Revelations of a Former Eritrean Freedom Fighter

To learn how a nation can spiral into a self-destructive vortex of paranoia, one should read Semere Solomon’s new book

PFDJ Members Also Betrayed By the Eritrean Regime

This is an Account presented through the Story of Gebremeskel Tekle. “A profound chaos descended on our lives in the

The Story of Eritrean Liberation Front’s Book of Martyrs

“I wonder if anyone knows or remembers Tedros Tesfai Tedla” Degiga revealed his inner thoughts. “He was an ELF freedom

An Open Letter to My Friend

This story revolves around the early memories of my upbringing that shaped my identity.  In all conscience, it is neither

Eritrea’s Feigned Longing for Peace

President Isaias Afwerki sealed border crossings not only because the outflow of Eritrean citizens to Ethiopia intensified, but peace, generally

All about Self-Liberation

  I have a friend who served as a British soldier during WWII whose stories I find quite fascinating. In

A Thorny Path: the Life of Woldeab Woldemariam, Eritrea’s Campaigning Visionary

There were very few actively engaged citizens who withstood the test of time and lived through Eritrea’s past struggles.  One

Woldeab Woldemariam, a Visionary Eritrean Patriot, Biography

Now I know why a monument has been erected for Alexander Pushkin, the renowned Russian poet, in the heart of Asmara,

Nakfa’s Symbolic Value

It is embarrassing to witness, in this day and age, abnormal developments creep into our campaigns for human and democratic

Eritrean Youth: The Lost Generation

Many of us living overseas have conducted ourselves in such a way that we remained true to our Eritrean heritage.

Freedom of Expression

It is common knowledge that the source of expression is thinking, and therefore any musing on freedom of expression begins