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President Isaias Embarrasses Qatar One More Time

Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea has put the Qataris in yet another embarrassing situation. Dr. Khalid Bin Mohammad Al Attiyah, Qatar’s foreign minister, “has returned empty handed after a secret visit to Asmara.” Isaias Afwerki had promised to release the Djiboutian prisoners of war and hand them over to Qatar. Al Attiyah was supposed to bring along the Djiboutian POWs when he returned to Qatar.

Eritrea has been holding Djiboutian POW’s since its border clash with Djibouti. While Djibouti released Eritrean POWs caught during the 2008 border clashes, Eritrea has yet to reciprocate.

In 2010, a mediation agreement was signed by the two countries under the auspices of the Qatari Government. Since then, Qatar has stationed its forces on the border between the two countries and has made extensive diplomatic efforts to resolve the border issue. However, after more than four years, the mediation efforts are yet to bear fruit. Diplomatic sources indicate that it is very likely Djibouti will officially withdraw from the Qatari brokered mediation.

After several weeks of parallel Qatari diplomatic communication with both of Eritrea and Djibouti, and messages from Isaias Afwerki assuring Qatar his willingness to release the POWs, last week, the Qatari foreign minister hoped to return with the Djiboutian POWs when he flew to Asmara. He returned empty handed.

A source close to the Eritrean government told Gedab News, “I didn’t think Isaias will receive the Qatari foreign minister... oftentimes he sets an appointment for a meeting but cancels it at the last minute claiming to be busy or sick. That is why there are always rumors about his health conditions, that he creates himself.”

The source added, “between April 2-013 and April 2014 Isaias cancelled his visit to Qatar three times while Qatar covered up for him by taking responsibility for the postponement of the visits.

Earlier in the talks, Isaias Afwerki had requested a face-to-face meeting between him and President Ismail Guelleh of Djibouti in Doha, Qatar, to be held on November 25, 2014, after which he promised to release the prisoners and hand them over to Qatar. That was rejected by Ismail Guelleh who adamantly refuses to meet Isaias before the POWs are released.

It took Qatar’s diplomats weeks of efforts to convince Isaias to release the prisoners after which they promised to hold the face to face meeting he proposed for normalization with Djibouti. But when the Qatari foreign minister arrived in Asmara to receive the prisoners, Isaias denied he had any Djiboutian prisoners and said the only prisoner Eritrea had was Master Corporal Ahmed Abdullah Kamil and he was already released to Qatar.

Master Corporal Ahmed Abdullah Kamil was not among the POWs of 2008; He was detained in August, 2014 while accompanying Qatari officers to the Eritrean side of the demilitarized zone between the two countries. Master Corporal Ahmed Abdullal Kamil was released and handed over to Qatar on September 2014. Isaias Afwerki denies his government holds any Djiboutian POWs.

In its Resolution 2182, of October 2014, the United Nations Security Council stressed, “its demand that Eritrea make available information pertaining to Djiboutian combatants missing in action since the clashes of June 2008 so that those concerned may ascertain the presence and conditions of the Djiboutian prisoners of war.”

Observers say that, “it is very likely that Qatar will finally wash its hands from the mediation agreement and will not object to escalating the issue to UN.

A diplomat who asked the “Eritrean foreign minister” for information was dumbfounded when minister Osman Saleh replied, “I know nothing about the prisoners or the Djiboutian border case, it is handled by Isaias personally.

When traveling outside Eritrea on a diplomatic mission, Osman Saleh is always accompanied by Yemane Gebreab, the political adviser of Isaias Afwerki. It is believed that “Osman is a mere symbolic figure while Yemane is the real minister of foreign affairs.

The Cracks That Isaias Used

After a divergence in foreign policies among the Gulf Arab states that escalated to summoning of several ambassadors from Doha to return home, last week Qatar and the Gulf states mended fences and the ambassadors who were recalled returned to Doha. The differences mainly centered around the the Gulf countries’ policies towards Egypt, mainly represented by the policies of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. While Qatar supported the deposed government of Mohammed Mursi, the previous president of Egypt, the other Gulf countries recognized the current government of president Abdul Fatah Al Sisi.

A Gulf Arab diplomat said, “Isaias used the crack between the Gulf countries to feed on their differences, now the door is shut and he cannot feed on it anymore.

In the hope of aligning his position with the policies of Egypt, Isaias immediately started to cajole the deposed president Mursi and did the same when president Abdul Fatah Al Sisi became the Egyptian president.

Fasil Gebreselasse, Isaias’ ambassador to Egypt, has been instigating to inflame the Ethiopian-Egyptian relations by depending on the technical differences between the two countries over the construction of the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. An Egyptian website quoting the ambassador stated, “Fasil Gebreselasse warned Egyptian authorities not to trust Ethiopia’s promise regarding the Renaissance Dam.”

Asked to comment on the news, an Ethiopian source said, “the Ethiopia Egyptian relations… has advanced so much that such a desperate attempt by Isaias and his ambassador does not have the ability to disrupt it.

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  • Rodab

    Doha, December 06 (QNA) – President of Eritrea Isaias Afwerki arrived in Doha Saturday on a visit to the country.
    The Eritrean President and his accompanying delegation were welcomed upon arrival at Hamad International Airport by HE the Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage Dr. Hamad bin Abdulaziz Al Kuwari and HE the Eritrean Ambassador to Qatar Ali Ibrahim Ahmed. (QNA)

  • Mahmud Saleh

    Dear Awatistas:

    My problem with this news item has been this paragraph:

    “Eritrea has been holding Djiboutian POW’s since its border clash with Djibouti. While Djibouti released Eritrean POWs caught during the 2008 border clashes, Eritrea has yet to reciprocate.”

    The following is for SAAY, and Abraham Hanibal (I have an utmost respect for you guys as well as for the forum and the site). I hate to pass up something I don’t agree with for the sake of convenience. It needs to be corrected.

    1. With regard to Eritrean-Djibouti conflict

    Eritrea repeated the same mistakes, in Hanish,
    Ethio-Eritrean border and now in Djibouti. It did not take steps it should have
    taken, speaking first, engaging the international body by providing its version
    of narration. As seen here,
    Eritrea chose to explain its story to the president of Yemen instead of
    presenting it to the UNSC as Djibouti did with a lot of fanfare. You can see
    the disadvantage.

    UNSC got it wrong from the get go by inserting this: ““The
    Security Council condemns Eritrea’s military action against Djibouti in Ras
    Doumeira and Doumeira Island.”
    – In this report, you can see how sloppy Djibouti
    was. It presented observer posts logs. You may understand this if you were a
    soldier. Every observer post has its logs. Usually it progresses chronologically;
    you could find in it, movements of enemy formations, trucks and type, tanks,
    shots fired and type, land mines exploded…it generally captures tiny events of
    the enemy you’re facing in real time. They are gathered daily and analyzed;
    they are crosschecked with reports of other posts in the front in order to get
    some indications or a pattern. Djibouti augmented its report by inserting some
    “facts” from February 2008 monitoring logs (4 months prior to the incident.
    This shows you that the situation was not as a sporadic as the Djiboutian
    authorities put it but a gradually simmering one. For a confronting armies, all
    you need is one silly incident (You know how WW1 started to consume millions).
    I do believe I have a firsthand account. And I will just tell you the situation
    is more complex than we have come to know it through Djibouti spokespeople.
    Obviously, the GOE has been MIA and that will hurt us all. The situation
    involves economic and geopolitical players. Ethiopia is definitely at the
    forefront of this amalgamation of vultures. Qatar is not impartial. USA and
    France have found a ground where they could cooperate (Djibouti hosts both of
    them, it has a security agreement with France and USA AFRICOM has its main base
    in Djibouti).

    From what I know, the area has been uncontested
    part of Eritrea (our forces monitored it, the president himself visited it in
    many occasions, it’s not become a flash point until Djibouti one day decided
    “it’s now or never”, believing Eritrea was on dire straight, and the time of
    squeezing maximum concession was up. Even during Ethiopian rules and the last
    independence years preceding Jun, 2008, there was not such a question. It’s a
    small arid piece of land, but its location is strategic. Therefore, Djibouti
    interest aligned with the interest of UNSC, Ethiopia, USA, France, IGAD, and
    any vulture which needed a piece of meat from a seemingly battered country.
    Everything aligned against Eritrea, including the uniformly stupid leadership
    of PFDJ.

    2. Escape: Of
    the two Soldiers (page 70)

    Just an incredible feat. Here is how: The soldiers are
    captured, and then, just follow the trail.

    a/ RaHayta..Assab…Asmara…Shabaimender (Af-Abet):- They knew
    where they were? Amazing. They must have had a tour guide. These are not
    Ethiopians who might have known Eritrea; these are Djiboutian soldiers who
    should be totally oblivious of the terrain (even for trained soldiers, without maps
    and no compass, there was no way they could have known their whereabouts and the direction of their
    movements). And here in this report, it’s amazing; they knew exactly where they
    were and the direction of their movement. They must have been accorded privileged
    status and treatments, but they accuse their handlers of ill treatments; I
    don’t know how to reconcile it. All I know is this picture is not
    representative of the prison system I am aware of in Eritrea.

    I know how POWs are held; and this doesn’t look familiar. The
    first thing you want to do in order to control POWs is you disorientate them so
    that they don’t attempt an escape. Because, an escape is the first thing a
    prisoner thinks of. Captors know this.

    b/ I am familiar with the terrain these soldiers must have
    covered; believe me it’s challenging even for folks who are familiar with it.
    The area they travelled was known for killing many newly recruited tegadelti while
    on their way to training Camps which were located way north close to Karurah
    where these soldiers are said to have surrendered. It is a harsh terrain and a
    dry region. Many tegadelti died in this region because of disorientation which
    caused them to succumb to dehydration and hunger, even while guided by trained
    organizers. Columns would vanish in the desert. It’s a well-known death trap.
    Samaetat (martyrs) was the name part of this region known for, because it was
    killing many tegadelti, that’s if they took a far eastern due course. If by
    chance, they took the shortest and safest course, it would be a northeastern
    which would cross the dry plains of Naro, the ridges of Aghet, to
    Deb-At..BleiQat…FaH…Greito…Emahmime…Qarurah (Karurah). The Northern direction
    would take them to Nackfa and then..Forget it. It’s more populated, and they
    would have been captured. Remember, any time an escapee is suspected, all
    border units are alerted; all village vigilante are alerted. They know which
    routes to block where to monitor,etc.

    c/ I know the societies along their way, Surely they would
    have taken care of them, but I doubt they would let them go through. These
    people have seen similar acts before, Ethiopian spies, defeated enemy soldiers
    fleeing the theater…they always accorded them hospitality but lead them to the
    security personnel around them.

    d/ Eastern Sudan is friendly to Eritrean government and I
    doubt they would not alert Eritreans; I doubt Eritrean spies would not
    interfere in their way to Khartoum. It was done during the armed struggle and
    PFDJ is well prepared for these types of dirty dealings.

    e/ If it happened, Sudanese authorities did not make it
    public, why? That would mean they did not want to embarrass the Eritrean
    authorities. And if that’s the case,
    then, the easiest way would be to “sell” them back “silently” to Eritrea. For those who don’t know it, Karurah of Eritrea
    is just across a narrow dry water bed from Sudan’s Karurah where the alleged
    surrender of the “Djiboutian soldiers” took place. That dry river bed is the
    border, the people and the police talk to each other across that dry river; the
    security forces know each other, visit each other, and exchange security
    matters. If the tradition of ghedli continues (and all indications are that
    it’s continued), Eritreans had insiders in the Sudanese police.

    f/ Mind you, this is a border where the infamous “shoot-to-kill”
    is said to have been practiced. It’s amazing, where foreign Djiboutian soldiers
    could make it without a hitch, Eritreans are caught escaping.

    g/ this type of reports could easily be manufactured or setup,
    be it its electronic component or its physical evidences.

