if Eritreans are foreigners. Long way To Go Buddy!


  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    Eritreans kidnapped in Libya (By Daesh) and the Sudan (Rashaid of Sudan).

    The news release by many media, as disturbing and shocking is, there is little that we can do. Identifying the involved criminals, the DAESH of Libya and Rashaida of Sudan, and their links appear to help with what can be done next.

    Now, let’s follow the trail of evidence to trace who is behind whom.

    DAESH of Libya is supported by countries close to Isayas (be it group 1 (Qatar and Turkey) or group 2 (Saudi Arabia and Egypt))

    Rashaida of Sudan, whose Sheikh Al-Mesheikh named his son or grandson after Isayas, is a close friend of Isayas.

    So far so good and with the trail traced to links, it is believed that Mr. Isayas can play major roles in the cases of the victims. The opposition members are not blaming him but yet since Isayas is routinely blamed for every ill that befalls on Eritreans, it will be a step forward to reconciling and coming together to help the Eritreans in need.

    • dawit

      Dear TT,
      This morning the sun rise was delayed by one minute. Do you think Isaias and Eritrea, had something to do with delay?

  • Abel

    *The Telegraph;
    86 Eritrean migrants ‘kidnapped by Isil’ in Libya
    Isil militants believed to have kidnapped 86 Eritrean refugees from a smugglers’ caravan in western Libya

    *14 Eritrean refugees kidnapped by armed Rashaida attackers in Eastern Sudan, according to Eritrean refugees in Shegerab Camp.

    Let’s all prey and hope for their safe release.

    • Semere Andom

      Hi Abel:
      It seems God does not have 911 line to act in emergencies, this is the job of governments to save their citizens, but Eritrea does not have one, it does not have rebels fighting in their behalf. Yea, now it is when Ertreans need the commandos, the ELF “fedaeen” to go and attack the Reshaidas to claim their people.
      Long time, I heard a story when the late Welde-Dawit Temsghen was arrested he reportedly told his interrogator that one day Eritrean youngsters will free him. Those words became prophetic when 10 years later, the youngsters who W. Dawit trusted did not betray him, he was released along with 1000 prisons in an operation conducted by ELF. Later I was also told that one of the operation organizers the late Saeed Saleh reportedly told his comrades that he was inspired by the sacrifices of the youngsters who were in prison. The young inspiring each other to protect each other. That was then.

  • Erty

    Hello everyone!!!!
    The Eritrean president is as mad as he can be after he visited the Saudi king. The trip did not yield the desired result. After the trip tesfa news and madot posted very long article about Eritrea’s diplomatic success, in way to paint the president’s visit as glossy as possible. However, the president missed Al Bashers party, during independent day speech the president lash out the west. Saudi Arabia might told the president to stay out of the Yemen issues and Eritrea’s offering of military assistance was not accepted. If that is the case, the president has a very good reason to be very mad because he not only did not get what he wanted from the Saudis but also lost the relation he had with Iran. This could be the only reason why Eritrea and Sudan are moving in opposite direction diplomatically.

  • ‘Gheteb

    Selam TeAzabi,

    You make excellent points with your trenchant analysis and kudos to you. Here are some observations that should also be taken into considerations.

    (1) The two days visit by PIA to Saudi Arabia and the bilateral agreements that has already been reached between the two countries.

    (2) The delegation of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates visit to the Eritrean port and Islands as reported by Middle East Monitor


    (3) The severing of diplomatic relations between Djibouti and UAE and the denial of visa to Djibouti foreign minister to enter Saudi Arabia.

    These are signs that the Saudi Eritrean relations are heading in the right and positive direction.

    What I can’t believe even for split second is this part of the Gedab News:

    ” Recently AlBashir tipped the Saudis on the risk that the unpredictable Isaias poses in Yemen and advised them to neutralize him. In a trip arranged by AlBashir, last April Isaias travelled to Saudi Arabia, but unlike his expectations to make a beneficial deal, the Saudis simply asked him to stay clear of Yemen.”

    If AlBashir tipped the Saudi’s about Isaias’s unpredictability, then who tipped Isaias about the tipping by AlBashir? Does Isaias have ears in the Halls of the Saudi Royal Family? This is what I think that makes the assertion totally implausible.

