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In Geneva, Eritreans Give Voice To Voiceless Compatriots

Last year in June, after Eritreans held the largest rally in the history of Eritrea’s opposition forces, there were questions if it was a one-time incident that could not be repeated and what would happen in June 2016.  On June 23rd, Eritreans calling for end to impunity in Eritrea gave a resounding answer: it will be bigger.  And with their answer, they gave hope to Eritreans that the Movement for positive change we all aspire for is within reach.

To be sure, the forces for status quo also had a large meeting two days earlier, on June 21, 2016.  Their demonstration was beamed to Eritrea via Eri-TV and it had the usual suspects: Gnbot 7, an armed Ethiopian opposition group which is NOT in Eritrea (hush), the Mzungus (Thomas Mountain); the artists (aka future asylum-seekers); and a message expressed with passion: demanding accountability from our rulers is bullying our country; by standing with my government, I stand with Eritrea; the report of the Commission of Inquiry is a pack of lies.

But those of us who found ourselves on the same side with them some time ago also know the following: that the whole demonstration, down to the minutest detail, is a top-down operation, directed from the office of the political director of the ruling party, PFDJ.  The fiat filters down to the mass organizations and the “community centers” and then to the foot soldiers. The slogans, the attires, the meeting venue, the message–nothing is organic about them.  This is why, as they were happening, the director of the show, Yemane Gebreab, could speak with confidence of this “spontaneous” people power from his prepared notes:

“…Today, here in Geneva, thousands of Eritrean citizens are holding a peaceful march I stand with Eritrea, calling for a fair and just treatment of their country.  Many of them are recent arrivals and former national service members, and they bring with them a petition signed by 200,000 people…”

This coming from a government that regularly holds “seminars” where government and party officials spend almost all of their time cataloging friends and enemies; a government which is constantly ordering Do-or-Die, Now-or-Never directives, threats of ex-communication from telemarketers at its embassies and “community centers” that are de-facto party branch offices.

When one contrasts the “End to Impunity”, and the “I Stand With Isaias Eritrea” demonstrations, the same pattern observed by the Commission of Inquiry on the testimony-providers emerges.  Unlike those demanding accountability who are mostly young Eritreans, those who want to absolve the government from any accountability are either Eritreans who migrated to the West before 1991 (and certainly before the 2002 decision to extend military service indefinitely) or those who were born and raised in the Diaspora and have never served a day in military service, much less an indefinite one, or those who were sneaked out of Eritrea by their wealthy and/or well-connected parents. To slightly modify an Eritrean proverb, if you are wearing dentures you can grind sand with it. The pain is something you can understand rationally but can’t feel emotionally.

To be fair, that’s not the entirety of the “I Stand With Eritrea” movement.  Some people genuinely believe that for the HRC to pressure the Eritrean government is a form of a double standard because it doesn’t pressure Saudi Arabia or Israel, for example.  Some people genuinely believe, to use Brownyn Bruton’s words, “it’s bad in Eritrea, but not that bad.”  Others believe that there is a different way to bring positive change, one that prods the government, slowly, in the right direction. Sticks don’t work but carrots may.  In other words, the approach envisioned by the Universal Periodic Review (UPR.)

But to say all of the above is to disregard everything that has happened in Eritrea, and at the UN’s and Africa’s human rights organizations, in the last 15 years.  It is to disregard what is supposed to happen when a country is deemed to show “persistent non-cooperation” and it makes a mockery of the UPR instrument.

Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and Eritrea

On March 15, 2006, the UN passed Resolution 60/251 authorizing the Human Rights Council to replace the thoroughly-corrupt Commission on Human Rights.  How corrupt?  Just to give us an idea, in 2003, Moammer Gaddafi’s Libya chaired the Commission on Human Rights, and the then-53-member body had Saudi Arabia, Syria and Eritrea as members.  If you remember (and if you don’t please google it), Eritrea announced publicly that the banned Seventh Day Adventists church was about to be approved (three government officials told that to the media even as they knew that there was no chance that that was happening) and the 15-member African Bloc blocked every move to name and shame Sudan for ethnic cleansing in Darfur.  And then elected Sudan as a member of the human rights commission and removed it from a list of countries that required special monitoring!

Stockholm 2003
We have come a long way: Eritrean demonstration in 2003

In those bad old days, our side was tiny and isolated.  The halls of Geneva were full to the rim by proxies for dictatorships emphasizing the importance of social and economic rights over civil and political rights. That has still not gone away as even the new Human Rights Council affirms, in its preamble, that “all human rights are universal, indivisible, interrelated, interdependent and mutually reinforcing, and that all human rights must be treated in a fair and equal manner, on the same footing and with the same emphasis”–a fact driven home repeatedly by Yemane Gebreab.

So, how does the HRC work and how does it still give a huge advantage to authoritarian governments? For one thing, many of the good ideas on how to reform the Commission on Human Rights were defeated, chief among them being that only countries with decent human rights records should be admitted to the club.  Now, as then, everybody can: whether you are the United States or Maldives, you are one country with one vote. Saudi Arabia and Sweden are the same in the eyes of HRC.  Second, the blocs still remain: the African bloc, the East Europe block, the Latin America bloc so it is less about human rights than power politics.  Third, it is classic UN: tortoise heaven. A country comes under review every five years and it is given suggestions: it accepts what it likes, it rejects what it doesn’t like and so long as it is “engaged” (actually shows up and occasionally writes laws it has no intention of implementing or makes promises it has no intention on delivering like the licensing of the Seventh Day Adventists), it is told that “_______ welcomes ______ of ______”. See you in 5 years. Wait, it would be nice if you would do a mid-cycle report.  Are you going to? No? That’s fine too. So, see you in 2019.

So now that we all understand why Yemane Gebreab had a such a huge smile at his first press conference in Geneva, let’s see why he was fidgeting and uncomfortable this week. Of the 47-member HRC, 13 are reserved for African states which should be automatic supporters of Eritrea. Remember, this is the same bloc that blocked every UN move to take action against Sudan in Darfur. But the Government of Isaias Afwerki has done the impossible: gotten the African Union to take action against a fellow African state for the first time in its 50 year existence.  Is that because the African countries just follow the orders of the US? If that is the case, why didn’t they when it came to war on Libya, war on Iraq, and sanctioning Sudan?  I think it has something to do with the following and don’t take my word for it; take the words of self-described “long-standing Somalia expert” (AND soon enough Eritrea-expert), Bronwyn Bruton: “The Eritrean government didn’t help its case by giving military support to Al Shabab, a Somalia-based affiliate of Al Qaeda; it’s been under sanctions as a result.”  The Government of Isaias Afwerki essentially ceded IGAD and COMESA to Ethiopia and, with the head of state choosing to quarantine himself at Adi Halo when the AU is having its heads of states meeting, he has increasingly made it easier for Africa to ignore him.

But what about the 92 recommendations that the Working Group of the Universal Periodic Group gave Eritrea which it has “accepted”?  Doesn’t that show engagement? Well, if we are just going to count redundant recommendations, there were also 106 recommendations that Eritrea rejected.  But what about the 92 recommendations it “accepted”? Some are calls for Eritrea to accede to treaties (genocide, torture, migrant workers, people with disabilities); some are non-controversial calls where the surprise is why it is taking the government so long (FGM, early marriage, domestic violence against women, children in armed conflict, gender equality); some are offers for help for capacity building; some are music to its ears (economic, social, cultural rights, food security, education, healthcare); and one deals with climate change.  Of the 92, only half a dozen deal with civil liberties and administration of justice.

Now before we get to them, lets talk about one of the things that is frustrating Yemane and company. The UN, according to them, does not prioritize civil liberties and political rights over economic and social/cultural rights.  Why is the Commission of Inquiry not taking note of the fact that we have made “great advances” in the economic, social and cultural rights of Eritreans? This is something testified to by another UN body, the United Nations Development Programme.  So why is it not mentioned and why such single focus on civil liberties?

Here’s the thing: in its 2015 report, the CoI did note the achievements of the Millenium Development Goals (MDG).  It’s on page 60 of the report: go ahead, check it: I will wait. That is, it took the claims of UNDP and the fact that Member States had complimented the government at the 2014 UPR at face-value.  But, as happens with everyone who spends an extended period of time looking under the hood of the Eritrean government, this year, CoI said that since there are no external or internal mechanisms to validate these self-reported data, we are not ready to take it at face value given that the same UNDP (hi there, Christine Umutoni) is showing that Eritrea is ranked third from last on its Human Development Index (HDI). That’s right: third from dead last.

Demo3Let’s go back to the civil and political rights recommendations that Eritrea “accepted” in the last UPR.  Here’s the problem for Eritrea’s ruling party in a nutshell.   What it truly believes in is documented in its party platform which it calls “National Charter.” Constitutions come and go, but the charter remains.  The Charter was suspicious of political parties and the manifestations of democracy–elections–when it was written in the good-old-days of 1994.  Now, after what President Isaias Afwerki calls the “we have learned a lot” period–1998-present–it is absolutely hostile to democracy. According to the accepted wisdom of PFDJ, democracy, human rights, civil liberties are three Trojan horses used by Westerners to destabilize and control independent Africans.  The problem for PFDJ is that to avoid being a pariah state, it has to accede to treaties and conventions that go counter to its belief system.   The way out, from its perspective, is to say that you have ratified this convention and that treaty and then to use the fact that you have ratified the document as evidence that you are in compliance.  It used this with the 1997 constitution for 8 years: we don’t oppress our people because the constitution that we drafted doesn’t allow us to.  If we can go back to the UPR, we can have this discussion every 5 years: why are you coming up with all these country-specific mandates of Rapporteurs and Commission of Inquiries?

Moreover, when words don’t mean the same thing, and there is no mechanism to check, who would be the wiser?  For example, in one of its replies to the UPR, the Government of Eritrea said that Eritrea’s prisons have mosques, churches (freedom of worship) and correspondence schools (right to education.) Can we, um, check?  NO! That is interference in our internal affairs.

So, that is what “UPR constructive dialogue” sounds like.  Here’s another example: UPR Recommendation: “ensure that any physical or moral harm against journalists or human rights defenders is investigated and that the perpetrators are duly prosecuted.” Eritrea’s Response: “The principle is acceptable but Eritrea rejects the implicit and baseless insinuation.” You mean this doesn’t happen? What about the journalists who have been made to disappear since 2001?  They are not journalists, they are traitors. Oh. Let’s discuss this some more in 2019.

And now for the “interactive dialogue.” According to the ground rules, the State under review speaks for 20 minutes, then the HRC members states que up to speak for 3 hours, then the civil society members are given 2 minutes each to make their case. Or something like that.

Before the roll call, and my interpretation of what was said, I would like to thank my compatriots, in the thousands, who flocked to Geneva at their own expense to speak on behalf of the voiceless.  I would also like to thank the members of the Civil Society–Veronica Almedom, Selam Kidane, Elizabeth Chyrum, Salah Ibrahim Aboray, Daniel Mekonnen and Helen Kidan–who represented the victims and spoke on their behalf.

22nd Meeting, 32nd Session, HRC Interactive Dialogue
Country Block Comments
Eritrea Africa Yemane Gebreab. This is what happens when you spend 25 years giving “seminars” and one-way-conversations; and you have a country without parliament: you are fish-out-of-water and want to jump out of your skin when you actually have to explain yourself. So you revert to the only thing you know: the Ethiopians are coming! The Ethiopians are coming!
EU Europe Don’t look now, but somebody is exiting.
Cuba Latin America Just focus on food, shelter, education.  The West can huff and puff but in the end, they will deal.
UK Western Europe I would like to repeat Yemane Gebreab’s talking points about the 92 recommendations.  OCHCR, UPR, UNDP, constructive dialogue.
Germany Western Europe We are with EU.  Really.  We take note that CoI said there are “Reasonable grounds” to believe crimes against humanity were committed.
Australia Western Europe and Other We are deeply disturbed.  But we also welcome the release of political prisoners. We have no idea who those are but we welcome it.  Oh, must be the Djibouti POWs.
Norway Western Europe We are long-time buddies of Eritrea. We knew them before they were cool.  UPR, High Commissioner, Rapporteur, Civil Society.
China Asia We are rich but we have a huge statue of Mao.  Get a clue.  We hear the Eritreans have an expression that they use on children that we use on the whole country: as long as a child is fed and sheltered, gundi iznu. Pakistan co-signs.
Portugal Europe No improvement in human rights, reasonable grounds to believe. Refer to ICC.
Belarus Eastern Europe No country-specific mandates.  Let’s talk.
France Europe Crimes against humanity, no improvement? Accountability now!
Djibouti Africa Hey Norway.  Eritrea released 4 POWs, eight years after the war, and it hasn’t accounted for 13 and you want to congratulate them? Treaties? Conventions? They signed the convention on POWs, which they are ignoring. Action not words. We are drafting a resolution: accountability now.
Venezuela Latin America It is Bolivarian Republic of.  No, we don’t like this country-specific mandate at all.  Back to the UP, back to the UP, back to the UPR.
USA Western Europe & Other Our charge d’affaires was dressed as a Rashaida and dancing at the Nevsun party. We are all about access.  Knock, knock.  We are sending the Aide to the Assistant to the Deputy Undersecretary for East African affairs who has been on the job for 12 minutes.
Spain Western Europe Why are we discussing this?  Take them to the Security Council and then the ICC.
Ghana Africa Look, Eritrea, we love you.  But remember when you were rebels fighting dictators we couldn’t help because of the principle of “non-interference in internal affairs”?  Well now that you are dictators, we can’t help tyrants because we have this new “principle of non-indifference.” We are for some accountability, via Africa. Look it up. The world has changed; check a calendar some time.
Botswana Africa Don’t just ratify treaties, use the instruments.  We are not sympathetic to your cause: we are the kind of African country you mock: a multi-party African democracy.
Somalia Africa When we supported the Eritrean struggle for independence, it was on the premise that people should live free of fear, not to replace one form of fear with another.  We will be co-sponsoring a resolution with Djibouti to demand accountability.  PS: Isaias Afwerki, nobody likes you.
Ukraine Eastern Europe We are appalled by the report.  We fully endorse CoI recommendation to send the accused to ICC and call on the UN to use all tools at its disposal.
Nicaragua Latin America Along with all our fellow commies, we support the right of countries to be as dictatorial as they wish, so long as they mention the proletariat.
Kenya Africa We support the CoI’s recommendation for an AU accountability mechanism.  We did not forget what you did last summer, and the summer before that, Isaias.
Belgium Western Europe Fully accept CoI’s recommendation
Sudan Africa I know this will shock many of you, but our position is that no way should this case go forward.  I also welcome the recent reforms by Eritrea.  Also ICC hates black people.
Ethiopia Africa The crimes reported are appalling and shocking.  Decisive action must be taken, and perpetrators must be held accountable. What? No, I am not talking about what we did to Oromo Ethiopians but what Eritrea did to its people!
Ireland Western Europe All Eritreans: please add Theodora Castan to the permanent list of Eritrea’s friends.  In firm voice, she called for bringing those responsible to justice.  Phew.  Wished UK’s Julian Braithwaite was taking note.

