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Bronwyn Burton And Nevsun’s Gift

In replying to the questions of the French journalist and writer, Léonard Vincent, Nevsun resources admitted to offering a monetary “contribution to the Atlantic Council last year because [it was] impressed by their ongoing constructive work on Eritrea.”

Mr. Vincent has asked whether Nevsun Resources, a Canadian mining company, has sponsored Ms. Bronwyn Bruton’s Atlantic Council. Nevsun stated the following:

“Nevsun made a contribution to the Atlantic Council last year because we were impressed by their ongoing constructive work on Eritrea. It is standard for a profit company to make a gift to a research institute whose work relates to its business. The contribution was an unrestricted gift which means that it was a no-strings attached contribution to be used in whatever way the Atlantic Council saw fit. The Atlantic Council was and is not required to report to us on the use of funds, so we do not actually know how the funding was used. (…) Signature: Todd Romaine VP, CSR Nevsun Resources Ltd.”

Mr. Vincent has “sent a list of questions to the Atlantic Council’s Africa Director last week” for which he has not received answers yet.

In 2014, Ms. Burton suddenly appeared as a fierce defender of the Eritrean regime whose image she has been attempting to polish while the world community is still debating at the UN whether to refer it to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Due to its serious human rights violations against the Eritrean people, particularly the youth of the slave labor who are forced to indefinite conscription, on June 27, 2014 the UN established a Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (CoIE) through resolution 26/24, “to investigate all alleged violations of human rights in Eritrea, as outlined in the reports of the Special Rapporteur.”

In 2015, the UN extended the mandate of the CoIE for one year “in order to investigate systematic, widespread and gross violations of human rights in Eritrea” and to determine if the “violations may amount to crimes against humanity.”

In its 2016 report, which was released  last week, the CoIE stated that out of the (11) crimes that constitute “crimes against humanity”, Eritrean officials, including at the highest level, have committed–and continue to commit–eight (8) of them and that these crimes  are widespread and systematic and purposeful: to “establish, consolidate and maintain total control over the Eritrean population.”

Meanwhile, Ms. Burton of the Atlantic Council has been extensively writing to cast doubts on the CoIE findings and attempting to promote the now too exposed regime of Eritrea that rules with impunity, unelected, since the independence of Eritrea in 1991.

The COiE has recommended to the Security Council to “Refer the situation in Eritrea to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court.”

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  • Bereket

    How can Eritrea peoples believin you first you never feeling 24th may 1991 never celebrate and 20 June never respect our martyr for Eritrean independent day by those who sacrifices their life one for last never back again their life so that we are able to say who you are I am Eritrea.

    But unfortunately Fews Eritrean opposition are mad and cofuesd full of foolishness never know what they are to do at the end result 00000000.00000000000.0000000

    You are evils idea in short way that why Eritrean peoples refused and rejected and supporting government of Eritrea.

    Now moment Eritrea government more opportunity than 25 past years were able sacrifices with his peoples and able save and keep anatio country Eritrea .

    Now day Eritrean peoples and government in higher military and economically fancialy within his peoples and the results of 25 years development agricultural moderate and hospitals ,clinical, transport, road, brigde, Equal administration education to day any Eritrea can read and write 9 languages and English with Arabic all Eritrea of villages and city had done more envestment under infrastructure well done and now results get more brigde to higher stander economic of state Eritrea by own peoples and government. Wowww The government of Eritrea are not corrupted that why Eritrean peoples believe on Government rather baba lawziy gizamizae kikik hahaha kikiki. …

    Today Eritrea peoples mostly happy and healthy than any country in Africa.

  • Bereket

    Eritrea president Isias Aforiki never done any agreement with American but if our interest with out hart or negative effect doesn’t matter to have relationship with any country in our world.

    Please don’t do as Regaim Ethiopian and Djibouti as done and doing suffering their peoples and return to aid food. Corrupted and tourtured, raped, Violences everday in street and home in school children killed by regaim Ethiopian and Djibouti are Barbark and cruels in own peoples.

    So you have to know first your relationship with any country firstly interested in your peoples not like Ethiopian and Djibouti regaim corrupted and play game over your peoples false and 0 propoganda. Becauses we are looking today cost of higher priced for living in Ethiopian and Djibouti because of higher corrupted regaim in Ethiopian and Djibouti.

  • Bereket

    Why Ethiopian and Djibouti peoples all their life aid food from American shame History of Ethiopian and Djibouti. Hahaha kikiki. …..

