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The Geneva Aftershock Must Reverberate Unabated

The demonstration of June 26 by Eritreans was an earthquake that shook the Peoples Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) to the core. Its aftershocks must continue unabated. We are witnessing a regime in the last throes of its ruling life the desperateness of which is manifested in its frantic efforts to shift the conversation. Part of its attempt to shift the momentum was evident in its print medium, where it attempted to paint an ominous picture as it accuses its own ruling elite of “Islamism, espionage, etc.”

We have seen this film before in 2001 when the PFDF summarily made its own elite cabinet members to vanish without a trace. This is a regime that devours its own whenever it sees danger lurking too close for comfort, a danger that might end up removing it from power; it is supremely talented in finding the sacrificial lamb, this is an all too common of a pattern by now, the recent “believe or not” on the regime’s newspaper “Haddas Eritrea” is no exception.

The man at the helm of PFDJ smells blood like a vampire and sucks the blood of his own friends, comrades, and individuals who fought alongside him for decades just so he may remain in power, and his victims to our amazement, time and again, seem to fall for this predictable bait one after another; even those who were outside the country at his behest travel and flock like herds in trance back to Eritrea to only end up in the dungeons to never be heard from.

Of course, for a man who operates fully using his reptilian brain, and for whom survival of the fittest is the name of the game, much as those in the wild are, where intuition and instinct are at their most potent and at their deadliest, he will have no hesitation toward anyone else who might show any traces of threat to his rule – he will attack first, viciously at that.

The aftershock of the June 26 earthquake in Geneva, however, made it abundantly clear that Diapora Eritreans have nothing to fear, the vampire’s fangs have no power to suck their blood remotely. Thelandmark date will be etched in our collective memory as one that will be patented as the beginning of an end for a brute whose malaise afflicted Eritreans from all walks of life for two dozen years.

The question that begs immediate response is how this game changer is made to transition inside Eritrea’s proper? What should the strategies be like? How should the homestretch be ushered into the finish line?

Before one can answer these questions, it would help to understand how the PFDJ is operating today. If we pay close attention, the regime is left with a clique, its leaders, and followers outside Eritrea are desperately in need of holding on to its support base that seems to be shrinking by the day. It would come as no surprise if it attempts to stoke a flame using a balderdash that would give its loyal followers something to latch onto, such as, how unfairly they are being targeted by not only Eritreans in Diaspora but also by the world at large. The UN Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea’s report, for example, shows certain unsavory characteristics that has an emasculating effect to the regime followers.

If the likes of Gidewon and Berhane, the regime loyalist duo who are the architects mandated to keep the Amen Corner on the side of PFDJ, it should come as no surprise if they use emotional rhetoric to tow the party line. The duo may concoct sentiments that do not exist, such as, giving indications in a coded manner how the highland Eritreans are being unfairly targeted; how their identity is being disparaged; how everything that EPLF stood for was being erased one establishment at a time. Because the PFDJ has no decent record to show what good it has done in the last twenty four years, it should come as no surprise if it bypasses that grim record and wish to own EPLF’s miracles (its struggle era predecessor) when it delivered the birth of a nation instead.

And, here is where those of us who are in the opposition should not and cannot let the PFDJ own that history. That history belongs to those who paid the ultimate price; that history belongs to those who left the country and are in exile now fighting to deliver the second coming, liberty and personal sovereignty to every Eritrean regardless of their background.

The Way Forward:

For starters, the way this can be delivered effectively is via myriad media outlets in general and those that directly reach Eritrea via Satellites and shortwave in particular. Eritreans must hear these clear messages of ownership of their personal sovereignty and their promising future in clear terms in their own languages. For example, the media outlets must be streamlined in their respective expertise, which can be divided into three categories: the print, the visual, and the audio media outlets.

Media Outlets:

This includes all known Eritrean websites that depend on print, from websites like and to those who use Facebook as an outlet for their messages. There has to be a mechanism by which these can be streamlined and if possible consolidated to where they are able to communicate at lightning speed. For example, when recently  a Tigrinya letter from the Eritrean embassy in Wsahington, DC was leaked, all should need to do is reach out to the the Awate Team and give them heads up if they are willing to translate it into English if they deem it necessary to do so or any other website that shows interest in such reporting. Not only that, but also making attempts to see if non-Eritrean media outlets are interested in picking up the story.

Duplicating efforts must be averted at any cost, especially when one considers the opposition websites, most of which operate out of pocket money, time, and energy; whereas the adversary has the entire country’s resources at its disposal if it should become necessary, they can use these resources at their free will.

The audio-visual media can follow similar trajectories to fine tune the output for maximum effect.

Languages of Media:

If the last twenty-four years have been marked by one default language, it is high time that the opposition begins to show concerted effort to change this perception through practical means. The next logical language to follow Tigrinya & Arabic, vis-à-vis media streaming, is Tigre language, which has sizable number of its speakers in exile.

The inclusion of such language as part of news like the other two will have two important components: (1) Inside Eritrea those who hear messages of solidarity in their native tongue will know that the opposition mean serious business as it is willing to not only disseminate news but will be there to hear them out as well when the menace is removed from power. (2) Outside Eritrea, too, such efforts will go a long ways in rectifying past mistrusts and develop genuine rapports between and among Eritreans from all walks of life.

Of course, lack of resources notwithstanding, the other Eritrean languages should be in line for airtime as well. Imagine, even if only half-an-hour a week Eritreans in Eritrea begin to hear their own language being heard through Satellite and Shortwave Radio, it is easy to see how such validation will instill the yearning for the infinite possibilities of the future of Eritrea for all Eritreans across the board.

Therefore, streamlining our resources is one of the highest orders of priority in Diaspora if we are going to seize the momentum that has been long in coming. This applies to all organization civic or otherwise. Replications and duplication is a mark of inefficiency, a sign of incompetency, more ominously, a sign of implicit weakness and discord that can be taken as Eritreans’ inability to work together. We certainly cannot afford to squander this lifetime opportunity – our ultimate chance to unseat a system that has wreaked havoc over Eritrean youths like no other system ever in the annals of Eritrea’s history. the PFDJ has dwarfed its predecessors manifold in the way it mastered the art of brutality and appears to perversely enjoy in being the brute of brutes. This is our chance to stop PFDJ in its tracks once and for all.

There are strategies that need not be classified, and this is clearly one in which the PFDJ and its followers can do nothing about to counter it other than to watch helplessly at how openly one can discuss issues when the truth is on one’s side. There are other strategies that must be dealt with discretely and never should be apparent until after the fact – I am cognizant of such a fact and I know when to stop pushing the envelope, and it is right here and right now.

About Beyan Negash

Activist, a writer and a doctoral candidate (ABD) in Language, Literacy, and Culture at New Mexico State University (NMSU). Beyan holds a bachelor of arts in English and a master of arts in TESOL from NMSU as well as a bachelor of arts in Anthropology from UCLA. His research interests are on colonial discourse and post-colonial theories and their hegemonic impact on patriarchy, cultural identity, literacy development, language acquisition as well as curriculum & citizenship. The geopolitics of the Horn of Africa interests Beyan greatly. His writings tend to focus on Eritrea and Ethiopia. Beyan has been writing opinion pieces at since its inception (1 September 2001).

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  • Nitricc

    Oh my…. a Dedebit is always a dedebit. What an embarrassment to the Ethiopians. How bad can the Dedebitawian be even a greedy western company to cut them off with millions of dollars account?
    “On Mar 7, 2015, at 4:48 PM, Eric Rabe
    This customer (INSA) is not worth the problems they are causing. Frankly, I hope that CL is able to determine that we have cut them off and reports the fact. Of course, we would not comment if they did, but it wouldn’t hurt for the activists or frankly other clients to know.
    On Mar 19, 2015, at 4:03 PM, Daniele Milan
    I’m receiving ongoing pressure from the E. [Ethiopian] client to resume the relationship that came to an halt after the CitizenLab/HRW reports. I think that we all agree that we should interrupt any business with them due to the recurring media exposure and resulting technical issues. Their reckless and clumsy usage of our solution caused us enough damage. What’s worst is that we can be sure that if we allow them to continue, more will come.”

    • selam

      Dear Nitricc
      Becarefull you are crossing the line , it is a red line to say such thing , if you have news please tell us about the 2 billion loan made by Ethiopian cube bank to Eritreans ? I am just making some thing out of my pocket. Forgive me the PM of ethiopia is just giv7ng signal through hayat about his intentions and also he is not doing it to help the ESHI GOYTAYE , he is doing it for special case . You want prove ask hayat.

  • tes

    Dear Belay,

    No need to apologize. Abi is for a different reason. He just attempted a fatal fight. He is now dead.


  • tes

    Dear Awatista,

    There is no sin when people dream about others the way they wanted them to be. In fact, everbody dreams in that way instead of dreaming what he wanted to be himself.

    Recently, Abi, for his respect, I will call him dear Abi, came and labeled as “a liar”. Well, if he is just meant politically, I can just say, “you are saying it” but if he is serious, a liar says a liar to others.

    The fact is, Abi’s objective lays on this line; Does the honorable prof Tes support ethiopian involvement in getting rid of pfdj as he put it in assenna?

    After following me for more than a year, he could not find any single drop of line in support of Ethiopia’s involvement in Eritrean matters. Here in my home, he was unable to read any single line as per hs wish. Then he went on surfing other web-sites in case tes is also available with a different approach. To satify his curiousity, he got “Tes” of assenna. Then, he changed himself into a drum junkie junta to open a file.

    Ok, I assured him that I am not Tes but tes of awate room, the room where I believe it is my first and final destiny.

