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Quo Vadis? – ክዎ ቫዲስ? – إلى أينَ من هنا؟

Jesus was born in Nazareth*, Galilee, when the Roman emperor Herod ruled Palestine. He was a Roman citizen. Our character of today, Nero the notorious Roman emperor, was born in AD 37, four years after the ascension of Jesus Christ. Nero was only 16 years old when he became emperor and ruled for 13 years. He was so cruel the Roman senate condemned him and soon he committed suicide and died in 68 AD. He was 30.

After Jesus started to preach, Christianity began to spread, and the Roman Emperors considered it a threat to their authority. In reaction, they started to persecute Christians. Later they built the Colosseum on the place where the statute of Nero stood, using forced labor, like in Sawa. Tens of thousands of Christians and Jews, and wild animals were killed as a punishment or to entertain the Romans.

During the reign of Nero, fires destroyed Rome. Many believed Nero was the arson because he didn’t like the architecture of the city and he also couldn’t find a good space to build his palace in the city. He wanted to burn and rebuild it again to his liking after securing a prime location for his palace along the Tiber River, which the Italians call  “flavus”. Nero easily blamed the Christians for burning Rome. So, Roma, which I will call Grande Asmara, was a copy of the Eritrean capital city. Don’t believe anyone who tells you Asmara was built by the Italians; it was built by the sweat of our ancestors!

So far, Abi Argen didn’t burn cities physically like Nero burned Rome, but he destroyed the lives of Eritreans and is gloatingly watching Eritrea decay. Batse’e yellan, Aseb yellan…. Similar to Nero blamed Christians for burning Rome, he blames the decay and mayhem in Eritrea on everybody but himself.

The suffering of Christians in the Roman empire continued until around 311 AD when the Emperor Galerius passed an edict to end the persecution.

During the persecution of Christians (according to the Apocryphal Acts of Peter), St. Peter escaped with his life and fled out of Rome. On the road, it is said, he met the risen Jesus and asked him, “Quo Vadis?”

Jesus replied, “I am going to Rome to be Crucified again”.

Peter was encouraged and returned to Rome, where he was crucified. He asked his executors to crucify him upside down because he cannot be crucified in the same manner as Jesus, since he is not at his level.

There. That is the origin of the famous phrase, “Quo Vadis” which is widely repeated in political and other discourses with a slight alteration, meaning, “Hji’ Khe Nabey?” “Illa Ayn mn Huna?”

Eritreans are asking Abi Argen and his minions, including his sidekick Abi Ahmed, “Qua Vadis?” “Hji Khe Nabey Getskum?” “Illa Ayn antum dzahibun?” “Wedet eyyehedachhu new?” Or simply, “aseg ayya? Hyay belo, abdekuna!”

Quo Vadis, Eritreans?

When citizens are made prisoners and brainwashed, they become susceptible to knee jerk reactions, emotional outbursts, sentimental attachment, and impulsive actions. Though as victims, they might not realize it, they push themselves into risky situations. That’s because the relentless repression makes them receptive of any message that provides them hope, however insignificant it is.

The Lovebirds

In the beginning, the smooth talking Abiy captivated the hearts of a significant portion of Eritreans and Ethiopians. Unsurprisingly, he managed to connect with the emotionally tormented people and was hailed as a savior, a reformer, and an innocent leader who would usher an era of peace and instability in the region. Many Eritreans were duped, and Abi Argen acting like an adolescent injected fuel to the madness.

A few of us remained cautious and felt uneasy with Abymania. The man was moving too fast and trampling over the noble causes that Eritreans paid for dearly. For him, crossing from sweet talking to arrogance was swift. I was seriously alarmed when he started to rehabilitate members of the Derg and Haile Selassie’s regimes, both of whom were the epitome of oppression and untold miseries for Eritreans and many Ethiopians.

For any meaningful reconciliation the Ethiopian and Eritrean narrations and experiences needs to be academically (and honestly) scrutinized and recognized. The piles of the grievances of the past must be addressed. Anyone who insists on the deification of either the Derg or the Haile Selassie regimes will not get an inch closer to the hearts of the oppressed people of today and yesteryears– the genocides, transgressions and wrongdoings that befell the people must be recognized and properly acknowledged.

From the outset, Abiy showed his total disregard for the freedom of Eritreans by forging a quick alliance with Aby Argen, Eritrea’s present tormentor. Worse, he might have played Abi Argen (or they played each other, it doesn’t matter), the two were clearly on a mission to use the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia to squash the ruling party of Tigray, the TPLF. To translate that into action, Abiy shamelessly provided a ring and put it on Isaias’s finger, a sign of a promise to protect each other’s back. In a scene reminiscent of an engagement ceremony, the two acted like adolescents enjoying their first love. Any sane person would question if that had any resemblance to a dignified diplomatic decorum. It didn’t. But sadly, some Eritreans and Ethiopians were ecstatic and naively celebrating the extensive shows of shame.

The Never-Ending Feud

Eritreans have paid for the destructive PFDJ-TPLF feud so much that repeating it will worsen the already disastrous situation and the region’s people should not be used to fuel the sick ambitions of the two lovebirds or others. And the stern reaction of the last few days from the TPLF leaders, though expected, is not a good omen, because the situation has escalated into a scary situation.

Abiy garnered the support of a certain expansionist constituency. He promoted all its values by rehabilitating the Derg and Haile Selassie to the extent that he put a statue of the atrocious king at the African Union headquarters. That should be Ethiopia’s concern and they are free to do whatever they wish in their country. But many naïve people expected Isaias, as a “leader of Eritrea”,  to express some discomfort. They were wrong. He didn’t.

Almost two years into the drama, the Ethiopian Carrossa is at a precarious crossroad that many hope it crosses peacefully leaving the turbulent situation behind. But both men are not making it any better considering the gaffes they keep making. For instance, Abiy claimed that Ethiopian Sufis and Selefis started to pray together in one mosque only after he took power! Really? They didn’t pray together before prophet Abiy came to the scene? That’s an embarrassing remark and proof that Abiy has a super inflated ego and lives inside a huge bubble. True, the Sufis and Selefis do not see eye to eye on many faith and culture related issues, but all Muslims pray in any mosque—with the exception of the Shia’a-Sunni divide which does not apply to our region.

The Oromo forms the largest chunk of Ethiopians. In the outset, Abiy veiled himself behind the Oromo constituency and he thought he had secured it under his armpit to the extent he seemed to have taken it for granted. To further expand his imagined constituency, of which he lost a considerable part due to his joggler-politics, he switched to flirting with some supremacist constituencies.

Meanwhile, the common Tigraians who suffered due to his negative gestures against them, were already alienated, and he lost other constituencies at the speed of light. Eritreans who hoped the border will be wide open, free trade on both ways will flow over the demarcated border, and peace will reign, went into deep reflection. They found out it was all political gambling and they gained nothing from the drama. Abiy repeated the actions of the proverbial woman who dropped what was secured under her armpit, trying to grab another object— ye qotun awerd bla yebibtwan Talech.

Quo Vadis- what lies in the future?

Eritreans dream of peace and stability in the entire region encompassing the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea basin, particularly Ethiopia, Sudan, and Djibouti. They can only benefit when their immediate neighbors enjoy stability. They are a tired people, anxious about the possibility of yet another round of political and military adventure that leads to more bloodshed.

Every  threat and supremacist gesture against Eritrea or Ethiopia must be strongly condemned, including agitating for conflicts in our neighborhoods. The region can only launch an era of genuine peace only when the countries respect each other’s sovereignty, when they decrease the level of anxiety that engulfs the region and its people. That can be done by stopping the threat rhetoric and instead adopt a forward-looking, peaceful, and progressive view of the future.

However, Eritreans have an immediate assignment– dealing with the regime that is stifling them.


Soon, Ethiopians will vote in the forthcoming election and they have a chance to rectify their path and tread on a road towards peace. I hope they deal with the Jawar Mohammed phenomenon democratically, without bigotry and hypocrisy.

Jawar has become a shining star for many Ethiopians, but he has also created formidable enemies who are never tired of using him as a scarecrow, mostly fond of hitting below the belt, relentlessly using religion, sect, ethnicity and other factors to get what they want.

So far, Jawar is still shinning as he did during and after the brilliant struggle for the dignity of his people. He has established himself as an integral part of the Ethiopian struggle with flying colors. Importantly, he has inspired the downtrodden whom he emboldened to believe it is okay to struggle for one’s rights. If he runs for the highest office in the upcoming Ethiopian election, as the news indicated, it’s widely believed he can secure enough votes to get him where he wants to be.