    As far as the Eritreo-Sudanese relations, there is too much at stake for both Isaias and AlBashir to further exacerbate their relations beyond the ephemeral cold shouldering that will likely be patched up sooner than later.

  • Hope

    Gedeb News:
    Please refresh our memories about the double-edged satanic role the Flip-Flopping Sudan/Al Beshir Regime has played so far in ref to Eritrea’s National Security Interest.
    If you do not trust the Eri Media about the attempted assasination of PIA,are you ready to deny the following FACTS?
    -The role of Bin Laden with the help of Dr Hassen Al Turabi to create an Islamic State of Eritrea-under Al Beshir
    -The devastating role of Al Beshir during the 2000 Ethio-Eritrea war,specifically in Tessenei.It sounds like you do not care about those Eri Martyrs at that time
    -The Ethio-Sudanese-Yemeni Evil Axi,aka,the ” Sanaa Forum” and its agenda against Eritrea,by default,against Eritreans
    -The significance of the Ethio-Sudanese Defense and Security Agreement against the National Security Interest of Eritrea.
    Your propaganda against Eritrea has been way better,more successful, and even dangerous than that of the Ethiopians—i.e.you seem and sound to be more Weyanes than the Weyanes…in the name of hating the PFDJ.
    -Please tell us the Truth about the Eri-Saudi agreement and be so kind to refute what TeAzabi told us below.
    Can’t you analyse the motive behind Al Beshir advisng the Saudis to sideline PIA,by default,Eritrea ?
    Come on,U could do a better job than that.
    You could have speculated by saying that “The Ethiopians “successfully” used Al beshier to lobby for them in Saudi Arabia against PIA /Eritrea.
    Can’t U use the same Ghedeb News Analysis style about the “Bombing of the Bisha Mining”?
    —-and despite all these evil axis,conspiracy,lobbying,isolationsit Policy,No War No Peace Policy,Threats of Invasion,and Regime Change by all means possible,Eritrea will prevail!
    PIA will go sooner or later but Eritrea and Eritreans will stay here and will out-shine and it is ONLY fair to work for the National Interest of Eritrea.

    • Hope

      Dear Mr Moderator!
      Thank you for your advice.
      I was expectong you to answer my questions.
      You do not need to apologize for your position againstthe PFDJ but you have to apologize for:
      1)Petitioning for Sanctioning the State of Eritrea and by default,the Eritreans
      2)For reporting some sensitive issues that have/could have affected the National Security Interest of Eritrea as a Nation,not thet PFDJ–eat up your PFDJ,if you wish!
      3)For NOT iving upto your Vision and Preaching about National Reconciliation
      “Zete bizei keidi,the asmarino(aka Mekelino).com style is NOT constructive.
      Viva EDF and Eritrea!

      • Mizaan1

        Mr. Hopela, you must have drank too much dmu dmu while you were in your virtual vacation in Eritrea.

        • Hope

          Brother Mizaan,
          It is only 1400 USD to vist home and get the first hand info.PFDJ will never touch you and won’t even ask you to pay a penny unless you ask for some serious services.
          Get real and experience the experince on person!
          Enjoy the Luxurious Qatr Air Ways as well.

        • Semere Andom

          Hi Mizaan:
          We are in back to square one against, Hope goes to Eritrea, gets detained, calls his uncle in high position and get released with a warning. That is of course a lie, in PFDJ you do not get released because you know someone or your father or uncle is high PFDJ person if you were detained for political reasons, only the boss, the cossa nostra boss can release you. If you were detained for crimes such us raping, killing an stealing your uncle can release you because it is corrupt system
          I think hope, telling from his disrespect to the hosts he has gotten a big raise, he comes rejuvenated to defend PFDJ in the name of Eritrea and in the name if its people who are humiliated by every “beddan” in the planet. A people who do not have anyone to shepherd them are being slaughter in Libya and Hope is defending PFDJ, he cannot be anything else except, a paid, sellout agent of PFDJ, getting paid by the money raised by the human trafficking of Eritreans that PFDJ collects, there is no other explanation for his disrespect and lies

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear TeAzabi,
    please keep fallowing. the analyzed information above was nice. that will help us read the situation.

    • haileTG

      Haha KoKobay,

      I am lost to make sense of this “nice” analysis. Can you help me understand it:)

      • Hope

        You see hailat,Truth is bitter and it pains U but it will never change though.

