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Human rights lawyer vs. trained healer

Awassa Witnessed The Dawn Of Asmera

The national congress that convened in Awassa is a distinctive landmark event in the history of Eritrea. It embraced the vast majority of the Eritrean Diaspora: all the political backgrounds and colours. The congress discussed ailments that enervated the whole nation for more than half a century, it melted down the iceberg, nullified retarded views, boosted unity and paved the way for a promising future. The most breathtaking touches of the congress was the cooling and fixing applied to the highly stressful and intense system of our debate and the initiation of a new culture in the politics of Eritrea. This article will deal with the immediate successes accomplished in Awassa and drop the minor setbacks as an experience that should be evaded in our next national congress in Asmara.

The deep-rooted notion that Eritreans do not listen to each other has vanished in Awassa and it was replaced with a new conception, the culture of dialogue and consideration of grievances. This civilized stage of refinement has contributed towards reaching a common understanding that inclusion and dialogue are the sole effective tools by which the most complex problems could be solved. Such a matured understanding has led to the ratification of a roadmap and a charter that strongly links them with one another, thus breaking the vicious circle of disharmony that existed among Eritreans for decades.

The fruits of that symphony was the birth of a national council which is composed of civic society and political parties to shoulder the heavy duties ahead. Not only that, but the national congress also acknowledged that organized civic societies advance the demands of the people and protect them from cadgers. The involvement of civic society has proven its constructive and decisive role in actualizing success. They surely confirmed they are the safety valves for the  aspirations of the people, and bolster of the real nationalists, and barriers from infiltration of interlopers and split-hatchers.

In Awassa the silent majority were bereaved of their excuses. The key reason of their silence on the savagery of the regime was the division of the opposition. Though it is unpersuasive to remain motionless at the time the people of Eritrea are being brutalized, it was a window of escape from bearing responsibilities. Today, the national congress responded to their calls by uniting the opposition under the national assembly, leaving no space for more pretexts. Silence on the brutalities of the regime against the people of Eritrea, from now on, is looked at as a inhuman and national treason.

Likewise, the congress has ended the Byzantine scholars’ type of debate: Are angels males or female? Which came first, the egg or the chicken? The debate that the scholars were engaged in when their beloved city  Byzantine, was about to fall in the hands of their enemy.

Equally, the people of Eritrea were put to test with similar debates. At the time the criminals transformed the county into a big funeral square, the opposition was debating about: shall we kiss the dictator or face him? And at the moment the people expected their immediate assistance they discuss about: Do we represent the people? Has Isaias changed to a discriminator, exclusionist and dictator in the twenty-first century or he was a sich person from the beginning? Is current Ethiopia a sister country or an enemy? Is it the ethnic organizations or the regime that jeopardize the unity of Eritrea? And the list goes on to divert the people of Eritrea from bringing about an end to the atrocities of the dictator in Eritrea.

The mastermind of the regime has built his policy of ravaging the country on divide and rule. He started to play negatively on the diversity of our people since his affiliation with the revolution. From the outset, he emitted his fatal poison among the people whose trust to each other was already weakened by foreign occupiers. He has divided us into Christians and Muslims, lowlanders and highlanders, nine ethnic groups, Tigrinya and Arabic languages. Those are national issues that should be dealt with great care; but Isaias and his evil cabals exacerbated them up to the point of brink of the collapse of the nation.

The dictator lectures continually that democracy is unworkable in a country that is divided on the basis of religion, ethnicity, tribes, and regions. He supposes western democracy is inapplicable in Eritrea and instead he presents his own system of rule which he claims he has developed during the struggle against occupation. He asserts arrogantly that “hade hizbi hade libi” (a mad man who throws stones in all directions) is the system that suits Eritrea. He has made himself believe that the end of his regime means a doomsday for Eritrea.

Isaias has betted his existence and continuation on authority in the disunity of the Eritrean people. In order to secure his reign he made sure that his agents infiltrate the opposition and play on the differences of our society and cause great damage on its fabric. The discord among the opposition that he sowed is the reason that encouraged him to speak out without hesitation that he does not have any opposition in Eritrea. However, Awassa has eroded his dreams and demolished his kingdom which he knitted for more than four decades.

All his expectations evaporated into the thin air. The positive achievements of the national congress have sent him a vehement warning to depart from the political scene of Eritrea before it is too late. The primitive society that was divided into families, tribes, ethnicities, religions and regions have learned how to organize itself in one body under one leadership without changing their skins. The vertical and horizontal divisions of the clans and tribes, the names the dictator and his cohorts like to label the people of Eritrea with, have subsided forever. The loopholes that take us back to the outdated differences and contentions are sealed off tightly. By now, he is gazing at the debris of mess he has created in Eritrea and the region. No wonder, it is the harvest of the dim-witted.

The tsunami of the national congress didn’t only sweep away the regime; the soft-landing group’s ambitions too were washed away in Awassa. This narrow circle has built its aspirations to blossom out on the crisis of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance and the Eritrean National commission for Democratic Change. They regarded themselves as the only elites who should either negotiate with the regime or dislodge it from power. Their evaluation of the majority of the opposition groups is not different from that of the regime. They consider those who are not under their command and hegemony as regionalists , fundamentalists, incubators of groupings and riffraff. Dialogue with the diverse composition of the Eritrean opposition doesn’t exist within the program of this group. They consider the Eritrean people as subjects who should only follow and carry out their excellencies’ orders and instructions. In theory, they lecture their adherence to diversity and multiparty; practically, their conception in many parts intersects with that of the regime, hade libi hade hizbi.

They boycotted the national congress assuming there was no adequate arrangements to hold it. They justified their walkouts with perfection, requesting from the people who are exhausted for more than half a century to jump over a big gap and start from a flawless 100% perfection; but they failed to confer us with a model of a country that commenced from that faultless topnotch. They dissembled in many of their proclamations that a chaotic situation will ensue from a hastily prepared congress. But the congress did not generate a chaotic situation. The reason of their boycott dispersed, and devising a new pretense will expose them plainly to the people of Eritrea who are doubtful about their credibility and their intentions. No place for more qmish adey hankwiluni (I stumbles over my mother’s gown).

This soft-landing group has walked through all the strings to escape from the comprehensive gatherings. Their entire analysis and speculations have drowned in the Awassa lake. That lake, for those who do not know, was created centuries ago by the dramatic depression on the earth’s crust that was caused by huge volcanic eruptions that formed the Great Rift Valley that extends from Mozambique through Mount Kilimanjaro, to the Red Sea and north to Jordan in the Middle East. Awassa has a geographic ties with Asmara and it is not strange for Awassa to be the witness of the dawn of regime in Asmara. It is a real dawn, Yibba (father), unlike the forced dawn that our siblings the hard working farmers of Wazintet complained about.

The door for this soft-landing circle is now ajar. It is beyond their capacity to stop the train that is set to motion. The shortest way to catch the train is to choose any lake around Brussels or California to purify themselves from planktons stuck upon them and join the national assembly for democratic change. It is good to do that before they go too far astray. I recommend them to benefit from the Tigre saying: mn qroob wedqa min tsaleE dahna (He who falls from low height escapes injuries.)

Recently, the masterminds, the dictator-makers protruded from their dens with shabby tools to pump life on them, but failed to rehabilitate the stiffened body and to replace the expired dictator with a new one. The case is dihri mot qbets tiEna (after death give up hope on health, dear Softies). The age of vanguard party and inspired leader is gone for good, no more manipulations of the fate of the Eritrean people. It is time for all who wish to see the freedom of their people to support the national assembly and participate in the creation of a new honorable history.

