Any Stage Has Its Own Color of Discourse

In quest of a solution to the long-lost nation, it is very sad to observe that Eritreans missed the benefit

Awassa Witnessed The Dawn Of Asmera

The national congress that convened in Awassa is a distinctive landmark event in the history of Eritrea. It embraced the

The Eritrean Regime And Licking Banknotes

The subject matter of this article causes a sever sickness of the stomach. It is advisable to prepare a medicine

The Regime’s Development Hashewiye

Every generation lives its own life and if life on earth were stagnant, Adam and Eve’s home, furniture and utensils

The National Conference: A Secure Avenue To Democracy

Seventy years in the history of peoples is a very short period, but it seems a long time to the

EraEro Guards: Files Awaiting Extermination

The most shocking feature, in the interview with Eyob Bahta Habtemariam, EraEro prison guard, is the story of his colleagues

The Paradox: Heralding A Soft Resistance

In its Unification Conference, The Eritrean Democratic Alliance invited some members of the Eritrean Civic Societies as observers. The invitation was

Mogogo Adhanet: Baking Fresh Lies

Whenever mogogo is mentioned, the image of injera, zigni or gogo immediately flashes in the mind of Eritreans, but the

Shagged Refugees and Extremist Rallies

The protesters who enjoy democracy and happy life with their families in the West don’t care about the sufferings inflicted

The Paradox: The Anti-Democracy Enjoying Democracy In The West

The rallies of shame. The rallies of emptiness and senselessness would expose an entity to a world that already knows

Sanctions: A Prelude to Hague, the Netherlands

One the early morning in a chilly winter day, at a hamlet in the highlands of Eritrea, an wise old

Isaias: It Is Time to Leave

My son was surprised by the conduct of his computer rival in a chess game and he asked me: Why

Brussels: Excuses worse than the Sin

Competent politicians advocate for diversity and are always among the diverse constituents of their people to win their hearts and

Engaging The Brussels Belle

Of course, it is not a journey for requesting the hand of a blue-eyed blonde Brussels belle or visiting Belgians

Watchdog Journalism And Vigilant Society

A group of freedom fighters that we thought of as lambs turned out to be as beasts of prey. I

Eritrea: Mismanagement Of Land & Human Resources

The main difference between developed and developing countries is in the way they are managed. Any progress on the national