Sudan is in a transition and we can only hope for the best and watch how the transition proceeds from now on. Eritreans are watching developments in Sudan (and Ethiopia) closely and feeling betrayed. They see how Abi Argen has chained them and prevented them from experiencing normal developments, be it political, social, or economic. Theirs is a country tightly fenced like a vast prison, with one gate, whose keys are kept by Isaias Afwerki alone. That key has to be taken away from that prison warden who considers himself a president. Or, the gates should be destroyed and made wide open so that Eritrea will be relieved, the tight grip around it should be removed, so that the people can breathe an air of freedom and justice. Eritreans need to do that sooner than later, but Eritreans will be free. Never doubt that at all.

At this time, I hope the TPLF would realize and learn from the damages they inflicted on the Eritrean opposition and by extension contributing towards elongating their suffering. It’s worrisome to observe their never-ending attempts to form groups haphazardly, emboldening people who do not respect neither the Eritrean history nor its people…  groups who are tirelessly preaching division and mayhem. I hope they learn to treat the Eritrean issue diplomatically, with the goal of achieving good neighborliness, lasting peace, freedom, justice and stability. I hope they stop seeing Eritrea through the glasses of intelligence operatives and mentality. I have appealed to them before and I appeal once more to stop the racist, divisive messages of hatred hatching in and spreading out from their jurisdiction in Tigray. Sadly, that is done with the blessing and encouragement of the nouveau riche elements in Tigrai who think they can buy Eritrea with their modest wealth.

Finally, the Sudanese government has decided to hand over Al Bashir to the International Court. Though that’s commendable, I would have preferred they tried Al Bashir inside Sudan properly. But regardless, the decision will clear most of the obstacles that the country is suffering from. And Eritreans hope the World Court has reserved a cell room for Eritreans who will cooperate by sending a tormentor who can provide company for Al Bashir.

So, if anyone asks Eritrean, “Quo Vadis?”, (Hjji Khe nabey?) the confident reply should be, Eritrea is not for sale, regardless of the noise coming out from audio-visual channels, satellites, social media insanity, and the rest, Eritreans will prevail. Eritreans will own their freedom and destiny among the civilized world community, under the shade of freedom, justice and peace.

* Though it’s widely believed that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, “some modern scholars also regard Nazareth as the birthplace of Jesus.” Check Negarit 48  @11:00 where I mentioned his birth place.

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  • Hashela

    Return looted heritages to its rightful owner

    It is gratifying to see that several African countries are renewing their push for the return of their stolen heritages from the former colonial powers and looters. Couple days ago, Ethiopia received a stolen crown from the Netherlands. I applaud Ethiopia for her bold move and wish her more success in her future endeavors. At the same time, I sincerely hope that Ethiopia recognizes that she was not only a victim but also a perpetrator and looter. The Eritrean Archeological Department, a governmental institution, has a long list of archeological artifacts and paleo-anthropological remains that are in Ethiopia and asked for their return. As the normalization between out two countries makes progress, it is time that Ethiopia shows good wills and return our heritages.

    I did not escape my attention that this is a sensible matter, nonetheless I hope for a civil discussion.

    • Selam Hashela.
      This is an interesting news. For me it is the first time i come across such story.
      If it happened after the Italians left Eritrea, then it must be what Italians didn’t find interesting and left behind. Italians had much more taste for “archeological artifacts and paleo-anthropological remains” as you call them, compared to feudal Ethiopians. They even took the obelisk from Axum, and they wouldn’t have left behind if they had found something interesting in their colony.
      If it happened before the Italians colonized the region of today’s Eritrea which was part of Abissynia, it seems odd that ethiopians had the sophistication to appreciate archeological findings and move them to the center, because they knew that the region was in danger of colonization.
      Don’t you think that you should identify the items specifically, tell us where they are today, in which museum, and when and who moved them to Ethiopia?
      I don’t know if the UN or any other organization has a role to play in such matters. If proved, it must be returned. Any other arrangement doesn’t seem practical to me.

      • Hashela


        Some of the artifacts are in the National Museum in Addis Abeba, as stated in my post.
        They were looted from Metera and Adulis between 1960 and 1965 when Eritrea was under colonial occupation of Ethiopia. I would not exclude the possibility that the looting started earlier and continued after the mid 60s. Some of the famous archeological artifacts that are in Ethiopia include an oil lamp depicting an Ibex and a dog in a hunting scene, several sarcophagi, coins, potteries, and religious books from the oldest monasteries of Eritrea. A full list of the looted archeological items are listed by the Archeological Department of Eritrea.

        • Selam Hashela,

          This excerpt is taken from Wikipedia. Could you please explain to us what it means. I have no idea about Ferdinando Martini Museum, whether it is in Asmara or not.

          “All the artifacts which were originally present in Ethiopian National Museum were shifted to Ferdinando Martini Museum. After independence from Ethiopia, the contents were displayed in the Governor’s palace. During 1992, UNESCO funded the establishment of the National Museum of Eritrea, shifting all the artifacts to the new museum.”

          It seems that the artifacts were among the first things you took back.

          • Hashela


            These artifacts that I am talking about are still in Ethiopia. The Eritrean Government asked or was about to ask in 2005 for theIr return.
            Many of the artifacts were unearthed by a French Archaeologist Francis Anfray and his team and were shipped to Ethiopia

          • sara

            Dear Hashela,
            good to know there are artifacts or valuable archaeological materials
            in ethiopia that belong to eritrea , i am sure Ethiopians being victims themselves of such theft or other , hopefully they will give us back when peace is fully consolidated….. now, what i want also to ask you is..how about those materials that were repatriated by the British when they were administrating Eritrea….can eritrea claim some kind of compensation? for example … the teleferica .. that was dismantled and shipped to India/Pakistan and a lot more…. how about the factories that were taken by HSI to Ethiopia?
            thank you

          • Hashela

            Dear Sara

            I am not an archeologist or a lawyer, my expertise falls within the natural science. Hopefully, archeologists and lawyers can chime in.

            What I can tell is that after the Independence the Eritrean Government did not formally ask and submit for war a damage compensation and repatriation of stolen good.

            One can safely say that The current Eritrean government is allergic to legal procedures and formal requests.
            Remember, the incidents in Adi Murug, around Badme, and other places before the TPLF-war. Our government did not submit a formal protest to the UNSC. And we paid a heavy price for that.

          • Haile S.

            Selam Hashela,

            You said “the allergy to legal procedures” our regime has. Absolutely! The biggest problem our country has is this Guerrilla (Ghedli) mentality that has never been transformed to Governance of a Country and has obliterated the view of the governing Teghadeltis like untreatable cataract. Ghedli is their comfort zone. They don’t want to move an inch from it. They are freedom fighters forever, not administrators, ministers, governors, professors, policy makers, advocates, law enforcers, legislators, representatives that get elected and loose etc etc! They rebelled against these badly practiced activities that muzzled Eritrea, but instead of exercising them by rectifying the wrongs, they just became allergic to them, they don’t want to adopt them, they don’t want to adapt to them. They are used to blame everybody they heroically fought against. They want to remain heros of winning admired for that heroism, not for the kind of ultimate heroism of replacing bad governance by exemplary good practice and GOVERNANCE!

          • Hashela


            We are paying and will pay for generations for their allergy to legal procedures and approach and their love for secrecy (ዋህዮ ኔው በላ ሕሹኽሹኽ ድኣመላ). I would not be surprised if many of their international contracts are based on faulty (=short-term) reasonings.

          • Hashela


            “ They want to remain heros of winning admired for that heroism …”
            Spot on! That is why ER-TV streams at a daily basis old videos of heroic fights but never reports about the current misery and future challenges.
            Biology is cruel because it works so slowly!

          • Haile S.

            Selam Hashela and Horizon,

            A picture of the “oil bronze lamp depicting an Ibex and a dog in a hunting scene” can be seen at the allsaho.com. This picture was likely from internet sources of contents of the Ethiopian national museum. The artefact does not appear in the list of possessions of the Eritrean national museum compiled in a Thesis by, I believe, a graduate student in Asmara in 2006. BTW, the allsaho.com in itself is a good source of information of that region of Eritrea.

          • Hashela

            Selam Haile

            Thanks for the link of which I was not aware.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Hailat,

            The Saho archeological site is a very interesting site for me. Thank you for introducing us with this website.

          • Haile S.