Awassa has accredited the social mosaic stamp as the only acceptable stamp by the people of Eritrea. Any group or person not carrying the recognized mosaic stamp is null and void. Stray goats twill not grab the fruits of our struggle anymore. The group that still lives in the past and believes that the exhausted old system of politics could work today, will harvest phantasm only. It is better to study the Arab spring and the effects of modern technology very well. Today the peoples of the Third World are wide-awake. No one could dally on the glow of the youth or trifle the compassion of the people. The Eritrean youth realize well that their right place is with the national consensus. They will never be deceived by the expired or the neo-opportunists. By no means, will our youth allow themselves to become a bridge for a new Sawa. The narrow circle outside the satellite coverage (with the worn-out thoughts) should perceive that the only way to win the hearts and minds of the Eritrean people is to approach them with an authenticated social-mosaic stamp that was agreed upon in Awassa by the six hundred prudent Eritreans.

On top of all of that, Awassa has caused a hard time for those who wish us to play Hibo without a break. Hibo is a traditional women’s mourning dance among some tribes in the Eritrean lowlands when a prominent leader of a tribe dies. Some of the women wear the clothes of men and dance with swords, and others dancers pour sand on their heads, tug their hair, slap their cheeks, and hit their chests, all the time the street dance is accompanied by loud cries. The sight of the tousled and dusty women is horrific; it scares children very much and makes them sleepless. I believe men also could not dare face the raged hibo dancing women. And even husband couldn’t dare divorce their disheveled and dust coated wives when they return home. For sure, none of the usual darling are welcome; the fear from the glittering swords stays alive.

The Hibo group (the-you-are-lost-beyond-recover group) will always remind us of the calamities that befell the ELF and the atrocities of the Ethiopian occupation. They wish us to live in the past and recycle our mourning. They desire us to hit drums and dance hibo hysterically. The ELF, EPLF and the Ethiopian occupation have become history, and our hibo dance will change nothing in that history. We are the sons and daughters of the twenty-first century. Our current issue is to rescue our people from the claws of the dictator. Luckily, the national congress has shifted the scene from that of hibo dance to the creation of a new history. In case the hibo group or the dictator insists that a hibo dance is reproduced, we pledge to create a North Korean style regime when the dictator dies. I refrained from promising a hibo, for that terrorizes even the monkeys.

Awassa has not only sufficed with drifting the regime and its satellites in the Diaspora, but it has also equipped the national assembly with all software needed for a decisive success. The mission of the assembly was facilitated by documents that were approved by the national congress, and the road is well leveled for them to work without hesitation. There are no questions of what next; everything is readymade for use to the extent of moraka dib edeka wa arweka dib tahteka (the stick is in your hand and the snake is under you.) The congress has veered all to direct their energies towards the snake and target the head.

The panic of our traditional politicians from civic societies and elites have sunk down deep into the Awassa lake. Seminars of elites do not pose danger to our politician authorities anymore; on the contrary, they substantiate and strengthen the position of our politicians and bind them tightly with their people. Unjustified fear has lost its base from where it was ravaging the national cohesion. Mistrust and suspicion was erased between the varied constituents of the Eritrean people and they are all set to engage wholly against the regime. Awassa has reconciled the whole Eritrean spectrum for the common interests of all.

In Awassa all the bedlams ceased to function, amebic proliferation sterilized, the phantoms dwarfed, the loss of compass rectified, respect and confidence recovered, and readiness for to face strife encompassed all. The old pages of division are now closed and a new page full of hope has opened. On the other side, the regime has lost its basic factors of survival. In the Eritrean politics, Awassa has opened a new civilized school of thought that is based on consideration, altruism and dialogue. The national congress has purged empty talks and directed the energies towards facing the mafia regime in Asmara.

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  • wed. garza

    who said the Awassa conference was perfect? Who said all were hundred procent rightley represented? The ideologies, women and workers ect…
    What the most accepted is: the right direction to be developed, enhanced and better positioned to serve all what’s missing in the future.
    Isayas and his blind supporters worked for the last 30 years not create alternative to their rule, this principle has totally broken and yielded invalid. Don’t you feel happy and see the light along the tunnel? please appreciate the right steps for the miles ahead.
    And who said Ethiopia has no interest? Is peace not interest for stability and enhancing development in the country? therefore, the Eritrean interests and the Ethiopian goes hand in hand; namely, peace, tranquillity and prosperity. howeveer, watch it all through. Don’t you invest in that!

  • peter mesghina

    Hello there,
    The article is a good read; but the contents are as if they were written by a simpleton. I feel 1975 all over again……….
    In 1975 we used to think liberating Eritrea as soon as possible and creating a democratic Eritrea within one or two years. We did not know the two organizations were rotten to the bone and eventually the bottom fell. Wake up sir; you are sleep walking.

  • gambit

    Before reading appended comments I enjoyed reading the article, with some hesitation on hammering the Nays to Awasa. Naturally no supporter of the current power in Eritrea will accept or ignore any move towards toppling the system via garnering opposition forces or coming together be it in Awasa, Mombassa or Telaviv for that purpose.

    Those who are keen to see a way forward should now prioritize:-
    1. Build on what is achieved to-date
    2. Watchdog implementation
    3. Contribute moral and material support including suggestions
    4. Or read Michael smith, sound of silence, for inspiration and leave the doers shake the talk to toddle or walk, for a mile starts with a step to the right direction.

    Dear M/s Secular socialist,

    It is your right to propagate secularism or socialism (scientific or non- scientific) but tell me how we can get rid of issayas if you trivialize a move towards that end. Honestly, I need your input on the road map towards uniting to struggle for our right.
    The CNDC and EDA which you condemned have contributed towards uniting the struggle which used to be fragmented; this in itself is a commendable step.

    I recall a pre-liberation discussion with an EPLF sympathizer (calling for the same motto as yours) when confronted by “Nihnan Alamana” as core for his organization and its dire religious implications in a country with virtually modest statehood history trying to build an inclusive one. He boldly replied, it is not only natural but progressive to counter religious oppression by the same tools.

    Now let us see few of the types of oppression in Eritrea:-

    1) No constitution, charter, jurisdiction, attorney general, free press, official language, rule of
    law and division of state power.
    2) No accountable state financial balance sheet, audit bureau , labor office etc
    3) No right to your own land, home, family and movement
    4) No religious rights, traditions , language or burial
    5) None ending conscription, jail, missing persons and …let me stop here

    Don’t the above trigger opposition forces, each countering what concerns it most? The wisdom is to accommodate such forces and seek common ground. Stemming from such outlook your aspiration is part of the big picture similar to the others, without undermining the pains and trauma of the others.
    Well another aspect is the culture of exclusion, the merit goes to its founding pamphlet cited above. So please try to manage the “my way or the highway”

    Dear Mr. Ibrahim
    I must admit the hibo part retrieved a forgotten childhood trauma on similar occasion, when seeing off a travelling kin was expressed by tears and when summoning to the hereafter was conducted with bitter mourning in all local cultures that is when human life was so dare and social fabric unadulterated.

    Thank you.

    • gambit

      I meant “..when human life was so dear” and not dare . It was a typo error probably imminated from the current situation at home, (claiming ordinary life is quite daring)..

