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Aljazeera Interviews “May 24 Youth Movement” Rep

Following up on the occupation of the Eritrean embassy in Egypt, Al Jazeera (Arabic) had a brief interview with a representative (Hamed Al Ajab) of the “May 24th Youth Movement”, which is based in Cairo, Egypt.

After the Aljazeera journalist gave an introduction to the events of January 21 and the demands of those who took over the Ministry of Information, The “May 24th Youth Movement” representative disclosed that the purpose of the demonstration [that the movement had in front of the Eritrean Embassy] was to publicize the existence of the May 24th Youth Movement [which had been demonstrating, periodically, since the emergence of the Arab Spring in Cairo] and to publicize the coup attempt of January 21; which, elaborated the representative, nobody even knows whether it was an attempted coup or not because the regime rules Eritrea without laws…and that the movement wanted to publicize the event with full knowledge that the Eritrean regime has no respect for [the opinions of] the people.

Meanwhile, the representative of the Eritrean regime who addressed a Paltalk room on Sunday, was bragging about how the leaders of the January 21 takeover of the Ministry of Information did not succeed in having their message broadcast through Eri-TV thanks to the shrewd move of the employees of the Ministry. Right. It was such a total success that it has been covered multiple of times by every major news media–including Aljazeera–half a dozen times. And every report about Eritrea, from now on and for the next 10 years, will mention January 21 and what the demands of the engineers of the incident were. It will be mentioned long after the Isaias Afwerki regime joins the long line of autocrats, authoritarians and totalitarians.

Congratulations to all Eritreans who demand change in Eritrea now!
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  • Haile

    I read some of the comments which had been written by some individuals. Based on the above comments I want to say that you all are noneless. But the truth is on the ground and heros are suffering on their purpose. Means that to talk on streets and brake glasses and tears potos is not you are heros. So please let organize together in way and fight against the idiot regime in Eritrea. The hero had been passed by firing this loved gun. I know him personally and he is hero of Inda 74 mechanize. So that is the one who passed on his matto.

  • rodab

    Dear Webmaster,
    Why not display the newest comments on top? If there are 100 comments, why do I have to scroll down all the way to see the new ones?
    I am not being lazy – my computer is. It is aging and thus slowing down.

  • rodab

    I like to know why the MoI is maintaining the “contact Ali Abdu” link on its website. What is the purpose or motivation?


    Awate staff,

    Please be informed I have decided to use “gullible people” as my Name to use in Commenting.So my new name /nick name will be gullible people .
    Thank you Awate staff

  • T.T.

    Today, as well, Eritrean Youth made their way into Isayas’s Embassy in Washington DC. Pro-Isayas side story is as follows:
    [dehai-news] Hooligans, who tried to intrude at Eritrean Embassy in Washington, DC, Miserably failed
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    From: Freweini Abraham
    Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2013 18:53:59 -0500

    29 January 2013 – Today, a few hooligans attempted a copycat attack similar to recent incidents in Europe. Their attempt to enter the Embassy of Eritrea and “occupy” it was foiled.

    The monkey see, monkey do, act was foiled by a swift combined efforts of the Embassy staff, law enforcement and the vigilant members of the Eritrean Community in DC area.

    Three main culprits were arrested and the rest were documented (their personal information recorded) by the police department. This group of disruptive individuals was given a warning not to come close to the Embassy premise, lest they risk being arrested for trespassing. Many members of the Eritrean community in the Washington Metropolitan area showed in a matter of minutes ready to defend the Embassy and its staff.

    It is to be recalled, that the very same group of people attempted to disrupt a peaceful community meeting in September 2012 and were humiliated by the Eritrean community members and Arlington Police department.

    Embassy of Eritrea
    Washington, DC
    Received on Tue Jan 29 2013 – 19:18:36 EST


    • Papillon

      Foiled? Really? You don’t get it. Do you? The attempt is symbolic whereby the fight against the regime in Eritrea is scaled up onto a new level. It is the very first time that a government institution (MoI) rendered under a rebel control which has been unthinkable to undertake for eons so to speak. By the same token, the storming into Embassies is an extension to the heroic act of the rebels where the intention is again to make a statement as opposed to completely vandalize the premises.

    • Those are lies, lies, lies, where is the evidence?

  • Araya

    I am extremely surprised by naivety and gullibility about the current situation. Awate-team; be careful. This is not you. Nothing happen!

  • Gedab News


    Just in case readers are wondering what you are responding to… We have activated the pruning machine to rid this website of all brainless and vulgar Isaiasists. The website welcomes thoughtful and polite Eritreans of every political persuasion, but the brainless and the vulgar already have many other websites to go to and if they come here without learning manners we will have to say…what is the word? Yes, “tekhariju.”

    • Yodita

      Great decision Gedab News! Hgdefite pests were infesting what has otherwise become one of our temples where we drop in infinite times, day and night.

      Thank you Gedab News.

    • Papillon

      Dear Gedab News,

      Definitely something is brewing. As the Eritrean people are kept in darkness about the year old Arab Spring and the ever volatile situation in Syria, PFDJ is trying its evil best upping the boiling point of what is already in the furnace so that people at best would feel the heat as opposed to witnessing the melt down. Typical of its modus operandi, it has unleashed rabid cadres in diaspora so that the situation would be sold as a tide on a tea cup for the faint-hearted and true believers can not possibly conjure up an Eritrea without Isaias. The herds in diaspora would still be in a Kuda mood to a tune even if Isaias was to eliminate the entire PFDJ leadership. Isaias is the measure of all things in their rather pathetic world that is. Forto 2013 is a must win.

    • Aman

      Good riddance! They have their outlet to vent.

  • Papillon

    Focus (Mini-Isaias sans mustache),

    A knee-jerking moment. You’re trembling to the very core of your pathetic and sad self. I bet you are praying your cruel heart out for some sort of fall out to happen down south so that you will find a breathing space and a loose of the noose around your neck. As it happens, Al Jazzera and other media outlets are helping out the Eritrean people so that their perennial plight under the sadistic leader could be heard, in the mean time however, Wedi Gobo (read: Thomas Mountain) is scrambling here and there to give Isaias a face-lift that was never there. As you saddle on the horses of hate and bigotry, Isaias is resorting into using Tigreans who oppose the Weyanes as a shield and final frontier as he prepares to meet the sound of inevitability.