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A Group of Eritreans To Issue a Memorandum of Understanding

A group of Eritreans representing a wide array of civil and political affiliations has agreed on key issues regarding the situation in Eritrea.

The deliberations initiated by Global Eritrean Advocacy Network (GEAN) was carried out on regular sessions since 2016 and was concluded today with the full agreement of the participants.

Gedab News learned that the final Memorandum of Understanding that will be published soon is expected to address the challenges that Eritrea faces, and offer a plan for a transitional path for post-PFDJ Eritrea by building coalitions.

GEAN also plans to facilitate civil engagements and collective actions to bring about peace, stability, and sustainable development for Eritrea.

Over the last few years, the Eritrean political atmosphere has witnessed individuals inciting hate and campaigning for genocide by blanket condemnation of Eritrean social groups. An Eritrean activist said, “some individuals are wreaking havoc among Eritreans and have poisoned the inter-Eritrean civil discourse.”

Prominent members of the Eritrean opposition are “discouraging vengeful reactions hoping to bridge the Eritrean social and political divide by encouraging dialogue, reconciliation, and mutual understanding”

Over the last few years, the Eritrean political scene has been marred by social, sectarian, and regional differences that crippled the opposition to the Eritrean regime of Isaias Afwerki. Many attempts have been made to narrow the differences but so far, none has been effective.

Opposition members believe the disunity among Eritreans is mainly caused by the absence of an all-inclusive, just national government and lack of government initiative to address the problems that have been festering for decades.

GEAN feels that initiating “collaborative approaches aimed at reducing conflicts and promoting a culture of tolerance, respect, and peaceful coexistence” lies in the hands of the opposition groups.

A source close to the deliberations said, “though the social problems that we are facing are not unique to Eritrea, it is exasperated by the mistrust that the Isaias regime is stealthily advancing to stay in power.”

The parties to the agreement “want to assert their responsibility in safeguarding Eritrean unity by challenging the Eritrean regime and the anti-Eritrean and anti-unity forces who mistakenly think the Eritrean resolve for freedom and justice is dead.”

GEAN hopes that “all patriots will rally behind the Memorandum of Understanding and wage a focused, honest, and patriotic struggle”. It also hopes to “embolden Eritreans and inspire them to shun the implicit and explicit promotion of destructive politics by the oppressive situation in Eritrea.”

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  • Selamat Awatistas,

    A group of Eritreans representing a wide array of civil and political affiliations has agreed on key issues regarding the situation in Eritrea.”

    A wide array of civil and political of civil and political affiliatians; Awsome example that the individual member if this group is not restricted to have a uni political view same as all in the group. However, the diverse congregation of GEAN does have a unifying common denomonators of the social, economical and political that are mutually intersecting.
    (Carried away I suppose on the last pisting.)
    Oh well: Anothet huddle good!!!

    There are several,possitive, uplifting, aspects of GEAN that can be extropolated. Mutually bebeficialn that should be discussed disregarding tuned out monotone spurts of the awoken from,the already emptied theatet-with a dazed and confussed blank stare asking: “Hey where did every body go?”

    I believe GEAN is a Transactional lead organization from equating the variables they have explicitly and implicitly let be known with the periodic albeit infrequent news releases.

    There is some value of the everyday is a Saint/Kudus day for the highlander clusters of the described erroneously the Christian Eritrean Regions. At least the everydaybis Saints Day could serve to inspire daily by the blessed saint, of output from work worthy of Saint,on Duty each and everyday., The vernacular of ultra leftists of the seventies chiseled away by painting those folks as labor dodging that will necessitate a cracker wipper snapper foreman. A Transactional style workforeman leader that would look for the flows in order to chastise with every deragotary adjective he can thinks of faster than he can spit it out. The rest,of the chaingang would pickup the pace pandering for accolades and,power possitioning. And double up on the lazy, not to bright, detached incapable of priducing slacker slouched over staring at the shiney and various shapes of rocks and pebbles on the ground.