        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear Hope,
          you came from Asmara charged full. slow down my friend. you should have waited my reply to Haile instead going flat now.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Haile TG,

        do you know who cried in this site when you were not around? you may have to go back and read a lot.

        back to your question when you see this kind of massage from my side always remember I am telling that I know the opposite and I will say something about it. poor president went out of Saudi loosing his respect and is trying again and again to repair what he has broken with them. In fact going back to the article written about his visit in this site I have posted that the guy is ignored. you can’t imagine I will support what TaAzabi is saying if you have seen my early post.

        Hailat, it seems you have deleted all records of Kokhob. do you some time go back and read our poems? by the way please go back and put your name as it is showing as guest. for example this was one of poetic conversation between me and you.

        Guest • 8 months ago *****please go back and put your name

        ሰንሰለት፡ ሰንሰለት፡ ክትከውን ዝገበረት፡
        ምጽፍጻፍ ኣይኮነን፡ ኩምራ ናይ ቀለቤት፡
        ኩነተ-መላግቦ’ምበሪ፡ ዝቐየሶም ባህርያት፡
        ማእከላዊ ዓንኬል፡ ካብ ድሕሪት ንቕድሚት፡
        መቛቑሑ ዝጠምር፡ ተወራራሲ ኣንፈት።

        ቀለቤት እንከሎ፡ ሰንሰለት ዘይህሉ፡
        ስለምንታይ ኮን’ዩ፡ እንታይ’ዩ ጎዲሉ?
        ተወሰኽቲ ቀለቤት’ዶ ግድልና መቃለሉ?
        ዝቋጽር፡ ዘላግብ፡ ሓሳብ እንተዘይህሉ፡
        ሰንሰለት ክኸውን ክንደይ ምወሰደሉ!

        ቀለቤት መቕዘፍቲ፡ ላምፔዱዛ፡ ሲና፡
        ቀለቤት ባርነት፡ ግዱድ ዕስክርና፡
        ቀለቤት ማሕዩራት፡ ዘሰክሕ ዓፈና፡
        ቀለቤት መድሃኽቲ፡ ኣረምየን ጨኾና፡
        ቀለቤት ከልበትበት፡ ገልታዕታዕ ህዝብና፡
        ቀለቤት ናይ ዕንወት፡ ምድዋን ሃገርና፡
        ዝቋጽር ዘላግብ፡ ሓሳብ ዲና ስኢንና?

        kokhob Selam Guest • 8 months ago

        ሃይላት ብኡነት በል : ኣነስ ገለ ከይበልኩ ነዛ ግርም ናዕታ ክሓልፋ ኣይደልን እየ እንካ ተቐበል ::

        ቀለቤት ንቀለቤት ኮይና እዛ ዓውዲ :-
        ኩሉ ተኾሚሩ ኣይእኽሊ ኣይሰልዲ :-
        ክበብቲ ዕጽዋት ዝበዘሐን ቀይዲ :-
        በበይነን ፋሕ ኢለን ስኢነን ኣባዲ ::

        ይበኽያ ይካሰሳ ይጸላለማ :-
        ንፍቅሪ ንዓወት ክንዲ ዝትልማ :-
        ኣነ እየ ወርቂ ንስኺ ግን ብሩር :-
        ኣነ ዋጋይ ክቡር እቲ ናትካ ሕሱር :-
        እልካስ ካን ምግታር ምኽትታር :-
        ክንዲ ተኣሳሲርካ ሰንሰለት ምፍጣር ::

        ‘ምበር ነብስ ወከፈን ዕድል እንተዝ ህባ :-
        ‘ታ ሓንቲ ምስ ሓንቲ እንተዝልቀባ :-
        ሰንሰለት ምኾ ና ቁመት ምስረኸባ :-
        ንስደት ንውርደ ት ፍጹም ምስገደባ ::

        ብኡነት !
        ሓንቲ ነታ ሓንቲ ክንዲ ትጽበያ :-
        ነናይነብሰን ጉድለት እንተድርብያ :-
        እንተዝበገሳ ነብሰን ከዐርያ :-
        ነቅ ዘይብል ሰንሰለት ሽዑ ምስ ኣጥረያ ::

        ‘ምበር ቀለቤት ድኣ ዝዓዝዝ ትርግሙ :-
        ሰብ ምስ ረኸበ እዩ ዝኸብር ተሽይሙ :-
        ቃል ኪዳን ዝኸውን ንዘልኣለም ቆይሙ :
        ሰንሰለት ልብታት ንፍቅሪ ሸሊሙ ::

  • Fenomeno


    Not sure if I would read this situation in the same manner.