    • The secular socialist republic

      My dear,

      I don’t believe I trivialize the destiny of the ENCDC. I believe that those people who gathered in Awassa are the same as the ones who gathered in Khartoum or Addis some years ago. And that they will, exactly as in the past, fail in realizing their only goal. Let me tell you, when the Eritrean National Alliance was established, I supported it deeply because i believed unifying all opposition forces to topple Isayas was the best way.
      My mistake was big, since the ENA collapsed before it even could strive to change Eritrea. The revolutions in the Arab world gave me a new hope: the downfall from the inside. There is something
      common about the “avant-garde” of the revolution in Egypt, Tunisia and Syria: educated young people, mainly secular liberals and opposed to free market as it existed in these countries (free market from which all benefits would go to a certain number of people only).
      No one here can deny the fact that Eritrea has this kind of people, among the urban population, young moslems and christians are less interested in religion compared to their parents, they went to school, gathered a lot of intellectual background and built brotherly relationships amongst themselves. Therefore, I believe they could unite and topple the regime and rule it for a definite period of time (until elections are held).
      I am a secular socialist and i am proud of it. but let me tell you “Nhnan Elemanan” is a piece of shit produced by a low key socialist (Isayas), or was he ever socialist? On an intellectual level, Nhnan Elemanan can be destroyed by any true socialist and any true intellectual on an intellectual basis.

      Let me sum up, i believe the change has to come from the inside, with our support, we, who were enlightened by education in the outside world. Change from the ENCDC would bring a collapse of the nation: division amongst ething background, religous background, social background.

      • gambit

        Dear Mr. TSSR

        As I stated earlier I respect your right to propagate and do for your conviction and let other do the same without recriminations or cross condemnations
        You have condemned ENDC, yet by trivialize I meant their influence of change.

        Let us compare apple with apple.

        They have strong representative national military and security forces. Transitional head of state and military head from the underdeveloped south. They have long established institutions, constitution, universities, economy, and intelligentsia, name it.. they have the potential, infrastructure and superstructure to evolve into a workable democracy. This does not mean they lack marginalized segments. Now the Nubians and Sinai people raise their grievances in panels, universities and lately on mass medias without anyone being sensitive towards that, yet many liberals and social democrats support them.. The young were agents of change, but core and effective movement is the Moslem brotherhood for now and is acceped by the ballot..

        Tunisia: is similar to Egypt historically and currently
        In short they are far ahead compared to us.

        Our likes are Libya and southern Somalia the remnants of Italian colonialism and British military admin.

        Case of Somalia is clear.

        Our twin, the South (Italian) Somaliland started well untied with the North (British), but during heydays of military coups and infant socialism a soldier was baptized communist (low key to borrow your phrase).

        He is similar to PIA in all aspects, except that he was not living in denial stage, yet always ended up with the wrong side of super power equation. He was staunch in crushing opposition, demolishing social fabric, propagating mother tongue (all they have is one tongue) . The problem was he built un-representative tribal military and security force. His tribe thought they are second to none, became powerful and wealthy while economy was only smokes of hope. This led tribal feud.

        North Somalia’s liberation front sat with all stake holders – intelligentsia, academician, seasoned multinational cadres, activists and businessmen; drafted a constitution that was extensively deliberated with the local tribal chiefs, dignitaries, ex-officials including those who worked under BMA. They build state a new, representative military and security from scratch. Notwithstanding their failure to secure international recognition, they are leading better life with tranquility. Mind you the Arab and Moslem nations are reluctant to assist them.

        Libya: Is little different than us; they had three states of which one was under king Idriss Senousi (Banghazi) more developed in business . They have resisted Italian occupation, a unifying factor. Got their independence under one king Idriss, but a young Qaddafi from the west took power and led the young nation into disaster. Libya is still fragile

        If you see the trend Libya and Somalia, change came without, for the ruling ethnic systems were comfortable with the status quo and defended it.

        Our people endured the crimes in the hope they will have a united change. We have to encourage any move towards that or otherwise watch and criticize, which hopefully they do not mind.

        I myself was skeptical like you, didn’t see a future with fragmented opposition. Trust me up to very recent. But the difference is I support any a positive move towards the right direction at least halfheartedly, but never dare to condemn

        We need the experienced, the old, the young, women, opposition forces and every single Eritrean who stands against the system. The dynamics of toppling a system and replacing it with inclusive sustainable system is the interaction of all stake holders.

        I am aware the despotic system has inculcated questionable values, least of which disrespect to the elders, social values, cultures and religion. Allow me to disagree “Nihnan Alamanan” is attributed to Issayas, but many believe it was a result of like minds brain storming , embraced and implemented by a wider team of devotees. It is an open secret many highlanders were approached purely on that pamphlet.

        The young as you claim they went to school. Let me tell you most of the elder if not all went to schools Most had communist and socialist background. Most of the veterans were and are unbiased nationalists. To accept grievances, ideological rights doesn’t mean they are ignorant as the adulterated system propogates. Even those who completed 4th grade with Italians were more inclusive, concious and nationalist.

        This scare craw was long raised by none than the anti-natinalists. Let us first start with fair inclusive constitution, distribution of power and wealth with no hegemony under any name “social democratic republic) or “federal states ” what ever suites the constituents.

        I agree the young is an important element of change and the future of the nation, and more effective at home. But the worst scenario and recipe for a fate similar to our peers cited above is either military coup led by the deciples or un-inclusive armed victory similar to EPLF’s. Nothing is impossibe and no one forsaw syrians will go to streets or attempt armed resistance.

        We need Awasa to prepare a platform and steer towards ultimate change which is enivitable

        • The secular socialist republic

          My dear,

          You state that we need to compare Eritrea to Libya and Somalia, since they were all three colonized by Italy. In an intellectual level this proposition seems acceptable, but I refuse it.

          1) Eritrea was Italy’s COLONIA PRIMOGENITA, its first born colony. This status provided Eritreans an interesting feature: According to Fascist laws, they were referred by Italians as “Eritrei” and not “Indigeni” like the other colonized peoples. This somehow superior status helped build a strong proudness among Eritreans about who they were and what they believed was worth of them.
          Accordingly, Eritrea cannot be compared to Libya and Somalia, in which the UN, through trusteeship, helped in Nation building unlike Eritrea, which was handed over to Ethiopia.

          2) You are more than right the opposition should unite all forces to topple Isaias. But if you look at Awasa, it doesn’t exactly look like a united front.

          *I happen to know somebody who went to participate in the early discussions of the ENCDC, and he came back to tell me : “This organization has already made a mistake, it is too old (average age) and too masculine (lack of representation of women).”
          *Looking at the participating organizations and individuals, we tend to observe that some ideological tendencies are represented: Ethnic-oriented self-determination organizations, Islamic Renaissance parties and Federalists. How about nationalists in favor of a centralized government, socialists, liberals, communists, feminists? Where are they? Among the above quoted tendencies, we can fit lots of Eritreans don’t you think?
          Therefore, with the absence of so many points of view that exist and that are MASSIVELY found among Eritreans, the Awassa organization is not a true representative of the Eritrean people. and that is why it will fail.

          3) Back in the late 1950’s, the biggest challenge to Ethiopian rule in Eritrea was the youth allied with the workers (AlHarakat, Mahber Serahtenatat), don’t you think the best option to topple Isaias isn’t the same today? Back in the early 1960’s, the youth movement was destroyed because it faced the Ethiopian army and the pro-Ethiopian police. But now the EDF is full of Eritreans willing to get rid of Isaias, tired of military service.

          I believe that in order to topple the regime, all operations and ideas should come from the inside of the country. We, living abroad, can only
          contribute in the transition period from Dictatorship to Democracy.

          PS: Don’t flatter Nhnaan Elemanan, its content is barely valid. The ideas introduced to the reader are not clearly organized and have no ideological background. In many ways, Isaias and the EPLF have produced more intelligible publications later on. Nhnan Elemanan was only meant to rally Kebesa tegadelti and join them in an united front.

          • Ghambit

            Dear TSSR,

            If Eritreans, ever since they were known by this name, felt proud and shall remain for a long time is for their persistent resistance of occupation, particularly post defeat and retreat of Italy.

