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Eritreans In Israel Protest Outside Eritrean Embassy

Around 150 Eritrean asylum seekers protested outside the Eritrean embassy in Ramat Gan on Friday morning, in a show of solidarity with Eritrean political prisoners and a group of army officers who staged a failed coup in Asmara last month.

20130201 Demo In Israel

Speaking in English, asylum seeker Isayas Teklebrhan gave a speech calling for “the immediate resignation of dictator Isayas Afwerki, the immediate release of all political prisoners, and the immediate implementation of Eritrea’s constitution.”

Full article at Jerusalem Post

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  • This is the time . This will reach all over the world . What you see in North Africa is gone happen in east Africa to the dictator Isayas .

  • !Hatati

    I guess this group could have been the ‘botoloni’ that would have secured the transmitters in ‘Bet Gherghis’ (wink.. wink,,,@ Tekeste Haile) but instead it has become another group of loud mouths screaming for nothing in wilderness of Israel. You have got to be men and stand for what you believe in where it counts – inside Eritrea. For what it is worth those five officers did what they believed they needed to do inside Eritrea and no one can take that away from them. They were not Tekeste Hailes, at least!

  • sara

    well done brothers and sisters,