    The same demoralized as lazies and “weird” sort of person, from say the Slave Southern States some how finds escape into Free Northern States. The introvert ends up to be founder of the first Federal Bank. Short point there is significant loss of innovations and creations stuck digging ditches and brraking rock into gravel due to their disadvantageoud lot of familly and connections. (Leave the breading source of corruption. An F mark circa rank 165.)

    Second point is the annual or atmost bi annual capacity for relatively focused contemplations and events broughhaha by the opposition or groups of progressive Eritreans as a major causes of further losses.

    No, I respectfully disagree with the flooding allegations. I was scheduled to arrive in the States on February of 1981. Didn’t want a part,it, it felt like the abbys pulling me deeper to this point and never to uphold the selfless galanyry understood to be the only achievement and duty awaiting. Wonder from SheTTa Jiref to Umdurman for several month, divinng lessons from the shemash and Tokharir in,the neil there, a knife in the throat by a Eritrean Civil War Survivor a Dark Thirty at nigh, exit into the Moonlight of Khartum only to face a pack of Twenty wide opened gnarling gnashing canines inches from,face. I do believed I blanked out and to this day haunted by the gap in continuoum the morning after snd following days I seem to be missing to this day. Yada yada yada… I believe I was abducted by extreterestials and UFOs. Eventually I wad beamed up by Scotties transporter beam of light. The ultimate underachiever shouldered and am begging to notice a toy fast car and or barby doll on the stretched out hands comming my way. Didn’t even know what the purpose of them was. But, the same initials as mine a large S on his chest flying like a bird in deffiance of natural law, kikcking butt dizens at a time was pretty cool. I even thought about getting that blue or black cape and stitching a large ሠ on my shirt and join the inferno due or die seminol Eritrean Historical Moment of 1981.
    Yeah yeah done it all including doing the Dew-Mountain doing that of a different kind.
    And then the floods of very ill prepared for monstrasity of an enrmy those specific doing the Mountain Dew with reinforcement troops from the ally of that war at that time, not a a significant many of them after a decades long least tour of duty.

    Well, there will be a time on location to do at least one tour of duty. No, under achiever never really captivated my the perks of sixfigured salary or the meager minimal slave wages day to day existentialist circumstances has become. And overwhelming daunting task of weilding a big stick at grown and elderly folks, some of grand stature by heritage by the very share croppers son Mokuria who delivered the Lion Kings Share to this very person and dwelling of a King of Kings local emissary.

    I just remembered sitting across a “ወጥቶ ገባ” who hopped from man to the other of the main three Eritrean Armed Fronts. ELF, Sabe then to EPLF back to the dergue. He was narrating how he lead the Six offensive on slaughts through the sharp edges if the SaHil Rocky Hills with on a murderous anhilation free for all of isolated and far from the base lightly EDF manned lookout posts. The three to five at a time young unsuspecting Eritreans possibly Ethiopian Weyane as well by a double crossing that cashed in on his meticuoulous reconisonce tours noting every cast, character and terrain for the big pay day chaching for self. He is doing this epic and graphic naration as he dipped a large spoon into a tin bowl containing milk and fragments of edible flaky chunks that I was sure were not kolo, peanuts or dried and brownd collorings of rijla or thicker molokhia leaves I was familliar with.
    The sob confidently in kushuf around his waste down to his ankle veranda ware, leaned back in his chair rocking to and fro the visinity of the pool of milk,dish. Admitingly, I struggled to reconcile what this allien sustinance this fellow with visible contentment,of a baby that has managed to find and suckle on the mothers breasts as it’s most revered comfortfood. But the fellow’s content was not due to this strange delicacy he allown devoured, surrounded by at least Ten ELF fighters not to long ago forced and pushed out of the field theater commonly called as Mieda Eritrea-ሜዳ ኤርትራ. His detailed enumerations of suffisticated logistics and armaments that shrinks the AbuAshera Rifles, Sanja for fercociety fear facto atop the Mxx American or Israeli automatic makes, they mutually faced during the Rebeles momentous uperhand liberating of large towns and small Eritrean citities, as he pauses to scoop another spoonful of milk and cereal, he is acknowledged by several of these young with long afros now sidlined fearless liberators, they half heartedly acknowledge as to the,truth of the mutual crossing of path with all Twenty Two pupils and eyes as well as stretched ears pertruding of Two inches thick black bushes with the occassional pick or ሚዶ stabbing hair. (Pausing here..)


