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Eritrea-Ethiopia On June 20, 2018: Martyrs’ Day Observances

That the wisdom of PM Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia being evident by now is to state the obvious. His rapid response to the Asmara regime when it pronounced it was sending a team to negotiate peace between the two neighboring countries is obvious that the man is as genuine as they come. What is also obvious is the generational gap in substance and leadership style, which couldn’t be any starker than that of Ethiopia when compared to our “self-anointed ruler” for the last three decades. To get an adequate picture of the two speeches, textual and contextual analysis must be invoked. In a country like Ethiopia where patriotism and nationalism have had deep roots in the psyche of the population for generations, no wise leader would attempt to just erase that powerful force with a strike of one speech. He has to maintain some measure of nationalism catchphrase to put the people at ease, keep them in their elements. Otherwise, he runs the risk of losing the overwhelming public support that he enjoys without which he cannot transition or lead his people to the greener pastures. Thusly, he is gently introducing notions of Pan Africanism.

Those who mindfully listen to PM Abiy Ahmed, variants of Pan Africanism concepts are subtly inculcated seemingly fleetingly in his speeches. For example, in the first speech PM Abiy gave when accepting the Algiers Agreement without any condition and extended the olive branch to the regime in Eritrea, he called it by its rightful name, the Pan Africanism (PA). In subsequent speeches, however, concepts of PA come in a form of economic cooperation with neighboring countries like Eritrea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Kenya, etc. Or as in the response he gave to a question that was asked by his colleague during the parliamentary session in which the issue of border peace with Eritrea was discussed; his concepts of PA are getting more pronounced by the day. Now, he is openly saying these borders are nothing than artificially demarcated by colonizers.

How different is PM Abiy’s leadership style than his predecessors?

The proof is right there in the putting. Whereas the previous two PMs gave a lip service to the Algiers Agreement by simply stating they agreed to it in principle, but talks must resume to flesh-out details, PM Abiy’s approach was hammering the border issue not only through rhetoric but by following it with deeds. The corollary to such dogged insistence is what we are already seeing on the ground in real terms showing results. One will be wise to remember, TPLF, under the late Meles Zenawi’s leadership, sold Ethiopians the war of 1998 using nationalism and patriotism as the motif, most Ethiopians were on board instantly. At that point, most Ethiopians lined up with the TPLF led government. So, the half-hearted lip-service from the late PM Meles Zenawi and former PM Hailemariam stems from that mindset that informed their political arrogance equivalent to their foes in Eritrea.  Both – Ethiopia & Eritrea – operated under the rubric of nationalism run amok. For example, the uprooting of the peoples of the two countries becoming casualties of jingoism colored with arrogance on steroids is a case in point. Such being the unfortunate and sad recent experiences between the two countries, seemingly in whispers now, PM Abiy is introducing the concepts of pan-Africanism and thereby slowing down the hyper-nationalism and hyper-jingoism rhetoric.

PM Abiy’s Ethiopia knows he has one potent-potion that he can use to taper-down these nationalistic and patriotic rhetorical devices that served the previous PMs of Ethiopia and that continues to serve the regime in Eritrea. Of the few nations in the continent that can carry that message of Africanism effectively and with credibility is Ethiopia; its history positions it to lead the rest of the Horn of Africa and hopefully beyond via the vehicle of Pan Africanism.

So, now, in his recent speech to the Parliament and subsequent speeches, PM Abiy is adding notions of the border not only as arbitraries but that they were the outcome of colonizers (ቀኝ ገዢዎች) – The artificial nature of the borders in Africa he has called it by its rightful name. These kinds of elaborated schemes and articulating it convincingly as he invoked the people by their identities giving them their humanity. Highlighting when necessary such that of Oromos who live on both sides of borders in Ethiopia and Kenya. How these nationals vote on both sides of the border because these people, for all intents and purposes, are one and the same. Little by little PM Abiy is playing the educator-in-chief as he elucidates to the public the damage the Scramble for Africa that Europeans have wrought. And that we are foolishly continuing to fight and kill each other for the arbitrary demarcation that the colonialists designed. He is essentially saying these are nothing more than fools’ errands hatched for us by alien entities and to keep killing each other when we can use the simple economic arithmetic of addition instead of division. Using the former we will all prosper and following the latter, we will be poorer. Effectively, this is just a variation of ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ theory akin to what Pan Africanism (PA) is all about. Lacking such an understanding has paid a handsome dividend for the West and lack of appropriating the concepts of Pan Africanism continues to wreak havoc all over Africa and beyond.

Brief Textual and Contextual Analysis from the Home Turf

Now, consider the 20th June speech from home turf. Any man who appreciates presidents like Trump, which is how the speech began, is a man who has not only the propensity for a dictatorship but is a bona fide tyrant to the core. The kicker is he has the temerity to denigrate the previous administrations of the US, which is his typical style of pointing fingers of blame to the outside world without apportioning any responsibilities to himself as a de facto leader. Likewise, he does the same with Ethiopia’s two previous two administrations to elevate PM Abiy.

This kind of rhetorical strategy is geared to two kinds of audiences inside Eritrea and the diaspora supporters of the regime. On the former, he is appeasing the ultra-nationalists who would continue to buy his rhetoric that will give face-saving mechanism where they can fool themselves into believing all the misery of the last 18 years were not of the regime’s own making. As such, it was worth the undue and the irresponsible damage the man and his cohorts have caused on the country and its people. Rather, it was the outside world that always tries to pummel Eritrea, but, by golly, against all odds, Eritreans always prevail. The same sentiment serves a similar purpose on those who are in the diaspora who have been blindly supporting the regime; yet another face-saving mechanism so they may continue to believe in the wisdom of the man, and the hooray reaches feverish pitch as we have been made to witness. Ironically, some in diaspora are already breaking ranks from the opposition and joining the chorus, ready to bow to the very defective structure that brought the untold and endless miseries to Eritreans and continues to do so as we speak.

In the context of this article taking an opportunity to delineate and unambiguously what must be stated is this: There needs to be a clear distinction when it comes to nationalism and patriotism. Those who spared their lives between 1961 to1991 irrespective of what the circumstances were in which they paid the ultimate price for the nation-state yet to be born; those who felt duty-bound to defend their nascent nation between 1998 to 2000 were martyrs all the same. They were patriotic to the core and should be remembered as such. The worrisome part is those who take refuge and invoke patriotism when they should resort to reason. Some wrap themselves under the flag others under the territorial integrity hymn to spew their hate of a people who otherwise are brethren with whom they have had a long history of blood ties. To be sure, there is a time when one should wave a flag; scream “my country right or wrong”; defend the homeland from foreign invasion to the death. Eighteen years later, for the regime in Eritrea to come out and spew a gut level hate toward a Front with whom he made a Faustian bargain and brilliantly forced one of the most powerful armies of its time is something worthy of finding a reconciling tone. A leader who came to power by default and a man who had shown no interest in the welfare of his people cannot be expected to show any hint of magnanimity, so the two-bordering population may go back to the way they lived their lives. To pin one’s hope on a leadership-by-bulldozing is not only destructive but irresponsible to the core. The kind of a homemade tyrant we have is evilly capable of using jingoism to a hilt because it does the trick, He is a scoundrel and a good snake oil salesman to the core. A scoundrel will use Tigrayan people as his boogie men to stay in power if he has to. The false narrative of patriotism that spews from the PFDJ-land is nothing but a refuge for these handful rogues. There is nothing these thugs can say that will make one believe they are patriots like the thousands upon thousands who genuinely loved their country, have been and continue to be because they cared and continue to care about Eritrea and its people. Just as the same can be said about the way that the young Eritrean men and women were when they went to the battlefield to protect the sovereignty of the nascent nation.

Cautionary Note to PM Abiy

Unlike Abebe Bekila’s marathon in Japan or subsequent marathons that Ethiopians have won, this political marathon PM Abiy is taking has real-life implications. The magnificent and impromptu demonstration in support of PM Abiy that we observed a few days ago, though historic and fantastic, it, however, needs to be soberly analyzed and assessed. What if PM Abiy was harmed! Imagine the chaos that would’ve ensued. This is not to minimize the death of the innocents, but harm to PM Abiy would’ve unraveled the country, if not destabilizing it entirely. All of the incessant and non-stop actions without giving the public a chance to process it, the pace of changes taking place can be, not only dizzying but disorienting. This is not to say PM Abiy should go at a snail pace – like you know who – but just give people a chance to theorize.

Some heartfelt suggestions I read are worth not only noting, but also worth heeding to because the speed at which PM Abiy is traveling can get into a collision course, the outcome of which can end up hurting the country and its people: why jump when sprinting can do; why run when walking can do. PM Abiy, the educator-in-chief needs to give people time to process the changes that are taking place. Give the experts a chance to assess, analyze, and synthesize what’s taking place, which will help to inform their positions.

These are not ordinary times. Seemingly abruptly a political-monkey-wrench was dropped on our region that nobody saw coming. To say that we were caught by a surprise would be a mother of all understatements. What Ethiopia’s new PM, Dr. Abiy Ahmed has been doing for Ethiopians is awe inspiring. A brief overview of what has transpired since June 5th, 2018 should suffice for context. Addis Standard reported that Ethiopia has accepted the border agreement with Eritrea earlier this month. According to Addis Standard, “[a]fter a day-long meeting by the 36 Executive Committee members of the ruling EPRDF a statement released by the politburo said Ethiopia will fully accept December 12, 2000, Algiers Agreement, a peace agreement between the governments of Eritrea and Ethiopia, which established a special boundary commission.” This news is now too old of a news, considering what has transpired since then as far as Ethiopia is concerned. Needless to say, a response from Eritrean regime was eagerly anticipated. Eritrea’s willingness to send a six-member-team to Addis to negotiate the peace agreement was announced two weeks after Ethiopia’s willingness to honor the agreement. This is certainly a step in the right direction. But, the nature of politics in Eritrea being what it is, cautious optimism is all that one can utter at this point. Any further analysis will be nothing more than conjectures, assumptions, and presumptions, which will only prove to be an exercise in futility.

Beyene Semere of SBS Radio interview of Dr. Mussie Tesafgiorgis on the border issue that was broadcast this morning was a wonderful treat to listen to. These are the educated lot whose voices have been rendered silent for far too long because of the boisterous few. And the void that the educated sector of our society left behind is creating a space for those loud-mouthed – ignorant – people to dominate the conversation. Please listen to the interview–this kind of conversation must happen if we are going to begin to see Eritrea of the future. Eritrea that is at peace with itself, with its own citizens, with its neighbors – Eritrea part of the global community.


Here are two comments from the Awate Forum, they succinctly captured what many are feeling about the looming danger the PM Abiy may unwittingly be subjecting himself, and in turn the country and the people he cares about:

“He is the leader of a section of this world, not the leader of “The City of God” if I could borrow St. Augustine. One of my favorite dictum of “Realism” goes: “Man owns immortality for his salvation here-after, the nation doesn’t own immortality for its salvation is here or never.” May God bless and protect the young PM!” (Paulos, 6/23/18)

“I would love to see a little slow down in the process of change not because I am being conservative due to my old age but wanted to share my two cents observation from Kurt Lewins book which eloquently elaborates the advantage of gradual change. If PMAA is to take a method of gradual change it will allow him to focus on some aspects of change in times where he feels the need to give time to let go of old habits.” (Kbrom, 6/24/18)

About Beyan Negash

Activist, a writer and I am a doctoral candidate (ABD) in Language, Literacy, and Culture at New Mexico State University (NMSU). I hold a bachelor of arts in English and a master of arts in TESOL from NMSU as well as a bachelor of arts in Anthropology from UCLA. My research interests are on colonial discourse and post-colonial theories and their hegemonic impact on patriarchy, cultural identity, literacy development, language acquisition as well as curriculum & citizenship. The geopolitics of the Horn of Africa interests me greatly. My writings tend to focus on Eritrea and Ethiopia. I have been writing opinion pieces at awate.com since its inception (1 September 2001).

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  • FishMilk

    Hi All. Ethiopian Defense forces are now in Asosa and surrounding area. Looks like Asosa is trying to have its own Gondar moment. The military checkpoint on the Asosa-Nekempte road, near the Dabus River bridge, a few kilometers east of Bambassi town, was last night attacked.

  • Kbrom

    Hi all

    Segen Construction is being instructed by office the President to renew and refurbish the Ethiopian Embassy in Asmara near Semae’tat School. The work has already started.

    • FishMilk

      Hi Kibrom. That is great news! I also hear that opposition groups that have for years been using the old Eritrean Ambassador’s residence in Beklobet, have been told to move out as the house and compound are to be renovated. The residence had last been used by Girma Asmerom in 1999. I hope they did not remove the picures of Girma’s father, who was part of Halle Sellasie’s royal guard force, from off the wall.

      • Kbrom

        Hi, FishMilk

        Girma Asmerom (RIP) was also a member of Ethiopian Soccer National Team.

        Re : Oppo: A General told them ‘we believe that as we have achieved our revolutionary democracy targets (God knows what does that mean) from now on our communication will be with the government of Eritrea and not you, thus your file is transferred to PM’s Abiy’s office.

        May God allow the export of the words መደመር ፍቅር ሰላም to Eritrea before the export of Coffee and Teff starts.

        • FishMilk

          Hi Kibrom. Back in early 1999, Girma and many from the Eritrean crowd, use to visit a bar on Welo Sefer road which was owned by Italo Vassallo who was a half-cast Eritrean. Italo along with his brother Luciano, had starred on the 1962 Ethiopian National Team that won the Africa cup. Girma had also played at Bowdoin College in the U.S.. One by one, we were all deported. I remember at Girma’s house in Belkobet, that they had cut his water and electricity, weeks before they deported him.

  • Desbele

    Hi Abi
    ታሳዝናለች ለማለት ነበር:-)

  • Kbrom

    Hi Abi

    1. The news is not the three kids are in UAE and spending money, that is not new they were doing it since PIA was cuddling with Qatar, and it is frequent; last 15 21 May the whole 1st Family including PIA’s grandkids were in UAE. What is new in the post is the post is though the kids alone led by the eldest son, the reception was a royal family level and official. It might not appeal to you but for many Eritrean families whose children are suffering in dungeons simply because they called for justice and human dignity has a startling comparison, I did not appreciate it when this suffering issue was mixed in your post with wine and cheese.

    2. The context is important, yes any country has sovereign right to lease or rent its ports but with due process and transparency; if you are telling us Assab is leased and Bisha was there so what the heck are you saying, then that would be a disdain to the Eritrean people. Let alone Eritrean people who paid a heavy price to get back the territorial integrity of their land, sea and sky, even when the failed and the secessionist (ተገንጣይ ትሉን እንደነበር) state of Somali land was approached by UAE፥ it replied that it has to ask its people, and went to its parliament to discuss the issue. ኤርትራውያኖች ናችሁ ለ27 ኣመታት ያለ ህግ ትኖሩ ነበር ልመዱት ከሆነ ክርክርህ that will be insulting our intelligence and dignity.

    3. The Port of Assab is not coming back to you, but it is going to be opened to you soon not only Assab but Massawa too; expect that to be announced in the next summit between PIA and PMAA or sooner than that. The deal is already done.

    4. ምናባዊ መስመር?ምናባዊ መስመር እጅግ ምናባዊ የሚሆነው ሰዊች ከምናባዊ መስመር ተነስተው ምናባዊ ትንታነ በማድረግ ሌሎችን በእውቀታዊ መረጃ ለሚሉት ነገር ምናባዊ ሲሉት ነው ጋሽ ኣቢ። ኣቢያችን ከምናባዉያን ጅቦች ያድን ኣሜን።

    • Abi

      Hi Kibrom
      Forget the wine part. It is an excuse for my slowness today. Just as the lack of enough sleep caused your irritation today. Blame it the World Cup.

      Again get used to Abraham Afewerki venturing out by himself. Consider this trip as if he is leading a delegation of three . He is being groomed for the highest office.

      I skip your #2. I’m known in this forum for not accepting your independence struggle. To put it mildly is was a blunder of the highest order. Every passing day is a proof of that colossal mistake.

      I agree with you on #3.
      All I need to say about #4 is ምዕመናን አሜን በሉ !

      • Kbrom

        Gash Abi

        Not only the lack of sleep caused by the world cup the results also are the cause for my irritation.


    • Abraham H.

      Selam Kibrom, you might not have been in the forum to notice how much disdain Abi has towards Eritreans, but for those who’ve been here for a while, we know his ugly gloating at the suffering of the Eritrean people under the despot. What Abi does here is not different than what the Ginbot 7 did when they demonstrated together with the pfdj against the accusations of the dia regime on human rights. It is also not different than those Ethiopians who are waving the despot’s pictures in the streets of Ethiopian cities these days. Most of these people, in my opinion, are from the Amhara ethnic group, though now increasingly Oromos are also joining them.

      • Kbrom

        Hi Abraham

        Thanks for the heads up.

        What is surprising more is when Ginbot 7 sleeps with PFDJ what they hang over on the wall of the room they are sleeping in is the Ethiopian map that includes Eritrea.

        The good thing is whether the Awate’s Abi or the head of state Abiy or Gnbot 7 not Gnbot 7 not any power/superpower could reverse the Eritrean independence.

        As Eritreans we might have differences, we might have mistakes, we might have confrontations but not on our sovereignty and territorial integrity.

        For those who are dreaming to see the reversal of independence, just remind them Heraclitus’ qoute:

        You Cannot Step Into the Same River Twice – The river of Independence has Passed 27 years ago with a mark of an emphatic political victory of yes for independence and an emphatic military victory of Gnbar Dekemhare.

        • saay7


          The theatre of the absurd was most visible in Geneva a couple of summers ago. As you remember, there were pro-Isaias and anti-Isaias demonstrators. The pro-Isaias (literally, they had pictures of Isaias) were demanding that the world ignore the testimonies of Eritrean victims of Isaias-regime because those who put the report together were anti-Eritrea and pro-Ethiopia. And their allies in that demonstration, waving the old green-yellow-red, were the Gnbot-7 Ethiopians who don’t believe that Eritrea should be an independent country.


      • Selam Abraham H.

        On “It is also not different than those Ethiopians who are waving the despot’s pictures in the streets of Ethiopian cities these days. Most of these people, in my opinion, are from the Amhara ethnic group, though now increasingly Oromos are also joining them.”

        It does not represent the present ethiopian reality completely. Tplf ascended the ethiopian throne in 1991 carrying anti-amhara and anti-ethiopian banner, and so did olf. Then came as usual disagreement on sharing the spoils (power), and olf was forced to return to armed struggle, and tplf with the help of eplf consolidated its power, became dictatorial, and even kicked out eplf at the end. Tplf created enemies on all sides, and today it is paying the price of its greed, arrogance and ignorance.

        Don’t think for a moment that ethiopians love and trust dia. Today, if you give ethiopians even the devil’s picture, after almost three decades under tplf dictatorship, intimidation and humiliation, they will wave it without thinking twice. Simply, it the old and known adage that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’.

        When the dust settles and things return to their natural order, it is going to be again eritrea is another country, tigray is ethiopia, and tigrayans are ethiopians.

  • Desbele

    Correction: First victim Saba,
    Pathetic to live with a murderer forever

    • Nitricc

      Hi Weyanay Deskele; please don’t bring innocent family members in to your stupid equation. If you have any beef with the politicians and PIA go ahead and say whatever you want. You are nothing but classless douchebag. loser.

      • Desbele

        Your demi god DIA has detained family members as young as 15
        Siham , and a mother – Aster. That’s what coward murderers do, and that is what zombies cheer

        • saay7


          Just when you think the IA regime can’t get worse, it does. Some of the people it arrested after the Akhriya uprising (still in jail, by the way) were as young as 13. At the last Eid celebration in Asmara, some of the Akhria moms had to use a taxi to take their children to the mosque prayers because their older brothers, fathers were arrested and remain in jail. Without charges, of course.


  • saay7


    I was summarizing what Kbrom said for slow Abi. You will have to ask Kbrom. But if you are asking a general and not specific question the way we know things is because everyone in Eritrea is 3 degrees of separation away: read Berhe’s perfect example.


    • Nitricc

      Hi SAAY; so you take Berhe’s story as an evidence who told him a friend of a friend? Really SAAY. WOW.

      • saay7

        Nitricc: And this surprises you…why, exactly? That’s how news operates: you get information from multiple sources and you cross check. But the “sources” are not people calling you with a code, password, on encrypted media. They are maids, drivers, bodyguards. You do know Eritrea is a very small country where everyone knows everyone. It works for the regime (why Qerro movement is difficult or why Akhria protestors were all rounded up) is because everyone knows everyone. But it also works against them in suppressing information. Anyway, I know you have issues with Berhe but I have known him for as long as I have known you and he is a class act.

        • Nitricc

          Hey SAAY; first i have no issue with Berhe or anyone else for that matter. I despise anyone who rejects his people and country and defend the enemy is very much my target. No one will respect us unless we respect our people, country and defend our issues. Sure, anyone should disagree with the government, should criticize the system but the wellbeing of the people and nation should be defended. Now, Berhe told the forum the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. Remember, you guys, including Berhe told us that PIA is the worst dictator of Africa and then why should haid anything from anybody? He can do whatever he wants, he is the owner of Eritrea again why hide whatever is doing? I hope you can see the contradiction of his beless story. I believe Berhe believes what he has heard but for you to buy it, i was a little surprised. If what Berhe told us is true, then PIA is not dictator and he is unable to do whatever he wants, because he is hiding his activities to avoid accountability. Does not make sense.

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Nitric,

            I don’t know what argument or counter argument you are trying to say based on what I said.

            Yes, Isayas owns the country and he does what he pleases? Tell me otherwise any facts that I don’t know. The security, the finiance, the ministries, the courts, the military and media including religious organizations are under him.

            There is no power in Eritrea that can challenge his authority, not the media, not the parliament, not the justice system, not the military and certainly not the public, no body, him and his circle run the country and tte resources as if it belongs to them.

            Now, what I said is, the president office sent the drivers to their homes and didn’t tell them why? He said, all the leaders are out of the country and they don’t know where they have gone.

            Around the same time PMAA was in UAE and SA. Also the SA I think reported they IA was there.

            People use one plus one to guess an educated guess if those leaders have met there.

            How sharing this makes me that I am against my country and people.

            Why are you surprised if IA wants to keep the meeting secret because he has no idea where it may lead and he doesn’t want the public to know.

            Aye, beAl kolel melel.

          • saay7

            Nitricc: Part of the reason people are not respecting us is because we are very passive: we are willing to take any and all abuse from Isaias Afwerki, and part of the reason that happens is because people like Nitricc are too busy adoring him to ask questions. And part of the reason that keeps happening is because the people who are the least informed–the ones who willingly choose to be ignorant–keep having strong opinions. There is nothing ridiculous about what Berhe reported: IA is an absolute dictator who wants to be feared. IA is also a vain man who wants to be loved.

            To achieve both–being feared and being loved–he has created a propaganda department whose job is to manipulate you and make you think you arrived at your conclusions, whatever they are, independently after critically assessing them. That’s what makes propaganda effective: it makes its dupes think they are not being duped. He has made you think he is brave when all his behavior shows–arresting people and not giving them a chance to defend themselves, like the cowboy who shoots another in the back–he is a coward. That he is respectful of law, when he is lawless. That he is clean, when he is corrupt. That he is, in the words of the other dupe, meskerem.net, a “grand strategist” when he a bumbler.

            Now, why would an all-powerful dictator sneak around and send his children to UAE in total secrecy. Two reasons: one, to maintain the facade with people like you that his children, just like any Eritrean peer are “fulfilling their national duty” and you can’t do that if your kids are in UAE. (Well, who knows, with you sheeple, you may come up with a way of describing that as National Service.) Second: he is still a day who loves his children, or is at least married to a woman who loves her children.


      • Blink

        Dear Nitricc
        It is just like the 28 Akria thing . Do not forget that kind of thing.

    • Desbele

      ኣይተረዳኣካን ገርግሽ ዘሰክፎ ምስጢራዊነትና ዘይምዕቃቡ እዩ።

    • Kbrom

      Hello saay and Desbele

      There are two stories from Winston’s Churchill’s Memoir that are relevant to PFDJ and its supporters, first the PFDJ one then #2 will be related to its supporters.

      1. When a citizen, who dislikes Churchill so much called him this man is physically huge but fool and stupid, Churchill out of revenge imprisoned him. One member of UK parliament raised the issue asking how come Churchill imprison one of my constituency on the basis of personal vendetta to which Churchill replied as we know we are in War with Germany and what your constituency did endangers our National Security because if Germany knew that I am a huge stupid and fool they can exploit this weakness our country has.

      For PFDJ national security is its hiding place, when they want to steal, when they want to imprison people, when they want to sell Assab, when they want to transfer the Bisha accounts to individuals account, when they change ‘final and binding’ to ‘border is meaningless’ national security is the buzz word. What the supporters do is repeat the buzz word until they are given another buzz word.

      2. The second Churchill’s story is related to its supporters. A parliamentarian lady who was so mad with Churchill shouted during the Q&A time ‘If you were my husband, sir, I’d give you a dose of poison’ to which Churchill replied ‘If you were my wife, I’d take it!”. Sometimes one tends to say if this were my supporters I would have appeal to UN ደገፍቲ ቀይረለይ እዞም ዘለዉኒ ኣመና ደገፍቲ ኮይኖም።

      • Ismail AA

        ሰላም ክብሮም፣
        ኣብ ዘድልን ዘየድልን ኩነታት ደገፈም ገደብ ሰለ ዘይገብሩሉ መዐዘቢ እና ገበሩኒ ምወሰካሉዶ?።

        • Kbrom

          ሰላም እስማዒል ሓወይ


          ወረ ሓሓንቲ ዓይኑኹም ኣንቁሩ እንተበልክዎምሲ ኣብ ክንዲ ስለምንታይ ዓይንና ነኑጡቕ ኢሎም ዝሓቱኒሲ፡ የማነይቲ ዶ ወይስ ጸጋመይቲ ትሕሸካ ኢሎም እንዳሓተቱኒ ንወስኸላዶ

          • Desbele

            ሰላም ክብሮም
            ክልተ ዓይኒ ደይ ብቀደሙውን መጋየጺ እዩ ምበሎም Monkey

  • Berhe Y

    Dear @george,

    I think it will nice if you stop your condescending comments and extra adjectives.