            Hi Emma,

            The credit goes to our own Ismail AA who introduced me to this or similar website when I started talking about Saho culture I read in Hadas ertra. He said, “why don’t you examine the horse’s teeth by yourself” and provided us all the link.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Hailat,

            Then you share my thanks with Ismailo. Both of you are big educational contributors in this forum.

    • Nitricc

      Hey Hashela; I have a comment and a question. I hope no one gets offended by my comments, nevertheless, they are my own and I stand by it. Now; I really believe all those artifacts that were stolen, had they left where they belong in Africa and Africans hand by now they would have been destroyed and lost forever. i.e. it is not the worst thing they are in the hands of colonizers is kind of doing Africans a fever. So, I don’t even know if this is the right time to demand the colonizers return the artifacts. I say wait till African’s can take care and preserve their own historical artifacts before they can demand for return. Point blank; the Ethiopian Artifacts that just returned, the one you are talking about, it was sold by High government official. When you this kind people in Africa and deep in the governments, so corrupted and dishonored, I am afraid they will have no regard or an honor for any artifacts. My point, it way better for Africa all her stolen artifacts to stay in colonializes hand till Africa is ready to take care and able preserve her own artifacts. Right now, Africa has no capability or interest to maintain and preserve such historical importance.
      My question is, to you Hashela; I hear about the long sky-line cable between Asmara and Massawa that was dismantle by the British. I don’t know how true this thing is about I even seen a glance picture of it. So, if is true, why is not Eritrea demanding the return of or ask for compensation? I mean can you enlighten me a little about this matter? Thanks.

      • Hashela

        Hi Nitricc

        You raised a very important point. Archeo thieves are a huge problem everywhere not only in Africa but in Middle East and Latin America. The reason is lack of education and poverty and, in my view equally important, the black market demand for stolen goods most of which ends in white people’s hands.

        In my view, the solution is education and a strikt law that protects archeological sites and items.

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

    ሰላማት ያ ጀምዓ

    ፍቕሪ ‘ዶ ጽልኢ
    መራሒ ‘ዶ ገዛኢ
    በጊዕ ‘ዶ ዝብ ኢ
    ሶፍያ ‘ዶ ኣለና-ረድ ኢ
    እስከ ንሕተቶ ነቲ ኣርሒቑ ዝርኢ
    በዓል ጽቡቕ ራኢ!

    ትሕትና ‘ዶ ትምክሕቲ
    ዘራጊ-ማይ ‘ዶ ጽሩይ ማይ ዘስቲ
    ማይን-ጸባን ‘ዶ ማይ ምስ ዘይቲ
    ዓዳሚ ‘ዶ ናይ ዓመጽ በሓቲ
    ተኻሊ ፈንጂ ‘ዶ ነስናሲ ሰቲ
    ኣዘኪርኩምኒ ግዳ ዛብርኽቲ
    ኣብሻይ ስቲ
    ኣጥፊኦማ ‘ባ ‘ንዳ ህግደፍ በላዕቲ
    ኣታ ‘ንታይ ገበርናኩም ተህውቱትና

  • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

    Selamat SaleH,
    This was very educational and entertaining at the same time.
    ሎሚ ኾነ ሕጂ ኾነ: ፍሒራ ናብ ከምዚ ከይተቐየረ ‘ንከሎ: [ሕጂ ኸ ናበይ በልዎ] ይዕድመኩም

  • Kokhob Selam

    Dear All,

    What a wonderful explanation !

    “Quo Vadis”meaning, “Hji’ Khe Nabey?” “Illa Ayn mn Huna?”

    I am wondering… how energetic you should be? Hji’ Khe Nabey? Questions over quotation which but no answer found..


  • Selam All,

    Jesus was born in Bethlehem and lived in Nazareth, hence He is called Jesus of Nazareth, and Rome, which is called in this case ‘Grande Asmara’, as opposed to ‘Little Rome’ as Asmara was called by italian colonialists, was not a copy of the Eritrean capital city.”. One copies from a pre-existing thing and not the other way round. Unfortunately, the whole thing is meant to prove the dictum that for everything that went and goes wrong in eritrea, and for what has become of tplf, Abiy is responsible.
    The Eritrean problem is more than half a century old. Why Eritreans want to heap the blame on one man who came to the scene only two years ago is mind boggling. In addition, past history continues to play the major role in eritrean politics, which in normal situations should be revisited when necessary and not dwell in it, unless it is meant to absolve oneself from all responsibilities.
    I don’t know if all these people who come out in their thousands to the central squares of towns in some parts of the country in support of PMAA the last two weeks are expansionists. Moreover, unless they have committed crimes, which should be pointed out and proved, whoever lived and worked during HS and the derg should not be condemned. One can’t condemn the whole generation.
    It seems that the writer doesn’t have the whole picture of the chess board. He sees only IA + Abiy making a move against tplf, and he doesn’t see the opposite player, tplf, doing exactly the same thing, trying to use eritrea to get at the ethiopian government. Who are those people who are trying to make eritrea a pawn? One should know that it includes some eritreans as well.
    Is it possible to put jawar and the term, ‘shining star’ together in the same sentence. Is he not the extremist/islamist/tribalist, who carrying a machete in his hand said, we will cut of your (christians) neck because we are the majority, oromia is islam and islam is oromia? Is he not the person who with his false tweet became the reason for the death of 87 innocent Ethiopians. Didn’t he say ‘ethiopia out of oromia’. Which ethiopia is he going to rule to save eritrea and tplf according to the writer? His supporters are no more than some extremist elements in the oromo political landscape, and there is no way jawar will rule ethiopia, if ever elected. Not even for a day, because his immediate move will be to form an independent oromia caliphate ruled by the sharia law.
    There are two ways to handle a person, either by saying what he is not in order to exploit him, as the writer says about jawar, or by saying what the person actually is, as many Ethiopians are doing, and keep him at bay, and open the way for democratic politicians and not opportunists like jawar.
    Finally, what will become of eritrea is in the hands of eritreans, and what will become of tplf will be the cumulative result of its arrogance and ignorance, which i hope is opposed by peace-loving Tigrayans.

    • Abi

      Hello Horizon
      You took the stand-up comedy material too seriously.

      • Saleh Johar

        It’s either Embiyoooooo or Ayesemam 🙂

        • Abi

          Selam Ato Saleh
          I hear you 🙂

          “ሲያብል የተኛን ቢጠሩት አይሰማም”

          • Saleh Johar

            ራስ ዓቢ

            ራስ ተበሎ ማንቀላፋት ምን ይበሉት? 🙂

          • Abi

            Selam Ato Saleh
            ዋርድያው ነቅቶ ይጠብቅ እንጂ ጌቶቹማ ማንቀላፋት መብታቸው አይደል እንዴ ጌታው!

          • Saleh Johar

            ራስ ዓቢ
            ማንቀላፋት’ማ የግድ ነው:: ስያንቀላፉ ያለሙት እንደ እውነት ኣድርገው ኣይሰራጩት ብቻ:: በዚህ ከተስማሙ እንደገና ወደ መልካም እንቅልፋቸው ይሙለሱ 🙂

          • Abi

            Selam Ato Saleh
            ጌታዬ ዘንድሮ ተኝቶ ማለም ቀርቶ በቁም ቅዠት ተቀይሯል::

    • Saleh Johar

      Selam Horizon,

      So far the major contests on this video are 1) Jesus’ birth, and whether he was born in Palestine or Israel.

      1. Though it’s widely believed that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, “some modern scholars also regard Nazareth as the birthplace of Jesus.” Check Negarit 48 @11:00 where I mentioned his birth place among other things. Here is Negarit 48 https://youtu.be/oV7F7CYwz_U

      2. Israel was established on May 14, 1948. Before that no country names Israel existed. It was Palestine when Jesus was born.

      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Abu Salah,

        What does it make any difference if they were Palestinian brothers before the birth of Christianity, Islam, and the creation of Israel?

  • Abi

    ሰላም ለአዋተ ሱሰኞች

    የቀዳማዊ ንጉሠነገሥት ዓፄ ኃይለሥላሴ ሃውልት በአፍሪቃ አንድነት ቅጥር ግቢ ውጥ መቆሙ ተገቢ ብቻ ሳይሆን የታሪክ ግዴታም ነው::
    የአፍሪቃ አባት መሆናቸው መዘንጋት የለበትም:: በእርሳቸው እርዳታ ብዙ የአፍሪቃ አገራት ከአስከፊው ቅኝ ግዢ ነፃ ወጥተዋል::
    ነፍሳቸውን በገነት ያቆይልን::

    • Berhe Y

      Hi Abi,

      I personally do care and do not mind if his statue is in AU or not. But I think, considering where Africa is today, I don’t think what he and the others leaders have done was for the best interests of the African population. That is I wish they never agreed to the colonial maps created in Europe as a basis to break up and split Africa.

