Shagged Refugees and Extremist Rallies

The protesters who enjoy democracy and happy life with their families in the West don’t care about the sufferings inflicted upon Eritreans by the regime. Their slogans proves: “We are the government and the government is us.” The slogan describes them perfectly, and the data that appeared together with “The Eritrean Covenant” published at by Mejlis Ibrahim Mukhtar, and Ahmed Raji’s researches, confirms their chants. Their interests oblige them to travel far distances to protest against the resolution in order to protect the regime, because they are the only beneficiaries of the regime in Eritrea.

The extremists chanted, “We are the government, we are the people. We are Eritrea.” Yes, they are right. They are the government and they are the only people of Eritrea; the others are slaves and refugees from whom they grab land and exclude them from anything in the country or expel them out of the country with different excuses or intimidation: kid aytibello kem zikhyyed gberro (Don’t tell him to leave but make him do.) While the children of the excluded languish in refugee camps in ignorance, their children attend colleges and postgraduate academic studies.

The greasy extremists ignore all the transgressions and cruelties of the regime against the people of Eritrea and the region. They lack any sense of sympathy towards their compatriots who are losing their lives daily on the borders, deserts and seas. They have divulged their ugly inhumane face and can best be described as hyenas which have got meat. The only sense that remains in them is the sense of grabbing. They robbed the Eritreans struggle and would be furious when what they have robbed will be regained.

Like their hero and his generals, the extremists deny realities on the ground and don’t hesitate to lie and their lies would leads to catastrophic consequences. They should learn a lesson or two from Isaias’  interview with AlJazeera. Lies have led Isaias to his present condition; he has reached a point of no return. I wish journalists would stop interviewing this man or take bodyguards with them when they sit with him. The characters of the dictator and the extremists are the same therefore they are liable to suffer from the same ailments, specially, at present when they are living in high tension and extensive self-contradictions. They should learn to call spade a spade and reconcile with reality before it is too late.

The human mind is created or programmed to be realistic. Extremism makes a person contradict with reality. When a person intentionally and continually twists his experiences against reality, he damages the natural program of the mind which is difficult to repair—you cannot buy chips for a human mind. It is better for an extremists to consult doctors before it is too late; extremism leads to insanity. Eritrea has tens of thousands of war casualties; to add huge numbers of casualties of political extremism would exasperate the burden upon Eritreans. Extremism is a dangerous disease that we should stay away from by becoming realists.

For instance, if a person makes it a habit to stare directly to the sun, after a couple of days he will go blind. He would have misused his eyes, an important organ that should be utilized with great care or will result in the loss of eye sight. The same goes with our ears and minds. A mind’s natural programming does not contradict with reality, thus, to make it contradict with reality would cause a great damage to the mind. Extremism makes a person to beguile himself continually and that would lead to a complete failure of the function of the mind. I hope specialists in the field to bestow us with information about how extremism damages our mind’s natural programming.  

The rallies of 22nd of February were clear examples of contradictions with reality. They attempted to persuade the international community that they have a rational government in Eritrea while the world receives on daily bases refugees from Eritrea and the dictator and his security agents intervene or wage war on the region. The extremists know very well this reality, but they do it anyway; they live in continual contradictions with themselves. The fanatics have made a great service to the Eritrean people by registering their names and handing it to the key organizations and countries. It is a secured history and no one will be able to deny his betraying stances in the future. 

The regime thought that it can deceive the international community with its parades in the West, but it has exposed itself more to the world about its lies, its brutality and its rigid mindset. Deluding some Eritreans doesn’t mean that they can fool the entire world. The 21st century is a century of transparency and those who fail to conceive this reality will dawdle behind and fail at the end.

The opposition camp should benefit from the rallies and promote the cause of our refugees in the Sudan, Ethiopia and Yemen by collecting their signatures and presenting it with their demands to the international communities for assistance. The petition should be presented to IGAD, African Union, The European Union, The United Nations, The Arab League, The Islamic Conference, The Gulf Arab States Cooperation, The United States, The United Kingdom, France, China, Russia, Germany and Japan.

The refugees should remind the international community to bear their humanitarian obligations and responsibilities towards the Eritrean refugees who are in a very bad condition; they should demand the UNSC to implement the sanctions and to extend it to the level of prosecution of the regime for crimes perpetrated against the Eritrean people.

The opposition camp should offer logistics and technical assistances to our refugees to present their petition to the international community. This would be a proper response to the regime which is attempting to act like a lamb in front of the world which is tired of the regime’s nuisance and crimes. Almost all the job can be done by the refugee committees. It doesn’t require a 24 hour flight or catching of fast-trains—this is for the greasy extremists. The dust covered and shagged refugees can do the job without much expense and time.

The dictatorial regime mobilized all its puppets in the West to challenge the UNSC resolution 1907. They think such activities will make the dictator and his cronies escape their obligations towards the international community. The regime is past rallies and petitions; it seriously harmed the region and particularly the people of Eritrea.


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