    I thought so, you would rather try to prove that I am wrong rather than to feel the sufferings of the Eritrean people under the regime you support and trying so hard to whitewash his bloody, sticking hand.

    I know I am touching your concise and you don’t have to convience anyone but to yourself.

    Yes I do believe all I said about IA is true based on his records and if it happens to the contrary, I have no shame to say I was wrong. Yes, the dictator will not make change willingly so the people have to take it just like the Ethiopians.

    Let’s leave this for now, and a year later, I am pretty sure we will be where we are, while you and others cheer for the betterment of the Ethiopian people.


  • Blink

    Dear all
    Millions of tweets, millions of Articles pointed at dividing Eritreans across ethnic lines and religious lines . Countless times of lies and wishes to see Ethiopian tanks roaring on Eritrean cities and mind blowing revenge emotions be it new or old from 1980th , all of these gone , just gone without any trace on the Eritreans mind . These who lived in diaspora for 40 years wishing someone to die for them getting high blood pressure by looking at Abyi words on every news organizations, I mean who could see this coming, no one. One day I read someone accusing PM Abyi of not following protocol because he welcomed FM Osman Saleh at the Bole Airport, imagine on this guys head , the pain unbearable to his aging body I cannot help but just smile .
    I am thankful to PM Abyi for not choosing the weyane line of bullets and dividing Ethiopians and also Eritreans across ethnic lines .

    The Eritrean opposition worked day and night to dismiss Eritrean revolutionary heroes and founders. They even failed to see their seeds grow on the Eritreans. Their product on this endless journey are just Agazians and Islamists.

    Now who care what Kerenolos says ? Anyone around who thinks he will see a mini Afar state or a Kunama mini state in Barentu ? Who among you is looking to go a leader of his ethnic and promises to be a leader in Eritrea? Ok no one . I hope from now onwards Ali salim will come to his senses and join hand with YG to redeem Eritrean nationalism and work from there to make a difference.

  • Teodros Alem

    Selam All
    Most of eritrean “opposition” r the worst enemy of ethiopia. If u pay attention and look what they say, u will see, One of their main hate of PIA and Eplf/Pfdj comes from PIA and his party refusal to collaborate with tplf in hurting ethiopia.
    If they r really eritrean, The ethiopian people need to pay attention and do something about those people before they adding another problem. It looks like they r worse groups of people to be friend with.

    • Blink

      Dear Teodrose
      Most Eritrean opposition based in Ethiopia and some out side were calling the Qero protesters Neftena or Dergi dreamers, now Abyi is throwing them under the bus . I don’t know if you have been to Eritreans opposition pal talk rooms , there you can find smerr lead by Amiche ( he call himself) not sure if he is, the big guys of this forum has been hugging him as if he is the man to hug.
      Most Eritrean opposition especially the Ethnic politics has been hedging for the growing influence of weyane., now thanks to Qero they all are gone.

      • Teodros Alem

        Selam Blink
        I knew it from the beginning the fight was between eritreawenet and tigrai- tigragna on one side and between ethiopiawenet and the greater tigrai on the other side.
        and there r groups and individuals who want to take advantage of this situation.

  • Nitricc

    Hi ABi, there no dots. Just an imagination of a person of going wild. I don’t know why but the haters of PIA are pissed about this peace thing. I know their dream was to see Ethiopia attacking Eritrea and getting rid of PIA in similar fashion of how Gadafi went down. this is exactly what is in their head. To their dismay, the turn of events were much different what they are dreamed, wished and hoped for, it was a red carpet reception and full of love. So, I can see their disappointments as well as their hypocrisy. They never liked PIA accepting the call of peace from PMAA. So, they are pissed of and mad and don’t be surprised if you hear more BS and childish claims.

  • Kbrom

    Gash Abi

    1. Assab is leased to UAE for 30 years for 500 Million. That money is not reported to the Eritrean people, it is in personal accounts of certain people.
    2. It is said Assab is in the package of the recent new developments between Ethiopia and Eritrea. UAE and Ethiopia will use Assab and might also built a new port between Assab and Massawa.
    3. Ethiopia will be allowed to use both Massawa and Assab soon – in fact very soon.
    4. A certain amount of the two billion dollar which was donated by UAE to Ethiopia is said to be part of the deal.
    5. The letter PMAA sent to PIA via the Eritrean delegation is the second and formal one, he had sent him a hand written letter ( to ensure his seriousness) through a third country the next day after his acceptance speech in the parliament. That was followed by face to face meeting in UAE.
    6. Simply put things are not as spontaneous as they look, was already outlined in the last three months.
    7. And we will see more in fact more dramatic -actions from both sides – stay tuned!

    • Nitricc

      Ato Kbrom; you said ” 1. Assab is leased to UAE for 30 years for 500 Million. That money is not reported to the Eritrean people, it is in personal accounts of certain people.”
      can you kindly share your source? I mean, I have no idea why people are not challenging you. You are just posting hearsay. My man show some source before your credibility gets shoot. Now, source please?

      • @george

        Dear nitricc

        I used to read your post, and ask myself why is he so mean to other people. After reading some of the post I see why I get like that. It makes me wonder what is in their head all my Lord. Why do they want? Why perpetuate a lie. Gossip. Can we move on please people. There were betting on tplf, I don’t know why because tplf is not known to have long-term vision. The result of to kiala project the result of tplf policies, has been disaster. The amount of money tplf wasted robbed is of Epic Proportion. Was glaring evidence mounting against tplf, some individuals continue to harp random coffee shop style gossip. That should tell you they run out of stuff to talk about. Just pray for peace my brother.

        • Berhe Y

          Dear @george,

          I know you guys always want to frame the interest of the opposition was to come to power by force or that they wanted to be a puppet government of TPLF, or that they wanted to sell Eritrea independence and reverse it.

          There nothing far from truth but you know all that.

          Here is a deal, can you please (irrelevant of what the opposition or TPLF) advice the ERITREAN government and your president to extend the same reform that you people admiring in Ethiopia to the Eritrean people. That is releasing prisoners, ending national service, closing prisons etc.

          I want to honestly hear from you, what and when should the Eritrean government deal with the human rights issue in Eritrea?

          You do care about the welfare of the Eritrean people and I really need to know what you think.


      • Kbrom

        Hi Nitricc

        Nitricc Abi • 44 minutes ago
        Hi ABi, there no dots. Just an imagination of a person of going wild.

        Lesson #1 measure and mark before you cut.

      • Blink

        Dear Nitricc
        Since when do you see him share his sources? The guy talks from his pocket and his pocket is full of that kind . Remember about the Egyptian military forces ? So you know the guy lies just like his behavior. Pressure is making these kind of people lie like no other time .

        • Nitricc

          Hi Blink; amazing he keeps doubling down. God knows what he comes up next.

    • saay7


      When IA wanted to tell the world that even his daughter is not exempt from Sawa, he showed her on stage in military fatigue (in loop at every video screen in the homes of the followers-of-the-PFDJ-faith celebrating the incorruptibility of their pope) and then of course she was spared rock-carrying and water-fetching in the deserts of Denakil or predatory generals with full impunity. Not for her (and good for her): she was given her internship gig in Asmara at the Ministry of Information, seeing mom and dad every day (Not on video). Now with the three royal children and their vacation in UAE, do you have video evidence? No? Then it’s not true: that’s the high standards PFDJ uses before it passes judgement on people for high crimes and treason.

      On the PMAA and PIA sequence of events, we will find out—-from Ethiopian media. But I agree with you that it was all pre-cooked and is not just being microwaved.


    • Berhe Y

      Dear Kibrom,

      Are we taking about 500 million per year or total for 30 years.


      • Selam Berhe Y,
        From what i have read, the usa pays about $70m a year for its military base in djibouti. There are multiple bases and djibouti gets a reasonable income + of course, security.

      • Kbrom

        Dear Berhe

        it is lamp sum of 500 million plus fuel and gas supply every quarter.

        • Nitricc

          Hi Kbrom; you keep just doubling down. So, Eritrea is getting 2 billion dollars from UAE per year? I know Berhe will buy your story and i doubt anyone will. If you want us to take serious, give us your source so we can check it ourselves.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Nitric,

            Hangol Derho? You can’t do math either.


          • Kbrom

            Hi Nitriccay

            I asked this yesterday to someone, and felt to put it again as you seem not to stop making statements or to be exact ሃለውለው that hurts and exposes nobody but you. Here it is.

            I always wonder what PIA supporters feel when they utter the words and phrases like ‘rule of evidence, rule of source, rule of innocent until proven guilty, justice, rule of law, due process of law, love, peace, human dignity, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, constitution, parliament, separation of power, family value, child protection, equality etc.

            Was it Frederick Robertson who said there are three things in the world that deserve no mercy, hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny?

            Thanks God you are not on our side of the political fence!

    • Berhe Y

      Dear Kibrom,

      One guy told me, his brother who is one of the drivers of the president entourage, told him when IA went to UAE/ SA “he said, they were told all of them to take time off and go home until they call them back. They did not want then to find out and leak info”.


      • Kbrom

        Berhe Hawey

        Let’s make sure we do not mention any people in here as you know just this post is enough for the PFDJ group to put in jail all the drivers and their brothers. It is like what a rabbit said once:

        ቀዳም ምሸት ኢዩ እሞ ንምዝንጋዕ ተኾነናሲ: ኮነ ያኢ ኣብ ኤርትራ ኩሎም እንስሳ ዘገዳም ይሃሙ ነበሩ እሞ ወዮ ማንቲለ እንታይ ኮይኖም ደኣሎም ኢላ ምስሓተተት ሓደ ነብሪ ኩሎም በላዕቲ ስጋ እንስሳ ፍሊጶስ ኪገፎም ጀሚሩ ስለዘሎ ንሃድም ኣሎና በላ፡ ወያ ማንቲለ ተሓዊሳቶም ነፈጸት እሞ ዝገረሞ ነብሪ እንታይ ደኣ ኮንኪ ንስኺኸ በላዒት ሳዕሪ እንዲኺ ምስበላ፡ ኦይ ፍሊጶስ ኣይትፈልጦን ዲኻ ቅድም ኩሉ ኣልሚሙ ኢዩ ዝኣስር ደሓር ኢዩ ዘጻሪ፡ ምጽራይ ድማ ዓመታት ኢዩ ዝወስድ በለቶ። በርሂኖ መሲለ እንታይ ኣምጺአ ተገንዚብካዮ ትኸውን።

    • Abi

      Selam Kibrom
      I see you put the dots and try to connect them.
      Unless the children are in Addis shopping for አበሻ ልብስ there is nothing connecting the dots.
      These imaginary dots need a very imaginative mind to connect them.

      • saay7


        I am going to say your favorite line: you are unusually slow today. They are not even dots, they are a sketched line and all Kbrom did is make it more visible.

        1. Whether it is for a penny or a gazillion, UAE are in Asab now. (There has never been a single Eritrean government acknowledgement in media it controls but satellite image by intelligence, widespread reporting says it is, and the Eritrean government, which usually jumps to counter any story it deems false, from any source, has said nothing about it.)
        2. The children of President Isaias Afwerki, all compulsory-service-age, are in the UAE. That is, there is one set of rules for ordinary poor Eritreans, and there is another one for Isaias and Isaiasists (who visit Eritrea in the summer with their children, never have to be in the National Service, and then spend the rest of the year sing songs of praise to national service.) You know them: every single supporter of the government here at awate forum fits that criteria.

        3. UAE was central in the reconciliation of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

        4. The connection, our unusually slow Duke, is that at the end of the day, the tyrant still cares about what will happen to him and his family, and he is setting Plan B in motion.

        Get it now?

        Uruguay over Portugal.


    • Hope

      Selam Ustaz/Saidna kibrom:

      Thanks for the info…specially for being a very pos and constructive Info.

      You confidently claimed;

      “6. Simply put things are not as spontaneous as they look, was already outlined in the last three months.
      7. And we will see more in fact more dramatic -actions from both sides – stay tuned!”
      Well,afka yisArr.Big Bro as we have been HUNGRY and THIRSTY for GOOD NEWS like this.

      I think most of us have been partially aware or suspected that,that has been the case.

      PIA said it too in directly in his Martyrs’ Day Speech mentioning the Trump Admin and “mesharikhtina”-aka the UAE/KSA/Cairo.

      The GOOD NEWS is that the Sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorisms,aka,Qatar,is out…seemingly and for good.

      The Aseb Port Leasing:

      -Again ,this has been Nai Adebabay Mister as we have seen the UAE Army controlling everything in Aseb, not just their Naval Base.

      The question is :

      As to how much Eritrea is getting out of this keidi-albo control by the UAE.

      $500 Million per annum, or a sum lump-a one time payment? Likely per annum as I never heard of a one-time payment in such a kind of serious business.

      You mentioned some more” Ancillary” Business like building a new Port for Ethiopia and the UAE.

      You missed few that we heard about:

      -Modernization of the Aseb,Asmera and Massawa International Airports as well the Sawa or Barentu one or so.

      -Fully blown out development Initiative of Tourism and Fishing Industries

      -Upgrading and modernization of Massawa Port(u mentioned that)

      -Intensifying the ongoing partnership in the Fields of Military,Defense,Secuirty, Education and Health


      PIA notified these Projects/developments during one of his previous Interviews.

      PIA’s Kids:

      Well, to be honest with you things are relative and let them enjoy the minimum Royal Family Fun they deserve, the first time I have heard of their trip except Abreham’s covert and overt trips.

      Accountability and Responsibility, “Honesty”:

      Well ,it is up to us Eritreans, to get organized and united in the STRONGEST possible way to challenge the ONE-MAN -SYSTEM to control him and his chaotic and erratic moves.

      he is a dictator like all other World Dictators.

      It I sour problem and failure for allowing him to say and to do whatever he has done.

      I am afraid that he will even SIGN behind the scenes to even hand Eritrea over to Dr Abiy,.God forbid.

      Then what are we going to do,if we haven’t done anything thus far other than watching the mess and loss of 10% of the Eri Population within the last 10 yrs?

      Let us join Medrekh so as to develop the STRONGEST and the MOST UNITED and an Independent, Neutral, Centralized and inclusive Peaceful Political but aggressive Movement to challenge the ONE-MAN-SYSTEM.–so as to take advantage of these New developments.–so that YG’s prophecies/predictions don’t get materialized….”The peace Initiative with Ethiopia might end up only for PIA’s benefit by providing Ethiopia and Dr Abiy with what they need/want ;and yet keep the status quo on Eritreans….”.,a possible case scenario; and if this happens, who is to blame?

      None/NO ONE but ourselves, Eritreans!

      You think Ethiopia and Ethiopians will come to our rescue after they get what they want?

      Hell NO.

      They said it before “Ertra meritiwa inji Hizbiwa aysfelighenim”.

      Read shalika Dawit W at satenaw.com and his previous mantras.

      Why have we failed thus far, for God’s sake?

      We couldn’t even create a team of a Task Force –like a Team of 10 Intellectuals,Lawyers,Poltiicans,Professionals,Activists.so as ..to closely scrutinize every move the regime does and thereby challenge the System?

      You can tell me that there are tons of them and lots of “success’ on that regard that came up with the COIE but where is it now?

      Where is the positive outcome other than the disarray of the so Sell-out and Opportunist Pseudo-Opposition that betrayed us miserably?


      While I admire, appreciate and cherish what most of you have been doing,I am afraid, and regret to say that,with NO prejudice,bias and offense,sitting behind computers in a comfort zone and writing very nice articles ,GOSSIP,”Expert Analysis’, Great Debates,Arguements and Counter-arguments-the SAAY vs Gheteb style, and bravado ONLY,aint going to solve our problems.

      We need more than that.

      With respect,


      Just curious to know:

      Where you an Intelligence Officer during the Osman Salih Sabbe era?

      You seem to have a unique access and Priv to classified Info about Ethio-Eri business?

      Cant wait your next “Breaking News” on this Ethio-Eri Business,which I believe is a very exciting news.

  • Nitricc

    Hi DUESH: why don’t you watch this clip and tell me what happened. you must one of those, you know


  • ‘Gheteb

    An Ethiopian ‘Antiphon’: Unpacking Nationalism By Way Of One Example


    There is, in my considered opinion, one song or tune that should be considered the antiphon or national anthem of the post-Weyane Ethiopia. The tune is by sung by Ayenew Arega (Shalon). Part of the lyrics goes like:

    ያመናል በለው አየነው ኣረጋ ( ሻሎን)

    ኣይ፣ ያ፣ ሆ፣ ሆ
    ያመናል በለው፣ያመናል በለው
    ኣይ፣ ያ፣ ሆ፣ ሆ
    ያመናል በለው፣ያመናል በለው
    ኦሮሞው ሲነካ ያመናል በለው
    አማራው ሲነካ ያመናል በለው
    ደቡቡ ሲነካ ያመናል በለው
    ጉራገው ሲነካ ያመናል በለው
    ቤንሻንጉል ሲነካ ያመናል በለው
    ሶማሊው ሲነካ ያመናል በለው
    ጋምባላ ሲነካ ያመናል በለው
    ያመናል በለው፣ያመናል በለው
    ኣይ፣ያ ፣ሆ፣ ሆ ያመናል በለው
    ወገን ሲነካ ያመናል በለው
    ያመናል በለው፣ያመናል በለው፣ ያመናል በለው


    The leitmotif or the recurring theme of the tune is that if you hurt one of us it will pain us all. If you attack one of us, it is like attacking all of us.

    With such a unifying and nationalistic themes, one can readily see why the Ethiopian masses have rallied around the forces of change that have kicked out the loathsome Weyane tribal junta out of power.

    The nationalist appeal of the song is so strong and palpable so much so that Ethiopianism seems to easily permeate the deep recesses of an Ethiopian psyche. The tune’s beat and refrains must be electrifying and highly moving to an Ethiopian nationalist. It stokes those deeply held feelings of an Ethiopian nationalists Ethiopiawinet.

    The take home message to the members of the Eritrean opposition groups is that the cardinal mistake you have perpetrated is your incessant attack of Eritrean nationalism and your utter reluctance of fiercely defending Eritreanism. Opposing anything and everything the PFDJ stood for, even at the risk of being against Eritrea’s national interest, is/was NO winning strategy.

    But, these days some of you are lugubriously bemoaning your utter failure in your futile endeavors of unseating the PFDJ by working hand in gloves with the perfidious Weyanes.

    One such a loser from the anti-PFDJ camp is Ghezae Hagos — the political galoot, a self-seeking person, who masquerade as a “Justice Seeker. Here he is spewing out his lamentation about the sorry state of his opposition group.

    ” Much conceded it should not be overlooked (used to love this phrase in law papers), we have huge task at hand. Uniting the opposition for a common purpose. Lessons to be learnt from Amhara-Oromo uprising and the enviable diaspora-based (read ESAT led) pressure. Setting priorities; eschewing divisions. Resurrection of the Eritrean constitution (with repeated emphasis on its bill of rights). Acknowledging the change of the rules of engagement. Only those who are ready, can face the future”.

    How despicable is it for this person to write such an utter drivel. Why did it take you this long to learn such rudimentary notions as to how to conduct an effective resistance. One thing that these anti-PFDJ elements do NOT realize is that both the Amhara and Oromo resistance didn’t do is work with forces that was hellbent in destroying Ethiopia’s unity; nor did they spend the lion’s share of their time attacking Ethiopianism.

    But nothing new there. Ghezae Hagos is surely wallowing in the deep seas of COUNTERFACTUAL thinking that he, along with his confederates, may take them eons to realize the futility of their enterprise of upending the PFDJ.

    Another political lummox from the anti-PFDJ camp is non other than Amanuel Iyassu of the Assena Foundation. In his recent radio program, he recited a Tigrigna poem that is nothing but a vapidly hackneyed rendition. That was not that has gotten me FLOORED with utter astonishment. Amanuel has his picture posted along those of PM Abiy and FM Osman, unabashedly signaling that he should also be in line to be considered as the next leader or president of Eritrea. Shame! Shame! Shame!

    To top it all of, the folks at Asmarino.com are caught in flagrante delicto broadcasting FAKE NEWS. I mean their agony must be so excruciatingly painful, their mental function utterly handicapped by such a counterfactual thinking that they have to resort to reporting fake news. I think they have come to realize the wailings in their letter to PM Abiy must have flatly fallen into deaf ears.

    Well, such is the sorry state that the Eritrean opposition are finding themselves in !

    • Abrehet Yosief

      Selam Gheteb,

      እቶም ዝቃወሙ ኣለዉ ይትስኡ ይወድቁ ይነብዑ
      ኣነ ዝገርመኒ ብሒም ኢልኩም ኢሎም ዘጉርዑ
      ደጉዓን ፈኸራን ዋዛን ላዛን ፈልዮም ዘይሰርዑ
      በል ደርፊ ካብ ደለኻ እነሀልካ ካብቶም ናይ ዓድኻ ቆልዑ

      ሆ ከይንብል ኣፍና ተዓቢሱ
      ሆ ክይንብል ሓውና ተሓቢሱ
      ጋንታ ኣሳሪና ናይንዳ ጎረቤት ሆ ይምጉሱ

      ምን ርኤካ ትም ወምን ሰማዕካ ትም
      ቫኼሽን ኣብ ዓዶም የውደኽድኹ
      ነቲ ውጹዕ ኣዕርፍ ኢሎም ከየብረኹ
      ነቲ እሱር ፍትሒ ሃቡ ኢሎም ክይሰበኹ
      ኣብዚ መጺኦም ይውሽልኹ

      ኮርፖራለ ኣንታ ኮርፖራለ
      ቆላዑ ኣብ እንዳይ ቦይ ርጉም
      መናእሰይ ኣብ እንዳ ጆን ሲና
      ዘመርቲ ኣብ ናኹራ ደሴትና
      ኣመንቲ ኣብ ዓዲ ኣበይቶ ክሳብ ገደም

      ክላኣይ ሓርነት ኣሎ
      ግዝኣት ምሰብቀዓ ኣብ ዓዲ ሓሎ
      ጉድጓድ ምስተዃዕተ ጉድ ኣሎ
      ምስተጸባጸበ ሓውካ ሓውቲካ ኣበይ ኣሎ?

    • Kim Hanna

      Selam ‘Gheteb,

      ‘Gheteb, ‘Gheteb, ‘Gheteb, you found your tongue to finally speak clearly, didn’t you?
      I liked you better in ancient Adulsia land, where your hatred doesn’t affect anyone but you.

      I agree with with you that the “National Anthem” song you recommend can become the National Anthem of Ethiopia, when AYENEW AREGA inserts the missing line…….”yamenal belew Tigray sineka, yamenal belew wegan sineka.”

      Until then I consider the song nothing less than a hate speech worthy of Government censorship.
      I know you and your likes will turn on a dime to see Ethiopia in to a conflict zone of brother against brother. God help you.

      Mr. K.H

      • Teodros Alem

        Selam k h
        R u sure there is no ” tigrai sineka” in the song?
        answer me within 1 min(u asked me to answer ur q within a min before),

        • Teodros Alem

          Selam k h
          Never mind , it been over 5 min and i think u r listening to the music to check it out.

        • Kim Hanna

          Selam Teodros Alem,

          I don’t like talking to you.
          But, in this case if the line I said is missing from the song, is not missing, I will apologize to ‘Gheteb and everyone profusely for my jumping the gun.
          I would like to hear it with my own ears. So put it up.
          Is it within a minute.

          Mr. K.H

          • Teodros Alem

            Selam k h
            I already said forget it, i was trying to find out , if u r fault finder( negative mindset) or not and i did.

  • Kbrom

    Hi all

    In the meantime at a time where thousands children (as young as 12 years old) are suffering in dungeons of the brutal prisons of PFDJ, the three kids of Emir Al- Isaias Bin Afwerqi were sent to UAE either to be familiarised with their future country of residence or for summer vacation. The three kids have had a royal family level state protocol reception and are now shopping, dining and enjoying using their unlimited money of credit card. Port of Assab ያንዱን ሞት ለሌላው ህይወት።Sad!

  • FishMilk
    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Selam FishMilk,

      Thank you for the link brother. I did not read it yet. But When I did, I will get back to you.

  • Kbrom

    Hi, all

    If the Government of Eritrea, who flew all the way to Ethiopia to beg for peace and justice, spoke with the language of Ethiopia to beg for peace and justice, gives a deaf ear to its own people, who are begging it for peace and justice using the language it speaks, then his behaviour will be described only as aberrant and should be dealt with as an anomalous.

    If it flew like grotesque, speaks like grotesque, gives deaf ear like grotesque then it is grotesque.

    • Ismail AA

      Dear Kbrom,
      Well, the tragedy is the people lost long ago the language to communicate with the regime. The regime has just one language that can only be spoken through the mouth of one person. If he choose not to speak, nobody speaks; and if he speaks everybody speaks. Then, the lucky behave super cautious not to misspeak while a very few unlucky dare to utter their last words and disappear.