      He should have insisted And fought for having an Africa nation made up of different states, just like the United States from the get go, with at least:

      1) free movement of people
      2) free trade inside the continent
      3) single currency and one central bank

      I am afraid, the west was using him to “grant freedom” but at the same time create “bondage” to the Europeans.

      All the decolonization of Africa created is, the colonial masters hand over the hard work of exploiting Africa by few Africans leaders, and loot and ship it to Europe and else where.

      How do you explain, an Ethiopian farmer earns 1% of the commercial coffee price it sells.

      Same thing for other resources…,

      He was not and never was like the giants if other leaders of his time, like Moe or Ghandi or Mandela. Who never compromised until they kicked the white masters away without leaving any bondage behind.

      He was happy to tour the world, done and wine with the royals, feed his lions. And he left Ethiopia, after being in power for 50 years to dictatorship instead of building a democratic institution and implement rule of law, despite living and experienced himself what it means to live in a country with the rule of law.


      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Berhe,

        The main land of China wasn’t colonized by the Europeans, except the “island Macau” was given to the Portuguese in the 18th century, like what Minelik did to Eritrea for Italians, after the battle of Adwa in 1896.

        • Berhe Y

          Hi Emma,

          I am sure you know history a lot more than me. My point is, China has become independent by shutting of the west, including Hong Kong. My point is, China is free from any western power and influence to a very very high degree. Even the Arab countries are a lot more independent and in control of their resources.

          The western African leaders I think that’s what they wanted, like Nkrumah.


      • Abi

        Hawna Berhe

      • Selam Berhe,

        Africa was never fully decolonized. In a way, from political decolonization, it came under economic colonization. The white master was replaced by those who wore black faces, but with the same principle as the whiteman: abuse of human rights and economic exploitation. African leaders have proved to their people that they are not any better than the white colonizers. African wealth is still transferred illegally to the west by corrupt African leaders in collaboration with the whiteman.
        Colonial borders were left in place with the justification that africans will avoid wars this way. In actual fact, war and instability was exactly what the colonizers had in mind, when they advised african leaders to keep the colonial borders as they were, with the same ethnic groups condemned to live in two or three countries. Africans were meant to live in permanent conflict, never to have peace and stability and never develop democracy and economic growth that would extricate them from the hands of their colonizers. Instead, they are spending their meager income in buying ammunition from the west to destroy each other, while their people live in utter poverty.
        A long time ago, i read the case of an African country that was rich in iron ore. The country wanted to add value to its resources, and decided to build a big factory at the cost of about $400m, if I remember well, that would produce intermediate iron products. After building the factory and the west was paid the cost, no one imported the products, although the poor country was promised otherwise, and it went bankrupt.
        Similarly, if you are producing agricultural products, like coffee, you don’t have the upper hand to negotiate. From the coffee you drink at Starbucks only a few pence goes to the coffee farmer in yirgacheffe or sidamo. If Ethiopia says ‘no’ to the price given by starbucks, then ethiopians have to drink their coffee themselves, because the company can easily go to other producers. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that ethiopia shouldn’t fight for a better price.
        What is there for black african in south africa other than the toothless political power? The economy is still in the hands of white south africans, and black south africans are poor and destitute, more or less as they used to be. Therefore, unless africans are born again, especially their politicians, nothing is going to change in africa.

        • Hashela


          To its credit, the Ethiopian Government successfully fought a Dutch guy from licensing the making of እንጀራ from ጣፍ። Those people have no shame whatsoever.

          • Selam Hashela,
            The Teff flour patent seems still a difficult issue, because we read different interpretations of court decisions by different countries. I don’t know if it is over.
            Teff has been cultivated in ethiopian and eritrean highlands over the last 2000 yrs, and here comes a fraudster and becomes the owner of the licence. This is the world of capitalist globalization.
            I don’t know if there is any recent development that has put the matter to rest.

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            Selam Horizon & all,
            Have you thought about the mistake is on our side?
            Battery was invented more than 200 yrs ago but new patents are issued as we speak.
            I would say that it is not his fault. Move fast, baby!

          • Selam MM,
            You seem to give credit to a fraudster. If somebody can steal and get away with it, so much the better for him, provided the law doesn’t get him. Is that so?
            He came to Ethiopia, got some samples, which he said he would study and patented Teff in some European countries and may be Canada as well, because he smelled big money. Some countries have cancelled his patent already and some others haven’t.
            We can’t applaud any Street hasseler because of the money that comes with his untrustworthiness. This way where would the world go.
            You are comparing two different things, batteries and Teff. Nickel cadmium, lead and lithium batteries are not the same thing although all produce electricity. It is a much changing field. As much as Teff is concerned, outside natural development over thousands of years, nothing has changed, and the guy has done nothing except to use the loopholes of the law.

          • Hashela

            I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for stating the obvious.

          • Haile S.

            Selam Hashela, Horizon & all,

            The troubling side of this is the deafening silence or apparent cluelessness on the Eritrean side on such matters. Teff today, what is next? These two countries have so many challenges in common because they share the same environment. There are too many things like food security, agriculture that need innovative approaches as well as many environmental challenges like the yearly flare of locust. Time to implement judgements on differences ASAP and fight such common enemies that do not necessitate guns & smarta__ness.

          • Selam Haile S.,

            Teff may be a great gift to humankind. Added to wheat, rice and other grain types, it could increase the availability of food, especially in third world countries. What it needs is better farming methods that increase the yield. I don’t know if it demands insecticides, but fertilizers, of course. A large percentage of Teff is lost during harvesting, as i imagine. That is where technology can do a lot.
            Human beings should prepare themselves for shortages of food in the future due to climate change, and learn to depend on insects for their protein, for example, as the chinese have already done so (how else could you feed one and half billion people?). Insects seem to be most resistant to climate change.
            One big problem is that we use Teff only for injera. An Ethiopian and Eritrean team should research and learn different ways to use Teff flour.

          • Hashela


            It is said that teff is gluten-free. If true, this is a product after which western people (specially Californians) are obsessively crazy. This is not necessarily a good news as Quinoas from South America exemplifies. Quinoas is believed to be gluten-free and was an important crop for the local population. Now since much of quinoas harvest is exported to the Western Hemisphere, local people can hardly afford it, I heard for a friend.

          • Selam Hashela,

            Indeed, Teff is gluten-free, and the reason it became health food for people who suffer from gluten intolerance/celiac disease, a very common hereditary/autoimmune disease of the small intestine. Millions are condemned to live on a gluten-free diet.
            From what i have heard, outside its local geographic area, it is difficult to grow quinoa. As much as Teff is concerned, it seems that it can grow easily in different places, even in semi-arid areas. It is said that there are already some states in the USA that produce Teff.
            I don’t know what ethiopia will gain if she wins the licence, because as i said above if Teff grows in places with a similar climate to that of ethiopia, then it is going to be produced all over the world like coffee.
            Coffee is said to have originated in ethiopia, but now it is produced all over the world. Ethiopia’s share of the coffee market is only 4.2%, even though it is the largest producer of coffee in africa. What i want to say is that Teff may end up like coffee, especially if China and Australia are interested in Teff.

          • Sultan M.G.

            Selam Dr Horizon:
            I will post a link on Teff and its huge health benefits on the weekend, something u might know well from Clinical Nutrition point of view!

            I would rather blame ourselves-the Ethiopians and Eritreans in general, and our Intellectuals and Scientists in particular, in this regard and field!

            We have been so slow.

            What shocked me more when I was in Addis recently was that the Chinese took over the Habesha Libs Business( Zuria ,the fav Ethio-Eritrean Women’s dress)!

            Our Ethiopian and Eritrean Business Communities on this business lost a huge one and filed complaints….belatedly and to no VAIL!

            I came across new Chinese made simple machines preparing and cooking/producing a 1000 pieces of Teff Injera per hour .

            California State is now leading the teff production.
            We are too behind and too late to catch up buddy!

          • Haile S.