            We have to seriously revise false premises. Eritrea was not “first born Colony”, but first occupied by Italy as a launching spot to conquer the rest. Its resources were used for that end and it was chosen as suitable Italian settlement. “Piccolo Roma” was overcrowded by newly affluent Italian peasants and military officers.

            Furthermore it is the essence and not the name that defines dignity and self-esteem. Ethiopia was calling resistance “shifta” and the servile “Patriotic Ethiopians”. At the end of the day we are neither, but free Eritreans.

            For the record we were called indigenous (indigeni) for more than 36 years , it was only after the war with Ethiopia and our much needed services we were “promoted “ to Eritreans while the big headed Libyans opted to fight the Italian aggressors to be officially demoted by the aggressor to “subjects”.

            I am not flattering “NE” , re- read it without bias. It’s full of unfounded allegations and based on false premises. I would care less on its merits, but its perennial venom that unfolded with weakening inclusiveness and beginning of assassination of combatants from Martyr Abraham Tewolde to Martyr Abdallah Dawood nonstop till today , let alone marginalizing originators of the struggle.

            I earnestly hope the youth should be free of such evils and forge a genuine inclusive and daring movement to contribute in a painful healing process

  • b’Alti dragon w’qatto (As in a girl with a dragon tattoo).

    Isaias doesn’t have a power base anymore. Essentially, his supporters are turned to Opposition to the Opposition (OtO). It is interesting. This is a new dawn in the at times depressing but rather fascinating Eritrea’s political dynamics. The OtO folks would tell their pro-bono therapist that they know Eritrea is in a bad shape but they can’t possibly see a way out where Ethiopia is a shoulder to lean on to get Eritrea back on the right track.

    The therapist would encourage the OtO folks to gush out their repressed or suppressed feelings, the traumatizing memories start to gush out in a catharsis as he makes them feel cozy on the Freudian coach. The therapist figures. He figured that, the epicenter in their repressed psyche is Ethiopia. The therapist is dangling two potential solutions to their predicament. Behavioral or Cognitive therapy. He choses the latter. The diagnosis is a distorted perception about specific realities.

    The OtO folks seem to have a distorted reality on how to go about in solving their seemingly perennial predicament. They believe that Ethiopia is the bogyman. They believe that Ethiopian leaders are sleepless over taking Eritrea back. And they’ve come to the conclusion that, it is tantamount to riding over the Martyr’s graves to flirt with Ethiopia let alone to hold conferences in Ethiopia.

    The therapist figures something else. As he delves into the profile of Isaias, he sees a striking pattern between a genius and apathy where they blend onto Isaias’ hard core personality. The therapist marvels at how Isaias beats his supporters and opponents at his own game where he says, Ethiopia is our blood enemy. His opponents go on pressing Ethiopia to abide by the arbitration verdict where they fail to press him about the genesis of the war. The OtO see an enemy and the therapist sees Ethiopia. His challenge is to make them see a country not an enemy. His challenge is to make them see a people of the same blood, culture, history not an enemy.

    If I have to quote the overly exhausted dictum of Realism, nations do not have permanent friends but permanent interests. If Ethiopia has ulterior motives, it is too indispensable not to be used as a pawn for a greater end. When I was growing up back in Edaga Hamus in Asmera, Adey Letay a lady with a plethora of Tigrigna adage in her head would say, “Z’bEi kisab z’Hiz yHnks” (A hyena would limp ’till it gets what it wants). If Adey Letay was to be discovered, she would land on the circles of the real deal think tank personalities who subscribe to the notion of Realism. The underdog Eritrea, the disadvantaged Eritrea, the wounded Eritrea should swallow her pride and use Ethiopia till she gets back on her own feet. Ethiopia is not an enemy. Ethiopia is a means to an end when her people are the other us if we will.

  • “ኣንጻር ድልየትኩም ዘሸፈቱኹም
    ኣልሸባብሲ ተሓጕሶም፣ ሓዚና እንደ´ሞ ኣደኹም”

    ደርጊ ጸሊእኩሞ፣ ክትሰግሩ ንሱዳን
    ኬላታት ሰጊርኩም መርሚርኩም ደቒቓን ሰዓታን
    ብጽምእን ጥሜትን ኣብ ኩርባን ኣብ ሜዳን
    ስድራኹም ክትሕግዙ ወጻኢ ብምኽዳም
    ዕጡቓት ሰብ ብረት ፣ ሰብ ክሹፍን ሽዳን
    ብሓይሊ ዘወንበዱኹም፣ ብታህዲድ ብምግልዳም
    ካትምን፣ስዓትኩምን ሃጊሮም፣ ዘሕደሩኹም ግዳም
    መርዚ ድሙ-ድሙ ናይ ሽፍትነት ዕብዳን
    ስዉኣት ዝሰመየኹም ከለኹም፣ ቅቱላት ምዉታን
    ደም ነቢዔልኩምየ፣ ካናዳ፣ ኣሜሪካን ኡጋንዳን
    ግብጽን ኣልሸባብን የመስግኑኹም፣ ደምኩም ብምቕዳም
    ኣደኹም ግን ቅሂማ ፣ ብሓዘንን ማዳን !!!!!!!

    ካብ እንቋቝሖ ተመን፣ ርግቢት ዝጽበዩ፣ ገልዕታትኒ ገልዳማትኒ´ዮመ !!!!

    • Hameed

      I didn’t hear in my life or read in history that thieves developed a country and ruled by law. The end of thieves is the same as that of Mubarak, Bn Ali, Gattaffi, Mingstu, etc. Also I didn’t hear in my life that thieves or robbers dealt with kindness with their victims. Robbers didn’t listen to the imploring of their victims.

  • Kokhob Selam

    Let me once again beg you to read my problems. We will see Ethiopian case after wards. 1001 problems are pending my friend if people will start to ask you will surprise. My friend in Middle East said he can’t renew his passport because he couldn’t pay the 2 percent and his resident permit is not renewed forced to stay illegal with his 5 children. When he ask PFDJ embassy they are talking to him in bad way “gbueka festem” he told me they never you chance to explain your problem. And do you know who this guy is ? He is the most generous hero and freedom fighters who have a bullet in his head. And do you know who are saying so? The most coward people we know working for salary under PFDJ. The day will come and I will see them god willing.
    So, far I am just telling you plain clear things not sophisticated political cases. I still have to tell you if you want the economy maters which PFDJ will never ever solve it even if you and I start to support them. They have gone deep in the Sh**t of corruption. We will talk letter about it.
    Before my death you guys are blaming me for being against this group. And I want to make sure you guys know it is too much, enough is enough I am not going to let my coming generation to suffer. I want the maximum all innocent and kind people to understand why my contradiction is antagonistic.
    I am asking you only my own personal. Give me solution. Or let me solve it my way. Don’t tell me to stay idol and allow those guys continuously victimize me. Solution please, what is the way you want to face this ugly group?

    • Kokhob Selam


      Sorry the above was an answer for reply you send today.

  • The secular socialist republic

    Once again another joyful article about the meeting in Ethiopia. Once again, many comments divided among blind followers of the “everything is better than Isaias” political ideology and blind followers of the “everything is perfect with Isaias” political principle. Once again, useless comments and reflections on a conference that has, sorry for saying the truth, no legitimacy to call itself a “representation of the Eritrean people”.
    Look at the facts, the absence of women in the main leading roles of the organization is an example of how unrepresentative this congress is. Most of its leaders were already in the Eritrean National Alliance six years ago. I didn’t happen to see any political leadership, they seem to have vague ideologies.
    If we want to get ride of Isaias, we have to form a strong movement, with clear political principles and a political agenda. A movement that will struggle for the rights of ALL Eritreans, meaning a secural and republican party. A movement which will aim to ensure social justice and life improvement opportunities to ALL Eritreans. A movement that will be so in favor of democracy, that it will never hold any congress in a country that DENIES ITS OWN PEOPLE THE RIGHT TO DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS. A movement that will rise above the backward tendancies of our people. tribalism, sexism and religion. A movement that will ensure to create a political party ready to govern Eritrea.
    Let’s be for once united in a socialist, revolutionary, democratic movement.
    Down to Isaias !! Down to ENCDC !! Down to EDA!!

