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Eritrea Suffering from Persistent Water Shortage

Residents of Asmara and other towns are still lining up in the streets alongside their famous blue water barrels. Once every week or ten-days, they wait for the water tankers with coupons in hand to get their rations that is distributed by the ruling party.

Each home is considered a residence of one household only and regardless of its size, it receives a barrel-full of water at the price of 10 Nakfa with a coupon.

The tankers are usually late in arriving by a day or more, and once they arrive, they stop at designated stations on the street to supply the neighborhood whose residents place their barrels in a long queue a day or two ahead to secure a place, leaving their children there to guard the barrels.

The residents always complain that the government supplied water is usually brackish and rarely do they get low salinity water. Worse, they say that the supply is so little it is hardly enough for cooking and drinking, “showers and washing clothes, particularly for the poor, is a luxury only a few can afford.”

Parents are concerned about the health of their families since the water that is drawn from deep wells is salty, and that which is drawn from shallow wells is untreated and could pose health hazards.

Urbanites, particularly residents of Asmara and other towns, usually disinfect the water by adding chlorine and other tablets which are sold in local pharmacies. And though high doses of the chemical are hazardous to their health, according to AB who works for an international NGO, “the people are using chlorine haphazardly, and it is likely the longtime repercussion to their health could be disastrous.”

Since the last rainy season, the government of Eritrea has been reporting that the country had a good season and received adequate rains. But that did not reflect on the amount of water supply.

A resident of Asmara said, “there is enough water in the ground and above it, but the city water pipelines are too old and inefficient, loss due to leakage is usually as high as 50%.” However, though pipelines rarely reach homes in lower elevations, homes in higher grounds have not received water for many years due to leakage and low pressure from the water supply station.

Private Wells and Businesses

In recent years,some people have also been complaining that the government has resorted to trespassing to their homes and sealing their private wells. AB explained, the “ruling party cadres think it is not fair to allow one household to have ample water while another goes thirsty.” He added, “maybe they believe it is a form of justice to deny water to both households.”

The acute water shortage has also injected life to a relatively new business, “fiberglass containers that hold about 500 liters of water are selling for around 22,000 Nakfa, and many are buying them.” But such a large container can only be filled with water from the black-market at about five times its regular price. The water is supplied by syndicated tanker drivers who fetch it from the countryside or from the government controlled wells in the city..

Usually, the major clients of the black market are businesses and vacationing Diaspora Eritreans who buy large volumes of water at any price, “from syndicated tanker drivers who work for officers of the ruling party.” However, if an individual tanker driver is caught selling water outside the official channels, both the seller and the buyer are charged with corruption and face severe punishment.

Since early 2014, president Isaias Afwerki has been staying outside Asmara and working from a makeshift office around Adi Halo, a village close to the source of the Mereb River and the Mai Nefhi water reservoir. It is believed he is supervising the construction of a dam that is supposed to increase the water to Asmara, the national capital.

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  • Lost Gedli Generation

    ሰላም ዓዋታውያን፣
    ማይ ንዓጋመን ኣምሓሩን እምበር ንኤርትራዊ ኣየድልዮን እዩ።ከምቲ ንሳላሳ ዓመት መዓንጣና ሸጥ ዘበልናዮ ፣ጎሮሮና ሸጥ ምባል ኣይስኣነናን እዩ።ብጊዜ ጨቆንቲ ኣምሓሩ ዝሰተናዮ ማይ ድማ ክሳዕ ሎሚ የካይደና እዩ።ኤርትራዊ ከይሰተየ ርዉይ እዩ።መንግስትና ድማ ማይ ኣኪቡ ንይሓሊ ኤለትሪክ ክጥቀመሉ ስለ ዝደለየ እዩ እምበር ፕረሲደንትና ኣብ ዲጋ እንድዩ ዝውዕል ዘሎ።

    ማይን ፣ወያነን ሲ ኣይ ኤን ጸላእትና ስለ ዝኾኑ ብቓልስና ከነዕንዎም ኢና !!!

  • Mez

    An interesting summary of water supply in the Urban centers of Eritrea. The amount of time needed to get water for household purpose is well elaborated. The description of part of the water supply as “brackish saline” or “water from saline wells” is very disturbing; depending on what the source of the water is (dam, river, spring, or well) this could indicate the reason as natural or human induced. if it is human caused, then it would mean the water supply had actually caused a substantial damage on the underground water holding layer or the surface including the topsoil (a big challenge for agriculture). Knowing that led (Pb) pipes were in extensive use in the past century, the tap-water may be altogether toxic.

    Due to the population growth, it can safely be assumed that every year around 25000 households are added. With just 50 liters of water a day, this will necessitate an additional 35000 cubic meter every year; say starting from the the benchmark year 1995. If one adds the industrial, agricultural, and compounded water needs, it is even higher. From the president’s speech last time the government built-up a 250 million cubic meter dam capacity across the nation; for all water needs of the nation. Here one can clearly see the ever widening gap between the supply and demand of fresh water in the country.

    As everywhere else,in most nations of the world, this a big challenge to sustain growth and supply the basics to people.

    It may be good for everyone to depoliticise water-supply topic. I think this may be something where everybody shall cooperate irrespective of politics; the opposition may also contribute it’s obligation for example via UN agencies financially and otherwise.

    Those with good subject matter understanding may use this website and others to convey important water use mehanisms.In this regard we may learn a lot from a country not far from us: ISRAEL and others.


    • Selamat Mez,

      “Igll Nura: Mayy tSrha gletste”.– Wedi Shiekh.

      Data as in mayy nAAQeb study and analysis would be an excellent presentation. Drip irrigation comes to mind for example. The multi front war, as in the reforestation efforts will not escape you of course.
      Haabarr roQuaHi, the common denominator being effecting Eritrea’s interdependence say with the IGAD nations.

      Abu Ashera Weapon X Evolution.


      • Mez

        Good day Gitsatse,

        yes in deed. the subject is wide; I just stayed within the premises of the news.

        The solution have to be comprehensive. It will also create a lot of jobs and busines; if properly managed. Getting cheap energy from the south or west, over the long term, will not hurt.