            ሰላም ተስፋ ስልጣን፡

            እምበኣር ሓዲሽ ኣበባ ኬድካ
            እቲ ኣሥመራ’ኸ እንታይ በዲሉካ
            ከምዚ ናትና ግልጺ’ኳ ኣይኮነ እቲ ስምካ
            ብዙሕ’ውን ኣይመስለንን ኢሱ’ዊ ሓጥያትካ

            ወይስ ት’ኣሊኻ ኢኻ ብኡ ብኣሥመራ ጌርካ
            ሓደ ቁሩብ ሕሙም እሞ’ዶ ሓኪምካ?
            ዝተሰብሩ ኣዕጽምቲ እሞ’ዶ ጸጊንካ
            ዝጐሃየ ልቢ እኳ ይኸውን በዚሑካ

            ብዛዕባ ስንፈት ምሁራት ኣብ መጽናዕቲ፡ ሓቅካ
            መሃንድሻ ካይሰምዓና እምበር፡ እንታይ ክገብሩ በጃካ!

            መሃንድሻ ሎምቅነ ኣሎ ኣብ ርእሲ ፊደል ዝቆጸሩ/ርና
            በቲ መሪር ሓቂ ርእሲ ርእሲ እንሆ ይብለና
            ወይ ከበራብረና ወይ መርዘን ከትሕዘና

          • Sultan M.G.

            Hahaha Hailat!
            You are on top of everything.

            Ashmurka endiyu bezihunna!

            It was a long story about my visit …My initial intention was to go to none but to our Piccolo Roma,Asmera ,and Keren Tsaida to help and to take care of ailing and ill parents but … the rest is history …. without going into details.

            I have learned that thousands of Eritreans end up going to Addis every day and bring their loved ones to Addis and spend millions of hard currency($$$) to foreign countries like we have done it to/ for the Sudan!
            It reminded me what Field Marshal Al Beshir said defending Eritrean Refugees simply coz Eritreans are the engine behind the Sudanese Economy!

            I think Fanus/Eyoel of the
            EriSat exposed that fact in Ethiopia.

            Ethiopians started blaming Eritreans for the sky-rocketing cost of living in Addis specially the rental business, which I witnessed by myself where Eritreans pay 35-40 K birr per month ($1000)for a three-bedroom Villa.

            Not to mention that they rent a low class Apt for 6-10 k birr per month ( the usual average rent by the locals being 2000 -2500 birr )in the Addis Suburbs as far as Kotebie and Nifas silk!
            I spent more than $15k( US Dollars in just 2 months for my hotel and Medical expenses for my family !

            That is close to 600,000 Birr!

            Extrapolate the significance of that kind of expenditure for the Eritrean Economy if it were to be spent by Eritreans in their home country( Asmera and others)!

            And your genius Mehandisay et al,Prof Hailat included, are telling me that SULTAN is a PFDJ Apologist and its 03 Agent!
            What a crap nonsense!

          • Haile S.

            Selamat Sultan,

            I won’t accuse you of PFDJism. You gave us interesting information accompanied with numbers. As you know the regime we have back home don’t want that money, nor the capacity of the country’s citizens. What they want is to shape a citizenry as per their weird vision made with their nails & teeth (ብጽፍሮም).

            This postcard is for you.

          • Sultan M.G.

            Thanks Hailat.
            That lady looks like my cousin!

          • sara

            selam sultan….
            i like your openness…. and hope your parents are doing weel after the medical treatment….
            btw, many eritreans do come to sudan for the same reasons….
            now its ethiopia which is getting most of the health tourism..

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            ሰላማት ሃይላት
            ‘ንታይ ጽግዕ ጽግዕ ናብ ሰብ-ሓራት
            የድሕንካ ካብ ናታቶም መሓውራት
            ኣይሃስስን ዝገድፉልካ ስምብራት

            ሕቖኻ ምሃብ ‘ዩ ዝሓሸ
            ‘ንተዘይ ኣመንካ ሕተቶ ንወዲ ለገሰ
            ዝኹሉ ረሃጽ ከምዘይፍሰሰ
            ብሰብ-ሓራት ንብረቱ በረሰ
            ብ 03 ሽሙ ‘ውን ሃሰሰ
            ጠፈአ-ዓረበ ብዝወጻ ከይተመለሰ

          • Selam Sultan,

            So, after all you are ‘Hope’. Welcome back from me too. It seems that no one can escape Inspector Ras Abi. He sniffed you out immediately.
            Ethiopians and Eritreans are not the only people who are hoodwinked by economic hitmen. Many countries have suffered lose of patent at the hands of fraudsters. Strong countries have justice on their side, but no one listens to third world countries.
            Millions of items have been stolen from all over the world and they are now in museums and private homes in the West. Except bits and pieces, which they give back now and then, they have kept the chunk of their loot. It is nobody else’s fault but that of the theif. Somebody had once said that the industrial revolution was made possible by the wealth in trillions stolen from the colonies, (lndia, Africa, Latin America, etc). Therefore, you can’t blame the victim.
            The Chinese are experts in copying thing. That is how they achieved their technological development. When the gullible and insatiable western industrialists brought their factories to China for the extremely cheap labour, the Chinese were copying the technology at the same time. Today, they are the center of industrial production.
            I have heard of cheap ‘kemis’ coming from China. China’s policy is to produce anything that is produced anywhere in the world and sell it back to the world. Teff may not escape this.
            What Ethiopia needs is at the same time to modernize the farming methods of Teff, protecting her rights as much as possie.
            Therefore, one should blame all those who plundered poor nations of the third world throughout many centuries, and not poor african countries themselves. Remember, it is continuing even today unabated.

          • Abi

            Hello Horizon
            I’m applying for a moderator position. If I get the job, nobody is allowed to change his nickname without my approval.
            Some of us are here to learn , some are here to teach. No one is allowed to cheat!!
            Hope should be banned for cheating. He has been saying the same thing again and again using different name. He is a cheap cheater.

            በራሥ አቢ ግዛት አጭበርባሪ ቦታ የለውም:: እንዴት ሰው ባለሁለት እግር ዝንጀሮ ይጠብቃል?

          • Ismail AA

            Selam Ras Abi,
            I second the nomination if fund raising will be part of the job.

          • Abi

            Selam Ismail AA
            My job description is head of securities in the securities and exchange department.
            All I do is securing the site from invading species and protecting identities of fellow addicts.
            You need to find a sober person for the fund raising duties.
            Thanks for your support.

          • Sultan M.G.

            Happy Sunday Dr Horizon:
            Sniffing out like Police Dogs!
            Yep,dogs are dogs,no matter what.
            Rocket Science?
            Nah…that is the job of Second Graders!

            Let your gurregnaw akkaki zeraf Inspector Gen show us his courage and gut to show up with his real ID,then we can talk about cheap cheating.

            Popping up and shooting back with REAL ID to call the spade,a spade is but courageousness, no cheating!
            But I thought that, that certain HOPE boldly and openly declared as to why he/ she changes nicks- to evade repeated banning and blockage!
            The Dictators aka the Moderators know that fact that, that HOPE Dude is an expert in Building and flying Radar Evading unmanned drones!

            Haile TG confirmed so.

          • Sultan M.G.

            Selam Moderator :
            Please,cool down and relax. I don’t insult people but react to few people’s insults .

            I would prefer to be called a dog rather than Ebd/ Tsilul or Psychotic,which u the same moderator,gave a deaf ear to the insults and insulters, whom u even joined those same insulters.

            U r on record in defending the same camp of mockers ,Hypocrites ,who insulted, mocked and belittled our legit struggle, our martyrs and innocent Eritrean victims .
            Am I surprised by your routine modus operandi ?
            Every body knows where you are coming from and where you are heading to, about this commenter through your well coordinated, biased and defamatory approaches and toxic prejudice and bigotry against this commenter.
            Please, be so kind to ban and block this commenter and delete any comment and nick or name used by this commenter!
            How about that, Mr. Moderator?

            Hope you are relieved now.

        • Teodros Alem

          selam horizon
          U guys kind of mentality is the one keeping africa poor, no country can bring itself out of poverty by revolution, poltics, by loot….
          The way to prosperity is education, creating civilized culture, dedication, hard work and etc.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi TA,

            I think it’s a bit more than that. Africa (if we look at it in general) has enough (more than enough) educated people to help her develop. But the system that is created, as controlling its resources, that those educated people can’t make a decent living by having a good paying job. There for they leave to western countries, in the hope to provide more for their families and they di, and eventually they make the country better instead. For example if you look at Nigerians

            “ According to a data provided by Rice University in Texas, Nigerian-Americans are the most educated ethnic group in the United States. According to the Migrations Policy Institute 29% of Nigerian-Americans have graduate degrees (compared to 11% of the overall American population).”