      • Kbrom

        Dear Ismail

        You are always precise and to the point. Thank you. Some one familar with the ever impressive Saho proverbs told me there is a prover which goes like this. ኣንበሳሲ ኣብ ክራማት ዕቛር ማይ ዝረኣየላ ከውሒ ኣብ ሓጋይ ማይ ክሰቲ ይኸዳ. I think it is meant to say being powerful doesn’t necessarily mean being thoughtful. They do not understand that things change with time and season.

        Apparently it seems that PIA is not aware that his own ‘Game over’ is also approaching.

        Read the text below taken from President Isaias’ speech on Martyrs Day and please press CTRL F, replace TPLF by PFDJ and Ethiopia by Eritrea, then the rest is not history as they say, the rest is the current situation in Eritrea. Your neutral, objective and artificially intelligent computer will give you a statement of truth.

        Here is PIA’s speech:

        ‘Twenty seven years is a long interval. The losses incurred and time wasted are thus huge in terms of this yardstick.

        But as the damage inculcated on the and people became increasingly unbearable, it spurred the wrath and a rebellion in the people who said “enough is enough”. This in turn precipitated the end of the TPLF’s shenanigans; which was aptly described as “Game Over”. Ethiopia is now at a turning point or transition. What is the destination? How will this be achieved?

    • saay7

      Selam Kbrom:

      And if you want to know what happened in the Eritrea-Ethiopia meetings, you have to wait for Ethiopian media to tell you because the Eritrean State media surely wont.

      And if you want to know what the government is thinking of, even if you are pro-government, you won’t be told the scoop: you will wait to read it in Bronwyn Brutons tweets and opinion pieces. She is the one who told every Eritrean, opposition or supporter, that demarcation is not a priority: normalization is.

      So, there were some gov supporters who were shocked by this—-when the whistle was blown in the “Ring ‘round Rosie” game, they had no chair to sit on and they were still chanting final and binding. It fell on the great nationalist and Eritrean think tank fellow and intellectual par excellance to tell them, “hush little babies, let’s await further instructions from our overlords.”


      • Kaddis

        Hi Saay,
        Someone sent an Eritrean Tv news announcing all the basic changes of releasing prisoners and closure of Sawa. I’m lost in the Tigrigna
        Please check
        Hope its true

        • ‘Gheteb

          Hi Kaddis,

          Are you referring to a YouTube broadcast from Asmarino Independent?

          If it is then it is FAKE NEWS. I mean, REALLY, FAKE NEWS. Don’t expect my cousin SAAY to say anything about this. But, I will say more about this a bit later on.


        • Hi Kaddis,
          Probably you are referring to an excellent satirical work done by Asmarino.com. It is hilarious that the humourless dimwits at Meskerem.net has labelled it FAKE NEWS.

          • Kaddis

            Hi Samuel, Gheteb
            True, its not picked by the reliable ones.

        • saay7

          Selam Kaddis:

          The news you are referring to is a brilliant satirical Asmarino dot com piece executed flawlessly. That so many people would confuse it for the real thing testifies to its brilliance because great satire must be based on truth. That, upon hearing the “news” of a new proclamation nullifying old ones would be authorized by Isaias Afwerki after assessing developments in Ethiopia, people believed it without saying “our parliament didnt discuss it” is further reason why the satire is spot on. On the creative side, the satire captures all the nuances of EriTV announcements: absurd things said with maximum solemnity.


          • Haile S.

            Selam Sal,
            ሓቅኻ ኣለኻ። ግና እቲ ወሃብ ዜና መፈድሒ ኮይኑ። ወዲ ወጻኢ ከም ምዃኑ ይፍለጥ። ቁሩብ ርቕቕን ብጸሓይ ጽልም ዝበለ፡ ደባን ጁባ ዝተኸድነ እንተዝኸውን፡ ንቑሩብ መዓልታት መእመነ ነይሩ። ንዘስተውዓለ ግና እቲ መልእኽቲ ንጹር እዩ።

          • saay7

            Selamat Haile:

            እቲ ወሃብ ዜና ድኣ ባዕሎም እቶም እሙን ሃገራዊ እስሓቕ መሓሪ ዶይኮኑን? ከም ሰቦም ካብቲ ስቱድዮ ዝረኸብዎ “XXX suits 75% off!” በድላ ጌሮም ዶ ኣይቀረቡን ኣብ ሚያዝያን ግንቦትን? ወዬ ጣይታ ሰጢሖሞ: ስጋ ዘልዚሎም: ” ኣንታ! ቅዋንጣን ከረንሾን ቃሕ ኢሉኒ!” ቅድሚ ምባሎም.

            Wait, I am on to something here but I don’t have the poetic skills; just the voice and the reverb tools:) Can you and Kokob Selam, Abrehet, Kbrom please write me a poem called “ቅዋንጣን ከረንሾን” which is my view of the new peace treaty. Some people don’t like fresh injera; they prefer old dehydrated crunchy injera heated. Some people don’t like fresh meat. They prefer beef jerky. And they are willing to pay premium for it (with your money of course) and now want you to line up and deny you like fresh meat and fresh injera. I will ask Tes at Asmarino to produce the audio.


          • Kbrom


            Waited for our professors Haile, Abrehet and Kokobay apparently they are busy, until they come back with their masterpiece here is the amateurish one

            ምጽዋዩ ስኢና ነገር በዓል ዓዲሃሎ
            ብኸበሮ ተሓሲሙ ብሕንብጢጥ ዝቕበሎ
            ብኽብረት ገዲፉ ሕስረት ዝምቅሮ
            ምእማኑ ከበደ ነገር እዚ ዋሎ

            ባዕላ ሰቒላቶ ረሓቓ
            ባዕላ ሰንከተቶ ቦሓቛ
            ኩብላልያ ኮይኑ ዘይብሉ ጣቋ

            እንጀራ ተሓሲሙ ዝቕበል ኮረንሾ ቋሬጣ
            ጮማ እምቢ ኢሉ ዝልምን ንቑጽ ቋንጣ
            ፖሊሲ ገዲፉ ዘፍሪ ሳላጣ
            ኣይመራሕን እንታይደኣ ዕዳ

            ናብራ ኣይኮነን ምንባር ከም ምንባሩ
            ወዳን ጓላን ኢልና ንፍለዮ ነገሩ
            ሓደው ንእለዮ ነጽድፎ ንሓዋሩ
            ሓደው ንሕና ንኺድ ዓዲ ንግደፈሉ

          • Kaddis

            Hi saay
            Amazing , even a government media picked it here. I’m glad the producers passed their message this wide.
            Hope the real reforms comes sooner.

          • Teodros Alem

            Selam kaddis
            No, no gov media picked it , that is also fake.(the one on horn affaires is fake). go to the gov media they r referring and there is none.

          • Alex

            Hi Saay,
            I find the asmarino hateta personally tasteless and don’t see any brilliance. Grade two children could know it is fake. If they want to pass the message about rule of law which most of us want to see in the country they could have done it properly.

          • saay7


            I guess Ethiopian is full of grade 1 students who run the media, including state-media, as Kaddis told us: they thought it was real and translated it to Amharic.


      • Kbrom

        Hi saay

        Very true! I always wonder what PIA supporters feel when they utter the words and phrases like ‘justice, rule of law, due process of law, love, peace, human dignity, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, constitution, parliament, separation of power, family value, child protection, equality etc.

        Was it Frederick Robertson who said there are three things in the world that deserve no mercy, hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny?

        • Desbele

          What a say !, I googled him and found another gem

          “We win by tenderness. We conquer by forgiveness.”- this one reminds me Bitweded.

      • Selam Saay,
        I have been following social media discussions of PFDJ supporters and their little squabbles strike me as a pale version of the division within the Eritreans for Liberation in North America (EFLNA) in the wake of the EPLF’s strategic withdrawal decision in 1978 in the face of full-blown Soviet intervention. ‘The all-knowing leadership in the field’ versus ‘diaspora ultra-nationalists whose contribution is no match to the ultimate sacrifice the leadership in the field is paying but who wants to appear more catholic than the pope’ trope is back. Do you think it is likely that we might see some kind of break within the PFDJ diaspora supporters?

        • Kbrom

          Dear Samuel

          I woke very early morning to watch Argentina vs France and found your question. Until saay comes back to you with his dexterous writing skills here is መጻንሒ።

          There is no room to compare that time supporters of EPLF with today’s ወላ ትንፈር መንግስትና እንተይልዋ ብዕራይ ኢያ።. This is not an old man’s ቀደም ነይሩ syndrome. The movement you mentioned, Eritreans for Liberation in North America (EFLNA) raised its dissatisfaction in the wake of the strategic withdrawal in 1978 particularly after the heavy loss of ውግእ ሳሊና due to the full-blown Soviet intervention’ was/is also known as ኣዕናዊ ምንቅስቓስ ኤናስኣ (as you might have concluded from your researches by now, any functional conflict is labelled by EPLFDJ as ኣዕናዊ).

          Any ways that movement was at least a result of intellectual discussion where a certain group in EFLNA demanded from the EPLF’s leadership that given the USSR’s military intervention in 1978, it should declare the USSR as revisionist (ኣግላሲት) to which the Politburo replied that the USSR action is not an ideological shift but a tactical mistake. At least the supporters of that time had such a political discussion, intellectual independence and freedom of speech. They were talking about ideas, theories and challenges to the choices of political decisions.

          Today’s supporters are not even respected by the regime they support, because it sees them as people to be trifled with, for PIA they are ክንቲት። Look at their ኣኼባታት መኸተ by ላዕለዋይ ልኡኽ ግንባርን መንግስትን after ዘዕግብ ፖለቲካዊን ዞባዊን ኣህጉራዊን መግለጺ ምስማዕ they will say እሕሕ መቸም ከም ንስሪ ኣርሒቑ ዝርኢ መንግስትና ብፍላይ ድማ መሪሕነትና፡ ቅዋም ይኹን ልዕልና ሕጊ ከላምፋርቕ ሙኻኑን ከምዘየድሊን፡ መሬትና ተወሪሩ ከሎ ዘተ ዘይሕሰብ ሙኻኑ ዘርእዮ ዘሎ ብልሕን ትብዓትን ናይ ብሓቂ ዝሙጎስን እንቋዕ ደጋፊ ህግደፍ ኮንኩ ኢልካ ዘሐብንን ኢዩ።ብተወሳኺ እቲ ወትሩ ጥንቁቕ መሪሕነትና ንሃገራዊ ድሕነትና ክብል ዘካይዶ ዘሎ ምእሳር፡ምግፋፍ ዝነኣድ ስለዝኾነ፡ብዝለዓለ ኪቕጽሎ ኣብ ጎኒ መንግስትና ብሙኻን ንድግፎ። መንግስትና በዚ ሰፊሕ ልቦንኡ ንዓለም ምሉእ ክመርሕ ኢዩ ዝግበኦ እንተኾነ ዓለም ፍትሓዊት ኣይኮነትን። የግዳስ ሓንቲ ንእሽቶ ለበዋ ኣላትና ንሱ ድማ እዚ ኣብ ቁሸት ዝተዋሃብናዮ ገዛውቲ ኩባንያ ህንጻ ሰገን ከቀላጥፍዎ እንተዝሕበር ኣብ ክረምቲ ናብታ እንፈትዋ ሃገርና ብምልላስ ነቕ ዘይብል ሃገራዊ ፍቕርና መርአና (ንዐኦም መስዋእትነትን ሃገራውነትን ሳመር ኣስመራ ምምልላስ ኢዩ)።

          ደሓር ነገራቱ ካብ ክረምቲ ዝጸዓረ ኣብ ቀውዒ ሰፍኢ ዘቐበለ ይቕየር።

          • Hahaha Kibromay,
            That is an incisive, also funny, reply to the question I posed. I agree with what you said. The operative phrase in my question is “pale version”. At any rate, you are spot on the qualitative difference between the supporters of the EPLF/PFDJ then and now.


          • saay7

            Kbur Kbrom:


            Samuel: what Kbrom said above. The ኤናሰአ student-youth grouped was guided by a Marxist-Leninist ideology and when it concluded this ideology was being trifled with by Lenin’s home (USSR) and that this indeological impurity was being accommodated by its own front (EPLF), it put its foot down. Can you think of any ideology its latter day Diaspora Eritreans would defend ? Sure, “Eritreanism”, but only one person gets to define what it means and he is an oracle you have to give sacrifices to to glean what it means. And the oracle is never wrong.

            Incidentally, Weyane, then a 3-year-old organization concluded, like the Eritrean movement before them, that the USSR was counterevolutionary. So I think the Eritrean youth with their “destructive” beliefs were also Weyane.


    • Desbele


      ቅድሚ ቁሩብ ዓመታት ንህዝቢ ኤርትራ ኣምሓርኛ ሙዚቃ ከይሰምዕ ዝኸልኸለ Monkey ኣብ 4 ኪሎ ብኣምሓርኛ ወልደፍደፍ ክብል ምርኣይ ምቕናይ ጥዑም ዘብል እዩ

  • Saleh Johar

    I know your thinking is warped. But I never thought you believe the illusion that you are a peaceful person. Now you want kessela and what else? Excellent, but that is a position only “a peaceful” person like you can take.

  • Selam Hope,

    If anybody, it is the dia/pfdj camp of “demarcation-first” that has come to its senses, because it has accepted ethiopia’s “dialogue-first”. The young ethiopian pm has brought the regime in asmara into a tight corner from where it is very difficult to extricate itself and return to ‘things will be as usual’. When demarcation starts after normalization of relations, it is going to take more or less ethiopia’s position. It is already doing so.

    If the regime says no this time, after borders open and trade start to flow north and south, then, its nakedness and political bankruptcy will be exposed as never before, not only to the eritrean people, but to the whole world community as well. You may not even know what it accepted and what it did not.

    You among the many, who used to say “demarcation first and no life without the bits and pieces of land given to you by the old people in the hague and remained under ethiopia”, you will come to say “what border, good relation is everything”. Dia/pfdj will not complain, because it knows that this is the best chance ever to disentangle itself unscathed, from its half century crimes.

    You are talking about love and saying let Mother Nature take care of the new-founded love and everything else, quoting the bible, as if few days ago you weren’t talking with a lot of bravado. Hope, we are talking about the human society and human relations. Unlike nature, the rules of human society and politics are bizarre and calculative, things that do not occur in nature, and everybody must be vigilant and protect what one calls national interest. Ethiopians will not stop being ethiopians and eritreans will not stop being eritreans, and this will be the foundation of future relations.

    There will be controlled and limited trade at the borders to a certain amount in local currency, contraband trade as at the borders with sudan will be checked with all means available, and exportable items will be outside the list of those traded with local currencies. I think you remember all these.

    Relations will be the similar to any other country in the region. Let us all hope for better days and strive for a normal/acceptable relations from both sides.

    • hope

      Hahaha Dr Horizon.

      My position about the Ethio-Eritrea relationship is Sacrosanct and Dogmatic from the get to go-Consult Guad Abinet.

      Granted,my stand on the PFDJ’s recklessness, chaotic and erratic behavior has been same as above and review the Awate archives.

      I was banned form the pro-Gov webs and even threatened and worse, even DETAINED for expressing the truth about its recklessness.
      But do I need to confess and brag about it or need a permission or pressure at a gunpoint to say and to do what others want me to say or do?

      Nah….a PROUD and Fiercely Independent minded Eritrean cannot do that–it is UN-Eritrean!

      But I have remained ,and will do so, PRN(ask Dr Paulos, even though I think U r an MD as well),as a staunch supporter of the same PFDJ when it comes to national security Interest and territorial Integrity of Eritrea (when it becomes an issue),as it has done a way better job than the failed and sell -out opposition / self-claimed parties and activists, who/.which sided with the EVIL TPLF Gang and did their best to execute the TPLF Gang.

      You added:

      “If the regime says no this time, after borders open and trade start to flow north and south, then, its nakedness and political bankruptcy will be exposed as never before, not only to the eritrean people, but to the whole world community as well. You may not even know what it accepted and what it did not”.
      You are talking to a well-Informed Eritrean about who the PFDJ is and what it thinks or intends.
      No need of further exposes and evidence.
      And who cares about the past but about today and tomorrow?

      What I care now is the peace between the two sisterly nations and brotherly peoples, not what the PFDJ and its cronies have been preaching us for the last 18 yrs and what Ethiopia’s position might be..
      You claimed with His Excellency’s rejoinder:

      “You are talking about love and saying let Mother Nature take care of the new-founded love and everything else, quoting the bible, as if few days ago you weren’t talking with a lot of bravado.”.

      I repeat:

      Let the “Love Affair” or the relationship be dictated by Mother Nature/Natural Law, be it trade or any kind of relationship.

      Remember that Hope is also a HUMAN BEING.


      If talking facts as they are written is one/bravado,let it be buddy!

      Eritreanism and its miraculous ACHIEVeMENT is well documented on a hard steel.

      U declared:

      “Relations will be the similar to any other country in the region. Let us all hope for better days and strive for a normal/acceptable relations from both sides”.

      But rest ASSURED, and no worries though, about your TPLF- like pathological paranoia, toxic attitude (and wishes) and greediness when it comes to Eritrea’s intention about the Trade/economic relationship with Ethiopia as Eritrea’s ABUNDANT natural resources and economy can take care of the entire Africa let alone Ethiopia.

      In the event, if you still think and believe that Hope et al are begging you and your Ethiopia for a favor(other than to LEAVE us ALONE), you are dead WRONG!

      I am glad that you are NOT or will not be Dr Abiy’s Cabinet member.

      • Selam Hope,

        That is hilarious really, when you say a prn supporter of pfdj. I am planning to be a bid or tid tplf supporter. What do you say? Common Hope, you really do not mean that. You are either a full time supporter or a no supporter. You are either with the pfdj or against it. There is no middle way.

        Do you really believe this, when you say dia/pfdj stand for the “national security Interest and territorial Integrity of Eritrea”? Eritrea’s security was put in danger as the result of dia/pfdj’s belligerent nature, and not due to the eritrean opposition. What DIA did all these years since the eritrean independence, was to sacrifice eritreans for his warmongering policy towards all the neighbors of eritrea. Dia/pfdj are liabilities for eritrean security.

  • Acria

    Ethiopia has now an eloquent and a well deserved leader, full of hope, and with the unrelenting message of love and unity of all the diverse cultures of Ethiopia and the neighboring countries. In order to accomplish this, you need democratic and willing partners in the Horn of Africa. This is unthinkable with the status quo we currently have in the region. Eritrea, for example, need to establish democratic institutions in order to have a reliable peace in the region. Mere establishment of peaceful relationship doesn’t mean it will bring peace and democracy inside Eritrea- we don’t have any precedent of an attempt to that end! The only way to have a peaceful and democratic Eritrea is for the old generation and old thinking of HGDEF to give way for new generation of democratically inclined leaders to lead the country towards internal and external peace. This will take time and sacrifice. My pessimism is clearly from what I have observed since independence. Simply making peaceful relationship with Ethiopia will not automatically lead to the cessation of mandatory conscription, to the institution of our constitution, the release of political prisoners, and free travel of Eritreans. The Eritrean government must start instituting these minimum measures in order to have credibility within and outside Eritrea. We will wait and see!

    • Peace!

      Hi Acria,
      Well comeback. Well, we had some hopeful moments but we were too divided to take advantage and turn things around. The strength of PFDJ is the division of justice seekers and opposition groups, and unless that changes እሱ ክጽይቕ ኣንሕና ኣታ ጸይቂ ክንብል መሬት ክትዓርብ እያ- ወዱ ገዲፉልና ክኽይድ እዩ.

      It is a shame that after sixteen years of struggle we do not have a leverage to take a part in the ongoing changes. Things are being done as if no Opositions exist. However, setback is a part of any journey and requires creative maneuvers to turn it into our advantage. We should not be demoralized and restricting ourselves to making predictions—what might happen or how long the honeymoon may last.


      • Saleh Johar

        Hi Peace,
        I take issue with the 16 years barration. No. Opposition never stopped in 1991 though it was an uphill battle against the PFDJ and those who woke up 16 years ago. Recognition is the bedrock of a true unity among the opposing entities which you alluded to in your comment.

        I take issue with this point because the PFDJ’s narration is the the Eritrean struggle started in 1971 when we all know it existed since the 1961, that is if we focus on the armed struggle alone. I am certain you understand the implication of denying Eritreans recognition of their history.

        Thank you in advance for correcting your comment.

  • gebremedhin yohannes

    selam Gergis
    At least 1/3 of their population is not a refuge some where else out side the country
    thy have more universities and school than prison
    people can go to their country with out any fear
    thy have a constitution, a budget to run the country, a parliament that discuss about the country
    thy have 3 prime minsters so far
    “Massive Capital flight from the country” are you kidding me go and ask the Chinese bank .
    “Population explosion” and how about Eritrea’s negative population growth like the “develop” country(Singapore) , i hope you will explain to us why the country is having a negative population growth.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Selam George,

    Actually I am not wrong. Yourself and your boss, who were deadly wrong for 16 years on your mantra “demarcations first” are now forced to accept “dialogue and normalization first.” Let me also tell you this: the voices of peace that is coming like a thunder from Ethiopia, will shake you to the core and slowly will open a glimpse of hope to the Eritrean people.

  • Amanuel Hidrat

    Ras Abi,

    Those I mentioned 5 points are not in themselves that contribute for changes, but they are favorable ground (what we call in politics the objective situation) to help to forces of change (what we call them again the subjective matter) that brought the new leader from no where in the sight the drive the state machine. Am l clear now?

    • Abi

      Selam Ato Amanuel
      Thank you for confusing me more than ever before. I’m sure you have written an article about these ” objective situation ” and ” subjective matter ” concepts on your Tegabez or is it Tebeges column? I will invite myself and dig through it.

  • ghezaehagos

    The Case 2% of the supporters.

    You have heard the 20-60-20 rule. 20% always will support or oppose.

    But if you dissect the 20% supporters, you will find they are not all the same. In the support-Isaias milieu, you will find there are soft core and some hard-core, unrepentant supporters. When the government does something really bad, which were a lot (really a lot) over the span of almost three decades, the hard-core supporters hurry to cover up the ignominy by going to the extreme. For them Petros Solomon worked with CIA/Woyane. Sherifo was a regionalist Muslim fundamentalist; 60% of those perished in Lampedusa were Tigreans. They are endowed with an ear that heard wails from Enticho in mid-October 2013.

    There are also among those 20%, around 10% can listen to nothing but the demise of Eritrean opposition or any of its failures. In the milieu, they are worse.

    The character Gheteb is not one of them.

    And from the 20%, about 2% of them have nothing but hate and spite. In the Western movie ‘Tombstone’, the villain was said ‘ he can never kill enough, or steal enough or inflict enough’ ever fill the hole in his heart. It may well be said of their cult-idol, Isaias Afewerki. They can ‘never lie enough’ ‘spin enough’ to fill the hole in their hearts. Why? ‘Beka KemeU koynon.’ That is intrinsic element of their existence on this earth. In short, that is who they are.

    For us the justice seekers, you can reason out or argue with exasperation with the majority of the 20%. You can get mad by their cruelty; get repulsed by their hypocrisy; and flabbergasted by their willful delusion.

    But those 2 %…. They elicit neither anger nor repulsion. They don’t even deserve sympathy. But pure and crystal indifference. When one thinks of these 2% supporters, the character ‘Gheteb’ comes to mind with all his ubiquitous debasement.

    Ghezae Hagos.

    • Paulos

      Selam Ghezae,

      Only heaven knows if they go to bed every night with clear conscience. We should feel sorry for them.

      • @george

        Dear Paulo

        Seriously you are feeling sorry for us. How nice of you, such a gentleman you are. Coming from a guy who is Eritrean traveling for vacation in tplf land. Sure, we believe you. I wonder what else you going to tell us next time. We all yours waiting for mr Pablo to tell us Fantastic Voyage Through the land of w o y n a. Lord have mercy on you.

        • FishMilk

          Hi @george. Yeah Paulos loves to write favorable TripAdvisor reviews for anything and everything in Tigray. He definitely deserves a TPLF Purple Heart award for he is on the same level as Hayet Adem in being set on auto response defend TPLF mode.

      • Ismail AA

        Dear Dr. Paulos,
        Anyone who willingly have his conscience killed, coerced by reason to have it killed or not endowed with live conscience to begin with can always go to bed and rise. He/she is just a breathing being dispossessed of the faculty of separating right from wrong.

  • Dis Donc

    Dear Gere,
    I was born in Sudan and grew-up in Ethiopia. Up until I was told that I am not Ethiopian any more, I was living in peace. I even had a dream of going back to Addis at the completion of my studies. Never in my life or there after, I had a dream of living in the west. When I left the US, many thought that I was crazy. I am a negro from the Caribbean community. I studied and worked in US, UK, EU and Latin American countries, all with work visa or official visa. My dream is not just to see a prosperous and civilized Ethiopia but to see a country that its citizens take pride in. Plus, I want to have an opportunity to brag about my growing-up there.

    As for me, every day I am drifting away both Ethiopia and Eritrea. What I read about Eritrea from Eritreans is nothing but convulsive. That puts the Eritrean project in tatters, for me.

  • ‘Gheteb

    Among The Upshots Of The Emergent Ethio-Eritrean Relation


    Here are what PM Abby said in Afar zone yesterday vis-à-vis the developing Ethio-Eritrean Relation

    1) Jump-start full diplomatic relation including re-opening of their embassies.
    2) Re-deployment of troops from the border lines.
    3) Free cross-border movement of people.
    4) Start bilateral trade relationships.

    Since the visit of Eritrea’s delegation to Ethiopia, I am amazed to see many Ethiopians carrying The Eritrean flag and pictures of PIA in the rallies and demonstration held, in Addis Ababa, Gonder, Dessie and Woldia. This is indicative of the thaw of the relation between the two countries and the groundswell of goodwill of the Ethiopian people towards Eritrea.

    There are other ramifications to the emergent Ethio-Eritrean relation. Let me just mention a couple here.