    ** I read this report on time, I did not believe it then, I
    don’t believe it now. I consider it part of the rubbish fabrications riddling
    UNSC reports with regard to Eritrea. At the end, I blame PFDJ because, UNSC is
    acting according to its charter; in reality, it’s a charter that renders itself
    an instrument of the powerful; it’s a dictatorial regime which imposes the will
    of the few powerful nations upon developing nations, and the poor. I don’t like
    it. I don’t trust it. But if I were in a position of authority, I would be
    careful. That’s where PFDJ got us in this mess.

    Djibouti-Eritrea case is more complicated than what PFDJ and
    the Djiboutian Government say it is. Eritrean government has not been up to the
    task. In a world where things get hyped and sensationalized, PFDJ has been MIA
    when it comes to PR. Djibouti has been left alone to monopolize the
    manufacturing of “news”.

    1. Eritrean authorities should make their dealings
    with Qatar public

    2. The border needs to be taken care by a more
    impartial body; it’s not doable by Qatar, unless both sides cooperate.

    3. Qatar has been all over the region, stretching
    itself way above and beyond its size, stirring fires all over the region. It
    has even found itself in contradiction of its major ally, USA, in supporting
    radical insurgencies. It’s not been bombed simply because of its strategic
    location; because it hosts CETCOM, and because of its large gas reserves.

    **My comment was not on Awate’s, but on
    reporting errors which I thought would help the quality of reporting.

    PS: I don’t think sources I hyper-linked are are formatted here on disqus, but the materials are from UNSC reports including SEMG reports, inner-city press investigative report, and a personal accounts of a commander who was in that region (name withheld for now).

    • dawit

      Dear Mahmuday;
      I doubt AT has control on the articles they post. They are part and parcel of the great campaign of misinformation on Eritrea. This misinformation campaign started long before this Djibouti commedy was written. I believe it started when UN declared that Eritrea can not support or economically can stand by itself. Therefore it has to stay under “Ethiopia our ally”. The rest of the story of course people like you didn’t buy the fiction so you took arms and liberated a country called Eritrea, without the blessing of UNSC. So you see Mahmud, all this fabricated storey border war with Djibouti, POWs and “Great Escape” movie is just a media fiction, as you acurately described the terrain where this drama took place it may confuse some inocent mind believe it. But certainly AT is not going back in what they were told to write, and you will never recieve a logical explanation on the presence of POWs from Djibouti in Eritrea because there are no POWs in Eritrea. How can there be a POW where there was no Border war! At the time of the alleged border war, the French troops stationed in Djibouti visited the area and could not find any evidence of border clashes in the area!.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        There was no war, but there was a clash, we can’t deny that. How that clash made to happen needs pages. If the Eritrean government could get out and defend Eritrea in international forums and in front of its people, making all relevant information available, that would help us all. That would counter-narrate the Djiboutian version.
        With regard to the POWs, Only the GOE knows if it’s holding POWs. My take regarding Eri-Djibouti border problem has been spelled out in previous comments.

    • saay7

      Hala Mahmuday:

      Let me begin with the latter:

      When you say “just an incredible feat. Here’s how: The soldiers are captured, and then, just follow the trail. a/ RaHayta..Assab…Asmara…Shabimender (Af-Abet):- They knew where they were? Amazing. They must have had a tour guide…”

      Readers might get the impression that you are saying that they made that trek on their own when in fact they were driven from RaHayta to Assab to Asmara to Shabaimender (Af-Abet.) You are saying you know they were driven there, but how do they know where exactly they were for them to name it?

      1. Rahayta: Assuming somebody from Djibouti might know where Rahayta is, they have described who was the security guy: “Wedi Haile” who is “short, fat and balding and his late 40s.”
      2. Assab: Assuming they don’t know Assab, “Through the window of their cell they could see a radar terminal and hear the sound of waves.” And “the unit commander was an Sergeant named Mohamed who spoke the Afar language and could therefore communicate with some of the Djiboutian soldiers directly.”
      3. Asmara: We can skip this one, right. I am sure there are markers that tell you that you are approaching Asmara. “They could communicate with a group of Ethiopian civilian detainees held in a neighboring compound, separated only by a fence.”
      4. Afabet/Shabay-Mender: “a training camp for Ethiopian armed opposition groups. The prisoners were held across a dirt track from the training school at another, disused military camp. Although there were other prisoners at the camp — mainly members of Eritrean opposition groups — the Djiboutians were generally kept apart from them.”
      “a colonel nicknamed “Wedi Mooye”, also supervised the prison. The prison commander was Second Lieutenant Fekare. At one point in 2010, Wedi Haile from Assab was brought to the jail as a prisoner for three months. We didn’t speak to him, because we were kept isolated from other prisoners, but we heard we was there and could see him.”

      The point is that an investigator who is being given a description and details can reach conclusions as to where they were being held. Remember, the investigator cross-references this with the dozens of former Shaebia fighters who have disassociated themselves from the regime.

      You express disbelief on their claim that they were ill-treated. They didn’t make that claim. This is what they said, “Although they were not abused at the prison, the diet was poor and all seven suffered malnutrition. Bouts of severe diarrhoea and other diseases were common, but the prisoners received medical care only if they were too sick to stand The five wounded POWs received no medical attention for their injuries, which grew progressively worse. According to Yabeh and Ali, two prisoners, Osman Mohamoud Ahmed and Mohamoud Hildid Sougueh, went blind. Djama Ahmed Abrar, who had been shot in the shoulder, lost the use of his arm.”

      Does this sound inconsistent with the way the regime incarcerates people?

      ESCAPE: The POWs said it took them 11 days to get from their prison camp in Shabaimender to Qarora. They said they did this by pretending to be Somalis who were being hunted by authorities. I yield to your expertise on this subject; but you also have to concede that, by your own admission, you have been out of the country since 1995 (?) This is before Eritrea became a camp for every opposition group in East Africa and, as far as know, the locals might encounter this daily.

      But I appreciate your skepticism on this part of the report.

      1. The Eritrea-Djibouti Conflict

      I think my last Alnahda actually touches on this and I don’t want to bore the readers and we agree on one issue: Eritrea should have spoken early. But beyond that, Mahmuday, I would be cautious about “uncontested territory” because the area is not demarcated. (Remember in 1996, when Petros Solomon was our FM, we almost went to blows over it because we were waving Italian era maps.) Eritrea was not just silent: it refused to allow a UN-mandated team of technocrats to conduct a fact-finding mission on the origins of the conflict. So what is on the record (all the UN could act on) was Djibouti’s version: Eritrea soldiers defected to Djibouti, Eritrea demanded their return, Djibouti refused and a skirmish ensued. If Djibouti makes such a bold claim, it will have the names and ranks of those who defected. Do you think Eritrea wants this publicized to the world: that its soldiers defected to tiny Djibouti?

      Qatar is there because whoever mediates is supposed to be a country acceptable to both Djibouti and Eritrea. Now, can you think of a single country that Eritrea would not have vetoed as being too biased to Djibouti-Ethiopia? This is the mess that enda Isaias have gotten Eritrea into.


      • Tesfabirhan WR

        Dear saay7,

        This particular sentence, “I yield to your expertise on this subject; but you also have to concede that, by your own admission, you have been out of the country since 1995 (?)” is strong enough to remind Mahmud’s mindset. He stucked up there and he didn’t want to move to 2014. This is a big problem with brother Mahmuday.

        “Nfento endina” mentality.


        • Mahmud Saleh

          I kindly ask you to refrain from these type of abrasive and condescending attitude. I have tolerated you for too long. I ask you one more time: respect my space. I don’t wander into issues I am not familiar with; I don’t hold the “mindset” you repeatedly accuse me of. I don’t exhibit “nfelTo endina” attitude. Sometimes, it’s appropriate to say “enough.”
          Thank you.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear Mahmuday,

            And it is good to respect also our grievances. Ok enough is enough with your lectures. I tried to pick-point the points that I don’t agree with you but everytime you are excusing.

            It is me who should say enough is enough. I respect you but I not will respect your added value grievances. Enough lecturing about EPLF bla bla. And I will repeat, “Nfento endina” mentality. is what it is killing us and I don’t tolerate it. Everytime you touched our grievances, I will expose you. Don’t lecture me about Marxist ideology, I have enough of it. I am not a stupid student. I am a conscuous citizen.

            Are you trying to dictate me usinng your old mantra? I have worked with your comrades and I was educated by your leaders. I know you more than you can imagine. You should better get away from our grievances. I am here to expose people like you and likes, the PFDJ mentality that is dividing us, the PFDJ mentality that is keeping us hostages of the past history.

            Help us to solve our grievances if not I can not even tolerate to you. you are the one who wrote an article against the “STOP TO SLAVERY” campaign. You are against the youths. Stop that. I will not be fooled by your colored narrations. I am reading ever line you right. And now you are back to your dashing campaign for the rights of PFDJ.

            We will not be fooled 100 times!


          • Mahmud Saleh

            Thank you, sir.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            And thank you for adding value to our grievances. When I say I am learning from you, don’t take it I am a foolish student.

            I respect you as person but not your politics. Your politics is more than enough. And I will not stop in exposing your mentality. That is what all wrote and that is what I fight for. PFDJ mentality should stop lecturing today’s Eritrea.

            I will not end-up with wedihanka. I will be with you and I will expose you when ever you are back to your mantra. Remember this!

          • saay7

            Selamat Tesfabirhan:

            No, you don’t violate posting guidelines. But, yes, your writing is tSefar. Please write to persuade; don’t write to antagonize. Your writing is often abrasive. Yes, I understand that a lot of our youth, you included, have a lot of anger directed at the PFDJ (and by extension at the EPLF) because they don’t see them as liberators but power abusers, but the tone you use is often off-putting. Consider it an advice from ayakha* Saleh.