We will know, soon enough, in about a week, whether the Human Rights Council is, as Secretary General Ban Ki Moon envisions it, a place where “all victims of human rights abuses should be able to look to as a forum and a springboard for action” or a continuation of the corrupt Commission on Human Rights. Regardless of the outcome, I hope Eritrean activists for justice are now fully convinced that the seed for a broad-based movement for change is actually here.

About Salyounis

Saleh Younis (SAAY) has been writing about Eritrea since 1994 when he published "Eritrean Exponent", a quarterly print journal. His writing has been published in several media outlets including Dehai, Eritrean Studies Review, Visafric, Asmarino and, of course, Awate where his column has appeared since the launch of the website in 2000. Focusing on political, economic, educational policies, he approaches his writing from the perspective of the individual citizens' civil liberties and how collectivist governments and overbearing organizations trample all over it in pursuit of their interests. SAAY is the president and CEO of a college with a focus in sound arts and video games and his writing often veers to music critique. He has an MBA from Golden Gate University and a BA from St Mary's College.

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    “ዎ” ሓፋሽ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ
    ኣብ ገዛእ ዴምበኻ “ብሰብ መሰል ኣራዊት” እንዳ
    ተነኸስካን እንዳተ በላዕካን ተዓሽኻ፤
    “ኣየይ” ዝብል ቃንዛ ጥራሕ ኮይኑ ግብረ መልስኻ፤

    እዝጋኣብሄር ንዝዓደለካ ትንፋስ ንሱ ከምዝወስዳ
    ከቶ ዘንጊዕኻ፤

    ብፍርሂ ንምታይ ኢኻ ተዋሒጥካ ትነብር ዘለኻ፤

    ሃየባ ሓቦ በል ከም ይካኣሎ ሓየታይ ኣቦኻ፤

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    “ዎ” ሓፋሽ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ

    ኣብ ገዛእ ዴምበኻ ብሰብ መሰል ኣራዊት እንዳ ተነኸስካን እንዳተ በላዕካን ተዓሽኻ፤

    “ኣየይ” ዝብል ቃንዛ ጥራሕ ኮይኑ ግብረ መልስኻ

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    ብፍርሂ ንምታይ ኢኻ ተዋሒጥካ ትነብር ዓለኻ

    ሃየባ ሓቦ በል ከም ይካኣሎ ሓየት ኣቦኻ

    ኣይትፈልጥን ዲኻ ከምትመዉት ድሕሪ ወላዲኻ

    ነባሪ ታሪኽ እምበር ነባሪ ሂወት ከምዘየለ ዘንጊዕኻ

    ኣስተኻኽላ ደኣ ነዛ ትገብራ ዘለኻ ግግይቲ ጉዕዞኻ

    ነዚ ኣራዊት በላዒ ሰብ ክትሰጎ ካብ ገዛእ ደምበኻ!

  • Nitricc

    Greetings the people of awate-forum. I just came back from intensive call of duty and going through what you people have to say; can’t help it but to witness an absolute intoxication of the soul coupled with your sheer duplicity. I understand; when a happy slave feels free, there is a head on collision with what is real. Anytime, any kind of freedom must be combatable with a given duty and responsibility. Whenever freedom is not combatable to duty and responsibility; all acts and deeds become deceptive, ambiguous and all together preposterous. In a way, I do understand your predicaments; when you think you are free while being absolute slave, it comes easy to be morally deserted and irresponsible, you don’t know
    better and it comes with it. So, it is not all surprising to hear you opening your pie-hole limitlessly and shamelessly. If you had an ounce of honor and a shred of self-worth; there is no way in hell you support Col’s bogus and shameful acts against the nation of Eritrea. Because a sane person has to take a closer look and examine the motive of any action. What gives to an act its moral worth is, the quality of the intention and the character of the motive. For instance; what
    is the real motive for the UN to come after Eritrea? I ask you again, what is the real motive for all this drama against Eritrea? Do you think the UN is worried about the people of Eritrea and they are doing this to protect the people from the government of Eritrea? If not, then, what is the reason and the real motive for the act Col took?

    I know, I won’t be discombobulated if some of you actually think the UN is protecting the Eritrean people. I won’t be surprised. That is what the African mentality syndrome all about. Most of you suffer from deep and excruciating African mentality disease; a disease so crippling, you lost your dignity and you have more respect to the whites than of to yourself. I know! I am just saying in case I ignite one of you, your sense of direction from what is right, what is wrong and to what is just! Till you decided to respect yourself. No one will.

    “There is a higher court than the courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supercedes all other courts”

    It is high time you dig a little deeper. I know; there is no way to free a happy slave!

    • Hayat Adem

      Hello Niticc,
      You just came from an intensive call of duty. And you are accusing us of an African Mentality Syndrome. That is, we respect the white too much and this was how you put it: “you have more respect to the whites than of to yourself”.
      Now questions: what was the call of your duty? what color were your bosses who asigned you to that duty (whites or blacks)?
      You are African. You look down at Africans. You accuse Africans of respecting the whites too much. And yet you work for the whites on an intensive duty. How does that work for you man?

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Hayat,

        ኣብዚ ኣስ ጨኪንኪ ሓያታ ! ካብ intensive call of duty ናብ intensive care unit እኮ ኣእቲኺዮ ::

        • Hayat Adem

          Yes KS,
          I think the most irritating behavior manifests when someone has no clue what he is talking about but acts know-all. Some boys frequent more often this kind of stupidity as if respect is earned by the level of stupidity displayed. I think, most girls either know enough what they talk about or else they zip their mouth.
          Nitricc is a boy and a clueless at that. He comes panting and sweating from a place called “intensive duty” and tries to teach us a lesson without a thing for himself. Specifically when he talks down at Africans, he goes so verbally unhygienic and I hate it. I really do. I wish I know how to stop him.

          • Dear H.A.,
            May be he hates the fact that he is black and not white. That could be the reason he is ashamed of black people. It is a sort of psychological compensation for not being white.

          • Nitricc

            Horizon you just confirmed my point; thanks. a side point, there is a very good reason, despite your country being a water tower of Africa with a fertile land, not only you go hungry but you bend for the whites for your daily bread. think about it. by the way, how is your TPLF doing? lol. again how do you free a happy slave?

          • Nitricc,
            Something that is difficult to understand about you is your limitless pride while you live in a vacuum. That is the ailment Eritrean elites suffer from that brought the unfortunate people of Eritrea to this predicament. From the parallel universe you live in, you have become blind to the reality. It is impossible for you to understand that two-third of your people are underfed, the people are battered and defeated at the hands of the regime, the land is emptying of its people, and yet, you still bend for one paranoid dictator in gratitude for taking the Eritrean people to hell. One thing is for sure. You people with your DIA and the PFDJ will no doubt destroy Eritrea and you will never save her. That will be the result of the intensive duty you carry out now and then.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Horizon,
            Now at this time if I was among young once like 10 years old I could have chosen my carrier to be psychologist as we will have a lot of People like Nitricc. really specialists are required in coming few years.

          • Abi

            Hi Qonjit
            Militia wetader Netrake was on intensive bleaching process. Now he looks like gureza. (Colobus Monkey) Half white , half black.

          • Kokhob Selam

            ኣቦ :- ጥቅር ግስላው
            ኣንተየ – በቃ ኣንዱ ግመል- ኣንዱ ኤሊ – ኣንዱ ጉሬዛ- ኣንዱ ቀበሮ ሆነን ቀረን !! ሃ ሃ ሃ

    • tes

      Selam Nitricc,

      Your nickname seems hijacked by Eritrean regime embassy.

      These days you are too serious hence we are missing the real Nitricc. Why are you so in hurry to expose yourself? Can’t you wait until your criminal junta to be brought to the ICC?

      No more pretending.

      – Hope is making lots of corrupted confession.

      – Mahmud Saleh is straight out from his cave. He approved that justice is secondary to EPLF history, bHizbawi ginbarey aytimtsueni koyna negeru.

      Just some developments


  • Desata Tella

    “ዎ” ሓፋሽ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ

    ኣብ ገዛእ ዴምበኻ “ብሰብ መሰል ኣራዊት” እንዳ ተነኸስካን እንዳተ በላዕካን፤

    “ኣየይ” ዝብል ቃንዛ ጥራሕ ኮይኑ ግብረ መልስኻ
    እዝጋኣብሄር ንዝዓደለካ ትንፋስ ንሱ ከምዝወስዳ ዘንጊዕኻ
    ብፍርሂ ንምታይ ተዋሒጥካ ትነብር ዓለኻ
    ሃየባ ሓቦ በል ከም ይካኣሎ ሓየት ኣቦኻ
    ኣይትፈልጥን ዲኻ ከምትመዉት ድሕሪ ወላዲኻ
    ነባሪ ታሪኽ እምበር ነባሪ ሂወት ከምዘየለ ዘንጊዕኻ
    ኣስተኻኽላ ደኣ ነዛ ግግይቲ ጉዕዞኻ
    ነዚ ኣራዊት በላዒ ሰብ ክትሰጎ ካብ ገዛእ [ውሻጠኻ]ደምበኻ
    ንሓፋሽ ህዝብኻ ኣድሕን ግዜኻን ዓቕማኻን ኣበጂኻ

  • Desata Tella


    ንቀቐያዲ ዉዕል ኮንትራክት ዶብ ባድመ ንኸይትግበር ዝዓንቀፈ!

    ጉጁለ ልኡኻት ው.ሕ.ሃ ኣብ ኤርትራ ኣትዮም ስረሖም ንኸየሳልጡ ብመንግስቲ ህግደፍ ናብ ኤርትራ ዘእቱ ቪዛ ተኸልኪሎም። እዚ ተግባራትዚ ንቀቐያዲ ዉዕል ኮንትራክት* ዶብ ባድመ
    ንኸይትግበር ዝዓንቀድፈ ዘይቅቡሉን ዘይሕጋዉን ጭፍራ ህግደፍ እዩ።

    “እዚ ተግባር ህግደፍ ከም ዓብይ ነጥቢ [ምጥሓስ ቀቐያዲ ዉዕል ኮንትራክት*] ዶብ ባድመ ተባሂሉ ክስመን ክዝገብን ናይ ግድን እዩ”

  • Hayat Adem

    All @Awate,
    I got a joke for you from the Republic of Rhodesia.
    Journalist asking: When are you to say goodbye to you people?
    President Mugabe: Where are they going?
    IA is here to stay for 25 more years from now. AT LEAST. He has asked his last independence day speech to be saved for him so that he can reread it on the 50th anniversary. Where are you going? Are you too impatient? Go to the moon and meet iSem there.
    I can’t imagine ISem standing IA for 5 more years, forget 25.

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    The good thing, before the UN gets the tyrant, he is repentant according the news “Eritrea’s approach to the UNSC indicates Asmara’s willingness to work for a diplomatic resolution.”

    If the tyrant is also wise, he should first forgive himself and beg the Eritrean people to forgive him before the UN gets him. The other things expected from him are that he should learn to become polite mouthed using the magic words “Please” and “thank you” instead of telling those in office under him and the Eritrean people (his subjects) “Do it, and if you don’t do it, do it,” a kind of willy nilly that his orders must be carried out, even if it is giving up their money, or stop don’t drink and eat.

  • ghezaehagos

    Hello Seb Awate,

    I passed this information around to highlight (love compare and contrast) the two most known commissions on HR. It is paste-copy from the reports.

    Some Relevant Facts On North Korea Vs. Eritrea

    North Korea: “ The Commission and its Secretariat conducted over 240 confidential interviews with individual witnesses. These interviews were conducted during visits to Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok, London, and Washington, D.C. and through videoconferences and telephone calls. 80 such submissions were recorded. Exceptionally, a small number of submissions received after the deadline were admitted. Additionally, a very large volume of correspondence was received by the Commission and the Commission’s members.” UN-Commission of Inquiry Report-North Korea Feb 07, 2014

    “Based on the COI findings, on 26 March 2014 the UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution (30 in favor, 6
    against, 11 abstentions) urging the General Assembly to refer the findings to the UN Security Council and for the Security Council to take action, includingreferral to the International Criminal Court.”-Wikipedia

    Eritrea: “During its two terms, the Commission has relied primarily on information provided by victims and witnesses in confidential interviews. Consistent with the practice of United Nations commissions of inquiry and other fact-finding bodies without access to the territory where the alleged violations occurred, the Commission visited neighbouring and other countries to conduct interviews with those who have experienced or witnessed human rights violations in Eritrea. Where necessary, it also conducted interviews via audio or video communication. Interviews were conducted in Australia, Canada, Djibouti, Ethiopia, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. The Commission also spoke with experts, diplomatic staff of third countries currently working in Eritrea and foreign journalists who recently visited Eritrea…the patterns of conduct described in the report are
    based on 833 testimonies by Eritreans, including 160 written submissions received during the first term of the Commission of Inquiry, from mid-2014 to mid-2015.” UN-Commission of Inquiry Report-Eritrea, June 07, 2016

    In short, 240 testimonies and 80 submissions-North Korea, population 25 million. 833 testimonies-160 written submissions- Eritrea, population 5-6 million. (Please check these stats with pro-regime writers, such as Ms. Burton and others who are saying COI-E’s numbers are unrepresentative. )

    Result:(30 in favor, 6 against, 11 abstentions)-North Korea. Eritrea is….

    • Hayat Adem

      Hi G.,
      Bruton really sucks. One thing she said about the COIE report is that it “suffers from selection bias”. This is funny because personal harms has never been weighed as relative. They stand by and in themselves as absolute accounts. There is no such a thing as the ratio of victim to non-victim, raped to non-raped, murdered to unmurdered…there is no such a thing. The entire petition, signature is nonsensical.
      [Mr Y, you said you have never been done harms by the regime. No, none whatsoever. Okay, good for you, we are not here for you, we are looking for those who say yes to tell us their stories.]
      What is “selection bias” here! Bruton is funny! If you are compiling stories about victims of rains and floods, there is no point in collecting opinions from the unaffected ones. Or you can make it even worse by including stories of those who have a different problem- drought.
      The 800+ victims only reported their own personal harms. If all the rest of Eritreans, the three million of them, have a different story about themselves and the regime, it will not matter. The 800 vicitm stories still stand on their own. What is selection bias? If there can be any slection bias, it can make sense if she meant “there were other victims with worse stories that are not given a chance and as a result the victims’ stories didn’t get a fair representation.” Otherwise, if she meant about stories of people who were never touched or harmed to be included in the report, it doesn’t make sense. At the risk of appearing stupid, let me bring one example just to illustrate this “selection bias” BS.
      Let say the government is accused of a murder crime. An investigation is undertaken. The story of the victim and his conditions during the killing that cost him life at the hands of the government security men are documented and reported. Would you accuse the investigators for not including the story of unaffected people by the incident? Would you accuse the investigation process as suffering from “selection bias” because it only covered the “murdered” and excluded the “unmurdered”?
      It sounds oversimplisitic and naive here but that is almost exactly how she tried to attack the COI report. She invoked questionable credibility of the report due to “selection bias” because it was only all about the 800 (that are victims) and it left out the 200K (that are unaffected). This is the wierdest logic if I may say. But the lady herself is weird in many ways than being displayed in her latest things aabout Eritrea.

