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No, Sunridge CEO Michael Hopley Is Not A “Useful Idiot”

In political jargon, “useful idiot” is a pejorative term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they do not understand, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause. That’s the wikipedia definition of “useful idiot” which is always attributed to VI Lenin.

But Sunridge Gold Corp CEO, Michael Hopley, is not an idiot, useful or otherwise. He knows exactly what he is doing. So, when he describes the Eritrean uprising of January 21 as: “It would seem the activity on Monday was a group of unhappy soldiers expressing their dissatisfaction with their domestic situation. Nothing more meaningful than that.” He has (or with minimum effort, can have) an understanding why the unhappy soldiers are unhappy. He knows, or can easily know, that the “domestic situation” includes miners who are mining with minimum or no pay, without ability to organize a labor union. He knows, or can easily know, that the “domestic situation” includes drinking wells poisoned and environment devastated. He knows, or can easily know, that the “domestic situation” includes one where the government has no accountability–no budget, no transparency, no reports of any kind. He knows, or can easily know, that if he, as CEO, ran Sundridge the way Eritrea’s CEO runs the country, he would be sued for corruption, fired for embezzlement, or asked to make restitution. For one thing, he can read the Human Rights Watch report on Nevsun and its Bisha project.

Sunridge Eritrea

But that would get in the way of drilling in Kodadu because “we are more than halfway through…feasibility study will be finished in April, just three months from now… Of course..” And, of course, “we have a very close relationship with the existing government.”
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  • MrBig

    Your making a lot of inflammatory statements about Sunridge without a shred of proof. The link to HRW report on Nevsun has no proof on Sunridge and is itself a discredited report!

  • Dang Blu

    Mr Michael Hopeless,
    you’re very inconsiderate and irresponsible about your comments but your are the product of a corporate greed and wouldn’t expect anything more from idiots like you.
    In the future be mindful about your remarks Mr. Micheal Hopeless..oopps I think i made a typo here, but I’ll let it go this time.

  • MICHEAL you will be out soon with the DICTATOR

  • paulos

    Hello Eritrean, we should not get surprised to what has been said, by such an irresponsible CEO. Remember he is also a business man who would like to enrich his pocket cooperating with selfish group who desert their society. Why should he care about any Eritrea?? Let alone to him a greedy man who lost ethics, the regime is doing crimes for Eritreans. Just be patient, History will repeat again, This corporation is not the first to get in to Eritrea, and it will not be the last one to be kicked out from Eritrea losing some part of their money for the same purpose that others faced. It is not because the nature of the business, it is the character of the dogmatic regime. Mr. CEO wait patiently, your turn is coming to be snapped by the regime and you will come to cry to international society that you are giving them deaf ear now…..time will solve you status…..

    • Hamed

      Time alone will not heal the suffering of the people and the country. Action should be taken against this criminal company along with its likes as they are and gong to be the sources of our misery.

  • Tesfa

    Relationship between dictators and Resource Companies is a well known exploitative arrangement. It never brings benefit to the people. If that was not true right under the CEO nose there wouldn’t be a temporary takeover by unhappy soldiers of “End Zena” on Jan 20st. CEO, in the mean time ruck what can!

  • The CEO said the soldiers were “unhappy with the domestic situation”. We, Eritreans , understand this to mean that the soldiers were “unhappy with the government”. Apparently, the CEO has a stake in the status quo. The company is reaping profit. He is enriching the share holders as well as himself at the expense of the sufferings of the Eritreans. We will see how long it would continue to exploit Eritreans.