The Paradox: The Anti-Democracy Enjoying Democracy In The West

The rallies of shame. The rallies of emptiness and senselessness would expose an entity to a world that already knows the reality of the regime on the 22nd of February in the West, of course, not in the known as Eritrea. The dictator understands that the rallies will not reverse the sanctions, but through the rallies he intends to distract Eritreans from acting against his regime. 

Since a long time ago, the regime has imposed the worst kinds of embargo upon the people of Eritrea. Trading, farming and even moving a small amount of dough, only enough for a single meal by a worried mother for her starved children, is forbidden in Eritrea. Masked agents at dark nights break doors, abduct innocent people and throw them into the unknown, without any trace. Traveling inside Eritrea requires a permit paper from the security offices. When children and youth who have been hostages for years escape from the concentration camps and trenches, their parents are forced to pay fifty thousand Nakfas as punishment. Anyone who has a minute humane conscience and a bit of nationalism would have protested against the regime. Thought the victimized people of Eritrea are the ones who deserve rallies of solidarity, the followers of the regime have chosen to stand by the side of the abusers—the despot and his cronies.

Civilized peoples and their governments declare alertness when a single citizen is at risk and the whole nation mobilizes to rescue the citizen. In Eritrea, we have tens of thousands of our youth in a critical condition. Do the supporters of the regime inquire about the problem of our youth who are leaving their beloved country?

The indifference of the supporters of the regime about the exodus of our youth in dire circumstance and the shoot to kill policy of the regime is not of the concern of those who will conduct the rallies; they are totally obsessed with the existence of the regime which works hard to make them supremacists in Eritrea. It is shameful to use the name of our people and martyrs for illegal private gains. 

Truly, those people join rallies and deliver petitions to governments and international organizations with the intention of protecting the criminals so that the privileges they have secured under the regime can be guarantee. To the supporters of the regime, private interests are more important than the interest of those who suffer in prisons without any crime. Personal gains are more valued to the fanatics than Deset, Maihabar and the poisoned Kunama victims. Exclusive benefits are more cherished than Aster Yohannes who languishes in the dungeons with thousands of innocent prisoners. Personal lusts are more important than Helen who lost her health similar to many young Eritreans who have lost their sanity and chastity in the military camps of the regime. The insensible supporters of the regime intend to attend rallies to expose their ugly and inhumane face.

To make Eritrea a place of vacationing away from the routine of Western life, to condone the rape by the officials of the regime and the abuse by its generals ministers, security officers and high rank administrators, to collaborate in the violation of the rights of the daughters of the starved people is more important to the supporters of the dictator than to defend the humiliated people of Eritrea. Feeling superior to the enslaved Eritreans during their visits to Eritrea is a source of pride to the followers of the regime. Such extremists who are devoid of any human consciousness believe that the monstrous instincts deserve rallies and petitions.

The other category of the participators in the expected rallies are those who have got a chance to purchase a house in which they don’t live. The houses they own are more important than the youth who leave behind their warm homes, parents, relatives, friends and villages or towns where they have an intimate relation and love. The houses are more important than the youth who are forced to leave their warm houses to spend their productive age in the trenches. Property is more important than those who are abducted by night visitors from their warm homes to be thrown in underground or steel-container prisons without any crime. The houses are more important than those who are tortured and butchered in cold blood. The people of Eritrea represent nothing to the worshipers of assets. The only thing they care about is their houses—material goods are more valuable than the people of Eritrea.

We can best compare the current political situation in Eritrea with the Andinet Party that chose to kiss the shoes of Haille Silase in the forties of last century instead of freedom and independence. The event is identical to the events of the past because those who are preparing to make rallies chose dictatorship and injustice instead of democracy and justice in Eritrea. History narrates the betrayal of the Eritrean people by the Adinet Party, a betrayal that caused suffering for more than half a century. The pigheaded supporters of the regime seem to have sworn to make Eritreans continually pay dear. On the 22nd of February, they intend to stand for dictatorship against free and democratic Eritrea. They are determined to repeat and reiterate the history of shame again. They want to leave a legacy of disgrace to their children and grandchildren, a disgrace that they can’t erase similar to that of the Andinet Party. It is wise to think about our children when we decide our national stances. Let our children become proud of us.

UN resolution # 390 of the last century’s was against the freedom and independence of Eritrea. It supported the kissers of Haile Silase’s shoes, and the main cause of Resolution # 390 was the Andinet Party. Currently, resolution 1907 is against the dictatorial regime which is the main cause of instability and it idirectly assists the democratic struggle of the Eritrean people. Amazingly, after sixty years, the extremists are paying their debt of betrayal to the Eritrean people by the same instruments they utilized. Do children pay the debts of their fathers? According to Christianity and Islam, they do pay. Today, the main difference between the two periods is the failure of extremists to cheat nationalists. Presently, the wisdom of our forefathers in the highlands and lowlands of Eritrea is spreading all over the skies of Eritrea. The wisdom that we heared about in our history has began to function.

All Eritreans around the world—Highlanders and Lowlanders, Moslems and Christians and all ethnic groups—should stand side by side to stop the few group of fanatics who want us to relive the dreadful part of the history of our country. The voice of democracy and justice should be louder than the voice of anti-democracy and injustice. In the 21st century, Eritreans should not allow extremists to summon the horrific experiences of the past again; they should bring the practices of the fanatics to an end. The financial contributions of these sectarians should be blocked and the masterminds should be questioned about their support of terror inside Eritrea and in the region. The terror-mongering regime should not get the financial support that the agents of the regime collect by intimidating the people.

Breaking news shocks the extremists; they don’t believe the death of the regime is near, but it is a bitter reality that they should learn to swallow. The regime is almost dead; it is packed and sealed in a box and waiting for a funeral. Bejakhum akaabruna; kab Kebri hgdf mtraf tselam ma’alti eya—Join in PFDJ’s funeral, missing the funeral would be regrettable historical day. 

Participating in the rallies signifies signing in the register of disgrace and scripting one’s own name in the book of criminals. Anti-democracy backers and Haile Silase shoes kissers are twins without any difference; they will be rallying together. The rallies of the 22nd of February are a farewell occasion to nuisance and the ugly political scene of Eritrea. It is a turning point towards democracy in the political history of Eritrea.


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