        • sara

          Mez dear,
          you sound water expert, my question to you is ,they say the next big wars in the world will be because of water, is is true?
          how do you see in the same context within our region? and with Eritrea?
          note, the GOE

          • Mez

            Dear Sara,
            To answer your question in a professionalway, I would have to punch some data together–within a country or a region– that needs some time and effort.

            Just an educated gus:
            If you closely see the stakeholders you have 1) global, 2) Continental 3) regional players. then you have 4) two or more governments who are in the same River basin such as the Nile basin system. 5) there are rivers within a single nation serving different ethnic groups as it crosses their territory.

            Stakeholder #4, & 5 are the one who are directly confronted with the water shortage while they try to crank up their economy and bring it in a sustainable trajectory. Here the “water war” is actually integrated in their strategic diplomatic and political orientation; they are too weak to wage a “pure water war” as the means for that is missing.

            Stakeholders #1, & 2 to some extent #3 are not directly confronted with the problem, hence less interest.
            If 1 & 2 have some specific perceived interest, then “hot war for water” can start any time by #4 & 5, because the “means” will be there.

            The above applies to the Nile basin countries, Egypt included.

            Regarding our country, Eritrea to be specific, I read news on reforestation, dam construction, …by the government, which is very good as far as it is data- driven and scientific. Currently through, this effort is lagging the demand conservatively by 60%; a lot needs to be done.


  • Yohannes Zerai

    Selam Forumers,

    1. In most countries of today’s developing world (a few unfortunate ones like Eritrea excluded, that is), regular municipal water-supply distribution using tanker trucks is a practice that has long become obsolete. Reliance on water-tracking for public supply becomes justifiable only when used for a limited period of time and/or as a fallback arrangement until regular water-supply service is restored. Normally, tanker trucks are deployed (i) to respond to sudden, unanticipated and large-scale water demands (e.g., a refugee camp), (ii) as a stop-gap measure to bridge downtime of an existing water-supply system and (iii) to supply an existing rural community targeted for upgrading to a higher-level service through the construction of an improved water-supply system and (iv) to deal with other emergency situations. In Eritrea, a regime that has preposterously declared itself to be an “African model of good-governance,” feels no shame to have an overwhelming portion of its capital city’s population receiving their drinking water from tanker tracks that operate in haphazard, irregular and unreliable manner!

    2. To any rational person with a modicum of self respect, observing (in this day in age) potable water being tracked down to multiple delivery points of an urban residential district is like watching a 1920s vintage car cruising down the road! But for those blinded supporters of the regime, it is a measure of rapid socioeconomic development of a society.

    3. In much of the 21st-Century World, provision of a piped-water service is a basic social and economic right. In Eritrea, the president and his regime believe only those citizens that have “made it to the moon” and back might …. just might …. be eligible to request – no, no! not to receive – but just to request such a service!

  • Hayat Adem

    Hi Friends,
    This is hardly a news. Nsu officially declared 2yrs ago “seb nab mai yikheyd ‘mber, mai nab seb aymetSe’n ‘iu!” Tran: It is people who must go to where the water is, not the other way. So, the only logical action to expect from such a leader is for him to put and force-fit each thirsty individual into that blue barrel and ship them all to Mai NefHi. We should be grateful that is not happening yet.

    • MerHaba “Queen” Hyatt Adem,

      All The Eritrean People , pro and opposition alike we should start from the premises that the Wrong or the Injustice is the enemy.
      Shortage of water, ship every one to May NfHi, Water Pump in English. Clever Ms. Hyatt. The Eritrean Youth At MayNfHi institute of Technology, MNIT, a Black Institute of Technology One BIT in Eritrea among many across Africa– for a fubu creative innovations and African Solutions.

      The Pencil of Ismael Burhan Ali on awate early January ’17 was a contemplation of whether we Eritreans should be Pessimistic or Optimistic. Yes, you and President Isayas Afeworki are right. It is indeed the thirsty man/woman who goes to the water to quench the thirst. Thirst or shortage of water being the collective enemy of Asmara and urbun centers, then perhaps IA/DIA should command Eritrea’s Army Corp of Engineers to bring the Water to the thirsty cities and towns of Eritrea. … ….

      There is no room for pessimism or defeatism in 17.
      The Eritrean Opposition Narrative Imperative on ’17! should be BASED ON, Isolating THE Enemy and Eritrean Cultural Degradation which is INJUSTICE. President Isayas Afworki or The PFDJ file and Rank ARE NOT ERITREA’S ENEMY. It is The Injustice.
      And as the Freedom Song says: ‘” I Plant white roses in January and July.” So should The PFDJ file and rank Demand the Just Resolution and immediate release of Eritrea’s Prisoners of Conscience. Optimist for Justice and white rose of peace in January, Optimist in July for Justice and the planting if white roses of Peace in July.
      You wrote promising Justice for Chiahm Abdu before ’17 year’s end or we as justice seekers are worthless. You do recall. Well, then with such an endeavour and fighting sacred cause of a fight, you should,’t sound pessimistic.

      The [Unbound] Stand on 17! Abu Ashera Weapon X will illustrate Mathematically and Base 2, that even if Slti YZ feels it lost or did not gain as much, IT will be proven wrong. It is a hundred percent Win-Win, The Eritrean Trail Blazers will tell you of Ghedli’s Jemari Sewra Abu Aashera Weapon X. Standing up for Rights and Justice that continues to spread Liberty for Each Individual Ethiopian that is the guarantee for group or nationality rights.
      Hence Eritrea’s Abu As her a Weapon X Evolution as the Horse and Giant Ethiopia as Precious Cargo.
      The fight is for Dignity.
      Eritreans Make A Stand on 17! Justice RandP.
      The Abu Asherra Weapon X Evolution. WX leading YZ.

      Stay tuned for the scientific presentation of W. X.