    I have been able to deduce, that perhaps the most esteemed Elite 9 of my simulation charachters determined and promissing to be illuminating project, Mr. IshmaelAA weilds a proven highest among the council,of leaders in the Eritrean Just Revolution for Liberty. Positions of extreme, more likely on the political wing strong leadership vital for holding the center of the diverse armed forces it commands. Perhaps as high Veteran ELF Chairperson as the Full of Grace, Charismatic the Late SAeid Saleh. I have had the honor of shaking his gentle hands in Washington DC as top ELF rank and file as Seid SaleH, Degiga, SJG amongst them,were commencing the annual Peaceful marches. I just happened to watch the video recordings by British Sounding Journalists intervirwing young Seid SaliH in his tent. I couldn’t but help and notice the striking simillarities between the crackeling voices of measured thoroughly thouhght choice of phrases and for good effect and added weight, interpressed with either a stretched out contemplation moment only the minute in real time spanning decades and possibly over century thouhtfull turning of their mentally stored files as well as the illuminating flash of a smile, coupled with shaking of the head in utter dismay at the enormity of mountains these Two have full intention of removing as the epitome exemplars of leaders positioned, perhaps by fait and or serendipidy, as leadership amongs the capable abled logistical, and organiztional,accuemen of the top echelone Elites in their respective communities.
    The Liberation of, yes my home town and birthplace Teseney in 1977 this February of ELF belived, and arguably First Son of Jebha Abay ehh over Vet Leadet Abdella Idriss or Vet Hurruy Tedla Bayru. The other interview was American Civil Rights Leader, Al Haj Al,Malik Al Shabaz Malcolm X, immediately after his decent at the Air Port, it seemed, from his personally vividly profound personal awakingings to very different the world, the racial indeference of Islam the Sacred Haj has revealed to him,personally adding to,his resolve of seeing the just victory for the American Negro in particular with the full liberation from the shackles of racism that bounds and the,darkness of shame to all Americans.

    Yeah, aparently Mr. IsmaelAA was fielding varying degrees inquiries to most if not all perspectives as colored with the innocent and not so innocent biases ethno-regional natures. It appeared to,me his of recent comments of a rather trying and flaring of tempers and horid ghosts of the long long ago past, and the recently notable departing of collegues, commrad in arms and or familly members as difficult time of coping loss and dwindeling shortenings of the window of oppirtunity to correct justly a very grave,error by his Generations intra politicking and to a certain degree he personally owned on the mishandlings an aparantly larger than life personality that is Isayas Afeworki, the current President of Ishmael’s , mine, Gean’s, Abi, Saay’s Eritrea. Chech your self for that well tunned voice he embeds in between his lines when disappriving respectfully of a trend of thought be it from SJG or yours truely. I beg you to,awaken to the voices of reason and very relevant to the quality of life of the Eritrean in near and far future he comes accross to solely base his Eritrean-Political assessments. His volunteered University of Addis Abeba to Amde’s request of Saay7’s crossborder anemic Twice during Attari Graphics Ethiopia to,fetch Camel Milk thatvis Ethiopian, is rather a late and timelyvl response to Abi’s Kum የተባታቹ skating on very thin ice under the guise of it is healing medicine of the desease narative message strategically positioned at awate V7.0 simulation code architechets. A successful V7.0 that is ready for a subroutine upgrade not for the shake up effect, but a whole heartedly drop in a bucket that WILL CAUSE A WAVE. IT IS PROUDLY NOMERED GitSAtSEism going forward.
    Hypothethis, Theory, Proof and interactive immediate action plans well thought out. Just creating the buzz that is the vital beast unavoidable.
    You may own your distrust and play role of security for what you deem it to be an averse risk,
    Utilize span letter of the law without the ipen source intent beind the law–Yes,it does include sales growing the GDP.