    • Solomon Haile

      Yo yo Wedi Thursday Market,

      JAG understudy for MI. Mission Impossible X. Break a leg. And it ain’t like moms blessing: Igrikha sbrr yebela. 🙂 Drop the lone Rambo for Military Intelligence.
      KJ: tsibaH tsubaH..Abrar O

      tSibaH is Thursday.

    • saay7

      Hey Ghezae:

      Excellent point. To add to it, the conclusions of the CoI on Human Rights in Syria that genocide was committed against a religious minority is based on 45 interviews. (Advanced copy of report at HRC website)

      Ms Bruton has been treating the case of Eritreans victims not as allegations of victims but some dissertation that requires meticulous scholarship. Can u imagine if in every court of law which is trying a suspect the judge allowed the suspect to bring the testimony of people who didn’t witness the crime just to be fair and balanced? Even Charles Manson would not be guilty using that standard: those who didn’t witness the crime will always far outnumber those who did. The PFDJ has been flashing 40,000 testimonies, 200,000 petitions, why not have 3.something million Eritreans hold a “spontaneous” demonstration all over Eritrea, specially from the uniformed National Service holding “I am not a slave” placards?


      • ghezaehagos

        Sal, Hayat et al

        For sure Ms. Burton didn’t come to the picture out of the blue. She is the direct beneficiary of Nevsun’s avarice and Eritrean’s continued suffering.

        In the comments section of her NYT article, the overwhelming majority were critical of her. Some of us get the chance to publish our sentiments before the section was closed.

        This was mine. ” It is distressing to see Ms. Burton repeatedly ignore the plight of innocent Eritreans. Truth is Isaias Afewerki is a ruthless tyrant. I hope this writer ventures out to know the real Eritrea. The COI-E was prudent in their mandate and findings. Though they could have reached the finding that Eritrean
        regime is committing crimes against humanity last year, they restricted themselves from that. They gave the regime another year. Nothing changed. Only lip service to limited reforms meant to appease. Enough sense of history helps us to learn tyrants can’t be appeased. In the 1930s some left-leaning intellectuals were fascinated by USSR and Stalin. They can feign ignorance about the existence and extent of Stalin’s purges but Ms. Burton CAN’T feign that abut Eritrea. WE can’t.

        Today more than 12,00 Eritreans rallied in Geneva in support of the Commission’s report. Compare this with 2,000 (which also include members of Ethiopian opposition since their support was solicited by the Eritrean regime), the picture is clear. Eritreans are demanding justice and accountability. UPRs and engagement are ineffective. It emboldens tyranny. 25 year tyrannical rule is producing one of the biggest refugees in the world. The only accountability mechanism that works is for the Security Council to refer the case the ICC and call effective targeted sanctions for breach of international peace and security under Chapter 7 of the UN Charter. Save Eritreans before we lament another Rwanda and Darfur.”

        More to the point about the numbers, it was one by name Ambassador who wrote eloquently; ”

        Ms. Bruton, you said that the suffering of 800 Eritreans (the sample of interviewees) are not enough to make a case of crimes against humanity as if there is some magical number that serves as a threshold to shock our conscience. How much more Eritreans have to come forward before you start to recognize the severity of their suffering. What is your exchange rate of Eritreans to westerners?”
        Indeed what is the magical number to shock our conscience!

        • Thomas D

          Hi Zhezae,

          The fact they dared to talk about the 45k or 200k make up witness signatures is really stupid. It is like saying:

          1) Ethiopians together with the Eritreans are allowed to decided the fate of Eritrea, like when we had to vote for referendum
          2) Family of IA or supports of IA/his enablers accusing IA/themselves for the crime he committed against the G15 and the 10K prisoners.
          3) The case about the alleged criminals defending their crimes against the victims.

          Yemane Gebreab has admitted the detention 40 citizens in 2001. We know the number he picked would have been correct if he had multiplied his estimated number (40) by hundreds or thousands. In the world we live in today, killing more than 5 people at a given time is mas-murder. They really need to come out of the Sahil thinking. The “Afanuwo or afanum” culture they accustomed can no longer be applied. Hint: there is an international law that they have to follow!!

  • AMAN

    Shalom ! Shalom ! Shalom !
    Dear Awates,
    the problem is that we Ethiopians had / have some worst,
    monstrous and bigger enemy than either DIA/pfdj or Eritrea
    here at home in Ethiopia – the WOYANE !
    Thus when compared to the problems the WOYANE & its
    ignorant administration poses to the very existence of Ethiopia
    itself, I would say the problem that comes from Eritrea & pfdj
    is so minimal.
    So the first priority and right step is to get rid of WOYANE /Tplf
    and its whole infrastructure and legacy and establish a people’s
    democratic system in its place first………….then we can deal with
    IA and issues of his dictatorship and his HR violations of the people.

  • Tewelde gebremariam

    Hi Saleh

    If the June 21 demonstrators were advancing the interest of the statusque, were the June 23 demonstrators completely free of the influence of alien forces who are bent to destabilise Eritrea as a means of achieving their long cherished goals? And the answer is: No, they were not free , and it is obvious as the seat of the so called “Eritrean Opposition” is Addis Abeba ——the citadel of woyane, who has already declared in a manifesto that Eritrea is integral part of Abai Tigrai.

    Incidentally, the other two the manifesto deemed integral part of tigrai, Humera and Alamata, are already annexed to Tigrai twenty-some years ago and the subsequent process of cleansing of their endogenous populaion and colonizing them with tegaru is almost completed, just as they did to our Badme and it’s Eritrean population.

    The cause the so called ” Eritrean Oppositions” are in their present predicament—- undergoing continuous binary fission along religious, ethnic, regional fissures— is woyane because it is against its vested interest for them to grow into strong and United power. Conversely, the ” Ethiopian Oppositions” in Asmera have also been going through the same problems in the hands of the impostor isaias sfewerk and his cabals. This is curious, isn’t it? Why would the seemingly bitter enemies— woyane and isaias afewerk—— feed them well, house them well etc.the oppositions of one another but constantly degrade them from becoming powerful forces? But they cannot hide any longer behind their Orwellian doublespeak !!! It is because they are the same, chasing same goal—–a manifestation of libi tigrai twitiwai.

    And if the impostor isaias afewerk and woyane are the same, what do we make of the two conflicting demonstrating groups? Fools isn’t it? Yes. They are screaming at each other oblivious of the fact that they are being manipulated by their mortal enemies into digging their own graves.

    What about you, ProfessorSaleh, what do we make of you?……of course a Fool as well. I am confident history will judge you really badly for failing to untangle the Orwellian doublespeak of woyane and isaias afewerk to the Eritrean people at this crucial hour and enable them see the objective reality that their two mortal enemies have been hiding from them.

    My Genuine Eritreans,
    Unless we know who is/are our real enemies—–woyane and isaias afewerk—- ; United as proud Eritreans confidently relegating our secondary differences to be handled afterwards, but far and bryond, unless we can control the product, our future is bleak. But no again, we must understand that these two enemies are also proxies of powerful forces who have vested interest in our Red Sea Coast. As we speak these forces are helping isaias afewerk to decimate our country and people from within and woyane from without. The Obama administration is one of them, who, under the pretext of regional security, has recently sent delegations to Asmera with a mission to waterdown the CoIE recommendations to send the impostor and his cabals to ICC. We must be extremely vigilant: all that glitters is not good, as they say.

  • Desalegn

    [No salutation. Comment deleted]

  • sara

    Dear awtistas- (its 25 Ramadan)
    my English being elementary i want help from those who are gracing us with their “mashalah” English
    by interpreting and summarizing (it as the grate saay did with the COI report above) this article i tried to
    read and understand but got staked because the English phrases, analogies, references made etc. really difficult for some one who had until recently moved from saying bebsikola to Pepsi cola.

    here is the link-


    • T..T.

      Hi sara,

      Nice try. When I clicked open the article, I got an infection warning. May be it is an Isayasists malware infected. Those involved (destroying Eritrean opposition computers) must be brought along with the tyrant to the ICC.

      • Kokhob Selam

        DEAR T.T.
        They are already. ካብ ክፉእ ዝገብሩኻስ ክፉእ ዘምህሩኻ : The real opposition has got lessons over lessons – peace lovers don’t want to fight but should be able to fight.. in cyber world it is the same ..Ha ha ha even you need to join legal hakers… is that ethical ! Oh yes.

        • T..T.

          Dear Kokhob Selam,

          The Isayasists, Nihna Isu – Isu Nihna, are sadists, they like to be abused. But that doesn’t mean they have the right to pass their abuses on to the opposition members. Edward Said is quoted saying, “You cannot continue to victimize someone else just because you yourself were a victim once – there has to be a limit.” Their practices of giving hard time and creating hostile environments in the opposition members living and working places must immediately stop, or else!!!!! names must be reported to the nearest UN office.

    • Hope

      Selamat sara:
      I enjoyed it and it is but a FACTUAL Analysis.
      That is why the Genuine Justice Seekers and Genuine Patriots are questioning about the possible motive of the COIE.
      I said almost the same thing when I have argued against the COIE Report in general and its possible hidden agenda and motive in particular.
      We have a LEGITIMATE Fear and Concern, considering the recent history as well as the known modus operandi of the West.
      Do you know where selam is now-a-days?

  • Yoty Topy

    Hello Awate reader,

    We might have the solution to the conflict. Ethiopia has been accepted as a non-permanent security council member of the UN. Now the can authorize UN peacekeeping forces to the area.

    • Kim Hanna

      Yoty Topy,
      A more interesting development is what I just read on Newsweek. It said the following, I will just post a couple of sentences from what I read and I will wait for confirmation from our own reliable sources, at Awate.
      It Is dated 6/27/2016.
      “Eritrea has requested the U.N Security Council to intervene to prevent escalation of the border conflict and to initiate dialogue”
      It continued,
      ” Eritrea’s approach to the UNSC indicates Asmara’s willingness to work for a diplomatic resolution.”
      If true, it has major ramifications. The piece it says was authored by John Campbell and Nathan Birhanu.
      Mr. K.H

      • Berhe Y

        Dear Yoty, K.H. And all,

        Any progress that gives relief to the Eritrean youth is welcome in my opinion.

        We don’t know the details and this may not be accurate but if it’s true, I think no matter how late is a positive progress for the country future.

        What has changed now, after 10 years of “final and binding”, that he could have accepted then. Nothing in my opinion as far as the ruling goes, or that a threat of war is concerned but I think IA is cornered and he wants to save his self skin before being referred to the ICC.

        It was always about him and him only and the death and destruction of Eritrean people just inconvenience. He will sell the whole country rather than pay the price himself, the guy has absolutely no principle, Zero.

        Going back to the main subject if he agreed to negotiate it could mean the following:

        1) days the boarder / demarcation happened or (started / appear to be, even it takes years), he can say we will stop the indefinite national services because the boarder will demarcated

        2) he can justify the reason for the indefinite services and the crimes that happened was, as a result of boarder issue.

        3) why now? Now that Ethiopia is at the SC, the SC will held them accountable (even though this does not make sense and does not hold water), there will not be short of people who will repeat the same argument and how he check mated the “weyane, our wise leader”, and they will convert this upside down.

        As far as abuse, I don’t think anything will be changed for the people, so it will continue.

        But getting the boarder demarcated is a positive outcome in this if it materialized. It will solifdify the future generation and the relation ship of this two countries.

        Again if this is true, then I think the pressure from Eritrean justice keepers and the international community is working and will continue to pressure again, until he cracks.

        This is indeed a welcome news.


        • Hope

          Well said Berhe:
          You are dealing with inherited Chauvenistic attitude ,who might consider Peaceful Dialogue as WEAKNESS and FAILURE.
          Well,as you said it eloquently,if it is going to bring peace to my people,let it be.

          • Solomon Haile

            Dear Hope and Forum at Awate.com,

            Proverbs 3:5-6

            Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding: in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

            Harriet Tubman is to replace Andrew Jackson on the Dub in this Dub’s Nation. It is a Dubs THANG. (And Saay, please leave da “Yo Yo homeboy” to us Eritreans who can deliver the sound without a very persistent and present thick African accent though We too are foreign born for that thang THANG is our Mother’s tongue–see iSEM’s share of the definition on his Tigrigna sewasu article ) Yes “King” James, Lebron, the native son has delivered to the Cavaliers and to Cleveland the greatly anticipated promised club and city pride. It is Cleveland folks, the city that shipped an NFL team that chose to settle elsewhere, Baltimore Maryland, and perhaps in unison fought to retain it’s Browns. Yes Cleveland Rocks!

            But THIS IS Dub Nation indeed! It is Warriors Nation! “Strength in Numbers!” in this Raiders Nation, home of the brave and the free.

            And soon every Dub you pull out from your wallet will bear the image of the great slavery abolitionist Harriet Tubman who lead the Under Ground Railroad to free as many men, women and children slaves as her network mannaged smuggle up North time and again. Her fellow brethern, Humans who suffered from the worst bondage and slavery in man kind’s history, lorded by the savagesas of the time.

            So, Hope, after a day’s foraging and netting a Benjamin and breaking it to Three Andrew Jacksons, Two Thomas Jeffersons, Three Abe Lincolns and Five George Washingtons, reminding myself to set set aside a Jefferson for tithes, and struggling to forget and hide deep in the hidden compartments of my bulgy, with worthless and perhaps decades old more torn pieces of paper than the beat up wallet, for the formulaic thirty percent rent and other contingent and urgent expenditures, the Three Franklins I decided to share a couple of cold tall cans of brew with an old friend I ran into while biking from West to East through Lake Merritt, my old neighborhood. ….

            Feeling like a Daniel TekhleHaimanot on my Haro, after plugging in and charging the handset, habitually I enter the forum to read the redirect of the Geneva COI/ICC tractor trailer stearibg wheals by Yoty Topy, Kim Hana, T.T….