    (A) Per a Sudan Tribune report, Sudan is expressing its keenness to improve and boost its relations with Eritrea.

    (B) Reportedly, the Ethiopian government has stopped financial support of the Eritrean oppositions groups and is asking them to go packing and out of its territories.

    I am not here to add to the exquisite agony that these anti-PFDJ elements are feeling these days, but I have to bring to the fore and expose their warped political views regarding Eritrea.

    The Eritrean opposition groups COUNTERFACTUALS

    First, what is a counterfactual thinking?

    [ Counterfactual thinking is a concept in psychology that involves the human tendency to create possible alternatives to life events that have already occurred; something that is contrary to what actually happened. Counterfactual thinking is, as it states: “counter to the facts”.]

    I will try to amplify this by way of giving one example.

    Anyone who knows beans about The Horn Of Africa, would tell you that Ethiopia not only enjoyed a close relationship with the US, it also had the full diplomatic and political support of the Clinton/Bush/Obama administrations until the advent of the Trump administration. Eritrea does NOT even have a relation with the US in the ambassadorial level which is on the offing.

    That means, from the Eritrean angle, the political milieu in 2018 is a LOT different than, say, 2002 or 2007. These glaring facts should be crystal clear to anyone, but not so to those whose political views are nothing but to oppose whatever the PFDJ does and support whatever the opposes.

    They would pointblank tell you that 2007 was geopolitically the same as 2018 when it came to Ethiopia and Eritrea in their handlings of the EEBC verdict. Ergo, “IA” wasted all these time. He could have gotten in 2007 the same deal he got in 2018 [ courtesy of Cuz SAAY].

    It is such COUNTERFACTUAL thinking that is making it awfully hard for the anti-PFDJ elements to come to grips with the prevailing realities in Eritrea.

    • saay7

      Selamat Cuz Gheteb:

      With regards to what PM Abbiy said in his Q & A with Afar Ethiopians, it would have been helpful to the readers if you had given the context.

      An Ethiopian Afari National was asking about Ethiopian negotiations with Eritrea and he expressed his hope that the Ethiopian delegation would incorporate the wishes/concerns of Afar Ethiopians. The Prime Minister said that, at this stage, Ethiopia is interested in restoring the relationship at the national level and it “might be helpful” when the right time comes to include Afari Ethiopians and Tigrayan Ethiopians in the negotiations. The list he itemized, then, was by way of buying himself time and he felt compelled to give examples of what are done at the macro level.

      Now, can you tell the forum why the Ethiopian Afar was expressing such a concern? The question was more telling than the answer but in the surreal world of PFDJ it’s always shefno shefafno, Viva! Andiyamo! No GPS necessary, follow wedi afom, ንኺድ ጥራይ!


      • ‘Gheteb

        Hey Cuz SAAY:

        You want me to say more about the Ethiopian Afari “concern” about the growing Ethio-Eritrean relation.

        Well, all I can say is that it is outside my province, literally and figuratively.

        However, I am not totally oblivious of the concerns that some Ethiopians are raising, be them Afaris, the people from Irob and I am also acutely aware of some bred-in-the-bone anti-Eritrean Ethiopians in this Forum, the likes of ተንኮለኛው Amde who are horrifyingly MORTIFIED by the sight of their Ethiopian brethren carrying the Eritrean flag and placards showing the picture of PIA in the recent rallies and demonstrations that have been taking places in numerous Ethiopian cities.

        The groundswell of Ethiopians support of Eritrea has the potential of wonderfully unscrambling the complex problems that had bedeviled the Ethio-Eritrean relation for a long time.

        That said, allow me to jog your memories here. I have said previously that the implementation of both the Claims Commission and the EBBC verdicts must be carried out DEFTLY.

        I had in mind the concerns of the people living in the border areas between the two countries. PM Abiy has a lot on his plate with “The Day Time Hyenas (የቀን ጅቦች) are out with a vengeance to wreak havoc on the burgeoning Ethiopian Abiy’s Abyot or revolution.

        Such being the objective reality in Ethiopia proper, some from the PFDJ corner are asking that ” Eritrea must insist on the demarcation of its borders”, which is understandable from where I am standing.

        However, prudence is calling for the ultimate caution for both parties to move ever more gingerly, the objective being the stability of Ethiopia and the strengthening of PM Abiys hands. All other outstanding issues will be worked out given some time and a cornucopia of goodwill from both parties.

        You are saying that, ” Isaias begging Albashir to open up his single border”?

        Well, not according to what the Sudan Tribune of June 28, 2018 is reporting. Unless, of course, there has been susurrations about this tidbits meant only for the ears of the denizens of Planet Illogic.

        ” Omer Atta deputy head of NCP Africa secretariat Thursday paid a courtesy visit to the Eritrean ambassador to Khartoum Ibrahim Idris on the occasion of the Martyrs’ Day, an official holiday to pay tribute to those who died for the country’s liberation.

        In a statement released after the meeting, the NCP official said he told the Eritrean diplomat that his party believes Eritrea is a brotherly neighbour sharing many interests with Sudan apart from the other social and cultural ties.

        He further called for continuous efforts to boost bilateral for the benefit of both peoples”.

        Not only Sudan, I foresee that Eritrea’s relation improving with both Somalia and Djibouti not in the so distant future.

        • saay7

          Selamat Gheteb:
          Since you introduce the four points you itemzied with “Here ere are what PM Abby said in Afar zone yesterday vis-à-vis the developing Ethio-Eritrean Relation”, I suggested you give the full context: the it was in reply to a question posed by an Afari Ethiopian. Just so some don’t think it was due to diplomatic breath-though of Cheech and Chong who were in Addis. I didn’t even quibble with your representation of the four points as you either misheard him or you put the PFDJ spin on it. But, for the sake of clarification, what he did is define what peace between the two nations means. Peace means, he said:

          1) Jump-start full diplomatic relation including re-opening of their embassies.
          2) starting air travel
          2) Re-deployment of troops from the border lines.
          3) Free Enable cross-border movement of people trade.
          4) Start bilateral trade relationships open up transportation

          You are welcome.

          Now, I appreciate what you said regarding the concerns of people who live in the border areas. It would have demonstrated your independence and intellectual honesty if you had said BEFORE you got the green light from IA to say it, but, baby steps are welcome.

          Still, that was not even the intent of the question. The question was, “since this exchange of ideas (ውይይት) may advance all the way to talks about Asab, there is a thought that there should be participation of the Afar people.” Now, what do you think the gentleman was getting at? Hint: if a Tigrayan had said that you would have been in full Zeraf mode.

          Coming back to Sudan, you know (or should know) that that country, just like Eritrea’s PFDJ, is a one party state but unlike the monotone Eritrea, Stereo Sudan delivers its messages via the ruling party, the Central government and the border State of Kessela. Since you are a very intelligent person, until such time as the border with Ethiopia and Djibouti open up, who needs whom more in the Sudan-Eritrea power dynamics? Who has whose smugglers, contrabandits, spies, fund-raisers in prison?

          Don’t get me wrong: Al Beshir is changeable as Isaias, swinging hither and yonder between one ally to another. What I am saying is that right now, he has the leverage of Isaias and it is not credible that he is “begging” Isaias to reconcile.

          By the way, when you guys talk about Abi meeting with his citizens and listening to them and taking their questions, do you sometimes say, “hmmm, I think that’s what our prez is supposed to do?” No?


          • ‘Gheteb

            Cuz SAAY:

            Whether four or five or six, on the items enumerated regarding the emergent Ethio-Eritrean relation, contextualized or de-contextualized, the take home message was that to the chagrin of many anti-PFDJ Eritreans, the Ethio-Eritrean relations is forging ahead.

            I am not the only one saying this. There are others who are writing about: “Sustainable peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia seems closer than ever before.” on AlJazira Opinion Pages.

            Anent the Ethiopian Afari remarks, in the scheme of things, there is nothing new to write home about. Whether it was hinted that Ethiopia should get Assab back or gobble up the whole of Eritrea. There is an armada of Ethiopians who are pining for that scenario to happen. That there are some Afaris who may want that is nothing new. It has been there and we have heard it before.

            BTW, I have never said that Al Beshir is begging Isaias. It was from your side that assertion or claim was made.

            ” Isaias begging Albashir to open up his single border”. All I did was I brought The report of The Sudan Tribune. I don’t want to belabor this as I think it is quite clear without any need of further elaboration.

            As it is your favorite hobbyhorse, bring anything and everything to “IA” or PFDJ, here you are querying “about I think that’s what our prez is supposed to do?”

            Well, since Tegadaly Isaias and later PIA has been in the helm of leadership for almost half a century, meeting with the Eritrean people, listening to their questions and concerns is amply documented so much so that it does not warrant further elucidation. The fact remains that PIA, as a leader, is unrivalled in being close to his people.

            Well, I will let you have the last word in this and wrap up this exchange.

          • saay7

            Cuz Gheteb:

            Ah, a new fable is being created, rewriting of history that PFDJ is notorious for. And, it is happening in real time and it is this: the Ethio-Eritrean relations forging ahead is “to the chagrin of many anti-PFDJ Eritreans.” No. What we are saying is: this Ethio-Eritrean relations could have forged ahead a very long time ago (16 years ago) if a certain government had not made regime change a pre-condition to the forging ahead. That would be your PFDJ saying that it won’t deal with TPLF because it doesn’t trust them. So the chagrin is for the wasted years. The chagrin is that this is likely to be no more than a breathing space to the tyrant to have everybody look the other direction as he practices his favorite sport, arresting and torturing and disappearing Eritreans.

            On the Asab thing, you have heard it before, sure. But there was more to the Afari man asking that Afars be part of that negotation. They are telling him, “the closer you live to the land he rules, the more knowledge you have of what kind of man he is.” Since Afaris, like all cross-border people, have their kin on the other side of the border, they host Afar refugees and they have heard their horror stories. They are trying to tell PM Abiy, “let’s help you navigate this.”

            You brought up the report of Sudan Tribune for a reason. You certainly don’t bring here everything you read, do you? You brought it because you want to argue “Happy Days Are Here Again”, no?

            IA used to meet with the Eritrean people and take questions in the 1990s, when he was only an authoritarian. Since he assumed full totalitarian post, he figured that he doesn’t have to go through that effort and hasn’t done it.


  • Dis Donc

    Dear BTET,
    I don’t wanna barge but Mengie was half-Konso and Minilik was Showan.

  • Dis Donc

    Epílogo: before I read a barage of ugly remarks I want to preempt that I am not Eritrean, never was and never will be. Let me also pay my utmost tribute for those who paid dearly for liberty and democracy, however disillusioned you may be with the outcome.

    Dear Ethiopians,
    For the first in your history you have a leadership that has a majority backing. With a huge políticas capital to spend, the young leader has an ample oportunity to define the country for centuries to come. 27+ years on, the military is still not elite and profesional enough. The police force is anything but a militia type. May be it is time it evolves to a carabinero or gendarmería type. I hope he goes on fullsteam with the economy and liberalize it, accompanied with an energized commercial and federal laws, for regulation purposes, leaving the killils to learn and adapt from the federal law.

    With regards to Eritrea; I hope he gets what he intends to. If not then leave it for future gov’ts to solve it. Hoping that the fixation with Eritrea comes to an end. Ethiopian is big enough by herself to buy a port of her own, both for commercial and navy purposes.

    Finally, I aplaude you for reaching this milestone organically, with one party at that. Been meaning to write this for awhile now but….

    • Paulos

      Dis Donc,

      You said”…..Organically….” As in going green?

      • Dis Donc

        Dear Paulus,
        Am sure that you are joking. If not then I meant to say within EPRDF that includes TPLF, however differences I have with them.

        • Paulos

          Dis Donc,

          Yea was joking. Thanks.

    • Ismail AA

      Selam Dis Dong,

      Glad to have back after quite a while. Much has been discussed about the unfolding change in Ethiopia. The man in charge now has made quick steps on which future unity and peace could be built for unhampered economic and social upliftment the peoples deserve.

      In regard to Eritrea, Dr. Abiy and his team are expected to aware of the regime they are dealing with whose leader is addicted to lawlessness. Peoples welcome peace -since there is no progress without it. But the hope is Eritrea’s oppressed people would be spared renewed disappointment by our Ethiopian friends. They should not become a bandwagon for prolonging the current ruinous regime . hey should not create problems for the Eritrean people by while intending to resolve problems on their side of the border. Peace in Eritrea is considerable recipe for peace in the region of Ethiopia is the epicenter.

      • Berhe Y

        Dear Ismael AA,

        My hope is that, PMAA does understand the abuse and the suffering the Eritrean people are in under the current regime. As has been told, that he is the author of the movie, which depicts the suffering of the people crossing the deserts (which majority are Eritreans), I am hopeful that he has deep understanding of the problems at home and he will not just abandon his moral responsibilities to look the other way. Beside the Eritrean opposition, what is that to happen to the hundredth of thousands refugees as well.

        The fact that the Eritrean media chose not to publicize the meeting of the Eritrean delegates and their reception by the PM and his government, I think to me, sends a great deal of threat to the Eritrean regime. The regime has no confidence in what it does and this is a huge advantage to what’s too come.

        The same way he was able to rally the Ethiopian people under the banner of peace and unity, I think he will be able to rally the Eritrean people to stand for peace as well. I have a feeling that those delegates, had time to think for themselves, to reflect, on what is currently being transpired in the country and I am sure they have something to say to themselves when they are alone.

        The same way he has given the Tigray people the assurance that the rest of Ethiopia has nothing against them, which the TPLF was using as a political capital as the only guard for their people of Tigray safety, now the people are energized to stand up for their own and have nothing to fear.

        PFDJ and was also banking on the fear that, Ethiopia and weyane are coming to take over our country will not longer be used as an excuse.

        And I believe this is the beginning of something big that is to come to the Eritrean political arena.


        • Dis Donc

          Dear wed Silas,
          There are many ways to skin a cat. As such, contrary to your fear there are many other mechanisms to address social issues. TPLF’s problems were that they thought they were sole owners of problems and their rememdy. From what I see, Abiy is cognizant of this fact. But also knows the limitation that Ethiopia has, in its current state. Resources are finite but knowledge might be aplenty….

        • Ismail AA

          Dear Berhe,

          This is the hope peace and freedom seeking Eritreans share. Ethiopia’s current leadership should look at broader regional picture and not be thwarted by immediate national interests, one of which is relieving themselves from hostile propensities of the Eritrean regime as long as the despot at its helm stays on.

          The starting point in their new dealings is understanding the mindset of dictators. They detest diplomacy that requires compromises, and instead they seek quid pro quos. When they feel the counterpart stands at weaker end and shows desperation goes for any solution, they resort to dictation. The Eritrean regime fits in such category.

          It’s hoped PMAA and his team would not suffer the shortcoming of circumscribed memory. They should remember how the TPLF’s ill-considered short term policies in 1980-82 had damaged the Eritrean people and the Ethiopian peoples on equal footing by enabling a monster that turned to a scourge of instability. Their alliance had changed the delicate balances that had to prop internal peace in Eritrea that affected the neighboring countries without exception, and which the TPLF leaders had lived to regret.

          The problems our Ethiopia friends are set to resolve have their roots in mistakes of the 80s and later. Past mistakes had incurred irreparable human and material losses in both countries. Dr. Abiy should avoid repeating those unfortunate deadly errors. History would remember them as agent of freedom, peace and progress for both countries if they remember what is good for their own people is also good for their neighbors. Giving the regime renewed lease of life would be replaying old mistakes, and would sooner or later back fire.

      • Amde

        Selam Dis Donc,

        Welcome back. It is not every day that one is acutely aware of being within a decisively historic time. Yet here we are.

        You are right, Abiy or at least the current leadership have found themselves at a point where they can define the country and the region for generations. You said centuries – which took me aback a bit but on reflection I agree with you. I think he has the vision and the will to do it. I have never experienced an Ethiopian national leadership that is in such synch with the sentiments of the overwhelming majority of the people.

        The obsession with Eritrea – that is excellent advice. It seems like there are more Eritrean flags flying in Bahr Dar now in preparation for the Sunday event than there are in Eritrea itself. It is bizarre and embarrassing to be honest. But i think Abiy is probably rushing to close an old chapter and move on. The Ethiopian Navy aspiration appears to be a solid one, and it seems he has a vision to at least have an Ethiopian naval footprint in the Indian Ocean. Probably a matter of a decade or so.

        Hope everything is going well.


        • Dis Donc

          Dear Amde,
          Every discussion I have with friends indicates to what you are saying. Even Aman Andom didn’t enjoy such popularity. It’s even more amazing that he sprang from OPDO. A lot has been written about the Oromo but he embodies the Oromo that I grew-up with. I even dare say that the Oromo (central Ethiopia, in general) has its own civilization as I read and compare here from Tegaru and Eritreans.

          Saying that, it is a disservice note, to that he and his team are member of an OPDO which is a subset of EPRDF. The latter being a highly left leaning party and the former being a social Democratic Party. It seems as if OPDO came out swinging as a citizens (what we call ciudadanos in castillo an) party, dead center!

          On a personal note: I am doing fine just very busy, really…

      • Dis Donc

        Dear Ismael,
        Imagine a country that has struggled to define its nationality for centuries. Imagine also many died to meaningless wars that its own citizens quarreled about its nationalty’s epicenter. For the first time they found a leadership that they call their own, in huge numbers. Think, the uplifting it gives its citizens identifying themselves as Ethiopians, which were very difficult to assess few months back. I hope he capitalizes on this popularity for the betterment. History showed us that this is their 1991 moment. I hope he goes ahead and implement many of his ideas.

        With regard to Eritrea: I admit that he shouldn’t abandon her but with patience and diplomacy. The world always has a way of solving crisis. I hope, he and his team heeds the past learnings from other situations. But in order for him to garner western support, to unlock the SEritrean situation, he needs not to rush but seek out solutions working other democracies. But first develope his nation and show the world that things can be done. Democracy, justice, liberty, economic prosperity, and all those ideals that his citizens crave to enjoy.

        Forgive if I didn’t meet your expectations as I just got home and trying collect my thoughts. But I hope that we get together and celebrate. I always want to see you teaching….

    • Abraham H.

      Hi DD, so you are not Eritrean, may I then ask why you found it important to use the Eritrean id-card as your avatar?

      • Dis Donc

        Dear Abe,
        I didn’t get around to it but it is pending for change.

        • Abraham H.

          Dear DD, well it is your choice to use whatever avatar you want, but I was just intrigued by your choice of this particular avatar. If I’m not mistaken, you’ve previously told this forum you are Eritrean, at least on part of your family, born and grown up in Ethiopia.

          • Dis Donc

            Dear Abe,
            Read around the vile that is thrown at Ethiopians and read also their response. You don’t read them writing about inferiority or superiority complex. Worse, ugly words that should be extinct from anyone’s dictionary for the 21st century. But here we are, no? My only regrets is for those who do mean good for their country and people. Even more so, for those who paid dearly in the field of the struggle. Anta hawey Hijis ametzatzikani.

          • Abraham H.

            DD, I don’t understand what you are saying here, but I’m sure you are a liar. End of this thread with you

          • Dis Donc

            Yikunelka z’hawey. Respect, mon!

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Abraham,

            He is an Eritrean by origin, but he want to make the ugliness of some Eritreans to get off his back and to leave it on pending.

  • Blink

    Dear Now
    Tigray TV did not show it live either and they are being called to answer questions.

    • Berhe Y

      dear blink,

      It was always Ethiopia now the measuring stick is Tigray. You seriously think there is nothing wrong for the Eritrean TV not to cover this event? What is there to cover more important event in the last 20 years than this event? Eritrean politics speaking….

      At least Tigray TV (as you said) they are called to answer question unlike the PFDJ. Even at this level, PFDJ is not even equal to Tigray.

      Aye enda hgdf, mewedaEta yeblun, ab melqes nay Isayas dea yeraKbena


      • Haile S.

        Selamat Berhe,
        What do you expect? Isn’t this the abnormal normality in the Hdgef and woyane worlds. እቶም ናይና ብጽፍሮም ዘይቀረጽዎ፡ እቶም ጎረቤትና ብዓርሶም ዘየዳለውዎ ነገር ክኸውን የብሉን ኢሎም ዝኣምኑ ሰባት ዶ’ይኮኑን።

      • Blink

        Dear Berhe
        I don’t know if Eri TV were with the Foreign minster Osman Saleh .

        • Berhe Y

          Hi blink,

          It doesn’t have to be live but recap the event as it was all over the Internet.

          I am sure, majority of people in Asmara at least have seen it via satellite.

          I hope the meeting is in Asmara, but I doubt it will be there. I don’t think IA will have meAnTa to try and take risk.


      • Abraham H.

        Dear Berhe, no, we are NOT going to join them during their melqes of DIA, hopefully soon. But we are going to watch them mourn the passing away of their demigod and hope that finally they come to their senses.

  • FishMilk

    Hi All. Away Tsehaye who is TPLF politburo member is now under house arrest in Asosa for trying to instigate violent protest against PM Abiy and his reform agenda. His actions have had the unexpected result of turning crowd anger against TPLF & Associates, and unfortunately, Tigray owned businesses in general.

    • Blink

      Dear FM
      Another surprise from Sudan is also coming.

  • saay7


    So, the worst thing that would have happened is that Ethiopia would not have negotiated in goodwill. On 10% of the disputed land. And the land would still have been occupied by Ethiopia? And that is still is the case. So, what is it that we would have lost? Our patience?


    • Alex

      Hi Saay,
      If TPLF led Ethiopia did not negotiate in good faith then we will have been in the same boat of no peace no war. Like I stated before the Eritrean government should have lessened the loss that comes from no peace no war situation by ratifying the constitution, allowing people to do business with out any hindrance and repealing any draconian laws.

      • saay7


        Exactly. The point is: there was no downside to talking, with a possibility for an upside. There was nothing but downside to not talking.


  • Berhe Y

    Dear @george,

    I just want to add this IA trying to fight the imperialist non sense. If we just look at horn Africa and North Africa for example, Uganda Museveni is in power for 34 years, Ethiopia, EPRDF 27 (except untimely death of MZ, who I think would stil be in power), Ruwanda/ Kagame 24 years, Sudan / AlBashir 29 years, before the Arab revolution, Egypt / Mubarek, 30 years, Tunisia, Algeria, Morroco, Libia, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti etc… none of these countries human rights records, constitution etc was really worth celkebrating.

    But none of their citizens are leaving in droves risking their lives.

    So are you going to argue that the Eritrean government is better of than all these counties, the Eritrean people with the so called “independent government” that the people are better of?


  • Berhe Y

    Dear @george,

    I am surprised that you haven’t seen Haile DuruE video until now for someone who claims EPLF groupie…
    Pure Haile, how unlucky that we are not having him as our leader..,,

    I can’t imagine, if you look the video of those Eritreans who are in prison at adi abeito, or the thousands of Eritreans dying in the deserts and the Mediterranean escaping from their own government, all the torture and rape and slavery that’s going on in our country, by the testimony of Eritreans themselves and deny it as if it doesn’t exist or you try to find reasonable justification for it in the name of independence, or what have you, I think it’s pure, total selfish ness.

    If you actually believe that, if America or any other military power that it wants to remove the ERITREAN government but it’s not able to because if it’s military might of Eritrea, you got to be kidding yourself.

    I really don’t know the economic problems the Ethiopians find themselves but Ethiopian Airlines is probably a billion dollar revenue. And it’s profit annually is no more than 400 million dollars if my information is accurate. It’s important but defiantly it’s NOT Apple of Alibaba.

    So if Ethiopia did what the ERITREAN government did, basically confisticated all the money from people and basically stole, I wonder what you would have said. Not only that it cut people money by third and forced the exchange rate at whim.

    Is this the type of economy or independence you are proud of. I bet the Taliban government operated in a lot more accountable ways that the ERITREAN government,

    You remind me the Tigrinya saying,

    Adgi zeyblus Beqli ymEq.

    Another home work for you, please the correspondence of Uqbe Abraha to IA.


  • Amde

    Selam @george,

    So in your opinion, partial privatization of a reasonably successful company is infinitely worse than not having a constitution?


  • Saba

    Selam All.
    Having seen the recent developments, more likely change is coming from within PFDJ. Opposition, are you ready? MOVE ON from your old POLITICS OF DIVISION and start a new POLITICS OF ADDITION(who said that first?). In Ethiopia the opposition groups started to define Ethipiawinet and they gave a narrative to the popular uprising.

    So according to you, the Eritrean opposition, what is the Eritrean identity? What does it mean being Eritrean? What is Eritrawinet?
    How can the opposition help to start and shape a popular uprising in Eritrea?
    Like many Eritreans, i have no idea what the opposition stands for. They utter generic terms like democracy and then you see them throwing stones at you.

    • Ismail AA

      Selam Saba,

      I have no idea on what you built insinuation the likelihood of change “coming from within PFDJ”. But you raised questions worthy of reflection. Could I see the PFDJ following on the footsteps of EPRDF and taking moves such as releasing prisoners and opening space for the opposition? Could I imagine Isayas Afewerki travelling to Addis Ababa and bringing opposition leaders on board his aircraft like Dr. Abiy did when he visit Cairo? Could I imagine PFDJ implementing its own constitution regardless of the flaws that called for reservation of many in the opposition but nevertheless could let them live with it in reasonable transition scenario to lasting and unifying future constitution?

      Now that you acknowledged the opposition in Ethiopia have “defin[ed] Ethipiawinet, are you suggesting there has been consensus on the concept to begin with, and ideology as end product? Without this though, do you think it is possible to argue about “popular narrative” that could galvanize the opposition to launch “popular uprising”?