    • Hameed

      I am very very very very sorry to see a person with such level of mastering the English language to lag behind decades. Wake up brother, the age of one party and inspired leader has gone. The world has changed; enhance your capability to enjoy different colors. You seem to suffer of color blindness; please, visit a doctor to recover your sight.

      • The secular socialist republic

        Dear Hameed,
        thank you for saying I master in English, I hold a Master’s degree in English language and literature and it’s nice to see my university years were not useless :D.
        My dear brother, I have neither called for a single-party rule nor for an inspired leader. I don’t believe in the socialism that has existed so far. I believe in a new socialism, strongly advocating for democratic and human rights. But it must also focus on social justice, something that is forgotten in most of the world’s leading democracies.
        I enjoy different colors my dear Hameed, the color of democracy is not initially linked to Marx’s theory but I embrace it. Socialism sees religion as an enemy, when I don’t, i believe the new socialism will ensure full freedom of belief for the faithful. Early socialist perceived the perfect society would emerge from bloody revolutions, I believe it will happen after democratic elections.
        I wish you had asked me to develop my thoughts instead of saying I am blind.
        With due respect, dear Hameed, you obviously made a mistake.

        • Hameed

          Dear secular s. r, you have studied “Hard Times”, “Rbinson Crusoe”, “Jane Eyre”, “Wuthering Heights”, “Hamlet”, etc. thus you should immediately grasp what I intended by blind. I mean blindness in thoughts and my request to visit a doctor means to consult books. You want it a closed system guided by selected people to be our custodians, but want it an open democracy owned by the people of Eritrea. Why you are afraid from what life has produced? Life has produced a friendly and dangerous things for man, but we have to adapt ourselves to live with all what mother nature produces for us or to seek a world where no one lives. Tame yourself through reading and thinking deeply to accept the other colors or you will exhaust yourself and the creatures which share with you our world.

        • Kokhob Selam

          Brothers, the problem is not all that. The problem is easy if we have only ideological differences. We can solve all. The problem is we didn’t still reach to that level (today at least we have the new umbrella). Eritrea is under a group that doesn’t believe any system. PFDJ wants only one man to lead. He is the god, the system the charter ….everything. and again we have few supporters who are telling the world “nhna nisu nsue nhna” can you find someone think this way in this world today?
          The great man I know in our history is the late Dr. Ftsum who dead in ELF more than 30 years back with all the love I have to this quality person I never say I am Ftsum and Ftsum is me. Those guys they never perform their religious duties but believe in one dictator. Strange..

  • please dear Eritreans, you don’t think it is time to stop undermining people because of their race, religion, color or just because they are different from us. please let us, yes US, stop naming and scorn others, especially when those others are the close ancestors for many of us, yes whether we like it or not. let us refrain from doing this in writing at least as start. because it not polite and uncivilized.
    The conference is the right step in the right direction, and we have to speed up increasing momentum.

  • Sebab

    Here we go again, so called opposition groups have met in some place orchestrated by Woyane in an effort to “help” the Eritrean people. What a joke!! I’m not a supporter of the current regime and I like the dictator to go away. However, I dont want to see any Ethiopian/Woyane involvment in our affair only because they dont have the Eritrean peoples’ interest in thier heart. Their only agenda is to remove Iseyas and his desciples at any cost with out any regard to the Eritrean people and I might add exert their influence on Eritrea. That is unacceptable for the overwhelming majority of the Eritrean people. For you folks who have been flighting Isseyas for over a quarter century just because you have a personal issues with him, you got to shake it off and think about Eritrea first. As someone who have a recent memory of Eritrea and having gone through Sawa and all the good stuff, I guarantee you over 90% of the youth dont care for a change that is designed and funded by the Woyane.
    Here are some tips for you that I think may serve the Eritrean people some good.
    1. Refrain from passing resolution that are orchestrated/funded by Woyane
    2. Save your words about how bad the president is but rather focus on the real issues that are affecting the Eritrean people
    3. Any attempt made to make the issue Christians Vs Moslems is ludicrous because the guy has no religion and will put in dungeon anyway that stands in his way
    4. The solution ought to revolve around inclusion principle and not otherwise
    5. we are sick and tired of loosing Eritreans and we ought to frame our long term solution along these premise and not war

    • Truth

      I support Isaias (meaning generally and not every single thing he does). Like you I have recent memory of Eritrea (i am there for most of the year every year). I must say that you are absolutely correct, Eritreans in eritrea either want change the eritrean way or no change at all. They may have their opinions but will side with Isaias every time if the other choice is weyane or traitor eritreans. That being said I agree with your points fully. But sadly it wont happen anytime soon because of the so called awassa conference people whose actions are not gaining supporters but enemies

  • michael

    A man couldnt be defined by his words , but by his deeds. Awassa is just a place, it is not jerusalem or mecca where we expect to save from a divine power; I believe that the power of a man is his brain. The power comes from his objectives, not from the place where he held the conference; We could have a lot of conferences, but if we dont have Eritrean agendas…..if we r against the national values ..If the agendas dont target eritreans…any one could write on behalf of the people, make conferences on behalf of the people…it brings nothing than …making just a noise.

    • Kokhob Selam

      michael, i
      I think it is better to ask your own mind if you have done something good for your people.

  • Hassen Fereg

    As a participant in the Awassa convention, I attest to all what you perfectly articulated. The congress at Awassa paved the sense of direction. However the road is tough, treacherous and hard. we should strive to walk the walk and talk the talk. My appeal to all freedom loving people of Eritrea to take this opportunity to stand up and use whatever means necessary to achieve the goal.

  • Kokhob Selam

    “The most dangerous message to PFDJ supporters. the medicine is perfect.But please remember to give dose by dose. I only learn words are more powerful than bullet from such type of articles in form this site awate. for those who learn from this should be easy to go out of the dirty camp. tks

    • flffie solomuna

      the awassa aposi…..are the losers of 1980s.and now they kissing weyanes if cross the red line.agan you will regrub 20 years from the red line started.

      • Kokhob Selam

        you are talking an old story. we are in 2012. Awasa congress represents every Eritrean. even may be you, if you an Eritrean who want to see peace. Awasa will have a place in our history as this was the city that we see each other and own strong foundation. by the way you can have a visit to Awasa and enjoy peace,development and freedom that is not in all Eritrea.

        • EPDP

          My friends from the Awasa conference all i can say to you is that (beynu zgoyeyesi zkdmo neyblu) . You are have meeting all you want anywhere in the world but if you don’t have any eritrean agenda but to serve the agame people, you will never get nowhere but to waist your time and the money that the agame government give you. please think about eritrea instead of agame. I hate the hgdef but hgdef is better than you if that’s the way you want to keep going.

          down to hgdf

          • Kokhob Selam


            I prefer you don’t start to post under EPDP principles at this moment. we have still hope EPDP will come to it’s sense. and discussing about EPDP. better go for positive than blaming each other. participate in fighting PFDJ and let the people chose what kind of system to follow. you continue with your way and let’s continue with our way.