    Begged and corrupted, bloodsucker , killer children in school, ethincal, religious problems, hatred, Lazy, Lies, raped, Violences, just with out anything just killing innecont peoples because they are Oromo or Amhara ethical or Ugaden, Ganibela huzboge in Djibouti killing for Anferi because they are not in power. All this cultures and hatred of both regiam in Africa.

    In 21 century full of disease peoples suffering simply dead everyday in Ethiopian and Djibouti new disease in Ethiopian and Djibouti because of luck of Food and war, conflict in side Ethiopian and Djibouti civel war and killing each other. Both of the regiam are when look in their situation currently are aid food from america and weopens from American and killing their peoples divided ethincaliy and religious as well never respect their peoples except bloodshade. ….

    Awful and evils bloodsucker regiam of Ethiopian and Djibouti in East Africa.

  • Bereket

    Eritrea is for Eritrea peoples inside Eritrea.
    Today Mashalah Shabia mis dekom dekidekom becoming more Creations Sahilat gaganuw for Eritrea Zekalakelu.

  • Bereket

    IF your peoples love you best you lucky.
    If your peoples hatred you is failer .
    Eritrea government who is makes him strongly because of His peoples.

    In side Ethiopian and Djibouti are suffering peoples and hunger more disease. … bloodshade and vailence criminals. …corrupted regaim both of them.

    Look Like Eritrea government control disease and able secure inside Eritrea peaceful and save .

  • Bereket

    I never seen opposition Eritrea because refused by Eritreanow peoples.
    Eritrea is lucky enough because government and peoples are love each other.

    Fews and weak opposition but unknown by Eritrea peoples and refused them.

  • saay7

    Selamat Lion of Nakfa:

    Is there a source you can refer me as to what was discussed?

    If you are looking at the effect (watered down resolution) and attributing a cause (meeting between US and Eritrean politicians) I believe you are mistaken. This is because every single draft resolution is ALWAYS watered down. For example the 2nd resolution (2011) on sanctions on Eritrea was watered down from the draft, yet there was no meeting between US and Eri politicians in 2011.

    What happened then, what is happening now, what will happen in the future is: the P-3 (us, Britain, France) take a draft resolution and “water it down” to survive a veto by the P-2 (China, Russia.) the draft by Djibouti and Somalia had everything but the kitchen sink and it didn’t even comply with diplo-speak of UN. We will see whether the referral to ICC is removed. If it is it probably had to do with veto threats from Russia/China than the senkelkel diplomacy of Eritrea.

    You did not answer my question: you and I agree that playing “games” is necessary. Even Tesfanews does now. The question is: are you willing to concede that those who were calling for these games to be played (read the open letter of G-15) were right then and the Gujle Isaias was wrong then? And if so, what is the proper course of action assuming u believe in accountability.


  • Berhe Y

    Dear Alexandra,

    Thank you. I think may be because you didn’t start your post with salutation. I got the link thank you.


  • Lion of Nakfa

    Selam SAAY,

    If you start going down that route, the Ethiopians play that game a lot more than Eritrea. Eritrea hardly plays it. I wish Eritrea would play that game a little more. Eritrea would be better off. Woyane spends money they get by begging internationally on lobbyists and influence peddlers. Eritrea tried to play the game a little bit on a much smaller scale back in the nineties but didn’t stick with it. Otherwise, how do you explain a government like Woyane which slaughters its own citizens in a broad day light in a public square and brags about it, exterminates its citizens such as the ethnic cleansing it did in Ogaden and doesn’t get referred to the ICC?

    The good thing is, Woyane was reportedly fired last week by the US. The Deputy Assistant Sec of State reportedly told the Government of Eritrea that the United States will not press for an iCC referral and will work to water down the resolution in exchange for certain things (governance and security related) but mostly security related. The US now realizes Ethiopian opposition groups (12 or 13 of them stationed in Eritrea) have an important stake in the future of Ethiopia and need the political space to operate. Therefore President Isaias’ role is going to be critical going forward when it comes to the security of the Red Sea and Horn of Africa, including Ethiopia.

    I wouldn’t call Dr. Shannon junior at all. She is pretty influential. She was John Boehner’s top staffer in the Congress of the United States and is politically connected and very, very influential. Also, you are a smart guy SAAY, I am sure you realize that most of the policy work is done at the staffer level not by the Secretaries or Cabinet members. All in all, last week was a big win for the Government of Eritrea.