      AmEritrean GitSAtSE

      N.B. “Queen” Hyatt, ,”I like you a lot” too. But a snub! Snubbed, chased nade to feel unwelconed by the PFDJ muscle obedience enforcers and genuine nationalists, and snubbed by Queen Hyatt as well as distracted by “The Best” Juke by maHmuday…Please invite Amde Fab5— win win Imperative awaits us all. It is all Mathematical deductive logic….TRUST WX > YZ. Peanut Butter CREAM CRUNCH!

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Solomon,,

        Mathematics as the servant of all subjects do also follow logics expressed in cause and effect. Look to your statements which says “President Isayas Afworki or The PFDJ file and Rank ARE NOT ERITREA’S ENEMY. It is The Injustice”. So the injustice in Eritrea is created in a vacuum. Do you mean there is no cause to the injustice that befallen to our people? How do you try to exempt Issayas and his party from being the culprit of all the pains and injustice committed to our people? Where is the science of cause and effect in your argument? Mathematics is beyond addition, subtraction, division, and multiplications.


        • Berhe Y

          Dear Emma,

          What Tsaset trying to say is “Isayas Afeworki and the PFDJ rank and file” are the owners of Eritrea and not Eritrea’s enemy. How can be the owners of the country and enemy at the same time. Everyone else, the land, the people, the wealth belongs to them, and only them alone can decide what they can do with their owner ship.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Berhe,

            He recognized that there is injustice in Eritrea. In my book if the regime is the cause of all the injustice, the regime is the enemy of the people. The culprits of injustice, be it perpetrated from inside or outside are tantamount as the enemy of the people. This should be crystal clear to all of us in the camp of seeking justices.


          • Selamat Berhe Y,

            I should give you the liberty to interact freely with Aya Amanuel. But IA and PFDJ owners of Eritrea is quite the opposite of what I am saying and WILL SAY Fully. I am fatigued now and prone to errors. My next Werrar, Hamshay Werrar will be circa weekend’s Jebena. Hopefully my contemporaries, age wise, Gheteb and iSEM will be back locked and loaded to challenge and inspire of who should drive Abi’s enetre.


        • MerHaba Aya Amanuel Hidrat,

          You are neither entirely right nor entirely wrong. I am very well aware that no Chemical reaction of the physical or metaphysical is created in a vacuum. With all due respect Aya, Making a Stand is not just a slogan or a Chira WaTTa Awalo of Nostalgia. Two to Three Years Shy of Fifty years old since my birth. I have been tried by life succeeded numerous times and failed as many times if not more. With each time honing my skills and approaches into charting out a strategy for a solution. I am therefore will stand with those very words of mine you have quoted and provide you with the rational that is in fact mathematical.
          At this stage it my focus and the Narrative Imperative, we Eritreans should focus on is Dialogue among our selves with a the UNIFYING Narrative that is as close too if not in excess of The Ghedli Pioneering Generation of your time. You will agree with me then, absent of extra judicial incarcerations, misgovernment or the injustice of lacking optimal governance for the hopeful young Nation Eritrea, then the governors PFDJ, file and rank including PIA/DIA would not have been considered as undesirable in their current positions. The monotony of considering, THE YPFDJ (young men and women) as enemies narrative, I believe has not worked. The byproducts and negative consequences of the divisions and sub divisions in withing Eritrean society as well as Eri-Ethiopian irrational divisiveness that has seems to have exponentially quadrupled for the worst is in dire need of reversing course immediately.
          The recent developments that has shifted the ground in the past few Month is the optimal time for the approach that I intend and will present with solid mathematical and scholarly approach.

          I have been immersed in this Inter-Eritrean as well as inter-Ethiopian conflict for over Forty years now. At Awate University, I chose to entertain and play the clown character as I meticulously weight and studyied all angles of groups and individuals. And the Group-Ethinic Social Group Vs. Individual Liberty continuing debates, spearheaded by Saay7 and you, will be the ultimate concluding target of Abu Ashera Weapon X. Though Saay7 has conceded to your isle as winners of the intellectual arguments of that debate, I will not. Nor am I now going to be goaded into that battle. In the past Month alone, your are certainly aware of my battles to gain traction for staying consistent with my Principled Stance of being UNBOUND or non affiliated. Pitched battles that has been painful. While STANDING ALONE to the PFDJ visible frowning faces, intimidating and threatening posturing, and a lot more worse, that though I am very cognizant of it, I rationalize it as an evil by product from the conditions and the injustices that has been compounded over decades, affecting my fellow Eritreans to have such undesirable and counter cultural attitudes and actions. I believe as of Today, collectively we have a little bit of success with the traction of a narrative as far as the approach towards the YPFDJ is concerned. Reading Hyatt Adams concession, preceded by Saay7’s timely article, I believe is the little gain or Ksbet for all Eritreans as well as Ethiopians from the lots and lots of talking — zereba zereba… A testament to our collective efforts.
          Aya Amanuel Hidrat, having grown up in thd diaspora, 36 years and counting, without distancing my self from Eritreans History, culture and languages, with an accomplished earned university degrees and careers, I believe I am well and better in tuned with the Eritrean Young (pro or opp) of the diaspora irrespective of their length of time in exile. I believe I have the advantage of experiencing first hand of all and everything they may very well experience over your and your generation-Ghedli Trail Blaizers. And my experiences is a a very wide panoramic that ranges from the very low to heights above average. This is not to be braggadocios, rather it is to state that infarct I am positioned better to gain the ears and hearts of our Young Eritrean and Ethiopian hearts as I dispense and share my experiences with the full knowledge that the Young have more to teach and lead me.
          Aya Amanuel, your definitive enemy of Yester Year, with Aks, RPGs, Tanks etc… I whole heatedly acknowledge with the utmost respect as I have consistently voiced very loudly on the Right Side of justice. My track record goes back to my freely attending ELF events organized by you, Martyr ELF Zekarias Neguse, Asgedom, Tekhlay, despite being an EPLF avid activist that included the musical band.
          But, I assure you, from the perspective of All of Eritreans Young, parsed into even smaller blocks, the one definition of the ENEMY as defined by you may not necessarily serve the needs of the same.
          I am rambling now, because quite frankly I have wrote and interacted quite a lot.
          AmEriGitSAtSE [UNBOUND] The STAND on !7! Abu Ashera Weapon X Evolution’s be it mathematica;/philosophical/historical/empirical merits and its reception will SPEAK for itself.
          I will not be goaded to choose an enemy or friend. The ensuing paper challenging Captain Saay7 for his Haddia/gift of the the metaphorical black belt will be a testament to my consistent principles I have spoken freely without any hatred. I will not budge from whether I am accepted or rejected by anyone here or anywhere.
          And so.. YES, I will repeat, THE ENEMY IS INJUSTICE.
          We/I are only beginning the Construct and I am legitimately qualified to ask the Eritrean Opposition Leadership to move, so that I can lead. Just as I will be requesting it for the YPFDJ to do the same with the PFDJ aging leadership. Though, my only ambition is to teach Base 2 and Boolean Algebra to 2nd graders in East Oakland — Under the banner of “Hack The Hood!”
          First, with The Stand on 17! I must liberate myself from incarceration by seeing the just resolution and freedom of Eritrea’s Prisoners of Conscience. Eritrean Young Oppostion and YPFDJ in Unisons WILL DELIVER! Just as The FAB5 Tekeze Hippos Have in The MONTH of MARCH MADNESS .
          Basis: Individual Rights and Liberty is GREATER than Group Rights and Liberties.
          I am neither opposition to Eritrean Government on either side. I oppose the policies and actions.