            A team with an 8-4 record (Seahawks) shouldn’t be gloating over a team with a 7-5 record: (49ers) It is going to be Greenbay (yawn) or Patriots (double yawn) again this year, anyway. Where is Nitricc by the way: was he sent on time-out by the moderators while I was on leave?


            * pisses me off, if I were back home I would be called Aya Saleh. Now all I hear is Uncle. It is not the same:)

          • Mahmud Saleh

            haha..just watch my Wilson and know who I am talking about. We don’t want the Super Bowl, any way. We snatched that from you the last time, now go fight for it.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear saay7,

            I have great respect to brother Mahmud, his personality and his contribution but not to his politics. It is right that I am reminding him constantly his ideology. May be I am not doing good for him. But for me, it is telling what has put as down. When ever I pick a poit from brother Mahmud”s comment, I explain upto my level of understanding and I rebuff it eloquently. I remind him his mind and rejects the truth. PFDJ does the same.

            I believe on change and I don’t buy the politics of past failures though I analyse it.I do this to go forward. This is what I did now. But Mahmud jumped into threateng me. I have faced this recently from one who preaches democracy and tolerance and now Mahmudy is repeating it albiet I will not be surprised as the dillema of Eritrean politics is like that.

            I usually try my best to explain what I am saying. I don’t throw a sentence. I may be failing to make it clear but I am learning. In fact this is what I told brother Mahmud in a wisper written conversation here. I am not a student to learn history 101, but the way to say things, the higher form of education that I believe.

            Dear saay7, if I am violating AT’s posting guidelines, ban me. I will respect it. Sometimes I may go off and this can violate and kindly ban me. But I want to tell you, it is my deep grievances that is violating not my personality. I wish I respect all. But I may sometimes not. But, I prefer to air my voice and banned instead of reading comments that aggravates my grievances.


          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Dear saay7,

            I don’t want to skip one of your line. You said, “Yes, I understand that a lot of our youth, you included, have a lot of anger directed at the PFDJ (and by extension at the EPLF) because they don’t see them as liberators but power abusers…” I don’t necessarily agree on this. we discussed on this aspect I think. Let me clear from my perspective.

            I don’t have ay problem with history. In fact, no conscuous youth has the perspective you outlined. It is not healthy way of generalization. And for a conscuous history reader, PFDJ can not an extention of EPLF. You can not extend a bye-gone organization. EPLF ended its existence in 1994.

            Another point is, let’s differentiate between those who participated in the struggle and the ideology/system that leads, the software. The system they installed is what we hate. let’s be clear on this.


          • haqi

            brother saay
            I am offended by your greenbay vs patriot prediction. its premature my brother, go eagles. I know you will say they lost to greenbay but 30 however we will see the second time around

          • saay7

            Haqi bro:

            Despite all the contenders to the title, you are the Seer when it comes to predicting Super Bowls and World Cup finalists. So, disregard my ill-informed prediction and just give me your picks and I will bet on them*


            * NSA: stop eavesdropping. I mean LEGALLY gamble:)

          • haqi

            saay nebsidon
            I agree with your patriots pick however , I hope its different team from the nfc. saay your prediction is actually pretty good, however I am hoping it will be patriots vs eagles. by the way I do illegally gamble and they don’t like me very much. I win a lot 🙂

          • Mahmud Saleh

            I hate to leave you with that gracious gesture;
            Stop the drum beating and articulate your ideas; if you will. If we keep upping it this way, it won’t serve the forum, for God sake.

          • Hope

            God bless you but–ignore,as Ustaz Aman Hidrat advised others to ignore me, as a simple solution…for my “Teblolok and flip-flopiing and super curiosity”.
            Please, if Mahmoud Saleh advised you like this,then,—something is fishy and you better know the exact meaning of the terminology you use and /or try to attend “ESL” Classes before it is too late.
            God bless you as well.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            There is a difference between advise and warning/threatening. I have received this 100 times from brother Mahmuday since I started to engage here. Only two people has warned or threatened me since I engaged here and these are Mahmuday and Habtom Yohanness. And it is because of our political view differences. I respect our differences but I can not respect threatening. This is what I am fighting for.


          • Hope

            –ahhh,then respect others by engaging in a constructive manner as Cousin SAAY advised you and that is for your BEST Interest.
            I do NOT believe =per my close observation,that mahmoud saleh has that kind of approach–even with the Top Chauvonist and provocative Ethios,

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            Have you ever attended Yemane Gebreab’s seminars? When ever I read brother Mahmuday’s comment, the first image that comes to my mind is he. If good and pleasant narrations were a means to Noble Price, I can assure you, Yemane Gebreab could be nominated as number ONE. But his good and pleasant narrations produced YPFDJ, the gangsters, Neo-Nazi Youths of Eritrea.


          • Hope

            Professor Tes,
            Do NOT judge,lest to be judged.(in order/sp as NOT to be judged)!…
            Etom Abatie aymeharukhan diyom?
            Cadre School nay Nackfa lekimatika keitikhewin .
            In a serious note:
            Seitan keyhigos,let us make Peace among ourselves.
            Let us declare a Binding Ceasefire unconditionally.
            we lali senet eghil kulna

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Dear Hope:
            You can see the thread, tell me if there is any warning tone in it. I thank you for observing that. Natey.. nay beyeney nay bHtey. If you could be a cousin to saay, you’re certainly half-cousin (what do we call it in Tigrigna?) to me.

          • Saleh Johar

            Mahmuday, how about : nwedi haw’boy wedi habten’ou 🙂

          • Mahmud Saleh

            Ustaz Saleh;
            It’s complicated. Isn’t it. I will call him my “shaHanful.”

          • Hope

            No matter what,you will remain my ORIGINAL Cousin or Uncle–whichever you prefer.
            You seem to be “upset” and APOLOGIES for upsetting you.

          • Tesfabirhan WR

            And I would like to remind you that you never tolerated ny of arguments. Everytime I argue with you, you end up with warning. You don’t have a peny patience to tolerate to any one who accuse you, criticize you or challenge you. It is this mentality of intolerance and constant warning that killed many brave fighters during the war for liberation time and after. You lecture on tolerance but you are intolerant when it comes to you.

            I rather tolerated you manytimes by making apologies. I know apologies is not for weak people. But your kind of mentality has long learned “apologies” is surrendering. That is why every citizen who left the country to scape from slavery is asked for apologies. When they do, PFDJ and before EPLF puts them under control. Are you expecting me to behave the same?

            Kindly refrain yourself from re-installing the EPLF ideology. It is enough. If I am in confront with you, it is because of ideological differences. And you know the friction if it occurs. This is exactly what it happens between you and me.

      • dawit

        Saay, why do you keep diging deep into SEMG hole. You dont have any proof of the POWs in Eritrea. SEMG once a liar always a liar. They keep moving from one fiction to the next. As I said they started with 2000 Eritrean soldiers in Somalia, to arming Al-Shebab to Human Trafficing in Senai, POW escape bizar stories. What next ‘Eritrea is building underground facility to build a nuclear weapon?
        Just say we made a mistake in our report, “Tegagyom Agagigomna’. Case close!

        • saay7

          Ahlen Dawitom:

          But you already answered it earlier, in your reply to Mahmoud:

          “I doubt AT has control on the articles they post. They are part and parcel of the great campaign of misinformation on Eritrea.” and “…certainly AT is not going back in what they were told to write…”

          This is a perfect Catch-22 statement. There is no way out for me: it is a beaut. You see, even if I find the prisoners of war and interview them for Gedab News and they describe things to Mohammed Saleh’s satisfaction, for you it will be just me doing what “they” told me to do:)

          I just have one question: if the SEMG reports are such blatant lies, why are the rebuttals that the Isaias Afwerki regime writes so weak? I mean they can’t even persuade China and Russia? Repeatedly?


          • dawit

            Selam Saay,
            you know exactly how the UNSC is setup protect interest of the veto power members. Do you think the tiny fish Eritrea rebuttles the mind set of any of the big power in a case brought by US one of its members an supported AU members? China and Russia vote to protect their interest, and the other non veto members would side with U.S. the primary sponsor of the resolution, because they don’t want to lose their economic benefit they get from WB or IMF etc. The African members have to think of their bellys first, the U.S. surplus corn that they depend on. The only independent country that opposed it was Libya under Gadafy. Do you think Gadafy was overthrown because of that single vote? Who knows?
            It is the same battle Eritrea found itself since the end of WWII. Regarding the POWs your article accuses Eritrea for hiding them because Djibouti said so and SEMG has the proof, so Eritrea is guilty! All I am saying you need to report the Truth, No Catch-22, ‘Only the Truth make you Free!. like ERi-TV motto (Serving the Truth).

          • saay7

            Ahlen Dawitom:

            Replace “Eritrea” with Isaiasists (“Isaiasists for hiding them…) and replace “Truth” with “dictator” (Serving the dictator) and we are in agreement:) Well, there is also that permanent victimhood of going on time machine to WWII…and I didn’t ask why didn’t Russia and China exercise their veto; I asked why didn’t they vote “No.” They are not the same.

            Wa Dehanka


          • Hope

            But I thought Ethiopia lobbied them—i.e.,he answered it:” National Interest”–in all cases.
            Do you think China would like to lose the $10 Billion Investment with Ethiopia?
            Do you believe knowing the exact Truth but truth would change their voting Power or optio?
            I hope you are not going to tell me that the AU Summit Bombing(or an attempt of bombing) was a true SEMG Report,which was already verified by the same Super Power messing up things that it was,in fact,plotted by the same SEMG ” Witness”,the TPLF Gang.
            SEMG might have some truth in it but the bigger picture is not about telling the truth but the Motivation behind it and its set up,which you know better than any one here.
            If you are honest enough,why did not you or the SEMG Report incude the S African True Report?

          • saay7

            Cousin Hope:

            Is this addressed to me? Please, please (it is in the posting guidelines): ALWAYS begin with a salutation. That way, the readers know whom you are addressing.


          • dawit

            Hay Saay,
            It is good we are in agreement in principle, What about a compromise, I keep what I wrote and you replace by whatever phrase or word you liked but I can not change Eri-TV slogan ‘Serving the Truth’. I might upset the man who created it ‘Minster Ali Abdu’. He may have the copyright to the slogan and I don’t want to infrienge on someones creativity!

          • saay7


            Between me and you (awatista are a family) here’s a different take.

            You see, Minister Ali Abdu (his official title was: “ali abdu from the ministry of information”) was having an inside joke. In Orwell’s “1984”, Oceania, run by Big Brother, the Ministry of Information is called “Ministry of Truth.” Its job is mostly to celebrate Big Brother and to make “unpersons” of former heroes, to doctor photos, to tell lies, to call black white and white black, So, in Isaiasist Eritrea, we got “Ministry of Information – serving the truth.” He couldn’t call it Ministry of Truth, so he called it “Ministry of Information – serving the truth.”