    • Hayat Adem

      Hi LoN,
      Yes Woyane was fired last week by the US favoring PFDJ and PFDJ supported opposition forces. Well, this is rumor but it could be true:) In the news, it was also reported Woyane won a non-permanent seat @UNSC with the highest number of votes, including that of the US. Well this is what was publicly reported but it could be false:)

      • Thomas D

        Hi Hayat,

        I don’t know where you learned how to talk to these people. I guess the only thing he could do is to day dream something and try to debate about his dream. I just want to tell this guy, it cannot be that easy. On the crimes against humanity case, the U.S. state department on a press release and also on the presentation by human right council/nations, they were firm on their stand that the Isayas regime has been way over the boundary crossing the red line when it comes to human rights and all. I guess Yemane Gebreab and Osman Salih who have been recently mumbling seriously accusing the U.S. was simply the joke of the day. It used to be that this puppets/zambies were repeating things after their drunk leader, I guess that is not the case anymore. Each of them now have their own stories to tell. They have not only started to tell they arrested people, but saying the imprisoned/detained people are find and sound………………..

        • Hayat Adem

          Greetings Thomas,
          Indeed. It sounds to me there is a coordinated effort by PFDJ soldiers to dis-inform the online community. People are coming out of their holes, ignore what is being seriously discussed about PFDJ and drops silly, unrelated and untrue lines such as “The US is quietly telling Woyane….or Rumor has it that US warned Woyane…..”

          • tes

            Dear Hayat A.,

            Hope is a champion in this area. His bla bla is not enough to distort but is a sign of failed attempts.


          • Hayat Adem

            Yes tes, Hope is noticeably working hard.

          • Hope

            To Dear Thomas xxx xxxx xxxx xxxx:
            There are NO permanent enemies but INTEREST.

            So,my ” dear”,prepare for the “WORST” that the Eri-USA relationship might sky-rocket over night with so some collateral benefits for Eritrea and ERITREANS :
            -No more sanctions,bullying,threats,isolation ,containment and sabotage
            -Rather,mutual and constructive engagement,friendship and Diplomatic Relationship

            -Great Economic,Security and Defense Package
            -Slow Transition but surely a positive progress to a Genuine National Reconciliation leading towards Constitutional Governace over the next 3 years .

            –The Sky will be the Limit for Eritrea and ERITREANS to reclaim what belongs to them and the lost opportunities on all aspects as a PERPETUAL Peace will reign over the clouds of the Horn.
            I wish this COIE thing and the USA Stick arrived before 1998 not after 2001 .
            They got it belatedly that ,that is what PIA understands.
            The CIA should have listened to Sec Ramsfield,not to the Dead-for-Good PMMZ,who worked against the interest of the USA and the Horn and its tortured people.
            Yes,indeed,Ms Hayat,Eritrea could have played a Pivotal Role and we would not be in such a HELL had the CIA listened to Sec Ramisfield.
            Most Limey,there would not be such things called Al Queda and ISIS,if the world embraced Eritrea’s potential and Pivotal Role,if history has to be the WITNESS!

            Hey Abi:

            Eritrea and Eritreans are,indeed,UNIQUE in all things and could have created a uniquely peaceful Horn if it was given a chance to do so!

          • Thomas D

            Hi Hope,
            Which of the following is/are yours:
            a) Gura-ageru/gerageru
            b) Grasshopper/Anbeta
            c) Flip-flapper
            d) all the above
            If you answer this correctly, you will win 15 Billion “Nakfas”

    • iSem

      Hi Lion of Nakfa:
      So if a game is played by others, even if it is unethical or illegal or criminal is kosher for Eritrea to do,you logic of Ethiopians play same game sees to insinuate, No?
      It may well be that politics may trump the crimes against humanity but that is nothing to celebrate for PFDJ and your gangs, short of a veto, USA cannot help IA if most of the SC wants it. But even if that happens, does not mean PFDJ is not guilty, just like a criminal who is set free on technicalities, the goons at your government may not be sent to ICC, but the victims, the Eritreans know this as they have given their testimonies and once the goons are defeated they will be tried in Eritrea and the CoI report will be a stepping stone, “evidences” to base a deeper investigations on and getting tried in Eritrea is better for us and worse for them.
      Advice PFDJ to take the lesser charge of going to ICC!

    • saay7

      Selamat Lion of Nakfa:

      t’Hsho, t’Hsho, t’Hsho ny smart neger.

      Man, you spin so hard that your messages should come with a warning that those who just had a meal shouldn’t read what you write. I mean to speak of last week as “a big win for the Government of Eritrea”, even a person riding a unicorn would say, “nah, that’s not real.”

      With respect to the work of staffers, we are in agreement. However, you forget that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and undersecretary Johnnie Carson were not going to come to Eritrea TelTel endabelu: they were going to bring their staff, and in the case of Clinton, her server:) But your government rejected them a visa, rejected their phone call and now, 8 years after the fact, 8 years after getting Eritrea sanctioned (twice) and on the doorstep of the ICC, you are telling me that a long-scheduled visit by a more junior person is a victory for Eritrea?