        • moses

          You must be kidding Kokhob Selam

          • Kokhob Selam


          • Truth

            moses said you must be kidding because you are a joke. you say “let the people chose what kind of system to follow”….too bad they dont want an ethiopian system. and you said “you continue with your way and let’s continue with our way” that is why you are going nowhere. you are too divisive. please Kokhob Selam , stop wasting time you fool

      • Truth

        flffie solomuna…Kokhob Selam is the sorest loser of them all. Believe that! He loves Assawa so much, he should go there to live because Eritrea doesnt want him

        • Kokhob Selam

          Why you guys like to talk about one man when you have the idea to challenge. Today we have developed Ideas to challenge, doesn’t matter who you or me or others are. Look. I have never been to Awasa for the last 18 years. I only visited once.In fact I am around nearer to your boss. It is not the place it is the job done that makes Awasa be historical. Awasa is not the city of opposition. opposition is suppose to make it’s congress in Asmara or Keren etc. but it is un fortune ,we have a group of uncivilized men and women who don’t allow any opposition which is strange in this century. PFDJ only know language of force and we have to use force.

          and you still blame Ethiopian people. why. isn’t that shame to say so when a lot of Eritrean refuges are supported inside Ethiopia? we keep in talking the same again and again. why don’t you come with new ideas and discuss if you have one.
          the problem of Eritrean people with PFDJ can’t be solved by such taktics. this problem can be solved by force only and don’t fool yourself like the donkey who covers his eyes by his ear when the lion stands infront of him. telling the lion “I didn’t see you and you didn’t see me”. PFDJ’s issue is not nogatiable they have to go.

          • Kokhob Selam

            moses, few questions (personal)
            01. I don’t want someone to cheat me with “HADE LIBI…” I want to see the man call kokhob and his Ideas respected the same for others from me. PFDJ don’t want that, now give me solution.
            02. I want to be governed with system agreed by me and others. PFDJ don’t want that give you give me solution.
            03. I notice the people around me all have the same problem shall I live victimized by PFDJ or free myself by uniting with my People? Give me solution.
            04. The world is blaming PFDJ for supporting international terrorists and brought me proof. PFDJ don’t accept any desiccation. So shall I be blamed for something I am not part because of PFDJ?
            05. All my beloved children are suffering and paying their life because of PFDJ. Shall I allow the donkey and monkey play with the life of my children when some supporters are enjoying in democratic countries their democratic rights with their children? Give me solution.
            06. Eritrea a country where I fought and bleed injured 7 times (I should not say that but to let you see the pain only) is going to be failed state with this corrupted group. And remembering our martyrs it pains me to see the result. Shall ignore the hero who dead for you and me and let PFDJ destroy everything?
            I am asking as Kokhob and be kind and answer to me. Please put yourself in my place. I can’t wait to see your kindness and truthfulness.

        • Truth

          Kokhob Selam,
          It is fine to have ideas. No problem with that but the way some people are going through with their ideas are very unproductive. Never ever will there be an idea accepted by the eritrean population that goes through ethiopians. NEVER. Maybe if it was done by eritreans, for eritreans, with eritrean support and finance, without foreign interference, then maybe something can come to fruition. But support from the ethiopian govt? what are you people thinking? Dont be fooled by the agames. they dont care about you or your people. they just dont like isaias jsut like you dont like him. they just want eritrea to be part of ethiopia. they want assab. they dont care about your livelihood or freedom. its absurd how you are siding with them after everything they have done and continue to do to the eritrean population. you tal kabout the refugess in ethiopia….you think they care about them? absolutely not! its all politics. understand that. do you think they are iving in good conditions in the camps? absolutely not. People dont go to ethiopia to live there. they go there and use it as a stepping stone to go to other countries. that is all. No one wants to stay in ethiopia. from there they go to other african countries or europe or north america. Not stay in ethiopia. What about the hundreds of thousands of eritreans that were expelled from ethiopia and robbed of everything…what do you have to say about that? that is the same govt as today! no different. And i want to know which acts of terrorism you are mentioning? Giving somalia weapons by flying in 3 high tech invisible planes to the country? Surely you cannot be talking about that because first off they are just accusations without proof and secondly the UN just admitted that it was untrue and eritrea did not do so. Or are you mentioning the tourist that got killed which is obviously the work of the ethiopian govt! Its absurd how they point the finger at Eritrea without hesitation and without any investigation. But people like you fuel those lies but supporting them and passing them off as the truth because you want the eritrean govt to fail. Its funny when Eritrea just got cleared of an ethiopian lie, the following day ethiopia creates a new one!

          • Hameed

            Your argument couldn’t even persuade a child. Kokheb Selam tells you about to give the opposition space in Asmara and sure you wouldn’t see them in Ethiopia. You seem to be pleased with the youth who make Ethiopia a stepping stone. What does mean you know? It means Eritrea is losing its most productive sect. You are pleased Eritrea to be evacuated of its people. How many Eritreans expelled Ethiopia? Ten thousand. And how many Eritreans left their homeland? Hundreds of thousands. There is no a point of resemblance to compare. May be your boss told you about you are speaking when the number of refugees was very small; your programming stop to that first impression, after that your mind is out of work. So many things have changed, but you stop there and the programmer doesn’t care what he filled is updated or not. Please, request from your boss to program you again or requesting from your boss is a taboo.

          • Kokhob Selam

            I am the one who hate to see my people run to Ethiopia and become refuges more than all PFDJ/EPLF leaders and supporters and here is the proof. First I have been badly hurt when EPLF and TPLF were fighting against ELF. When I say Badly means badly physically and mentally. I have gone through difficult years to recover. 2nd I have gone through difficult days when I see the most beloved friends and relatives suffering during deportation of 1998. I have seen with my two Eyes when TPFL destroyed EPRP young guys who fought for democracy in Ethiopia during Derg Era.
            Can you imagine now thousands of Eritreans are refuges when there is no single Ethiopian refuge in Eritrea? I don’t like that; don’t think I am happy to see so. If we had democratic admin do you think that will happen? So why blame Ethiopian government (kednayom ember mestiomna diyoum?)
            What I Know is an Ethiopian person use to come to Eritrea and work under us during Derg and Haileslse days. And if an Eritrean goes to Ethiopia during those days he use to make a good job enjoying his life more than Ethiopian people. Ask and you will know the story. Even Ethiopian people will tell you how much creative an Eritrean is. What I am saying is true; I am already 50’s I have gone through long experience in horn including Ethiopia.
            Don’t ask PFDJ what Ethiopia is doing. Why they are supporting our refuges? Why they are interested to support our opposition? Those questions are not important comparing with the following questions.
            Why are our people leaving there beloved country? Why the opposition prefer to accelerate their struggle from Ethiopia? Why PFDJ didn’t allow opposition to be in Asmara isn’t that there right? Why PFDJ don’t want to have constitution and charter when Ethiopians have? Aren’t we in the same Badme case? Why even the mother of PFDJ (CIA) reject our “government” etc.
            No doubt, Ethiopian government has won the bloody war of Badme and economically, socially and diplomatically they have gone ahead of Eritrea.
            Awasa congress was born after all the above and more difficult questions asked by me and others not only in Diaspora but also inside in different methods. Ethiopia will never support without its advantage, I fully agree with you.
            By Now you should agree with me we need change but go back and ask and answer to me how an opposition is supposed to fight against PFDJ? Show me alternative better than the congress of Awasa if you have one.