    He was not satified, dream is a dream. We have a dream called, “Hilmi Abay Tigray”. and Abi’s dream was to see, “tes supporting Ethiopian’s invasion”, just like those of opportunists, Abyssinian Fundamentalists and hopeless people.

    This is what he wrote, “I like asmarino specially when “the one and only “” He is addressing YG, the opportunists and a person against our own identity. On the other hand, he doesn’t like assenna because they write in Tigrigna. According to his words, “Saay, you are right I don’t like assenna at all. It is mostly Tigrigna and the comments are , well, let me not say it.”

    From this we can deduce three things:

    1. Abi is wishing to see Eritreans support Ethiopian invasion.
    2. Abi hopes writers like YG to come often and write against Eritrean identity
    3. He doesn’t like websites that write using Eritrea’s language.

    This is pure line of thinking Abi has.

    He is not meant to tes, Tes, Tuss, Prof. Tes, Tess. These are just means to his dream.

    Well at Awate University, he is known for his jokes and artistic talents. But for me, for long time he is a foe, aan urdent hater of Eritre and Eritreans. I had frequently disarguments with him and still it is continuiing.

    He tried in so many ways but a fierce reaction of my Newtonian law can’t let him proceed as he wished. Recently he changed a tactic and accused tes of fraud. hahaha, this is funny.

    Abi just reminded me of PFDJ tactics.

    Dear Abi, remember please, I am son of And if you know what is and what it represents for, you couldn’t have tried usch cheap fight. I am a 100% follower of Hamid Idris Awate, the father of our armed struggle and a symbol of our resistance. I am Awate, by blood and thinking. If I am here, it is because is born in that line of thinking.

    If I support Ethiopian invasion, I am betraying my father, Hamid Idris Awate. If you like asmarino when YG writes, you have a reason and you know what YG calls my father.

    Regarding Ethiopian’s involvement, I have included recently to an advise I wrote to PMHD, something that read with a message, “If Ethiopia decides to invade Eritrean sovereignity, it will be a great mistake and no sane Eritrean can accept that action.”

    Dear Abi, stop dreaming about others to fulfill your desire. I have my own dream and the dream is “to see a strong, united, peaceful and prosperious Eritrea”. You have no power to divert this and if you try, I know to act against.

    @salehjohar:disqus, saay7, MS, Pass the Salt and others, thank you for assuring and give your testimony. I am son of I am here always and I will be here for ever. I am here because I believe is home of my father, Hamid Idris Awate.

    @mahmud_saleh:disqus just to assure you, I have never changed my nickname to Tes, even by error. But people address me usually by Tes as saay7 said it, it is a deafult use to start using capital letter. Else, I am as always tes and if people like Abi came unto me, they have a reason. But let them come and they will be bomarded for ever. As usual, I am full of weapons to areact, thanks to my Newtonian Law.

    Enjoy therefore for your discussion and let ABi bark. Like PFDJ, he will also be weeded-out.


    • Abi

      Prof Tes
      You disappointed me again. I was expecting you to tell us why you changed your disqus account and avatar. It takes only two sentences.
      Why don’t you keep your nick and avatar at awate and let the ” other Tes ” worry about himself?why did you rush to change ?

      Tes. I don’t like assenna because it is mostly Tigrigna. I don’t speak or read Tigrigna. Wela hanti!

      Are you still under witnees protection program? How is your new face? Show us your new picture ( avatar ) like you used to before you decided to hide it.
      You can’t run and hide from yourself.

      • tes

        Dear Abi,

        You lost your respect. Ahya! Uninvited scrap. Ye Ahya lij.


  • Bayan Nagash
  • Bayan Nagash
  • Belay

    Dear Awatians,
    Time to unveil,
    While thousands of Eritreans all over the world demonstrate with out a cover on their faces (men), I can’t understand the people in this forum still want to hide behind their nick names and expect to be taken seriously.
    I think it is time to come out, and stand next to your people rather than hiding behind them.
    With respect.

  • haileTG

    Selamat Bayan and awatista,

    In the annals of Eritreans’ struggle for justice, dignity and rule of law, what has taken place in Geneva (and UNHRC by implication) over the past month is a major victory that will change the course of our history for good. From the dozens of activists who doggedly battled tooth to nail, to the many hundreds who testified and many thousands who came out in show of force in Geneva, this was an epic battle not for the faint heart.

    The PFDJ regime lost its major defeat and it is almost improbable that it would ever regain control and dislodge the justice seekers from the strategic and commanding position that they have now entered under their firm control. From here onward, the PFDJ will have to fight uphill, which will be complicated because such unenviable fighting position would also be only for defensive purposes. You are indeed right that the end of PFDJ is finally within sight.

    Complacency and in-fighting would only be the main follies that would cause justice seekers to fail to take full advantage of what is availed to them by the most opportune of circumstances. Until now, the fate of the Eritrean people was left for the regime to decide amid inefficiency, indifference, realpolitik and divisions of both Eritreans and the world at large. The COIE has tilted the balance and the ground has suddenly shifted from under the PFDJ regime’s feet, in favor of democratic change in Eritrea.

    The key question you raised is of course the natural next step, i.e. how do we make Eritrea proper aware that PFDJ has lost big time and the game rules have now changed. In reality, PFDJ can now be confronted at will, however the lingering fear is still likely to hold back the people. Although the justice seeking camp has many mainstream (as in an opposition main stream) media outlets (three Satellite, and additional shortwaves that broadcast directly to Eritrea from nearby), the Alternative Media assets of the camp is still at its earliest stages. Alternative Media are forms of media that foster horizontal linkages across the crossection of the many sections of the oppressed people. Those oppressed people are the one’s that need to be made aware of the new changed reality on the ground. What we termed the opposition mainstream media is essentially perpetuates apposition hegemonic power relations via their selection of content and their rhetorical and structural framing of news and information. That process inadvertently dilutes the message and falls short of yielding the synergy being sought after by the context of your arguments above. Alternative media make intensive use of varied linguistic, artistic and cultural presentation modes. They are highly effective in reaching out to the widest segment of the oppressed population at once, e.g. a drama, music, movie and documentary does that far better than an editorial from one opposition group’s written or broadcast coverage.

    It is interesting to note that the PFDJ regime spends substantial time, resource and energy in controlling the Alternative media scene of the Eritrean audience landscape. There has been great encouraging strides of recent times made by the justice seeking camp, but there is a lot to go before it genuinely reaches a stage of producing on a par to what is needed to respond to the current opportunities appropriately and effectively.

    In conclusion, Geneva has indeed made history and PFDJ will not be able to recover from that. That being the positive take home message, your article has also raised an important topic of synergy that is needed more than anytime now. I hope I have made sense to you in bringing the specific aspects of the media struggle we need to look at for a maximum yield.


    PS: Here is a new song targeted at the youth “Sidet” (only a taste of it:)

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Dear Haylat
      That was a fantastic addition to Bayan’s article, thank you. Who are these artists? Can you say something about them or the lyrics? Apart from “sidet”, I could not make a word out of it.

      • haileTG

        Merhaba Mahmuday,

        Thanks. This facebook, you’re right clip is too noisy to make much out of the actual content. The group of artists are Eritrean youth who are organizing under ጩራ ባንድ betwee Ethiopia and Israel. This particular singers/Artists include Faud Alamin and Mihretab Micheal. They are currently on tour to Israel. The song is (I hope will be released soon) gives the message ስደት ኣይኮነን ቅያር (Migration isn’t the needed change). One unique excellence of this group of artists is that as soon as they produce a music work or other artistic production, they make it freely available to the public for use in the media campaign operations of the justice camp. We still have other talented artists like that (such as Amanuel Zemichael, Andit Okba, Zeresenay Girmay, GG, Almaz Aregay,,,)too, who are not with the band. But I must add that there are others who are great but insist on commercial releases only (imagine if Wedi Tikul insisted on making his songs available only on sale during the armed struggle!).

        The second issue is that the young Freselam Mussie was supposed to be working with them and unfortunately they had some disagreements. Such is the common obstacle in working together, because if you asked what the disagreement was about, well you’ll be shaking your head in pity. It was a very minor issue of organizing an outbound trip to Israel from Ethiopia. Such is real issue among our people, in which a severe loss of opportunity is incurred by allowing a fall out in an embarrassingly small issue.

        I think I said enough:) Let me get out before the rocks start to fly by 🙂

        • Abi

          Stay around a little bit. I got a joke not a rock.
          Are you talking about an eritrean
          Rock band? Let them fly 🙂
          Here is my joke for Sunday.
          It is a conversation between a father and a son in addis.
          Son : “abaye I got 100% in my math test !”
          When the father check the exam paper his son has got his answers almost all wrong and yet managed to score 100% !
          He asked his son ” lije, fetenachihu yemitaremew mircha board new ende?”

          Meto bemeto yiluhal endih new!

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear abi
            You are indeed the man of the day; No…no…of the week. I had a protracted, honestly, an unusually long laugh. Your reply about the picture cyclist Daniel which you dubbed “the picture of the century” was another brilliant and witty response.Well, this latest joke is a therapy until the next cracking up comes. My friend TK is holding on to his gun somewhere lurking in the background of awatistas forum. Anyway, have you made this up to the exact taste of awatistas, or it’s a joke playing out on the Ethiopian cyber space?
            Let’s go:
            AKwan. ..AKwan
            (Improvised from AKwan…AKwan
            Eritrean wo sudan)
            I told one time what”Akwan” means. Go dig it.