      I will let you in on a secret: a person by the name of Amber Hanson was supposed to go; she quit, and the one they sent is her replacement. If you want to celebrate that diplomatic coup, it is a free country. The default position of US foreign policy is to have everybody as an ally, and when forced into a choice, prioritize and pick whoever you think is a more strategic partnership. But they didn’t like that they were forced to make that choice and they had been angling to get back. Now, your government has, pushed to the corner, acceded. If you want to present this as the US choosing Gov of Eritrea over Gov of Ethiopia, you are making a mistake.

      With respect to the games that are played, I agree with your “wish Eritrea would play that game a little more.” Here’s where you and I probably disagree: those who expressed what you and I wish were called defeatists and made to disappear. When do they get their liberty and reputation back?


      • Hope

        Selam SAAY:
        -Speaking of money and lobbying,Eritrea is on the bottom of the list and/but talk about more than $15 billion embezzlement by the TPLF Junta…whether it is for lobbying or corruption.

        -I see the Victory,if any,as Eritrea’s victory and that of Eritreans either way-either through/by COIE and/or through/ by improvement of the US-Eritrea relationship irrespective of the deal,since the DEAL,if any,is going to be very Mutual along with a BIG stick and enough Carrots,which i consider a big step forward..

    • Yoty Topy

      Hi Lion of Nakfa,

      To be honest , your guy is playing draft and Woyanë is playing; not draft; not 2D Chess ; but 3D Chess.

      Here is why: They have the undivided attention of the Rebublicans ( minus John Boehner’s staffer) with their narrative of combating fundamentalism and yea-even though, naturally,the Democrats should be suspicious of them because of their poor human rights records but give it to your guy to anatagonize one of the President’s most trusted lieutenants, Susan Rice. There you go. All that noise and chatter by entry level and novice diplomats is just that: Noise and Chatter! Your guy’s cause has worn of its nobility. What matters most now is Realpolitik. A nation of 90m with its capital as the seat of AU and ECA or the fables of a crazy man who has beholden his people hostage.

  • Alexandra Haug

    The Nevsun donors were directed to the Atlantic Council, not to Eritrea.

    • Solomon

      PFDJ regime may have the support of Nevsun, Atlantic Council, the USA or any other powerful entity, for a number of reasons and calculations, BUT it’s lost the trust of its own people. The regime may or may not be referred to ICC but to majority of Eritreans PFDJ is guilty as charged.
      It’s pain felt. Trauma experienced. Torture. Rape. Murder. And so on and on. For the majority of us these are not just words.

      Have you ever been punched hard in the stomach? Continuously humiliated? Please next time you try to rationalize or justify any of PFFJ’s actions, remembers the victims.


    • sara

      Dear Alexandra
      i just was reading a summary of the chole report that brought a nation like Iraq to its knees with the cruel sanction imposed by the UN and over a million children have to die, and to this day death and destruction continuing, because of a small LIE.
      what is interesting here is The Atlantic was one of those who opposed the position taken
      by many and i hope those in this forum at least give credit where it is due.

  • HayaT1

    Dear Awatestaff,
    As always, many thanks for a well written article that exposes the tool of the tyrant, including the pseudo intellectuals. Eritreans need well researched replies to expose the lobbyists and lawyers the despot has hired over the years to hide or minimize the egregious crimes it has perpetrated on the people and the nation.
    The woman has passion with the tyrant and she has indirectly expressed that in her article and (BBC) interview. Ms. Brown, in her own words, admitted to have repeatedly met the tyrant since the time she was working her doctoral papers in Eritrea. Further, when the news of the death of the tyrant was fast spreading online few years ago, she availed herself for interview with the BBC and openly stated her admiration to the dictator rubbing him with undeserved color. I still remember the melancholic tone she had at the time and the circular path she pursued to serenade the tyrant.
    Of course, that is what hired lobbyists are supposed to do in today’s social norm, just seekers should not be discouraged to hear such brazen claims.
    As Williams Penn said it centuries ago, “Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.”

  • Alexandra Haug

    Nevsun donoted more than $ 100.000. The Untited States Department of State and the Government of Sweden donated more than 250.000 $ each during the same time period. You should ask them very hard questions, don’t you think so?

    • Berhe Y

      Dear Alexandra,

      Yes indeed. Can you please provide the source of your information and if we need to ask, how do we go about asking why?

      Your input is much appreciated.

      Great Work AT (AT stands for – the A Team).