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Egypt Answers The Call: Forto 2013

The “May 24th Movement”, Eritrean youth calling for freedom and democracy in Eritrea, stormed the Eritrean embassy in Cairo, Egypt. A statement from May 24th on the “Eritreans For Action” and “Eritrean Youth for Solidary and Change” pages reads:
may24 egypt demo

May24 youth movement are conducting a demo now from 7am cairo time, inside the Eritrean embassy in cairo. They forced the embassy staff, including the consulate Ismail from entering the building.
All Eritreans around the world we need your support, photos will be released soon!!!!

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    Movement Jan. 21 Forto,

    This movement seems to be based on people`s rights & salvation. The new struggle has People ,not other secondary issues at it`s agenda. I am with the people I love. I HOPE SOME OF MY ANALYSIS WOULD BE TOTALLY WRONG.

  • belay

    Italians created Eritrea,Isayas Afeworki created Eritreans(60%)by cloning himself.
    Deki Hanti Lebi,whose heart is that?

  • Manca Uno


    You articulated it well. I couldn’t stop loughing!!!!
    You are hellarious!!!!!!!1

  • Awet

    The Awate team and the rest of the opposition are to be commended for keeping us in the loop with regard to the affair of our beloved country. With the exception of a few, the majority of the government supporters are muted. Indeed the eleventh hour has arrived.
    By the way, doesn’t the mafia government in Eritrea have a spokesperson that can enlighten the world about the state affair?

  • Kalighe

    Eritreans for the first time ever seem to be ready for a radical change. Except for a few who fear freedom and justice all are for peace and justice in our country. There is no need to use violence against anyone, except a few who are defending DIA by killing our people and are ready to die with him. Those who have decided to die for him will do so at any cost, no amount of diplomacy will change their mind. They are not many, but too violent and there is no way to stop them except by replying to them in kind.

  • Warsay

    YESSSS, we will be glad, without blood! Ther can be no resistance as everybody is already affected by PFDJ od DIA.

    Whether they wish or not the time is over –
    HIGDEF go forever

  • Abubakar

    No blood No freedom , but who will be willing to pay blood in this ages of cyber and desires to live by the cost of others lives .

    • Bahgi

      Right!!! In a closed society ruled by a brutal dictatorship supported by a vast deceived majority, it is impossible to bring about change through cyber warfare!!

  • Cacciatore

    Biretawi Qalsi is where it’s at if you are going to effect change. But most of you cyber warriors don’t have the balls for that. It doesn’t matter how many times you get your picture taken at an embassy, it won’t amount to a hill of beans. You want change? You love Eritrea? Then prove it. You have to be willing to die for it. Don’t expect someone else to do it for you. Do it yourself. Otherwise get rid your pom poms and stop being cheerleaders. Get off the sidelines, get in there and fight like men.

    • Yodita


      Your master and you would want blood blood and blood! Isn’t w’ge hadhad and 98-2000 war and blood enough? News for your Cacciatore: this is gonna be bloodless! May be 99.9% of Eritreans, openly and secretly hate this inhuman antiquated system of oppress and rule. The 0.1%, your master and his few cronies are probably trembling like a leaf knowing the sunami heading their way. Some like you, will probably switch and jump to the winners wagon playing a role of being more catholic than the pope. Eritrea has learned a lot in the last 50 years, and its capacity to smell the rat is increasing by the day. The countdown has started and DIA, hgdef and the funfunat Cacciatores have nowhere to hide except to willingly disappear and save their skin. No blood as you would want to.

      • sam

        Merhaba Yodita you said it all, WELUKUM KEDAT such as CACATORE

    • !Hatati


      “Otherwise get rid your pom poms and stop being cheerleaders.”

      • Cacciatore


        I call them “Nai Keyboard Jeganu.”

        I tell you man. It’s always the same 15 people (led by Selam Kidane) protesting in every city from London to Geneva. I have seen the same 15 people in so many videos that I would probably recognize them if I saw them on the streets.

        PIA comes to New York, thousands of people show up. Some of them drive for 3 days from the remotest parts of Canada to show their support.

        The numbers don’t lie. You can pay 10 or 15 people to hold signs and get their picture taken at an embassy.

        • Nakfa Sahil Nakfa

          Ormay be its you instead who is wanted, only15 to 20 are true to themselves out of the17, 000 Eritreans living in London . Only 20 can stands for the right change, and won’t bow down their head when they see things aren’t right . You probably don’t have anyone who is wasting his/her 20th in the army, while you are making the best out of ur 20 or 30th in college/ university or working, setting for yourself a good basis for your future, on top of that i am sure you don’t have a dad/mum who is prisoner for 10 year without knowing what exactly he or she did? And all this is for who? For one person who went from Hero to Zero, someone who selfishly wants to stay in power & without constitution by prolonging the war with the neighbour just to have an excuse that we are at war.Its a shame to see ppl like you ignoring the reality they know deep down just for the sake of knowing they can go in and out of the country if they follow what they told to do or be, but at the end of the day all the truth about the Eritreans who are rotten in all the prisons will come out and one day your kids might ask you what you did about it? Think about it!!!!History will judge me as well as others, for good and bad. People come and go but home never goes

    • rastaman

      “Bizey gele dem Eritra TiQdem” eyo zelo eti ChiriHo Forto 2013!!

      Caciattore, why do u have a problem with a blood less change??

  • mesakhum alena ajokhum ezom dekey awatna besehu eyue aythemeku amlakh mesakhum yekune