          I oppose President Trumps Unjust policies but The President’s Administration and Government is NOT my Enemy.
          Stay tuned for Abu Ashera Papers… That may very well turn into a book. I have 10001, i.e. 17! Narratives of books I can easily spit out due to the blessed life I live and wish for my Eritrean and Ethiopian — all the Young of the world suffering war and strife I happen to be a product of.

          Please view my emphatic tone and disagreement with your opinion for it’s real worth and intent. I have the utmost respect for you Aya Amanuel and all the Ghedli-Generation Eritrean elders which I can say took a very little and insignificant part in. (my long lectures have 2nd graders in mind)



          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Hi Solomon,

            When you want to wage a fight, be it political or otherwise, the first thing you should do is, to identify your “enemy” or your “adversary”.
            Depending on the severity and nature of the contradiction, then you could device a winning strategy to your mission of statement. All the other efforts and tactics will enhance to your strategy for success. Anything outside this scope of engagement is destined to failure. Your approach of fighting without identify your enenmy or your adversary is target-less fight, and is not different from spentaneous movement without organized cause.

            Second, injustice is the result of human misdeeds voluntarily or involuntarily that affect other human being. Injustice in Eritrea is the negative effect created from the negative act of the regime in Asmara.

            Third, enemy is relative to particular context, and it has never to mean something absolute given to one thing. It is issue by issue setting your friends and your enemy to bring a noticeable change. So when you fight injustice your are fighting to the sources of injustices which is the regime.


          • Kokhob Selam


            I Have up vote the above view too … confirming you your post was the best on this site ..

          • MerHaba Aya Amanuel,

            Indeed I am cognizant that there is a conflict between Two or more adversaries within the Eritrean family. Divided as opposition Vs. The YPFDJ Regeim. All these spurts and bursts I have been pounding on either my lap top or hand set are not occurring in a vacuum aya Amanuel. This will just further extend a very very self centered rushed long.
            There is lots that I can not say or spell out, which quite a handful of AT are aware off.
            Boulder sized obstacles and debris are placed in my path with every attempt I make to introduce an alternative. This goes back to the 2006 days, Ethiopian Invasion of Somalia, PFDJ’s support for Somalia leading to the Sanctions and SEMG, where I have always argued or pushed for the examination of alternative perspectives/naratives/actions by the us Opposition(I really dislike this negative connotation of our label. We are in fact the Supporters of Eritrea, and those, our brothers who are the cause of the injustices–that will be explored thoroughly AAWX are the opposition or contrarians.) that should be explored and discussed freely without being labeled a Pro Regime. I recall when SEMG finding Eritrean Troops/Boots along side Al Shebab, which was eagerly hopped for by the then Opposition was not to be caused some despair and a sense of loss for the vocal opposition. Or was it when the Eritrean GoE high frequency of blunders decreased as the the vocal diaspora opposition putting pressure and the effects on the PFDJ administration was more restraint on open transgression on the Eritreans inside as…. As the time from Eritrean Ethiopian war and their proxy wars in Somalia increased, the rapid rise and voices for justice was contributing to the corrective measures by the GoE. The early opposition’s desire for an a major blunder by GoE not materializing or within view of the quick undoing of the PFDJ was manifesting in a dispirited or pessimistic opposition. I argued then that Eritrean Government’s bullish and overt aggressive behaviors it was correcting should be viewed as the gains/small victories of the oppositions loud criticism. I will thoroughly explore all these first hand observations with my consistent push of honest examinations of all angles. My objective has always been to loudly voice the corrective measures and better path directly to Eri Gov to strengthen governance and progress, up to returning to Eritrean and applying my trained skills. Surely, I do recognized that the PFDJ and GoE viewed all voices of dissension as enemies of the the state and openly declared war on all as well as on me personally.
            My ECE, Mathematics and Top Echelon Corporate consulting firm experiences has always been to identify the problem and find the solutions. And I am rather excellent at it. My explore all angles for maximizing efficient gains and coming up with the solution as in contrast to joining the choir in rejecting any benefit of a doubt to view the EPLF/PFDJ/YPFDJ as a 100% enemy EVEN NOW I AM WILL NOT. IT is also consistent with my approach while I was a very active and productive EPLF Youth. Dogma IS NOT my thing. As an EPLF member I never said Amen and accepted the list of Sewrana’s enemies according to my cadres as Gospel. And damned if I will now.