          • Kokhob Selam

            I didn’t blame PFDJ for killing tourist. I don’t like to blame even the devil for committing crime unless clear evidence is furnished. I will wait and see. But one thing is clear to me from my experience that PFDJ don’t have problem in doing anything. In the past I have seen them hijacking an Eritrean from Sudan by agreeing with some Sudan authorities. I have seen them doing a lot of mafia actions taken by them over their own people, so there is a percentage of doubt in my mind they could do this also. My friend, if they put their own comrades without any legal procedure in containers for more than ten years, why I have to say they will not do this crime too.
            Regarding Ethiopian dream over Assab, like you a lot of questions were directed to opposition. But such political case is very much critical and has to be handled carefully. Look, we are in advanced world and the opposition leadership especially the one handling 10 years of struggle is very much intelligent as they have answered even the most difficult question of reconciliation. The equation was difficult I personally followed it day and night and I admire the mind of those guys who let us learn how to deal and solve those tough equations. We have been in trouble of narrow ideologies and were confused mixing every problem. We even don’t know which is urgent and which is important since ever. We don’t know that win-win is the way toward living in peace (same us PFDJ) but they have managed to put in front of us all problems. They even convince those old leaders of fronts to handover to young generation. So do you think the case of Ethiopia will be difficult for them? It is very easy my friend what you have to do is segregate things properly and proceed. Ethiopian government has learned this. They have been forced to talk in front of the world they will not play it and the most important point we are have a mechanism to keep our land saved legally and politically. And don’t forget an Eritrean will never leave an inch, the proof is you. Yes, you even support PFDJ with all its crime just because you are afraid of hidden agendas to get Assab. But don’t worry my friend. Think of the internal problem and tell us what to do if you have any solution.

          • Truth

            First of all Hameed, its not 10 thousand eritreans that were expelled from ethiopia. Stop making up stupid facts. It was more in the 90,000 range. All property confiscated and dispersed amongst the ethiopian govt. And a hundred thousand eritreans havent left, another made up fact. Stop it. Regarding the opposition having space in asmara, I am not against that at all. Im only against the fact that it is in ethiopia. Any Ertitrean in their right mind will not support or follow those who have done that. I guarantee you that if the opposition conducted itself in south africa or even tanzania, then they would have much more supporters (not as much as PFDJ supporters but still a significant amount compared to what they have now)

            Kokhob Selam,
            To begin, there are ethiopian refugees in eritrea. Over 8,000 actually but they are not overly advertised by the media as much as the eritrean refugees are because the west works in ethiopias favor and showing that there are people fleeing would make ethiopia look bad…and they cant have that can they (sarcasm)? Anyways let me answer all of your questions in the order you asked them.
            1. They are supporting the refugees for their own interest which is political support and to mask their true culture of oppression and abuse.
            2. They support the opposition because the opposition have 1 thing in common with them…hate for Isaias, and they know very well that that is the oppositions main goal and, hypothetically speaking, if isaias is no longer in power they feel that their support for the opposition will entitle them to have influence in eritrea and through that they will try to annex eritrea again or take assab.
            3. I have no idea why they would go to ethiopia because it is definitely not accelerating their cause. It is doing quite the opposite, which works well in PFDJ’s favor.
            4. They didnt allow opposition groups in asmara because at the time PFDJ felt that they were more damaging to Eritrea’s national security. I definitely see his skepticism because there were a number of eritreans who betrayed eritrea during the independence struggle which resulted in unnecessary eritrean deaths. That being said many eritreans believe that right now during the no war no peace situation we are in, elections and the like are completely unnecessary. We have a leader that is committed to securing our national security and our borders and we don’t want to jepordize that. another reason is that we need to take it slowly and get the country fully self sufficient and economically stable before everything is fully implemented. we cant go from step 1 straight to step 100. we need to take it one step at a time.
            5. Like i Just stated above the constant foreign direct and indirect with our affairs have slowed the process down. We need to be stable in all areas before the constitution can be implemented.
            6. Badme…there is nothing to say about badme. It is and historically has been eritrean land. Arbitration stated that it is eritrean land. It is signed by both eritrea and ethiopia and is a done matter. They are still occupying it illegally and the west and UN are doing nothing about it (even thought it is clearly illegal, no grey areas here!) because they allow ethiopia to do whatever they wish to whomever they wish.

            If you agree that ethiopia only supports for its advantage, then you can surely see that with isaias gone they will have a free pass to do what ever they wish with eritrea. HAte him or love him Isaias is a strong leader and doesnt bow down to no one. He is the only thing standing in Meles’ way of conquering the horn of africa. For your last stament, ANYPLACE outside ethiopia is a better alternative. if you want change….you dont do it with support (financial, logistical, and moral) from the enemy. It just wont happen. 90% of eritreans either Love isaias and are with him all the way OR they dont like him but will support him to the death when the alternative is and ethiopian one! The other 10% are lost, short-sighted, and ambition-less.
            For your second post, the situation of ethiopia is an internal one! they are in Eritrea! It cant get anymore internal than that! And for those tourists who were kidnapped….they were done by ethiopian rebels and the ethiopian govt has refused to report or comment on that or put it in the news. They didnt expect the rebels to come out with info so quickly and crush ethiopias accusation. The rebels have also stated that the 5 dead died at the hands of the ethiopian govt troops who opened fired on them. It is nothing but another act of the ethiopian govt to commit a crime and blame the eritrean govt. They do this every year and their lies are exposed every time, but the US and the west dont air it in the news as to draw attention away from that or they just completely disregard it as if it never happened! But wen it comes to Eritrea, accusations by an enemy are all they go by to punish eritrea!
            I’m looking forward to your reply Kokhob Selam, and at the moment have a few questions for you:
            1. what are your thoughts on Meles?
            2. if you truly in your heart believe that the opposition is successful, and are doing everything right, can you explain the lack of support of the eritrean population worldwide ?(keep in mind that in every city on the planet PFDJ supporters outnumber them 1000 to 1)
            One more thought…i am glad we can actually start to have a civilized conversation!

          • Kokhob Selam

            To start with your last statement:
            ” One more thought…I am glad we can actually start to have a civilized conversation!” let me tell you the truth, Truth I am more than happy we reach to this more than before as we had hot and win-lose desiccations earlier in different cases if I am right even in different sites.
            Let me go to your first statement and here is what you said.
            “To begin, there are Ethiopian refugees in Eritrea. Over 8,000 actually but they are not overly advertised by the media as much as the Eritrean refugees are because they……”
            Since you are very much interested allow me to ask you always to be in my position and I will be in your position to examine where the truth is. Be honest with me. If I will agree with you there are 8000 people counted as refuges show me their camp? And how do you count in a country where the government doesn’t know statistical work and plan? Ok, tell me why we don’t see any international body like UN talk about it?
            I didn’t say it is not possible, actually there are 80 million people in Ethiopia and in this recovering era we are even suppose to see 8 million in Eritrea. But if we say 60 thousand Eritrean (among 5 million) people are refuges in Ethiopia, go on calculating how much that does mean if you convert it with the population of Ethiopia. Now remember, we didn’t talk about Sudan. If we could receive refuges in Eritrea the way we have in Ethiopia and Sudan what could have been the picture of Eritrea? That is disaster my friend Truth. You are laughing now. haaaaaaaa sometimes it is good to laugh but I am crying as I feel it.
            You see, you can even say there 800,000 refuges, why make it so small (8000). There is no accountability and transparency anyhow. It is like dreaming for millions of dollars when you have nothing. You can say to yourself in late evening and continue to dream to be the richest man in the world and just wake up poor. That is free of charge.
            The 2nd point you ask is about the opposition being supported by Ethiopia. You are afraid of losing Assab.
            That is healthy thinking by the way. You are right to ask.
            See next post please.