    The report seems to underestimating Isayas, like he is not calculative president and that all his decisions are determined by his emotions (feeling betrayed). The guy has not been in power so long because he react on every instinct. Off course he had his moments, but Isayas and Bashir seem to understand that stability in each other countries will only strengthen their grip. It does not make sense at all for one to undermine the other, nothing to gain from that, but much to lose. Sudan is busy enough with its internal conflicts (Nuba Mountains and Darfur), and the last thing the Eritrean army is waiting for is another war. Next to that Isayas understands that the good/reasonable relationship with Sudan gives him some legitimacy among his supporters.

    No my friends, Isayas is not the type to make these kind of big mistakes. We are rather waiting for a small slip that maybe could turn in a big positive transformation.

    • Tewelde G/mariam

      We must never forget isaias afewerki and bsshir have had neither positive regard nor trust for each other. During the 1998 , so called Eritrean Ethiopian war, bashir stood with woyane and was regularly denegrating isaias. It was when the Eastern Sudan rebells came to Asmera for help that bashir placed his animosity to the backburner and came to Asmera. It was just a foxy relationship.

      Now that the Eastern Sudan is economically integrated with rest of the Sudan, the Eritrean military is reduced to ashes, the social fabric of Eritreans is disintegrated and isaias has become a bird with no wings, bashir no more pereceives the relevance of continuing the foxy relationship with isaias any longer.

      Does isaias respond emotionally or intellectually to threats?

      We know the reputation that isaias is intellectually smart. But has that reputation been borne out since he willfully suspended the constitution and the Baito and he threw into his dungeons all of the senior EPLF officials?

      The current sad state of the country and people unquestionably point to one thing and one thing only, his reputation was a hoax he created and cultivated.

      • Hope

        Dear Tewelde,
        But there might be a chance that the Darfur and Eastern Sudan may turn against Al Beshir though….if Al Beshir keeps lobbyimg for the Ethiopians against Eritrea,then Al Beshier will be advised to deport all Eritreans and the Sudanese fo Eri orign and that will be the beginning of ” Reverse Migration”.
        One more question:
        Who do U think contributed for the integration of the Eastern Sudan?U can stil argue that PIA was the one,who created the Eastern Sudan and the Darfur crisis.

        • Tewelde G/mariam

          Any thing is possible. No body can see what future holds. But because. among the possibilities, there are some which can be influenced negatively or positively by humans, we can predict them with fair accuracy.

          The Sudan intability that raged for decades was disturbed by human error. The culprit was bashir. Now he seems to have learned his lesson from his mistakes. The national election just completed may be far far from perfect but it is in the right direction. Nothing big is easy. The mere fact that it took place will undoubtedly reestablish the unity of the Sudanese people.

          With regard to the restoration of peace between bashir and the Eastern Sudan that took place in Asmera, even though isaias afewerki was a factor in the peace process , because he had a hand in the escalation of the tension, he cannot earn any praise but blame. Remember, he did it to punish bashir for denegrating him standing on the side of woyane during the war.

          But who deserves the highest acclaim for tthe restoration of peace in the Eastern Sudan?

          Bashir is the only one. I am sure he knew that isaias afewerki was behind the explosion of tension in Eastern Sudan and also he must be aware to what end isaias did that. Nevertheless, convinced that the sovereirgnity of the Sudan transcends his psychological hurt, he decided to shake the hands of the very man, isaias, who ignited the problem.

          Sudan seems more united than recent past and it is integrating itself economically and politically with the rest of the world. If these trends continue, it will have bright future, of course if and only if it remains unaffected by the religious fanaticism convulsing Iraq and Syria.

          • Hope

            Selam Wo senay Tewelde:

            Agreed-for the most part.

            Let me tel you this:

            The Sudan is our second home and will be for ever one as well and had it not been for the Fanatic and Fundamentalist status of the regime,I would love to see Eri-sudanes integration in all aspects.