    Respectfully, I will make my official statement and insistence of telling What I Have Been Chosen For. In these days of “ኣይተሓሬናን” catch phrase, I say respect the endurance of the excluded from participating like the scrouney kid,left standing in despair yet again, as he always,runs to,the line firstvin,the hope to hit the single base hit by young Mookie Wilson of the NY Mets in in 1986. A dehavou miracle America’s Favorite Past Time … for Gooden, Carter, Strawberry, Hernandez et.al..

    No! I humbly beg to differ. This isn’t spam, this a very valuable authentic empirical true story experiences to,run along that last steep hill by the EPLFs EDF with those deserving the,precise, just closure as the grave minor error that will be corrected.

    I Salute You Vet. MaHmooday “Simply The Best” SakiH of the from one Just Vet. Warrior Eritrean to Another Veteran Warrior Veteran Eritrean with his Presentation of the Honor Guard in enquiring how well,Awatista IshmaelAA is coping with the recent concurent passings who stood for Eritrea’s Just Causes be it for,one single string day or an Entire Life Time.

    Speaking of strings I hear the violine,effect stating okay okay cut it…

    Transactional and or Transfirmational, Bring it Aya IshmaelAA and Aya Amanuel Hidrat., You hold a very revere positions as, if not all things equal total sum, but esteemed Honorary Elites of the Elite Two,Selects.

    Official, statement NOW”

    Tekeze Half Tokhrir Brazer Architecht ifvThe Blue Island Mutual Beneficial and officially agreed too,by Eritrean and Ethiopian Reps.,
    Never mind Abi, the Noble Bandits Tegentayoch is not lost on the Gash Abi. That you and he are amongst the Fab Five Selection delegates of the Elite Nine, I am sure you have not missed. No need for shortening and or lengthening V for Vendeta Thirsty for Hound dog for “Friday,,Creapy Nights of Horror” of our Gothic folks, and their fine needeling and combing of the oblisque af Abesinya/Ethiopia/alBaHre Negashe/Beja Land of,Nobily Africans of The Horn., Era of value in,history will,wecshall get a glimpse of in,the exercise. AMDE as the,Center and Paul,the Saint as thecNinth Elite… he is currently putting his always brandished comb next to his pocket protector, despitec the Soaring,MJordon Clean Bald Head. Ah, i see him combing Adawa area oblisques for hints from ቁዱስ ኣምነኣረጋዊ። ሃaaaa! Mn yaregatchealu? So thats what the comb is utilized for!
    Agnieya Azilo40 Childrens Book Press.

    AmEritrean GitSAtSE..yeahb Swag a lil,does help.

  • Brhan

    Thanks Awate for the info.
    This GEAN’s step is against the PF(JD) dictatorial regime in Eritrea is a step that that we have support. I am looking forward reading the memorandum.

    • Dear Brhan,

      The season for old man Bahaumbug is later in the year..I am fairly confident you are an aspiring confident young adult with promising Brahan that is the The Dawn of a New Era.

      As I am in agreement and anxiously awaiting the announcement.
      Parallel Food For Thought: I am not quite sure is you have been following the recent transitional of Power, a significant/Transformational administration the it will indeed prove too be. Just a hunch– precedence: The simple “Too Big Too Fail” Defense of investment banks.