            You see, the whole week or so MaHmood SaliH’s “PFDJ is Eritrean…Hope is a Nationalist. .. and . ” as well as Saay’s lamentations on Oh Pluralism Oh Pluralism where art though to HaileTG lingered in my thoughts over and over. And the Technichratic “Hawi Hawi zChenu” description of the young Vanguard coupled with an almost perfect photographic memory of the moods and sensitivities of this especially the forumers… And coupled with nearly two dozen Eritrean faces in groups of twos, threes, and fours, on their dailyb health passiajo around the lake, speaking passionately in the familiar language as they stared with surprise of my dry sheetrock covered visible skin and clothing as I haven’t bathed for weeks and with a tall can of beer seemingly without a care — Thiugh , it has been some time now since I have felt like Barya:”zTeAmkuo Andiel Kiynuni Ere..” This Brew at the Lake however gave, I believe finally provided me with my thesis on Keeping The Browns Home where IT Rocks!
            Petros Selomon And his 72 were NOT incarcerated by IA and the PFDJ
            The G15 were never imprisoned and are not political prisoners
            Ali Abdu never defected
            Eritrea never ceased to be a under United Nations protection — The Blue Flag, now in yellow emblem is your open and in your face proof,
            Eritrea and this ICC and at the UN stage for the globe bla bla bla is in fact an well orchestrated and directed exemplar experiment in which the inhabitants of the Tiny “size of a stamp” Nation State is the final trench line to finally break the evil and divisive ultra nationalist curse nation state. Eritrea this Warriors Nation will fall like Nadew Ez And the rest so called sovereign nations will Kneel Down to One World Order. Don’t you see The Britext trembling to leave a one Europe let alone EW one world. It is the Majestic Jah Nohoy the King of Kings who formed the league of nations walking with dignity amidst the jeers of the Fascuest Mazungus And The Anti Janhoy Is a is Afeworki will undo the great evil League Jah created as he marches indignantly to the ICC to repeat the infamous Jack Nicolson in a similar military and Jangaru court JAG attorney and court:
            IA: “You want the truth, you can’t handle the truth!” Saay will be reenacted by Tom Cruz in This Mission Impossible. BBC article is right: Eritrea the Pariah Nation And Pariah People!
            Happy 4th of July.
            Act Two: “I didn’t do it for you Nigger!”
            Wong Wong Wong
            Damn that was a good beer! Keep your patronizing to your self! And like the Barya song: “zeziHalefkuo godennna TegmpTilom yTimutuni.”
            Back to Dry Sheet Rock…Foraging for Bud! And what’s it to you?


      • saay7

        Selamat K.H.

        The report by Newsweek (actually originally at Council of Foreign Relations) is wrong. The gov of Eritrea called on the UN Security Council to refrain from “we call on both sides….” and denounce Ethiopia for initiating the conflict. There was no call for dialogue.

        At the risk of repeating myself, even an entity which has accused the Gov of Eritrea of committing crimes against humanity (CoIE) is calling on the faithful implementation of EEBC; it is one of its recommendations. So I don’t see anyone abandoning that position–anyone who is for consistent application of international law, that is.


      • T..T.

        Hi KH and all,

        Seemingly, this is a thinly veiled attempt by Isayas to divert the UN’s attention and action from immediate referral of the Eritrean human violation case to ICC.

        The world has to look much deeper into Isayas’s “No peace, No war” and as well who is behind all the troubles in the region. Like they say, using a mower to remove weed from a lawn cannot solve the problem. Although we know that that can be a short term and cost effective solution, ultimately we need to treat the lawn with the right treatments that eliminate weeds but leaves the grass of the lawn safe and unharmed.

      • Hayat Adem

        Hi KH,
        I don’t know if the authors were referring to a rare access of a corespondence the rest of us didn’t get a chance to see. But never believe IA would change policy at all. There is only one exception: if he sees a real, I mean very real, threat to his own personal saftey. Apart from that you will never see him change policies. He would change tactics and approaches to push the same old policies: total monopoly of power at home and unjustified hegemony in the region, or else spoil it all. He will persue this at the cost of the entire nation and all nationals. He is fixed, he can’t repurpose himself.

        • Dear H. A.,
          DIA is a “my way or the high way” man, and he hates to show his weaknesses. Dialogue must be among the words he abhors. He would rather drink the conium than accept the fact that he has reached his limits and he should negotiate. Bad characters do not change easily.

          • Hayat Adem

            Hi Horizon,
            Exactly. But I am puzzled by his supporters. What do they see in him to be so generous to him this much, I marvel. And I come up with different groups.
            1) those who benefit from his system. Gheteb…
            2) those who may have committed crimes and feel unsafe in his absence. ??Dawit??…
            3) those who hate ethiopia more than they hate him. Hope, araya, peace…
            4) those who value history more than living. Mahmuday..
            5) those who don’t know yet how bad he is. Nitricc..
            I get it but these all together added should have normally been a small fraction. And I understand if 1 and 2 continue tailing him but the rest should have been dropouts by now. Something is not right.

          • iSem

            Lady Hayat:
            Although it has been said that soulmates complete each other’s list, please do not make me complete the list for your, go ahead and make it 10;-)

          • Hayat Adem

            Hi Sem Anbesa,
            Please go ahead, feel free to complete it. I can trust you with blank checks.

          • Hope

            Hayta and iSem:
            Hekhekheni kihakeka(I) diyu negheru?

          • Dear H.A.,
            Unfortunately, this is an example of a wrong circle of trust. The Eritrean people should have been at the center of their world view, not an individual – a selfish, narcissistic, egoistic and a callous person for that.
            It is difficult to understand why people who have betted on the wrong person, even though they see that he is a loser, for one reason or other, they stay course and continue to bet on him. It is really weird.

          • saay7

            Selamat Horizon:

            It’s actually not as uncommon as you think. In logic it’s called “the sunk cost fallacy”, which is closely related to “the gambler’s fallacy.”

            The sunk cost fallacy is based on the premise that the cost to abandon a project mid-way (in our case nation-building) and start all over is much higher than to hit reset and start all over. Curiously, many Ethiopians who believe that we started the Eritrean revolution too early and should have continued to invest in Haile Selasse and by extension Mengistu also committ same fallacy.

            The gamblers fallacy is the gamblers belief that his losing streak is about to end and he will get a break soon, despite the fact that the probability of change is independent of his wishes. I hear this with some Eritreans every Independence Day Eve or every New Years Eve that Isaias is about to pardon prisoners.

            One fallacy is based on fear of change, and one fallacy is based on hope that change is coming, with zero evidence for it.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Horizon,

            If you remember HS was powerless while people were still attached with his system. Since no one among politicians was prepared and big men like religious leaders and other institutions weren’t accepting their past mistakes it was natural to see one another criminal who will clean at least the feudal system although it is danger. and yes Mengstu and his group has eaten each other and killed a lot of people but feudalism was gone forever from Ethiopia. in one night 60+ ministers were changed to ash – Hopefully the coming Eritrean leadership will destroy the system in such way without affecting the mass.

            Most probably Eritrean politicians will manage it since most of the people are for justice – but if not Eritrea will have one difficult era still to clean the mess.

          • ወቸጉድ

            Selam ato kokhob selam,
            Are you proposing what Mengistu did was ok???!!! How does that make you any different from the DERG? Those 60 patriots deserved a day in court. If indeed, that’s what you wish for Eritreans, you deserve Issias Afeworki 100%. I will be with Abi on this one and wish him 1000 years more reign. ድሮስ ከወንበዴ ምን ይጠበቃል!

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear ወቸጉድ

            I told you earlier you will continue wondering and you have chosen good name that describes you.
            now if you start to read and understand it what I am saying is, when the men and women who have good position in the society are not honest, they will face such kind of men and I brought Mengstu as an example.

          • ወቸጉድ

            Dear ኮከበ ሰላም

            Here is what you said “Hopefully the coming Eritrean leadership will destroy the system in such way without affecting the mass.” What you called “such a way” is the way “in one night 60+ ministers were changed to ash”. Help me understand that – your wish is to have people turned to ash without trial as long as it does not affect the masses. I have no love for the current leadership but by what human right standards is that different from what Issayas is doing? Why and how would you trust change brought by such leadership?

            Indeed, I see a lot on these pages that make me say ወቸጉድ everyday.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear ወቸጉድ,
            so sensitive for for that 60? do you think I will even think of any legal thing about the illegal dogs? my young country men are changed to fish meals in the ocean my friend. Lol. why is it easy for you to accept it ? how many young Eritreans and Ethiopians have gone in the past few days war do you think? are those 60 better than the mass – or deserve life more than you and me?

            the question is what after cleaning this type of nonsense souls? that is what you should ask my friend. again here if it possible it is always better not to be so cruel but that will happen only when they don’t want to hand over power to the mass. the bad thing is things will broke in unknown hour.

          • Abi

            ” yereTebew lay shenachibet ” yilal Gojame.
            Anta entay konka?

            Aye Gud , aye Gud yilal yagere sew
            Tizibtu tamqo hodun biyalawsew.” (Tewodros Taddesse)
            Weche Gud ! ale sewyew.

            Who are you calling illegal dogs? Dogs? Really?
            You sound worse than Isu and Menge combined. I hope Tes will tag you as the worst dictator in the near future.

          • Kokhob Selam

            ኣንተ ጎንደሬ ምነው ከጀግኖች ኣገር ተወልደህ ትቀባጥራለህ ! ያንተ ነገር ! see Abiye, the best place to send massages is this site to all peace lovers and the opposite side. When the massage is strong leave space and hide Lol.. it has nothing to do with innocent children.. Ha ha ha . really just think about it ..for God sake I am theosophist and what have I to do with that war and killing human beings … Lol.

          • Dear K.S.,

            If Ethiopians knew that abolishing feudalism and then building communism in Ethiopia, would have cost the lives of 1m Ethiopians, no one would have accepted it in the first place. When we talk of the now famous “weed-out” in Eritrean politics, what I personally imagine is to make them powerless socially, economically and politically; bring them to the court of law, make them confess their crimes, and allot the necessary punishments, short of the death penalty.
            What the Derg did was cold-blooded murder. I still have in my mind the picture of dead young men/women lying on the sidewalks as the result of the monstrous red terror. That was not justice but horrendous crime. I hope Eritrea has many good examples to copy from when the time comes.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Horizon,

            I really feel it. I swear I am there and have seen part of the crime committed, But again as you said people may have manged otherwise if they knew. the problem in this type of development is that it goes out of control when people don’t participate fully. let me give you an example here in Eritrea.. you know it is the same … IA is not supper man.. We Eritrean people didn’t take action when he and those in opposition (some) were killing heroes who could represent us. I swear again I have seen my self and I am a witness when EPLF leadership was killing in Sudan .. how the hell you will dance allowing criminals to lead you? wasn’t the duty of people to reconcile it? where were all those who are crying today? you see what is happening now? At least now there is good movement and hopefully things will go alright.

            That is what I mean. If people are not standing and objecting when their own hero killed and arrested time will come they will pay for it – actually I always say – thank you IA for treating us equally otherwise I know few could have been isolated today and suffered.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Hayata,
            Actually I was crying for survey here and in proper places for parties to work on this one. It is important to make survey and find out who became corrupted and why. from my own result of survey I found out the most obstacle in Eritrean is that accepting mistakes of the past personal history. Do you notice even those who are opposing and who were serving PFDJ don’t want to say sorry.

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Horizon,

            Actually he is really coward and has no principle and he will give up anything to protect himself. He did it during last war when Eritrea took over Badime and he thought they are coming all the way to Asmara, he accepted everything he refused for 2 years in 24 hours.

            Those people who are in his circle would attest but he has no principle or policy that he can defend or argue passionate about. If heated debate ensue, even if he doesn’t agree, he agrees and moves along. But he then turn around, either never implement it or he would sideline those people who disagree with. That’s how he operates.

            Hayat back to your list. I think you don’t realize how much power he has in his network. He literally have the database of all Eritreans and there are chosen field soldiers who implement his system. For example in the city of Toronto, there are over 10,000 Eritreans and last I heard the actual PFDJ members are no more than 300.

            But these 300 are in every where there is an Eritrean life is involved. They are in the community, they are in church, they are in soccer festivals, they organize demonstration, organize festivals, organize petitions. They know each and every member, where people live, who is married to whom, who is oppostion, who support the government.

            And none of these people are paid, and I don’t think they do that because they have direct benefit, but I think it’s a way of life/ belonging for them. They have regular meetings, they go and hand out in certain places..and I don’t think they are ready to give up on that…It’s the only thing they know, even before PFDJ during the EPLF times..

            It’s an addition very hard to give up..and the alternative, those who chose to leave the group or speak up….their faith is sealed. Isolated, unless they chose to join the opposition (today may be stronger than before) but for the most part, they disappear..

            So it’s really powerful leverage that he has against the people and this is at each and every part of the world.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Berhe,
            I think you mean Ethiopia in your 2nd line instead of Eritrea.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi KS,

            Yes. Corrected.


          • Hayat Adem

            Thnaks Berhe,
            can you go on and enlighten us on what you observe and think as to what the thoughts of these 300 people are, what really motivates them to continue with their dedication? It can’t be one motivator for all but what could be some of those noticeable afront? Such kind of dedication might have been justified during the EPLF times. At the center of all that sacrifice was that it was being assumed to had been done for the sake of Eritrea and Eritreans. Now those two grand considerations- Eritrea and Eritreans- are out of the map. What would drive these 300 people to continue serving IA and PFDJ while they see and hear what they are doing to Eritrea and Eritreans? You started good, so, can you throw some light onto the matter the way you started, Berhe?

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Hayat,

            It’s really a mystery to me, how these people are selected and organized. What I know is the PFDJ knows everything about everyone, where their parents come from, which village they are born, and their past life.

            The PFDJ, I have never seen them TRY to recruit people. I don’t think they are at all interested. Why should they, when they control everyone.

            Let me you give a true example so you can make the parallel about the control they have. Back in 2000 a group of young dedicated individuals (students, new grad, young professionals etc) started an Eritrean organization to help Eritreans integrate and advance in the Canadian society. They would invite experts both Eritrean and Canadians and held conferences, seminars, some that I remember (health hiv/ AIDS, substance abuse, housing/mortgages, investiment (retirement, insurance and higher education savings) etc. They also partnered with computer training facility and started teaching computers (basic to advanced) levels on regular basis. There were also two major projects to help Eritreans (close donation and book sending drive, which two containers were sent). It was one of the most rewarding and dynamic initiative I was part of. The PFDJ stayed away but it has some of its hardcore members also part of the founding member so it knew what was happening. It was not political and it was not a threat so it didn’t interfere. The computer program grew so fast and the space become hard to keep up. So the organizers and the students got together and decided to do fund raising and possibly open an Eritrean center.

            There were two main opposing community centres (one pro PFDJ and another older one was mainly former ELF) members. They really didn’t get along as they were mostly political (may be the older one was better in terms of providing services to the community), but the PFDJ one has only one goal, to collect money, control people.

            So those who started this new organization were as a means to stay neutral and focused mostly was on the people who do not have the political baggage of those generation.

            Money was raised to open the center and if we reach 50 thousand we would search to buy / rent our own center.

            Then the PFDJ started to lose sleep and it started to actively campaign for the group to abandend the org and join / merge as separate entity to run on its own. The members refused but it started to become a toxic environment as some members started to support the idea. The PFDJ would approach each board member (they were 11 I think) and they call each and every day to pressure them. They create division and start to blackmail some of the founding members (who have hidden agenda etc, and crest doubt). As this was going on, the interest of those dedicated but wanted to remain independent start to lose interest and eventually stopped showing up.

            No center was bought / rented as they say, use our space instead why spend all this money was the reason., etc slowly the members (in the annual meeting voted to join) and some of the founding members decided to resign and leave. One by one the whole thing started to die off and a couple of people left (treasurer and the president) who still controlled the money.

