Isaias: It Is Time to Leave

My son was surprised by the conduct of his computer rival in a chess game and he asked me: Why does my contender in the game withdraw and acknowledge defeat before the end of the play which I am about to win? I replied these are khawajat (the civilized people); they don’t scratch it to the end. When they comprehend no way for their success, dropout the failed project without exhausting themselves more. They are unlike the Isaiases we have who drag things down to the mud.

The imposition of the embargo by the UN Security Council is a crystal clear indication of the diplomatic failure of the regime. It is impossible for a regime that failed to block the passing of the resolution to have the intellect reverse it. The regime is brain dead; it is in the intensive care unit with no hope for recovery. The only thing left after the brain fails to function is to remove the healthy organs (free from diseases) for transplantation in the entire body of the Eritrean people.

The memorable safari day bore fruit. Isaias received Muamer Gadafi with great respect that was accompanied with a camping and ostrich hunting in the lowland of Eritrea. In that historical day it seems the genie of Isaias was absent. Gadafi appeared to be very happy on that extraordinary day. From all of the fifteen doors, the only one left open for him was Libyan door. Gadafi didn’t betray his friend; he stood on his side, a firm stance on that black Wednesday. Isaias had to make use of that door right away or it would be too late to find another door open in the future. He has to learn from all the lessons he has received and move quickly and apply for asylum before the worst comes and he is left with no alternative.

Though the sanctions were issued with the intention of supporting Somalia and Djibouti, the principal beneficiary is the Eritrean people provided the opposition camp promptly plays its anticipated role in unison. The political door for the Eritrean opposition camp is widely open to secure support from the international community for its just cause.

The Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA) will certainly accelerate its duties on many levels. It will open diplomatic channels with the United Nations institutions to offer its help in implementing the embargo on the intended targets.

The opposition camp can make the embargo effective, and with immediate results. It knows the crooked ways the regime exploits to break the sanctions, and understands the whereabouts of the satellite organizations, bagmen and individuals who cooperate and assist the regime in violating the sanctions. Information about the individuals who cooperate and the channels that the regime is expected to utilize should be passed to the UN so that they can focus on.

Now is the appropriate time for a well calculated move. The opposition camp should work to protect the Eritrean Diaspora from the manipulation of the regime. It is anticipated to endeavor hard to secure assistance for refugees in the Sudan and Ethiopia, and attempt to open channels to help our people inside Eritrea. Moreover, now is the right time to open and strengthen diplomatic relations with all governments and international institutions around the world.

The embargo is a valuable opportunity for the opposition camp to get out from their tight condition. The world is wide open to move around freely without obstructions by the regime. The international community will deal with the opposition camp without any fear and pressure from the cornered regime.

And most importantly, the EDA should strive hard to convene the national conference as soon as possible; any delay in this vital issue will severely damage the cause of the Eritrean people. Our people’s cause is a genuine product; it only requires first-rate marketers. Our politicians should wake up from the dormant state and shift from the retarded politics of whisper, secrecy and backdoor conferences to uniting the potential of the opposition camp for an effective marketing among our people and the international community. 

The opposition should also realize that there are sworn, thickheaded and hidden agents with agendas identical to that of the regime among the opposition camp. These entities make every effort to weaken and dismantle the opposition camp. Unity of the Eritrean people is a poison for them. They labor relentlessly to duplicate failed schemes, and have sworn to ignore lessons of disappointment in our history. Isaias worked for the same project more than twenty years in the field and with full scale for, but at last he failed, therefore, no need to reiterate the same mistakes.

If the individuals insisting on repeating the same failed history were commandos, they would have been excused, but to be PhDs and intellectuals is an issue very difficult to justify, comprehend and forgive. These educated people, rather than employ their efforts and education to rectify what has gone wrong, they are seen jogging to organize secretive assemblies, and backdoor conferences. Today, the priority should be given to working in unison for the national conference and strengthening our ties with the international community in order to face the critical condition in our country.

Yesterday we were Jabha and Shabia, but today give it any name and tomorrow we will be at our worst, where we will not find names to label our fragment, or find methods to bring them together. Some Eritreans are in panic from what they see today, and they will be deadly stricken from what would happen tomorrow. Eritrea is deteriorating; it requires an urgent rescue by skilled, farsighted and honest topnotch marketers.

This irreplaceable opportunity in the hands of the opposition should be an impetus for them to operate in unison to sort out decades long but simple problems of misunderstanding that cost Eritreans dearly. It is also the proper time to set our people free from the dictator’s grip. Those working intentionally or unintentionally against the interests of the entire people of Eritrea should be advised, as our brother Mr. Tewelde G/Sillase has put it—yes, he is right—they are our brothers and sisters whom we cannot exclude from the fabric of the Eritrean people. Some of our brothers/sisters may have Islamophobia, thus they don’t accept advice from a Muslem, but today I am optimistic, we have many Semeres, Amanuels, Milkiases and other wise persons who broke the silence, to help advice and cure those with strong fear and phobias. 

Isaias has lost all factors of survival. The condition inside Eritrea is very critical; things may collapse without forewarning. The land of Eritrea is shaking beneath him and will not hold him anymore. He will be caste out at any time, thus he has either to benefit from the opened door of Libya before it is too late or will find himself behind the bars. The same people, who watch him today conducting interviews, touring, lecturing about roadmaps to his henchmen, will watch him in a cage in the same screen aired from the Eritrean TV in Asmara.

Here, I expect inquiries from my little ones: Do they put human beings in cages like animals, papa? Yes, they put them behind bars like animals when they perform theft, commit crimes, abuse children, imprison innocent mothers and fathers, enslave the youth, make people live in fear, suppress rights and spread injustice. Such individuals should be placed in a cage like the beasts of prey to prevent them from harming innocent people. They are dangerous creatures to live on this earth. My dear little ones, justice shelters its practitioner, but power betrays those who thinks they own it.




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