Aljazeera Interviews “May 24 Youth Movement” Rep

Following up on the occupation of the Eritrean embassy in Egypt, Al Jazeera (Arabic) had a brief interview with a representative (Hamed Al Ajab) of the “May 24th Youth Movement”, which is based in Cairo, Egypt.

After the Aljazeera journalist gave an introduction to the events of January 21 and the demands of those who took over the Ministry of Information, The “May 24th Youth Movement” representative disclosed that the purpose of the demonstration [that the movement had in front of the Eritrean Embassy] was to publicize the existence of the May 24th Youth Movement [which had been demonstrating, periodically, since the emergence of the Arab Spring in Cairo] and to publicize the coup attempt of January 21; which, elaborated the representative, nobody even knows whether it was an attempted coup or not because the regime rules Eritrea without laws…and that the movement wanted to publicize the event with full knowledge that the Eritrean regime has no respect for [the opinions of] the people.

Meanwhile, the representative of the Eritrean regime who addressed a Paltalk room on Sunday, was bragging about how the leaders of the January 21 takeover of the Ministry of Information did not succeed in having their message broadcast through Eri-TV thanks to the shrewd move of the employees of the Ministry. Right. It was such a total success that it has been covered multiple of times by every major news media–including Aljazeera–half a dozen times. And every report about Eritrea, from now on and for the next 10 years, will mention January 21 and what the demands of the engineers of the incident were. It will be mentioned long after the Isaias Afwerki regime joins the long line of autocrats, authoritarians and totalitarians.

Congratulations to all Eritreans who demand change in Eritrea now!
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