      Moreover, you asked how the Eritrean oppositions understand an Eritrean identity or “Eritrawinet”, as you put it , and in fact articulated in the question of what “being Eritrean” is supposed to mean to the Eritrean opposition or generally to an Eritrean citizen. First, thumps up to you (assuming you belong to the younger generation) for raising such fundamental questions.

      Now, in my view, the answer to these questions could be sought in the context of nation building process and development of consensually installed state institutions. Otherwise, the quick answer will be as varied as the political and social diversity the nation tells. For the time being though, I would suggest to you that an Eritrean identity embodies existence of an independent and recognized polity called Eritrea, which was built on unequivocal consensus of its people who had united their national endeavors and resources to establish and confirm it. Thus, the basic concept of being Eritrean is dedicating oneself to the preservation of that reality in peace and adversity.

      Proceeding from there, hence, an all-round Eritrean would define himself/herself as one who recognizes that Eritrea is built on multi-ethnic and multi-religious, social and cultural diversity. Being Eritrea means dedication to preservation of those realities. So, if you were to look for political programs of many patriotic opposition organizations, you would have an idea of what those organizations stand for in this regard. I can concur with you that one won’t get satisfactory answer in casual conversations because there is always tendency to slide towards polemics that undo meaningful discourse on concepts and practicality of term such as “democracy”. But our young should be more inquisitive, patient and search answers to their questions from interaction that transcend the current dispersed affairs of the nation which the monopolistic nature of the current regime has helping to exasperate and nourish. For example, when a person thinks about his affiliation to compatriots in Kebessa, he/she should also remember he/she shares affiliation with compatriots in western lowland Eritrea or Afar and Saho regions in eastern lowlands, and the reverse is true. That with be the departure point of appreciating what being Eritrean is and should mean.

    • Ismail AA

      Selam Saba,

      I have no idea on what you built insinuation the likelihood of change “coming from within PFDJ”. But you raised questions worthy of reflection. Could I see the PFDJ following on the footsteps of EPRDF and taking moves such as releasing prisoners and opening space for the opposition? Could I imagine Isayas Afewerki travelling to Addis Ababa and bringing opposition leaders on board his aircraft like Dr. Abiy did when he visit Cairo? Could I imagine PFDJ implementing its own constitution regardless of the flaws that called for reservation of many in the opposition but nevertheless could let them live with it in reasonable transition scenario to lasting and unifying future constitution?

      Now that you acknowledged the opposition in Ethiopia have “defin[ed] Ethipiawinet, are you suggesting there has been consensus on the concept to begin with, and ideology as end product? Without this though, do you think it is possible to argue about “popular narrative” that could galvanize the opposition to launch “popular uprising”?

      Moreover, you asked how the Eritrean oppositions understand an Eritrean identity or “Eritrawinet”, as you put it , and in fact articulated in the question of what “being Eritrean” is supposed to mean to the Eritrean opposition or generally to an Eritrean citizen. First, thumps up to you (assuming you belong to the younger generation) for raising such fundamental questions.

      Now, in my view, the answer to these questions could be sought in the context of nation building process and development of consensually installed state institutions. Otherwise, the quick answer will be as varied as the political and social diversity the nation tells. For the time being though, I would suggest to you that an Eritrean identity embodies existence of an independent and recognized polity called Eritrea, which was built on unequivocal consensus of its people who had united their national endeavors and resources to establish and confirm it. Thus, the basic concept of being Eritrean is dedicating oneself to the preservation of that reality in peace and adversity.

      Proceeding from there, hence, an all-round Eritrean would define himself/herself as one who recognizes that Eritrea is built on multi-ethnic and multi-religious, social and cultural diversity. Being Eritrea means dedication to preservation of those realities. So, if you were to look for political programs of many patriotic opposition organizations, you would have an idea of what those organizations stand for in this regard.

      I can concur with you that one won’t get satisfactory answer in casual conversations because there is always tendency to slide towards polemics that undo meaningful discourse on concepts and practicality of term such as “democracy”. But our young should be more inquisitive, patient and search answers to their questions from interaction that transcend the current dispersed affairs of the nation which the monopolistic nature of the current regime has helping to exasperate and nourish. For example, when a person thinks about his affiliation to compatriots in Kebessa, he/she should also remember he/she shares affiliation with compatriots in western lowland Eritrea or Afar and Saho regions in eastern lowlands, and the reverse is true. That with be the departure point of appreciating what being Eritrean is and should mean.

      • FishMilk

        Hi Ismail AA. I will definitely give you two thumbs up for your ability to obfuscate issues and to skirt questions!

        • Ismail AA

          Selam FishMilk,

          A third party in an question and answer equation it would be civil to be a little patient and let dear Saba say her word before volunteering to take the judge’s chair, and dismissing the questions and issues thereby as confusing of whatever.

          • FishMilk

            Hi Ismail AA. Fair enough. However my point was that you did not really provide an answer but rather a non sequitur.

          • Ismail AA

            Dear FishMilk,
            Now you gave me unsolicited chance to tell you that you are indeed the one obfuscating the issue. Did I say I was giving answers on behalf of our dear sister, Saba? Playing with words and terms render the debate stale, which shouldn’t be hampered by over use of roles we may choose.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Ismailo,

        This comment is a good reminder to our young generation as to what Eritrea and nationalism entails as oppose to the PFDJ narratives. Saba has a wrong hope to expect similar change that is going in Ethiopia from our cold blooded despot who is always driven by hate and revenge to his opponents and who never lend his ears to the advice of his colleagues. After all when leaders become a full blown dictators, they have not room to maneuver changes within themselves, unless they are removed by forces of change. Not even one in the history of mankind. The reason we are seeing changes in Ethiopia is (a) the ruling party was a coalition of parties, that allows debate among themselves (b) they have rule of law no matter how rudimentary it might be (c) the oppeness to criticize their leaders and the courage of their leaders to admit their failure no matter how often it might be (d) governing their people on constitutionalism (e) the functioning of of the judiciary the 3rd arm of the government where prisoners could get a Day in the court of law to defend their case. All these elements are the fertile ground for change be it for incremental changes or radical changes. That is why we are witnessing the wave of change in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, all those criteria we don’t have them.

        Leaving aside all the pressures that are exerted on him from Foreign Governments to accept the undisclosed deal, there are no domestic formidable forces that could play parallel to it, to ensure change of behavior of the despot that eventually depose him and assert the transfer of power to young generation like that of Ethiopia.

        Keep in mind, how despots are good at getting an exit from their entanglements, and our despot is good at it. The current deal will give him a breathing room to play his introgues for another ploy beyond Eritrea, in Ethiopia in particular and the Horn in general. I feel we are going back to square one of the late 90s slowly but surely to extend his ambition to be “አርሓ ቅርኒ አፍሪቃ”. This sick man has no any goodness to our people whatsoeve. And his choirs will sing “ኒኺድ ጥራይ” without recognizing the price allotted to satisfy his ego.

        • Ismail AA

          Selam Aman H.,

          You are correct. The Eritrean and Ethiopian cases are diametrically opposed to one another; they are not in any way comparable. The ailment despots suffer from is that they believe they own the monopoly of truth, and it deteriorates to chronic condition to the terminal phase when their blind supporters become converted to that same belief and adopt the despot-knows-all. That is what “nihna nsu, nsu nihna” means. Then, the death or forced departure becomes an only exit.

  • Berhe Y

    Dear @george,

    You know I gave you homework the other day to listen to Haile DuruE speech in Germany but looks like you haven’t done so.

    I know all you are trying to say, and I am not in disagreement about your military complex enterprise and their implication against the third world countries.

    But my problem, people like the Eritrean president are their accomplice in the death and destruction and are not the protector of Eritrean or the Eritrean people.

    Eritrea will be protected not a regime, government or military but by it’s own people. No Eritrean has worked so hard day and night to destroy the unity of the Eritrean people as that of IA. If he has Eritrea and it’s people interests in heart he would not do all the abuse him and his government are exposing the Eritrean people.

    Why are you not able to know this and you are trying to sell me, the fear tactic that we should stay the course and accept the abuse IA and the death and destruction and the war he declared against our people.

    I do not wish destruction of the Eritrean people but the Eritrean people to rise up and remove this regime so we can leave in peace.

    As to selling Ethiopian Airlines, I am sure Ethiopians are smart and they know what they are doing. It’s not uncommon for a government to privatize it’s golden assets in times of need and use the precedents for other investment opportunities. Capitalism 101…


  • FishMilk

    Hi All. Asosa now getting hit with violence with 9 people reported killed. No reason given so far.

  • Blink

    Dear All
    Breaking news ,The head of the two states of Eritrea and Ethiopia will meet face to face soon and here you have the field openly to say whatever you want to guess . It seems the trip by FM Osman Saleh was productive towards the peaceful existence. One thing clear the Ethiopian PM is an Oromo guy not from the Habesha killers . It seems Eritrea can only make a deal with a leader from Oromo not from backstabbing champions of TPLF .

    • Berhe Y

      Dear blink,

      Nice one.

      Teferi Bante was Oromo
      Mengistu was half Oromo
      Haile Marian was wolaita
      Abiy Half

      I think what you wanted to say is be specific, the habesha origin from Tigray ruling Eritrea with the Habesha original from Tigray can’t get along.

      Wecho tegemTelkayo wecho.

      As long as IA is in power there will not be any peace.

      Abiy next target is IA, not directly but by creating the opportunity for qerro moment in Eritrea.

      And that’s what I am hoping for. IA game over moment coming soon.


      • Blink

        Dear Berhe
        Yes you guess it right . Eritrean Qero guys are not going to be born because of one priest or sheikh said something stupid but the people will deman their right to do that they need activists who care for Eritrean unity , sovereignty and basic foundations of the country. The Eritrean Qero will not come from activists who work day and night to creat division across religion or ethnic but from the people who care for the sake of good. Don’t you see the old activists try to divide the people across religion and ethnic couldn’t produce a tiny result for almost 40 years .

        Once the economic situation of Eritrea has anything that has to do with Ethiopia it will be over for PFDJ .

        • Berhe Y

          Hi Blink,

          I don’t know who the priest or sheikh you are speaking about, but nothing to worry about that. Nezom seb haymanot kab resom aytewrdin eka.

          It’s made up of all Eritreans, political, religious, ethnic, deqi adi, and everyone who has only one enemy that is IA and PFDJ.

          Look at Ethiopia, we were told, Oromo this, Muslim this, Tigray this, Somalie this, Amhara, opposition this, terrorist this, Ginbot-7, Oromo,…but look they all are coming together and wanted one thing, that is to live in their country in peace.


          • Blink

            Dear Berhe
            Another breaking news , the government of Abyi send new directive to completely stop any aid to Eritrean opposition in Ethiopia and all offices are going to be closed soon .the safety of some people is in question as we speak.

          • Selam blink,

            I really do not understand what you mean when you say the safety of some people being in danger.
            Don’t you think that the ethiopian government is responsible for the safety of the eritrean opposition as long as they reside in ethiopia? Do you believe that the early 1990s could come back when eplf was roaming addis and doing what it did?

          • Blink

            Dear Horizon
            Yes the government of Abi has responsibility to guard them if only if they adapt to Abyi love mission but he can not be responsible for people who are hell bent to use their finger on arms. You know what happens to people who refused to accept the reality. In 1991 EPLF did nothing to hunt opposition, remember in 1991 they could have hanged the sagim and some Islamists but they did not . Now is also the same fate because these people are the same people.

          • Alex

            Hi Blink,
            Were did you get the info that PMAA will close all offices of Eritrean opposition in Addis. I thought that is too early to do that.

  • Blink

    Dear Hope
    He called Medrek “metoo” and with that you have to look at the picture of yemane monkey with out Osman Saleh , remember the game ? There is a dividing mantra . If the peace window hold on on a strong base between the two countries, trust yourself this dividing society by ethnic or religion will lose its steam and with that the evil game will be with out any special results.

    The main reason that Andebrhan and Yemane monkey are listed is a pure religious or ethnic game and that will not work. This is just like 1980th again defeat .

  • Saleh Johar

    Oh Hope,
    You are Hopless. Be ashamed when you try to tell me what eritreanism is. And don’t lie lying is not proof of knowing facts. You cannot prove anything you said: when us that I sided with your allies Weyane? Natas nHamata! Your organization and you are simply Voltures. And you think you are the best thing God created. Please stop embarrassing decent Eritreans. You have done enough damage to our standing already. You have besmirched the good resume Eritreans establishe for a Wefcho bet. E-kejil khejelo glu. Look at yourself arguing as if Ethiopia doesn’t have owners but is waiting for you to blunder. I know your types. I have seen it all first hand. Embarrassing lots.

  • Mitiku Melesse

    If the PM succeeds with his peace call to his Eritrean counter parts then he would make free hundred and thousands Eritrean youths from the indefinite military service. The western governments also would have no excuse to empty Eritrea from its peoples. The western knows our toothache. The difference is when they have toothache first they apply anesthesia and remove the rotten teeth. But for us first they take out the teeth next to the decayed teeth and then they give us anesthesia. That is the reason we never get rid of our toothache and loos more teeth until we no more be able to chew. Their plan is always that we couldnt eat our food because they think they have better thing to do with our wealth than we west it like eating eating it.

  • Saba

    Selamat Elitrawian & EsToPiawian
    Breaking news
    PIA of Eritrea, the divinely ordained President for life, has refused to continue to honor
    his duty of being a leader for life and has decided to step down. Here are some
    reactions from the deGhefti, the opposition for anything & everything and the few real opposition standing for democracy.

    MS: IZi dea ab gobo AdobHa, Gubae Aredayib, and anberbeb ziAmemnayo plan iNdiYu, it took time but nothing new. Long time ago we decided that mejemerya akayidana akayida gobiye kikewin then after game over to weyane, akayidana akayida ManTile, just
    like Abiye.
    AH: PIA should honor MZ before resigning. Last night I was talking to MZ, explaining about the TeBeGhes articles I wrote to honor him. But Biiirrr in te belkus Hilmi. AaHHH I miss that man! Higi izi Abiye zibahal ZeriGulNa. Abiy ZeriGha! He does not speak like my man MZ.
    SGJ dima weed out wweeedddd ouuttttt NeGhede isayas ilu AeGherGhiru Chediru. His next AwYat Negarit video will be entitled “weed out the Isayas system”. NO Negarit Selam?
    HAdem: now we have to honor our weyanay libi and allow the weyane to surgically transplant IA with MZ brain, similar to what happens in the movie “get out”. We must fulfill the surgical attack dream of weyane. I am Eritrean but natey hamey kelbey, kulu
    entenay is with weyane.
    Saay Shewate zeymelE Aserte*: I couldn’t find words because everything is going against my prediction. But after reviewing some Wikipedia articles, I believe that IA should have resigned 20 years ago and that now i will not accept his resignation. Anyway I am drafting articles about how bad will be the next Eritrean president, another ‘one man system”. I will argue that the new leader should not be a president but a PM, just like Abiye.
    Isem: Izi sidi, he should not choose to be born when he was offered the choice to be born. Most normal people would refuse to defend their nation, except Kannada.
    Nitricay spoke in a language that I do not understand:) Please translate Nitrikay tezarebti. I wonder how he understood Sirihit Fenkil (SF) video. The usual AT’s anonymous sources have reported that he is teaching SF101 in adi ferengi.
    Gi Tsa Tse: ane UnKury TsaTse Ane, EMC square ilu fekiru. Degimu emc^2 2 the people ilu Chediru. That is emc^2 = POWER, “power to the people” in English. He added that PIA is resigning after he has suffered the invisible total body irradiation from Abu-Ashera19 of the 2019 model.
    Fanti: DeGhim Nay pacifier siltan awride aleku. Too much peace everywhere, no significant role for me. No role for abu selama, may be there is role for abu sheytan.
    Horizon: this is too much change to adjust. I am having hard time to drift from weyaniYe to AbiYe. Now PIAye resigniYE? IniYe GuDiYe Fella.

    The TsiwTsiway opposition lived Unhappily ever after!

    *SAAY shewAte-zeymelE-Aserte spends most of his time advocating for the removal of the bold& big “EriTv” sign from Eritrean television and he suggested it should be renamed “TvEre” as he used to call it ab GezawuTii Geza YiKuNelka. Some of his famous works include “TiwGhaHMo: Akayida GobiYe zeykones AsaGhuma Aba Gumbah iyu kikewun”. His friends from the Eritrean SiGhinTir Party argue that SAAY should be content with his being “7” because it is a holly and perfect number since 6 is nay SeyTanawi opposition.

    • iSem

      Hi Saba
      Saba::ረሲዐልኩም እባ፡ ስመይ፡ እታ አቦይ ዝሃቡኒ ወንበር እወ እታ ወዲቃ ዘይትስበር እስቲዮጵያ ነበረት

      ግን እንተተምሰለለይ፡ ሽም ይመርሕ ጥዋፍ የብርህ እንተኮነለይ፡ እቲ ንጉስ ተወናዊኑ እንትወለደለይ ሳባ ዳግምይ ተጠሚቀ

      እቲ ሕድጊ ሂወተይ ወራሲ ዓራት እንትኾን እቲ ንግሱን ነብን when IA resigns

      እስትዮጵያ መቕባጠሪ ዝይብሉ ሳባ ግን፡ ሳቢ ሳቡ ሳቢና ስቢታ ወዝተ

      • Saba

        Hi Semiruley,
        Aytezekireni Iske. My aromas, my caravan and my beauty! That was what you call a kingdom. Even Leonardo Da Vinci would have been impressed by my silhouette, with such anatomic symmetry and perfection. You would have seen the masterpiece “Saba Nisa*”. Now you understand why you do not understand Arts.
        Deki Lomi, bi Sirnay Kannada, your eyes G-iSem ilu. No creativity, no kibre neghestat.
        *Nisa is adapted from Nsu.

    • ‘Gheteb

      Hi Saba,

      That is a crisp synopsis that captures the sorry state of ” the Eritrean opposition group”. It epigrammatically captures the political pathology of these Eritrean political also-runs.

      A correction and an addition here.

      In your depiction of MS, you wrote… ” Gubae Aredayib”. It is referred as ኣኼባ ዓረዳይብ and NOT ጉባኤ ዓረዳይብ. Just a minor correction, otherwise it is indeed amazing that you could remember such esoterica from the annals of Eritrean history. This is why I keep telling the strange bed fellows of YG that the Eritrean national narrative is so cogently cohesive. And, that Eritreanism is well, alive and kicking.

      You forgot to mention the wailings ( ኡይታ) and the ኡይ ,ኡይ,ኡይ s of Abraham H. The dude has literally gone bonkers with his incessant calls on PM Abiy not to trust the devil DIA.

      • Saba

        Hi ‘Gheteb,
        To overcome a challenging event you have to always go to the roots.

        Not following the newbies of TsinTsiwayawi opposition. But their numbers have reached the plateau:)

  • Saleh Johar

    Hi Abi,
    Just imagine the insults that were heaped on anyone who said even the most insignificant good thing about Ethiopia! Now imagine if anyone expressed his wish to go to Gonder and invest just two months ago and then guess what Hope’s reaction would have been. Now he is salivating to go there and invest to teach you backward people how to be employed and employ others. No humble gestures but condescending and arrogant. It is that political culture Eritreans had to deal with for too long. Now I wish you good partnership with that mentality. Maybe, if the PFDJ gets a chance and focuses on looting you, Eritreans might get a relief from their aggression.

    • Abi

      Selam Ato Saleh
      I tried to remind you earlier that as long as people like Hope are around you will never sleep. Make sure you take Pepcid AC everyday and twice the dose when moderating adults from Adulis to Addis.

      • Saleh Johar

        Tell me a much stronger medicine. I bought all the stock from Walgreens and the acid is not subsiding. Please look for a place in Gonder, a truck stop will do. For rent or sale. Licensed for Tella Bet. Please accept him to run that. The he can invite his likes and you can have PFDJ Tella Sefer. You would do us a great service.

  • Nitricc

    Hi All, Anwar Mosque is on fire and engulfing. What is going on?

    • Teodros Alem

      Selam Nitricc
      There r people in Facebook who received a video from all corners of ethiopia when ever this kind of incident happened and post it in less than an hour after the incident happened. I wonder who this people r.

    • Saleh Johar

      Hi Nitricc,
      Can you disclose your links or the sources of this inews, please?

      • Teodros Alem

        Selam Gash Saleh j
        Go to Facebook of natneal mekonen or Daniel brehena(horn affairs).

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear Abi,

    Why? isn’t mutual agreement?


  • Mitiku Melesse

    The PMAA wonderful plan
    1) The malicious plan of Tplf and its 27 years ruling is a criminal act. But the wise PMAA criminalize the action with out focusing on the criminals. Tplf is organized itself by ethnic so the PMAA is very cautious not to exclude tigrians regardless what ever they have done in the past.

    2) What has been done is done, what has been eaten eaten and let’s move on. The main task is to stop the crime. What has been done for Tigray is good and Tigray is ours too. The goal is not to undo what has been done for Tigray. But to do the same for all. Nobody is against this except eplf which has another motive. A civil war in Ethiopia is a gold mine for Eplf.

    3) A peace agreement with Eritrea will make no room for any criminals who organized themselves in EPLF ruled land. He knows that if tplf couldn’t survive the democratic change in Ethiopia then tplf reorganize themselves in EPLF land again. They have done it before and they have seen others doing this in eplf land.

    4) The cost of the no-peace-no-war policy of tplf and eplf is the most expensive expenditure Ethiopia has ever engaged in. That money alone could bring a significant change in Ethiopia.

  • Abraham H.

    Selam Now inc., I hope what you are saying materialises; but if we are to believe history and what is happening these days in front of our eyes, I very much doubt Eritreans will ever rise to challenge dia’s rule.

    • ‘Gheteb

      Hi Abraham H.,

      You say:

      ” I very much doubt Eritreans will ever rise to challenge dia’s rule”.

      If that is the case, then, how do you expect your pipedream of getting rid of the diabolical DIA’s rule will materialize and pan out without the Eritrean people rising up against DIA? Or, do you have a magic bullet up your sleeve? Let me take a wild guess.

      1. You are going to write unremittingly to PM Abiy and somehow the Prime Minister is going to get rid of DIA by performing a magical subtraction.

      2. You are hoping and praying that a lightening is going to strike DIA in Adi Halo and consequently he is going to die.

      3. Your sources from Addis is telling you that PM Abiy is so, so impressed by Elsa Chirum’s letter that he will be sending an elite commando unit from Oromia to assassinate DIA.

      4. You are pinning your hope that PM has listened to Hiruy Tedla Bairus interview and is eagerly awaiting to receive Hiruy’s documents from the early 90s and apply the recommendations and thereby unseat DIA.

      5. Or, maybe YG’s and Hayat Adem’s “pristine logic” will undo ‘The Eritrean Consensus’ and as a result Eritrea will be no more. And, with Eritreanism gone kaput, so will DIA and hence you and your ilks will finagle your way in becoming chieftains of your respective tribes.

      Well, it is said that anything and every thing is “plausible” in Planet Illogic.

      • Abraham H.

        Selam Gheteb, I wonder what kind of compensation you get for your dedicated service to your devil incarnate? I also wonder why you’ve to hide your real identity; are you afraid of the day after dia? Consider this one as the last communication from me to you, as from now on you will be eternally ignored.

        • ‘Gheteb

          Hi Abraham H.,

          One can NOT ignore someone “eternally”. Here is the logic behind it.

          Surely, you can ignore me during your life time when you are alive. But, mind you that is a FINITE time span. Once you have kicked the bucket, and are six feet under, then you don’t have the capability of IGNORING anyone. Simply, you can’t because that is what logic dictates.

          With eternality there is the unavoidable connotation that time is NOT finite, but eternally INFINITE. My sole aim here is to tease out the illogicalities of the denizens of Planet Illogic like you whose unremitting wailings has virtually ripped off my ear drums.

          You don’t have to respond to my notes or responses. But, that doesn’t mean I am going to stop ferreting out the dollop of fallacies that you ceaselessly peddle here. No, sir. The unearthing, on my part, shall continue unabated. That is a promise you can bank on.

        • Mez

          Good Day Abraham H,

          “…kind of compensation…”

          Please: this is not the best way to prove that ‘Gheteb’s way of thinking is not correct.

          Let us see what he has and we will write-back with more substance; there are hundreds of facts on the ground to prove that his way of thinking is not in the best interest of the majority of Eritreans and beyond. Your thoughtful pen is thousands times powerful than the above comment.


  • ‘Gheteb

    Bronwyn Bruton: Quit Sweating The Details Of The Incipient Ethio-Eritrean Relation


    Here is what Bronwyn Bruton has been writing about the inchoate Ethio-Eritrean relation:

    ” @Bronwyn Bruton

    More Outstanding issues behind #Ethiopia #Eritrea border war: Ertirea desire for open border vs Ethiopian desire for tariffs; access to Asab port; Eritrean currency; disagreement over Ethiopian constitution; compensation awarded to Ethiopia by EEBC; troop withdrawal; armed groups”.

    ” Nobody has any idea where #Ethiopia prime minister Abiy stands on ANY of those issues (except he says he is ready to give up Badme). So I assume #Eritrea delegation spent this first meeting just trying to uncover Abiy’s views on these imp subjects. He is an unknown quantity! “.

    To say that it is going to be knotty and difficult to get the Ethio-Eritrean relation right is to merely state the obvious. The issues that may need to be ironed out are indeed a dime a dozen and are going to take some time to hash out.

    The issues that Bronwyn Bruton seems to be worrying about are well known to the parties involved and they are emerging and coming to the fore just these days. In the nineties the two countries have had joint committees that dealt with the issues of cross border trade, port access and tariffs. They have those old agreements they can go back to and sift through to find out what had worked and what didn’t.