          • Abi

            Hi Mahmud
            I’m glad you liked the joke. I didn’t make it up . I was told. Don’t worry about our friend TK he will be the one laughing harder.
            “Ewnetun sinegrut yekorekorut yahil yasqewal.”
            I’ll get back to you after I do some digging and burying.

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Abi, that is hilarious, and wicked 🙂

        • Bayan Nagash

          Selamat Haile TG, Mahmud, Michael, and All,

          (1) Alternative Media (AM): Your suggestion in this regard is instructive one. If we take the American experience vis-à-vis alternative media, it is, indeed, the antidote to the mainstream media that tends to kowtow to the big corporations, whereas AM relies completely on public funding, as such it is only beholden to the public, and as such it panders to the public and is therefore public good in every sense of the word. This financial freedom allows it to focus on common good using cultural and artistic tropes to elevate the conversation as it reports through the lens of grassroots. For example, in the visual medium you see “Democracy Now” with Amy Goodman going deeper in the subjects that she covers. Or in audio arena, for example, you see Pacifica Radio (in California 90.7 FM) does sometimes go way to the left of Amy Goodman’s in its reporting, nevertheless an absolute treasure trough.

          (2) If you veer back to our predicament, however, the infusion of cash to implementing such like programming becomes a matter of how steep our coffers are, and that’s where the AM hits its most formidable foe – lack of the needed wherewithal. The AM types of programming I believe will be crucial in the future of Eritrea once it is run like a country and not like a property of
          one man.

          (3) This leads me to use a case study, sort of, that one can use in how what you suggest above can be implemented, to a limited extend. For example, let’s take Medrekh Radio (MR), one that uses satellite and shortwave to reach Eritrean audience inside Eritrea, of course, it is too obvious to mention that it does reach out Eritreans in exile. What I can foresee MR doing is appropriate some of the ideas you suggest about Alternative Media
          (AM). MR, from its inception has been administered professionally. Financial
          backing seems to be not one of its problems. That being the case, I can see MR using some of the artists you mentioned above to transform its programming.

          (4) In fact, in a different context, in private, I shared my ideas about the way of engaging the young Eritreans. I think it would not be a transgression of my duty if I were to share my portion of it in what I said just last week. Given the open access nature of this space, one never knows who might read it and in the event that entity happens to have disposal income to make these ideas we are sharing its own vision and mission, more power to it. What I am sensing about the Eritrean youths can be encapsulated into two key notions: meraHti Haimanotn & sne TbebNatn. sne TibeNatat: How to harness artists some of whom mentioned above and many others who are in exile now, such as weddi Tikabo, as well as poets, playwright, etc., who can capture the imagination of youths. If we can incorporate these ideas I think we can mobilize the public into one coherent narrative. I will confine my ideas to sne TbebNatat, but here is what I will say about meraHti haimanot.

          (5) MeraHti Haimanot mebbalye mKnyat is this: (a) If you watched the Addis Abeba demonstration carefully, the young Eritrean demonstrators were using spiritual music to get them riled up emotionally. (b) There is a promo going around FB [now it has come to pass, this was prior July the 10th that you Haile alluded to in your last note] in which this young Eritrean is speaking to someone over the phone in which you hear him say (in tigrinya) that when Abbeiti sne TebeNatatn raHriHommo zkhodu zellowu Addi kem beAl Mihretab Michael (looked him up and found these two that have spiritual messages in them) and this And Fouad Alamin (looked him up and found this) and when a country is left with meraHti haymano zHssuwun men kof kbla eta Addi. I went back to locate that promo, to no avail. So, this I completely agree with you Haile TG, will be one area we can explore to find meraHti haymanot who can speak to the plight of the youth in its national context would be one great way to reach out to their heart.

          (6) Else, It is beginning to dawn on me now, it scares me that our ideas are in sync to a point of my wondering, if you have hacked my e-mail and you are playing tricks of the mind and heart all at once on me, in light of your deep knowledge in matters of mind and heart…I must qualify this statement to say that this is my attempt at humoring you Haile TG…The more our ideas are synchronistical, coincidental in time; their contemporaneousness and their simultaneousness pleases me to no end to find my ideas falling in line with one of the personalities I admire most in this space called

          (7) Brother Mahmud, what Haile TG had said about you I subscribe to completely. Your selflessness is on display as if the sacrifices you’ve made for your country in the past was not enough, you are now continuing on that legacy to bring an honor to your comrades who had fallen to bring about the nation called Eritrea. The image of the disabled veteran Eritrean leading the Geneva demonstration was so powerful that I lack the appropriate wording to describe the feeling I felt upon seeing such selfless act. It is you and thousands of Eritreans like you who give the fight of the opposition the moral authority assuring us that we are fighting the good fight to bring the change that Eritreans have been yearning for.

          (8) Michael, my young brother, I just love the decisiveness in your language that injects hope and energy to what must be done right here right now. I feel the sense of urgency in your language – I love that aspect of your writing. As much as I agree with what you said in your last piece addressed to me, I also believe that we must find a way of injecting leadership qualities in our young. Leadership is taught and harnessed, as such; you should not dismiss workshops, especially if they are geared toward teaching and training our young as you are the future leaders of the country.

          (9) Haven’t I rambled enough. Happy Sunday to all…

        • Mahmud Saleh

          Salam HTG
          Thanks, you have given us more than enough.That was great. It’s a good start. When we encourage the starters, others will follow. I think byway of explaining the background of the clip, you have also summarized the the resistance carried out by our artists. That’s encouraging.

        • Amanuel Hidrat

          Dear Hailat & Beyan

          “Ma’ebel Yeblun Melasi” – the echo of our youth artists, reviving the spirit of our struggle. Wonderful and hopefully will keep the momentum. The wrath of our youth against the regime is flaring to restore their stolen future opportunities.

          Amanuel Hidrat

        • sabri

          Dear Hailat and mahamuday,

          Thank you for the sharing the clips. Here is another clip from Chura band dedicated for those who perished in the Mediterranean.

    • Noah

      please stop calling the GOVERNMENT a regime. you wouldn’t last one day .

      • haileTG


        Government is a wrong word for a group that rules by force. Government is a neutral term and could also describe people and system. Regime is what we have in Eritrea. It belongs to those holding it and it is totalitarian. Secondly, lasting long isn’t the aim of the game for a government, it is rather lasting as long as needed to last by the will of the people. Eritrea had a Provisional Government but it later morphed into a brutal and irresponsible regime whose only focus is to stay in power at any cost for as long as it can afford to.

        • Noah

          There is a proverb in Tgrigna BELIH AYTKUN MESTEWALI KUN
          {DO BE SHARP BE SMART}

  • Michael Tesfamariam

    Dear brother Beyan
    Again you have demonstrated your excellent understanding of ways how to bring all Eritreans together and stand against one common enemy at home in this powerful, convenient, brilliant piece, which deserves our serious attentions.
    I agree if there was any indispensable lesson to be learned from Geneva 26; it must be UNITY. Unity is the only effective weapon that can blow hgdef.
    No on, other than those handful wankers in Diaspora is expected to pay a slight heed if PFDJ comes up again with disgusting terms and phrases to downplay its frustration of being isolated, ignored, humiliated, condemned by every sensible human beings around the globe. Of course, it could be a tough daunting task to get all Eritreans with diverse political views together, but i don’t think there is another better way we can do; UNITY must be realized at any cost to speed up the process for justice. I don’t even believe spending to much time on analysing over analysing every PFDJ’s propaganda is important at this moment. I also believe that one big demo once a year is much effective and louder, that can easily reach the wider population at home than thousands of useless workshops, debates in closed rooms. I hope we will maintain that sprite of unity we had demonstrated in Geneva.

  • tes

    Dear Bayan;

    Your strong and prophetic message is vibrating crossing the “Heart-Mind-Strategy”. Thank you for this timely call and alarming call for action and progress.


  • S.Tesfa

    Dear all,

    VOA Amharic radio program interview with Mr. Tsehaye Fasil, Director of Eritrea government Foreign affairs office in connection with Ethiopia PM recent “warning” .

    PFDJ responds to Hailemariam Desalegn’s warning

    “አካባቢውን እያተራመሰች ያለችው ኢትዮጵያ እንጂ ኤርትራ አይደለችም” ሲሉ የኤርትራ የውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስትር ፅ/ቤት ዳይሬክተር አስታወቁ

  • አዲስ

    Hi All,

    After the recent comments by HMD and chatter of Ginbot 7 and the news that comes out today(copied below from fana bc), do you guys think things are heating up at the Ethio-Eritrean border?