            Eventually the board folded and voted to dismantle the organization and give its assets to the PFDJ controlled S organization with over 35,000 in cash and assets.

            The rest is history.

            Someone can say, why do you let this happen but trust me it’s really hard to fight this cancer.

            So back to your question, who are the members. From what I gather they always seem to attract people with shady past (for example head of the group is the same guy who was Liqe member of keftenga during the DERG and he was chasing people for witdrena, the second guy was involved in fund raising for the mrtrayer family and he swindled money, another guy I heard us wanted in Eritrea during the liberation and he disappeared people with DERG, he has never visited Eritrea since he left, and quite few that I know they have Eritrean / Tigray / Ethiopian blood, and many who believe that Isayas protects their interest (like people from Hamasien and Seraye, I am from those so I know a lot of relatives) from others like Deki akeleghuzai or Eritrean Muslims etc.

            But I don’t think they will fight and die with PFDJ, as soon as Isayas is gone I think these guys will disappear (and there are a LOT of crazy women as well).

            That’s my take.


          • Hayat Adem

            Ok Berhe,
            That is quite a stuff. Thanks a lot. It sounds as if it is not some doctrine or narrative that is glueing them togehter. It is like they are always there, relentless and as a force habit they seem to welcome frictions and divisions and they peristently stay around to survive them. I wonder if they get their daily operation instructions from home, from the political office, or from the Embassy…

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam Hayat
            Enjoying the fire show. Indeed, an amazing one. Shall I call it “The xxxc Spring?” To cut it short for you, we, the above mentioned individuals, get the Iinstruction directly from bxaay IA. Please pass my admiration to iSem and inform him that I have forwarded his “concise history of akheiba Tekli, Enimen neberu Edition”, to the Central Office of PFDJ, where it will be registered and passed over to wedi Afom.

          • Hayat Adem

            Thanks Mahmuday,
            *I will identify three broad problem areas where you and I converge and diverge in opinions. 1) on current domestic affairs and IA/PFDJ’s ugly and disastrous leadership- I do believe you and I see eye to eye; 2) On whether Ethiopia and the rest of the world verses Eritrea is largely a help or a problem – we diverge; 3) on the justification of glorifying EPLF and ghedli in general – we diverge. You see, hindsight is a resource as well. The results are in. Are we to blind ourselves and ignore them as if they are caused by something else? Mahmuday, are you familiar with postcritical theory?

            *But we agree on what matters most: now (as opposed to history) and here (as opposed to the external). The other two are not as gravely important as the first one. because one is about the past and we can differ it to later or we can ignore it, or yet we can push it down to an academic level. The other is external and is largely driven by internalities.

            *I guess also we can have more agreeable areas if we discuss about what to be done. If the problem is the driver, we don’t need to be destructed to improve the bus, or replace the road, or bother the passengers. Think straight and shoot direct, replace the driver (PFDJ leadership). some may argue, it is risky to stop the bus in the middle of the road to change the driver. That is similar to what Saay was describing as the sunk cost theory. But where are you going? Nowhere or worse to the unknown or worse yet to certain dead-end. Moving doesn’t mean going, or pausing doesn’t mean stagnation. I know you have always been sensible when you write about the future than about the past. That is a good thing. Just don’t be destructed enough by the past.

            *History is history. It is just for reflections and lessons. But it is amazing how much is being wasted in defense and in assault. It gets too much attention, more than it deserves. The truth is, No history has ever enjoyed full consensus its inheritors. Allow me to give you a quote from NYT by Kate Gilmore, a human rights official at the United Nations. he was describing Iraq. But what he said has rung in my ears as if he was also exactly talking about Eritrea.
            “Iraq, it seems, has a long memory but is short on vision. It is like a vehicle traveling over rocky terrain, with a large rearview mirror but only a keyhole for a windscreen, despite a vicious contest for the wheel. The dominant narrative among many of Iraq’s leaders is of ‘my community’s grievance,’ failing to acknowledge the widespread nature of Iraqis’ suffering and failing to chart a course for an inclusive future.”

            *The future is greater, longer than the past. Compared to the future, the past is just a microscopic dot. We can do something about the future. There is nothing we can do about the past. What is there is there, will remain there. If I want to use food as analogy to the periods of time: Today is a cooked food on a table; Tomorrow is a food grocery yet to be cooked; but Yesterday is an already eaten food. It is in your blood. The level of passion I see in you and others to defend the past is amazing. We should defend in the same vigor for the ones who are suffering alive.

          • Abi

            Hi Qonjit
            Two things about your food analogy
            1) if it is in your blood, it is extremely difficult to remove. That is why addicts need special treatment. I see your efforts in treating them.
            2) Don’t forget some animals ( specially cows and the ugly camels) regurgitate the already swallowed food. They keep chewing it…..

            Regarding the bad driver, iSem blames the ghedli driving school for bad driving . However, this bad driver knows how to drive people out of their country by driving them crazy.
            Bad driver indeed.

          • Hayat Adem

            Abi, so witty!
            Do you remember “don’t let the pigeon drive the bus”? That story must be translated to Tigrigna and smuggled to Asmara cinema studios.

          • Abi

            Hi Qonjit
            I do remember it very well. Don’t forget I raised two boys.

            Don’t let the camel carry the trenta quatro (N3) .

          • Hope

            How do you know that she is quinjit without seeing her, unless you know her on person?

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Hope,
            May be you and Abi have different descriptions for beauty. for me I don’t have to see a women to if she is beauty or not. The heart of our queen Hayata is here to see.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam Hayat

            I hope you consider this as a ” suffice/completed” reply because I’m a bit running of time. Actually, you put it beautifully, with some minor corrections.

            But first let me tell you that what you started as a joke (that’s how I read it initially) went out of its way. I would rather not name people in bad light, or if you do so complete it. Otherwise, we have folks ready to jump into whatever Hayat starts. And did they jump. I don’t think BerheY read your list and its intended hinting/cuing, I believe he made an excellent comment that can stand by its own merit. The point: I would rather spend time exchanging my favorite ideas of moving forward. Frankly, I’m very consistent in my criticism of the states quo, and I do my part in bringing genuine change in Eritrea. As I said before, who runs Eritrea is not my worry. My worry is that it should not end up in the hands of worse handlers. As I understand it, you are from the camp of “let’s do it, tomorrow will come with its own solutions” ጽባሕ ባዕላ ክትወልድ እያ። I differ, in that, I argue that, today, at this juncture, we could make a decent prediction of what tomorrow will bear by assessing the configuration of forces vying to see PFDJ out of business. That’s why I I argue for honest transmission of information, and making objective appraisal of the state of the forces opposition PFDJ, their composition, driving force, policies, vision, etc. For thios stand, I’m called a PFDJite, not for rendering an actual support to PFDJ. You don’t need to waste time checking that out, because you have been reading my comments and we made some nasty exchanges in the past. I do read your inputs and I value them. I will have to continue these thread later to cover the points you have made. I believe #1 is straight “yes”, However on numbers 2 and 3, I’m of the belief that we may be more closer than you tend to believe. But that’s for later, I’ve to go.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam Hayat
            As I promised yesterday, I’m back. I was to do yesterday but I had diverted my attention to a friendly skirmish. You made good points. Jusy some minor clarifications:
            On #2: If you go back and check my comments, it’s seldom that I invoke history or EPLF, as a talking point. Most of the time I get into it to correct the mutilation of history. That’s all. I don’t know if I glorify history or the role of EPLF (by the way it needs no glorification), I’m also on record criticizing it and its leaders. Have you ever read from the people who accuse me of defending EPLF criticize their leaders (past and present), or their organizations (past and present), have you? That says a lot Hayat. I’m of the idea that history needs to be presented with all its nuances, not to satisfy preconceived perceptions, or to fit it into established boxes, or dogmatic irreducible concepts…that takes care of your theory. I tend to challenge established notions, I hate to follow narrations I don’t feel comfortable about. I say what I feel saying. I don’t expect “good job” from any quarter. If I’m a fierce criticizer of my previous organization (by the way, the only one I have known; I have not switched sides, I have not changed plates); I don’t intend to join organized politics, but as a private citizen I will continue to voice my concerns.

            3. Actually, I believe Ethiopia and the rest of the world help, and they should. Where we differ is on the HOW. I believe, and I have said this many times, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Sudan (I hope abi is not around; he just hates the Arabs and the CAMEL) are well situated to create a greater market zone, and a more closely networked political, economic and security zone. I have said that Ethiopia has the potential of lifting the region out of poverty due to its size, a long history of diplomacy, and the potential it holds as a huge market and its hydroelectricity…transit services as a hub (you can say more than I could on this matter); I understand the close relations among the people of this region. Politics has so far won over the will of the people. I still believe there is a chance we will overcome this. BUt we need to be realistic. We need to think in a practical way, not for the satisfaction of the fleeting moment. We need to recognize that the region needs a cooling period, and a healing strategy. For instance your “surgical” intervention may band-aid it but it won’t ensure an enduring peace, that’s if there is such a thing called “surgical”, anyway. The current leaders of both nations know they could not exist without the other in power. And that’s been the catch 22. I think the completion of the border settlement will take us to a higher level of cooperation and democratization process because the fear factor will be eliminated and people will naturally pay attention more to their domestic issues holding their governments accountable. The creation of bread will take primacy over unsettled instincts of survival. In a nutshell, I have great admiration for Ethiopia and its people, but I’m on record denouncing and rejecting the Ethiopian government’s coercive and bullying policies towards Eritrea. I’m also on record saying that, on the Eritrean part, exploring the “let’s talk” would not hurt. I’m also on record that the border issue could long have been finalized had the inhabitants along the border line, who have the greatest stake in its demarcation, have been involved in the matter. You see, I’m a maverick!!! haha… Give me a credit. I’m also on record for denouncing disparaging ethno-cultural insults that the bigots of both sides throw at each other, I’m on record for acknowledging the heroic struggle of the Tigrayan and Ethiopian people….I acknowledge PMMZ and his TPLF for their stand on the right of Eritreans to determine their fate…It’s a lot Hayat. So, there are a lot of points we can converge on. Just keep yourself off the partisan bickering and talk about the things THAT YOU ARE SO GOOD AT.

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Hayat,

            One thing for sure is, the PFDJ does not want any organization / individual it doesn’t control, even if it’s to the benefit of the Eritrean people. I don’t know if all the control comes from the office of the president in Eritrea, but for sure majority of it does.

            I don’t know if you were following a face book page from someone named sactism, I don’t know what happened to him but he was posting internal documents.

            Here you will find an example with regards to the petition drive and planning of the demonstrations by Eritreans in opposition of the CoIE.

            You will appreciate the level of discipline and organization they have to make sure everything is followed through even the names of the files:). This document is from April way before June and they were planning to collect over 300,000 petition from every region of the world, they even have exact estimate numbers.



          • Hope

            Selam Berhe:

            A very good observation.

            I have encountered almost the same scenarios/issues in the Twin Cities,Minnesota,Chicago,IL and Boston,Mass as well as in Washington ,D.C areas.

            The ELF-sponsored DC one got lost in the middle as the ECCC/PFDJ has been very powerful.

            The Boston one succeeded to get on its own way.But since it aligned itself with the Weyane Gov,it has not persuaded enough Eritreans.

            -The Chicago one is komzi-komza.The Opposition one has been weak but the PFDJ one is not strong either.

            The MN one is very interesting.–with kind of mixed results but maintained itself and survived as a better Eri-American Community with its own Community Radio after ups and downs but it went through an ugly journey.

            I have followed the MN one more closely.

            Speaking of money,believe or not,about $600,000 money(a gross claim) donated by the Eri Community enthusiastically to build a Huge Community few years ago(10-15 yrs-/1997-2009 or so period)was embezzled by a certain Group related to the PFDJ and it was/is no where to be located but that group claimed that the Money was donated the Martyrs Fund.
            The community remained at a loss and gave up ….
            But being very strong one, the same Community revived its effort through a neutrally elected Shimaghile and gave back some life to the Community and the Huge Community Center Mortgage is fully paid off(about $400,000) and the Eri-American Community of Minnesota is prob the only(or the best) organized one in Diaspora that I know of, after the Seattle one(?Toronto?).
            But one of the UGLIEST things I noticed in Minnesota was the Eritrean Orthodox Church mess,due to the PFDJ interference.
            The other experience I have had was the YPFDJ one.Some of us attempted to make it more inclusive and diverse and focus on the Eri-Diaspora Youth Empowerment including Advancement of the Youth Education,Health,its knowledge on Eritrean History and Culture, and to do an organized Contributions of all kinds to the Homeland(like the Seattle Youth has done).
            Locally, we attempted to focus on Tutoring of High School Kids,Teen Challenge Programs, College Education Fair and Prep,Scholarhsips,etc–
            Guess what?
            There was a HUGE and SCARY objection to these Noble Causes by the PFDJ Reps including the Embassy.-rather ,they did their best to dismantle such sacred programs…
            No clue why.
            I had a heated argument with the Eri Embassy Guys including Dawit Wedi Aboy Haile(Youth Affairs Officer-from MN, and a certain Salih(Public Relations Officer) about this issue and even with Yemane Ghebre-Ab(not kidding).
            Due to their LAME excuses and inept management of the Eri-Diaspora Youth besides politicizing it ONLY rather than working for the best interest of the Youth and their parents, I protested and voluntarily revoked my membership OFFICIALLY!
            I think there is a HIDDEN Agenda besides a sort of modus operandi to keep Eritreans divided..

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Hope,

            I think the experience of PFDJ is the same. Where ever they go, they wanted to control people.

            It’s really sad, for people who gave them everything they have to treat it like their subjects always with suspicion.

            It really does puzzle me, and I really could not find an answer. The mafia have better rules and code of conduct compared to the PFDJ.

            The good thing is, once the boss is removed, I believe the cancer will die with him.

            But it will not be easy to pickup and fix the mess they are creating.


          • PTS

            You forgot one group, the cultish group.
            6) those whose hearts and shirts are tattooed with the image of the young and afro Isaias. If they find out he doesn’t look like he was in his 20’s and 30’s or 40’s, their hearts will break and will abandon him.

          • Hope

            Hayat :
            Where is your evidence/Source on #1,2,3,4…
            On #4:
            That is beyond hypocrisy and even “Bigotry” to make a blanket accusation and generalization.
            You are misquoting some people, WHO courageously protested against the criminals and declared for Justice for ALL and for a peaceful and prosperous Eritrea and Eritreans.
            Ask Prof SAAY.
            Who assigned you to be the Prosecutor, the Jury and the Judge–all at the same time?
            Your Cousin iSem?