    The disagreement over the Ethiopian constitution should be left to the Ethiopians to work on and, hopefully, work something out to improve it. Both the verdicts of the claims commission and the EEBC, surely, may need to be handled deftly and the withdrawal of Ethiopian troops from occupied Eritrean territories will be just a matter of time.

    Though Bronwyn Bruton comes across as gloomily pessimistic, the former Ethiopian Prime Minister, Tamrat Layne, was more upbeat and SANGUINE about the budding Ethio-Eritrean rapprochement. He has had first hand experience dealing with these issues and he never raised them as if they were INTRACTABLE problems. One got the sense from the former PM that these issues can be tackled and can be surmounted if both parties invest the right time and expertise.

    Bronwyn Bruton is saying that Prime Minister Abiy is ” is an unknown quantity! “.

    An unknown quantity? What?

    “unknown quantity
    a person or thing whose nature, value, or significance cannot be determined or is not yet known”.

    Sure, PM Abiy may be an unknown quantity, but anyone even with the minutest grey matter would agree that he has put his best foot forward so far. With merely 48 hours since the inception of the talks between Ethiopia and Eritrea, one can’t paint an accurate picture of what the budding Ethio-Eritrean relation. What one can expect, at this juncture, is to give it more time to see how the talks will progress.

    • Kaddis

      Hi Ghetab – great observations

      Since the War – the regional integration and continental (CFTA) progressed, now Ethiopia is liberalising and the American trade minster were here with +60 investors – the issue of WTO will come upfront etc… And due to Eth desperate situation we are not in a position to dodge the ‘liberal’ rules anymore.

      The Atlantic council have done a suburb job lobbying for Eritrea. But maybe they have not understood where Eritrea is in terms of the capacity to deal regionally. Its like – when you tell a foreigner you don’t have a credit/ debit card that function outside Ethiopia– they just can’t comprehend with you.

      One thing the Atlantic council may miss as well – the main purpose of this peace deal looks to eliminate the animosity as both countries ( particularly Ethiopia) can’t afford it anymore. All the other benefits are just toppings.

      • saay7


        In case you don’t know (I thought you knew everything), there are three frequencies the Eritrean regime uses to telegraph its message. Channel 1 is meskerem.net: he gets the National Enquirer edition of the news which he then trial baloons (with the famous heading followed by question mark) and some Isaias image enhancing pamhleteering; Channel 2 is a Facebook pen name (Hagerawi Dehnet), PFDJ’s answer to Sactism. He (or she) reports, let’s say, USA Today quality news (images, graphs.). Then there is Channel 3: Bruton Bronwyn, Atlantic Council.

        Bruton Bronwyn (Atlantic Council) is where high-level information is leaked. No, I don’t mean as an employee or lobbyist, but someone with privileged information. She was the one who was designated to tell those who didn’t know what was in Door # 1: forget final and binding. Why? There is a higher priority. What’s that? Securitizing Ethiopia. Then, she presented as mysteries all the tweets Gheteb posted here. Gheteb still hasn’t gotten the message but like a true revolutionary, he will see the logic behind it (eventually) and endorse all of it. Incidentally Bruton was interviewed by VOA and she says,

        “The deeper problem, Bruton said, is Afewerki’s disdain for Ethiopia’s move to an ethnic-based federalist system of government. That system involved the creation of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, a multi-party coalition made up of ethnic-based political parties, including the TPLF. The Ethiopian system needs to be reformed, Bruton said, to prevent the TPLF from coming back to power, thus ensuring enduring peace.”

        Is Prime Minister Oprah capable of navigating through this? Amde says yes. Alula (Facebook) with TPLF says: don’t bet it as he is too busy building his cult of personality to defend the Ethiopian constitution. So, Kaddis has to be tie-breaker here.


        • Kaddis

          Hi Saay
          To be honest – we could be all lost in translation with all the info and changes overload. True – Isaias is back with a hope to hammer TPLF more.

          Abiy may play along ,as he did with the protest movement, to consolidate power. Abiy is using all the reform options: aggressive public diplomacy, peace deal with Eritrea, the Gulf, the liberals, populism, charm, prayer, art, liberalising, look we found gas, you name it – in the hope the lawlessness is derailed and he can rebuild civil institutions minus the repression in the restive areas = the whole nation.

          At one point he needs TPLF’s and the security apparatus full support to do this. No force scare him than the disobedient youth. Alula is not honest on why Abiy is playing populist. It’s the state collapse risk.

          So the reform Isaias and Bruton is forwarding – is also the demands of the Ethiopianists – VOA installed scholars etc…The big question is : will the Oromo nationalists buy these ideas? Is there an appetite to reform the current federal system to appease Eritrea? Maybe as far as the Oromo nationalists allow it. The Oromo hardliners are already unhappy with the Ethiopianists closeness to the PM and his over ‘Ethiopiawinet’ narrative. They reminded Abiy they can chock him in a week by closing down a big mine. You can’t analyse the current change without considering the power which brought the change.

          • Amde

            Selam kaddis,

            Great input as usual.

            “Is there an appetite to reform the current federal system to appease Eritrea? ”

            This question perplexes me. I doubt very much that at the end of the day Eritrea cares what form Ethiopia’s internal system is. In fact, I would say they prefer the current system, just not with TPLF/Tigrai in the driver seat. Ethiopian state collapse would be undesirable of course (especially if Eritrea hitches its economic destiny with Ethiopia). But I am sure they would like a stable peaceful system that offers them a lot of leverage to meddle/influence events. The current system potentially gives them that leverage.

            On the flip side, if you Kaddis is saying “Abiy is racing to forestall Ethiopian state collapse” and BB is saying “Preventing Ethiopian state collapse is/should be a primary consideration of Eritrea” then it might mean it is not a far-fetched notion. Definitely makes me go hmmm.

            So far the Qerro have not been too loud in protesting the Abiy plan to amend the basis of the federation. I think frankly they are taken aback by the sheer amount of goodwill an Oromo man is getting. But the government seems to be going through with the reform idea and state media has started giving voice to the system’s critics.

            So an jnterpretation of events can be: a revolution pushed by ethnic hardliners so far appears to have been “hijacked” by liberals and nationalists.

            What a time to be alive.


            BTW is it ቀድስ or ካዲስ (as in ከ አዲስ)?

          • Kaddis

            Selam Amde,

            its short for Kaddisaba 🙂 hope by Meskerem 1 (Awate day) – both nations feel free enough to use our street names than Yechaka .

            Like you said – its too early to see the concurrence of interest of Isaias/BB and Abiy towards Ethiopian future. I was just explaining – if Isaias advocated for a Unitary or reformed federal structure for whatever reason – Abiy may play around with it as far as the Oromo elites allows it. In the process – Abiy may make the ‘Ethiopianists’ a little happier.
            I hope the Ethiopianists are matured enough to not try to hijack the reform but find their market of influence.

          • Ismail AA

            Selam dear Amde and kaddis,

            It seems to that the point you are discussing is indeed where the whole debate may likely to settle down after the current honeymoon euphoria based graceful benefit of the doubt comes to businesss as usual crescendo, which Dr. Abiy is enjoying and rather hastly using to take as many decision as possible. PMAA will have to make his direction clear.

            One opyion is for him to proceed to crystallize his current rhetoric that tilts towards Etiopiawinet, which so far has raised the hope of its bona fide proponents. The other is for him to sober his current rhetoric down and seek middle ground between social and economic peace based broader national unity proponents and upholders of the current ethno-centric federalism with constitutionally sanctioned democratization.

            Under such situation, I do not think the regime in Eritrea and the dreams and whims of the despot at its center would have resemblance of any role. This would be pure domestic affair par excellence. At the end of the story, developments would be impacted by what will become of the governing coalition in which the say of the TPFL, along the components of Southern nations and nationalities, Somalis and the Afar, will not be negligible.

            The “game-overist” crowds might regret their premature celebration of bidding farewell to the TPLF, and by extension the role of Tigrai. I think history lends us a lot of clues how crucial Tigrai has been in the past, and the future seems to me inconcievable without Tigrai on board however this would be laothed by the Asmara regime and its hyper zealous propagandists.

          • Paulos

            Selam Kbur Haw Ismail AA,

            What seems so bizarre to me is the kind of distorted image Isaias is projected in analysis as if he has any weight what so ever when he had absolutely nothing to show for the last twenty years. The guy can’t even provide basic needs to his own people much less to have a say or influence on a neighboring country.

            The young PM interest on Isaias is based on economic integration where the idea of mending the Federal System in Ethiopia to appease Isaias sounds a joke of the day to me.

          • Ismail AA

            Dear Dr. Paulos,

            Yes indeed, only leaders who could combine ambition to control with benevolence are able to show something in the course their rule. The one our nation is afflicted with could not show any positive thing during his two-decades long tenure as self-annoited head of state because he is alien to doing good. He dependent on self-defense state mechanism tools used to intimidate, banish and liquidate.

          • Selam Amde,

            One of the major disagreements between tplf and eplf/pfdj has been the insistence of the former to see eritrea implement ethnic federalism as in ethiopia, which the latter is completely against, having in mind the ethnic groups who have cross border relatives in ethiopia, mainly the afar people. That is the reason pfdj insists on a centralized unitary system of government for the reason mentioned above and to consolidate its power.

            State collapse in ethiopia is easily said but difficult to happen. Every fear mongering melts down to who should own power. Those who lost power want it back. One of the ways is to undermine the present owners, through demonizing opdo and the querro or if possible by driving a wedge between opdo and andm, pm Abiy’s support base.

            Forcing tplf to vacate absolute power did not bring the collapse of the ethiopian state as many expected. Dissolving the ethnic federal form of government in ethiopia and replacing it with a centralized unitary government at this stage is a recipe for the disintegration of ethiopia and opening the pandora’s box. Ethiopia has therefore no reason to appease eritrea or anybody else in any way imaginable by changing the federation.

            One of the reasons pm Abiy is not palatable to some is his pro-ethiopian unity narrative. He is telling ethiopians that they can be oromo, amhara, tigre and the rest, and at the same time a united people under the united ethiopian national narrative, which some do not like to hear. This of course does not mean abandoning ethnic federalism, but preparing ethiopians for the day they will feel that they are one united nation with different languages and culture under one ethiopian national flag.

            Change does not come without a support base and pm Abiy has one. We saw it at mesqel square, wherever he goes in ethiopia, the diaspora is calling him the “ethiopian moses” and they are lobbying for the support of his reforms by the usa government, etc.

            In my opinion it is not a revolution as you said “hijacked” by liberals and nationalists, but a revolution that is defended by pro-reform individuals, so that it does not fall again into the hands of the hardliners.

          • Amde

            Selam Horizon,

            “One of the major disagreements between tplf and eplf/pfdj has been the insistence of the former to see eritrea implement ethnic federalism as in ethiopia, ”

            Do you know if TPLF insisted on it though? It is obviously their preferred model, but I have not heard that they insisted on Eritrea following this model.

            “In my opinion it is not a revolution as you said “hijacked” by liberals and nationalists, but a revolution that is defended by pro-reform individuals, so that it does not fall again into the hands of the hardliners.” I should have clarified that this is from the point of view of Qerro militants.

            It is a precarious balance. Oromo nationalists cannot expand out of Oromia with the militant oromo nationalist message. Everyone knows it for what it means for non-Oromo. But demography and geography puts them squarely in the middle. So we will either have creative tension or perennial conflict.


          • Selam Amde,

            It is said that one of the reasons for their sour relations was that TPLF had said, “if eritrea is democratic, she should respect the rights of its nationalities up to and including secession”, which means that tplf was entertaining federalism for eritrea, too. Eritrean opposition stationed in addis had to face the issue of federalism tplf was pushing upon them.

            In my opinion, like the tigray independence manifesto which was short-lived, because it was not practical, oromo nationalism is not as it used to be, which went as far as an independent oromia. It is no more in the air.

            This is what pm Abiy, who is the product of opdo and andm rapprochement, reflects since his election. Oromo movements no more insist on secession, and they are returning home. What matters now to all groups seems to be power acquisition within the ethiopian political landscape.

            Demographically, oromos have come to understand that they are not as homogeneous as they thought they are, and they are not as divided from other ethnic groups as they believed they are, due to intermarriages over centuries, especially with the amharas. Geographically, being at the center brings them in contact with almost all the ethnic groups of ethiopia. That is why pm Abiy is playing a uniting role.

            I believe that all ethnic groups are gradually understanding that conflict is a zero-sum game, despite some problems we still see at the inter-ethnic borders instigated by power mongers, and that is why pm Abiy was forced to say that there are administrative limits and not internal borders. If internal borders lose their importance, there could be less conflict, and all ethiopians may be able to play a pacifying and creative role.

          • Paulos

            Selam Kaddis,

            Many thanks for the perspective. Here is a question for you. What do you think is the role of the Eritrean people in this grand scheme of events? To be more precise, are they none-factor to the extent of not worthy of consideration when arm-chair analysis is in full gear. I really would like to know your input. Thank you.

          • Kaddis

            Selam Paulos –

            Not sure if I am in a position to answer this.
            My understanding is – this is a grand scheme of events for Ethiopia because of the governance changes locally. The peace deal with Eritrea, apart from the 45 minutes shorter flight to Jeddah (Joke) and eliminating animosity, is evaluated for its contribution in public diplomacy terms ( again locally ) to buy time and $$ for the reformists. In a short term.

            It will be a grand scheme of events in Eritrea – if this triggers a reform in the ruling party; that create space to mobilise or invitation of opposing views subsequently.

            Ethiopians, maybe until few weeks ago, were helplessly a non-factor in every decision making process since 2005. Not a guarantee yet until the next election.

            I think Eritrean elites should intensify contact with Ethiopia, the horn nations, the Gulf and the US, EU. If Eritrea is to come out of the cold – it can’t limit itself interacting with Ethiopia only – and vice versa. I don’t underestimate the contribution of the Eritrean diaspora during the sanction seasons. Maybe – re-reading YG’s ‘sealing of Eritrea’ concept could be helpful to anticipate major social change as a result of movement of people between the two nation.
            Very best,

          • Paulos

            Selam Kaddis,

            Many thanks. Suppose let’s say the young PM brings up the flow of the Eritrean refugees to Ethiopia in his meetings with Isaias and the young PM as the leader of the receiving nation is of a great concern to him.

            Isaias certainly doesn’t have any other option but to find away of stopping it. And of course to do that he will have to creat jobs for the hundreds of thousands demobilized. The chain reaction will lead naturally into a drastic reform [Constitutionalism, Rule-of-Law, respect of basic Rights among other things.] The key is, if the peace initiative is to last long, Isaias will have to make peace with his people first, otherwise we will be back to square one where he will have to find an enemy to label the “un-patriotic” for the Weyanes according to him are rendered obsolete. Again, thank you.

          • Abrehet Yosief

            Selam Paulos,
            Sorry to interrupt this interesting discussion, but as promised, here the latest update. Hagerawi Dihnet (Eritrea MOI) has now quoted Ethiopian broadcasting to inform us that leaders of Eritrea and Ethiopia will soon meet. In the style of Al Sisi – they will do “tikormika do? “tikormyeni” ceremony and there will be peace in the region.

          • Paulos

            ፍትውትን ክብርትን ሓፍተይ,

            Not sure if I have mentioned it to you before, you remind me of someone I have known pretty much all my life. Heaven, in the creation day must have made two scary smart and funny women. Lucky for us for having extra.

            I suspect, it will be ትጨብጥካ’ዶ? ትጨብጠኒ or ሎም’ለይቲ ኣይተሕድረኒ for Isaias has used it with Al-Bashir before.

          • Haile S.

            Selam St Paul,
            ብዛዕባ ዘፍጥረትን መንግስተ ሰማያትን ትዛረብ ስለ ዘለኻ፡ እዚ ከይሲ በየን መጸ ካይትብል እምበር፣ ብዛዕባ ኢሳያስ ክትዛረብ ከሎኻ ሎምስ ‘ዓጽሚ ሃንዛ ትውግኣኒ’ በል። መን ይፈልጥ እዚ ሰላም ሱር ይተክን ይኸውን። ኣቢ-ይሙት ግና ኣይክብልን እየ። መን ይፈልጥ።

          • Paulos

            Selam Hailat,

            Ha ha ha that’s funny. Never heard of the ዓጽሚ ሃንዛ ትውጋኣኒ*። Was it a fad in your ጎተና ህድሞ days?

            First it was ትኾርሜኒ then it was ትጨብጠኒ or ዓይኒብርከይ then all the Saints followed including the most popular one ኣውነኣረጋዊ’ለ.

            *It must be when one pulls someone’s leg cuz obviously ሃንዛ ዓጽሚ የብሉን። Good one though.

          • saay7

            Selam Kaddis:

            Thanks for continuing to add value to this forum.

            A follow-up question: with the new move to privatization, have the EPRDF technocrats picked up another book for economic reform or is it “the first book, but read it this time.”


          • Kaddis

            Hi Saay,
            Well 🙂 In a separate conversation with a Brit friend weeks ago he told me he met Joe in Cambridge recently. Lecturing or in the town I didn’t ask. Guess what, he is writing a book about Ethiopia and Rwanda. It could be ‘how it didn’t work’ 😉 Joe also came to Ethiopia several times but with low profile, I was told. So our guess is not far-fetched.

            Accordingly, ownership is not a critical issue ( China managed gov, party, private, multilateral ) to run an industrial policy. As long as competition and export discipline is in place. Abiy accusation Ethiopian Airlines of domestic monopoly may indicate he reached page 299 😉


          • saay7


            Ah, so! Maybe he is writing a book comparing the developmental states of Ethiopia and Rwanda (working title: How Africa Works Question Mark). Actually, that would be a very interesting book: comparing the application of the developmental state in both countries. Rwanda actually likes to think of itself as African Gorilla (because tiger was taken) and its sole export is….President Kagame. He is in constant meetings and networking with influential Westerners and that is how Rwandan coffee (and not Ethiopian) is sold at Costco. And the country has a goal of making Rwanda the tech hub of Africa and been disciplined in investing in technology consistently. What have you guys done consistently, Kaddis? What is your one export, I think it is peacekeepers, no?

            Of course, your cases are different. Vastly different with the issue of ethnicity: it is how politics is organized in Ethiopia; it is illegal to even discuss it in Rwanda.


          • Ismail AA

            Ahlen saay7,

            Speaking about Paul Kagame’s Rwanda, a few weeks back I got curious when I listened to a speech by the Kenyan Prof. of law, PLO Lumumba who elevated Kagame ‘s governance to an examplar level. I made a little effort to see how the economic situation out there really is. I didn’t find that much transformation in concrete terms, namely improvement of life of the ordinary citizens. I mean his developmental state policies has not been that much spectacular that exceeded what that same policy had booked in Ethiopia or similar conditions around the continent. Do I have a point or perhaps misread the Rwanda case?

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Saay,

            The day Ethiopia moves from “developmental state” to any other other economic system, it will be the day it loses the continuous economic achievement in the last decades, and the more we will witness the gap between the haves and the have not. When all these happens, the Poor Ethiopian people will remember the leader (the leader of the poor Ethiopians) who gave them hope more than anytime. If it happened, just remember my words, whether I am alive or not.


        • ‘Gheteb

          Cuz SAAY:

          On the ” three frequencies the Eritrean regime uses to telegraph its message”, all I can say is that on this one you did NOT hit it out of the ballpark. It comes across as nothing more than a haphazardly put caricature of how your bête noire which you describe as “the Eritrean regime” attempts to get its message out.

          Sure, at Meskerem dot net, one comes across a mishmash of tidbits that are seemingly gathered from the grapevine and cyber world. I have not seen any source that was ascribed to the Eritrean government or PFDJ channels.

          Hagerawi Dihnet, surely, reports on some issues. But, more often than not, the reports are AFTER THE FACT as in after things has had happened. I have yet to see any LEAKS that attempts to ‘telegraph’ the message of Eritrean government .

          The lady from The Atlantic Council, Bronwyn Bruton, well, she has the privilege of getting an access to PFDJ bigwigs when they are on a tour in the US and may have contacts with those PFDJ members/leaders who are prominent in the diaspora. But that doesn’t mean that she has been on the receiving end of leaks and telegraphed messages that are to be planted in the heads of the unwashed mass members of the PFDJ.

          Far from it. All she has had was a talk with both FM Osman and Yemane when they were in the DC area. She reported in her NYT piece that PIA’s advisors ” TOLD ME” [ identifying the source and method forthrightly] and NO telegraphing or otherwise. These advisors did NOT hold any type of a meeting or a seminar with the members of the PFDJ in the DC area.

          There was nothing earth-shattering about what BB wrote as to why the stability of Ethiopia (securitizing Ethiopia) will precedence over the implementation of the border ruling. Anyone with even a smattering about how things work between countries and how The Department Of State wants things to progress between the two countries will come to understand this maybe the standard operation procedure.

          By golly! the delaying of the Eritrean referendum for two years in 1991 is just a recent memory for most Eritreans. And, it was done precisely because of significance attached of the stability of Ethiopia by the powers that be.

          The rest of what Bronwyn Bruton writes about the Ethio-Eritrean peace deal is all, without mincing words, seat-of-the-pant analysis and nothing more. What is said about PIA’s “disdain” about the ethnic-based federal system in Ethiopia, well, the man has been telling it to anyone willing to lend him an ear. PIA has been talking about this since I don’t know when. So, I don’t see what an earth-shaking revelation that BB could have made in that VOA interview. She has merely regurgitated what has been a common knowledge and nothing more.

          • saay7

            Selam Gheteb:

            I think I understand what you are saying: “you denizens of Planet Illogic may consider news meskerem and hagerawi dHnet gives, but us PFDJ already knew the info.” Ok, fair enough. But let’s test that claim now:

            Until BB wrote the opinion piece in the NYT that securitizing Ethiopia has become a priority displacing implementation of EEBC ruling, did you PFDJ supporters know? Because all we heard from those who claim to be its supporters and those who claim to be its spokesperson had told us when needs to happen is Ethiopian withdrawal from occupied Eritrean territories first, and everything else later. Can you tell us denizens of planet illogic when and why the priorities change.

            It appears to me that what Isaias was looking for was not actual withdrawal of Ethiopian troops but actual commitment that Ethiopia will withdraw. So, it’s not withdraw first dialogue later but committ to withdraw, dialogue second, actual withdrawal, meh, maybe later who cares.

            What I think happened is that all this was cooked and agreed to between Eritrea-Ethiopia-UAE in May. And all we are seeing now is a show, mostly to prepare the “get the hell out of our land now!” sloganeers the appearance of assessment and observation.


          • ‘Gheteb

            Cuz SAAY:

            You say:

            ” it appears to me that what Isaias was looking for was not actual withdrawal of Ethiopian troops but actual commitment that Ethiopia will withdraw”.

            I think you are within the ballpark and you may be right on this one. The chain of events that, I think, may have transpired goes like this:

            A. Through the mediation/help of KSA/UAE and the US, the stumbling block and the big hurdle was removed when Ethiopia was convinced by the intermediaries that the first order of things was to acceptance without preconditions and ifs and buts The Algiers Agreement and EEBC verdict . PM Abiy announcing such a decision PUBLICLY removed the biggest hurdle.

            B. The three intermediaries then, assuring Eritrea that they will see to it that Ethiopia will hold on and honor it’s end of the bargain. (3 billion dollars worth of UAE/KSA potential investment in Ethiopia).

            C. Nudge Eritrea to give up on its demand that dialogue should follow Ethiopian withdrawal from Eritrean territories. Here the intermediaries may have impressed on Eritrea that they have a non-TPLF partner in PM Abiy and should not let this opportunity slip by. Also, the US may have hinted the possible lifting of sanction to goad Eritrea.

            (FYI, I think that FM Osman Saleh met with UN General Secretary in New York on June 23, 2018).

            D. Eritrea, then, agreeing to sending a delegation to Addis, sort of to ‘break the ice’ and start laying the groundwork for future negotiations.

            And, the rest is history unfolding in front of our eyes.

            I don’t like the notion that all of this was cooked up beforehand simply because it implies that the parties were handed over an end product here. I am of the belief that the parties have had much input on the end product.

          • saay7

            Selamat Cuz Gheteb:

            So, if we take out all the extraneous data, is the following conclusion reasonable:

            1. Ethiopia said we accept the EEBC ruling conditionally, we want to dialogue about some issues that will affect our people and, by the way, it will also affect your people;
            2. Eritrea said, no conditions at all, accept without conditions, and, as it relates to borders, there is nothing to dialogue: the case is closed.

            No War/No Peace, mobilization, conscription, exile in:


            3. Change in ruling party governing coalition results in change of policy: Ethiopia says we will accept the border ruling regarding demarcation unconditionally!
            4. Eritrea says, it’s about time! Now, let’s dialogue about trade, commerce, normalization. Demarcation? What is that?

            This is considered a vindication and exoneration for Eritrea, in a book which is in compliance with the General Cost/Benefit Principles of Eritreanism.


          • ‘Gheteb

            Cuz SAAY:

            I think, if I am reading you correctly, you are saying Eritrea waited too long and wasted so much time to engage Ethiopia and thereby in the Eritrean political ledger, the liability side preponderates over the asset side.

            Ergo, with the recent developments in the Ethio-Eritrean relation, Eritrea is neither vindicated nor exonerated.

            From 2002-2007, as you know better than anyone, there had been back and forth with Ethiopia dragging its feet on the EBBC verdict until the dissolution of the EBBC Commission.

            Between 2007-2018, there was nothing else left to maneuver with as the Ethiopian government under the Weyanes left no stone unturned to unseat the PFDJ from power through political, economic and diplomatic wars. Eritrea was put on a corner and left with no other choice but to defend itself tooth and nail.

