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Ciao Roma: Eritreans In Italy Occupy Eritrean Embassy

Eritreans for change have been paying a visit to Eritrean embassies…and not to pay the mandatory 2% but to demand change in the way Eritrea is being governed. Topping their list for change is the resignation of self-declared president, Isaias Afwerki, the release of political prisoners, and replacement of rule by man with rule of law. So far, we have reported on the occupation of the Eritrean embassies in England, Germany and Egypt. This is a picture of Eritreans in Rome, Italy. Forza Eritrea.
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20130129 Occupy Rome - Outside

Occupy Embassy - Rome

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  • messdai

    if tpdm was allowed to involve in the eritrean internal afairs, what does the good eritrean with a clear head could learn from this, is that not we are not really indipendent or our indipendence is not strong to stand alone to sustain it self, is this not telling us that eritrean indipendence and all the sucrifys made was for a mere calculated plot towards reunion with ethiopia, are we really in controll of our destiny or we lost it for good?? i am frastrated abaut the out come of the whole price paid to secure a nation.
    how long will it take us to restructure eritrea after pia? how many more generation will pass through this before we can get the eritrea we dream about ?does it really worse fighting for? i am bancrapted of all hopes unless i have to day dream or wish for some majic to act and bring a little good to the country.

  • Hagos Berahne

    Phillipos and Sebhat Ephrem knows early form day one, but they were in a cage long time years ago. And they know all about TPDM(DEHIT). They already get orgent order form Wedi Afom to make a move from SAWA toward Asmara vecinity ASAP>DMHIT is in control.

  • belay

    The cloned once,talk like Isayas Afeworki,they are exact copy of Nesu.



  • danny

    The Isaias dogs think only those that serve him without asking a single question are “real Eritreans”. Like Philipos and Sebhat Ephrem one goon claimed here. I suppose “real Eritrean” changes according to the dictators mood, uh? Were Petros Solomon, Haile DruuE and the other tens of thousands prisnors “real Eritreans” until the criminal dictator disappeared them?

  • hazim

    how much do they pay yo to do all this I hope you get paid enough Atum hademti Hzbi Eritrea eko Memahrekum neru neta Hedma ketshfnu ketblus ezi kulu do walas neta zeytekefelet 2% eyu ezi kulu Nsu wen mengedi metegeberlu neru Hademti I go to my country every summer I pay my 2% every year kabzi zetim entay alo>

  • Simon

    Awate Team Moderator opted to delete my rather harmless comment. Wonder what the reason might have been.

    • Hagos Berahne

      Game is over. The terrorists are @erraero and those who think General sebhat or General filoppos or any real eritreans who think are rescue rangers to use force against Wedi Afom; they better not do it; cause their is Wedi Afom’s special gaurds DEMHIT and GUMBOT SEBAT.

  • Selamawi

    A new phase has started. It will certainly accelerate the departure of pfdj and its worshipers and foot soldiers.

    Avanti Eritrea ed eritrei.

  • Salm Humed

    What can we call this gangs. OK, let us say they got in to the Embassies and broke things, insult Embassy Staffs and take pictures and videos. What is puzzling about this what they call “occupy Eritrean Embassy” here and there; but then at the end of the day what is their real mission? Posting pics on fb and talk about it on paltalk….; that is it! If this satisfies them… then this guys are really on a wrong path. It won’t change a thing. They get arrested and they will pay badly, either to their records or to the damage they created to the Embassies here in USA or anywhere else.

  • Massawino

    The top photo definitely looks like a movie house. No question about it. I don’t know how anyone can think that it is not.

  • going to embassy & vandlaiz it is cowerdly if this idiots are doing this in support of the mutiny in FOROTO well the terorists bihaind the mutiny are arrested & on get killid so whay dont you garbegs go to ERITREA & get revenge because the EMBASSY didnot do nothing so ENIHO GOLGOL E NIHO MEDA dont do cowerdly thing

    • Ibrahim

      You going to support the dictator until they getting him like his friend Gadafi in Libya

      • Tana

        I agree with you Ibrahim….thats is his final fate…he is going to be bitten to death like Gadafi at the hands of youth….

    • Bob

      Learn some english before you post anything, please….

    • danny


      Please write in PFDJ Tigrigna because your English sucks big time.

    • sara

      [moderator: mind your language please]

  • Cacciatore

    That is not an embassy. It’s a movie theater. There is a movie poster encased in a large frame. It has the look and feel of a movie theater. Look closely.

    The point is, you pay unemployed youth 100 Euros each to hold signs and get their picture taken in front of a movie theater for 30 minutes they will do it. But ask for a show of hands how many of them want to go back to Eritrea and pick-up arms to fight, you will get no volunteers.

    I don’t who is paying them but I can guess.

    • Papillon

      Cacciatore (Mini-Isaias),

      I should commend you for striding a step forward as you acknowledge that there is a need for a change where you’re challenging us to pick up arms and fight. Here is the deal: a sight challenged person refuses to accept blindness where he says, it is the Sun that has disappeared. Your morbid denial is pathological to say the least where the writing is on the wall for everybody to see as the seasons of the sadistic leader are winter and spring away. Really. Forto 2013 is a must win.

    • Tesfa


      With your trend of going to loose your mind

    • Massawino

      Good observation, hadanay. I can tell you who is paying them to pose in front of embassies and movie houses (as it might be in this case). Either Weyane or NGOs. That is who!

      • danny


        It is good that you recognize at least weyane and NGOs pay for services rendered. What has your darling, the dictator of Eritrea has paid these proud young Eritreans for their servitude of 20 years? You puppets make the people of the planet real sick with your dead brain that cannot think an iota but a mouth that cant shut up for a minute. Think before you speak has no meaning in the world of the blind tifozos of the dictator.

    • Speed

      Are you a Dracula of some sort? What is shedding more blood going to do you irresponsible fool!! Please think before you post your opinion? Some of us lost brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and friends. Eritreans of every religion, region and tribe are saying out loud “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”. It is time for change without spilling any more blood. Go and tell your master to leave, having said that, I am not sure where his destination should be as he managed to fight with every country in the region. My friend, Aljazeera is very busy broadcasting news about Eritrea, I can assure you, few years ago, this was never the case!!! Why do you think this is?

    • Falchi

      The first pic. was taken in front of cinema Barberini. The second is inside the eritrean embassy in via Boncompagni 16 B, near via Veneto. Naturally you choose a crouded place like cinemas…in order to be heard and seen by people! Ciao.