            Just a theory:)


          • dawit

            Dear Saay
            I hope our family we will have a true Minister of Information and not Minister of Misinformation ‘disserving the truth’.
            just a wish

          • saay7

            Your wish has been granted and more: Eritrea no longer has a Minister of Information (2 years) or Minister of Defense (6 months.) Isaias mission is to embarass those of you who insist on thinking we actually have a government in Eritrea. So no minister of info, no monster of defense, no minster of justice that has ever spoken about justice, a minister of foreign affairs that gets chaperoned by a man with no gov portfolio, no constitution, no elections. THimbeb ala Hager!


          • dawit

            Do you mean PIA has started the second revolution “Weeding Out” his government, to save the trouble the opposition? May be he has realized the oppositions will take forever to organize themselves. You know saay that is what I like about PIA, he is always ahead of the rest of everybody!

          • Saleh Johar

            Hi dawit,
            I don’t intend to debate with you this interesting thread, but to tell you a story. Someone told me of a doctor in the Bay Area who loves to amputate a leg, even if the came for a regular checkup. Worse, he claims he amputated the wrong leg and cuts the other one. His victims come to his clinic walking but leave on a stretcher–if not to the morgue. He has a slogan in his office, “Serving the Truth by amputating it.” I already miss this doctor 🙂

          • dawit

            Hi Saleh,
            There is nothing to debate here, AT concluded the existence of POWs from Djibouti, without concrete evidence. and when this information was challenged instead of correcting it AT dug itself in SEMG fictional stories of “The Great Escape” drama to prove their existence. When the ‘Great Escape” of SMEG challenged AT resorts to SMEG is infallible, it is the word of God, don’t touch it PFDJ is devil!. You see Saleh this back and forth argument was unnecessary if you admitted the error and stick to your motto to “INFORM” instead of trying to misinform your readers. I did not get the wisdom your story of amputation, but I would like advise AT not to amputate your motto “INFORM” and replace it with “MISINFORM”, because the Truth will eventually will surface. .

          • derebew

            It is a lost cause. Can’t teach an old dog, a new trick. The PFDJ soiled mind can not clean is self. Things that self clean like oven and other innate objects may be, smarter than these PFDJ polluted minds, who think the whole world is just staying up sleepless to find a reason or create one to hurt Eritrea.
            If all, the the world supper power and the “poor countries who are feed the surplus US corn”, which by the description of these PFDJ zealots are in agreement to cause harm to Eritrea, why do they need to investigate and try to find out what happened on the ground despite Eritrea’s refusal?

            If the whole world is planing to hurt Eritrea, why don’t they just attack Eritrea like they did Libya or Iraq? Are they afraid of Isias or the mighty EDF or may be the wrath of God? After all there is no justice in this world and the powers who are in agreement about hurting Eritrea don’t have to account to any one according to PFDJ.

            Silly arguments to defend the indefensible actions of a mad man (Isias).
            Eritrea is at fault and there is no if and or buts. PFDJ has been trying to shoot out of all perceived adversities and It has becoming more delusional about injustice being done to Eritrea by the whole world, now including Qatar( the country that funds PFDJ), Russia whom the PFDJ was courting as an allay against the west, China well that is in the control of Ethiopia or it may lose 10 billion contract, the delusion goes on.
            It is laughable if it was not very serious matter that affects Eritrea. .
            If Eritrea had truth on its size why didn’t it allow the UNSC investigators access to find out the truth? OH wait a second, I know the answer, it is because the whole world is against Eritrea and it is a forgone conclusion and waste of time.
            And Oh! another thing there is no truth but the word of PFDJ.
            “Awet N Hafash”!
            lo and behold Isaia is the only Hafash.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Ustaz saay;
        I posted several replies today and all get blurred and lost. There was one before this, if it reappears ignore it.
        First your SF 49erns suck. You said my Seahawks sucked, but they sank in SF bay.
        Your reply is reasonable; except “The Great Escape”; both of us agree that the issue is built on circumstantial accounts. That requires preparing “news” regarding this topic to be more careful. I don’t blame you guys for the murkiness of the situation. I have already put the blame on PFDJ. With that I rest my case.

      • Hope

        With that kind of a brain and analysing capacity,for God’s sake,why didn’t you consider the way Vet Mahmouday clearly and eloquently said it?
        He gave you a hint by saying that as usual,the “POW” interviewed could have been an Ethiopian well trained group–kind of simulation thing.
        The TPLF Gang is well known about such things and you are denying these possibilities and you are sticking to the SEMG Report,where the TPLF Gang is part and parcel of–not to mention the Djbouti invovlevement from A to Z.
        What the heck has the 1995 to do here?When did you leave Eritrea, BTW?
        Mahmouday’s simple Geo-Political Analysis 101 says it all.
        So ,pls,make a silent U-trun or sneak out form this issue…as it is more complicated than you can imagine or argue.
        Defensive mechanism is but a sign of weakness but I am sure you are not a weak perosn–to my best knowledge.
        Do NOT forget the Hannish Kebir Verdict and its Geo-Political implication and if you consider it,you will easily understand the Ras Dumeira issue without going into this and that…
        My point:
        Pls,be so kind to report things correctly and in a balanced way…as people like Mahmouday are watching you closely.
        Kudos to you my own, Mahmouday…for givng me a crash Course 101 on the REAL and the TRUE ErItrean/EPLF persona.
        I promise,I will double my invitation for a Brad Shahi misil shehanfula!

        • Hope

          In war-it is common to have POW….My understanduing about the POW was NOT/is not about that possibility but about the sensational way of reporting the escape,which makes the report “Unreliable”.
          But if that was the case,did Djbouti receive the POW from the Sudan.?
          Where are our Eri POW captured by Djbouti? Are they the same guys being tortured in the Djbouti nasty Camp?
          Have we done something to help them?

    • Tesfabirhan WR

      Dear Mahmuday,

      I appreciate your take to ask on the credibility of the news. But to argue based on your past experience is outdated. To tell you, this is where I have a problem with you. Eritrean before 2000/1994 and Eritrea after are completely different.

      On the knowing of the places they come across, don’t you think that 2 years is more enough to know about common Eritrean places thinking that PFDJ will respect their rights? If they have some rights, then, they will watch Eri-TV, they will go to near-by clubs, interact with other people, like the guards etc. Still I can agree with you that Eritrea is wise enough on how to handle POWs. If so, there is certain degree of freedom that can help them to gather information.

      And as my recent experience, I can tell you that no civilian is cooperating with any military in giving information. Rather, people hide you from being captured. They treat you well, feed you and guide you. Do you remember that Eritreans were forwarding about daily secret EPLF fighters activities to Derg while it was not hidden from the public? Civilians knew what EPLF was doing but since Derg was their enemy they were not talking about. The same is now to PFDJ. Civilian grievances has reached to a level that PFDJ government is hated even more than Derg. Today, PFDJ government regime Ask anyone who crossed the border on foot. They will tell you how they were treated by the Hidareb people and the Tigrait along the border to Sudan and the people who live along the Ethiopian people.

      Do you forget that the area all along the Northern Red Sea is the main trafficking line?

      You raised the “Shot-to-Kill policy”. Mahmuday, not all people who crossed the border were shot. This is not an argument rather it is a escapegoat reasoning used in order to convince the innocent international fact mission delegate. Even if it is an incidence of 1:1, 000,000. “Shoot-to-Kill policy” is inhumane, barbaric and cruility. In fact, in the Eritrean case, the ratio can be 1:1000 and it is intolerable.

      On the other dimension of your doubt, the UNSC reports and so on, saay7 has tried to make it clear.

      My take on this regard is simple and I will quote your own statement: “Everything aligned against Eritrea, including the uniformly stupid leadership of PFDJ.” But not all, just the last part, “…stupid leadership of PFDJ” And, I don’t blame PFDJ as he is doing right according to his policies. The problem is with PFDJ policies. And policies can not be just be blamed but dismantled for good. UNSC and others are doing their business according to their working protocol. If they are biased for the last 60 years, they will also continue to be biased. But why we are letting them to such degree?

      • Mahmud Saleh

        see my last reply.
        wo deHanka

        • Tesfabirhan WR

          and see my last reply. Enough with your campaign for the rights of PFDJ against the youths. I am telling you, you are the one who wrote against “Stop-to- Slavery” Campaign. You defended PFDJ policy of keeping the youths as slaves. And now you are telling us your 1994 Eritrea.

          Stop, stop and stop! We are enough with your kind of mentality.

    • Hameed Al-Arabi

      Dear Mahmud Saleh;

      I understand that your loud cry is to be heard by Isaias and not by the opposition. Sadly, I would like to inform you Isaias has blacklisted all Mahmuds as Jihadists, but I think the message didn’t reach you. It seems you are stuck to period earlier than that mentioned by saay and tes.

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Ya abuhHumedi AlArabi
        mn aljejeerah wala mn balad sham?
        Anyway, the software of Mahmud can’t translate this type of language.

        • Hameed Al-Arabi

          Dear Mahmud Saleh;

          My intention is to help when it came to my knowledge the coins you hold are very old. Please, tell me where is the cave you were sleeping all this long time?

          • dawit

            At the cave where Prophet Muhammad was visited by the Arch-angel Gabriel called Haben, located on the mountain called Denden, near Nakfa, in Eritrea.

    • Abraham Hanibal

      Hi Mr. Mahmud Saleh;
      It is upto you to refute and question the SEMG report regarding the Djiboutian prisoners of war; but you can, at least, not base your arguments from an experience that goes upto three decades back in history. You never know how the relationships are now between the Eritrean and Sudanese police, nor do you know how the local people may treat the escapees. And if the issue is a fabrication, they why doesn’t the Sudanese government deny that it had these guys in its custody?
      BUT there is a very clear fact as to the nature of the PFDJ regime. Who can expect that this regime speaks the truth about the whereabouts of war-prisoners when it even had denied there was a border clash at all?

      • Mahmud Saleh

        Dear Abraham
        Thank you. I have put my views regarding the issue, concerning the presence of POWs and SEMG. I respect your position. We are not here to convince each other, because neither of us have a convincing evidence. I spoke on condition of possibilities. I want to remind you though that I am not cut off from following my country. Abraham, we all do have connections, don’t we? When you write about the plight of our people you are writing about current issues. Aren’t you? When Diaspora personalities write articles concerning current affairs of our country, they are writing it from following current events through different channels. Can’t I have that opportunity? The point is: I am as updated as anybody who follows his/her country affairs. I brought ghedli experience to connect it with the topic I was handling, and I have said that all the indications show that they are pursuing that practice. Anyway, be rest assured that I do follow events.

        • Abraham Hanibal

          Dear Mahmud;
          Of course you are entitled to make your arguments based on possibilities, but, with all due respect, the part of your comment discussing the escape route, and possibility of them being caught or not is solely based on your experience from the mid-eighties, that is what made me react..