  • Kokhob Selam

    ሰላም ደሳለኝ :-

    መጽፋዕቲ ጀነቫ ንርእሲ ህግደፍ ጽርውርው ዘበለ ምዃኑ ዘጠራጥር ኣይኮነን :: እቶም ብግርህና ኣብ ህግደፍ ዝሓገዩ ነዚ ናይ መጨርሻ ድፍዕ ክከላኸሉ ኣይከኣሉን :: ድሮ ውን ምስ ደላይ ፍትሒ ክስርዑ ጀሚሮም ኣለው : ሎሚ ንህግደፍ ዝድግፍ እንተልዩ ጥዕና ዘልዎ ክኸውን ኣይክእልን እዩ ::ሓሶት ህግደፍ ነዚ ክ ውንነት ክቅይሮ ከቶ ኣይክእልን እዩ ::

    ኣብ ኩሎም ዝተገብሩ ጻዕርታት ደለይቲ ፍትሒ – ሰለይትን ፈንጣሕትን እናለኣኸት ዕድሜኣ ኣናዊሓ እያ : ኣብ ጀኔቫ ግን ወላ ዝኸሰሩ ኢትዮጵያውያን ኣኻኺባ ድምጻ ከተድምቕ እንተፈተነት ነቲ ሓያል ድምጺ ደለይ ፍትሕ ክትወዳደሮ ኣይከ ኣለትን :: ገና ውን እቲ መቃልሕ ጸጸኒሑ ካብ ሃገራት ናብ ሃገራት እናተሰጋገረ ትንፋሳ ከምዝሓጽር እዩ ዝገብሮ ዘሎ :: እቲ ቀዳማይ ሚስጥር ድማ ጀኔቫ ንኹሉ ዝንባሌታት ኣብ ሓደ ጠርኒፉ ምቅራቡ እዩ : – ሓደነት ሓይሊ እዩ ዝብል ኣምር ወገግ ኢሉ ይረኣየካ ::

    ሎሚ ኣብ ውሽጢ እንታይ ሓደሽ ምዕባለታት ኣሎ ንከታተል ::

  • Kim Hanna

    Selam Hope,
    Gee, Hope you surprised me. You were cruising along and turned the right signal on and made a 90 degree left turn. I give up.
    Mr. K.H

    • Hope

      hahah kim:
      We call this a “Balanced Analysis…
      I support the COIE for this and that but at the same time I question it due to this and that reason(s).
      How apout that,sir?
      I made a disclaimer that I am NOT a Politician to side with one side or to stick to one ideology

      • Kim Hanna

        Selam Hope,
        You are not a politician, eh? Hope Trumps everything, I get it.
        Mr. K.H

    • Abi

      Hi Kim
      It is called flip flopping or Hopism.

      • Kim Hanna

        Selam Abi,
        He is going to give me a whiplash, I have to stop following him. You know how he defines flip flopping? He said it is “balancing”…. you have to give him credit.
        Changing subjects, I am now a devoted fan of Iceland. I hope the final will be between Germany and Iceland. The whole world except some Germans will root for them.
        Mr. K.H

  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    Every nation everyday speaks of new chapters in its relations with its people and other nations. But with the regime in Eritrea, it is all about ending relations, finishing chapters, closing doors, tossing people into seas, denying entry into the country, etc., etc. of many end of the ends, where some government officials are making disgraceful exits and some graceful exists.

    Most of the government officials are on serving Isayas from field to grave. Resigning from office is unthinkable or a sort of dare try it – ኣብኣ ትረኽባ. No one dare do it before her/his grave because it is a betrayal to the nation. The only ways out are to outmaneuver the regime by praying for a miraculous lift out to a safe place for a new beginning from zero.

    The breaking news that “EriTV personnel abandoned the regime in Geneva” tells the whole story that each of those many that make Isayas look like a government is just waiting for opportunities to set her/himself free. And, Isayas is ending like a finishing roll of toilet paper waiting to use the empty cardboard tube as a microphone to announce or broadcast that he too flying to a safety to live in Qatar.

  • iSem

    Hi All:
    One of the videos of teh Geneva demonstration, a passioante Eritrean woman demolishing PFDJ’s of embracing groups that do not support Eritrean independence

  • haileTG

    Hey Hope,

    May the final shape fit the crimes! Amen to that. I see you have mail for me 🙂 Please tell them “Undelivered – addressee sigre-dob keydu” 🙂 Continuing our last discussion on Paranoia, we can now extend to Mania. Mania is when the situation has escalated and coping mechanisms have gone out of control. E.g. Some maniac may believe a national law can reach to the moon but intl. law can’t possibly apply to them – aka politically motivated. Lol.

    • Hope

      Hahah Hailat:
      Refer to my follow up response to Tewelde Ghebremariam about the Dx the wiki leaks
      made on/about the culprit in question.

      Irrespective of who you are addressing (to),I can buy your dx as well as your educated guess and assessment .

      Every human being is paranoia and even maniac depending on the situation.
      If you are familiar with the USA DRG-DSMV,Paranoia becomes pathological when things are get done and approached/decided unusually and against the norms with devastating outcome.

      The culprit in question fits into that considering his deadly actions against the Innocent and his perceived enemies.

      Hence,I agree with your Arguement and asst.partially!

      Partially only coz the ERITREAN situation in general considering the real and perceived threats makes us and the GoE to be ” legitimately” paranoid.

      If the Arguement is in ref to the impact of the COIE on the culprit and Co,well,what do you expect?

      After all,there is a serious guilty feeling,a pathological one,in fact!

      My concern is that such kind of Paranoia,Mania and Patholigical Guilty Feeling and FEAR might lead to a deadly out come including suicide and homicide.

      Hence ,that has been my justification to enforce Constructive Engagement and Raproachment ,rather than complicating and aggravating the situation with further threats,bullying,intimidation,sanctions and what not.

      • haileTG

        Selam Hope,

        I am afraid you make a perfect counter argument. That is why I am afraid, because I have no ready made answer to assure you that what you’re fearing may not happen!

  • The secular socialist republic

    Dear Saay and all,

    Your summary on the HRC debate concerning the COI is very amusing and describes what has been said quite faithfully.

    Geneva was supposed to be a milestone in Eritrean politics this year (for the opposition I mean) as this protest had been
    prepared for a long time by networks of activists all around the Western World. According to the Geneva police, 4000
    to 5000 Eritreans marched on Thursday (12’000 according to the organizers), what a defeat !!! Almost 50’000 Eritreans
    live in Switzerland and yet few of the asylum seekers and refugees showed up. The PFDJ protest of course is not a victory
    for them either (3’000-4’000 police source; 10’000 organizers) but the numbers appear almost even.
    Wandering in the streets of Geneva after Thursday protest, I encountered a group of Eritreans which looked between 18 and 25
    at most. They were hanging out in a park listening to Abraham Afeworki. I started chatting with them and they told me they had been living in Geneva for over a year. They knew that the protest was on that same day but they refused to participate. Stupidly,
    I began to judge and criticize them based on the assumption that they were supporting Isayas and his clique.
    How wrong was I ? One of them had a very clear discourse on three points (1) the UN & UNHCR (2) the nature of the protest (3) the organizers. If I may rephrase his arguments (which I somehow find interesting):

    1 – The UN cannot be considered a partner for democracy-loving activists. Taking the example of the Yemen report, S. Arabia
    paid to be erased from the list of criminals. What if Eritrea was to start the same policy using mining money ? I found this very accurate and agreed with him. The UNHCR – being an offshot – is as disturbing. Wealthy pro-Western countries are carefully
    treated by the plenum assembly; thus all criticism is directed to the Global South. As an African, he stated, he cannot support
    Westerners turning a deaf ear at some violations, and carefully scratching the ground for evidence on the other side.

    2 – The nature of the protest was linked to his first remarks. Why would I go out “to support the COI” ? If only the demonstration had been organized under a broader category (for democracy, against Isayas, etc.) he would have come. Rallying behind a “support the UN system” banner was inconceivable.

    3 – While points 1 and 2 are valid, the last one is problematic for me but I will relay his views. According to him, the organizers (those based in Switzerland he meant) came to see him and his friends for the first time when publicizing their demo/event. He said he had never seen any of them (organizers) when he and his friends were protesting for their rights as refugges. He complained that people who had lived in Switzerland for more than 20 years didn’t care about them (the young refugees) until these same asylum seekers were contacted to amplify the mass of protesters. He said only left-wing Europeans (t’saadu) and Christian communities cared about their plight.

    Since I don’t live in Switzerland, I cannot confirm the last point for that would be too simplistic but my encounter with these guys made me realized how Geneva wasn’t a victory but rather a repetition of yesterday’s mistakes on many aspects.

    Best regards,
    The SSR

    • Hope

      Hey The SSR:
      That has been the Arguement and the Concern of most of the Genuine Justice Seejers.
      Since the SSR ,not Hope the Flip-Flopper,eloquently said it,it might have some weight.
      Not only number 1 & 2 ,but also #3 is even more truthful and this is afact that I proved just last May when I visited Switzerland for a business .
      I had a chance to chat with almost 300 young Refugees and most of them an all of those,who were denied their asylum app agreed with what your chap lamented.
      I have never come across a Single and Genuine Opposition Human Rights Activist or Organization that has stood up for those poor kids,who made it to Europe safely after surviving the Seas and the Deserts!
      Nada,zero,none,to my best knowledge.
      I heard that the biased Meron attempted something in Israel to help to relocate few of the 30,000 Desperado Eri Refugees in Israel.
      No one cared about the destiny of more than 2000 Eri Detainees in the Beershiva Desert ,to my best knowledge .
      I suggested to Haile TG to campaign for the benefit of those detainees at least to hire a couple of Lawyers to stand up for their Rights,which should not have costed us more than $10k to initiate their case to respect their Humanity and to lobby to the USA,Canada,the EU and Oceania to have a quota each to relocate those desperados.

      I wrote to the EPDP to that effect but it could do nothing other than writing few letters.

      I confirmed that Canada is doing its part to allow few of the desperado Eris in Israel to relocate them but with a strict criteria of sponsorship by even requestiing the homeless Eri Refugees to pay or deposit up front upto $10k (refundable??).

      Ghezae Hagos can comment on this.
      My pont is that we have to act and walk the talk.
      Having said the above though,if it were not biased,the Silent Majority could have backed the COIE fully.
      But I still believe that the COIE,despite of its bias and selective discrimination,it became a driving force to the PFDJ not just to wake up but to panick and I hope that driving force will indeed FORCE the PFDJ either to reform itself unconditionally for the best interest of Eritrea or give up the power to where it belongs to and I see the signs of the time.
      And as long the COIE is going to achieve that goal peacefully and without compromising the National Security Interest of Eritrea and our Socereignty and as long as it is going to keep Eritrea and Erireans UNITED and STRONGER than ever,I am for it!
      Minor correction:
      The ERITREAN estimated population in Switzerland iwas said to be between 7-10K two years ago and hope your figure of 50K is an over sight error or topographical error,for that matter.

      May be 15k Max???
      Some reports said last week that about 45K ERITREANS applied for asylum in Europe in 2015?????
      This must have been reported by Martin Plaut,the de fact TPLF Propagandist and Amb,who faked the Muslim Albanian Crowd during their Eid as an ERITREAN Demo in Geneva!

      He also reported that Eritrea voted against Plaestinian State to have an Observer Nation status in the UN before the vote was even started.

      Just an FYI about the corrupted Western Media Campaign against Eritrea.

      This kind of Reports and people make us to question and wonder about the COIE ‘s credibility and motive ,and its sponsors and Authors,but legitimately and based on the facts on the ground though!!!!

      I mean do you believe this?
      Well,per the EU,50% of Asylum Applicants as ERITREANS were confirmed to be Ethiopians plus other few thousand Sudanese and Somalis,who sought asylum as ERITREANS.

  • sara

    Dear hope
    please pass this, if the xxxx have on their side the ICC to take care of those individuals,
    we the people have our NCC that will go after xxxx were ever they are, even into the

  • haileTG

    Merhaba Saay,

    As the Britons find themselves a divided nation of 52/48 on Brexit, much like the Eritrean first referendum that reulted in federation that wasn’t on the table, they are hoping for similar middle ground in Flexit. Nothing is different in Geneva, it appears Eritrea is indeed divided. That in itself is a fact in the ground which out to be factored into all calculations going forward. It is eerily to note the visible absence of PFDJ’s Gedewons, Sophia and et.al from the scene. If the UNHRC votes to send the matter to the UN general assembly, then Burton will be gone too and I can’t think of a way out for the PFDJ. I think lets hold our breaths for few more days 🙂

    • saay7

      Selamat Hailat:

      Yes, indeed, Eritrean public opinion is divided and my hope is that people accept a divided public opinion as normal. People talk about “unity-in-diversity” but whenever they say that, they can’t conceive that diversity applies not just to customs, tradition, culture but also political outlook. In politics, ever since “the Eritrean field can only accomodate one front”, we have had a tradition of “the Eritrean people can only accommodate one political view” and anyone who deviates, out comes the lasso either to whip or to pull into the Halal view.

      I think this was the discussion I was trying to participate in when Mahmuday was being lassoed into accepting one and only view of what it means to be in the opposition. Wise man that you are, hdma gierka:)

      On the pace of HRC, it will follow its path, strictly on the basis of the self-interest of the member states. I am more interested that those who want to bring positive change in Eritrea consider the following:

      (a) that we have come a very long way, compared to the lonely campaigns of 2002-03;
      (b) the formula that has been adopted now to rally people is actually, whether we know it or not, that used by umbrella movements and, therefore, I hope we stop the search for the mythical “unity” (which always means, in the Eritrean context, leave your hut and join mine)
      (c) the Geneva stop was stop in a long march and please don’t be demoralized and drop out if things don’t go our way.

      As for the Ghidewon’s and Sophias, well, we are all getting older and there are new Hawi Hawi zchenwu youth, pro and opposed to the PFDJ, taking center stage. And that is really a good thing. I am sure you have heard the news of Eri-TV’s Ahmed Mohammed Omer. He was sent by Eri-TV to interview the pro-PFDJ demonstration and to disseminate the news that everybody (including Arabic and Tigre speakers wink wink) in the Diaspora stands with his government. He interviewed some passionate ladies (I think you would call them KJ 🙂 defend the government, he interview Gulf-raised Eritreans who have never served a day in National Service: all doing their Nehna ms Mengstna, some holding a pic of a young IA. The news is that he has asked for political asylum in Geneva.

      And so it goes, the search for change in Eritrea.


      • iSem

        stop attacking hadinet,
        Some jokes for you: long time ago, translated hadnetna as tewhidna, it haunted me for long time not for the mistake but for the accusation that it was not a mistake, it was deliberate, ong story fit for shahi and cigar in the bookstore, but I gave you a clue;-)

        • saay7


          Ha! It just means AHMED Mohammed Omer told the lady “aysemam!” Old joke, funny when narrated in Amharic: Berhe or Kokob will explain why the punchline is funny.


      • haileTG

        Hi saay,

        hmmm..hadime’do 🙂 You see saay, Mahmuday is my great friend, yet wed Salh is a different story. If I was the President soon after independence, wed salh would have needed menqesaqesi to visit Asmara and I would ha inundated him and his 100,000 EPLF wedi/gual kusto with endless deadline sensitive projects in Sahil. This would have assured public order in Asmara and turned Sahil into African Dubai (wink – not north Korea).

