Is Our Brother Mohammed Nur Abrar Dead Or Alive?

Mohammed Nur Abrar

We are asking about our brother: “Where is our brother Mohammed Nur now? Is he alive or dead”? This are unanswered questions!

Mohammed Nur disappeared sixteen years ago. I was with him at 2pm on December 5, 1994. At 4:30 pm on that afternoon, Mohammed Nur disappeared. It is 16 years since he was made to disappear mercilessly.

Mohammad Nur was born in Asmara, in 1965 and disappeared on December 5, 1994.

He married when he was 29 years old and eight months later, he vanished from the face of the earth leaving behind his bride who was 6 months pregnant.

Mohammed Nur was on his way to his shop with a friend when two unknown security men (kidnappers!) of the regime ordered him to enter into a “Land cruiser” car and sped away.His family doesn’t know his whereabouts for the last sixteen years—we do not know whether he is dead or alive and might not know at all.

In brief, this is what happened to our brother. Also, many others faced the same brutality as we explain about our brother as an example.

Why was he kidnapped so mysteriously? We are certain he didn’t commit any offence that would warrant his arrest. He didn’t commit any offense against his country or even against the regime.     

But we live with the hope that someday, the men who kidnapped him, and those who had a hand in his disappearance would face justice and pay for their crime.

On November 24, 2010, we read an article on the written by Milkias Mihreteab entitled: “Tragic Tales of Eritrean Families: Mengistab Gebretinsae.”  The following quote appeared in Milkias’ article:

Only the merciful God—and the every powerful—can stop this enormous calamity and disaster that unfolded itself on Eritrea and Eritreans. It has been twenty years now. When one sees the heinous and unbelievable crimes and sadistic acts of the Eritrean regime against its own citizens.

You can imagine the deep anguish and anger of a mother. There is no worse punishment for a mother than to see her child taken away.

One day, our land will be free. It will be liberated from the demonic gangs who are now mercilessly ruling it. Like anything else in this world, Eritreans will have their time too. They will see justice and live without fear of being kidnapped, abducted, disappeared or killed. We might even have a national holiday to help us reflect and pray for the disappeared, the vanished and the missing. We might name it, meaalti be aremenawi mengsti higdef nay zitseweru.

May the Almighty God help us witness that day.
May the ever compassionate God have mercy on us.
May the ever powerful Almighty God give strength and energy to the families of the disappeared Eritreans to cope with their calamities. Amen!

In line with Milkias’ wish, let us pray to the Almighty Allah to return to us our beloved brothers Mohammed Nur Abrar and others whose names are listed below alive:

  1. Mohammed Hagos Ibrahim
  2. Mohammed Said Abdurahim
  3. Said Abdulkadir
  4. Hassan Mohammed Shum
  5. Jemal Mohammed Nur
  6. Salahadin Omer Abdulkadir
  7. Abdu Idris Ali
  8. Mohammed Nur Abrar
  9. Ali Mohammed Musa
  10. Abdurehim Abdulkadir
  11. Abubeker Mohammed Idris
  12. Abdelraman Mohammed Defellah
  13. Mohammed Yassin
  14. Abdurezak Mohammed Hagos
  15. Ali Ibrahim Idrisai
  16. Nasser Abdellah
  17. Mustapha Abdelhadi
  18. Ali Mohammed Musa
  19. Fuad Mohammed Omer
  20. Ahmeddin Omer 

M. Abu Salman


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