          • Hope

            You got it wrong,man.
            It is a common sense analysis and do NOT tell me that the escape movie is NOT questionable by any standard.
            But why would you trust the third party analysis but you are rejecting Mahmoud Salih’s possible analysis?
            The EDF would hunt them down the minute their escape was noted…..unless–some conspiracy was going on…
            There is NO need of living there 20-30 yrs ago or to live there currently to analyse realistic possibilities…
            As you said it before–there is a Fundaental differences among us on approaching the Eri issues.
            And with all due respect,Mahmoud Salih is NOT just an “opposition figure” or a mere Politician but someone with a rational and balancing mind.—,which does NOT mean that you do NOT have one.
            Do NOT expect others just to buy you or your idea simply coz the PFDJ is bad…..
            We are fighting against all types of Dictatorships–including dictatorship of Ideas..

      • dawit

        Hi Mr. Abraham,
        Because there was no border clash. The French army stationed in Djibouti reported no evidence of war at the time Djibouti reported. And if there was no border war, there are no POWs simple logic.

        • Abraham Hanibal

          Hi Dawit;

          Just have a look at this UN Security Council Meeting report from 24 June 2008. In that meeting Ambassador Araya Desta claims, among other things, the following: “A hostile campaign was set in motion, and on 10 June the Government of Djibouti was pushed to launch a provocative military attack on our units on the border. The attack by Djibouti started at approximately 7 p.m.and continued to 11 June. To avoid the attack, Eritrea pulled its forces back. On 12 June, Djibouti again continued its attack, accompanied by helicopters. At that time, Eritrea responded and defended itself.”

          Are you still challenging the position of your regime’s UN ambassador regarding the border clash?

          • dawit

            Mr. Abraham
            Yes there was an invitation by Djibouti War Party, with Music and DJs assembled, but Eritrea refused to join the War Party. Your UNSC report does not conform there was Border war between the two nation, except conformation of provocation for war. The report reveals how the sacrificial lamb was lead to be sacrificed at the UNSC alter. Mr. Abraham if you are interested in such riddle stories, why settle for second rate ,report by UNSC, you can read the original Biblical Crucifixion of Christ i.e. the original script, which describe the role of every actor in that drama.

          • Abraham Hanibal

            Hi Dawit;
            I don’t know what this blabber is all about; I’ve quoted for you and linked the report where your UN ambassaor himself speaks of a battle, though he claims it was of defensive character. What more do you want of a proof?

  • Sarah Ogbay

    Dear Hope,
    I think Guleth refused to have a talk with DIA for the same reason DIA refused to sit and talk with Ethiopia. What goes around comes around. We should not be surprised. I am just saying.

    • Hope

      Merhaba Dottoressa!
      Unfortunately,you are right…but I might ,respectfully, disagree,with your anaolgy as both case scenarios seem to be quite a bit different,at least in my opinion.
      It pains me when we disregard the more than a dozen Eri Refugees or POW suffering in the worst Djbouti Camp but we care about the few Djbouitian POW.

  • saay7

    Hala Mahmuday:

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    How do we know Eritrea is holding prisoners?

    1. Every resolution on Eritrea since the Djibouti-Eritrea clash has demanded that “Eritrea make available information pertaining to Djiboutian combatants missing in action since the clashes of June 2008.”

    2. To my knowledge, while the Eritrean regime has done a lot of song-and-dance about first denying there was ever a clash (“Fabrication!”), then referring every possible inquiry by citing the Djibouti-mediated agreement to imply that this is an ongoing issue (an agreement that it did not see fit to share with the Eritrean people), it has not categorically denied it is holding Djibouti prisoners of war.

    3. The Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea had this to say, remember:

    “Since border clashes with Djibouti in June 2008, Eritrea has consistently denied holding any Djiboutian prisoners of war. The September 2011 escape of two Djiboutian prisoners of war after more than three years of detention proved Eritrea’s denials to be false. At least five other Djiboutian prisoners of war were known to be still alive in September 2011, although they were surviving under dire conditions. The conduct of the Eritrean authorities in this regard constitutes a grave violation of Security Council resolutions 1862 (2009) and 1907 (2007), and raises serious doubts about Eritrea’s commitment to the Qatari-led mediation process to normalize relations between the two countries. The Monitoring Group recommends that those Eritrean civilian and military officials responsible for these violations be considered for targeted sanctions.”

    The SEMG interviewed the escapees, identified them by name and rank:

    “On 16 September 2011, two Djiboutian prisoners of war, Privates First Class Ahmed Eeleeye Yaabe and Khadir Sumbul Ali, escaped from Eritrea and presented themselves to Sudanese police at the border post of Karuurah.53 Their identities correspond with the list of Djiboutian military personnel reported missing in action on 10 June 2008. The Monitoring Group interviewed the former prisoners of war in Djibouti on 8 January 2012.”

    “Yaabe and Ali were captured near Ras Doumeira on 10 June 2008 together with five other Djiboutian soldiers. Five of the seven had been injured during the fighting and received superficial first aid before being transferred to a holding facility in Assab, where they were interrogated and remained in detention for almost two months.

    “From Assab, the group was transferred via Asmara to military prison camp at Shabay-Mandar, near the city of Afabet, where they remained for the next three years and one month. Although they were not physically abused, conditions in detention were severe. All seven prisoners of war became malnourished, and two went blind. No medical attention was available for those with injuries: those with bullets and shrapnel in their bodies went untreated, and one lost the use of his arm. By the date of their escape from the prison on 5 September 2011, only Yaabe and Ali were strong and healthy enough to make the attempt.
    129. A more detailed account of their detention and escape is contained in the letter dated 6 October 2011 from the Permanent Representative of Djibouti to the United Nations addressed to the Secretary-General (S/2011/617) and in annex 4.1. of the present report.”

    For full details of the escaped prisoners of war, please refer to page 70 of this report:

    Now, I think to be extremely accurate, Gedab News should have said, some of the alleged Djibouti prisoners of war who were allegedly wounded, allegedly mistreated and allegedly went blind,allegedly escaped to Sudan and were subsequently allegedly interviewed by SEMG, which allegedly photographed their picture IDs and submitted to the UN.


    • Mahmud Saleh

      Haha…no…no…those are reports as reported then by the sources, who? none other than UNSC; they don’t tell if there are prisoners of war still held in Eritrea. It’s standard newsreporting to alert your readers to delineate what you for sure know and take responsibility of and what’s not verifiable at the time of reporting.
      Wo deHankum.

      • saay7


        Please read page 70 of the report I attached. Here’s the logic (I am going to be copying the Danes County and Country B format:)

        Country D: My people are missing in action. I believe Country E is keeping them.
        Country E: Ummm. Uh. Whaaaaat? Nah.

        Investigators find prisoners of war who are nationals of Country D. They were pow held in captivity by Country E and they had escaped. Investigators verify that those nationals appear in a list of individuals Country D had prepared of its missing nationals. Investigators interview the individuals who confirm that some of the other missing nationals were their cell mates.

        Your standards are very high, Mahmuday. Otherwise, I think we are going to have to say that every Eritrean prisoner that we know of is an alleged prisoner because we have no personally verified and there hasn’t been a first-hand account of their imprisonment. Should we say that about, say, the G-15?

        Read the report and come back to me. Also, the Seattle Seahawks suck:)


  • Dear Mahmoud,
    1. On POWs: this is from the mediation agreement signed in 2010: “Article (3)

    Each Party shall provide the State of Qatar with a list containing the number and names of POW’s detained by it, if any, and also a list containing the number and names of missing persons. The exchange of POW’s between the two countries shall be made, and each Party shall investigate the fate of missing persons. All this shall be done under the supervision of the State of Qatar.”

    2. Eritrea, in fact Isaias, denied holding POWs and that was reported.

    3. Nothing new here because the sources are not robots without views.

    4. “Asmara Cafes” no one said it was from Asmara. It’s your conclusion. And then all humans go to cafes, that is not a reason to discount a source. Cafes are better than dance clubs that people frequent, including Isaias, yet he is known as the president.

    We report what we believe to be credible but we do not have the illusion that all who read it will have the same reaction.

    5. Any news that concerns our country and “your country” is news. No one said you gave Djibouti a blank check. It would be good if you believed others have the same position because it is not a monopoly.

    Scrutinize Mahmoud, our reports have been scrutinized for the last 14 years and we are sure people will continue o do so. It is nothing new.

    If you have been following the developments since the beginning of the crisis, you would know. How do we know Petros Solomon and Sheriffo are jailed? Though it is not similar in all cases, the record of the past and the present tell a lot.

    • Mahmud Saleh

      Dear Awate;
      Please support this:
      “Eritrea has been holding Djiboutian POW’s since its border clash with Djibouti. While Djibouti released Eritrean POWs caught during the 2008 border clashes, Eritrea has yet to reciprocate.”
      Here you are telling me that there are POWs held by Eritrea When neither the GOE nor the agreement between Eritrea and Djibouti you are quoting here say that. The agreement qualifies itself by inserting the word ” if any”. I am all about facts, and nothing else.

      • Abraham Hanibal

        Dear Mahmud Saleh;

        I hope you’ve gone through the SEMG report concerning the Djiboutian war-prisoners. As far as I’m concerned, I found the testimony of the war-prisoners quite trustworthy. They’ve spoken when, where and how they were taken prisoners, who their captives were , and told all their experience through the PFDJ prison camps until their escape to the Sudanese Karoura town. There is also a pictorial evidence of the prisoners and their prison mates. For me it would be much easier to trust this evidence than that of the PFDJ’s which even didn’t acknowledge it had a border clash with Djibouti.

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Dear Berhana,

    I think you better know the reason. Kem Sophia shikor mihirti denkero slezeyegatemetini eye. Bsenki dnkurinia dma fetyeya. yewah Sophi shikor, kontu nay kontu eko koyna terifa.

    “Lebewa Dezidrata” ala mo gele entebebta ske

    thank you

  • Kokhob Selam

    if you see my post I have mentioned only PFDJ. EPLF with it all historical mistakes will remain ours. and the struggle is that PFDJ is saying EPLF belongs to them and we the people are saying with all the crimes committed by EPLF leadership the ordinary fighters are he owners of the entire history. the criminal group PFDJ is the negative part of EPLF.

    • Hope

      Happy Thanksgiving to you kokhob.
      The EPLF and the PFDJ are inter-related and both have their pro and cons/good and bad apples per the Law of Negation.
      My point is that you cannot make bogus claims coz just you hate them.
      BTW,yoiur own ELF was even worse in murdering innocent Eris coz of their Religion and Origin.
      So–haba haba and let us move on….for GOOD!