      I am leading to all the hoopla of “news leaks” security issues of: “It’s like the look you give when you find out The Job is Yours! Yes you won.”

      The power of news leaks I am planning to be a beneficiary of Fanti Ghana’s resourceful owed favors and leaking a heads up MUTUALY BENEFICIAL utility of document. No, I ain’t there yet. But close.

      Here is how individuals, groups, civic orgs…can have a preemptive effect on planned announcement. “Don’t believe The Hype.” PE#1

      To have a preemptive positive effect, essentially leading the leaders, you show rapid malleability in prioritizing in hush hush tones of it’s potential game changing hype, according to your groups, orgs and individual stances, you weigh the major variables that could add weight whether the anticipated Paradigm Shift will or not be in your favor. Then preemt the strong arm of diplomacy which is your official Gean statement. Alternative channels and shuttle diplomacy are more likely in these changing currents of the winds.

      Most likely the rational for the delayed thorough announcement by an Eritrean group I respect, Gean. Yeah, my friend Hary Belofante endorses GEAN.

      And I would like to join a local chapter Gean, so that I can improve on my Arabic Language little knowledge I possess. Gean’ Official Arabic Language to instruct The Young Diaspora a 10 10 10 Nadia K of Hungry?

      This ought be good. I am the kind of guy that likes to criticize bfmldog and moan that my own home is less than the standards expected before belittling other Eritrean media outlets . And I will stick with that!

      Even with the planned migration, Awate will always be home! And trust will feel the brunt of tSAtSE. Consistent with Gean’s point of putting the brunt of the responsibility of the Eritrean Nation on The Eritrean Opposition Parties, G’s, CSd and Individuals.
      Very trailblazing setting of the TONE most pertinent.

      One last point of which happens to be a disagreement. I like the word For than against even if it is followed by the words as such: “I am for the eradication of poverty in Eritrea and Ethiopia.” Then illustrating how the PFDJ and/or The EPRDF are “against the eradication of poverty.” Then hit with the upper cut, There is a market for Camel’s milk apparently per gallon worth the Standard and Po unit’s price.
      This us to say that uppon joining Gean in the very near future, I will certainly and vocally be FOR The PFDJ.
      Besides, oh Sir. Brhan Good Dude, ain’t no way no how,I will leave out BEST Right Hand MaHmood out in the cold. Even if we have too do a Salone/Dinner Vs. Oy vey this old 16 bit memory device of mine.. I am thinking of that good ‘ol nice semetic Jewish Boy.. Analyze this. Where NaHmood BEST and I would Do The Mountainous Dew of SaHil. We know, resolve will inevitably undo an unjust dew!

      Please read Aya. Ishma,s recent and an all inclusive measured content and tone. Elite 9! I am guessing Huskies.

  • KBT

    Selamat kulukhum
    “Collaborative approach aimed at reducing conflict ,promoting culture of tolerance, respect, peaceful coexistence lie in the hands of the opposition ”
    Is that a jock ??
    isn’t that corrupt opposition financed by the dying tplf regime that try all it can to divide eritrea by faith and ethnicity and regions.
    Any way what will happen after the memorandum of understanding? ??
    Let me guess ,nothing ,
    Let them seat in their comfortable couch, feeding their belly with welfare and wait for a miracle to happen, what a jock, it will be fun though to see next.
    What I am sure they will never see eritrea ever again ,they gamble in eritrea sovereignty, integrity and security. No forgiveness

    • KBT,

      Yeah, you probably have your reasons for having such a feeling. But I am feeling as heavy as Ten Tons in weight. Should I remotely entertain of sitting opposite you in the seesaw of the playing ground, you may end up into outer space in rapid G-Force velocity and accelerating to zoom past a certain space shuttle rocket on a mission to repair the largest EYE, 2nd to only the Creator, kpnown to man. Kepler’s fixed gazed EYE. Yest, the sharpest of image capturing can suddenly go blind. You will have a better chance perhaps, by virtue of your within reach position head lead over other repair crew, to restoring sight the furthest seeing KEPLER, than removing with effortless swoop of your arm inches away from your sights vission. Heavy can be good. I got to practice writing the longest run on sentence that will be cherry picked later.
      I am hopeful that you enjoyed your blasting in high speed in outer space.