            The PFDJ didn’t accept the “dialogue” offer from the Weyanes not for any other reason, but of the long history between the two organizations and that the PFDJ had ZERO trust when it came to the Weyanes. The EPLF had dealt with the Weyanes since 1975.

            If you were to ask a celestial being which has just landed on Earth, it would concur with your conclusion that Eritrea should have accepted the peace offer from the Weyanes way, way, back in the early part of 2000.

            But, we being Earthlings and consequently being the result of our experiences, we tend to deal with those whom we trust and keep at bay those who have backstabbed us.

            When I talk about the triumph of Eritreanism, I am NOT gainsaying the cost and the loss that was incurred on Eritrea. I am painfully aware that the cost was paid for the survival of Eritrea as a nation.

          • saay7

            Selam Cuz Gheteb:

            I think you have fairly summarized what I was asking.

            Now, while you have done a good job at chronicling the monstrosity of TPLF, you have whitewashed the role of the PFDJ which is, given your loyalty to it, unsurprising. But for the record , PFDJs decision of no regime change no peace predates TPLFs (declaration of ወያነ ኣብቂዑ እዪ was 2005) and in magnitude (compare TPLFs newly mouthed support for armed Eri groups vs PFDJs full-throated support for Ethio armed groups.)

            Where you and i agree is the fact that “Eritreanism”, as defined and re-defined by PFDJ, explains why we had to wait for 16 years (if you count from 2002) or 11 years (if you start counting since 2007) to accept pretty much the same deal we could have had in 2007 by the latest. I consider that tragic and you consider it worthy of celebration.

            Of course, at any given time, this version of “Eritreanism” contributes to 2 of our 3 borders with our neighbors being closed. But not to worry, “Eritreanism” has a perfect answer for that: it’s not our fault. In fact, that may as well be THE defining quality of “Eritreanism” as defined by PFDJ. And is this too costly? No problem: that too is “Eritreanism.”


          • Alex

            Hi Saay,
            I agree with you in that we lost a lot for the border demarcation being in limbo for the last 16 years. My only disagreement with you is you believe we should have accepted a dialogue that was pushed by PMMZ. Personally, from what I have seen from PMMZ and PMHD Eritrea is right to decline the dialogue gambit and insist for the implementation of EEBC. When it comes to PMAA, he accepted the verdict with out pre condition unlike the two previous Ethiopian prime minister’s, so Eritrea is right to go dialogue to hammer all the outstanding issue between the two countries with PMAA. My disagreement with PFDJ or PIA is the way they hold hostage every thing in the country because of the threat from Ethiopia. I firmly believe we will be better off as a country if there was a rule of law in spite of the border issue in the last 16 years.

          • saay7


            What is the worst that could have happened if we dialogued with Meles Zenawi or Hailemariam Desalegn?

            Then, compared what actually happened as a result of us not negotiating with them.

            Which one is worse?


          • FishMilk

            Hi saay7. The worst is that a meeting with MZ or HD would (likely) have provided the basis for a major Ethiopian military offensive on Eritrea that would have been met with the blind support of the US, West and UN., unless Eritrea would have ceded Assab to Ethiopia. With MZ’s early flat out rejection of the EEBC, TPLF hardliners (i.e.Seyoum Mesfin) open demand to use implementation talks as the basis for Assab port bargaining purposes, topped by the fact that Ethiopia continued with military offensives, including aerial bombardment, on Eritrea after the EEBC decision; it was clear that entering into discussions with the TPLF was simply too risky. I can now see the direction that you guys will go with this but you are simply wrong on the fundamental basis for doing so. Oppositionists need to now strategize against PIA/PFDJ on the basis of hitting on matters that have real meaning on the home front to Eritreans living INSIDE of Eritrea such Government reform and accountability; perhaps foremost being the issue of those imprisoned for years who have not been afforded due process. Eritreans living INSIDE of Eritrea will not likely take well to those on the outside blaming PIA/PFDJ for not meeting earlier with Ethiopia in regards to Badme/border.

          • saay7


            Your worst case scenario is less likely to happen when two nations are talking than when they are talking so I would dismiss it as illogical. The claim that then the world (which is a partner in the discussions) would have supported this offensive is another feature of “Eritreanism” as defined by the PFDJ: the world is against us, let us have a hermit nation.

            As for what the opposition should and shouldn’t do, I always find it amusing when people who don’t think the opposition should exist give it advice on how it should behave when it is allowed to exist. Nothing has more meaning to Eritreans than to live in peace and an opposition that can’t make the case the Isaias and his party were, are and will always be a clear and present danger to Eritreans might as well give up opposing.


          • Berhe Y

            Hi saay,

            Just want to remind you, that you forgot to mention the PFDJ ሕልሚ ደርሆ argument:).

            For example, if IA was the problem, wouldn’t it make sense for PFDJ to ask the IA to resign and let able people take over and deal with the issue for the sake of Eritrea and it’s people, rather than sentence to death the whole country for the past 16 years.


          • iSem

            Hi BY:
            PFDJ supporters do not think that IA is a problem, they think everyone else is.So they want the rest to resign: rem the saying it is those under him who are the problem. And IA’s own new blood project when he wanted to pull the carpet from under the feet of his old friends. The oldest blood in PFDJ is IA and he is till there, jaded, bloody handed but worshiped by his supporters
            How u ever seen in this form Gheteb, Semere T and Nitricc be convinced by facts. See how they used to say how Abiy is fake he changed his wiki page 10 times ( Nitricc) that Ethiopia will disintegrate and now they tell us we will save it, no need for border, how PMAA rhetoric of love is his trademark as if he patented it, as if they did not hear it from Eritreans before
            No matter how durable peace they sign with Ethiopia, these guys are a bunch morons and evil and they should have no place in Eritrean politics.
            Gheteb bragged to someone here a few days ago that only he and his friend were EPLF supporters among the 300 studens in Kassala. Never mind the fact that this was almost 40 years ago and never mind that IA committed untold crimes during these long decades, but our friends have not changed his opinion about IA, let alone that they have nothing to say about his so called “mistakes” let say. Watch now, he will comeback and split hair about how he did not say that the other EPLF supporter was not his friend, only his classmate/schoolmate

          • saay7

            Berhe Y:

            But Cuz Gheteb is too smart and he saw the trap I set:) That’s why he quoted Sebhat Ephrem and not IA. Of course when he presented that as the consensus view of PFDJ senior rank, he excluded those who disagreed with that view but are voiceless because they are in Eila Eiro.

            So (1) the Eritrea-Ethiopia war was triggered by PFDJ-TPLF disagreement on who should have the lions share of the Ethiopian loot; (2) the refusal to have dialogue in the last 11 years was because PFDJ didn’t trust TPLF and (3) the reason we have peace talks now is because a non-TPLF man is the PM of Ethiopia.

            It’s tribal war: the tribes are called TPLF and PFDJ. There was an old song called “when two tribes go to war, a point is all you can score.” And what was the point here?


          • Dis Donc

            Dear Salih,
            The problem isn’t even that. Were there any consultation to the citizen? Be it dialogue or otherwise. You need to include the citizenary into the discussion otherwise you have been distracted. No western power will come to your aid with these preconditions. By the way that applies to Ethiopian leadership as well, save declaration of war.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Berhe,

            You want the PFDJite to ask the resignation of the despot. It will never happen in the house of Nehna Nisu. Think and ponder for a moment, then you will come to a conclusion that there is no EPLF without him and there is no PFDJ also without him. He was the determining factor in the field and he remain to be so in the PFDJ Government. ንሱ እኮ እዩ ሕልና ናይ ኩሎም:: ከመይ ገይርካ ነዚ ትስሕቶ::

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Emma,

            I know that perfectly. I was just trying to throw that thought to them that he is sooner or later will be expired and then what????

            They are so blinded they can’t see any world with him and all the “nationalism” is nothing but be obedient to the all knowing king and his worship IA.


          • FishMilk

            Hi saay7. Sorry, but opposition intense hate and ‘at any cost’ desire to remove PIA & PFDJ from power should never come at the price of sacrificing Eritrea’s territorial integrity or very existence. ‘Illogical’ is when the opposition, which has long dismissed the importance of Badme, is now asserting that Eritrea (knowing that Ethiopia had clearly refused to unconditionally accept the EEBC decision), should have long ago entered into border discussions with Ethiopia, even though the outcome of such discussions, would have for certain have been detrimental to Eritrea; As now like before, Assab is not subject to negotiations. If you now wish to assert that the US, Western powers and UN have been neutral to Eritrea in the aftermath of the EEBC decision, there is then not much more that I can say other than I have never expressed my opinion that opposition groups should not exist.

          • saay7


            First of all, please don’t make representations you can’t back up such as “as now like before, Assab is not subject to negotiations” because, clearly, you don’t know. The “government” has no parliament, no people’s representatives to consult or ratify treaties so whatever happens you will hear it along with us “oppositionists” in the country owned by one man.

            Secondly, the opposition “hate” is not for the man (at least, speaking for myself, I find hatred too exhausting and I love myself too much to burden myself with that) but what he has done. You know the religious edict of “hate the sin, not the sinner.” But the man’s sins are massive for those of us who believe the testimonies of his victims.



          • FishMilk

            Hi saay7. The likelihood of Assab being on the negotiation table is right up there with the likelihood of Kosovo electing a Serbian Prime Minister. You seem adamant in casting me as a PIA supporter and one that does not beleive the sins that he has committed. All I can say is that you are simply wrong in this regard.

          • Amde

            Selam FishMilk

            What does “Assab being on the negotiation table ” mean exactly?

            Serious question.


          • FishMilk

            Hi Amde. Assab being on the negotiation table would imply ‘permanent transfer of property’ as there is already a July 1993 standing port agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Even for those that argue the interpretation to mean ‘preferential port use agreement’ this would clearly fall outside of EEBC border discussions. However, Ethiopia’s real intention was made clear in an intercepted Wikileaks cable from the US Embassy in Addis Ababa. For reference, please Google: Wikileaks: Ethiopia eyes acess to Red Sea,territory swaps with Eritrea

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Fishmilk,

            They don’t dismiss the border issue. There are three reasons for it. First, no body can resolve the border issue except the governments. Citizens can only demand their governments to resolve the border problem and other issues. Second, border issues are everywhere, and should not be in the front loading for decades to halt the normal life of citizens. Third, like what Saay told you, you don’t avoid dialogue because you hate your counterpart. That in itself show the weakness of diplomacy. Go and engage by making the interest of your country at crnter. Look now the border issue is put to the back loading and they are going for normalization first. If this is the case now, wasn’t it possible with former governments to strike the same deal? At the end “demarcation first” goes no where. “Normalization and dialogue” becomes the rule of the day.

          • FishMilk

            Hi Amanuel Hidrat. Border issues might be everywhere but Badme was unique in that it was mediated by the UN and Ethiopia refused to unconditionally accept a resultant final and binding decision. Contrary to what you assert, I have never said that ‘you avoid dialogue because you hate your counterpart’ but rather I have said that it made no sense for Eritrea (especially in that Ethiopia did not unconditionally accept the EEBC decision) to enter into border discussions with Ethiopia when a detrimental outcome was already predetermined; it was ever evervescently clear that the TPLF wish to include Red Sea access in border discussions.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam FishMilk,

            You go and find out on the table, if that was the case, rather by assumptions. In many instances the former PM has told the Ethiopian public as well to foreigners that Asseb belong to Eritrea. You are just feeding the Eritrean government’s propiaganda. But again in case they change their mind, go to the table and find out.

          • FishMilk

            Hi Amanuel Hidrat. Not assumption. What MZ said before and after the war was completely different. I refer you to his interview with IRIN on Oct 29, 2003. And, Seyoum Mesfin and the TPLF executive council’s insistence on including Assab in border discussions is well documented.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam FishMilk,
            Well documented really? then I need your help to give me a link of the well documented interview you are referring to about MZ. Luckily we are almost to weekend where we can post links to use for our argument.

          • FishMilk

            Hi Amanuel Hidrat. All you gave to do is a simple Google search by putting in:
            1) Meles Zenawi IRIN October 29,2003
            2) Wikileaks: Ethiopia eyes access to sea, territory swaps with Eritrea
            Question is, why play coy on this, for I am sure that you already know it.

          • ‘Gheteb

            Howdy Cuz SAAY.

            You wrote:

            “Where you and i agree is the fact that “Eritreanism”, as defined and re-defined by PFDJ, explains why we had to wait for 16 years (if you count from 2002) or 11 years (if you start counting since 2007) to accept pretty much the same deal we could have had in 2007 by the latest. I consider that tragic and you consider it worthy of celebration”.

            Yeah, sure, we could have dialogued in 2002 or 2007, and I am not of the belief that we could have gotten “pretty much the same deal” like the one we are getting now.

            There are/were too many unknows and, importantly, the political milieu was so contrastingly different. Just check what General Sibhat Ephrem has said about this issue:

            “‘ቶም በሊዕኩም ‘ትርስዑ፡ክትርስዕዎ ትኽእሉ ኢኹም። እቶም በሊዖም ዝዝክሩ ግን፡ ነዚ ክርስዕዎ ኣይኮኑን።’ዞም ሰብ’ዚኦም ናይዛ ዝገበርዋ ዋጋ ክኸፍልዋ’ዮም።’ ተ/ይ ጀነራል ስብሓት ኤፍሬም”.

            Call it what you will, PFDJ top brass and its political bigwigs led by PIA were looking for amends, consolation or whatever for the damage that was wrought in Eritrea. They were/are of the opinion what the Weyanes did to Eritrea was something that can’t be forgiven and thus making any type of dialogue that much difficult. Remember also that 2007 was diametrically different than 2018 when you consider the geopolitical situation in the Horn.

            Finally, my fear and, I think, of those in the PFDJ was that the TPLF and their enablers would have ‘dialogued’ the Algiers agreement and the EBBC verdict into smithereens and ultimately into an oblivion. That, I think, was the major fear that ultimately precluded any negotiation from happening.

            I hope that I answered your question and I will leave it to you to give the concluding response to wrap up this exchange.

          • saay7

            Selamat Cuz Gheteb:

            Excellent argued sir. I hate hats but if I wore won I would have tipped it to you.

            I think it is unforgivable that the PFDJ top brass grudge and anger would not let them get over it and do what’s in the best interest of Eritrea: swallow your pride and anger and negotiate with your enemy. After all, you have already tried war. After all, the EEBC ruling fully authorizes you to. After all at the time you have total moral high ground. After all, if you see the path going the wrong direction you have the ability to say no.

            I have been chronicling all the bad qualities about “Eritreanism” as defined by PFDJ and one of the worse is that it promotes paranoia to a virtue and this bleak worldview does not create people whose craft is negotiation: after all, it is impossible to get a good deal so why even bother.

            If you were to interview General Sebhat now, who has lost more based on their decision to prioritize punishing TPLF over genuine effort to solve a problem: their old nemesis or the Eritrean people? What would he say? He is, after all, one of the casualties.

            Anyway, thank you for your well reasoned argument. And your candor.


          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam saay7

            1. – “The PFDJ top brass’ grudge and anger towards TPLF would not let them get over it and do what’s in the best interest of Eritrea: swallow your pride and anger and negotiate with your enemy.”

            “Where you (Gheteb) and i agree is the fact that “Eritreanism”, as defined and re-defined by PFDJ, explains why we had to wait for 16 years (if you count from 2002) or 11 years (if you start counting since 2007) to accept pretty much THE SAME DEAL we could have had in 2007 by the latest. I consider that tragic and you consider it worthy of celebration.”

            Saleh: Again you got it all wrong. You’re comparing apples and oranges. Then – holding Eritrean sovereign territories hostage as a means to maximize their gain, the cunning Woyanes call for “border” negotiation (which never was about border) had three IMMEDIATE stated objectives and some more LONG-TERM objectives to follow. And these were the three immediate stated objectives:

            A. – Regime change that is Ethiopia friendly
            B. – Weak Eritrea that is dependent on Ethiopia for its safety and security
            C. – Secure Ethiopia’s unfettered access to the Red Sea

            In today’s planned negotiation with Dr. Abiy, the then stated IMMEDIATE objectives are NOT there as a stated precondition. The LONG-TERM hidden objectives may still be

            2. – Make no mistake: ኢትዮጵያውያን፡ ሎሚ፡ ንብይን ኮሚሽን ዶብ ውሳነ፡ ንኽቕበልዎ ዝተገደዱሉ ምኽንያትን፡ ተቕቢሎም ‘ውን ኣብ ባይታ ክትርጉምዎ ድልዉነቶም ንዓለም ዘፍለጡሉ ምኽንያት፡ ንዓና ስለ ደንጊጾምልና ኣይኮኑን። ምስ ኮርኮሖም እይዮም።

            3. – When you negotiate peace with any country, you do it only, under the favorable conditions and circumstances. Meaning: you enter into negotiation factoring the reality on the ground and calculating the likely of the outcome – all with the intent to maximize your gain.

            4. – There are many reasons why the great majority of Eritreans prefer the PFDJ regime to negotiate with Ethiopia on their behalf, and not the Woyane pampered Eritrean opposition. To mention two among many reasons (a) Call the PFDJ regime whatever you want, but they are more trusted to defend Eritrea and Eritrean interest compared to the fractured opposition – and the PFDJ regime has deep scars to prove it. (b) PFDJ has the military muscle and the necessary regional alliance to say ‘hell NO’ at the table, but the Woyane funded fractured opposition can’t.

            5. – If any Eritrean government worth its salt had to negotiate with Ethiopia about borders and about the prospect of future Ethio-Eritrean relations, it should never, never, never be with Meles and his team on one side of the table – and Janday Frazer or Suzan Rise as unbiased brokering-team sitting on the other side of the table.

            6. – Today’s Ethiopia is not Woyane’s Meles’s Ethiopia (prior 2012). Today circumstances in Ethiopia are different. Ethiopian economy is at a free fall, the situation inside Ethiopia is chaotic and full of uncertainties, the Trump White House is undoing everything Susan Rise and her team did, Eritrea has strong relation with the Saudi lead GCC (which Ethiopia itself is flirting with them today), Eritrea has strong relation with Egypt, there is a UAE military base in Assab few distance from Ethiopia……..

            Now tell me: how is Eritrea negotiating with Ethiopia today the same like 2005 – 2012

            Semere Tesfai

          • Paulos

            Selam Ato Semere Tesfai,

            If the objectives of the Weyanes were to create a weak Eritrea, they have achieved their objectives square and more. If Weyane’s objective was to make the Eritrean people ask for shelter and food in Weyane’s turf, they made that happen too. Finally, the reason the young PM took Yemane and Saleh to the Industrial Park in Hawassa is not to show them the potential trade relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea but to show them that, not only that Ethiopia is riding high but a testament that, Ethiopia survived and can live comfortably with out Eritrea and Eritrean ports as well.

            Certainly, the reason I brought up the above rather sinister motive is, to make some sense into your rather bizarre thinking. Simply because, if in fact the Weyanes had sinister motive in mind, they couldn’t have succeeded.

            To be more precise, the reason Eritrea became weak and the Eritrean people were forced to live elsewhere but in Eritrea was simply Isaias held grudges against the Eritrean people. He systematically destroyed their dignity and their sense of humanity as well. If you have any integrity left in you, blame it on the man you let screw you over and over again. He is not even one of you if you care to know. Sad, really sad!

          • saay7

            Selamat Semere:

            1. What the hardliners of the PFDJ top brass and the hardliners of the TPLF top brass wanted is exactly the same, so telling half the story ill-serves your readers. Everything you said about the TPLF hardliners is true; what you left out is that the PFDJ hardliners also had reached a conclusion that peace is not possible with Ethiopia unless the TPLF is punished and put out of power. Confirmed by Gheteb.

            2. True. But again, you are ignoring that the ምኩርካሕ was on both sides, worse on ours, except that our side was willing to take it primarily because the ruling class and its loud supporters defined it as “Eritreanism”. To be exempt from, or to be indifferent to, the suffering of the Eritrean people became their specialty. During this time, someone who highlights the suffering of our people was “Opposition” and someone who highlights the looming disaster in Ethiopia was a “nationalist.” One couldn’t do both and if one did, as MS did, one was accused of being confused.

            3. Not true. See also: the Algiers Agreement, negotiated and signed when Ethiopia was occupying 20% of our land.

            4. I just did what I always do: whenever you say, “the Eritrean people” or “Eritreans”, I replace it with “I”, “Me”, “Semere” and dismiss your statements as typical hyperbole. Never mind your imaginary surveys: objectively looked at, how can a regime that surrendered 20% of Eritrean territory and exiled 14% of its population claim to safeguard Eritrea’s territorial integrity? Absurd for a government to take credit for not losing the remaining 80% and to constantly make up stories that that was the intent of Ethiopia when Ethiopia was on the record saying, “we can have 90% of the border demarcated.”

            5. Keep on adding preconditions for peace (because you or your loved ones don’t wear the brunt of it) and personalizing politics. Diplomacy is an art and the PFDJ has no clue about diplomacy, in fact it brags about the priminitive stage Eritrean diplomacy is in so it will always blame others for its failure.

            6. Oh boy. Ethiopian economy is at a free fall and what is Eritrea’s? Let me guess: Eritrea’s booming? This is more of the “look over there!” that the supporters of the Eritrean regime has perfected.

            Ok, I will tell you: Eritrea negotiating with Ethiopia 2005-2012 is the same as negotiating with Ethiopia in 2018: the best and worst case scenarios are idential. Best case scenario, dialoguing on the basis of EEBC ruling, followed by normalization of relationship. Worst case scenario: a cold war, with the formerly disputed territories occupied by Ethiopia. The only difference is there is a smiling, charming non-TPLF boss is in charge and he may decide to have an all-TPLF delegation represent his country and you will still call it victory because you have to.


          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam saay7

            1. – “Everything you said about the TPLF hardliners is true; what you left out is that the PFDJ hardliners also had reached a conclusion that peace is not possible with Ethiopia unless the TPLF is punished and put out of power. Confirmed by Gheteb.”

            You know your source, and you know I’m not Gheteb, so direct your comment to the right person.

            2.- “You (Semere Tesfai) are ignoring that the ምኩርካሕ was on both sides, worse on ours, except that our side was willing to take it primarily because the ruling class and its loud supporters defined it as “Eritreanism”.

            True: ‘the ምኩርካሕ was on both sides’. But there is a difference: for the Woyane dominated Addis regime, not allowing to put poles at the Ethio-Eritrean border per the EEBC ruling – the very border agreement they signed-on to honor, was a CHOICE. But for us Eritreans, it was a MUST-FIGHT for our survival as a sovereign nation, and as a people with clearly DEFINED borders. That is the difference!

            3.- “The Algiers Agreement, negotiated and signed when Ethiopia was occupying 20% of our land.”

            Fighting Ethiopia is all I knew ever since I was a young teenager. All, I can say today is this: There is a difference between winning battles and winning the war. True, Woyane’s Ethiopia WON some battles during the 1998-2000 “border” war, but they sure did LOST the WAR. The proof: you’re not seeing them celebrating and dancing in Meqele today.

            Again, if USA and its powerful Western allies couldn’t declare victory in Vietnam, in Afghanistan, in Iraq……..

            4. – “Diplomacy is an art and the PFDJ has no clue about diplomacy, in fact it brags about the priminitive stage Eritrean diplomacy is in so it will always blame others for its failure.”

            I hear you trashing the PFDJ folks every day. But I challenge you to put your alternative diplomatic idea for all to see – which you’ve got none other than repeating what SEMG, CoI, USA…… put in print. Please prove me wrong and tell your readers: what you would’ve done differently (that the PFDJ regime fail to do) to charm the Woyanes to demarcate the border?

            5. – “He (Abiy) may decide to have an all-TPLF delegation represent his country and you will still call it victory because you have to.”

            Again you got it all wrong. The issue never been about the color or quality of the wrapping paper. It was always about the content inside.

            Semere Tesfai

          • saay7

            Selam Semere:

            I. No disrespect but I consider Gheteb a better authority on PFDJ than you. And what he said is very clear. So what I was saying is no better an authority on PFDJ than Gheteb told us what the motivation was: punish TPLF.

            2. No, sir. It was a choice for TPLF, and it was a choice for PFDJ. It is customary for PFDJ to describe all its poor decisions as forced upon it but everything politicians do is a choice. It could have entered into dialog. It could have accepted the deal on 90% demarcation and permanently closed the issue of Asab by demarcating the Eastern Zone (Badda, Bure.) But the PFDJ chose a different route because its priorities were different.

            3. Your original claim was “when you negotiate peace with any country, you do it only, under favorable conditions and circumstances to you–unless someone has a gun on your head.” I just told you the Algiers Agreement was such a case. Everything else you have written is Qmema-qmem that has nothing to do with anything.

            4. You don’t get it and I fear you never will: a random village elder from a random Eritrean village would have done it differently and better than the PFDJ. I trash the PFDJ because they have trashed the country and wasted its young life and atrophied its muscles.

            5. You are stumbling all over yourself. Again. The Algiers Agreement was negotiated while the TPLF was in full control of the Ethiopian government (box, wrapping paper, bow) and it was very favorable to Eritrea because the same people you are cursing, the UN and the US, insisted that it be. But do keep on singing that “woe is us! the world hates us” song because if we fail, well, what can you expect; and if we succeed, “look, despite the world’s conspiracy….” It is the poor student blaming the teacher, the classroom for his abysmal performance. It’s really sad that Eritrea is saddled with this mindset.


          • Semere Tesfai

            Selam saay7

            Saleh: that’s all the arrows I had on my quiver today.
            Until next time, thank you for engaging; and thank you for all the respect.