            I am not sure if you went thru the Sudan,but ,man,they are the best people,except that religious fanatism as you have to have a Muslim name to enjoy fully the Sudan…but still the best place ever for us Eritreans and we owe them a lot.

            Fedel—kiblukha kelewu ,it is from the depth of their heart.

            Here is the hypocrisy,contradiction rather, from your comment:

            “With regard to the restoration of peace between bashir and the Eastern Sudan that took place in Asmera, even though isaias afewerki was a factor in the peace process , because he had a hand in the escalation of the tension, he cannot earn any praise but blame. Remember, he did it to punish bashir for denegrating him standing on the side of woyane during the war.”
            IA is reponsible for both the crisis and peace! Yes?
            At the end of the day,Peace is what matters,no matter what.
            Moreover,if you believe that creating a “pseudo-crisis” as a tit-for-tat for supporting the Ethiopians to invade Tessenei and to cause the worst causality in the history of the Eritrean Struggle,well.Teweldino,let us be fair as to what you could have done in response to what Field Marshall Al Beshir.as the Commander-in Chief of the EDF.
            If U ask me that question and taking into consideration the story I heard from the eye witnesses of teh Tessenei casuality,I would have invaded the Sudan and kidnapp Field Marshal Al Beshir and prosecute him in Asmera.
            After all,why did he take that risk ?For what purpose and to what end?
            Leave alone or put aside PIA and see it from an Eritrean National security point of view,unless you are from the Camp ,who declared,”Ane kab motkus,sa’eri ayibkola meriet”.
            Give credit to where it belongs,some times!

      • Wedi Chided

        ሰላም ተወልደ፡
        ክውስኸልካ እቲ ብዕሊ ካብ ዓበይቲ ሰብ ከባቢ ሰዋኪን ሱዳን ዝዕለል። ህዝቢ ሰዋኪንን ከባቢኣን ምኮንትሮባንድን ሸቐጥ ጠለበጊዕን ብጣዕሚ ኢዮም ሃብታማት።
        ኣብቲ ከባቢ ፔትሮል ከምዘሎ ሓደ ምሁር የዕልሎምሞ፡ እቶም ዓበይቲ ዓዲ ንበሺር ይዕድምዎ፡፡ ኣብቲ ናይ ድራር ዕላል ንሕና ብዙሕ ገንዘብ ኣለና እዚ ፔትሮል ኣውጽኣልና ምስ በልዎ ሓንሳብ ጽንሑ ስጋዕ ኢሳያስ ዝመውት ኢልዎም እዩ ዝበሃል።

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    Isayas’s most hated words are: “I wish you the same.” To Isayas, those words are triggers that set off memories of what had happened to Gaddafi and Saddam. The hate of those words (I wish you the same) caused in Isayas hate of attending events where those words are exchanged.

    Unlike Isayas, leaders who believe in each other’s wellbeing and continued success send and received congratulatory messages at times of elections and national days.

    To Isayas, where his policies work hard to inhibit and suppress social progress and economic developments, dislikes to be wished, “May you be buoyed by election victory.”

    Here’s the wish Isayas likes the most, “May you be buoyed by the 2% of your diehards, gold of the country, and your long time slaves that use your one eye, your one heart and your one TONGUE.”

  • LittleVoice

    That I can guarantee you, he is sick! but what about all those supporters?

    • Mizaan1

      LV, his supporters? It’s hilk. Just simply so his haters will not feel redeemed, some supporters will support him even as he kills them. They will say ‘gele gere ekewin ane kaa.’ I am serious he has no supporters who rationally analyze the situation he put us in. They will defend him and blame weyane and CIA until the end of days. No amount of proof will be enough. The man is clearly unstable, irrational, and most of all contemptuous of the Eritrean people after all that unconditional support we gave him. We doubted ourselves of insanity when we thought he clearly did something wrong. We are paying for it now, for not having a mustard seed size of doubt on this monster.