    Also news of military recruitment drive are heating up (see link below from Jawar Mohammed’s Facebook page)

    ከኤርትራ ጋር በሚዋሰን ምእራብ ትግራይ ድንበር አካባቢ ሰርጎ ለመግባት የሞከሩ ከ30 የማይልቁ የሻዕቢያ ተላላኪዎች መደምሰሳቸውን የፌደራል ፖሊስ ገለፀ

    አዲስ አበባ፣ ሀምሌ 3፣ 2007 (ኤፍ.ቢ.ሲ) ከኤርትራ ጋር በሚዋሰን ምእራብ ትግራይ ድንበር አካባቢ ሰርጎ ለመግባት የሞከሩ ከ30 የማይልቁ የሻዕቢያ ተላላኪዎች መደምሰሳቸውን የኢትዮጵያ ፌደራል ፖሊስ ኮሚሽን ኮሚሽነር ጄነራል አሰፋ አብዩ ተናገሩ።

    በሻዕቢያ ተልዕኮ ተሰጥቷቸው ትንኮሳ ለመፈጸም ከሞከሩት ጸረ ሰላም ሃይሎች መካከል አብዛኞቹ ሲደመሰሱ ጥቂቶቹ በቁጥጥር ስር ውለዋል።

    እንደ ኮሚሽነር ጄነራሉ ገለጻ ከተንኳሾቹ አንድም ወደ ኋላ ያፈገፈገ ሳይኖር የትንኮሳ ዕቅዳቸው ሙሉ በሙሉ በቁጥጥር ስር ውሏል።

    የሻዕቢያ ተላላኪዎች አልፎ አልፎ የትንኮሳ ድርጊት የሚያካሂዱ መሆኑን ገልፀው፥ ሰሞኑን የተደረገው ከዚህ ቀደም ከነበረው የተለየ አይደለም ብለዋል።

    እነዚህ ሃይሎች ያደረጉት ትንኮሳ አነስተኛ እና በቀላሉ በቁጥጥር ስር ለመዋል የቻለ ነው ያሉት ኮሚሽነር ጄነራሉ፥ ፀረ ሰላም ሃይሎቹ ከጸጥታ ሃይሉ ጋር ውግያ ለመግጠም የሚያስችል አቅምም ብቃትም የላቸውም ብለዋል።

    የኤርትራ መንግስት ኢትዮዽያ እና ሌሎች ሃገሮችን ለማተራመስ የያዘውን አቋም የማይቀይር ከሆነ ኢትዮዽያ ተመጣጣኝ እርምጃ እንደምትወስድ ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ሃይለማርያም ደሳለኝ ሰሞኑን መናገራቸው ይታወቃል።

    በጥላሁን ካሳ


  • Noah

    I think you are morally corrupted and empty inside with no regard to the people and the Country
    you think long and hard to what you say .

  • Kokhob Selam

    ክቡር በያን ነዛ ክውንነት ግላጺት – ዓወታት በሳሪት – ግዳ ኸኣ ገደ ጥምረትን ዝተራቐቐ ቅዲ ቃልስን እትሕብርን – ከይተዛነና ንሸርሕታት ህግደፍ ክንገጥም እትመክርን ዓንቀጽካ – ሓንቲ ውሑዳት ቃላት ዝሓዘለት ናዕታ ከንብረላ ፍቀደለይ :: እሞ ሲነርጂ – ጥምረት – ዝተወሃሃደ ናይ ሓባር ስራሕ ክህለዎ ዝኽእል ግደ እትገልጽ ዶ ትኹነልና ?

    ጆባእ !

    note that there are 4 poems under the same title. 2 already in awate 2 still in the book and this is short version .

    ………….synergy 1+ 1 = 11 ………..

    በይንኻ ትሰርሖ ናይ ሓደ ዋጋ –
    ምስ ሓውካ ትሰርሖ ተራበሐ ጸጋ –
    ኢደይ ኢድካ ንበል — ህግደፍ ንጽረጋ –
    ወገን ንተኣሳሰር ደጊም ኣይንሕደጋ ፥፥

    ፩ + ፩ = ፩፩ ከመይ ገይሩ –
    ኢሉ ዝሓተተ – ጥምረት ተማሂሩ –
    ጥምረት ብጥምረቱ ንሰላም ሃገሩ –
    ድሕረትን ገባትነትን ከጥፍእ ሓቢሩ –
    ብዝሒ ውጺኢቱ – ቀንዲ ቁምነገሩ-
    ሕተቱ ጀኔቫ ፍለጡ ሚስጥሩ ::

    ወይ ‘ዛ ጀኔቫ ርሕቅቲ ክንሳ –
    ዶብ ፍልልያትና – ብዕሊ ኣፍሪሳ –
    ምልክት ሓድነት ምግላጻ ሃንዲሳ
    ውዕለት እያ ውዒላ ፍትሒ ንምንጋሳ ::

    ቀላጽምካ ምትራር –
    …………………እሞ ድማ ምስማር –
    ወረ ድማ ምግታር –
    …………………ሓጹር ፍርሓት ምስባር :-
    ኣዋጅ እዩ ምንጋር –
    ………………….ነቲ ፍሉል ዘዕገርግር-
    ሕጊ ኣልቦ ጻሕጋር
    ………………….ደጊም ከምዘይነብር ::

    ሓይልኻ ኣይተስንፎ –
    ………………….ትኽስ ምባል ግደፎ
    ኣርእይ ንቁሕ ተሳትፎ –
    ………………….ቅዲ ስራሕካ ንደፎ –
    ህግደፍ ነይጽገን ካብ ሃገር ግፈፎ –
    …………………ፍጹም ከይትገድፎ ::

    • Amanuel Hidrat

      Dear Kokhobay,

      I am an optimistic person by nature. But I am not sure when you say this:

      “ወይ ‘ዛ ጀኔቫ ርሕቅቲ ክንሳ –
      ዶብ ፍልልያትና – ብዕሊ ኣፍሪሳ –
      ምልክት ሓድነት ምግላጻ ሃንዲሳ
      ውዕለት እያ ውዒላ ፍትሒ ንምንጋሳ”

      Our “differences” are still alive and remained unresolved. And our hope for unity isn’t either in the horizon. One instance of common effort doesn’t guarantee to overcome our differences or assure the unity of purpose of the justice seekers. One hopes to use and transcend the occasion in to a bigger purpose – to resolve our differences and assure our unity.

      Amanuel Hidrat

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear teacher,

        it is not practical to completely think Geneva’s demonstration will clear our differences. the lesson learnt on that wonderful day is that we can have our voices together. this kind of movement can open the way to reconciliation while killing part of PFDJ’s plan. on June 26 Eritreans from different back ground and political stand were together and it is a bright day that shows it is possible to work within common ground. the stanza ምልክት ሓድነት ምግላጻ ሃንዲሳ was after ዶብ ፍልልያትና – ብዕሊ ኣፍሪሳ – which indicates that it is only a sign or a sample colored light. ውዕለት እያ ውዒላ ፍትሒ ንምንጋሳ” was the last but with the starting stanza ወይ ‘ዛ ጀኔቫ ርሕቅቲ ክንሳ which also is showing how far not only Geneva but the idea of unity. things in my poems are kept to disturb the enemy while calming the comrade but telling the reality. in fact the entire poem is a call for synergistic journey. Hope things are clear teacher.

        • Bayan Nagash

          klette koKobat ab Hade do reKebkuKum,

          eski bejaKum ezom aHwatay, Terrifunal akkubuna bHade knserriH. We have gotta be ready as now is the time, the final hour, the hour of reckoning has arrived, we cannot afford to let it slip. So, let us synchronize our efforts so the impact may double and quadruple. You know the old adage about Hanti leminin and Hamsa leminin… eta Hanti beina one will never feel its weight, but with fifty, oh well, ‘behave self,’ who am I trying to lecture using Tiginrya language, to KS & AH – see how if one does not watch that ego, it will not humble itself, it want to lead one toward hubris…

          kbret yhaballay,

          • Kokhob Selam

            ክቡር በያን

            ልክዕ ኢኻ ዘለኻ : እታ “ክብደት ሓንቲ ለሚን ” ኣዝያ ዓባይ ምህሮ ሓዘል ጥቅሲ እያ :: ኣብሽር ! ኣነን እቲ ውርዙይ መምህርን ‘ ውን ብልዙብ ኣገባብ ኢና ነቲ ዕላል ተተሓሒዝናዮ :: ” ዓቢ ስራሕ ይጽበየና ኣሎ …ንዝዓበየ ሓበራዊ ኣኼባ ድኣ ንበገስ …በዚ ኣይትዛነ “ዝዓይነቱ ናይ መሪሕ ድምጺ :: እቲ ኣነ ድማ “ሕራይ ኣያ … ግዳ ነዚ ዘይንዓቅ ዓወት ‘ውን እናስተማቀርኩ” ዝዓይነቱ ናይ ነገር ህንጡይ ምንኣስ ሓው መልሲ :: ይበል! ባህ ዘብል ፍልልይ ጥዑም ጋግ — ዱልዱል ድልድል ዘለዎ ልዙብ ዕላል!

            ከምኡ እዩ ጉዕዞ ብጾት :: ምሒር ከይፍንጥዝን – ከይሰክርን – ዋኒኑ ከይርስዕን “ተበገስ” ኢልካ ሓውሲ ምቁር ተግሳጽ ምልጋስን :-ብኣንጻሩ ዝተረኽበ ዓወት ክነዓቅ ከምዘይብሉ ምሕባርን ‘:: ኮታ ኩሉ ተረኽቦታት ካብ መሰመር ለጥቅ ከይብልን ካብ መሰመር ክብ ከይብልን ዋርድያ ምዃን ሞ ንሓዲሽ ብድሆ ምንቃል ::

      • tes

        Dear AManuel Hidrat,

        I have followed your cry for so long. Neverthless it is time for your blatant claim of mistrust to be ended and start a new line of thinking. First clean yourself. I have my own observation on you and you are the one who should change your trust on our people. You were challeneged by many and your politics was rebutted. Then, you cry like a crocodile. Accept challenges and believe on yourself.

        Eritreans are much more stronger than before for their unity against PFDJ. The old saga is now over. It is tile for young generatiion. And the young will never stop whether you cry or blab.