            Semere Tesfai

          • FishMilk

            Hi Gheteb. Meeting with the Ethiopia especially during the time of MZ but also HD would have been political suicide for PIA/PFDJ. Failed results of which would have provided Ethiopia (TPLF) with reason to go on a major military offensive against the PIA/PFDJ in hopes to topple the regime and secure Red Sea access. There is a reason why Ethiopia before PM Abiy had never agreed to unconditional withdraw.

          • Selam Gheteb,
            You stated that one of the reasons that dissuaded the Eritrean government from positively responding to Ethiopia’s overtures to dialogue was the long history of mistrust between the TPLF and EPLF. I know you are a history buff and I am sure you are cognizant of the numerous secret and not-secret peace dialogues the EPLF conducted with the Dergue regime throughout the second half of 1970’s and 1980’s. The Dergue was not feeding Eritreans sweets but the EPLF was pragmatic enough not to shun negotiations as means of ending the war without compromising the Eritrean cause. (En passant, the Eritrean ambassador to Japan, Estifanos, for example, is waxing melodramatically sentimental about a secret peace talks between EPLF and the Degue in Italy in 1983 in which he was the special envoy. Remember this was after the bloody sixth and seventh offensives!). So, given the prohibitive cost we have been paying for the stalemate, do not you think it would have been pragmatically wise for the PFDJ to do what it is doing now back in 2007?


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Samuel,

            I can only say ዝሰምዕ እዝኒ ርኸብ ነዚ ታሪኻዊ ሐቂ ዝአመትካሎም:: ዘዘስምዖ ሰብ አሎንድዩ ዝበሃል::

          • Amde

            Hi saay,

            For a long time I had in my mind the Ethio/Eri standoff as
            GTFO vs ክትፎ

            GTFO and slam the door behind you, OR
            ክትፎ on the menu if there is better attitude.

            Looks like ክትፎ is winning.


          • saay7


            You thought about this “for a long time”? 😀

            Have you considered that it is not an “OR” but an “AND”? GTFO to TPLF and let me have your KTFO to the rest of Ethiopia? Hmmm?

            You are a friend so I will let you in on a secret: Eritreans, oppo and PFDJ, see Abiy as a lamb who is about to step into the fox’s lair. The only difference is we cringe and the PFDJites celebrate what’s about to happen. So feel free (invite Eyob if you must) to convince us why the lamb is actually a fox.

            Or not.


          • Amde

            Haha saay,

            Yes GTFO vs ክትፎ was a PFDJ vs TPLF model, now taken over by events.

            I am not sure about the lamb thing – although there are moments that give me pause. Remember there is a Team Lemma. Remember he has outside pressure/inducement. Remember there is significant international support. A Europe sick of migrants. A US wary of an unravelling Horn.

            Against that, look at where he has moved the country in barely three months. Simply through rhetoric and deft moves. To use an American political term, he has sucked the oxygen from pretty much all legal and illegal opposition, and isolated the conservatives in his own front. That is extraordinary political talent, and not just sheer dumb luck.

            The other major point to look at is the rhetorical and political journey taken by OPDO – his powerbase. You have to ask how it is we have a Lemma Megersa OPDO now running the show in Oromia, Ethiopia and the region. That tells you Abiy is not alone.

            I remain convinced that the Eritrea adventure (to me it is an adventure) is too soon. But I assume there are outside drivers setting the pace. Friends of mine and I had immature snickers when Abiy said what Ethiopians want is to hug and kiss our Eritrean brothers. OK.. enough with the hugging and kissing. I am sure a gazillion Eritrean heads exploded when Abiy wished Isayyas health and long life. The man who wrote a movie about abesha dying in the Sahara, is also the same man who worked in state security and he probably knows better than most the true nature of the Isayyas regime. We have hinted about potential Ethiopian State failure. But how about the prospect of Eritrean state failure? Don’t you think that is part of the calculus?

            And people forget TPLF is still part of the scene. Whatever one might think if it, it has a deep bench of experience about PFDJ shenanigans. At some point, (like currently happening) the reformist/pro-Abiy wing will get in firm control. Interestingly, pretty much all of the Tigrayan opposition is ideologically inclined to the Abiy staunchly Ethiopianist side. So what that means is the Tigrayan public’s pressure is towards Abiy’s thinking. Compare that for example to much of the Oromo opposition, which will apply pressure on OPDO to move away from the Ethiopianist line.

            Funny enough, this week the Ethiopian liberals are up in arms warning of an Abiy dictatorship, and the possibilities of a cult. Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority sent out a scathing letter to Tigray State TV and ENN, both known as Weyane outlets, to explain why they chose not to televise the Mesqel Square event. I was gratified to see the universal condemnation the authority received from all corners of the opposition space. So, we have a wide eyed and energized liberal movement that will do its damndest to hold Abiy’s feet to the fire.

            PFDJistas have to game out the consequences of an Abiy charm offensive. I think ultimately it will depend on the details in The Great Revealing. But, my guess is Ethiopia moves out of Badme, then the lines are settled with minimum to no civilian disruption. That would close the chapter for Ethiopia without much political cost to Abiy. Then what is the PFDJ going to do the day after? And by the way, what will the opposition do? I find it hard to believe an Ethiopian economy open to PFDJ businesses will coexist with forced conscription of hundreds of thousands.

            And also, objectively speaking what can one point to something Abiy has done to date and say that was a major blunder? There really isn’t anything – not yet anyway – other than the thought that he is going too fast too soon. The resistance from the old order was to be expected. There appears to be a well funded and organized campaign of terror that seems to be trying to instigate communal violence, to create a climate of lawlessness with the supposed aim of forcing a declaration of another SOE (which would effectively be a coup). Whether they will succeed remains to be seen, but one can hardly blame Abiy for that. And in any case, such flare ups remain flare ups because they are getting squashed by the military and security services (which tells you they remain firmly under Abiy control). The Awassa events has re-engineered the SEPDM leadership from a den of conservatives to Abiy friendly terrain. The Asossa events have resulted in a phalanx of BeniShangul Gumuz state officials now becoming wards of the state. The pattern is the same – flare-up, squash-down, roll-up.

            Yup.. I am a wild eyed optimist.


          • Paulos


            Wow! This is a real deal. Hope Awate editors read it so that they post it on the front page for an article. Absolutely brilliant! 5Q plus 5Q.

          • saay7


            I find myself in a state of quandary on Abiy. I am somewhere beteeen you, who considers him a crafty calculator, and YG, who called him naieve. In support of your argument I would say that he, as a member of the EPRDF Exec Committee, must have seen intel reports on Issaias the Menace. But (or as Semere T would say) but but but, does he really know how unimaginably bad and destructive IA is and how irredeemably bad he is? Would it surprise you if he had a border clash with Sudan tomorrow? All Abiys throw-caution-to-the-wind and lets-reboot is something that Eritreans are told every time an ogre victimizes them, generation after generation.

            The rest of your input on Ethiopian dynamics I will yield to your expertise. Keep it coming please.


          • Amde


            I feel there is a sense – still – of EPLDJ as the premier military/political organization of the horn. I think at this point it is just a glorified crime syndicate.

            For Ethiopia, Eritrea is just one neighbor in the region – an important one for sure. Keep in mind Abiy DID travel to Sudan, Djibouti, Egypt, Saudi Arabia before this Eritrea thing. It is hard to imagine this didn’t come up in any of the trips, and their concerns weren’t shared.

            The man spent his entire life in EPRDF, and broke his teeth in fighting an Isayyas led Eritrea. That was pretty much his formative adult experience. I don’t think he is under any illusions about him or the regime.

            I really think we will have to see the package before we say anything about who rolled who. But I feel pretty confident that Abiy is handing Isayyas a nicely packaged gigantic headache with smiles and kisses. In the process, my guess is he is also starting to move Eritrean public opinion decisively in his direction. You watch how he is going to make a big show of the እንቁጣጣሽ celebrations. It is a pretty damn clever thing – we are the only two countries that still celebrate it thus a tie through a unique calendar. Latest I heard is Ethiopian will start flights to Asmara July 20th.

            Again, how does the PFDJ regime navigate all this coming at them so fast? Ask yourself who is better positioned, even just as of today, to benefit six months down the road. Wasn’t there a Sophia Tesfamariam quote.. something about a bad example of a good example or something like that? I believe Eritreans will start demanding a little bit of the Abiy action.


          • Abraham H.

            Selam Amde, I don’t have any capability or knowledge of breaking it down like you guys do it. But simply put I would say there is an unholly collusion/Trump-Russia style:-), between team Lemma/Abiy, DIA, the G7 and their respective powerful diaspora bases. What we are witnessing is simply a collusion of interests between these forces, the target being the tplf/Weyane and the consolidation of power of the allied forces. As I said it before, there is nothing the Eritrean people would benefit out of this malicious partnership between these forces. Remember only a few years ago the G7 and their bases in the diaspora were demonstrating together with the pfdj crowds in defense of all the widespread human rights violations on Eritreans by the dia regime.

          • Amde

            Selam Abraham H.

            Why so pessimistic?

            The truth is – yes – these changes are not with the Eritrean people in mind. I don’t think there is collusion – more accurate to say an alignment of goals. I have always felt there will be no change in Eritrea unless the man dies or there is uprising. In other words – forget internal reform. Well,one can’t blame Ethiopia that neither one of the options are happening. In any case, it is better to see this as a new opportunity than to lament it as an unholy alliance.

          • Blink

            Dear Abraham
            Your attitude on this issue is not your type. What happens if G7and Qero guys became friends and help the PM crush very few weyane luckiest once. Don’t be so hard on yourself , it is to easy just breath deep. Are you looking at the Eritrean flag in Bahri dar , Gonder, Addis and other places, ahmm not you , the dismissal of the blue is official and the death of lousy weyane created opposition death is officially printed too.

            All these anti peace old activists need to go to the museum of Ba’ath party or hang their shoes and call it , Over .

            Peace is coming and you better be positive because it will not be easy to be negative about this .

          • Abraham H.

            Dear Blink, I don’t simply go with the wave. My first and foremost priority is the interest and well being of my Eritrean brethren; and as such I don’t see any positive result comming out of a relationship with Ethiopia that is not centered around the Eritrean people, but which is done with the one menacing our nation. Please stop your usual nonsensical mind reading of people that you call anti peace; if there is any anti peace, it is the Eritrean despot and his worshipers and half worshipers like you.

          • Selam Amde,

            What makes me somehow skeptical about the last thing you said in your comment, is whether eritreans have forgotten to demand or not, and they are now used to the easy solution of mass departure, away from their nemesis. To demand and fight back if necessary, the first thing eritreans have to do is to reverse the mentality of running away from their nemesis. It is people who want to stay in their cities, villages, businesses and farms, who demand and fight for their interests and things they believe.

            The second thing is to reverse their belief that ethiopia is after all not their enemy, this after decades of indoctrination. Sometimes a manufactured virtual reality is stronger than the real thing and it does not go away easily.

            Thirdly, what happens in eritrea the day after, depends as well on what dia/pfdj have decided to do, or have been told to do by the actors behind the scene. Unfortunately dia does not keep his promises. He can easily be Janus-faced when required, although most of the time blunt, a good face for the outside world and a more or less the same face to his inside world, with maybe a minimal face lifting.

            Ultimately, i think that Eritreans need their own Abiy Ahmed. One cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

          • Abrehet Yosief

            Selam Saay7,
            I don’t know whether this would indicate towards the foxiness of the PM. Did you notice his opening sentence at the dinner reception? “የኤርትራዊ ደም የለብኝም ግን ስካር እኔም ተጋብቶብኛል …”

      • ‘Gheteb

        Hi Kaddis,

        Thanks for the feedback.

        I don’t think that The Atlantic Council did or is doing any lobbying work for Eritrea. It has been all Bronwyn Bruton who has shown interest in Eritrea and did some writings about Eritrea. She has been to Eritrea and has had a meeting with President Isaias. She has had access to senior Eritrean officials when they come to the Washington DC area. Other than that, I don’t think she has especial channels or connection to the Eritrean government.

        Regarding the state of economy in Eritrea, you are spot on. It can do better. There is no denying that it will greatly benefit from the Ethio-Eritrean peace. I am not talking about integration and other big and fancy stuff here. Just the basic trade and commerce and the utilization of the Eritrean ports by Ethiopia and the boosting tourism between the two countries will be ‘ a shot in the arm’, a stimulus, for the Eritrean economy.

        With the fruition of the Ethio-Eritrean rapprochement, moreover, the chances of lifting of the UN sanction on Eritrea will get better and hence paving the way for more foreign investment both in Eritrea or in both Ethiopia and Eritrea.

  • Saleh Johar

    Hi Abi,
    If that happens, though your love for muscle is proverbial, it will surpass the change brought by the European Renaissance. 🙂 but wishing tanks converted to productive tasks is a noble dream , and I am going to sleep now. Wish me happy dreams

    • Abi

      Selam Ato Saleh
      Wardiyas don’t sleep specially when “Hope” is around the corner .

  • Blink

    Dear all
    Breaking news , ENN news organization lead by Debretsion the Korean dancer is going to end its business in Ethiopia once for ever. Weyane are going out of business while Jahor news organization is opening office in Ethiopia. What a good news . I can’t wait OMN news analysis to air from Ethiopia.

    • Erta

      Hello!! Oil production in ethiopia has began. Gambela and south nation and natinalties to follow in the next 3 years. This was one of top secret that has been sealed until the program is well underway due to security concerns.

      • Teodros Alem

        Selam erta
        It was never been secret, it was named as narural gas project.

      • Blink

        Dear Erta
        It was all over the news . What is new is the Eritrean and Ethiopian peace window, by that all the white men and women who were working for weyane are going to be jobless . I pity them . BBC tigrina has one article three white people analyzing the issues of the region , what a trash mind is that ? We have home grown experts from both sides yet BBC brought big eye glass lairs.

    • Mitiku Melesse

      Hei, Blink.
      What a true friend of Ethiopia! Your love for Ethiopia and Ethiopians is intact the way you loved us between 1991-1998. And now you want to give us another gift ie war against civilian tigres. You did give us this kind of gift in 1991. May be you forgot hate Amhara is called. But Ethiopians know better. Now in Ethiopia we are in a reconciliation mood. We are beautiful when we are in peace as PM said.

      We call this mentality of yours hyena mentality. ”አንድ ባንሆን ሊበሉን ነበር”. This sung not only for home grown hyenas. This is for you too. We dont give you another chance. We say in one voice let’s forget and forgive. You think our PM put on a t-shirt with a mandela pic on it for fun. NO. He knows exactly how eplf and its die hard supporter come up with another divide and eat policy.

      We will win by love. We dont hate any tigrians. We just explain how tplf spoiled for the majority and how it hurt Tigrians too by excluding them from the mjority.

      • Blink

        Dear Mitiku
        Just listen to VOA Amharic and you all will know you love the Tigrians. I mean no need to go on .

  • Hope

    Selam Abi:
    Well,Abi,if Gojjam was to be allocated to Eritreans, you could have witnessed a Midrawi Ghenet,for obvious reasons.
    Did u see and listen to what the Angafaw ye Gonder Hizb /Gonderiewoch were chanting about Eritreans during the recent Rally for Dr Abi?
    Serihu Zesserih Hizbi”….Serto-lefto ….yemiyaserra/lelochin) Tiguh Hizb!
    During my 7-yrs of stay there,I have never seen any Gonderie or Gojjamie expressing any hate but Love and Admiration towards Eritreans…
    Not to mention that every and all top Star Shops,Kiosks,Trucks,Restaurants,and related businesses were owned and run by none but Eritreans…
    Talk about the top few Professors and Researchers at the GCMS and the TOP TOP Achievers and Gold Medalists …..hahahah..
    Gorgora could have been one of the top Tourist destinations and Plantations and Agro-Industry areas had it been allocated to Eritreans..
    More than 75 % of the GCMS and Bahirdar Poly Soccer,Basket Ball,Volley Ball Teams and the Tennis Team were Eritreans,me included,who proudly represented the GCMS Soccer and Baskel Ball as well as Volley Ball Teams/ Division B.

    • Abi

      Hi Hope
      አቦ ጥግህን ያዝ! ጉራ ሰልችቶኛል

      የጅል ነገር ሁለት ፍሬ
      አንዱ ጉራ ሌላው ወሬ

      • Hope

        Abi :
        Swallow the bitter TRUTH buddy.
        it was,has been and is and will be Eritreans and their dedication and stamina that got u here.
        THANK U bel.
        Watch things turning into miracles overnight once Dr Abiy allows and welcomes the Eti Investors.
        Sertew Yaserruhal.
        Ya lebaw TPLF Gang yatefawin hulu atrifew yimelisuhal.

        • Selam Hope,

          Do not make the mistake and forget that yesterday was yesterday and today is today, ethiopia and ethiopians have changed. This time there will be no free ride and no nonsense like “tewachew, atinkuwachew, etiopiawuyanoch nachew”, etc. With the least foul play you try to do, you will be kicked out.

          This time over please do not try to tell ethiopians about your screwdrivers and kitchen utensils, the signs of your civilization and sophistication, things you learnt serving the italians.

          The kindness ethiopians showed you until you started the circular journey (YG), you called it the great ethiopian naivety. Again you started to exploit ethiopia during the early 1990s. Even tplf could not bear your arrogance and ignorance, which you call the great “eritrean geniusness”, and tplf was force to kick you out, the main reason you hate woyane so much.

          Do not forget one fundamental thing. today it will be very different how ethiopians will treat you, and it depends on how you behave. There will be no free-ride and no nonsense. What you get depends on what you give. Period. The first thing some eritreans have to do before they set foot in ethiopia is to get rid of their delusion and illusion, so that they are able to live in the real world. Otherwise, they will face a big big disappointment. Please do not come back if you people believe that bad character, the worst type for that, changes only with death.

          You clever guys better stay back home in eritrea nursing the old men of the great eritrean dictatorship. We saw them in addis at the airport, and we couldn’t believe our eyes that such men could terrorize a whole nation for so long, and get away with it. Something is really wrong.

          The biggest delusion and illusion is that you people could do a miracle in ethiopia and everywhere else, nevertheless what you have succeeded in eritrea over three decades are some mini-dams, some rural roads with slave labor and of course the many prisons and dungeons that turned eritrea in to an open prison.

          Zeros exist because they are useful, but they are not real. You could not build eritrea with astronomical number of zeros, and you cannot rule the horn with a lot of wishes. Your singapore is bust and you are on a survival mode. Unfortunately, you have chosen to ignore the reality. Nothing is odd ;the pfdj camp; this, just few days after pm Abiy provided them with a lifeboat to save those who are on board the sinking pfdj ship.

          • Hope

            Selam Horizon:

            You dared to declare:

            “This time over please do not try to tell ethiopians about your screwdrivers and kitchen utensils, the signs of your civilization and sophistication, things you learnt serving the italians.

            The kindness ethiopians showed you until you started the circular journey (YG), you called it the great ethiopian naivety. Again you started to exploit ethiopia during the early 1990s. Even tplf could not bear your arrogance and ignorance, which you call the great “eritrean geniusness”, and tplf was force to kick you out, the main reason you hate woyane so much.

            Do not forget one fundamental thing. today it will be very different how ethiopians will treat you, and it depends on how you behave. There will be no free-ride and no nonsense. What you get depends on what you give. Period. The first thing some eritreans have to do before they set foot in ethiopia is to get rid of their delusion and illusion, so that they are able to live in the real world. Otherwise, they will face a big big disappointment. Please do not come back if you people believe that bad character, the worst type for that, changes only with death”.

            A nice try!
            Sounds familiar bravado and belittling.

            But .ARROGANCE and HYPOCRISY at their BEST!


            It was NOT only the utensils, the screw drivers, etc…of the same hard working and Gallant Eritreans,but the brain,the genius and the sophisticated SKILLS of the same Eritteans that built the Ethiopian Infrastructure and,who liberated you formthe brutal shackles of your brutal regimes.

            I stated facts based on history.

            PIA is NOT the point of my comment but ERITREANISM and its hidden potential.

            The number of zeros that follow 1 are REAL.

            Talk to me in 3 yrs about those zeros.

            In 1991,Eritreans DESERVED more than few million $$ and better than some low level black market business.,compared to billions of $ in material damages and the human atrocities and damages your successive regimes incurred up on us for over 50 yrs fully supported by your masters.

            You should rather be ASHAMED of these atrocities and damages rather than bluffing about what Eritreans might have done wrong, if any.

            There is no delusion or confusion about Eritreans’ Potential but facts. Your TPLF Gang’s evil dream, acts and agendas against Eritrea and Eritreans speak VOLUMES as to why the jealous and evil Weyane did to us what they did to us for over 20 yrs..

            Read history about Eritrea and Eritreans as history does not lie.

            Despite all the evil acts,dreams,sabotages,sanctions,the policies of Isolation,Containment,No war No Peace,and what not,you have witnessed where Eritrea is today and as we speak and .irrespective of PIA’s weaknesses, failures ,”Crimes against Humanity”,etc.,this “TINY and TERRORIST” nation was predestined to collapse and to be another failed Somalia.

            But the facts is what you see….as to who and which nation was literally to collapse and to be another Somalia.

            It is so sad to see you,Hayat,Gash Made and kim Hana to express sadness for Dr Abiy’s Declaration for Peace with Eritrea.

            So gald that you are just a nano fraction of the Ethiopian Majority,who ELLULATED across the board for this Godly and Supernatural Announcement by this man of God,Dr Abiy Ahmed Ali.

            Check yesterday’s history of Ethiopia, which was close to total collapse, which was intended for Eritrea and Eritreans.

            “Zemen Ghirinbit mai Ni Akeb”.!!!

            As much as you learned about Eritreans so as to NOT to allow us to “”LOOT” you,we Eritreans have learned as well how to approach you and how to do business with you and we will never give U a second chance to loot us and deport us bare-handed and bare-feet, not to mention the 60 yrs old merciless LOOTING and atrocities you have done/incurred upon/to us.

            Eritreans will NOT beg you to do business and are law abiding people and it is only for your best interest to allow them to do business like any foreigners.

            You have that CLASSIC TPLF-Weyane mentality as it was for the same reason and jealousy as to why the same Janda looted and deported Eritreans and kept us hostages so as NOT to do business peacefully so that they will monopolize the Ethiopian Economy as they know the huge potential of Eritreans.

            I guarantee you that,had Eritreans been allowed to do business peacefully in Eritrea, they could have done a better job than the corrupted and opportunist and hateful and jealous TPLF gangs.

          • Selam Hope,

            The “we liberated you” mandra is going to live with you forever, even though you know the truth. The derg defeated itself by turning ethiopians its number one enemy.

            Fortunately, there is a silver lining to every mishap (if i can call it a mishap). You went, you saw and now you want to return back one way or the other. The nostalgia is over, except for few ultra-nationalist eritreans, the reality has settled deep in everybody’s psyche that one cannot build a castle with wish only, and you have to cooperate with others.

            Eritreniasm did not exist during italian colonialism, if it existed it served the italian than anytbody else. Just look at the history of the askaris and italian stumps that circulated during those days that depicted eritreans dying to save italians, the main reason italians were proud of their askaris.

            Eritreanism is the product of gedli, and that is why it ended up toxic, destroying eritrea and killing eritreans, and it became the reason eritreans have to suffer over the last three decades. If it were a healthy nationalism and patriotism, and if it is not isayanism, eritrea would have been a different country today, a democracy and prospering.

            Most of the things you say exist in your mind and not in the real world. In 3 yrs when reality sets, you may have forgotten about your zeros.

            Ethiopia destroyed eritrea, that is what you said. Is that why you started wars of destruction in all direction and with everybody after your independence, thus maximizing the destruction. People who know war and destruction, they hate war with all their guts, and they do not go around looking for more.

            How can you realize what you yourself is doing to eritrea and eritreans when you try to cover your actions and faults by accusing others – ethiopia, tplf, usa, etc. Can you tell the eritrean people what you achieved with your independence other than enslaving them and making their lives unlivable, which is the product of toxic eritreanism forced upon the people. Eritrea is in danger of collapse due to the actions of the dictatorial regime and its supporters, and not due to anybody else’s actions.

            When you write history yourself and you tell us history does not lie, that is not telling the truth. That is equivalent to cooking food and serving it to yourself. Leave history to trustworthy historians.

            This godsent peace and rapprochement if it fails, it will be due to the arrogance and ignorance of those eritreans who have already started to beat their drum of narcism, invincibility and greatness.

            What did you have and what did ethiopia loot? The few industries the italians left behind continued to function with the support of ethiopian capital. Since 1998 most of them have stopped functioning, the refinery ethiopia built in assab has crumbled and eritrean airlines which started with airplanes given by tplf (i cannot be sure on this, i do not have first hand knowledge, simply i heard it), you failed to sustain what you found.

            The eritrean people are law abiding, they are not arrogant like their elites. FYI, what ethiopians hate is not what eritreans say and do, but the words and actions of the eritrean elites and their regime.

            When you say we are not going to beg you, you should know that ethiopians will not beg you either to do business with an economy that is not more than 10% of her economy. At least accept the truth, it is eritrea that is going to gain more.

            Nobody is jealous of you, and to be sure the regional governments are doing their best to avoid the eritrean regime as an example. You did not monopolize ethiopian economy in the past due to your ingenuity. Simply ethiopians let you do it, although they knew everything that was happening. You had become untouchable, because foolishly ethiopians believed that eritreans may cancel their drive for independence. Now you have got it, tell us why ethiopians would see you differently.

            Why do i say all these? It is to bring some eritreans to face the reality, and try to tell them to be less arrogant and even ignorant, and start to function as good and humble neighbors and citizens of the world. If they come again in arrogance, the door will be closed, and hearts and minds will be closed too. They should stop at last exposing their naivety in this toxic way and calling it exceptionalism, and they should abandon for good thinking that the whole region is populated with fools except the ultra nationalist (isayayist) eritreans.