      • Kokhob Selam

        Hope, nothing is separate we are all connected. in fact even PFDJ is part of us, again if you read my posts every time you will see frequently mentioning PFDJ is the result of our negative thoughts and our own fate. even right to the point the world is one. one. everyone is the center of all.

        agreed on that all, and accepting all the past history as our own that should be taken as lesson, I remain more concentrated on now and only now. because I know the criminal uses only our own wrong thinking. If DIA was not born their could have been another DIA as what matters is the ground that creates dictator. but now it is about rule to govern, system and procedure to follow. Time has come to think about real freedom . freedom to live in peace with complete dignity, celebrate with me and enjoy life for starting to think peace and love which are ready for all of us by just correcting our own thinking and say it loudly.

        tell your boss to correct his mistakes and hand over power to people and God will forgive him for all his crimes as God is great, instead of waiting the long Knife of those upset human beings.

  • dawit

    Gedab News Team,
    What is the purpose and main message of this article? In my opinion it is based with half-baked facts ? Is this A Sympathy Card for Dr. Khalid Bin Mohammad Al Attiyah, Qatar’s foreign minister? because he, “has returned empty handed after a secret visit to Asmara” . I don’t think it meets the standard of “Telling the Truth”.
    The whole Eritrea /Djibouti fiasco created by UN to avoid to deal with the Eritrean/ Ethiopian border issue. One morning the Djibouti government wakes up and cries Eritrea invaded its territory and report the fictional incident to UN, and UNSC condemned Eritrea for invading its neighbor! Next the UN wanted to send a fact finding delegation to investigate to the two countries, Eritrea which was condemned before the fact refused the investigating body while Djibouti welcomed the UN fact finding mission which had already concluded that Eritrea was guilty and Djibouti the innocent party in the imaginary border dispute…In the meantime Djibouti assemble its friends in IGAD and African Union report Eritrea for Sanction. With the help of US UNSC passes a sanction against Eritrea. The sanction committee add some spices to the Border crises allegation the Somali crises that started long before Eritrea was an independent nation claiming Eritrea is arming Somali insurgents, Al Qaida affiliated terrorist group. The allegation was accepted by Eritrean opposition groups fanning the fire advocating in support of the Sanction against Eritrea. The Djibouti government, keep crying about an imaginary POWs, that were taken by Eritrea, approaches Qatar government for mediation. The Qatar government approaches Eritrean Government to resolve the ‘border crisis’ and wanted to send its military observes, to monitor the border, the two countries agreed for the proposal.

    It is a well known fact Djibouti is a party on the border conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea. It is direct beneficiary of the dispute and it does not want the Bademe border is settled, which may lead to a shift of some of port service to Eritrean ports. It does not want to give up billions dollars lucrative monopoly of port fees from Ethiopia. Therefore its bend to push its imaginary POWs. . The Djibouti government insists for the release of its imaginary POWs, Eritrea denied holding any POWs and Eritrea wanted a direct face to face meeting with Djibouti, but its leader, being a good student of PMZ does not want to meet PIA. Why? Afraid of the truth? Only God knows!

    • Hope

      Well said Dawit; and the AT is expected to respond to your comment and analysis and, in fact,it has both Moral and Legal obligation to respond and to clarify as to why the Team has never balanced the news when it comes to the Ethio-Eritrean saga,/sanction and related topics,other than reporting exactly what the Aiga Forum and the Walta Information Center have been reporting,of course since 2001. And guess what?
      The Aiga Forum,Tigray Online and the RSADO Web Sites,have been using the as a ref website-for whatever reason.May be since it reports accurately about Eritrea but NOT about Ethiopia and its evil Policies on Eritrea though!!!
      The AT can make excuses by saying this and that but it has an obligation to clarify those gray areas where people are un-necessarily speculating and assuming this and that.
      We were told now officially by the same Team or by the ex-Minister of Information of Eritrea himself that he has been reportig from the belly of the Beast,which proved our suspicion that some one from within should have been reporting such sensitive issues from Eritrea,including how PIA acts,the Cabinet Meeting discussions,etc—
      And on the same token,Mahmouday should be aware that the AT might have some special contacts and meanses,who monitor the secret meetings and discussions PIA makes with the invovled Parties.
      Kudos to the AT for having such a kind of Power and Role and access….irrespective of the impact of the team reports on the National Security of Eritrea as a Nation and Eritreans as a People and the EDF as a National Defense Force.
      Let me give you few examples about the selective reproting I am talking about:
      -Mr Russel of the Inner City reported about the Ethiopian and Ugandan backed Sanction Draft(with a full knowledge and back up of the French,the British and the US) dated in February when the alleged incident was in June(3-4 months after the Draft’s date).The AT never cared about analysing this false and fabricated report while it was fully aware.
      -The AT has been fully aware about the Ethio-Djbouti open conspiracy and Joint Military activity against Eritrea(NOT against PIA-watch!).But the AT NOT only did NOT care about reporting and exposing this open Jopint Ethio-Djbouti Threat against Eritrea,but also argued in defense of Ethiopia telling us the Ethiopian Froces were 70KM away from Ras Dumeira,when in fact,the AT was fully aware about the deployment of the Ethiopian mechanized Divison within Djbouti.
      With all due respect,Sir(and my Respected Cousin),as much as you attempted to defend yourself/the AT in response to Vet Mahmouday’s concerns,you are kindly advised to clarfiy on the above allegations and related “Gossip including Dawit’s concerns.
      Please,do NOT tell me again that I am talking about things that I have no clue about as these issues are NOT coming from me but from lots of concerned Eri Citizens.
      we Rebbi Lisdeka

      • dawit

        Brother Hope, you are right as a rule or courtesy AT could have responded to my comment which directly challenged their article and analysis. But they preferred not to respond, and I believe that is their prerogative.. But in this case Mahmudai picked the baton, and AT group is desperately trying to deal with it I might add without a success. Saay is digging all the fictional reports written by SEMG to prove the presence of POWs in Eritrea from Djibouti! as damage control to AT’s reporting reputation. They may need a heavy gun SJH to defend the fortress.
        we Rebbi Lisdeyom
        Huka, dawit

  • Abraham Hanibal

    Hi Hope;

    I see this report in the context of the Danish government’s extremely restrictive immigration policies. Danmark has by far the most strict immigration policies in the Scandinavia. Today there are increasingly negative public sentiments on immigration and nationalist views in Europe as a whole, and espesially in some countries like Denmark. What the Danish Immigration Service is doing is by presenting a biased report on the overall human rights-and political situation in Eritrea, to make it easy for Danish immigration authorities to reject asylum claims by Eritreans.

    The report is biased because it is not based on free collection of information from the Eritrean People who are the direct victims of the repressive PFDJ policies. Rather, the report is mostly based on consultations with foreign embassies and organizations which have a very limited acces to the facts on the ground, and which’ve to present a carefully thought approach for fear of harming their relationships with the PFDJ-regime.

    I quote here one paragraph mentioning the desire of some of the consulted bodies not to be identified; in fact not a single of the embassies and organizations consulted have been identified which country they represent. According to the report:

    “All interlocutors are referred to according to their own request on this matter. Several interlocutors re-quired varying degrees of anonymity or indirect referencing in order not to compromise their identity and to protect their countries’ or organisations’ continued cooperation with the Eritrean authorities.”

    • Hope

      Ahlen Ya Habibi Abreham,
      I agree and thx again.
      I am fully aware about the possible bias and the motivation behind the Report.
      The A B C D E Embassies are reported as anonymous for a clear reason and purpose.
      Here are my Questions:
      -Despite of its bias,motivation,etc,don’t you believe that it has some Truth?
      -Do you expect the Reporters would choose to put the Eris in trouble by exposing them to….??(I am deliberately contradicting myself here)
      -If you took the SEMG Report at face value,why can’t we consider this Report at face value ?
      -If you believe that we have lost more than 5000 Eris-mostly young and trained and productive for nothing in the deserts and the Seas,
      -If we believe that Eritrea has “lost” more” than 300,000 in the form of refugees,again mostly productive and trained Youth,
      -If we believe that opening the EU doors for such a dangerous exodus will aggravate that exodus-albeit deliberately done-per the words of the US Amb to Eritrea,which is one of the most effective but the most dangerous Strategies for destroying developing Nations,specially those “Countries of Concern”-Hint/read:Iraq,Syria,libya,Sudan,N Korea—and E R I T R E A….
      -If we believe that the above horrible Exodus will,or even has contributed to the collapse of Eritrea as a Nation,
      THEN,why can’t we embrace this Report as a positive step towards minimizing the exodus of our people while fighting the FIGHT against the Regime in question??
      Please advise!

      • Abraham Hanibal

        Hi Hope;
        You’re fully aware of the biased nature of the report; that is a good starting point. To answer your questions:
        1) The report may have some elements of truth, but if we agree that it is ment to influence the Danish asylum system negatively towads Eritreans, then it loses its crediblity.
        2) Of course, I would not expect the disclosure of the only one Eritrean informant (an intellectual inside Eritrea) for the sake of his/her safety; I’m criticising the anonymity of the western embassies and international organizations.
        3) The SEMG report was produced by UN, this report is produced by the special interest Danish Immigration Service.
        4) As an Eritrean, I’m saddend by the exodus of the youth from our country. And I believe the root cause of this exodus is the repressive political, and socio-economiic policies of the PFDJ. And this report doesn’t acknowledge these facts, rather it seeks to find excuses for rejecting Eritrean asylum seekers. For this reason I cannot embrace the report.

        • Hope

          Happy Thanskgiving Abreham ,
          You disappointed me today by telling me that the SEMG Report is a UN report,hence,it is true and NOT Biased.
          If so,with all due respect ,sir,then tell me a single incident or report in the last 100yrs when and where the UN has been truthful,unbiased and impartial…etc..about Eritrea–Huh and this is what the Amharus say about this:” libeluwat Yekejelu Amora yiliwatal Zgigra” or” Our own Fathers say it like this: “Kibel’uwa ni-zitemneyiwa Aba-gumabhsi-yibliwa kokah”.
          That is beyond Hypocrisy…with apology for saying that.
          With all due respect,Sir,you lost your credibility and Integrity as an Eritrean debator in this Forum if you still believe that the UN has been truthfull,unbiased and Impartial.–about and towards Eritrea.
          With apologies again but you hurt me as an Eritrean..
          I have challenged you above and quoted to “prof” Tes et al above, the accurate assesment of the Report where it did quite a better job by reporting what the Group witnessed unlike your “Impartial” UN /SEMG report ,which was based on false allegations,specualtions,false witnesses,liars,etc—
          It the Report is going to help to block the deadly exodus of the Eri Youth to Europe and minimize the extinction of the Eri population,let it be.
          Let the Youth stay at home and fight the regime you have claimed to be the root cause of that exodus leading to the extinction of the Youth.
          Oh Yea,God bless the Danish Immigration Group taking the BOLD step–or at least for attempting to do,so that the Canadian and The US/the EU Groups will follow suit and minimize that exodus so that the Youth will get stuck in Eritrea for GOOD!!
          Hallie Luya!
          Unfortunately, ONE thing is TRUE!
          The EU has started this now after their plan was achieved beyond control—after they got saturated with uncontrallable Refugee Influx.
          Their goal has been for an extinction of the Eri Youth in the words of their own Master Planner–the State Department -to subjugate Eritrea and the Eri People!
          Come on you hypocrits!
          At one point you blame the PFDJ as the root cause of the exodus leading to the extinction of the Youth then you blame the EU or the Danish Immigration for trying to block the Youth exodus and its extinction.