        To add to your valid point of tolerating differences, let me highlight its most selling aspects. A different opinion than ours is good for us. It builds us in many ways: we develop a robust and alert frame of mind, it strengthens our character, it gives us a fuller view of our surrounding, it expands our horizon in problem solving and leadership skills. In the opposite case, i.e. not to enjoy the benefit of differing views than ours leaves us mentally stagnated, weak in character and if one is not polite, a degenerate. Hence, it is cool and progressive thing to do to accept differences. The law should of course rule supreme in all these. Meaning, should crimes happen, then the gloves are off 🙂

        The news is moving fast! The great Tkabo is no longer with us. RIP and hope his family find solace in this difficult time. I know many in the same situation as his amazing son wedi Tkabo, xinat yhabo.

        The journalist had done the right thing, but I need to inform you that SGJ has the official copy right for JK now. I had signed off my claims of title to him. Kab R’esey wredu hiji hiji 🙂


        • saay7


          So, you want us to climb down from your head? Ummm, give me a beat…

          On the distinction of Mahmuday and Wedi SalH…you know, one of the most clever things the IA regime did is to hide the fact that it is a military dictatorship. It did that by making sure that IA is never pictured or seen in public wearing a military uniform and having all the ministers and governor wear military attire. But the whole mindset is that of a soldier: secrecy, suspicion, state of alert, and a binary world of friends and foes.

          Mahmuday qedem segiruwo. Then iSem pushes a button and voila Wedi SalH shows up with “Semere enda felTkayo eti qoley eti Hmamey ”


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam SAAY and HTG
            Let me say a word while Emma is sleeping it off. bxaay IA has rarely put on his camouflage jacket even in the field. Why? Probably, he did not need it. Another point, you would not see his pictures except may be once a year in “MeriH” magazine while he did his long interviews. Try to compare him with other rebel/liberation movements leaders (Castro, John Garang, the Eelam Tamil leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran, Yaser Arafat…), and you won’t get a candidate that could be closely compared to him. You wn’t get an open expression of personality cult, honor guards, ululating singing and dancing masses to the tune of the leader. We used to laugh at John Garabg’s radio in the eighties (those of you who listened to it know it. It started with praise of the leader and ended with the praises of the leader (al Qaed). OK, I’m ready to take shots on that. Eritrean dictatorship is uniquely Eritrean, with the caveat that all dictators share certain qualities. Of course, the militaristic culture continued long post independence, and I’m ashamed that 25 years later, my country is still suffering from the legacies of Halawa Sawra; my country still does not have a single civilian minister, that still it does not have a nascent representative body, a rudimentary justice system, etc. I agree with HTG the time has come we moved on past that generation. It has bottle-necked progress both inside the country and in the opposition. Let HTG projects come up. I would just want to visit 5-10 places and that would be all I would ask for.

          • saay7

            Selamat MahMuday:

            Can’t you say the same thing u said about IA of every member of the politbureau, except that they didn’t get a MeriH interview?

            Oh, yes, there was a huge cult of personality about IA, from the beginning (read Aklilu Zere’s articles on how the cult of personality was promoted) all the way to present. It was and is more pernicious than the Grangs and the Nassers because it operated at the subconscious and subliminal basis. It was the Cult of the Anti-cult: the simple man who went to the well early morning to help the female fighters, the quiet leader who rarely ate and drank but was consumed with books, the man who spoke Arabic better than the Arabs, Isaias Afwerki, tekelakalai tanki, nsu anbessa, Asakhru nebri…



          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ahlan SAAY
            It’s because you raised IA, otherwise the same could be said about the others.
            I lived it SAAY, there is a difference between a cult culture growing out of the worship of a cult personality, and there is a followship based on a leaders ability to convince followers. If you are saying IA was not seen during those years as a leader of a mass movement but as a cult leader, say it now. If you are saying Eritreans were numb and dumb but had only one keen observer, Aklilu Zere, say it now.
            I think, most of us, including you, understand that for any successful popular movement there need to be a leader that convince others to follow. You want an example in which the deficiency of such a factor is glaringly noticed, don’t look farther than the opposition. Of course, this is not to say IA was an angel. I think it would be a mistake to just brush it off as if the people who fought under his leadership, the majority of Eritreans, were cult followers.
            What’s important to me is what transpired after independence, and I think I summarized them in the following:
            “Of course, the militaristic culture continued long post independence, and I’m ashamed that 25 years later, my country is still suffering from the legacies of Halawa Sawra; my country still does not have a single civilian minister, that still it does not have a nascent representative body, a rudimentary justice system, etc. I agree with HTG the time has come we moved on past that generation. It has bottle-necked progress both inside the country and in the opposition. Let HTG projects come up. I would just want to visit 5-10 places and that would be all I would ask for.”

          • saay7

            Hala MaHmuday:

            Ah, this will go to one of my least favorite subjects, litigating Ghedli…with iSem finding an opening to be his bad self, so, let me put it in my own Anchiwa/Mogogo file. I only have two: Ghedli and Eritreas CBOs.

            To revise Hailes proposal slightly,

            1. the military, made up of volunteers, professionals, should go to their barracks (not just in Nkfa and the five places you choose but anywhere that our security demands)

            2. given our recent terrible experience with it, but cognizant of the unstable neighborhood we are in, we will have a referendum on whether we should have National Service.

            3. If people choose, like the Costa Ricans chose, not to have an army but a police force, we will bring English citizens who regret their decision to exit EU, to tell us that some things just shouldn’t be put up for a vote:) As Uncle Marx taught us, Hafash Tqmu ayfelTn iyu::


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ahlan SAAY
            Let me also include my good friend Hayat, she might be enticed to join us and have me get some badly needed rest. Not so long time ago, you described the Eritrean revolution as:
            ““… unlike other Revolutions which were led by ONE INDIVIDUAL [emphasis mine] who espoused a narrow grievance that has to do with his clique (“raises for the military!better pension!”) which keeps evolving (“elections! free press!”), Eritreans knew from the start what they were fighting for.”
            That means there was no cult culture. Because, in your words, the Eritrean revolution which you could not narrate by separating it from the front that IA played an important role in founding, EPLF, is described as:
            *having had genuine popular participation;
            *having had organic leadership;
            *having been not a proxy for any other power;
            *it prevailed.
            All the above quality attests to the fact that our ghedli was more serious than any cult congregation ever gathered on planet earth, and that we should be careful about fad words. The fact that IA was popular does not make him different than any other charismatic leader that movements need desperately. IA and indeed the Eritrean ghedli need to be studied. I’m not here for the defense of IA but once we entertain the idea that IA was a cult leader, then the when do we stop? Were Eritreans cult leader followers?
            I’m not here to lecture you but to give brotherly maEda.

          • iSem

            Hi MS;
            “…….If you are saying IA was not seen during those years as a leader of a mass movement but as a cult leader, say it now. If you are saying Eritreans were numb and dumb but had only one keen observer, Aklilu Zere, say it now.”
            There is a a diff between cult leader and. “… for movement to succeed there must be a leader to convince others to follow,” that is also true on the corporate world, there should be a leader who makes people do what HE/SHE wants them to do willingly. But the things that Sal outlined about IA cannot be divorced from a cult mentality, where based on lies he was almost canonized, his care and love of others, his dedication, IA cooked for us, he collected firewood etc. But I agree with you it was not brazen, he was subtle and it was potent and dangerous, the brazen kind was easy for people to clue it, when Yassir died, the PLO had to negotiate with his wife to get some of the money under his name, let see how IA fares after he dies
            Your summary is good, but only you want to change lead to gold, dog to sheep,the subtle cult worship, the insidious nature of it still continues, you maby ashamed of legacies of H.Sawara, but I am also ashamed when I hear blind supporters who still believe all the stupid things that Sal told us.
            Now back to H.sawar, for sure like any thing EPLF its has a good name, shepherding the revolution. Was it about shephereding the revolution? How? You know how and how do we expect that how(process) was to change that when they sat on the throne, that was our delusion, collectively
            prophet Sal predicted it, I will be my bad self, so I will go further than you, and say this:
            I am ashamed that my popular revolution for the last 45 years (since 1970s) created HS and tortured innocent, bright, young, who had full potential, deqi hager and murdered them in the mountains of Sahel.
            Me and you talked about intelctual integrity and my intention is just that, we can forgive and forget and study to sooz our brains but we must admit that that heinous HS was unnecessary for us to win, and our currents evils are rooted on that shameful, disgusting history of torture , murder and disappreaance and it has nothing to do with shepherding our revolution , not a sentila , we could have done without it, I mean without the torture chambers in the ghedli, now those chamber are long abandoned and the chambers are now inside IA and Co
            I will not mention their names but comparing apples to apples there are those who succeeded without going through the torture, murder and disappearances in the same degeree and they are doing far better than those who moved the Sahel chambers into their hearts because they do not know better
            Sal, can you show me the derivation of the this beautiful math 2036?

          • tes

            Dear Mahmuday,

            YG might be surrounded by people like and got hopeless that provoked him to write against Ghedli. Such can happen when a devoted believer suddenly found the abstract of distorted narration coming from subconscious worshippers of a cult, aka like yours.


          • Kim Hanna

            Selam tes,
            The words you used to label Mahmud Saleh “…subconscious worshipers of a cult…” all together are too heavy to digest. I think what you simply wanted to say appears to be that M.S is a devoted clergy of EPLF. I don’t think he minds it and at the same time answers a lot of questions. Remember, you don’t argue with the clergy about faith.
            Mr. K.H

          • Hope

            Pardon tes as he is learning some French-English…but your decent and rational advice is well taken and appreciated.

          • Kim Hanna

            Selam Hope,
            I appreciate the sentiment, but don’t like to take it under false pretenses. I think I have to clarify my post. I am more with tes on this one.
            What I was saying is that REASON and LOGIC can no longer reach Mohamud Saleh anymore when it comes to EPLF.
            Hope, have you ever tried to question a bombastic statement from a Priest(clergy in Orthodox Church), when he is in his element. NO. That is because once they have reached in that twilight zone, you cannot reach them. What is the point. That was what I wished to say.
            Mr. K.H

          • tes

            Dear Kim Hanna,

            You have caught my current and discharged them fully. Why you did this to my deeply sourced energy?



          • iSem

            Hi Mahmud. I am just adding, I have nothing to criticize you on this, why does feel so weird, is it healthy;-)
            You are absolutely correct, IA refined the MO, like a smart, astute serial killer, who watches/reades the news and is savvy about tech, forensics, profiling, changes his MO, so did IA and his clique.
            For example, has Dergi or the HS were smart they would have mad ghedli irrelevant, and the pioneers would not have gotten the popular suppport that tipped the power to ghedli, so MH and HS repressed, killed and that back fired. They openly burned down villages, mass murdered civilians and buried them in mass craves and everything PFDJ has doe as stipulated the CoI report, but they did so brazenly that everyone knew about it, stories were told, many folds, some of them exagerated as if the crimes needed exageration. They would kill your loved one and leave his body outside your door. But pound to pound the crimes were not different that what our own has inflicted upon us, only diff is MO, with ours took us sooo long to believe it, evn the first hand testimoies were called liars, while it was consitent from the start. For example the priosoners of war from ELF, when they told you how they were abused and tortured and anyone above merahi hailli was never released like they those who chose to join EPLF or go to sudan, you did not believe them because you saw how nice they were to the POW from the Ethiopia
            Same application with the dictatorship IA avoided the brazen self promotion, actually individial promostion was shunned. But subtly, through 03 the mill of promoting IA worked in over drive. IA would be well fed with fresh goat meat and whisky in his headquarters, but he would drop by some front lines and unannounced and would say, “shahi ebb asityuna….” and that would own the poor cheggar danga
            But I doubt it that even in Sahel he did not have security details especially after the early years.
            To add to your John Garng thing, when I passed by Sudan after independence, I watched a tradtional song on TV and men were singing, “sir, sir, Ya Omer Albashir…..” and then a young kid came said,
            Omer Albashir…….. … nahnu sudan wo nefuq alalam ajmahu”. Omer Albashir…… we are sudan and we better than the entire world’
            Does this sound familair, ” nberelay, nberelay, temeharo eyom nerom,,,,,’ so as used, dictators are fundamentally the same, the DNA is the same, but the finishing touches, the decoration is different, human DNA the same, the decorations of colour, language, culture, the finishing touches if you will are different

          • Berhe Y

            Hi iSem,

            I think I remember reading from Wikileaks something like IA gets dinner once a week/ month from the Chinese embassy. And he said, he didn’t agree with Deng for abandoning / criticizing cultural revolution or something. I think IA copied and perfected the MO of Mao. Sometimes I even feel, he must have translated “Nihnan Elamanan” from the many manifesto of Mao wrote.


          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selamat Mahmuday,

            How can I sleep when you make us sleepless, by allowing the birth of the despot in 1976, somewhere in Sahel or Semhar areas (courtesy of our own Aklilu Zere who had witnessed about it), and brought him to the city to extend his despotism to the Eritrean people at large. Since, you were advocating against COI, I was searching some documentary for purposes of humanitarian diet from the work of Eritreans, of June 23, 2016 in Geneva.

            One of our indefatigable activist Selam Kidane wrote an article below in the link (watch her in the front of the demonstration) singing the song of Yemane Baria. Selam in her article, has to say this:
            “the skinny-jeans clad curly-haired super-slim young people, who were singing the loudest… they are the new Eritrea…. The hope of our movement as well as the reason we are fighting to the bitter end…”. When you open the link to read, also open the clip video to hear the song, for the song is a good diet with the piece.


            Mahmuday, there is nothing to defend from the work of PFDJ. Time to move on and join to fight by all means necessary to expedite the fall of the regime – the cancer of our society.