            This has been very costly to me as recent as the past few month. Which, I accept as my wounds or our growing pains in THIS VERY REAL BATTLES I AM IN. Please, do not try to recruit me. Trust me Aya Amanuel, I am the longest opposition and will remain so no matter WHO IS IN GOVERNEMENT. I have been disillusioned and stagnated by and TEAMs numbering in excess of TEN at a time targeted my personal efforts to stagnate me further.
            I have a background to what I consider a Phd in Overt and Covert Violenence-Philosophy. I recognize there is enmity between Eritreans that is multi pronged and not to mention the irrational enmity between Eritreans and Ethiopians. I assure, I am a hundred percent confident of my Thesis and all the Academic scholarly to back it up already composed. Saay7 will approve it and all of you experienced Just Cause advocated and fighters will improve it cnstructively. I have lost ample energy with each and every initiative that within our Awate family is an open secret.

            NO NO NOI!!!! I have my narrative imperative, my thesis and strategy and I will not be coerced, recruited, or bribed with payments to DECLARE AN ENEMY BE IT ERITREAN/ETHIOPIAN OR ANY ONE!!! I WILL Stay up for nights on end to battle every diversionary tactic that arise from both the Eri Opposition and PFDJ who knowing or unknowingly collude with comfort and laughter in their attained day to day partisan activities as the PEACE achieved- 2nd Jack Nicholson reference of the day Abi- It IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS.
            If I were to submit to your demands or line of thinking- which I recognize as with merit just like iSEM’s narrative and others, Then I give up to freely argue based on logic, rational and academically THE ALTERNATIVE WAY I AM ADVOCATING.
            I suggest you fortify your trenches Aya Ammanuel as I have been suggesting to Saay7 and every body.
            According to the formula you are suggesting I would then have identify The enemies within awate the the Eritrean Opposition, The Enemy within Ethiopia, the Enemy within the US and Western Powers etc.. etc.. etc… I am trained and training in recognizing Overt and Covert Violence under a Rohd’s Scholar and Dean of Philosophy of a prestigious University in The U.S, — a Very renowned peace and civil rights activists, influential in President Carters resolution of Nicaragua’s handover to civilian power from the Sandinista ruling rebels, that overthrew tyrant Somotha. I am from the School Professor Newton Garver and The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King–1993. I have been in the opposition since August of 1991 officially but even way before then. Sure, my urban wear of high top sneakers, baseball caps and the limp in my pimp walk, always pushed me to give priority voice to the exodus of the journalists, and scholarship educated Eritrean students who defected and the thousands of warsay/Sawa national service tired refugees narratives in the for the past Twenty Years or so not to mention my humble respect to the Ghedli ELF Trailblazers leadership full of wisdom in many cases coupled with the intelligentsia scholarship of the likes of Saay7 iSEM and the LIKE.

            My apologies Aya Amanuel Hidrat– The STAND On 17! The Abu Ashera Weapon X Evolution has is not in the market to be recruited, lectured on or OTHERWISE! IT IS AN INDEPENDENTLY STANDING ALTERNATIVE NARRATIVE IMPERATIVE AMPLY TRAINED BOTH FORMALLY AND IN THE URBAN CITIES OF USA. it is not a a day/week./,months long rushed patch project.
            I have accorded Professor Saay7 the formality of my open declaration of wAR. And it will bruis even Saay7 and you Ayya at times, in its build up. Not to sound bombastic Ayya Amanuel, but my disillusionment, depression and giving priority based on our groups dynamics majority agreed upon prioritization has only netted me grief, pain and BUM RAP! Aya Amanuel, I am announcing that I am able and capable and have fully arrived. I will take no prisoners as I have no enemies. But with preparation of the highest standards with every move the established opposition makes and improves I will learn, grow and keep up to STEER IT RIGHT! As I prepare a RATHER PRICELESS THESIS of THE TIMES.

            No, teams and groups of any size erroneously perceiving me as an enemy– contrary to Abu Ashera Weapon X Evolution that is a universal justice and peace approach will distract me or have me pledge a legions.
            As Aya Ismael AA has generously offered his suggestions to tes to approach his Eritrean Political Governance design as with a methodical and academic long term goal, I have taken for mine his wise suggestion. Do not be fooled by my thus far rushed writings without punctuation as indication of my lacking training and or experience. Where, I need improvement, I have allocated ample time for study, skills upgrade as well as the logistics of the medium outlet in various forms of media. My Eritrean Pre and Post Independence rich first experience as well as the nearly four decades of the outside of Eritrea multicultural and across the entirety of socio-economic levels experience, especially my age range AS A BRIDGE BETWEEN THE AGING AND THE YOUNG, gives me a very WIDE AND LONG REACH beyond Eritrea. The Inter-Eritean-Ethiopian experience of WAR and PEACE sought after to serve as a model! IT IS MY LIFE TI<E WORK. I resigned corporate and Six figures for THIS AYA.
            The credit is due as I mentioned to the Giants whose shoulders I stand on. And AmerGitSAtSE is a spinnoff of as I am one of the oldest residents….
            With due respect Aya, another week or two or so of pitch battles to gain traction and redeem respectability AS I AM DUTY BOUND TO EMPOWER THE BOTH THE YOUNG OF THE PFDJ AND THE ERITREAN OPPOSITION and beyond…..

            Aya Amanuel please give it up. Saay7 recognized this long ago when he demanded of me to present it center stage with the due standards… his UNBOUND section was created to encourage the likes of me… Thus, the always Sense/Student Approach even when I have him licked and cornered in arguments. This time I will bruise him and I don't have to wait for iSEM's prophesy of the PFDJ or the YPFDJ because it will NOT matterialize especially with his narrative…. You are dully informed! There!


            NB: Gheteb, do not retreat. zTeHana TiHinenn beAlemariam keykowen sltikha. Come back and Fact your brother and commrad tSAtSE… I know your strategy and narrative more than I know my self. Solution oriented and without any enmity or animosity inclusive of the pitched battles-The covert kind in the past several weeks.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Solomon,

            Let me say two points and rest my case (a) Awate website and awate forum is not a recruiting center. So no one tried to recruit you. At awate you could throw your idea hoping some will share with you idea or you look for some ideas from the forumers that you could share with them. Awate forum is platform to debate on new ideas or on the tested ideas being practiced somewhere (b) If you have a solution as you have alluded in your comment, come with a solid essay framed in a “normal literature writing”, so as your readers to evaluate the content of your essay in the context of Eritrean reality.