        • Kokhob Selam

          Dear tes

          ኣነስ ‘ታይ ምበልኩ — ኣሹንቧይ ከም ኣማኑኤል ዝኣመሰለ ብነዊሕ ተሞክሮን ምህሮን ልቦና ዘኻዕበተ ብዓል ንጹር መርገጽን ሰብ:- ከማኻ ዝኣመሰለ ብቀጻሊ ዝምዕብል ውዑይን በሊሕን መእሰይን :- ውላ ‘ውን ነቲ ለምቀነ ዝተበራበረ ኣብ ዘይጓይልኡ ዝደበለን ካብ ድቃሱ ተሲኡ ባዕዚዙ ዘሎ ሰብ ምኽሳብን – መገዲ ጉዕዞ ሓርነት ምሕባርን – ከይሰልከኻ ኣብ መዓስከር ፍትሒ ምጥርናፉን ይመርጽ ::

          ሻቅሎት ኣማኑኤል ኣብ ቦትኡ ዘሎ ውራይና ኢልና ክንሰርሓሉን ዘለና ጉዳይ እዩ :: እቲ ኣብ ሞንጎ መንእሰይን ዓብን ዘሎ ናይ ግዜ ጋግ ምዃኑን – ንለውጢ ዘለዎ ግደ ዓቢ ምዃኑን ምስትብሃል ኣድላይ እዩ :: በዚ ምኽንያት እየ – ኩሉ ግዜ ሰባት ነቲ ዘይነበርዎ መድረኽ ካብ ዝነበሩን ዋጋ ዝኸፈሉን ክመሃሩ ዝምህጸን :: ብኣንጻሩ ዓበይቲ ምስ ሓዲሽ ክውንነት ክዋስኡን ተረኦም ክጻወቱን ኣድላይ እዩ :: ብዙሓት ዓበይቲ – መድረኽ ገዲፍዎም ከይዱ እዩ :: ገለ ከም ብዓል ኣማኑኤል ግን መዓልታዊ ፖሎቲካዊ ምዕባለታት ካብ ‘ቶም መንእሰያት ‘ውን ንላዕሊ ብዑምቀት ተኸታቲሎም ታሪኻዊ ግቡኦም ኣብ ፍጻም ይርከቡ :: እዚ መወዳድርቲ ኣልቦ ሃብቲ ደለይቲ ፍትሒ እዩ ንጠቀመሉ ::

          ኩሉ ነገር ካብ መስመሩ ንላዕሊ ይኹን ንታሕቲ ክረአ የብሉን :: እዚ ምስ ዝኸውን ዝተዛበዐ ገምጋም ይፈጥር እሞ ሸቶ ኣብ ምህራም የዐግም እዩ :: ንከባበር – ንሰማማዕ ዝሓወይ ::

          • tes

            Dear KS,

            I know when one warns. But Amanuel Hidrat is using his negative thoughts. He has never been positive. He might be positive on himself but on others, gosh, I have never seen such a negative person. He is too much self-centered.

            This is how I interprated his lines


            What we think becomes things.

            Haw Amanuel H. should have spent his time thinking more on trust rather than mistrust.


          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear tes,

            sorry for being late, I was not around my chair to read your reply. you have been talking against PFDJ and the reality in Eritrea, does that mean you are attracting it ?

            allow me to use my language.

            ክቡር ተስፋ ብርሃን

            ኩሉ ጥራዝ ነጥቅ ፍልጠታት ሓደገኛ እዩ – ክኸውን ከኸውን ኣብ ሕጊ ስሕበት ዝተኮረ ምህሮ ::ምናልባት – “ሕጊ ሓይሊ ስሕበት ” – “ሓሳባት ነገር እዮም ” – ዘርእስቶም ግጥምታተይ ኣንቢብካ ትኸውን :: ብርግጽ ግን እዚ ኣርእስቲ ካብ ውሽጢ ንዝነቅል ኣተሓሳስባታት ኣመንጭኻ ጥራይ ኢኻ ብምሉእነት ክትዛረበሉ እትኽእል :: ነዚ ኣርእስቲ ብዝምልከት ኣሽሓት መጻሕፍቲ ተጻሒፎም እዮም :: የግዳስ ዝበዝሑ ነቲ ሓያል ኣእምሮኦም ወላ ‘ውን ርብዒት ዘይተጠቀምሉ እዮም :: ወላ ባዕሉ ኣንስታይንሲ ንነብሱ “ኣነ ምናልባት ፪፭ ካብ ፻ ጥራይ እየ ተጠቂመ ዝኸውን ” እንዶ ኣይብለን ::

            ወዲ ሰብ ገና ኣብ ምምዕባል ዘሎ እንስሳ እዩ – እቲ ሕመረት ሕጊ ስሕበትን ኣጠቃቅምኡን ክገልጽ ‘ውን ክኢሉ እዩ :: ጸፍሒ ‘ውን ብተግባር ገለ ንኣኡሽቶ ክፍል ናይ ‘ዚ ዓውዲ ተጠቂሙሉ እዩ :: ገና ግን ካብ ነገራዊት ዓለም ርሒቁ ንፍሪኳንሲ (ዘብዘባ ) ሓሳባት ብኣገባብ ክጥቀመሉ ኣይበቐዐን :: ንኣብነት እቲ ብገመድ ንሓስ ዝመሓላለፍ ዝነበረ ድሚጺ ኣብ ህዋ ሰዳድን ተቀባልን መስመራት ብምንብድባድ ሓይሊ ከተግብሮ ክኢሉ ኣሎ :: ገና ግን ኣብ ክንዲ እቲ ብገመድ ሰንሰለት ነሓስን ነገራዊ ቁሳቁስን ምጥቃም ብፍጹም ኣይገደፎን :: እቲ ምንታይ ‘ሲ ነቲ ኣብ ውሽጡ ዘሎ ሓይሊ ርክብ ብቀጥታ ካብ ልብን ኣእምሮን ናብ ካልእ ልብን ኣእምሮን (ካብን ናብን ) ብዘይ ገለ ቁሳቁስ ክጥቀም ዘኽእሎ ውሽጣዊ ዓቅሚ ክጥቀም ስለ ዘይክኣለ እዩ :: ኣብ ኩሉ መዳያት ዝረኣ ዘሎ ጸግም ካብ ‘ዚዝ ነቀለ እዩ :: ንኣብነት ኩሉ ዝተራእየ ምዕብልናታት ዓለምና እንተተዓዚብካ ኣዝዩ ሰፊሕ እዩ – ግን ሰላም ዓለምና ብኣንጻሩ እናተሓማመሰ እዩ ዝኸይድ ዘሎ :: እቲ ጠንቂ ኸኣ ኩሉ ወዲ ኣዳም ሰላምን ራህዋን ፍሰሃን ኣብ ደገ – ካብ ታ ነብሱ ወጻኢ ስለ ዝደልዮ እዩ ::

            ኣረዳድኣና ሕጊ ስሕበት ምሉእነት ክህልዎ እምበኣር ሕልምን ድልየትን በይኑ ኣኻሊ ኣይኮነን :: ብውሑዱ ነቲ ዓለማዊ ደስታን ዕርቅን ንምርካብ ነቲ ሰሓቢ ዝገብሮ ነገራት ምድላው ከድሊ እዩ :: ንኣብነት ሓንቲ ነዚ ሕጊ ብተግባር ከተውዕሎ ዝደለየት ሰበይቲ ዝበለቶ ክዘንትወልካ :- ንሳ ሓደ ሰብኣይ ክህልዋ ተመንያ – ኣዝያ ኸኣ ነዚ ናይ ስሕበት ሕጊ ከተተግብሮ ፈቲና :: ግን ኣይተተዓወተትን እቲ ምንታይ ሲ – ነቲ ትምነዮ ሰብ ዘድልዮ ነገራት ስለ ዘይቀረበት :: ስለ ‘ዚ ነዚ ክትፈልጦን ከተትግብሮን ነይርዋ – መኪናኣ ጠጠው ተብለሉ ቦታ ፈልያ ነቲ ትምነዮ ቦታ ክትገድፈሉ ጀሚራ : -ኣብ መደቀሲኣ ውን ክልተ መተርኣስ ኣንቢራ ወዘት ሽዑ ባህርይ ወይ ተፈጥሮ ነቲ
            ትሃርፎ ዘነበረት ተባዕታዊ ጾታ ሂባታ ::

            ኣብ ሕጊ ስሕበት እቲ ቀዳማይ ስጉምቲ ዘለኻዮ ክውንነት ብዘይ ፍርሃት ምቅላዕ እዩ :: እቲ ካልኣይ ስጉምቲ ነቲ ክውንነት ዝቅይሩ ቅድመ ጉዳያት ምጥጣሕ እዩ :: ሳልሳይ ስጉምቲ ነቲ ዝረኸብካዮ ብምስጋናን ጥናቃቀን ምሓዝ እዩ ::እዚ ‘ውን ገና ዝለዓለ ኣጠቃቅማ ኣይኮነን የግዳስ ሓፈሻዊ መዐወቲ መስረሕ ድኣ እምበር :: በቲ ዘለካ ዕገብ እሞ ነቲ ዘለካ ግርም ተጠቂምካ ናብ ላዕሊ ደይብ ::

            ኣማኑኤልን ንስኻን እትደልይዋ ሃገር ነጻ ሰላማዊትን ብልጽግትን ክትከውን ምዕቡል ኣተሓሳስባ ክህልወኩም ኣለዎ :: እቲ ቀዳማይ ስጉምቲ ንሓቀኛ ወድዓዊ ኩነታትኩም ብድፍረት ምቅላዕ እዩ ::ዳሕራይ ነቲ እትደልይዎ ባይታ ምንጻፍ እዩ :: ሽዕኡ እዩ ሕጊ ስሕበት ዝሰርሕ :: ኣማኑኤል ንዘሎ ፍልልያትን ሕድሕድ ምጥርጣርን ዘጽሪ መገዲ ክንክተል ኣለና እንተኢሉ ነዚ ፍልልያትን ጥርጣርን ስሒቡ ማለት ዘይኮነስ ብኣንጻሩ ንሓድነትን ውሕደትን ክንስሕብ ንበገስ ኢሉ ማለት እዩ ::

        • Abi

          There is also a challenge on the table to prove me wrong that you never used Tes as your nick before you changed to tes after the assenna comment of yours.
          You prove me wrong and this will be my last comment on Awate.
          Tes, I’m calling you a liar. Prove yourself otherwise and call me a liar.
          As far as I remember, only TT addressed you as tes.
          I’m waiting.

