Mogogo Adhanet: Baking Fresh Lies

Whenever mogogo is mentioned, the image of injera, zigni or gogo immediately flashes in the mind of Eritreans, but the narration of today is about a different mogogo that has a special task. This unique mogogo is distinguished from the other traditional mogogos by the name of its highly skilled baker and owner that is affixed to it.

Mogogo Adhanet, the subject of this topic, has replaced the conventional mogogo. Today, mothers suffer more than any time before. We know the Stone Age didn’t end for lack of stones, but developed tools had made man to drop stones as tools. In Eritrea mothers dropped the traditional mogogo for lack of dough. The owner of the new bakery has prohibited the traditional mogogo from serving and declared that only his mogogo would serve the people—a decision that has enabled him to monopolize the market.

The tight condition forced an Eritrean mother to smuggle dough to feed her children. In one of the check points, the regime’s security forces caught her red-handed with a bucket of dough in her possession. She implored the soldiers to let her pass with her dough which was barely enough to feed her family for five or six meals. She pleaded that she brought the dough from a far place for her starving children and it would be distressful to go to them bare handed. She reminded them of their children, and her starved children. She pressed; it is unbearable for her to depart without her dough that she bought with borrowed money. Exhausted soul and body, tears pouring down her cheeks, she preferred death to her situation.

The fanatic soldiers responded with threats and told the woman to go away after they confiscated her dough and beat her up. She tried to fight back, but a strong blow on the head prostrated her and she fell down and fainted. When she regained consciousness, eyes gazing, incapable of believing what went on, she questioned: Am I not from the Hafash? Am I not from the Hade Hzbi Hade lbbi? Am I not from …she was interrupted and kicked out of the site. 

This poor mother thought that she was dealing with normal human beings when she was  cheated by the empty slogans like many Eritreans.  But soon the degraded mother recognized these slogans are just codes that exclusively concern the extremists—in case you are in doubt, read “The Eritrean Covenant” issued by Mejlis Ibrahim Mukhtar at

The supremacists consider themselves roses: ab maakel ishokh bogila embaba (a rose that blossomed in the middle of thorns.) It is the duty of all supremacists to work hard to get rid of the thorns and eradicate it from the surface of Eritrea. The poor mother and her children are thorns, dregs, pebbles, and ants that deter the roses (chauvinists) from blossoming and they should be weeded out systematically.

The brutalized and humiliated mother headed towards her home, thinking about her hungry children. Are they playing or sleeping? But how could they with an empty stomach, unlike the children who live in the West? Without doubt they are watching the road waiting for their mother to return with a bucket of dough not candies. How could she return empty handed? T

It is difficult to tolerate. Devils posturing like human beings declared war on children, the mothers, the weak and the sick. How do these extremists want people to live? Many colonizers, more powerful than the current fanatics, had departed and the same will happen to them; they will be mentioned with disgrace in the pages of history. But the children are like the mountains of Eritrea which will stay where they are forever, deeply rooted and proud.  

The mother’s thoughts led her to the products of Mogogo Adhanet; an extraordinary mogogo which is planted in the center of Asmara, the shining capital city of Eritrea. It is where the headquarters of Mogogo Adhanet which started by serving the residents of Asmara. The residents enjoyed the smells coming from the new bakery. Years later, the services of the bakery covered a large part of Eritrea for a limited time. A couple of years ago, it started to serve its customers in the region, around the clock. Currently, Mogogo Adhanet has become an international bakery because of its genuine products and services and it has established branches in key cities around the world.

Africans were so pleased by the genuine products of the bakery that they asked the international community to award the bakery a prize worthy of a first-rate organization. The international community responded to the call and the bakery received the prize it deserves. The owner was pleased and the customers organized celebrations to honor the occasion.  

The owner of Mogogo Adhanet is an expert baker. He has acquired his skills through hard work in the field where he baked for many years. His experience in the field has allowed him to be one of the famous bakers in the world. He worked hard to train more bakers who would assist him in advancing his services to his customers. Presently, he endeavors hard to promote his products by way of inviting media outlets.

Internationally, Mogogo Adhanet is known by its trade name and logo EriTV. The bakery is famous for its freshly baked lies. The many bakers that the owner trained have become experts in the field of baking. Now, Mogog Adhanet employs many professional bakers of lies, senketi hasot.

Customers have become addicted to the products of Mogogo Adhanet. They become depressed if they do not get fresh lies in different forms: Panettone, Pane Cassetta, Laurato, Hmbasha and Grissini—fresh lies make fans go wild and into rapture when served hot.

Sometimes the bakery bakes special cakes for its highly privileged supremacists: halifnayo tsewag zemen, kindei zey segerna1, seggum, gitem, ainegedes biduga zereba2, erfi yatsen’e qiltsemna3, bitsetser zi’engef harmaz aira’anan4, nikhid nifterra alamna5. Do not be mistaken; this is the world of the extremists, no need to queue for a cake. These are heyday meals for the sectarians to make them jump hysterically in the streets.

Recently, the owner of Mogogo Adhanet advised his staff to bake promotion products. He instructed them to deal with great care when baking and distributing cheap products to the kindhearted so as not to hamper the finishing touches of his mission. This has made Mogogo Adhanet busy in baking tips in the form of jalabiyat, takiyat, sheddeli, lewyaet, sderiyyet, etc, to avoid nuisance by the naïve who would impede the blooming of the roses. They consider them gullible entities who could be swindled by gle gerka suq abllen (throw them some tips to calm down) until they make arrangements to remove them completely from the map of Eritrea.

The extremists think that the cake is still in their hands and they could deceive the others with tips from the low products of Mogogo Adhanet. Not any more, now the world has changed. The real constituents of the cake are in the hands of the Eritrean people who will bake justice, equality, development, stability and democracy at the right time utilizing the conventional mogogo. A democracy that embraces the entire Eritrean culture, a type that would be qualified to carry an Eritrean identity.

In baking the Eritrean democracy, the people of Eritrea will depend on the rich Eritrean cultures and faiths that all Eritreans are proud of. For example: ageb n’zbeddele; msakha alona n’ztebeddele—shaming aggressor and support the victim. This is an example of our culture not only from the highlands of Eritrea, but from the whole of Eritrea. What is the relation of the extremists to this culture?

The Eritrean culture will never remain trodden by the bats; the wise will raise their voices to rectify what has gone wrong by the aggressors.

The viciously humiliated mother concluded her wandering by an interview with a shaky baker of lies, senkatti hasot:

From where do you import flour for your bakery?

Did you enjoy the cakes of Mogogo Adhanet?

From where do you import flour for your bakery?

From Darfur, CIA, Weyani, Somali, AU, UN, etc; as a dealer I purchase it at a very cheap price.

Really Ya khetari bihug—Dough Bandit!  



NB: The following are excerpts from the songs the regime airs to give fuel to the extremists and make them dance hysterically in the streets of key citieworld capitals. The supremacists tone and strength is vivid. Thinking of the majority of the Eritrean people as thorns, pebbles, ants, mean and inferior is also very clear. Their rage is mainly directed towards Eritreans than UN Resolution 1907 and the countries they claim are behind it.  

1-      kindei zey segerna: We have gone through a lot of hurdles.

2-      ainegedes biduga zereba: Don’t care about mean talks.

3-      erfi yatsen’e qiltsemna: Our arms holds the steer strongly.

4-      bitsetser zi’enqef harmaz aira’anan: We haven’t sees an elephant stumble over pebbles.                           

5-      nikhid nifterra alemna  (Move forward to create our world.)


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