          • Graviton

            Peace new?

            “And so.. YES, I will repeat, THE ENEMY IS INJUSTICE”

            So you’r lecturing “Injustice” exists as an independent entity, you know, as in like a person, with physical and mental attributes and is conscious of its presence within the space time continuum? It can think for itself, choose whichever path it wants to take and most of all, gets to decide where and when to be fair/unfair (i.e justice vs injustice).

            I guess we are witnessing a new theory in the making in psychology. I do hope the guys at CERN allows you to use the LHC, cuz the way i see it you’r gonna need that level of energy to separate Injustice from its host(i.e. Shabo).

            The world is getting weirder by the day.

          • MerHaba Graviton,

            2New Theory indeed.

            Physicist I presume? E=


          • Selamat Graviton,

            “(b) If you have a solution as you have alluded in your comment, come with a solid essay framed in a “normal literature writing”, so as your readers to evaluate the content of your essay in the context of Eritrean reality.” Ayya Ammanuel Hidrat

            Shabo =I E^ (Chira Nebri)


    • Stefanos Temelso


    • Ismail AA

      Dear Hayat,

      The despot is not different from the class of his counterparts. The common denominator (gitSAtSE should provide mathematically more on this on my behalf) of dictators is that they play professorial in logic when what they say is heretically illogical. Eritrea’s first dictator has tried to abuse the poor village way of life when he uttered what you had quoted in your comment.

      Of course those humble villagers go to water springs or holes, some of them walking for hours, to fetch water or let
      their animals drink. His was trying to pretend recalling common wisdom in vain attempt to run away from responsibility that it the right of citizens as humans should be provided by the government that rules them goods and services of which water is a necessity for sustaining life.

      Erratic rainfall seasons that have been causing recurrent draughts in Eritrea has been worsened by bad policies
      and mismanagement. Actually, the much boasted about rudimentary soil and stones dams built by forced labor of villagers and army conscripts have proven in most places useless. Their holding and storage capacities have been drastically reduced by erosion and filling of silt during torrential rains.

      The situation is indeed terrifying. The depletion of the nation of its youth could be worsened by villagers migrating across borders in search of water. The despot’s notion that people should go to where water is and not the other way round indicates he would behave incredibly insensitive to see people leaving their country in search of water, just as in the case of the youth.

  • Selamat Awatistas,

    “In The Abundance of Water The Fool is Thirsty!” BobM

    From Today, Yom Al EITNEIN’s Jebena Finjal Coffee Drip psychic readings, Reveales The SPACE and TIME Continuum of
    Eritreans and Ethiopians Nay Habar GuEzonna yAAbi. [But only the Mathematical Anecdotes excerpt To AUTSAAX]

    HA) Formula One: 11010.10 Twenty Six and a Fifth Mile, 26.2 Miles UNDER 2 / Nike’s Breaking 2 – JUST DO IT!

    Symmetrical Analysis Or The Mirror

    LE) Formula BASE 2: Twenty Six Years Since May of 1991, Derg’s Fall and The Rise to Power of the EPLF Independent Eritrea and the TPLF/EPRDF in Ethiopia. 26 and nearly a Fifth of a Century in the New Millennia.

    26.2 Miles || 26 Years AND ’17! || Breaking2 || Base 2

    Only 25 Seconds and very close to the Mark B2 Target by Kenyan Chipchoge!!!

    Each of the 25 Seconds above Nike’s Breaking2 Target, I would like to attribute as, in a logarithmic scale of sorts, drag force, 1Sec/Yr of inefficient governance for Twenty Five Years by both Eritrean and Ethiopian Political Leaders. Though, Only One Second Per Year on average Lag would seemingly paint both Eritrean and Ethiopian Political Leadership as excellent and efficient, let us not forget that it is logarithm scale of the blunders measuring the DRAG that include the war years of ’98 – 2001 ’till know.

    Nike’s Just Do IT! Breaking2, however is a positive progressive push for human achievement that is THE FORWARD and the call for EFFICIENT GOVERNANCE, particularly to Kenya, Eritrea, Ethiopia and the IGAD or East African Nations. The Imperative Narrative for the Ethiopians and Eritreans to be especially mindful of the goal of BREAKING2 by shaving off the 25 Seconds. One Sec/Year on average — 11010.10 Miles Marathon 11010 Years. The Bits and Bytes of progress the Jebena Finjal Psychic Mirror – The Imperative Narative!

    AmEritreanGitSAtSE [UNBOUND] The STAND ON ‘!7! Abu Ashera Weapon X Evolution. (A[U]TS17AAXE)

    To Captain SAAY7 from S!7AAXE,
    Breaking bad, spelling bee and marshal arts, the counter offensive is pacing to BREAKING2 X leading the Y and Z.
    I would say bad or not so great politicians make lousy artists. And good/excellent politicians do make artists.

    Teddy Afro’s JaH you have it wrong. Nay Habar GuEzona yAAbi++

    Eritrean’s Make A Stand on 17! Demand the Just Resolution of ALL Eritrean Prisoners of Conscience. “Just Do IT!” and Break 2!


  • sara

    Dear awate,
    your reportage is true and fine , but the water shortage is mainly in Asmara than the whole of Eritrea, i wish the title was corrected with Asmara rather than Eritrea to make the report and its headings are one.
    btw, the rainy season which normally starts in June/July has this time started in April and continuing, it seems the season has come early.

    • tes

      Selam sara,

      One: It is normal to have rain in April – ማይ ኣዝመራ – as it is normally called.
      Two: Water supply scarcity throughout the country is so common. The most affected city is Keren. Asmara is relatively OK in its water sources but its distribution network is purposefully cut from its proper function. Other villages and small cities/towns have lived with it.

      At this time, what is most important is create a crisis -in this case water scarcity – and manage the crisis. This is what is going on within PFDJ Eritrea. It is purely oppressing the people by all means possible so that the people will live in suffering.