          • Pass the salt

            Here is a random article from March. You will see it is ‘tes’
            Look, I am a regular Awate visitor. I always see him using ‘tes’. That means is either I am lying or you are. I am confident it is you.

          • Kokhob Selam

            Dear Pass the salt,
            instead I was wondering reading the wonderful article and the comments under it. I was also in mode to say something under that article. really when people describe this site, they were right, please read it that article once again,

          • Abi

            Hi PTS
            Thank you. That was just wonderful !
            U proved me right. People are addressing him as Tes after the mandatory salutation.
            Btw, that post was 3 months ago.
            I want you to check 3-4 days ago.
            You see what he has done is extremely elementary trick. He went and changed his nick from “Tes” to “tes ” in his file which resulted in changing all correspondences to ” tes .” What he couldn’t do was to change his nick after the salutations. It remained as Tes.
            You will find yourself, Nitricc or the Moderators and everyone else addressed him as dear Tes, Hi Tes, prof Tes, selamat Tes, …..
            PTS, read the body of the comments and see for yourself .
            Thanks for your help.

          • Abi

            hi PTS these are the comments just in the last four days before he changed to tes .

            Abi tes • 3 days ago

            Hi Tes

            What is happening today? I read two exactly opposite
            comments from you . Please tell me there is another Tes with your style of
            writing commenting on another site. I’m lost. HELP !!!!

            Nitricc tes • 4 days

            Hi Tes; do you know what bothers me? When people try to chew
            on both sides of their mouth! Why it is okay for you for UN to do what is doing
            to Eritrea? you keep saying justice and justice; let me tell you what justice

            tes Nitricc • 3 days

            [from the moderator: Tes, please remember no one has the
            right to tell anyone to leave this forum. We take that seriously.]

            Nitricc tes • 3 days

            Hi Tes; what time is it in France? stay away from it. lol
            why are you rumbling? I bet you are drunk to the brim. If it wasn’t for your
            stupidity And drunkenness; you could have addressed my response to you. xxxx..

            tes Nitricc • 3 days

            [From the moderator: Tes, you need to correct your
            statement. Gheteb was not kicked off. If he stopped to comment as frequently as
            he did, it is due to his own decision not because he was kicked off as you

            Abi tes • 3 days ago

            Prof Tes

            Leave Nitricc alone . He is just having fun.

            Tes, I read your comment somewhere else today. You are
            supporting ethiopian invasion to get rid of PFDJ. Are you changing your mind? I
            think you have a little bit of explaining to do.

            Could you please comment about it.


            Pass the salt tes • 4
            days ago

            Thanks Tes. I didn’t know there was Abraham’s song I never
            heard of.

          • Ted

            Hi Ab let it go it is not “tes’s”problem if some one choose to use T.

          • Abi

            Hi Ted
            It is more than T or t.
            It is about being honest, it is about respect, it is about integrity.
            He was abusing and calling names some awate commenters for their ideas and go somewhere else and use their ideas as if it is his own. It is cheap. It is unacceptable. It is disgusting.

          • selam

            Dear Abi
            Just one honest cheers from me.

          • tes

            Dear Pass the salt,

            I would like to thank you first. You see, I like’s posting guidelines. that reads like,”People have the right to chose nicknames and forumers should address using the given nickname.”

            The problem with Abi is, he used to address me wrongly. By doing that he got confused worse he confused others like Ted.

            You can go even 1 yr and half, still you will get “tes” in my finishing line. So far, I have used two names here One, my real name, which is also visible under my articles and then “tes”. I am a real and present awatista. I am not fake like Abi, with a nicknale that can not be traced back.

            In food science, there is a law that says, “Food must be traced back to its producer”. For me, my real name is Tesfabirhan and tes is the first three alphabets of my name which can be traved back easily.

            Saying that, Abi used to address me by using Prof Tes, then after I exaplained my nickname origin, and that can also be nicked by “Tess” he coined his own nickname for me “Tuss”. No problem so far.

            Finally, he got lost in the middle.

            The good thing is, I know what I write and I mean it. I am not a kind of person who is just on drama play by Abi.

            One more kick to Abi.

            This is what ABi wrote, “You prove me wrong and this will be my last comment on Awate.” I hope it will be his end time according to his words.

            I replied to you because I know he will not reply after his last comment.

            You see, only a liar can say a liar to others. I have addressed him as confused but he jumped to call me a liar. Hahaha funny Abi.


          • Abi

            Prof Tes / tes
            You are getting worse! You mentioned the awate guidelines demand people to address you by your nick. The good people of awate including the moderator addressed you by Tes until you changed to tes five days ago. I told you what you did is extremely cheap. You can change your nick anytime you want by going to your file . It takes seconds to change your nick
            In every comment you made . I’ve watched enough ” white collar ” not to fall for your kindergarten style trick.
            The Tuss thing is a joke I made after you mentioned some call you Tess instead of Tes. Help me post that comment here and prove me wrong. One thing you forgot is this is a university we love and respect. it is not a kindergarten where you trick people.
            To refresh your memory, I care less if you use Tes or tes . I asked you if you support ethiopian invasion to get rid of pfdj as per your comment on assenna. Instead, you changed your nick and pretend as if you are a different person. Very childish.
            Regarding my nick, I got my nick right here . I used my name Abinet until people addressed me by Abi. The first person called me Abi was the famous LT about two years ago.
            Saay calls me, kokobe calls me Abo,Abishu, Eyobe calls me Abiye. It is love . what can I do ?
            “Yitadelutal enji aytagelutim!”
            Tes, the first and most important posting guidelines should be , DO NOT INSULT OTHERS ‘ INTELLIGENCE !!!!
            The second should be Do not cheat.
            The third should be dont abuse others.
            You failed miserably in all .

          • tes


            You are so funny aand wicked crap. Uninvited scrap of derge leftouts.

            I will come to you when I have enough time. I will show your ignorance in the way that you will never forget. Now, have fun.


          • Abi

            You sound like Dori from ” Finding Nemo.”
            Always forgetful including her name.

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Abi,
            Really? Is there a major difference between t and T? On behalf of moderators, I apologize if that contributed to the confusion.It’s really not a big deal; it could have been an honest mistake. Please move on.

          • Abi

            Ato Saleh
            It is beyond T or t. My argument is he changed his nick from Tes to tes when I mentioned the assenna comment . He is saying there are two people by the nick Tes and tes. My point is there is only one Tes. The other one (tes) is created 5 days ago after I mentioned the assenna comment. What he did is funny and childish. He changed his nick on his file .
            My question for you or anyone interested is why at least 90% of the time people addressed him as Tes after their salutations ? You addressed him as Tes hundreds of times. How many honest mistakes are they? Multiply that honest mistake by the number of commenters multiple times. You see Ato Saleh , all these bright people don’t make this kind of mistakes all the time.
            Tes is trying to cover his outrageous comment on assenna where he begged the ethiopians to get rid of PFDJ. As simple as that. We all know what he has been saying to those fine people who seek minimal help from ethiopia.
            I thought it was only IA who wants to cheat all people all the time. I found Tes in my backyard.
            Ato Saleh you told me to move on . I have moved on even without eritrea. This one is easy.

            Tesfayem yiqoreT
            Birhanem yiTfa
            Abi kemkefa.
            Birhan yelelew tesfa min yaderglignal
            Diqdiqun chelema melmed yishalegnal.

          • saay7

            Hi Abi:

            Since you asked, I capitalize first letter of name out of habit, not a conscious decision and I will probably continue to do that with tes. The point is that Tes has signed his name tes for a long time.

            Furthermore, the man has never been inconsistent about what Ethiopia’s role should and shouldn’t be. Right or wrong, he is authentic. The fact that he changed his disqus user name from Tes to tes you see as a huge gotcha when it’s most likely a case of someone not wanting to associate his views with someone else if it creates confusion. We had two dawits here for a while and two Amanuels. Statistically speaking, it’s likely that there is an Abi somewhere else commenting on how he misses Eritrea and wishes it were still part of Ethiopia. If someone comes and goes all Sherlock on u I will tell him that is not our Abi simply because that’s your calling card just like one of many calling cards of Tes are: no Ethiopian military intervention in Eritrea. So let this a good abinet for you.


          • Abi

            An honest person defends his ideas when challenged. He doesn’t change his disqus name and pretend to be another person.
            In the beginning I asked him if there is another person by the nick Tes. He could have just said ” yes, I’m aware of it.”what he did was he changed his disqus name and avatar and said I am tes not Tes.
            Very silly. I still want him to come out and publicly say ” I have changed my name to tes 5 days ago .”
            I still expect him to apologize for everyone who was fooled by his mischievous and childish action. Even Ato Saleh thought he made an honest mistake. No, he was fooled like Belay, PTS and Ted.

          • Pass the salt

            You are wrong on this. His disquis has always been ‘tes’. I remember that distinctively because only few people start their name/nick with lowercase – HaileTG and Ghezae. Lady Selam too.