  • LittleVoice

    I remember in early 2000s when Isayas accused Sudan of sending mercenaries to assassinate him. I was listening to Sudanese radio and this accusation was presented to the then Foreign Minister of Sudan in which he denied the accusation and more over he added “….I would not be surprised if anyone would like to kill him, I mean he is crazy. He imprisoned Moslims and Christians, Priests and Sheikhs, Students and Teachers, Merchants and Civil servants, Soldiers and Officers…he is in bad terms with all his neighbors, and i am not surprised someone tried to kill him it could be anybody he has got enemies everywhere..but not us…”

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear All,

    his excellency president Isaias Afwerki knows very well that this is fake election. and in fact Beshir is trying to convince the enemy (USA, Europe and Arabs and also Weyane if you want – all external forces) that he is democratic. our leadership has said it clearly we are not going to do that. We Eritreans and our president are busy building the nation and he don’t have time to sit on this nonsense party. internally we don’t have opposition just for the sake of politics. we are one heart one mind (one everything)..one party one magazine one ruler (TEWHID)…there in no God but only one God.

    Dear Awate, stop serving others. don’t create trouble in our people – the united hard working people who are in peace. Look how our economy is booming. check the daily export of the nations resources. the best resources others can export. we don’t even use containers for export the modern method is here in Eritrea. containers? no that is for BERMUDA.

    • Abi

      Hi Kokobe
      IA has no time to waste by going to two presidential parties. He is saving his time to go the one in addis.
      Why fly two hours to Khartoum? Addis is only one hour away. He can even make a quick stop at the grand dam and share his experience in building mega projects.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Abi,

        This is very good Suggestion. but don’t forget that final and binding thing. unless Ethiopians start to use their heart and mind and finalize the case of Badme nothing can be accomplished. our president is black Panther (ጥቁር ግስላ) not pink. Really, Eritrea is ready to cooperate with Ethiopia even handing over the entire population sending to refuge camp but when comes to boarder issue, you know us.

        • Abi

          Anbibeh tawqaleh tinbite Isaias?
          Tetsifo kehone betno silemafes
          Bizu tebazuna midritwan muluat
          Nebere tiezazu keTint keTewat
          Isaias meTana neger tebelashe
          Sayibazu moluat midritwan kemeshe
          Hizbum tebetene beAlem bemulu
          Tigachihun yazu lifetsem new qalu
          Tenbayu Isaias,
          Fetsamiw Isaias
          Temelketut hizbun quch bilo siyaleqs
          Feriha Egziabher negsobet hizbun
          Amen bilo yigezal nigus isaiasin.
          Adam kezih hizb qedmo temro bihon
          Yinorat nebere hul gize beEden.

          • Mizaan1

            Abi, you are very talented brother. I wish you could write in Amharic font.

          • Brhan

            ጤና ይስጥልኝ አቶ አቢ
            የምትፅፋቸው ግጥሞች በጣም አንባቢን የሚስቡ ስለሆኑ freetyping.geezedit.com/ ብትጠቀም ምን ይመስልሀል?

          • teweldino

            Hi Brhan,

            The Ge’ez software on the site you posted or on word document could be really frustrating. You are required to know how to type on a standard Ge’ez type writer. Try the following site: http://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/amharic.htm It is very easy. You don’t need to be able to type on Ge’ez type writer. If anyone is struggling to read Abi’s poems, please copy and paste the whole poem on the above website then you will enjoy reading the poems with some adjustments.

          • haileTG

            Hi Teweldino and Brhan,

            I wonder if the AT’s awate.8 is going to incorporate Geeztyping application for commenting. Those looking to invest on the glorious Habesha respect and sensibility project should now step up and help Haw SGJ with the technical side.:-)

          • teweldino

            Hi Haile,

            I think it will help to make up for the shortage of Tirgrigna articles at Awate.

          • Saleh Johar


            It’s not shortage, we simply do not have Tigrinya and Arabic. When we start it hopefully soon, it will be as extensive as the English. We are thinking full fledged section. We hope we can pool enough resources to be able to do it right. Cross your fingers.

          • Rahwa T

            ውድ ብርሃን
            እግዝአብሄር ይስጥህ ::
            ሃሳብህና ምክርህ መልካም ነበር:: ዳር ምንያደርጋል:: የአብነት የግጥም ዛር በላቲን ካልሆን አይወርድለትም::

          • Mizaan1

            Abi, please read your poem in Geez font. It makes it all the more beautiful and powerful. Specially your last line tells the whole story, it is incredible.