          • Abraham Hanibal

            Hi Hope;

            First, there is a basic difference between you and me: you consider the PFDJ a a legitimate representative of the Eritrean People which I don’t. As I’ve debated many times With you, I consider the sanctioned as targetted to the PFDJ-regime and not the Eritrean people.

            As to the UN’s stance on Eritrea, I can give you some examples when the organization had a fair stance: its endirsement of the Eritrean Independence; the almost 50-50 border decsion, and the legal process that followed the Eritrea-Yemen conflict. The PFDJ rulers often try to sell us the idea that the UN is bent on destroying our country, when in fact,is they’re responsible for all the damages.

            When it comes to Eritrean refugees, including myself, it would of course have been better if we stayed at home and struggled against the regime. But because of the viciousness of the regime, and our lack of courage, we’ve choosen to escape. But then it is not fair to deny the Eritrean escapees asylum on false grounds. They’ve a right to get protection through fair and just procedure. At least it is not fair of you, Hope, who is enjoying your full rights and freedoms to claim: “Let the Youth stay at home and fight the regime you have claimed to be the root cause of that exodus leading to the extinction of the Youth.”
            I think you should have felt a slight shame when you by your actions of paying the 2% tax are prolonging the PFDJ’s rule, and claim that the youth have to stay at home and fight for their rights! That is what I call hypocrisy.

      • Tesfabirhan WR

        Hi Hope,

        How can you take the report as a positive step? There is no any move in the transparency. All the report is secretive. Embassy A, B, C bla bla. Are they changed into nightmare offices? If the document is not brave enough to expose who is who, is there any more evidence than that as an indicator fo “what will happen next is unknown” equation?

        Embassies are protected by conventions and were supposed to be free to give information through their actual addresses. But here, they wanted secrecy. Stay assured that there is another document which is only available to concerned Danish authorities. But, why they didn’t want to make it public if there is “freedom” of opinion giving?

        Ok, the research is good as we can read what Mr; X said bla bla. But, the question remains who is Mr. X? Are we fighting not to be named Mr. X? Eritreans are fleeing because they don’t want to live as Mr. X. They want a real life, free of oppression. Even embassies are not free from oppression. Can’t you read that?

        Another point, SMEG could have finalized its mission based on the research findings of his previous interview. They have more than enough proofs to proof what is going on in Eritrea. But to validate their conclusion, they are looking for open and transparency access so that all their findings can be cross verified.

        The report has collected lots of information and it is fine. But the failure of the conclusion is, “why they couldn’t make the research in Eritrea?

        In their research methodology report, the paper has put, ” In order to prepare and plan the missions to Eritrea and Ethiopia, the DIS conferred with other immigration authorities in Europe as well as Professor Gaim Kibreab, London South Bank University.” And on the data gathering,

        “In Ethiopia and Eritrea, the delegation consulted representatives of Western embassies, UN agencies, international organisations, international non-governmental organisations, local non-governmental organisations, a well-known Eritrean intellectual as well as a representative from the Eritrean government. One of the Western embassies consulted in Asmara, Eritrea, is based in Khartoum, Sudan.”

        Hope, any research work is evaluated on (1) the core problem/objectives, (2) methodology (3) fact findings 4) conclusion.

        Here, the problem is to identify the source of exodus, the push factor and in the report, the researchers themselves were pushed not expose the source. hence, the researchers were exiled themselves throughout the working period. Isn’t the problem still existent? Actually, the researchers themselves came with another unsolved problem. They were sent to solve a problem but they came up with another complicated layer of problem. This is the main failure of the work.

        2. Methodology: The target group were the refugees themselves and the push factor and a proper means should have been devised to solve. Instead, they went around secondary informtion, in which by themselves are victims of the system. Ok, as a methodology, it can be used to get a spring layer but not a for a conclsuion.

        3. Findings can scientifically sound good to a naïve reader. But here all are full of uncertainities. Asylum seekers are looking a place to their life and by all means “life” should not be at risk. Life should be insured. Don’t you know all the life insurance companies? Eritreans deserve life insurance. They can not live while uncertain future is awaaiting them.

        4. from the complex nature of the research findings, the researchers added another layer of problem to the Eritrean Academy of Push factor. They were sent for a mission to solve a problem but they failed to solve rather they added a problem. And worse, instead of guiding by standard Social Research findings, they followed politically biased conclusion. and this makes the conclusion an “INVALID”

        Recommendation: The mission should extend its mission and pressure the PFDJ government to give them free access to find the main push factor behind the exodus. If the regime welcomes them, then, the case will be valid as we are calling for transparency and access to information. The reportors should feel free to name what is over is mentioned in their research document. When they do so, the Eritrean problem is over. And that is what we are looking for. To express ideas, opinions and criticisms free of any oppression.


      • Amanuel Hidrat

        Selam Hope,

        Of course you always contradict with yourself. But why do you contradict yourself deliberately as you have acknowledged yourself in your comment? Is it helpful to your integrity? When you swing you always bump with everybody along your way.

        • Hope

          Happy Thanksgiving Ustaz Aman Hidrat..
          Contradicting “Legitimately” is far better and healthier than keeping silent,being indifferent and worse,appeasing people,who plunder right and left—-
          Justice is Justice–there is NO “Indifferent Justice”.

  • Abraham Hanibal

    Hi hope;
    As far as I see it Mr. Kokob Selam is talking about the PFDJ not EPLF. As we know it PFDJ is not EPLF. EPLF was a popular liberation front, that had an exceptionally democratic and inclusive values. There may have been a few problems here and there, but the overall picture of EPLF was that it was a civilized organization, even described by some as a government in the jungle.
    The legasy of the EPLF was,unfortunately, hijacked by dictator Isayas, and a handful of his collaborators in the year 1994 after the 3rd. EPLF congres. And since then, this power hungry group has turned Eritrea and Eritreans from hope and national pride to desperation and destitution. It would not be surprising if the PFDJ has executed the Djiboutian war-prisoners. Let alone foreign soldiers captured in battlle, this regime doesn’t even shy away from killing those Eritreans who hint opposition to its policies.

    • Hope

      Thx Abreham for your clarification.
      I am aware as well about Kokhob’s reaction but my reaction is soley about the nonsensical implication of killingthe POW,if at all,they were killed.
      PFDJ kills Eritreans for its own purpose( of survivial) but killing Foreign POW wil backfire against its interest.
      PIA(Ooops–DIA) hinted about its prob intention(prob as no one knows his intentions,evne God might know it-the Devil might) by requesting face-to-face talk with President Guleth.

      • Abraham Hanibal

        At least I know from my time in Eritrea that some combatants were openly bragging about liquidating their captives in the last Ethio-Eri war.

        • Hope

          That is an opinion or feeling of “Some combatants” but killing POW will backfire—There might be an exceptional case scenarios to do so in a War Zone/time.

      • Hope

        pls read as :” Even God might NOT read it”

  • haileTG

    “A Western embassy (E) in Eritrea stated that there is basically no organized political opposition in Eritrea.” Lol…did they need all that fanfare to find that out? Sorry, I have to disagree with the the naming convention and call the witness “Western embassy (F) (U)”…haha (I bet moderator is sleeping:)

    • Saleh Johar

      Haha…HaileTG, you have the license for tonight, though no one is sleeping. Some “moderators” and editors are discussing the report on a speakerphone, and all I can hear is your alphabets above. I excused myself from the tense room for a break.

  • T..T.

    Since day one of announcing “no accommodation to opposing (group) views,” Isayas’s isolation was designed to exclude all the opposition parties but the selected amenable few. The decision of isolation also excluded all pro-democracy tools including constitution, openness, transparency, and inclusiveness in decision making. As a result, Isayas resorted to cover-ups that led to confusion and isolation of his leadership characterized by excessive secrecy and criminality. Most of the people think that Isayas only consults the god who created and chose him to replace his father Sabbe.

    By lucky or coincidence he finds stepping stones to start off. The opposition members in the Arab Gulf countries remember Ethiopia as the country that gave Isayas on a sliver platter a gift of a shoulder to lean on and hands to hold onto, when it refused to issue them Ethiopian passports thereby passing them on to Isayas’s care. Thenceforth, Isayas is drawing millions of money from the once opposition members and now Isayasland passport holders. That Ethiopian decision reinforced Isayas isolation and criminality against the Eritrean people.

    Self-imposed isolation is only a sign of hiding one’s strength or weakness and leads to more disaster.
    However, UN imposed isolation like those of Cuba, North Korea and Iran gain the support of their respective population to fight back the hovering threats be it economic or militaristic and as a result those countries are getting stronger enough to face and resist the hovering threats. On the part of Isayas, the isolation is by choice and personal taking advantage of the weakness of Eritrea as a nation and its lawlessness brought about by the absence of constitution.

    Comparatively, the UN mandated sanction against The Sudan is as light as the one imposed against Eritrea. Yet, the Arab Gulf countries and the west are very tough against The Sudan forcing
    it to comply with all the terms. Also media is tough against The Sudanese government and its members, whereas in the case of Eritrea, despite its refusal of implementing the terms of the imposed
    sanction, Isayas government’s tools are well treated and accommodated, even its red-youth. Those red-youth cannot represent the enslaved-youth in Eritrea unless they are part of the privileged
    youth responsible for protecting Isayas while wrecking the Eritrean economy by mobilizing campaigns of red-terror and feeding the flames of fear thereby compelling the Eritrean youth to the cross the border for safety.

  • Kokhob Selam

    my friend said in face book” It is possible that the dictator has killed any Pow he has captured during the conflict or have left them to die of starvation and illeness in Denkalia.Nothing to return. Shamless Issias.” most probably they are all killed and PFDJ is unable to solve it. poor PFDJ they never think when they take action. Because we Eritreans didn’t ask them still about thousands of our people killed by their hand, they think other nations and Djibouti will not ask them about their citizen.

  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Dear readers,

    Today, I shared here a report document about Eritrean Refugees in Denmark. It is attched here in myfirst post. The first report was obtained from a twiteer twitted by Sophia T and likes. I though that the document was all and I posted it here. But after checking the source, because I was in doubt about its validity, I found a full document.