          • Abi

            You are wrong again. His original nick and avatar have been replaced 5 days ago. I hope he is honest and brave enough to say he is sorry.

          • Ted

            Dear, Abi. I will bet with all i have to say tes is his nickname at disques, positive . To show you how certain i am, i will give you Assab if you prove me wrong.

          • Abi

            Assab ?
            Don’t do that. Saay already told you his disqus account was Tes. If you are talking about his initial, it has always been tes. The problem is his nick.
            Now I need my assab renovated, with top of the line port services, paved roads, rail, hotels, warehouses, in short, THE WORKS !! I will give you back your qera .
            Deal !

          • Ted

            Hi Abi, Saay is also wrong too. I pride myself having photographic memory(better than Dr. Sheldon cooper). I am with PST, tes has always been tes. You can say many things about tes; king maker, emotional, gullible/hasty, loose canon, dictator, unapologetic…….. BUT not flip flopper. You may find him contradicting himself at times but not for the intent of deceiving people. Any who, Assab once again eyamareh yeqeral.

          • saay7

            Anta PTS:

            I am saying it doesn’t matter. Why does it matter really? Does anybody have any doubt what Tes believes in. So whether he changes his name, whether it was public and he made it private, it doesn’t matter one bit. I think Tes will now open a New School for Abi. The School of Fighting About Nothing.


          • Abi

            Let’s all open a school
            For honesty, integrity, and respect.
            I’m sure you have read ” A matter of Honor” by Jeffery Archer.
            Why is it difficult for someone to come and say ” ok, I have been using Tes as a nick. From now on I’m using tes .” He can’t hide behind a nick forever.
            It is not an honorable thing to do.
            It makes it more suspicious when someone change his nick all of a sudden when challenged.
            There is no ” Presumed Innocent ” when it comes to
            I’m still challenging him that he is the person who wrote the comment iin question on assenna by the nick Tes. Furthermore, the sudden change of his nick on disqus is to confuse and avoid responsibility. Very soapy. Where is his avatar now? Gone with Tes! Funny.

          • saay7


            Well, yagere sew says ዝተኣልካ ኣለዎም እዚኦም whenever, on the surface, what people fight about is…nothing. (Yodita or Fanti will translate for you.)

            “Look!” as Andeberhan would say. Tes is as transparent as they come: he has told you his first name, middle name, last name. He has told you his birthplace. He has shown you his pic at Geneva. He has linked to his FB page. He has shown you his blog. He is who he is. And who he is this: on Disqus he was registered as “Tes “(name that appears next to his avatar) and when he signs his piece at the bottom of his postings, he signs “tes.” And if, to avoid confusion, he change his user name to lowercase, what is the big deal?*

            Given his school of thought (remember he founded all the schools at awate including mine which is apparently the School of Chauvinism:), given that he declared many people dead or near death for espousing what the dude at assenna said, it is not likely that Tes is tes. So you should put to good use your magnifying glasses and hunter’s hat (Sherlock Holmes). Such as: why is a guy who once told us that he reads no Eritrean or Ethiopian website besides awate actually reading assenna AND telling us who is who.Hmmmm? Not that there is anything wrong with that, as Seinfeld would say:)


          • Abi

            I love you ! I love you ! I lovo, love,love you .
            You just killed Tes. OMG!!!
            He changed his name from disqus and removed his avatar. When? After I challenged him about the assenna comment.
            Now it is all tes at his disqus account. It takes only seconds to do that.
            Saay , as I said before, I have watched all “White Collar ” episode.
            Now back to the major issue at hand.
            Does the honorable prof Tes support ethiopian involvement in getting rid of pfdj as he put it in assenna?
            As Mele would say ” keCherqu Teb yelenim”, I care less if he is Tes, tes, Tess. Tuss….. What he wrote is outrageous to say the list.
            Saay, you are right I don’t like assenna at all. It is mostly Tigrigna and the comments are , well, let me not say it.
            I like asmarino specially when “the one and only ” writes.
            Thank you for your help. I still love you. Cold meloti on me at masawa.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear abi
            Let papa mahmuday/Mahmuday give his verdict. In the past couple of years, I have seen two guys with the same homophonic name, a certain Tes (a totally pfdj junky, and “tes” a more consistent with our Tesfabirhan. “Tes” English was so poor that he would only manage to put a one-liner comment and that was half of it (usually the first part of the sentence) would be of foul English words and the rest half part would consist of Tigrigna insults but written in Latin alphabets. I received some of “Tes” foul insults; and I don’t believe that was our tes. The question is ato abi, why our tes, the guy with a Newtonian field, ፈላጩ ቆራጩ who would not hesitate to cram people into his mini schools of made-up thoughts would want to go in length in order to disguise himself? I have reasons to tell tes to tone down his excitements and focus on important stuff. But I have no reason to tell him to come out clean from a double-agent business. I can defend the guy, he is clean, clear and loud on representing who he is. He may have interchanged ” Tes” and “tes” on few occasions (if what you said is true). If that’s true then it could only be a slight error, not done intentionally to pose as a two-person agent.
            I will bet he would never want to misrepresent himself. meto ke meto mallet new (no mircha borad is needed here). Hey abi, people write my name Mahmud/MaHmud/mahmuday/MaHmuday, MS…I think tes is more consistent by signing off with “tes”. The only other person I know of displaying that degree of consistency is SAAY, and to some extent Amanuel Hidrat. Incidentally, the three of them are tenured professors at Awate University. With that the case of Tes versus tes rests.
            Get me another joke.
            BTW, I have a feeling that Gual Adem is thanking you profoundly by saying ከማኻ ይብዝሑ.

          • Abi

            Hi Mahmud
            What would you do if you write a controversial comment and someone challenges you?
            A- defend yourself
            B- change your name and avatar and pretend you are someone else
            C- let others defend you
            What Tes did was kill Tes and resurrected as tes. Why? To avoid responsibility for what he has written on assenna.
            Mahmud, I’m not defending Hayat or Sem . I’m defending the truth. J
            when I asked him if there is another Tes commenting on another website, all he had to do was tell me ” yes there is another Tes .” Instead, he chose to clear his name from disqus and come up with tes.
            If he is confident enough, I want him to bring back his name and avatar. Let the other Tes on assenna worry about it. ( if there is one)This is his home . He has to keep his name and his ideas. He should never hide under a new nickname.

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi Abi,
            I am here to defend Tes, tes, whatever that is as long as it represents Tesfabirhan Redie. He is far from flip-flopping, at all, and his position on several things are very clear, at least to me. Please bring it to rest. Where is Amanuale Hidrat when we need him? Please blow the whistle 🙂

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Dear SGJ,

            I am done with abusive individuals until they grow, mature, and start decent engagement. Let the moderator tell them enough is enough. So my friend I don’ t want to engage with such people nor do I want to read their diatribe comment.

            Amanuel Hidrat

          • tes

            Dear Aamanuel Hidrat,

            It is better to be a diatribe rather than Aboy Keshi. Your political correctness has just left you to be a “beggar for debate”. There is no big mistake one can do than engaging PFDJ for a dialogue. And this is only Aamanuel Hidrat who preaches fundamental change and simultaneously who invites PFDJites for engagement.

            I know by now your loopholes and why you are fun of joining so many starting organaizations and you leave quitely. Enough with people like you. I am not even engaging with you except exposing your aero politics.


          • Mahmud Saleh

            TienasTlegn abi

            OK, I read the assenna comment you are talking about. That “Tes” is not our tes. He is not even the “Tes” I mentioned in my previous reply. That means we have two “Teses” and our tes. The comment you are mentioning:

            ” Tes on July 8, 2015 at 2:24 am said:

            Peacefull life both inside and outside Eritrea is only possible
            when Iseyas and his rotten organization with those good for nothing diaspora supported will be thought a hard lessen. Ethiopia is capable of that because Iseyas with his organization are on their own this time. It is not Eritreans business if Ethiopians take appropriate decisive measure against Iseyas. Many of us want the back of HGDEF, we have suffered enough and witnessed atrocities committed by PFDJ which had not seen in our world. Our hard earned independence is rendered useless and become a pity of world. If Ethiopians are willing to help us to decimate PFDJ they are more than welcome. In fact Eritrea is at the edge
            of a cliff and help from Ethiopians or any other force is great opportunity .
            It should be taken with both hands.”
            No, this could not be tes. One thing I can trust tes on is his independent mind. If he believed on the above lines, he would not hesitate to say them without putting up disguises.
            So, rest the case for not having built a case.

          • Abi

            Hi Mahmud, Ato saleh
            I’m dropping the case because it is becoming boring. As a principle, people don’t change their name just because there is a criminal who happens to have the same name in another city. Let the suspect worry about changing names or appearance.
            When I asked Tes if he is the same person who commented on assenna, the most reasonable response should have been to say a simple ” no.”
            What he did was went through plastic surgery ( changed his name and avatar) and gone under witness protection program.
            ” lam ejwa siqerbat beEgrwa takalech.”
            Here is a joke for Monday.
            A rat noticed an elephants running for their lives and asked one of them
            Rat : ” why are you running?”
            Elephant : they are killing us (elephants)”
            The rat start running with him. The elephant couldn’t believe this and asked the rat ” you are not an elephant why are you running?”
            The rat replied “eskiTara bilew biyasrugnis?”
            I guess Tes is playing rat. Running for his life after plastic surgery and identity change just because there is a suspect in another city.