            Please take your time and write them in Geez. Don’t expect me to do this for you all the time. 🙂

            አንብበህ ታውቃለህ ትንቢተ ኢሳይያስ

            ተጽፎ ከሆነ በትኖ ስለማፈስ

            ብዙ ተባዙና ምድሪትዋን ሙሉዋት

            ነበረ ትእዛዙ ከጥንት ከጠዋት

            ኢሳይያስ መጣና ነገር ተበላሸ

            ሳይባዙ ሞሉዋት ምድሪትዋን ከመሸ

            ሕዝቡም ተበተነ በአለም በሙሉ

            ጥጋችሁን ያዙ ሊፈጸም ነው ቃሉ

            ተንባዩ ኢሳይያስ

            ፈጻሚው ኢሳይያስ

            ተመልከቱት ሕዝቡን ቁጭ ብሎ ሲያለቅስ

            ፈሪሃ እግዚአብሄር ነግሶበት ሕዝቡን

            አሜን ብሎ ይገዛል ንጉስ ኢሳይያስን

            አዳም ከዚህ ሕዝብ ቀድሞ ተምሮ ቢሆን

            ይኖራት ነበር ሁል ጊዜ በኤደን

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Abi,
            people are interested. please write more and more with Amharic fonts.

  • sara

    Dear all
    very interesting analysis and foresight, good reading to all forumers.
    but i have to add this if permitted…
    1- those who attended are democratically elected in a fair and transparent elections.
    2-these countries have active political parties were they change power peacefully every 4-5 years
    3- also have active and vibrant civil societies and free press
    4- their economic growth is around 10-15% per annum.
    of course those who didn’t attend do not meet the above criteria.

    • Mizaan1

      Sara, I like you cynical analysis but you do have some valid points. But at least everyone of our neighbors is doing better than us at the human rights level.

      • haileTG

        Dear Mizaan and Sara,

        The red herring (Ignoratio elenchi) is a deliberate diversion of attention with the intention of trying to abandon the original argument.

        Logical Form:

        Argument A is presented by person 1.

        Person 2 introduces argument B.

        Argument A is abandoned.


        Mike: It is morally wrong to cheat on your spouse, why on earth would you have done that?

        Ken: But what is morality exactly?

        Mike: It’s a code of conduct shared by cultures.

        Ken: But who creates this code?…

        Explanation: Ken has successfully derailed this conversation off of his sexual digressions to the deep, existential, discussion on morality.

        There is a persistent effort to sabotage Eritreans talking to each other (not only by PFDJ dare I add). Unfortunately, many fall for that. A closely related technique is or sometimes considered as part of the Ignoratio elenchi technique of defeating a debtor unfairly (with a fallacy) is to insinuate, judgement, derogatory remark or the likes that would play into the emotions of the opponent and cloud their ability to make rational argument.

        PFDJ is no judge or police of how other countries do or perform in any area. The issue is yet another reminder of Eritrea’s grim reality under mentally unstable dictator and illiterate followers. It is an issue of isolation, weakness, bankruptcy, loss of opportunity, degradation of the nation’s dignity and what have you. However, Sara introduced argument B, in the hope that we’ll go on to discuss it in place of the argument A in the article. I think she has no point and business to talk like that about others:-)

        • Mizaan1

          Thank you haileTG. You saved me time from responding to our sister Sara. The best part about her is she engages in a civil manner unlike the other pfdj supporters.

          I like your analogy very much. I have a simpler one too. I used to say to my old coworker who put his hands everywhere, hot water very often with management and I would tell him ‘curiosity killed the cat.’ He fully understood my intention but he always replied, ‘but I am not a cat.’ See the crafty deflection. I accused him of being overly curious (usually on things that didn’t pertain to him) and instead of defending that position, he replied to the unimportant portion. That always closed the argument.

        • LittleVoice

          Well said Bro, and well presented.

      • sara

        Dear Mr Mizaan,
        why cynical, it is true. all those have what we don’t have, at least that’s what we are told by them. you know who were the attendees? btw, have you toght why our neighbors run their election may 24, and the inaugural ceremony like that of beshir coincides around june 20. i am not being cynical , its weird i guess!
        dont you think so… Now going back to the human right thing, ya mizaan “bobokha eleka-khalya mestora’
        as they say our eritrean-egyptian friends.
        do you want me to list here their human rights reports… that goes as far as ethnic cleansing and genocide.
        i am sure you heard about it but maybe that is forgone, and forgotten.
        com on mizan hawey>