            For example, Ghanaian doctors
            “About 530 Ghanaian doctors practiced in the United States in 2006, which amounted to about 20 percent of the doctors left in Ghana, according to an article in The New England Journal of Medicine. Ofori-Amanfo, for one, doesn’t think he’ll ever return for good.”

            Another example, Ethiopian doctors

            “There are more Ethiopian doctors on the east coast of America than there are in Ethiopia,” Were said.



          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            I said educated and civilized(modern) cultured people. When i say educated, i didn’t mean artificial people or “t’eraze net’ek” people , i didn’t mean mentally corrupt people, i meant smart people, who knows the real meaning of life, positive people. confident people(not bost) and etc.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi TA.,

            I don’t know what you mean. All I am saying is, Africa has more than enough educated people, to help her propel her development using its resources. The economic model is setup so that the educated to leave, those in power to stay in power and hide the money elsewhere, etc.

            For example, Ethiopia has some of the best private elementary / secondary school. St. Joseph, Lissie. Nazareth School, Cathedral etc. I wonder what percentage of those students who graduate from those school end up staying and help the country develop?

            I personally think, the US and others use those institutions and use them to recruit smart people and emigrate to the US and help their work force.

            They did that for years and years in India but India has turned the table around, and now the most major high tech companies are run by Indians (google, Microsoft, etc) and I think it’s to access the highly skilled Indians developers in India. But it’s yes longer Brain drain but rather the companies bring the job there and create jobs and huge economic advantage, in the billions. But I think the Indian government and politicians (even though are criticized for being corrupt) they stood their ground to foreign influence and are in control of their economy for the longest time. They are opening now, as they know they can compete at the same level or better and there is no threat to their people and their economy.


          • Teodros Alem

            selam berhe
            What i said is Educated people don’t mean people with a lot of degrees.
            U brought a good example about some of ethiopia’s best private elementary and secondary schools students. The vast majority of these schools students r not just educated but they also practice civilized culture and where ever they r, most of the time they end up in a better position comparing to other crippled students and corrupted cultured people.
            The point is, under same circumstances(poltics) relatively smart people have a chance to create a better country, but it doesn’t mean bad poltics, war and so on don’t affect a country.

      • Sultan M.G.

        Welcome back Berhe Y.

        I nominated you to be the Awatista of the Year!

        All what you said makes sense but the King was interested in ONLY saving his power and his Ethiopia due to his limited power since he was on a “Survival Mode”.

        What you mentioned were brought up by the PanAfrican Movement and its Engineers like Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

        The whole dream of the OAU and, now the AU, was to realize that dream,which has remained ONLY as dream due to Neo-Colonialism aggravated by Geo-political competition between the Chinese and the Western Old New Colonialists.

        It was yesterday’s history when Col MoAmmer Ghedafi boldly took measure to realize that Dream
        -He successfully coming out from the icy cold and devastating decades old sanction
        a) by accepting responsibility and by paying $5 billion in penalities in compensation for the victims for his alleged role in the Lockerbe Incident(when he was NOT the culprit as confirmed by the CIA and the M16)

        b)by allowing all the Western Oil and Gas Companies to invest in Libya

        c)After completely destroying his close toa Successful Nuclear Bomb Development in the Sahara Desert

        Indeed,Hero MoAmer Ghedafi,intiated to take practical measures to materialize that long and seemingly imprctical dream by introducing a Universal /Common African Currency called The African Gold Dinar by creating a Pan African Bank with an initial deposit of $ 50 Billion where any needy African Nation can borrow $ with zero or minimum interest,besides developing an Independent African Satellite to replace the French monopolized satellite,which led or could have led France to lose close to a $ billion per annum income from the Satellite Business,not to mention the influence of the Ghedafi Initiative could have on the 5-7 Franco-African Nations and by default,to the French Economy,which (the French)earns close to $500 billion or so annual income from those Old Colonies,where these colonies are de facto French States/Territories with NO Autonomy other than their nominal Independent Status.
        This is NOT to mention the negative impact of this Grand and Bold action by Col MoAmer Ghedafi on the World Bank and the IMF and their destructive agendas and discourse on Africa in particular and on the Third World in general.
        The rest is history as they say:
        The World Bank,the IMF and its Engineers in the West(France,Britain and the USA et al) came up with an urgent excuse to attack and remove the Giant and Visonary ,Col MoAmmer Ghedafi,leading to “Total destruction of Libya” within weeks under a CHEERFUL WATCH by the same AU on a day light.
        This happened when Libya was ready tobuild and restructure its Security,Defense and Intelligence through the help of the Russians -worth of 5$ billion in building the Navy,the Airforce and Airdefense System,T-90 Tanks and latest Missile Systems but a bit slow,for whcih he paid the hevy price-but he was tricked and the Russians were quite behind in discovering the CIA and M16 and the French intelligence destructive plot(so fast).
        So,my naive friend,Ustaz Berhe Yeman,while appreciating and cherishing your optimistic and positive arguements about Africa,that dream shall never be materialized.

        China has aggravated and killed that dream once more.
        You may not buy it but Eritea, considering its Vision and Principle of Self Reliance and the fast developing economy during the first 7 years of its Independence,was considered the “Bad” GOOD exampple for/of Africa in general and that of the Thrid World in particular, and has become the victim of such destructive Old New Neocolnialism and Conspiracies.
        Go and figiure it out as this is NOT a Rocket Science—(It is as simple as 2+2= 4 to comprehend this Evil World and its evil modus operandi).

        • Berhe Y

          Hi Hope,

          Good to see you back. You nominate me to be “awatista for the year” and call me “naive”:).

          I understand all you said, and I agree with you. I was just replying to the comments made why HSI statue is at AU and the role he played to free other countries from colonization.

          I am hopeful that, African countries like Ghana are taking a lead in creating the bond / link with long lost cousins in the US (black Americans – the year of the return), who have tremendous potential to help Africa propel to the next stage and leading Africa to the next level. The Senegalese singer Akon is building a Akon city and his Acoin plan (using digital coin) for Africa, to short cut the middle men.

          Gadafi may have good plan, I think he was a little to early to execute his plans. Too bad for him, had he invested in the digital coin and use the digital coin to replace the African currency (and backing it with real money) he would have much more success than to convince corrupt African leaders to agree and do what’s right for their people.

          But he too was to blame for threating his country like his bank account and did nothing to elevate the lives of his people after being in power with so much oil money and wealth.


          • Sultan M.G.

            Selamat Berhe:
            -I used the term “ Naive” to express your exaggerated trust on the Naive and incompetent Africans and the AU .
            But all other qualifications in general and your principled stands for Eritrea and Eritreans qualified to be the Awatista of the Year.
            Your convincing and persuasive factual arguments,your Teaching Points and great lessons as well as constructive feedback and debate with civility,integrity and with your Eritrean style formidable self-esteem and confidence with Dr Paulos and his Colleague, Prof Amanuel HideAt et al are but
            admirable .

            -The AU/OAU was established more than half a century ago and I don’t see any tangible progress .

            -The then undeveloped Technology did not allow Col MoAner Ghedaf to use a Digital Currency!
            -To my best knowledge,aside from his weird and wild personality and behavior Col Ghedafi was second only to the Dictator of Singapore in the world,who had DONE his best capacity to improve the over all condition of his people in Libya :

            a) 98% of Libyans had FREE health and Education and Free Access to all basic needs,more and better than your Canada Canadians have and way better than the messed up USA Social Justice

            b)Col Ghedafi drafted a Charter for/to his Parliament to share the Libyan Resources equally among the Libyans.
            c) Col Ghedafi went extra miles to extend his helping hand to other African Nations and their Respective people.

            And where is Libya now as we speak?

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Sultan,

            Thank you fir the vote of confidence.

            Off course its easy to say what he could have done, but I think he got involved in many conflict where he shouldn’t have as his powers are limited. The problem is that, like with most autocrat, they think they can live for ever and never imagine, one day their day will come, and fail to build institutions.

            Libya I think is an anarchy right mis and he is primary responsible for it. He was for the most majority of his people was relatively good, but he still stayed to long and never transitioned to states man.

            I think with digital coin, Africa can really take advantage what it can get for its resources, by passing the critics in between.

            I like your avatar (BenAmir). There is this Ethiopian Oromo guy from Harer, I think his name is, Afendi Mitike I think, I use to follow tried to do research on the guy.


          • Sultan M.G.

            Merhab Ya Ustaz Berhe Yeman!