          • Mahmud Saleh

            salam abi

            Dropping that nick thing is really good. Now, I can enjoy the joke. This is also beautiful. I’m visual, so I can see that poor rat huffing and puffing along the elephant. I see it scurrying not to get squashed by the mighty elephant.
            Advise the rat to report to COI (of the animals) because, in Eritreans case, it turned out that “eskiTara bilew biyasrugnis?” was the central complain the commission obtained.

          • Abi

            Hi Mahmud
            It all good now.
            the mention of ” central complain ” reminds me of a similar joke .
            In 1998 when eritreans were deported from the southern part of ethiopia, those responsible for the action could not distinguish who is from tigry , and who is from eritrea. Their solution was to put everyone that speak Tigrigna on the bus and sent them to addis ( central ).
            When those from tigry complain , they were told ,” ezaw hiduna zemedochachihu yaTarwachihu. LeEgha hulachihum tes, tse nachihu.”
            EskiTara tigre hulu wede Addis. Another meto bemeto !!!

    • Wedi Chided

      ሰላም ኮኾብ ሰላም።
      እዛ 1+1=11 ቀደም ዝፈልጣ መስለኒ 1+1=16 ከላ። ክብሪ ይሃብካ።

  • NoDrama

    Haw Beyan,

    You are right, the justice seekers that we are, should reclaim the legacy of the EPLF and not leave it up the evil gang. We all have a valid case to make for the ownership of the Eritrean revolution in its entierty for it was all about justice and freedom.

    • Bayan Nagash

      merHaba NoDrama,

      I concur with you completely. This srAt PFDJ will stop at nothing. As perverse at that might sound, it is trying to claim Eritrea’s history of struggle for independence – it has severed its ties with that history when it abnegated its moral, ethical, and any decency that was left in its arsenal that Eritrean public gave it trustingly, it squandered it to a point of no return. We must fight it tooth and nail at every turn, every which way. But, again and again, it will need our seamless collaboration to drive the menace from the face of Eritrea.

      ms kbretn Hwunnetn,

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Ustaz Bayan

    Thank you for this important article. You have been articulate in addressing the significance of the current enthusiasm and how it should be understood (that it should be translated into an echo which should rattle the regime from within Eritrea), and hinted on how that could be materialized.

    Today, the front lines are becoming clear. There is a regime that’s desperate to pitch Eritreans against each other; a regime that’s so recklessly playing the religious card, scaring the naïve off the resistance by feigning the sole custodian of Eritrea. If you remember, its recent propaganda salvos, during the independence celebration, were pinned upon our past legacies; it was all about wudbna (EPLF). That shows us that it feels how despised PFDJ has become, instead of living off on its own merit and achievements, it is cashing in from our collective sacrifices. Your emphasis that “… Because the PFDJ has no decent record to show what good it has done in the last twenty four years, it should come as no surprise if it bypasses that grim record and wish to own EPLF’s miracles (its struggle era predecessor)… ” is indeed correct. As you put it correctly, we should not let PFDJ own and bask in it. Because, in your words, “That history belongs to those who paid the ultimate price; that history belongs to those who left the country and are in exile now fighting to deliver the second coming, liberty and personal sovereignty to every Eritrean regardless of their background.”

    There is anxiety surrounding the aftermath of Issayas regime. By the way, Issayas regime itself is the one pushing citizens to be more militant and confrontational. I can see this from a personal perspective. The majority would not rebel any genuine process of change. The problem is:

    a/ IA has repeatedly told the Eritrean people not to expect change, with a stern warning. He spoke two years ago of drafting a constitution, no body knows of the drafting organ…its contents…processes…Wedi-Gherahtu said that it would be ready in three-four years from now. But the same Wedi_Gherahtu and his diplomat/propagandist team-members were saying that the constitution of 1997 would be implemented or it was being implemented; that was before IA suddenly slammed the door to the lifeline of that delaying tactic.

    b/ The regime is becoming desperate in creating reckless designs in order to create suspicions, and draw the social fault lines even wider. The hope of the regime is to cling on to Eritreans who think that Eritrea does not survive without IA.
    I say Eritrea is still strong. Our desire to live along side each other, and to look after each other is still strong. Eritreans will come together and negotiate the best possible course for our future generations. Otherwise, if it is according to these fear mongers’ narration, that if we can not survive unless we are brutally suppressed, then we don’t deserve to even contemplate about becoming a nation.
    ስለ’ዚ፡ ነቶም ፍርሒ ዝዘርዉን ዝዘርኡን ዘለዉ፡ እንተደኣ ካብ ኢሰያስ ዝሓሸ መራሒ ክንረክብ ኣይንኽእልን፣ ኣኺሉና እዩ ኢልክም ትኣምኑ ኮይንክም፡ እንተደኣ መታን ብሓባር ከምሃገር ክንነብር ክንርገጽን ክንግረፍን ኣሎና፡ እቲ እንኮ ብሓባር ክንነብር ዘኽእለና ሓደ ረጋጽን ዓመጸኛ መራሒ ጥራይ እዩ ኢልክም ትኣምኑ ኮይንክም፡ ንሱ እዩ ጠሚሩ ሒዙና ዘሎ ማእዶ ኢልክም እንተደኣ ተኣምኑ ኮይንክም፡ ብመሰረቱ ናጻ ዜጋታት ክንከውን ኣይንኽእልን ኢና ኢኹም ትብሉ ዘለኹም። ተመያዪጥናን ተሓላሊናን ተኸባቢርናን ዝሓሸ ሃገር ክንፈጥር ኣይንኽእልን ትብሉ ኣለኹም ማለት እዩ። ሞጎትክም እዚ እንተደኣ ኮይኑ ደ እሞ ንምንታይ ሃገርነት መሪጽና? ሃገር ክንከውን እውን ኣየምሕረልናን ማለት እዩ። ስለ’ዚ፡ ዝሓሸ መራሒ ክመጽእ እዩ። ዝሓሸ መንግስቲ ክንምስርት ንኽእል ኢና። ዝሓሸ ግዜ ክመጽእ እዩ። ዝሓለፍናዮ መሪር ጉዕዞና ከምዘይንበታተን ጌርና እዩ። ኣሕዋትን ኣሓትን፡ ኣብ መጻወድያ ህግድፍ ኣይትእተዉ። ርእስኹም ኣይተድንኑ። ህግድፍ እቲ ንኤርትራን ሕቡን ህዝባን ንውርደትን ገልታዕታዕ ዘቃልዓ ክፉእ ፍጥረት እዩ። ኤርትራ መኻን ኣይኮነትን። ህግድፍ እቲ ዝኸፍኤ ሰይጣናዊ ውላድ ኤርትራ ኮይኑ ክምዝገብን ክውገንን ኣለዎ። ካብዞም ኣብ ውሽጥን ኣብ ወጻእን ኮይኖም ዝቃለሱላ ዘለዉ መንእሰያት ደቃ፡ ብቑዓት መራሕቲ ክትወልድ ትኽእል እያ።

    • haileTG

      Thank You Haw Mahmuday, at times it is too easy to lose heart and consider one’s troubles insurmountable. Your message is both necessary and credible to restore confidence in better days ahead. Coming from some one who has the most reason to lose hope (by the price he paid for otherwise than what transpired) but yet came out holding it up high instead.


  • T..T.

    Hi all,

    The old adage: tell the truth and sleep on railway track when a train passes – believe it or not, you’ll not get hurt – even not a scratch.

    But Geneva this time caused the train pass over the body of the Isayasists, killing them instantaneously. They are saying, it is not about truth issue. It is trust issue. They trusted they would out-power the train but, you know what, the train came with more railway coaches overloaded with passengers who flew from Ethiopia directly, whose tickets and other expenses fully paid by the USA.

    So now they are speaking of Hasad Ethiopia taking actions.

    Let me tell what Meles had to say about his being called “Hasad” by Isayas.

    Meles (RIP), unlike Isayas, used to believe in self-healing through reminiscing with friends about the good old days. His door was always open to all struggle days’ friends who wanted to do nostalgia, wallowing and taking pleasure in the good memories of the old days.

    BTW, did anyone ever see or hear Isayas expressing about being nostalgic for the good old days or had any get together with any of his victims, G-15 and others? If he did, he would have not done what he did. No one believed that there was among the world of committed and one hearted comrades, a loner who was busy weaving plans for his tomorrow’s “Me and only Me” world.

    Here’s about what Meles had to explain:
    An Eritrean, who happened to be wallowing about the good old days with Meles and other friends, asked Meles this question: How come Isayas call you Hasad?

    As always, Meles went into lengthy explanation that can be summarized as follows:

    One can be internal or external Hasad. For me, as an external Hasad, there is no any need for nagging any additional injury to Eritrea and Eritreans because the internal Hasad (Isayas) is causing the maximum or the utmost of it upon them. Although it is very painful to watch the Eritreans experience the worst ever human sufferings in their history, I do not have the magic power to stop the internal Hasad.

    • Bayan Nagash

      selam T.T.,

      To take the train metaphor a bit further, it needs its conductor, it needs its engineer, it needs its railway tracks, there are myriad factors that make it operate smoothly and punctually. This bullet train that we are embarking upon needs people who can think at lightning speed, far faster than its speed, otherwise, it can get derailed easily. We must put our resources and our act together to reach the final destination in one piece.

      Selam for now,

  • Dawit

    Salih That is great idea
    plz keep is up.
    Fars wed farsotat.

  • Ted
    • Abi

      Picture of the day? Are you kidding me? Try picture of the century!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mahmud Saleh

      The great Ted, and ታላቁ abi
      Thanks both,
      Ted for the pic, and abi for the one of its kind reply.
      Go Daniel.