      • Selamat tes,

        SaliH Ghadi said something profound and true in his discussion with Berhe Y regarding Teddy Afro’s Song in Jebena, or maybe with iSEM (please e-mail me with your edits and suggestions my arithmetic proof and Base1 nay Habar guEzo yAAbi Dear iSEM)

        SJG points us to a very astute comparison and observation regarding diaspora Ethiopians, Time of exile with Jah/Derg/LFronts era diaspora and shares the poignant difference within the diaspora length in the west, and Ethiopian Young that are still at home I’m Ethiopia.

        His elequont summation I quote: “If those inside had similar feeling to those in the diaspora, they wouldn’t by singing realize their dreams. They would realize it.”

        This I will argue in my the Abu Ashera Paper as it OUR COLLECTIVE EFFORT AND JOURNEY that is Greater.

        I will just now utilize it to highlight our chronological age difference as well as age. tSAtSE is perhaps by a half a decade or more older and Three decades nearly longer in the West. But, nkhikteina AAtkobkobay maEre btsiHitna. To produce…MaEre KheA iyu Aborkutona. Make sure, in your Liberal Democracy _ French Model you plan to propose and organize Eritreans, you are very cognizant of such time, distance and ages you should parse carefully to incorporate your political theory proposals with The Eritrean Demographics. I am sure you recognize The Eritrean Trail Blazers Giant Shoulders you Stand on. Like your great Late Brother Tegadalay.
        We shall interact candidly… But please do not utilize PFDJ like tone such as AbrahamH’s.

        After a decade or so you will realise the suttelties and hidden intrecasues of the West and the liberal freedoms. Please do not misconstrue or be presumptious, tSAtSE’s prose,style and back seat seemingly slacker like posture you have observed thus far. To be argued in Abu Ashera WX

        For now, please induldge me of Ghedab’s amplification of such the water crisis created? Please educate me further with an even bigger picture in mind? I believe we can learn from one another for the strengthning of our respective projects for Eritrea. Even if we are on opposite sides of the isle, WHICH WE ARE NOT! Rest assures. It has been decades since my excommunication from your Colkegue=China.
        We are with a good guidance, like Ayya Ismael AA the The Eritrean Ghedli Trail Blazer for One. It is life time long commitment for Justice and Liberty for All.

        And so I believe this my Salsay werrar onslaught of the formidable YZ defences is b Awet tezazumu THOUGH it Ushers The Real Challenge for all of our Eritrean efforts STEARING INTO THE RIGHT ROAD in this Pivotal time THE NARRATIVE IMPERATIVE the unifying Stand On 17! Else Liberty will be delayed by another decade or more much like the Eritrean Independence was after ELF and EPLF failed to unite on KM marker 16..Seidici! ,’17 and the Stand by Eritreans, is consistent with Ays Ismael and others call for a unifying narrative….Kshafa 40 of Azilo40 Agniyeya40 is forthcoming and will address thoroughly. Ab 4Aay werrae tSAtSE WX on awate and D# YZ designs if yohabs Zerai.

        Individual Liberty!

        Abu Ashera WX


        • Ismail AA

          Dear tSAtSE-GitSAtSE,

          Fine that you have good sense of history.
          You reminded me to recall why the late Osman Saleh Sabbe had made an overture and turned believer in unity of the two fronts at the time you are alluding to (even on the terms of One national democratic front with three ones slogan: one leadership, one army and one organization) when he had astutely figured our that fortunes could change direction and the liberation forces could be pushed back from mere ten kms from the capital. But, he forgot he was dealing with the sitting despot was the helm in the field. He lost not only the opportunity of truimphantly entering the the capital, but also unity of his organization that he had nurtured and built since the post-Adobaha August 1968 era of of spintering.
          Selam kun wedi hawey.

      • Abraham H.

        Dear tes, yes, you nailed it brother. What the Eritrean tyrant is doing is just a deliberate ploy to keep the Eritrean people pre-occupied and struggling with the basic needs of life like water, fuel, electricity, and bread. In that way, he makes sure the people are not even going to entertain the thought of orgaanizing or uprising against his regime to bring better future. The youth, starting from 17 years of age, they are held in Sawa, and the various labor camps around the country. While the rest of the population, the women, children and elderly are left to survive under inhumane circumstances. This is pure evil.

  • Paulos

    Howdy ‘all,

    And a PFDJ clown sayssssss, Ethiopia is going thirsty and filthy too!

    • Selamat Paul,

      Wuttemm illeske kHateka AfQuideley: The Val Killmer Saint motivational narrative, for you to return with the Third Miracle that was Energy. There is an add on the top right hand corner for Westland Water District. I do understand, the website, awate, does not necessarily endorse the add. However, your “Howdy ‘all” address and comment magnifies West land’s “Restricting water to the Westlands Water District, the most productive agriculture region in the world, will reduce the worlds food supply.”
      Is Egypt or the Egyptian Government and Ruling Elites being pulled towards the East lands, Eritrean Ports, in a mega deal by the Gulf Arab states shuttle diplomacy of recent, to bless the GERD or Ethiopia Hyrdro-Electric Power may still face a stiff resistance.
      I whole hardheartedly believe and have deduced that there was a DIALOGUE, albeit through proxy, between the PFDJ and the EPRDF. Ethiopia did bid for the port of Asseb in these talks. My educated guess is that Amde of Awate Forum being a chief consultant and or negotiator.
      Controlling The Food Source, the Free PRESS Informing Populations of pertinent information, the insatiable appetite for Energy such as fossil fuels or hydro-dams endangering natural habitats of wild life, ecology and food resources from the fishing industries is exemplified by The Dakotas Standing Rock.
      Fukuyama’s Road to Denmark and subsequent ultrasound data gathered provides a few leads to various possible outlooks and the current designs by “the needed by we”.
      And so, if you would “Saint” Paul, do have courage and shine your bright flash light unto the Dark Matter that are the Black Stars in the space continuum. You see, Wutumm/curiosity, I assure you it is not for all of us. We are duty bound to share knowledge for our own sake. Stockily, shall you Paul, iSEM etc… dispense each’s duty with the Narrative.
      The physics and science effected narrative of late, between you, Graviton and Haile, a welcome. You are aware that there is in fact order in entropy. For the equilibrium that always holds, each of us must dispense our duties delegated by fate, without reservation and feelings of greater or lesser than. iSEM’s generous narrative of TPLF/EPRDF’s Ethiopia is just that GENEROUS. In dispensing his duty, from his perspective he is right. And so, we I must lead iSEM, Pauls and others Narrative from the back simply because the equilibrium in entropy that will always be maintained makes it my duty to do so. This is to say, that all the wutum tum or curiosity is to assure the JUST Narrative Imperative is our Elites Path/Road to Denmark/Dekemhare. The theoretical ideal as in Breaking2 is already penned, I am quite sure on your side as well. But be kind and explain to this Black Star how your PFDJ Clown character and ill wishes for Ethiopia helps the Suffering Eritrean. OR IS THIS SIMPLY a matter of THE MARRIAGE ALLEGORY? The rulers/elites colluding? 1SEC/Yr for 25yrs…
      I await for Mr. Amde’s return, so that I can bestow upon him understanding of Nature Vs. Nurture of Humanity.
      Yes, Our Collective Journey is indeed Greater.