    The document tweeted by Sophia shikor and likes cut the first page of the document and from the last, 5 pages. This is completely insane and absurd as well as stupid. How can one cut some pagess of a document and tweet the pages that seems less harm.

    Dear readers, this is how Sophia shikor and likes misinform readers.

    Here is the whole document.

    It is shame when one works against copy rights for the sake of miss informing readers. I am sorry for taking documents sourced from Sophia shikor and likes. But, it is good lesson for me and hope for awate readers too as it exposes how the PFDJ propaganda outlet works.


  • Tesfabirhan WR

    Thank you AT,

    And here I found a report document about Eritrea

    Eritreans and their uncertain life

    Worth to read recent report document about Eritrea


    • Hope

      Pro tes,and the AT,
      This is for the sake of debating based on facts on the grounds vs the defamation campaign.I also,by no means change my stand that we need a Fundamental Change in Eritrea.
      Did you read the document ?If not,do it again and you will regret for posting it.
      It “exposes” the Truth,which was the whole purpose of the Report,which in turn supports the case of the GoE(oops,I mean PFDJ,NOT GoE as there is “NONE”).
      -2% is NOT by force but by will and only for those,who want some services ,hence,that is why the Swedish Gov backedd off from its accusation and that will fire back against the Candian Gov decision.
      -SAWA is NOT a Rape CTR or a Slave Labor Ctr but —for completion High School and basic Training and those who pass the Matriculation will be assigned to the Higher Education and those who did not–will serve in the National Service(most will have a-two-year Vocational Training as well,which the Report seems to have missed)
      -That National Service is NOT a Slave Labor but a Experience Service where those who have a professional backgorund will serve in the Respective Ministry.
      -That those ,who escape or dodge-draft are only detained for few months and sent back to the Service or kicked out as ” bad apples” except in a rare and exceptional cases,where there migh be an exteneded detention and/or few ” deaths and sicknesses”
      -That there is NO major Political Repression that would push the Youth to run away but for econmic reasons and due to National Service hardships
      The negative aspects of it where clearly but compassionately expressed:
      -Prolonged Serivce due to NO WAR NO Peace status but much better now over the last 5 yrs
      -the “Salary” is minimal but it is NOT salary but a pocket money and this is due to meagre resources
      Based on the extensive and independent Research Paper ,the solutions seem to be relatively easy and the problems manageable;the defamation campaign is exposed.
      -The Somali Monitoring Group—lied and exaggerated too much
      -The Ethiopian and its master,the USA,destructive policies and their negative role is exposed
      -The Media lies are exposed
      -The exaggerated positivel role of the Ethiopian Gov in helping our Refigees is exposed;rather,it exposed its dirty role and its inhumane treatment of the the 99% of the Refugees ,where they are, in fact mistreated like detainees or POW.
      -A better over all picture is being provided to the fair and reasonable International Commuinity
      -A very good ground is created for an organized debate on the core issues.

      • Kokhob Selam

        Dear Mr.Hope, the core issue should be the legality of the group to lead. that is the main case for debate. do you want to have illegal child somewhere in this world? sure no, because you have been brought up by respected family and legally agreed parents. PFDJ is not legal group to lead so I don’t see why i will go for debate of those details.

        every question you ask the answer is – because the are not legal.Whey they are not hearing the voice of people? why the are arresting people? why they are poor in leading the normal administration sectors? why the are fighting with others? why the kill people? why the are not feeling the pain of people? why etc. because the are bloody, arrogant,ignorance and illegal collection of men and women.

      • Tesfabirhan WR


        you talked about the 2%. Are you kidding? One becomes forced when you don’t do it you loss something. And, I could have paid even happily if we have a responsible government. But now, to who I am paying? and why? Does paying 2% makes me an Eritrean or not? First and for most, if I am an Eritrean, I am an Eritrean. No one should question me about that if I I fullfil my basic requirement. You can not pay a tax before you get hired. Someone should hire you and tell you the rules and after you can do your obligation. When you pay a tax, the one who collects it is telling you that he is responsible for you. And, finally, tax is paid back in different forms to the payer. You are living in US or what ever it is and you better know than me.

        And if you claim that 2% is for national develpment program well and good. Then, why Eritreans are fleeing because of economic problems? Where is the tax collected for the last 20 years? Don’t respond to me that it is nominal, less than 74 million dollars per year bla bla. If it is nominal, why they are collecting it?

        Tax payers want to see where their money is going on. Governments live by tax. I agree on this, but is there any Eritrean government that lived because of this tax, which is self degraded by the tax collector?

        2% is a means, a means of oppression and hostage. And this is what the majority are rejecting. They are not rejecting to pay 2% tax, they are rejecting 2%. And worse, the money collected is becoming as source of fund to terrorism. PFDJ is a terrorist regime and he welcomes terroristic groups. He nurtures terrorist groups like YPFDJ, the “ERI-BLOOD’ group. and the 2% tax is collected to antagonize Eritreans. Have you watched a video recorded in Swiss when Tesfamichael Gerahtu declares victory on antagonizing his own people? A victory that he declared as equivalent as “Nadew Ezi”?

        think ok,don’t confuse yourself unless you are a foolish individual.


      • Tesfabirhan WR

        did you say, “A very good ground is created for an organized debate on the core issues.” What fuss statement is this.

        Remember, the reporters didn’t do it for you but for their own justification. Did you ask before quoting from the work, about the validity and ownership of the report?

        And you wrote, “The exaggerated positivel role of the Ethiopian Gov in helping our Refigees is exposed;rather,it exposed its dirty role and its inhumane treatment of the the 99% of the Refugees…” Have you first of all asked why the people are asking falling in the mercy of Ethiopians? or UNHCR? Instead of blaming Ethiopia or UNHCR, first of all, why are peopling feeing from home? If Ethiopians are treating them badly, why don’t you first ask yourself, why the people are feeling? Why there is a pull factor? According to Newtons’s law, if there is a pull, there must a push. Girma Asmerom, the ministry of foreing affairs and now you are violtaing this basic universal law. If there is a pull, there must be a push. You are forgetting the push factor because you don’t know who you are.

    • haileTG

      Hi tes,

      Thanks for sharing. What a disservice by the immigration authorities in Denmark! It is understandable that they may find it necessary to turn back refugees for their own reasons. However, to prepare such a shameful narrative in order to justify their policy choice is indeed low. They claim that Eritreans are fleeing economic problems and not repression. However, they had no access to the instruments of “repression” such as underground jails, security apparatus and other issues related to that. The common understanding is that the country’s repressive system has brought about ruinous economic livelihoods on the people from which they are running away. Their methodology included requesting comments from individuals who “were not willing to talk openly for fear of getting into bad terms with authorities”! And, surprisingly enough they conclude there is no repression!! It also included a tour of some parts of the country on board PFDJ sightseeing bus!! The group had gone there to to write such a story in order to validate their policy of introducing harsh immigration rules. If what they say had an ounce of truth or validity, the regime would have no reason to refuse UN sanctioned investigation of “EXPERTS” on the field. A bunch of immigration personnel writing such botched up report for self serving policy justification is shameful and unlikely to attract attention outside Madot/Tesfanews/eastafro or some retarded mekete groupies. What a wast of time to compile a vile excuses regurgitated by a regime that even holds corps responsible enough to refuse burial. Let them meet and talk to people in torture chambers of the notorious department 72 and write us their conclusions. Not from on board PFDJ sightseeing bus, no thanks.


      • guest

        haile believe it or not, it’s now crystal clear that wayene is the one going down first .

        • haileTG

          I guess the USA will crumble second, EU third and AU last but not least. On top of the massive debris that they will be reduced to, IA would stand tall and dance ተሓበሊ’የ ተሓምበሊ’የ፡ ዘይ ከምዚኣ እንታይ ደልየ። Hold on to that “koboro” to beat it senseless as an ኣባ ጓይላ 🙂

          • guest

            haile you wrong. the USA nor EU will not crumble it’s wayene haile.

      • Tesfabirhan WR

        Dear haile TG,

        you put, “A bunch of immigration personnel writing such botched up report for self serving policy justification is shameful…” very true. Europeans never expected that such an exodus is reaching to their foot doors. They were thinking that funding projects to PFDj by the name of government of Eritrea was enough to keep the economy growing. They fooled themselves. They funded and are still funding PFDJ for his slavery campaing. Through EU funds, PFDj got a means to oppress the people by the name of National Development Program. History has recorded everything. It aws UN who funded the newlly established colleges and it was UN who funded for the opening of Sawa School by the name of rehabilitation projects for the demobilized soldiers. It was like Norway who funded heavily initially the Marshal plan drafted by PFDJ that it later became a “salevery campaign” And now, when people escaped from those slavery centers and reach their doors, they are shocked.

        And instead of keeping themselves clean or at least force PFDJ to allow them access and find the truth, they reached the peripheries and got a document which is full of uncertainities. The document may seem valid when the researchcollected many datas. This is academic research with a pre-set conclusion. Any research work is validated by its conclusion and what they conclude is “WRONG” and hence the whole document becomes “INVALID”

        The PFDj propaganda outlets are happy because some of the datas are consistency with what they claim and the conclusion is what they propagate. and even people like Sophia shikor were not courageous enough to post the whole document.

        Well and good to the foolish reader.

        As the reporters used in their research methodology, “why they spend lots of energy to find the simple fact that could have accessed diretly” Why embassies do not know what is happeing inside? Why there are lots of uncertain thinsg, who will be arrested and not?

        Eritreans are fleeing from “slavery” simple. If Denmark is allowing this slavery to happen in the 21Th C, I can only say, they are doing a historical mistake. How about the over 10,000 political prisoners? If there are 10,000 prisoners, 100,000 must have escaped already. And indeed it is. And the rest are escaping from “Slavery”

        The solution could have being simple,

        1. To condemn and put pressure PFDJ not to torture political prisoners as well as the PfDJ regime to be abided by rule of law. Or

        2; To accept without any pre-condition those refugees who escaped from slavery. This is basic human rights obligation.

        And, as the document focude in its findings, “if the refugees are economic migrants, why they are risking their life? can’t they get a VISA if they get a job? Why they are getting passport in a second country by the same office? Passport is like an ID. And every citizen in all over the world except Eritrean has a right to posses it if he wants. Eritreans do not have this right.

        PFDJ regime has rejected the UN commission on Eritrea report because he was defending by saying, “the research was not done inside Eritrea”. In fact, he is the one who denies the commission to visit. And now, when the report is done from second countries and people who are living in Europe, the PFDJ junta looks happy fro the conlusion.

        I want to recall a British soldier who said, “I didn’t do it for you” during world war II in Eritrea after they succeed over Italy with the help of Eritreans. Equally, researches from the Immigration office of Denmark didn’t do it for PFDJ but for their own pre-conceived conclusion. But just compiled from here and there to make it legal.

        Therefore, dear haile, the fact findings research works are wrong and their conclusion is invalid.



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