          • Kokhob Selam

            The first and most important point you should remember is that it was during Meles time we see Ethiopia accepted Eritrean Freedom. The regime has faced a lot of opposing party’s duty Eritrean freedom and still is facing. “Ethiopian opposition” supported by PFDJ all are against Eritrean national freedom. The 2nd important incident was the war of Badme. If “Weyane” continue to fight PFDJ could have been in Sahel till today if not eliminated.
            What I learn from all this is that “ Weyane” prefer to work under accepted rule than the rule of jungle. Otherwise the opposition today who are in Addis (especially those elders) have been once up on a time described by Meles as feudal and reactionary groups (1993). But that was when he has agreement with PIA for conferdation (remember the 6 points agreement). So don’t think Ethiopia will take Assab because they can’t legally, politically or even if they open any war in the future.
            Let me tell you in short that those guys over there are very much matured and they know how they will get their advantage. Their advantage first is that, the opposition is in the same level of mind and knowledge and believes in give and take. So in this globalization era nationalism is losing its grip over the fast development of the world. It seems money and managing money is going backward while telecommunication and all other civilizations are going ahead. So that Asab governed by Eritrean people will give them more advantage than Asab governed by Ethiopian.
            Why? If governed by Eritrean people there will be legal international agreement to use Asab with agreed payments. Ethiopian people know that asab was with them for years but they didn’t benefit. They can benefit without war and disturbance of both just by following the win-win way. PFDJ didn’t use Asab for the last 20 years but Asab is floating in petrol additional to its blessing for being port. We are losing golden opportunity to get all those advantages brother Truth. So the state of mind has to be modified a lot to race with new way of thinking otherwise you will remain to be useless like PFDJ.
            READ NEXT POST

          • Kokhob Selam

            “1. What are your thoughts on Meles?” was your question. I don’t know why you want to know, but enjoy this.
            This little man ”Hastir adgi wetru elu” is very very very clever. That is all what I can say. When we use to learn typing lessons there was one sentence that let you practice to memorize all places of alphabet I think that was “the quick and clever brown fox jump over the lazy dog.” Just to give you hint that Meles is clever enough to won PIA.
            But leaders are only the result of struggle and if they are intelligent as it should, they won.
            Yet, I don’t care who is who and I don’t like to depend on any individual if you believe me even political party. What I trust is the system that keeps the right of people. If you don’t have system and rule in one government you are living in jungle where the strongest eat the week. To some extend there is a kind of system to stay alive in Ethiopia but victimized in Eritrea.
            Meles is cleaver my friend here is a jock for you. Imagine the cat becomes a king in the jungle somehow; how should it govern the lion and hyena except by rule agreed up on and giving freedom of week once.

        • Kokhob Selam

          Your other question was
          “2. if you truly in your heart believe that the opposition is successful, and are doing everything right, can you explain the lack of support of the eritrean population worldwide ?(keep in mind that in every city on the planet PFDJ supporters outnumber them 1000 to 1)”
          I am not better than you to know the truth, but some time clever people like you lose sight of the best color and may have to listen their fellow men. First I have difficulty to accept this 1000 to 1 concept. May be you know better in Diaspora than I do. Let those who know better reply you. What I know on the ground right in Eritrea and countries around. Ask the “government do give freedom to talk and if you find more than 10/% supporting this government I am ready to give you my head. This includes even the generals and top rank men and women. But as you know the system of dictator’s people are terrorized very much. But let me tell you one important point here.
          In 199o’s there were very few hero men and women long before the so call G15,G13 and currently G5 million who said this government is not legal to lead. I remember like today when most of the people were with this mafia group. We can’t say they were wrong just because they are few. As the result shows they were very correct and here is the result.
          Truth exaggeration is what EPLF brought to our people as culture. I wish you go out of that as that is not ours originally. Like business ethics politics also has its respected way of executing. Instead of counting in PFDJ camp come and see the opposition camp and decide yourself. And then quality wise there is a big gab as most of critical people to this government are much matured and kind.
          Try this today go to the man from opposition and discuses with him as PFDJ supporter and listen then go to supporter and be opposition sympathizer only and discuses with him and you will learn above all respect from the opposition side and also reason and reasoning.

          • Truth

            Kokhob Selam

            First I wanted to ask you about Meles, because i get an impression that you think he is a decent if not good leader (thats just how i feel you think of him, i may be wrong) There is no leader in all of africa that separates his population, favors a certain ethnic in his country, and kills in masses like Meles. Lets not forget the shear corruption he displays. It remarkable. And he is definitely not clever one bit. He just gets away with doing wrong, not because he is smart, but because he serves americas interests before any. It has nothing to do with being clever because everything he does is evil and illegal and in the open eye, but he is “allowed” to do that by his superiors (US)

            For the ethiopian refugess, eritrea doesnt let them rot in camps where water is scarce and food is a dream. They are assimilated into the population. Dont believe in the UN at all. They are run by the west (particularly the US). All of their facts and figures are exaggerated and twisted to suit their interest. No matter what the case is! About Assab….ethiopia are illegally occupying Badme…and it is clear that they are and the US have done everything in their power to divert attention away from that, as are ethiopia. That being said, if they could occupy badme illegally then they can do the same to assab! We all kno the international communtiy wont do anything and will just let it happen. Ethiopia doesnt follow rules as you stated. Badme is the clearest of examples. About the oil in assab, Isaias has clearly said himself that it is being explored but they are in no rush to take it out. They have other priorities now. It is foolish to take all our resources at once, it is smarter to save some for the coming generations. The ports are being reconstructed and modernized, the airports and roadways are as well! There is heavy emphasis on the education and health sectors. Both successful. Gold silver copper zinc and other minerals are being excavated. Do you know that eritrea will be the number one supplier of potash to the eastern world (namely china). We have the number one potash reserves currently. Countries are looking to invest in eritrea now. Especially with our location and attractive investment incentives, all countries can benefit from doing business there.

            About the diaspora, I can assure you that the ration is atleast 1000 to 1. Most likely more. I invite you to go around and find out for yourself so that you can see first hand. And i am do talk to opposition members daily! I socialize with them, talk with them, eat with them. In fact, my borther in law is an active member of an opposition group, and our relationship is very strong. I hear what they have to say and agree with some things. Like i said, I dont have a problem with oppositions as long as eritrea is first. I dont have a problem with oppositions if they have a clear, realistic goal not driven by hate for Isaias. My brother in law doesnt like Isaias, but he will not take credit from him when credit is due, and is ashamed at those who participated at the ehtiopian conference, because it brings the opposition back by siding with ethiopia. My brother in law was a member of the ELF during the struggle and joined at 16 years of age and fought for over 10 years. And even he will side with Isaias (as mush as he doesnt like him) over those who are with ethiopia. It is the clearest of choices. So yes I have been to a few opposition meetings around the world (US and germany to name a few). I hear the things being said and agree to some of them. The issue with them is that they talk too much about isaias and western doctrines and not enough about eritrea and development.

            I spend most of my time in Eritrea. At least 7 months a year every year. So i know how the situation there is. I live it. Contrary to what people believe, people are actually happy there! So many of the refugees arent real refugees. They are migrant workers! they leave eritrea so they can work in places where they earn money. Thats all. People in eritrea talk. Word goes around about so and so and where they are and what they plan to do. That is a reason why they are being denied refugee status in many countries as of recent. Countries are starting to realize that many of their claims of persecution are false. Most dont leave because of no freedom but because of higher wages elsewhere. About the G15 and their like, no one can say anything about their innocence. Nobody knows that they are innocent. The eritrean govt know what they did and are dealing with them. The only thing anyone can fault the govt for just telling the public the nature of the crime and not being specific about it and taking them to court. That is all. But that being said I’ve done my homework on both sides and PFDJ is more committed to the country and its future than anything the opposition has to offer right now.