            -Agree with you that Col MoAmmer should have been a bit diplomatic and cautious when dealing with the Alleged Terrorist Groups but his misperceived policy on helping the Noble Cause of the alleged Terrorist Groups was but legit but done in undiplomatic and unpredictable ways!

            But he almost gave up this alleged support to the alleged Terrorists.
            His fight for an Independent and Efficient Arab League speaks volumes .

            He has a special place in my heart for his last minute life saving help for Eritrea ,which sealed his crimes against Eritrea during the Derghi Regime.

            Granted, everything is relative and relatively speaking, he was a very good dictator and Libya missed him ;and I respectfully DISAGREE with your premise or assertion that he contributed to the Libyan MESS except his last bad mouthing against the few “ Rats”at the last minute after he was set up to do so!

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            Selam Sultan,
            Correction: ቃዛፊ was never Eritrean friend but Isayas’s.
            He was simply a dictator, a rich dictator that is and he has died as a normal dictator.
            Don’t confuse Eritrea with Isayas.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Sultan,

            Honestly I don’t know much about Erisat other than what I get to hear from a friend once in a while.

            There is a donation drive that’s currently going on to raise for a target of 50,000. I think they raised about 20K with about 300 donors. I think it’s good but may be not what they are expecting. At the end of the day, I think probably the same people are the once who are contributing for all the good causes, Assenna, awate, asmarino, and now Erisat.

            I honestly don’t know why we are not tapping to institutions who are setup to support such democratic enabling institution so we can fight the dictator effectively. For example see some Eritrean organization suppose to be “promoting democracy” in Eritrea have got from Ned.org. This may sound not ethical thing to do, but I don’t think it matters to those real democratic work such as awate.com. It does not represent them nor they should care at all. This funding are not string attached but for operating costs related to specific “democratic enabling” initiatives. No violence, or arm conflict etc.

            If Erisat is getting money from weyane, I think it’s a bad idea because they will be accountable to them and they can inflatable their agenda but from those others, I think it’s fair game. The regime we are fighting is getting millions and millions of dollars from different ways and means to stay in power.

            Below I list what the different Sudanese o civic organization got in 2019 alone. I couldn’t list the Ethiopians but I gave you the link to check it out.

            To be honest, Abdelrezak Kerar and his organization, EDHP former Eritrean Islamic Party for Justice and development (EIPJD), deserve real awatista of the year.

            And I hope such organization, with clear objective not only today but in Eritrea post Isayas Afeworki should take all available venue and chart the future.



            On October 2019, the then Eritrean Islamic Party for Justice and development (EIPJD), in the final statement of its 6th congress, announced that the party had adopted four major resolutions:

            1) Its transformation into an inclusive political party that accommodates all Eritreans.
            2) Pursuing its goal through peaceful means.
            Restricting its activities to only political sphere, preserving the right of individuals to 3) Pursue other forms of activities as individuals or civic societies.
            4) Changing its name to the Eritrean Democratic Homeland Party (EDHP).


            Building Democracy in Eritrea
            Eritrea Focus
            To increase cooperation among Eritrean activists in the diaspora to advance democracy. The organization will organize a two-day conference to provide a forum for key Eritrean activists in the U.S. and European diaspora, senior Eritrean intellectuals, and representatives of the international community to discuss democratic reform recommendations and steps required for their implementation.
            Contributing to Democracy and Rule of Law

            Freedom of Information
            To promote democracy and human rights within Eritrea with diaspora support. The organization will produce quality, reliable news and information for Eritreans inside and outside the country; increase its English-language reporting of developments in Eritrea and neighboring countries; and collaborate with independent, nonpolitical Eritrean civil society organizations in the diaspora to increase discussion among Eritreans about human rights and democratic issues.


            Advancing Freedom of Association, Assembly, and Expression
            Freedom of Association

            Advancing Freedom of Association, Assembly, and Expression in Sudan
            Freedom of Association

            Bridging the Gap with a More Informed and Engaged Citizenry
            Freedom of Information

            Documentation and Prosecution for Serious Human Rights Abuses in Sudan
            Accountability and Governance

            Facilitating Dialogue among Marginalized Groups and Supporting Human Rights Defenders
            Accountability and Governance

            Human Rights Monitoring and Advocacy
            Human Rights

            Human Rights Monitoring and Advocacy
            Human Rights

            In Your Pocket: Easy Access to Information and News on Sudan
            Freedom of Information

            In Your Pocket: Easy Access to Information and News on Sudan
            Freedom of Information

            Monitoring Human Rights in Sudan’s Two Areas
            Human Rights

            Promoting Democracy and Leadership among Sudanese Women
            Democratic Ideas and Values

            Promoting Democracy and Leadership among Sudanese Women
            Democratic Ideas and Values

            Sudan Transparency Initiative
            Accountability and Governance

            Sudan Transparency Initiative
            Accountability and Governance

            Supporting Internet Freedom in Sudan
            Freedom of Information

            Supporting Legal Aid Services in Darfur
            Rule of Law

            Toward a Peaceful Transition
            Democratic Ideas and Values

            Youth to Youth: Activating and Safeguarding Youth Political Participation
            Political Processes

            Youth to Youth: Activating and Safeguarding Youth Political Participation
            Democratic Ideas and Values



            You should look it yourself. What Sudanese organization got compared to the Ethiopian civic organization is just peanuts.



          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            Really, Berhe?
            I can’t believe you are suggesting that people like Fanus Network & Mestyat Bietna are supported by Woyane?
            At the same time you are preaching for United Eritreans???
            These two ideas are not correlated. People like Hope are typical 03 agents and they are playing you.
            Please think again.

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Mehandis,

            I think you misunderstood what I am trying to say. I didn’t say they are supported by weyane. I don’t know if they get any support from anyone, including weyane. I do not think so but it’s up to Erisat to come out and refute it. They also accuse Amanuel Iyasu and Assenna the same way.

            What I am saying is, these organization should look to get their operations budge from other sources such as NED in order to fight the regime effectively and without being to stressed for operating budget.

            I am a firm believer that transparency and being open will defiantly will give them the credibility they need to show to the world that they mean business. I think if anyone is operating on behalf of the ERITREAN people, should be open to the people, unless it needs to be kept classified for a good reason. For example, if someone who is inside Eritrea is supporting the opposition, secretly them it needs to remain classified for a good reason.

            But I have not seen any ERITREAN organization, with the exception of awate.com who is a bold enough to do that as yet.

            I don’t think Hope is going to get any information from me that he doesn’t already know.


          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            Hi Berhe,
            They are touring NA these days and they seem to me transparent. BTW, they are doing their fare share and we should be supportive of them rather than questioning them at this time. If we are suspecting every justice seeker as Woyane stooges, how do we expect to progress?
            I believe this is 03’s effective tool and we shouldn’t fall in this trap.
            Just my two cents.

          • Berhe Y

            Dear Mehandis,

            I agree totally. If my comment appears that I am being suspicious of their efforts, it was not my intention,

            My 2 cents

          • መሃንድስ-ምዕባለ

            Hi Berhe,
            That’s ok. We just have to be vigilant of 03. They label a person or team that they are worried of their potential. They are very quick to label them as woyane funded group.
            What is interesting is that the top HGDF rulers are the decedents of Tembien. That’s what make me scratch my head when they blame Tigray while the people they admire are just from that that area. How stupid is that?
            Abona Welwel was from Tigray but he has worked all his life for Eritrea, unlike the Isyas’s or Kisha’s or Monkey’s.
            We need to be able to look at individuals not tribes or clans.
            For God sake we live in the civilized world.

          • Sultan M.G.

            Ahlen Berhe:
            You need to be very vigilant and cautious about Mehandisay,Aman H. ,Paulosay ..et al…. based on what they have said ,which you eloquently protested against and figured out.
            You already diagnosed them.
            Confirmed rumors to be facts:
            A non-changing fact:
            -The Western Intelligence Agents have used Religion and Money as the major tools for Change of Regimes they do not like or who are obedient to their new world order.
            The Latin America as a whole has been the perpetual victim of this policy
            -Every penny and favor they do have stringes attached to them

            1)Some YeAkil Movement Members and Leaders are CONFIRMED ( top 4 of them ) to have sworn in front of Abiy Sibhat to work for Tigrai-Tigrigni and to condemn the EPLF and its legit Struggle for Eritrean Independence.
            Only Gen Mesfin Hagos publicly protested and walked out condemning the TPLF .

