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Ethiopia: Coup d’état redefined

Last Saturday, for a few hours the ancient city of Bahir-Dar, the Amhara state capital, became the most famous city in Ethiopia, then the relatively modern city of Addis Ababa, the national capital, stole the limelight. By early Sunday morning, the two seats of political powers finished in a tie …

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Eritrea: Lobbyists Peddling Rumors as News

In recent days rumors swirled claiming that the Ethiopian government has facilitated a meeting in Ethiopia between delegates of the Eritrean regime and members of the Eritrean opposition organizations. Some political hacks have also promised to provide further updates. So far, though the original source of the rumor mill is …

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Calling Out PM Abiy’s Bluffs

Arguably, there are few people in the world who yearn for peace like Eritreans. However, peace has been always elusive. For centuries, the export of mayhem to the north, from parts of Ethiopia, had remained constant with adverse effects on Eritreans. Unfortunately, in that aspect, so far, Dr. Abiy hasn’t …

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Pm Abiy and the Rehabilitation of Dictators

Just as Eritreans were reeling from the bizarre remarks Isaias Afeworki made during his visit to Ethiopia on July 14, they were stunned by another man who claims to be a prophet, a healer, and an exorcist ranting about how the Gospel will be victorious, in front of the Asmara …

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