      Here is the deal: Opposition is not what you have been told it is. Opposition the stance of each one for justice and what is right. The tricky part is what is right is as relative ad the theory of relativity. And thst Time travel is indeed a scientifically proven possibility. The marrow as sweet as QuanTa Sga being in the world of Quantum particles.

      Here is a ratio to consider in to illustrate how very little time we have to push the positive effect stance, arrogantly fooling ourself as if it is matters at all.

      The Ratio: 14Billion Years As compared of a quarter to a half a century.

      However, I am know building tolerance of the plethora of ethno-religios reaches of extending to millennia old introspection to be utilized for the opportunities it provides.

      Unique angle look….

      Read quicker than your space adventure’s velocity.
      SPAM Tag is serving as my storage device.

      Sleepy yet? Kinda look like the guy who slept through the ballet waking up into an empty theater. Belching out a meek embarrassed shout: “But I did not hear the fat lady sings!” Thats in Operatic and melodramatic tragedies I think.
      Hey, I am thin and can’t play the role of the fat one and start clearing my throat with shouts of Fiiigarrro Figaro figaro…
      I think you are perfect for the part you Phat Cat named Felix.

      Admit it. After reading every word above, you started to feel a warm fuzz in your gut. That these opposing cats are hella cool in singing Ballet. They can even dance opera.
      KBT: tell us a hypothetical scenario, bound only by rules of your imagination absent the self limiting delusional negative force.

      Where Eritreans Pro and under jurisdiction of GoE and the stained inaccurate that is the lie portrait of the Opposition guys, can stand in unison to work towards their equally beneficial benefit.
      Yeah, your sincere narationswished of one scenario amongst a handful will make you become a believer that is indeed possible and attainable.
      What? What’s that you say?
      “Skip the scenario h.w.! ” “I believe, I believe, just stop your an ending filibuster”

      Well… One scenario in which for the sake of piece, we can indeed agree to work from the same side.

      Hey, when are you going to stand/sit with equal and firm weight, so that I can attest lift a foot of the ground and be filled with excitement your weighty points have provided me with such a rise.
      This has been a rough repetition of same words and rhetorical arguementations you should memorize to making others believe you speak truth. A hundred percent guaranteed even when peddling a lie.
      Best practice for failsafe success is to memorize it verbatim. O.w. warranty is subject to fine prints the blinded are incapable of seeing.
      What does KBT stand for any way? Ah let me guess’s: “well at least Kepler Blind Too!” And the KBT’s eye did not have a price tag in the Trillions of dollars. All it took was a pair of Oxen and Kutusha earings from my in-law cousin Tomas from SFO DEMBELAS. No joint vission care in the health plan either.
      K.B.T// Kepler Blind Too!
      Just working on the craft…. Carnegie Hall awaits for my Ballet Solo Singing.

  • GitSAtSE


    Gmeley as the Code of Arms full of Grace.
    Group and Official Memorandum are welcomed and timely to focus forum discussions on pertinent issues as well as the how to effect towards positive progress of the near future based on the now real occurrences.

    I would like to tackle, The Elite Electoral Vs. The Popular Vote of Individual Layman.

    Nature Vs. Nurture Refractions and Sound in Echo Chamber Awatistas.
    Hypothesis, Theory and Field Reality Dynamics from within and outside of the box perspective.


  • GitSAtSE

    مرحابا عاايكوم GEAN,,

    An offial memorandom, by those who are courageous to step up to the responsibilities they deserve to be Representatives for. This will have a great effect on the true utility of the menfEAt.