            2) It has become a public secret that the TPLF and Its Digital wing have allocated $3-$5 million for its propaganda and Agents to execute such agenda and programs

            3) We all know and the Awate Editorials have confirmed the destructive interference of the TPLF in the Eri Opposition Affairs thru various means and appealed to the TPLF to STOP this madness.

            4)Almost all the so called Eri Opposition Groups have been funded and sponsored in a discriminatory way based on loyalty and obedience to the TPLF agenda.
            Your incomplete data and links confirmed this FACT.

            Berhe declared that The AgAzian Movement and its agents,Tesfachon and Desale Berket of JStudio et al have been sponsored and supported ( video clip evidence)!

            This is only the tip of the iceberg !
            If the above facts are not enough,besides your well documented facts and links,what is enough to support the 03 argument that the TPLF and Western Agents are supporting Assenna,EriSat,Radio Erena , Asmarino.Com,JStudio,Temesghen et al,AgAzian Movement …etc…?
            If your argument is that we have to accept any help to weed out the PFDJ,well, Yellekhulan Ane!

            Let me challenge you:

            -Why are those foreigners helping the Eri Opposition and their media and propaganda against Eritrea?

            -What was the goal and purpose of failed Arbi Harnet with the help of Amensty Intl( Kenya’s incident), that of the MOSSAD sponsored Asmera Airport and the M16- sponsored Massawa Incidents?

            -Worse,what was the end goal of the Asmera US emabssy based CIA Agent’s role after he declared saying:

            -“Since the Arab Spring Style Regime change in Eritrea FAILED,the best way is to apply Libyan Style swift Operation”
            -”Religious activities to propagate for Ethiopia-Eritrea Unity is going well in Nairobi thru some of Eri Pastors we sponsored in Nairobi”?

            -What was the end game of the well planned and well prepared military invasion of Eritrea by the TPLF(2011-2012 then in 2016)?

            Wasn’t /Isn’t this plot and plan okayed and sponsored by same Western Agents to reverse the Eritrean Independence?

            Yes it was;and the latest partially declassified info confirmed that the USA already convinced the UN,the AU and finally the EU(which was reluctant initially)to accept this reversed Eritrean Independence.
            If you think this is a hoax and fake news spread by 03 of the PFDJ, then I reverse my nomination of you to be the Awatista of the Year!

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Sultan,

            I think we should forget about TPLF and their digital weyane or what ever and focus on our own. If there is noise here and there, we should not lose sleep.

            Our biggest enemy, enemy if the Eritrean people is none other than the Abi Argen and his circle of cliques.

            My comment to Paulo and others is along the same line, let’s focus in our own people and our country.

            Simply put, let’s prioritize our issues and tackle the most important task first.

            I don’t believe for a minute the yiAkl movement is a work if anyone but Eritrean people. Sure there may be some others here and there, but it’s the ERITREAN people that is saying “enough” for a regime that over stayed for far too long.


          • Sultan M.G.

            Selam Berhe:
            Thanks for your response!
            -You are telling me what I repeatedly have stood firm that we should do our home work
            – U cannot ignore your formidable enemy, which has remained as a major THREAT (OBSTACLE) to our Independence ,Unity,Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity as well as our Existence ,not just against our progress and development!
            Fighting this kind of an enemy should be the priority of priorities!

            -Am not going to repeat things trillion times I said about the Regime and my stand about same regime.

            -We have to fight all of our enemies at the same time
            Read what the Awate Team or Negarit boldly told you- FINALLY calling the spade ,a spade and telling the truth , better late than never!

            -The NDE is the Financial arm of Silent wars against innocent nations and peoples besides the dangerous Religion Factor coupled with the Human Rights excuses .
            Evidence about the destructive roles of the TPLF and NDE?

            Do not contradict Berhe and no need of Minsihab or Marcia indietro when it. comes to the truth and facts!

          • Sultan M.G.

            Thanks Mod for your feedback.
            I NEVER vilify anyone but try state the facts about those forumers .
            If they vilify Eritrea and Eritreans in any form,they should be ready to be paid back in KIND!

            Respect should be mutual and a-two-lane street.

            All human beings are equal!

            No need of further threats or intimidations anymore,please.

            My name is Sultan and SULTAN was never ,has never been and SHALL NEVER be the PFDJ Apologist,Agent or its 03’s agent!

            But SUITAN shall acknowledge, cherish and appreciate anything even the DEVIL will do for Eritrea,let alone the PFDJ will do for Eritrea and Eritreans .

            If anyone tries to vilify SULTAN/The King), then those VILIFIERS should expect back more and to be “ blessed and paid back” in Kind and in ABUNDANCE!L by the same KING!
            Cheers Mod.

          • Abi

            Hello Sultan The KING!
            ንጉሡ መጥተዋል እልል እልል በሉ
            በተስፋ ተሞላ አዋተ በሙሉ
            እዚህም እሳቸው እዚያም እሳቸው
            ግዛታቸው ሰፊ አቻያ የላቸው
            እኔም ቀርቤያለሁ እጅ ልነሳቸው

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Berhe,

            Can you imagine how weak our civic organizations are!! Only two of our civic organizations are awarded funding from NED for the calendar year 2019, namely, the “Eritrea focus” and “Freedom information.”


          • Berhe Y

            Hi Aman,

            That’s my point. If you check what Ethiopians got, I think you get the idea. Based on my rough math, around 3 million.

            I think we should get at least 10-20% of that, 300-600K which will give us enough resources to fight the regime.


          • Abi

            Hawna Berhe
            As expected you got it wrong again.
            Tplf never allowed your opposition parties to thrive independently.
            The money tplf spent for the meetings lodging and airfares to numerous Ethiopian cities to break your opposition parties into pieces is worth millions of dollars. What did you achieve? Nada!

          • Berhe Y

            Hi Abi,

            I was not talking about getting funds from TPLF. In fact I already said, any help that comes from TPLF was string attached and they will want sometime back in return. I think Saay said, Eritrean opposition, they go to Ethiopia to die. You are right and I agree with you, 100% they have divided and killed Eritrean opposition from successfully waging a fight against the regime.

            I was talking about the Ethiopian civic organization and the funding they got from NED, amount to 3 million or more, just in 2019. I am sure, they are also tapping other resources in EU and other places. To be honest, I don’t know if it’s doing them any good.

            For example:

            Opening Space For Economic Debate And Reform In The Run-Up To The Pivotal 2020 Elections
            Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

            Promoting Democracy Through Strengthened Trade Union Engagement In National Dialogues
            Solidarity Center (SC)

            Promoting Rule of Law and Democratic Values
            Debebe Hailegebriel Law Office

            Strengthening Capacity of Youth for Civic Engagement
            International Republican Institute (IRI)

            Supporting Ethiopia’s Democratic Transition through Independent Reporting
            Wazema Ethiopia

            Supporting Voices for Democratic Change and Economic Inclusion
            Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

            Towards a More Informed and Inclusive Reform and Democratization Process
            National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


          • Abi

            Hawna Berhe
            SGJ said Ethiopia is the graveyard for Eritrean opposition parties. ( a little correction for someone who never paid attention)
            My point is it doesn’t matter how much money the opposition parties received or from which entity they received it. The amount they received from the tplf handlers in cash and in kind exceeds anything that they can potentially get from NED.
            They squandered their opportunities sticking with their nemesis.

          • Amanuel Hidrat

            Selam Berhe,

            “ Eritrean opposition, they go to Ethiopia to die.”

            Now the Eritrean oppositions have left Ethiopia for good. Do they flourish, grow, and united their effort to give a hope and tangible success for the oppressed Eritrean people? What happen now, if that was the excuse?

            The next on the political making will be “Eritrean refugees, they go to Ethiopia to die.” We have endless excuses for our failures. The more we continue with endless excuses, the more we keep our failures unchallenged and the more will never change our realities.

          • Abi

            Selam Ato Amanuel
            Next is Eritrean refugees go to Ethiopia to be Ethiopians.
            Ethiopians go Eritrea to protect and defend the lonely አስመራ ፅቡቅቲ and make more babies.
            End of Eritrea as we know it.
            Sorry አቦይ አማኑኤል I’m unusually harsh.

  • Teodros Alem

    There is a somali Joke( story with a funny punchline), about a man’s dead mistress (side chick) and a dead goat , since the man can’t cry openly for his mistress , he pretend and start crying so hard as if he was so sad for the death of his goat and when people notice that he is crying so hard, like never been cryed that hard for the death of a goat , people say ” it is more than the goat.
    In amharic it is called “ke feyelwa belay new”.