            Senay Mishet
            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Kokhob Selam

            ክቡር ብጻይ:-
            ንበዓል ማሕሙዳይ ንጎኒ ገዲፍካ – ኣነ ዝገርመኒ ዘሎ ከመይ ጉዳያት ማዕቢሎም ናብ ዋነኦም ይምለሱ ከምዘለው እዩ : -ተ ኣምር እዩ : እቲ ነዊሕ ዝተቃለስናሉ መሰል ደቂ ሃገር ድሮ ኣብ መደምደትኡ ገጹ እዩ – ከመይ ከ ዕድል ገበርና ኣብ መትከልና ምጽናዕና ::

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ahlan Emma,

            Indeed, you were soundly asleep because you seem to reply to a subjectively selected or made up reading of your imagination. Let’s leave Aklilu Zere aside, because he shared what he saw. But what he saw in 1976 was not the birth of a despot; it was the adolescence of a despot, if you like. I know, Emma, very few individuals were keen to know these and one of them was a young educated guy called Amanuel Hidrat. Amanuel saw that coming and left EPLF in time before that ifamous Halawa Sawra caught up with him. The rest of Eritreans were just zombies or did you guys say “cult followers”!!!!!!!!!! And yes, Emma, it was that IA-led terrible organization called EPLF that was an oasis of despotism in that part of the world and in that era. And here is another yes for you, dear Emma. Jabha Abbay was a bastion of democracy!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t that quality that had killed it? Before I forget though, support your allegation that I support PFDJ, although it does not really matter to me. Gosh, how many times should I say “bring on the evidence.” The thing is, dear Emma, it has become so boring and dull that you have to read your own imagination instead of reading what’s written. For recap: the crux of the subject I’m grilled on is this comment I made in response to SAAY. I did not think at that time that it would stir a 72 hours meaningless bickering. SAAY and I have closed our cases and moved on. But since you woke up late from your slumber, here it is:
            “Eritrean dictatorship is uniquely Eritrean, with the caveat that all dictators share certain qualities. Of course, the militaristic culture continued long post independence, and I’m ashamed that 25 years later, my country is still suffering from the legacies of Halawa Sawra; my country still does not have a single civilian minister, that still it does not have a nascent representative body, a rudimentary justice system, etc. I agree with HTG the time has come we moved on past that generation. It has bottle-necked progress both inside the country and in the opposition. Let HTG projects come up. I would just want to visit 5-10 places and that would be all I would ask for.”

            I re-read this thrice just to make sure that I didn’t say something bad. But it was good and appropriate then and it will remain good and appropriate for time to come. What I have been seeing is the same thing that I have been complaining about. People may have heaps of degrees, years of living in the lands of democracy, but as long as they don’t want to move post-critical thinking/reasoning (credit goes to Hayat), they will still try to define things from already established premises (and here we are suffering from old political concepts, understandings, assumptions, and a chronically grudge-filled vehemence. We need to stop these nonsense.
            I don’t need a call from anyone to join anyone. I have repeatedly said that ghedli generation is ill equipped to break this sickening impasse that is caused by Eritrea’s liberation era experience. I see that element of mistrust both in the opposition and in people who are members of PFDJ but are willing to move forward, yet, are pathologically crippled by the fear of the unknown and the fear of the opposition. Both have legit reasons. The solution to such a situation is easy and within our reach. It’s called unfettered dialogue. Once you enter that realm, there is a good chance that ideas and reason will prevail over the whims of individuals who are crippling the process. I don’t intend to read Selam’s article, but if it’s about passing the torch to the young people, I’m all with her. I’ve all along been for it. To illustrate how ill advised our “indefatigable” activists are:

            Selam once called Dr.Lainesh in Asmara. It was from the youth program in Radio MedreK, and I believe it was on the occasion of March 8. Dr. Lainesh is a revered Dr. in the circles who followed Eritrean independence struggle. She was the only specialist in treating mandible injuries including injuries around the ear, nose and throat. She also mixed other specialties. Disclosure: I was treated by her twice for non trauma illness. She was a dentist by training but developed those specialty in the field out of necessity. She forfeited her chance of child bearing. Of course, one can argue now that she was not as smart as Emma was to bail out of the organization, and abandon the struggle for good as some did. She endured years of pressure because she thought of the young combatants and the population around her who needed her specialty. She saved thousands. She never assumed any public office. There is no evidence that she was compensated for her dedication let alone to benefit from the political system. There are thousands who call Dr. Lainesh their “savior” and tens of thousands of their children and relatives. Millions of Eritreans who appreciate the altruist deeds she did and the contribution she made to Eritreans (civilians and combatants). You would think one would be careful to target such figures. But not our confused activists. In the interview, Lainesh addressed Selam’s questions concerning the causes that were driving the youth as patiently and carefully as humanly possible. Remember, Dr. Lainesh was in Asmara. And as I reminded Semere, one would not burden folks in the country by blaming them for not carrying out duties they would not dare carrying out under similar situations. What bothered me, and I commented about it at that time, was that Selam did not tell Dr. Lainesh that she was calling from an opposition radio station and that she had intended to broadcast it; worse, Selam ended the interview by playing Tesfai Fehira’s famous song “weyleKa kedaE”. Do you see similarity to your attitude.
            Anyway, never mind of proving your allegation. Just do the right thing next time you reply. Read carefully what I write.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear Mahmuday,

            I am hereby, rest my case , leaving enough room for time to sort it out the issue of our differences. I believe on evolution to some issue of our differences and let history take its own course. Enough aggravation on both sides. Rest in peace my friend.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Hope

            Hello Amanuel and Mahmuday:
            Can we stop this kind of feud and leave aside the past and move on and work for today and tomorrow,please?
            Amanuel,it was the same TPLF that scorched you to death, go and blame the same TPLF.

          • Kokhob Selam

            ክቡር ጀግና ብጻይ ኣማኑኤል :-
            ጉዳያት ብዘገምታ ናብ ሓቂ እናዛዘው ኣብዝኸድሉ ዝነበሩ እዋን ኣብ መስመር ሓሶት ዝጸንሑ ‘ውን ብዘገምታ እዮም ዝቀርቡ:: እዚ ውን “ኣይፋል- እወ ” “እወ ግን …” እናበለካ ጉዕዞ:– እንተ ሕጂ ህዝባዊ ማዕበል ካብ ዕለት ናብ ዕለት ከም ኣፈርኩቡ ኣብ ዝውንጨፈሉ ሕሞት ናይ ሕልና ጸጸት እናተወሰኾ – ጣዕሳን ጓህን ሕሉፍ ጌጋታት ይግንፍል እሞ መርኣያ ናይ ‘ዚ ናይ ሽውርውርን ድንግርግርን ኣብ ጸፍሒ ወጺኡ ክረአ ግድን እዩ :- ጥንስቲ ኣብ ፈለማ ኣዋርሕ ጥንሳ ትወሃም እያ – እሞ ኣብ ውሽጦም ዝፍጠር ዘሎ ረብሻ ተዓጊስና ናብ ጉዳይና ንኺድ ::

          • Amanuel Hidrat


            እወ ብሐቂ ጉዳዩ ሸለል ኢልና አብጊዜኡ መልሲ ንኽረክብ ተባሂሉ ወዚፍናዮ ካብ ንጓዓዝ ነዊሕ ገይሩ እዩ:: ይኹንበር ብቀጻሊ ተኾቲኾም ከዛርቡኻ ዝፍትኑ ግን ነይርካ ነይርካ ‘ንጉዕጻጸ ታሪኽ ‘ ዝገብርዎ ፈተነታት ግን: መልስ ንዕኡ ንምሃብ አገዳሲ ጉዳይ እዩ:: ንአብነት ታሪኽ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ታሪኽ ህዝባዊ ግንባር ጥራይ ጌይርካ ምቅራብ:: ስለዚ እቲ ዝበልካዮ አብ ቦትኡ እንከሎ ብታሪኽካ አሸካዕላል ኽጻወቱ ኸለውግን መልሲ ምሃብ ናይ ግድን እዩ::

            አማኑኤል ሕድራት

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam KS and Emma
            “ንአብነት ታሪኽ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ታሪኽ ህዝባዊ ግንባር ጥራይ ጌይርካ ምቅራብ”
            You are wrong, again reading your own imagination, if not bring the evidence….believe me, I want to move on and you guys drag me to issues I have no appetite to talk about. Now, would you be kind to present your evidence. Remember you are talking about me, and the last time I replied, I urged you to read my comments carefully. Emma please stop this nonsense. Please. I never claim what you are alleging I claimed. NEVER. Now, either it is you who is lying or me. I said NEVER, now you disprove me in order to prove that you are not lying. I can bring many evidences to the contrary, evidences that will show that I’m a man who believes that the Eritrean people with all of their organizations own the history. There, you have the horse and a vast field (eneho feres eneho gogol). If you addressing others please do it in a separate thread.
            KS: please bear with us. Emma and I will soon end this unpleasant exchanges for good. You are a mutual friend. I would appreciate if you could play more than throwing salient jabs. By the way, I read Tigrigna, and I don’t like the attitude your comments carry. Be constructive, don’t loose your salamawi kokob.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam haw Mahmuday,

            Please, You are not the only brother I debated with; and do not assume every comment I made is in response to you. I have no problem or fear to address directly to you if I have to. We debated directly on many issues, have registered our differeces, and moved on. Believe me if I have issue with you, I will bring them on. I am not from those who believe on “ምእንቲ መጎጎ ትሕለፍ እንጭዋ “. I am pointblank on what I want to say. So please I have already rest my case with you, knowing where each of us stood for, so far. Again, rest in peace, as I have declared peace with you.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Mahmuday,

            First you know very well I am among people who try to settle your differences with my comrade Amanuel – will you do that if it happened the same between your comrades and me? if you do you will take side completely and argue. will you tell them systematically to go silent for our common good – I doubt still. But me and Amanel can do it easily- don’t underestimate it. it is a way to reconciliation and the people who will try to reconcile first are those who experienced better democratic solutions in their life. Really Amanuel was the first to narrow differences between you and me. He contact me and said this man is awaken. Amanel was among heroes (don’t tell him I said so) who work hard in ELF to build democratic Ideas and also who tried hard for unity of Eritrea fronts – and still I found him to be the same.

            But it is unfortunate and this is not only you most of the people who served PFDJ or who had direct contact with EPLF leadership never accept their mistakes and in fact they try to defend to the maximum. you are talented and you have good common sense but you never fail to take side of PFDJ’s bad history. and worst of all you use PFDJ’s style in arguing which is very bad first for you than to others. if you are not aware of it go back and read your comments. now, I know and I am sure your differences with Amanuel is the same as with me. the unpleasant exchange will end as we will not have time any more to talk about the past and the decayed PFDJ will not be around to defend – for example the flag will be chosen by people – Awet N’hafash ( the most exploited slogan” will be also replaced we -we trust God.. Hade Hizbi Hade libi” will be replaced by ” we love our colors” and killers will be pardoned or punished depending on our people’s choice. Love and peace will govern us all.

            Regarding my Tigrina posts – only are an indication that shows I can express better in my language than I do in English or Arabic – no other reason at all. In fact I am writing simple one just to let everybody understand what I am saying. I also know you can write books in Tigrnya and I don’t mean to say something hidden from you –

            But Mahmuday, at the end of the day we have only one mother – Eritrea, what ever differences we have we can’t build walls and separate – love it or not we are for one reason. in fact if you only understand me PFDJ’s history is not only your history nor ELF’s is only mine. what we need is that mistakes will not to repeated so we can go ahead for better future of our coming generation. Remember you will never have Eritrea without me nor I can have it without you …It is something we should never try to ignore it if we need free democratic Eritrea or else we will pas through another tough era.

            The mass is moving Mahmuday ” Nothing is more powerful than the idea whose time has come” Let us accept the reality.

            My respect Mahmuday

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Selam KS
            Let’s close this chapter KS. To be frank, it has been really a bad experience for me. My Time will tell who is moving with the masses. I hope both of us are moving with the masses.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Mahmuday,
            Yes please let us do that. I have done that since long time by the way. as you said time will tell more openly but even now it is not hidden if we want to say it honestly – why argue now let us support the mass and I know one might be at first raw and the other at last but we are marching and we will not have choice at all.

  • Brhan

    Evidences have been submitted and as usual the regime has denied them.

    Now remains diplomacy? Too late for Yemane G/Ab a.k.a Monkey to be a diplomat. He lost the years in advising a deaf president.

    Many Eritrean diplomats abandoned the regime not only because they opposed some/all of the regime’s policies but also because they have found themselves for being only puppets of the regime instead as being diplomats. The regime is known for its policy in hiring its blind supporters rather than the qualified ones in any fields. As a result it ended with persons like Semere Rusom.

    Secondly the regime has talked nasty to international diplomats in the past and these diplomats do not forget the bad thing you you did or said in the past.

    Under these circumstances, and above all, under the evidences that have been submitted by COIE, the regime will be refereed to ICC.

    But I agree with you SAAY , the issue is not finished here but our movement have just just started and A luta continua!

  • T..T.

    Hi saay and all,

    The Arab Gulf countries know that the USA hates the ICC and may, therefore, influence the USA to veto UNSC’s resolution that calls for referral of the Eritrean case to the ICC. But since the level of crimes against humanity in Eritrea cannot be ignored by the UNSC and the world, there is no alternative to ICC. For sure, the case will be referred.

    What’s next for the Eritrean justice seekers? We know the regime’s weakness in competence and responsibility with complying with requirement to end lawlessness, abuses and corruption in accordance with COIE recommendations. The regime always is quick to deemphasize and suppress news about its condemnation and requirements for improvement of its governance. As the recommendations are part of the game under which the regime will use them to relief itself from the court and the Eritrean people can take advantage of relieving from the regime’s abuses of power, it is considered as win-win approach. So, it is advisable to push for the regime to comply with the recommendations.

    The regime also jumps into claiming that the majority of Eritreans are on its side taking advantage of the indeterminacy of the silent majority, whose mouths are sealed in shock because of the oppressive practices by their family members working for the tyrant. In this regard, too, the justice seekers have to raise the political consciousness of all Eritreans through TV, radio stations and online discussions. For more, it will be easy to get people from each region of Eritrea, say: Low-Landers to ensure Sudan’s support, Kebesas, Danakils and Kunamas to reach out for more Ethiopian-Tigryans to help Eritreans crossing the border to give their accounts about crimes committed in Eritrea, the Danakils additionally can convince the Djiboutian government for more support, and the Red Sea (Massawas) can help to convince the Arab countries not to extend any support.

  • Selamawi

    Selam SAAY

    It is a good read as usual small correction though The Seventh-day Adventist Church are not Mormons, they are Protestant Christian denomination distinguished by its observance of Saturday, the seventh day of the week in Christian and Jewish calendars, as Sabbath

    Mormons are a religious and cultural group related to Mormonism, the principal branch of the Latter Day Saint movement of Restorationist Christianity, which began with Joseph Smith in upstate New York during the 1820s.
    there is a very big difference b/n those two groups kndi semayn mdrin

    • saay7

      Thanks Salamawi:

      I had caught and corrected it but your eyes were too fast; I truly appreciate the reminder.


      • Michael Solomon

        Dear Sir – I thought you were on leave of absence!! – you sound one of the architects of the COIE -During your commentary during the Badme war a lot of Eritreans including myself thought your were able think but now I might be one of the first to question your ability to think clearly besides wordsmithing,

        I personally do not have holding all governments responsible for any crimes they commit but organizations such as the so called human right group , COIE or UNSC are used for other political footballs around the world – case in point the blatant abuses of the Palestinian people have been ignored for the last 50-60 years!! Lot;s cherry picking…


        • Ismail AA

          Hello Michael Solomon,
          I just became curious and wanted to ask you this:
          If “wordsmithing” suggests fluency and professional skill in writing, meticulous polishing included, how does it preclude ability and clarity of thinking? Is there a way to produce good writing without knowledge of words? Besides, though you have admitted that you are not sure if you “might” be one of those who challenge the capabilities of a writer of saay’s level, perhaps readers might love to see a
          rebuttal of your own and of comparable quality.
          Ismail AA