      Gheteb, Alokha dO? Bell Hall Bell Hall Bell Hall! Katchil of BITS AND BYTES!

      Make A STAND on 17! Priority and Only Requisite IS JUSTICE for ALL in Eritrea.

      Abu Ashera Weapon X Evolution.


      • Paulos

        Selamat Tsatse,

        Not sure what to say. Really. That said, I got a kick out of the “Road to Denmark/Dekemhare” where I am still laughing. Good one!

        My understanding about leaders is that, they are in general viewed and judged by the kind of critical decision they invariably make. If the leaders of Egypt opt to belong to the future, they will certainly work with Ethiopia but if they opt to belong to the past, they will choose to work with Isaias Afwerki instead. History is moving towards a collective realization of human potential where nations are in need of each other more than ever where the African continent is not an exception either. The Dam has a symbolic significance for Africa including for Eritrea and Egypt where if 1896 was the year Africa stood tall in defeating the powers to be and equally the year the Dam was erected is a testament to the world that Africa and Africans can actually earn bread and utilize their resources on their own. Again, if the future generation of Eritreans will have every reason to walk with their chins up, they should see the Dam as their own for it is the case in every sense of the word.

        • Selamat Paul,

          I hear your understanding about leader and my desire leans towards the same. And Leadership’s critical decisions is what brings us all here. If you rewind several Month back, The Saudi Royal Family Delegation was in a sort of shuttle diplomacy between Egypt and Ethiopia. Qatar’s role in the horn as well as the investments of the past Twenty Six Years, was akin to a 26.2 Miles. Quickly, I will sum it up as the Sahel States, Sahel as in dry lands of Arabia is a regional and global phenomena that would encourage the Petro-Dollars Gulf States to diversify their investments. Efficient farming in Ethiopia/Africa, and The United States elsewhere as well as Green Energy Alternative investment in the form of The GERD Dams. I believe you Paul or Amde may very well be within a finger pressing of a button to quantify Gulf State investments in Ethiopia as well as Eritrea, proportionally by size, for that matter. The Gemal Abdulnasser era annexed Islands, and I believe it was the return of the Isls to Saudi Arabia, I think, per Awate Team Pencil/Analysis, indicated either tension or resolution is building. A quick mention of Yemen-Houthis and the coalition indicates a favorable rather antagonistic Saudi&GCC and Egyptian. Which for Two of the historically power houses in the Arab world and the Organization of the Arab Union, I believe is the better.
          While Ethiopia under the EPRDF is championed to grow by investments from Arab investors, entrepreneurs, and solution forecasters, the against Sahel war on Eritrean soil by the Eritreans has been to, build micro-dams, plant trees and increase the capacity of arable lands as a priority. tes can expound on this. These back of the envelop notes thoughts of solution beyond borders oriented that is driven by global engines, I believe should be at the fore of the Narrative Imperative.
          Solely focused on Justice for the Eritrean and Ethiopian People with Equitable dividends from the growth for the DIGNITY of each, and basing on my educated estimation of the recent DIALOGUE between Eritrea and Ethiopia that culminated with the through the Sudanese Breakers relay of Electricity from Ethiopia to Eritrea, both the PFDJ supporting Eritreans and the Eritrean Opposition focus, particularly that of the Elites and public opinion trend setters THE NARRATIVE IMPERATIVE OF JUSTICE FOR THE PEOPLE.
          Demonizing and antagonizing and fomenting hate between PFDJ Vs. Opposition supporters has lots of implication but for now I WHOLE HARDHEARTEDLY BELIEVE it is contrary to JUSTICE. And tSAtSE political positioning and maneuverings, though consistent with INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY and Market Economy freedom to pursue own advantage, the call for cautious and collective responsibility will not be lost on all, I am sure. In short, my hunch, scholarly/academic, is the 60^4 =12,960,000 numero Platonis Obscuris pertaining the Marriage Allegory.
          I am warning and inviting the Elites, Amde included, to discuss this Platonic Allegory as well as the us the ratio pertaining the Tyrants Allegory, that is within each and every one of us.

          The Fight is for Human Dignity with equal respect for all. And The Eritrean Narrative Imperative that is unifying and strong post PFDJ and or President Isayas Afeworki Rule.
          And I argue and will argue it on the Abu Ashera Papers with sound Mathematics.

          I ask Captain Saay7 and Gheteb to contemplate on this, particularly you Ibi with your next installation of the Adulisian Republic of Abraha.
          iSEM: Rule of 72 or 69.3, to double my investments, I will retort to you: Well, I have to make a deposit first don’t you think? But it is calculuated.

          Make a STAND on !7! Priority and only Requisite Justice for ALL Eritreans … The immediate release and just resolution of All Eritrean Prisoners of Conscience. PFDJ + Opposition.

          Abu Ashera Weapon X Evolution.

          AmEritrean GitSAtSE