Negarit 85: ብሓርነት ተደቢሱ – Liberation – تحرر

Negarit 84: ፖለቲካዊ ታኪን – Political Turkey – ديك رومي سياسي

A few years ago, I learned that whistling is a form of communication within a few societies. One such group

Negarit 83: መላጸ ኦካም – Occam’s Razor – شفرة اُكّام

This is a general transcription of Negarit #83. When they want to divide the people, their slogan is ‘Us and

Negarit 82: ሓሰኻ ደምበ – Dung Worm – دودة الروث

Anjal nAnjal Kulu yeddeli Gwaul (ዓንጃል ንዓንጃል ፡ ኩሉ ደላይ ጓል)  Haw alleni ab seUdia Arab Areb zeyyzaaareb (ሓው ኣለኒ

Weizero Saba: Could You Whisper in Isaias’ Ears?

These is a source script for Negarit 81, my YouTube Channel Intro: Weizero Saba Haile’s 50,000 Nacka and what’s expected

Position Paper – Stop All Forms of Violence Against Women

Ending violence against women is everyone’s responsibility. The Network of Eritrean Women (NEW) was founded in 2013 through the initiative

Negarit 79: ግዳይ ኮሮና – Corona Victim – ضحية كرونه

Negarit 78: ቆሎ ጥጥቆ – Varieties – مواضيع مختلفة

Many people do not like it when I say a language is either poor or rich, living or dead. If

Negarit 77: ኢልኣምር ምኣምር – Ignorance – من لا يدري

When I first came across “M’amir Bokre’s YouTube channel, I was elated. I thought his videos will help me study

Negarit 76: ተርሞሚተር – Thermometer – ميزان الحرارة

Mr. Rolex – ኣቶ ሮለክስ – السيد رولكس

After years at sea, a sailor from Massawa disembarked in Italy and finally ended up working in Switzerland. In the eighties

#Yiakl #Enough #Kifaya

[This the source script for Negarit 74—it’s written in a simple spoken words style for casual delivery.] ALL PEOPLE deserve

Quo Vadis? – ክዎ ቫዲስ? – إلى أينَ من هنا؟

Jesus was born in Nazareth*, Galilee, when the Roman emperor Herod ruled Palestine. He was a Roman citizen. Our character

The Eritrean Idiot President

[This is the source for the script of Negarit 71, my Youtube channel] إذا كان رب البيت بالدف ضارباً، فشيمة

ሕማም ሕርሲ – In labor – المخاض

[The following is used as a script for Negarit #70, which is made for the Negarit Youtube Channel.] According to

Be Proud: Eritrea, the not so-tiny “Tiny Country”

This was first published on January 28, 2019. I used it as a background scrip for Negarit 69 under the

Negarit 68: Hope of Maidens

The following is the source of Negarit 68 fo my Youtube channel Tesfa Denagil is a very light shower, a shy

Music and Hallucinations

This is the source script for Negarit 67 of Jan 8, 2010 1. Tsehaitu Berakhi, Alamin Abdulatif, Abba Shawl and

Negarit 66: ኸሊፋ ዓብደላ Khelifa AbdeAllah الخليفة عبدالله

In the end of November, a serious injustice happened in many parts of Eritrea, mainly in Seraye region. Like before,

Negarit 65: Calamity – ወደቃ – المصيبة

This is the source for my youtube video, Negarit 65. I have one (and similar) problem with the Saudi Heir-apparent